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UloomoJ) nr g:
SYTUUIHY, AUG. 11, 1649.
Another Camp .llrcfin?.
There will bs another Camp Meeting, held
fir Ftervvicl., comme noing upcti Tuesday, the
list of August, lSl'J.
The Tallest of the Tall Corn.
W have In onr office, for public inspection,
talk of Cnrn presented by Mr. Calkb Bartc.v,
Cr., of Bloom township, which measure 13 feet
and S inches'. It outstrips that nuticed last week
'by Mr. Luti, and week before by Mr. L'nangit.
'Who can beat the foregoing
Tht Circus i$ Coming
Messrs. June, Titus &. Co'., Citrus and Men-
iRarie combined, being exhibition in
one, will exhibit in Kluomsburg on Saturday, t he
23th of August, 1840. Tliia will be on the last
'day of the f rat week of the .August Com I,
when everybody, not then in town, will most
likely come in to "see the F.lephant." The Com
pany is very extensive and is said to perlorm ad
mirable, having the proper material for such op
erations, as will be seen by their iiuticu iu anoth
er column uf this Democrat,
The Presltftnliat Visit.
Gen. Taylor, is now if he got started acror
'4m$ to the C"Uit Bulletin on his way to
the North. IK' is expected to spend to morrow
(Sabbath) at Harrisburg, and then visit Pittsburg,
in conipimy with Oov. Johnston. He will soon,
, perhaps, gratify his frinds in Danville, with a so
cial call, of which due notice will doubtless be
Qr A corrected List of Causes, and all other
Court AtTiiis, appear in to-day's Democrat.
Vcnnsytvanla Telegraph.
"This paper, which is the organ of tho whip
party of Pennsylvania, located at HarrisLing, is
now in its nineteenth volume. Theo, Fenn,
Esq., its original founder, who has successfully
conducted the Telegraph, all thut time, has re
cently associated w ith him, in its Editorial de
partment, Mr. Rica, late a citizen of Columbia
county, who is both a practical printer and a
young gentleman of fine abilities and correct de
portment. Under tho firm of Feiin t( Jiea, the
Telegraph, has been much improved, and gives
promises of increased efficiency in its support of
the principles ol the State and National Adminis
trations. "Culrtiferous !" Bring our Dictionary.
Lycoming Gazette.
You can have our Dictionary, friend Ei.drec,
provided you guarantee its tale return to this
office. Whan you open it, rotor to j.aje 253, first
column, and by substituting M for n, ou will
find it 0. K.
In the Columbia county Democrat fourteen
candidates for the office of Sheriff have pulilished
their respective cards. From this number, with
those candidateii who choose not to publish their
claims, we inter that the ofiire will not go begging
for a recipient, at this fall election.
Wayne County Ucrlad.
03-Tnie, Mr. Herald, there is no danger of
theSherill 's office goin a begging, and if there
was then, we have since added several to the list,
and expect " a few more of the same sort,"
Thrown at lnt. The Boston Olive Branch,
has completely thrown us on the 35tl) Chapt. and
1st verse of Job, through the inacfiracie.t of the
Providence Transcript and Boston Chronolvpe
The verse in question is there in "fine," bu'
there is not in ii such a word as finD, "Biother
Norbis," we own the cwrn.and "stand corrected."
L.irgc liCinoin.
Mr. Gorne Yost, of Montour township, ha?
slown us a lemon raised in that township, by
John Rough, which measures round ( by K'j
inches. Tln is i vv hnpper, and wc think beats
''the tJiI orn specula tion all hollow. Farmers,
show up your products and invite competiton.
The Weather .The Columbus, (Mississippi)
Democrat, of the '21st of July, laments the in
juries sustained by the wet weather, and says the
last month had been one of almost continual rain !
Very different here. This entire region has been
afflicted the past two months, with a severe
drought, even through Camp Mncting, which
wa wily refreshed by the timely rains of last
Rev. Thebald Matthew attended the com
menremrnt of the College of the Holy Cross, at
Worcester, Ma.s., on IheStith ult.
OCr Mr. F. A. Packard delincs the Presidency
id" the C irard College, from his interest in thn
puldicalinn department of the American Sunday
School Union.
fy The Sandwich Ilnd Legislature n.ct early
In M iv. The attendance heiiu slim, they adjnureri
over till April 1S.'0, unless the King should call
them together in the meantime.
q-y The trunk of Wm. Malnney, on steamer
Gl'dia'or, a S L'lis, was robbed of 9'Cl, in
in gold, on the 2Jth. He ww ou his way Ea.-t to
buy goods.
tjr- The Texn U-v-nr thn parties have gone
1 tin; Washington M iiiotairis, in search of gold,
whirh is lound there in fieat abundance.
Tho New York Herald has nominated Gen Scott
for the Presidency in I8'2'i. It did tbe same
thing f-r him in IV29
I n Legisliture of Maine is in favor of re-
novinn the seat of government for Angiw'a to
To otir Vorr$iomliHl.i.
Throe communications mi onr fust, mid
mother on our i n tier-f. rtn thin week. It in a
rich article from iIip gifted pen if a new corres
pondent. Tlin'o mire are on filo.
" The til km fie that limh tivu uillint; hearts."
By (ho Ruv. D. S. Tobias, lat Sunday, Mr-
ClINRATIl HlliKN BKN PVR , to Miss JaUaUIN Al.-
yardson, both of (iicenwnod.
On the 2 llh ult., by l!v. Charles Maclay, Mr.
Linksuv Maiiakv, ineichant, and Miss Sarah
J. Hn.EY, both of New lierry, I.vcouiinil cu.
anisssiwaw nwi iwiium
Thou hast all sia-onnfor thinr men, O .' death.
Died ir, B-'rwick, on Friday evening last, Mns.
F.milv, wife ol Adiiu Vanhinten, aued about
V!4 ears.
Non!) Uruiul) Cnnnl.
Ukacii Haven, Aug.l, 1819.
Col. Tatl:
Dear Sir The following shows
the collections of canal tolls at this ( (lice.
Amount per last report g-JO.837 GS
" inoutli ending July 31st.... J 1 ,000 70
Whole uiuou'it since. 30th Nov. 1 S48, $52,004 44
Do. to end July oer last yeat, J'J.iiMl U7
Incrcme urii last season to taint dule. 2.f.3 17
J. S. CAMrilKI.L.CoLL.
"1T7"ILL bo exposed to Public Sale, at the resi-
deuce of the undersigned, nearly opposite
the li'oombburg (liriik) Academy, in 31 street,
on S'atnrdav, the l&th of August, I(j49, the follow
ing property, viz
Otic Bureau, one Clock, Dining Tab'e,
Corner Cupboard, Looking Glnsses, pair
of Glass Lamps, two Ded and Bedding, 0
Chairs, etc.
An pxrellent wood and coal Stove with
pipe, totrelhi'r with a variety of house-hold
furniture generally too numerous to men
lion. For partieulars see hand-bills.
fir)-Sale to commeire at l o'clock, p. in., on
said day, when due attendance will be given and
terms made known by
Blnnmsburg, Aug. II, IS 10.
COLLECTORS of County an l Slate Tax"i,are
requested to pay over a much money during
the August Court, as tbev pnssiblv c an.
Treasurer's Okkice, ) Treuiurer.
El nsbur, Aug. 11,149. j
Under the Management of Mr. b C. Quick
-l W
.-s" - ::-y.
ii-'KT i''.T-i -Vr I
Jyf j
''i'Mr ".f
T1m ii.'.wri '. .'.t-'itr-nt mi ,), tin: t.t-
I l.-T AM) .-.t .-1- r.'.ll! I-.CI t i ll.l.i-.O'l ii llf
W'ltl MM.0-' , ,-..r e,-.:.,!!,..!. ,!, , iV-.
Tltl . 'J'HDt t'f. stmiTMr in h ii,-ill her rffi- .n-H!i-ir.eil.
i,iug tiie aan.iuls in tins i.j.1k.ii;wii is a
The Oiiiv s ii'imcri ut tliU hi the LuUt'd
'l'h timst s itMCRitis .m l Unnriui .:ty tr;i:!til l.lci'liant
in tin- woil'J, toni'ihtr v. itli mchim ns of icuny v
t.y 1-",it'. wml a: ci5Nii. 'i lit- i'tj-tcv
I'lini tlt.,;i;irtn,i,"t co ih ii- :t!i ir.f ('Mi' '-ul t.ilrnl
Ot l.lliO,l! III). I AlliM'a. Ai.lOI, l'.!, tilOltnlifllt n.cni
U;r! wm be tlip
l'im stley'.s ajut I'nincoci's: A.n;.:.i 'n-i'o-s. I.on
don ni.'t fan.., univwaliy enoil.:,ti-l as liui
yjiiuasls anO .u ruL its in tin: wr' l .i?.o
ivri:i m:ii,
Tns DAP.rtfS iiMiivr,,xD u:Qza-,
Twrett.-ar with Mil. I f.' iAi:l. n... t-f -o Tw ami
l nr Itutse Kl-ler ; MusOt t.l KI. KlVI.U-. lii
listrian; M't. t-To.NK. t!- Ciie'in!'l Men.
til ter ; .Messrs. Cr.w. f.inl. lit c u;i: i. i - e ii -v. I!i ii:i;nv,
I'.illiiwTv. aiirt ii'iiii'ron- ot Ii.t Ai:,-;s 'if tl: tnptn.-il
order vi intril.
The Hi i-t and MoU I'I.' CAW in A lira i a t,( tins i'imiV'.: .v. V.i:!i t'i.-s.i u:iii r;i ; e i
r. Suin-f: the fjri'pri.-'.i.Di Wi'1 ' Cii:ilsli,d In pre ei.t
n e..t, i.f I ;'i ia I'.;Lil .i.ut.. .i'.-. e 'liiin j e. i-ry
liui..' ol tiie Kind e.'ir in luo' j.roijii.-o I, wlnle tiio
M i '.n;.'-eir l iirtva inf l,.iin-; i. ci o.-. rnny uo ex
am;. , e l K-nnrnit a.,,,!ir.i' "i u.'f;. t:c: Miiile tunn
ing -i Cuii.ti.tiHt'O i of A r, r ii I. "us mi.-:i i:.c wort 1
li i l.e .' '. Ij' I.irt. u ili;i -m n. I ..n il l i.-fforii: i.i-'L' v. lit
be rowm M v.i'li l,-,e t:.. .Ili.ij li. it.-. ol 'V.I. lii::-
l.KY, tile re it
1:101:7 COITQU3P-0
IV A M'.V ('I' l,ir'. Tr;i i.i n I.Kfit'NrtN.
Tu s I..,i.iii.isaiiu i,s 111,1 in) us iiolic entree
tjv.n, w,i. i i.-.'i- ii i,v
s:U'ii(i: t try uvi,
fiv'-r 'h.: i. in, , f ;,!!!. r, -n. i:, ;-.:) ;!! on-
hvt'il tlie I lll.T' !l Ifiuii' T uiii eh tii-'t I'i'i'MOl'i of
I . ; -' I i IT Mill-. 1. II i:,r,.. Mr, ':.'. I.!. U I V i' K H
I.i'imi: .i ts'er, Mil. ll. lll.'.s 1 .i, 1 1 A,
I -i- inn ,1.11 ...i.-!; :,t,,, ; ,
,ii iii tiii'ii a. i
i' ne or lim'Hvi to t ;r. I' .-?'. -1 ;::);
cuts: Cnvlfcu eir,i r v, Ivl ;:r .. .,.,
2 .01 1 7. 'v,-(i, v.i.i i:...ii,i.,icu .,'
l -lllll
Tho atiove ctlei.riiu ij c..:
iilimnl will ev'.iitiil
In I'dotcri-'iiir. Satin !iy A'iyit Si", IjiO
In B cv.u k, fntlay, 21.
lo Lianville, Monday VT
c v. r.aisTOL,
Iilormsb'jrg, August, ISO.
Brigade Inspectm' Office, )
Bi:hwii'k, July '-'j, IMU. )
oiim.n. .v. f.
CAPTMNSor Commanding oflirers
of the regularly nrguiii.eU Volun
teer Companies, w ilhin the boumls of
the 1st Brigade, Mil Division, 1'. V.,
(Columbia count)), are heieby coin-
f- manded to ho d elections vmiIi flie'.r
respective Companies, between the hours of 10
o'clock, a. in., and 0 p. in., on Monday, the 2:tih
of August, IS4D, for the ejection of one Captain,
one Fun) J.ieiitenant, and one Secoud Lieutenant
lor each ul said Companies, to nerve lor the next
live years ensuing.
Ivich commanding officer will tnke to his as
sistance one person as Cleik.
CO-Captains or ronitn.inding officers of Com
panies will issue similar omrs to their respec
tive companies.
N. SK.F.I.Y. Brig Insp.,
1st Brig, 'Jth Div. P. V.
ilrinude Inapt etor's Vjlice,
IIi hw ii:t, J uly 20, l4j.
mni:it .roil
1)Ynorler reci'jved fiom the Commanding
) oflieer ol the 1st Uriyade, Oth Division, P. V.
Iioiu the Adjutant Cenerul nt tlie Mate, all arms
and cipiipinvtits u-loiring to the Commonwealth,
in possesion ol Volunteer Co.npanies not regu
larly organized, or for which bonds have not or
will not be given, such as Muskets, Rifles, Can
non, Pistols, Swords.nnd all olhr accoutrements
belonging to the same, together with military
colors, fiags, and musical instruments, are requi
red to be turned over to the undersigned.
(jrj- Persons having in their possession such
arin, equipments, or o'her ai tides mentioned
above, are heieby comiituiJcd to report the same
to this ollice without delav.
N. SEELY, Brg. Insp.
First Brig. Uth D. P. V.
ALL persons are hereby cautioned against
taUing an aijignment or transfer of a note
band given by me to William Edi'ir, of Rohrs
bur,', lor )'), dated thu lT.h ot July, lS4a, as I
have not received value for the same and am d
termitied not to pay said note unless compelled
by due couise ol Law.
Greenwood, July 27, lyi'J-3t
IA of Causes.
For Trial ut August Term, 1919.
1. John Dear, vs Catlidiine tear.
2. Simon P Kasc, Vi David P. Davis.
o. Isaac N Pomroy, vs Danville Bridge Co.
4. lJonhain II Cearhavt, vs John S Dye.
0. Wheel'ick Corby, vs Ralph U Carpenter
0. John Christophel vs Joseph Jones et al
7, Hubert Montgomery vs David Wagner
H. William Rohison vs .Icitmiah Suits
'j. John Vapte, vs Edwin Holmes.
IU. Uiclaid Wilson's Ex vs Johu Sawyer
11- E L. Piper, vs John liaiiy.
13 Elisha B Stetler s Samuel Stetler.
Io. Ilemy Uarlman vs Noah S Prentiis
M. Samuel Conner vs Conrad Abams
10. Jacob Wdliver vs John Kunyan.
10. Win Connitig,ham vs Iilisba Everett
17. John Kline vs Xichalas Huey et al.
IS. Isaic Tvlnr vs B P Frick
IU. John K V.iclihohz vs S E Walton
'J). Wyomion 15 ink vs Matthew M'Dowell
21. Jacob Didil vs DaviJ Lloyd
'23. 'I'iioin i Sutton vs Venial) lieete
2 'I. !o. Eox's ad m's vs Andrew Kunnun's adm's
w l. I! Momrnmciy vs (i Heis et al
2'). Xi".biil.i ei'iert vs Tlrnims Connelly
21. Richard Tnrbv vs Lindley Wooley
27. John P. Grove, et'al. v. W. D.maldsou, el al. !
'2-i. John flavict vs I hineas Welltver
2;i. James Yetters vs Samuel Mears
'2't. Thoina- Slackhonse v James M'Enen
31. John Boitel vs David Reich
32. John Douahty, jt's. admr's. v. John Donght
sr's. admr's.
Ilaist 1" Left i' I'm,
j) F.M.VMXUin the l'ot Odice at Blnom
j -iii'ire, for (uaiter ending' June 3'lllt, Isl'j.
,-iii!rews 1', Is
Kell William
H.'ers Wllii.itn
Dull Ahnsoii A
Crosstnan Z F
(,'avanee Edward
Evans Wm
Fruit R R
(In Ion Mat hiasO
Ai Cannier Michi'i-I
M'2uaile wary (ship)
.Mauoii Joepti
P.'tterman christian
Perry William
PuseV Isaac
; Richard) John
I Rone Lucas
Reese David
I Smith John or Jere
Stewart S V
; Smith John
i Shug Peter
I Sacks (ieorge
Switiv Joseph Jams
1 Thornton J.icksnn 1)
t Voiits J II
I Hummel V J
I Uut'on Jese W Esl
j llllltoll Ji'-C W
I Hudson ficorife
I Market Thomas
I .leu kins David
' Is nshtier P M
Mann A O &, 'n
Morgan John (ship) Morris John (ship)
(pj-Pers'ins callinz for the above letters will
please av thevare adv,rtised.
lK.N.I: HAOKN I5l'Cll,C'An maker Pain.
J) 'T.N
rlh side of Main street , a Ii
'.v doois
j belo.v Markt'l si i l et.
'KNKy ZL'PPINf;!:!!. Waleh unilClnek
I i ( Malax, sirrn of tho Watch, on Market
nnnr Main strcei.
Dtnnocf.Jlie (-. Convention.
fjlill''. Ili mocratic e'.ertnrs of Tulnnibia county
! J aie ri ijiirsted to rrii-el at the usual places of
, lioid'li i elections, in e.icll election
tdntti 't, mi fjrj- Saturday, -.-I the first day i
. ot It.'pletn'i.'r in :;1, hetv,-eii 'i and fi o'clok p. M.
. tnere and l lien In elect two delegates from each
: eiei-lion dis'rict, to meet in County Convention, at
', tile Court H.nisr i'i bluoinini;. fn
lumwtiy me tiara dmj oj Mptewnrr ncxt,
at l'i o'l'i'.i'k, M.. tl.e j.ui iin-e ol pl.n'ini; in
nomination.i I'einncrMic C unity Ticket to be
vr.t --I .-.r by ti.e Demecrats ot Cnlu.r.bia county
a! Ihe r. i,i,,i.c 1 ,11 ..j.. ,.
fill order of the. Standing Committee.
. . , , r ,
Vir J()il
1111, I LKICK, lisq.,
.uon'onr i.vt.-!ii;, w ; I t-e a cai.i.i.'..:
t ho l)i 'iio''ra".c ' 'i nntv Cohveailno. t'or !
t.i! i of ("nl loibla county i.i il. Lci
1 I'Ctlt.H I l"iln.l "
. belore .
1,'pien'ti' !
i.ltUU! of '
Vr DAMKL S.NYDKK, of Llo.mi
to-s r-'oiri, wiii 'ie a r .u.ujilate lu-li re li e Pi mo
ci .i' . - C ,iji;' t ' i In n, Ii'i- I'.eiiK - eniiil ,m i.
I Colombia county in the Le:'isla'ure ol pi r. n s 1
v.iiiia .
: To tlif r.lrct'irs o
, -57 ;:r.r :: ar-.z--
i fr',!,!
' inelf Ii your .'onti
Sill tin . and n
' C 'ol'.ltnbifl cmiptv.
NS : r-,r i nr. -ed i.c mnnv
.. i , liiflny v,i!iii.iI, dilei-
I V itlOII as .1 l.i.-J 1;, ,'i. ',.r
.r.'-e.fu'lv -'.,cl y ,nr s,,',, .. ,
li.!sl"C. if li '' n. I'ed and elect-
for sai.i oibct, pt
I "d, to di
Cje t,o- v..i i,us iI'IIh'iS apo-i-'niii,!)
ii : : n -1 i.-i-i 1 1 v and ! toe l.rst cf
j my hum'iic
Amri T'ttows
' Roirire-ri-ek. Aug i.
I if' A. LEV KKS, ot Anthony town-
slii , will he a camliiiali' fur ThkAniHCH, it iioui
inaieil lis the Deiuocratii: County Cunventioii.
of Anthony lp., will he a candidate fur TUK.W
I'KF.U beloie (lie Deinociatic Couiity CnuvuntHiii
llm tuir
tone township, will bo a cainlidatu fur tlm ollico
of liiiininutLd by the Deincuatic
Countj I'oiivenlion.
wiNa township, ill be a candidate lor the otlice
ot Cominissioner, it iiorini.aUd by the Deiuociatic
County Convention.
U'-JOSEl'H VEITEUS, of Catia-
wissa township, will be a candidate ol the "line
of Commiiioner, it' mimiiiated by tl.u Deinu
crntic County Convention.
arj) UNO RO V E liToT M i illiii tw).,
w ill l) a cainliduto for thu ullice of Cut;iuii
sioner, if iioiiiuiatud by the Domocraiic Cuunty
Convent ion
we are req icHled to say, w ill bu a Can'Jidaie for
siiERirr ot lolumiiia covmv, ut tlie eimiuu
general election, and he Solicits the sujipoit tl his
fellow-citizens ijenerally. j;.21 ,
To thu citizens of Columbia county :
At the oliciiation ol many of my li lends and
neighbors, 1 am induced to otler myself as a can
didate for SllKliilf. Should I be elected, I will
discharge the duties of tho office with fidelity ami
impartiality. I therefore solicit the sulliaye of
the Electors.
Valley, July 13, 184'J.
To the Democratic Electors oj Columbia
County. k
FiLLow citizens :
At thu solicitation of many of my friends I of
fer as a candidate lor SHERitr, to the
Demociatio County Convention. 1 ask the sup
port of my friends and remain
Bloom township, June 2, ib-l'j .
To the Citizens of Columbia county.
I plyce myself before you as a candidate lor tho
office of Sheriff, at the ensuinx election, I pledge
myself that the duties' of the ollice 6hall he faith
fully performed. Your support is lespcctfully
Danville, July 7, 1,
To the Voters of Columbia county.
At the solicitation of many of my fro nds and
neighbors. I am induced to offer myself as a can
didate for Sheriff. Should 1 be "elected, I will
dtschaifie the duties of the office with fidelity and
impartiality. I therefoie nolicit tl.e support et
the Electors.
Liberty, July 7, 1S10
To tho Free Electors of Columbia County.
Induced by the partiality ohiiany 0(J friends, 1
ofler in st II as a candidade lor Shetill. Your
generous tiUllYiiUe are earnestly and most lespect
lulls solicited lor the nomination. Should 1 be
fortunate us to succeed, I pledge n.y bctt endeav
ors, tn disoliiir'je the o'lito s of said ollice with
impartiality ami strict fidelity.
Pilonniiburi;, June So,
To the Democratic Voter of Columbia
Count i,
At the M'licitati'on of many of my fi tends, I of.
fer myself as a candidate fur theollicc ol Sucnirr,
i al the ensuing elfi tioti. I make no pledges thev
are in b.i.l keeping ; not solicit the support ol ii:y
friends throughout the countv,
Bloom tnwnhin, June 9, 1 )') .
To the Doiuocratiu Electors of Columbia
Uigi d by numerous friends I would (tier my
self us a candidal" f. r the c lin-e i t MieiitV. I am
not much verticil in po'iiicHl ali'iiis and cfiniioi, l
therelore make l oi.liesa bu-iness von I; r ll.r ;
hone ol ollice. Should I receive I be ro Tlilrnlicii ;
and he el-end. 1 promise to di-chatce the dutie, I
ol the ollice tWihlully and impartiitllv.
P,. ion, .loir'.', .'niif In. k.0 I -!
To the Iudepcndant Electors of Columbia
Solicited by many fiiends, and urgd to make
the i-fibrt, I hereby idler myself ns a candidate, at
the ruining election, lor the ollice ol Snrnif f .
I If successful, it shall be tnv first aim to clisolmire i
I the duties of said office, to general satisfaction. !
, Moie 1 cannot promise.
M-idimn. June tilth. l'ICI.
To tht! Dcmocnitic Electors of Ccluinbiti
Wjrmly nrired hy mmv of my friends, f efl'i-r
myself as a randida'e for the olhce of Ili ji f liei iff
at tin; ensuing election i-nlicitinir. at thi; binds
of mv Demoi-.-atic hrelhern. I In- on limina'-v torn-
I ination tiledL'iii!! mvcll. if nominiiled at d eh c-
tod, to faithfully di-tchai'jie all the dtities incum
I bent upon the olncu.
I TT -i' l.'clc, Jiiiir IS. lSl'i.
To the Independent Electors t'f Columbia ;
At the sulieinlion of my friends, I nzain nfier
mvself as n Candidate for olfiee of Siif.hifv, at
the cnsninil election. Should I b" so fortunate as
tn receive a majority of your snlo-auce. 1 ibili:e
mvcf I" execute the duties of said office, with
fidelitv, humanity and impartiality.
.Iirkooi. .foop I. I5-I0 .
To the Independent Voters of Columbia
Iiniuc.'i! bv the (lettering encri'ir-.ierrient of nn-
i'. :...,',! I , .i:.i..i
ttho p(rirr. f 9r ,Fr, at the ei,uin!; election,
;in sVn "I I I r.-ceiee iimapuitv of vntir vulrn.
t I pn prnmi-e o dUchirtre the duties r'.i.
jnfTi-e. in the bet of n-v abilities. and with strict
, (, ,,,).,. .,, j it, part .1 1 i v.
lll.l' ll 111. Ill' , ' ., ,.1 VI 'J" " .11, .,11 .. ' ,11111. II 11 II 11' 1
1 ViPlm. .Tune 4tb. Ifi-ltl.
To the Democratic Electors ot Columbia
b the trifiidlv
iii-iic;,!!,,,,!, nf mar
w iilt mv own w i-h''!
fi ien.l i, nii.l i n a
I offer mvs..!f to
f,ir tlie r ll;c of
i,i;v '!t'i-i; : ;
voir coosidernti-
n as a r.iiei
of Siifptff. resnertlnllv yolic:tie
s: I'O'l. if r'l'cled. proTT', ise a wonip'
l'"p i,f lb., ininnrtant d'ilie of
vul f
:!,at. itbfi
i.sible slat ion.
JOtlS ?N'ii')"ri.
..Tu'.e .i:h, 1 ,10.
1 intnr i roc circorf ut -..'OtiMD'na renin
... .1 t - r- i - , .
Viaurv?i. 1 I.' n-pv f-i-nds. I i.'l- i- .velf n .
I -i cui'lt 'at f-r tl il'.'-re if StieritT of roloi-.bit
( c, u;ii'-. i iie ao'irnsol'ific pi . i ,1 l-'.ji.ciien.
, S'.o'iU T receive a tii.-i-.n t v nfyo'tr vm,-,, .m.-I .
.-b-i't, A, 1 csr'l'-st!;,' iirnnii--,' t-i,'.. tfu i'.-.
'ii'S of nid o'tici. f'tl,l'n)l" iiel imn.nti dlv. I
Votli s ' ; tTr .. t-1 In'.' riv.-ie-tfii'tv .-t ir iiert
ri,KAS V F.I I.!Vf
! ''.--;--, .'-)' , ii3
I l .M m by thn name of CI. ll't', has engaged
U..K. wltl1 " )ooi'K ,hJ" 1,1 "ami! 1 1 p. S. Town-Si.-n,
and Uses hto name to put. Upon a Sais.iarilla,
whli h they cail Dr. Townsend a Sa.sapuiiila, lie
nomination it C L. 1 7. E, Ui minul, etc. This
Tuwnseiii! is no uocloi, uim never as; but
lorinerlv u uorkil on railroudb, eui als, and ti e
like. Yet he assumes tlie title of Dr., fur the pur
pose of Minion credit for what ho is not. Tl.if
is to caution the public not to he deceived, ana
puichase none but thu C EA'Ul.YE UJllU
A'.IL OLD Dl .Janili T,,w,.....l'. ;.,,.;,, ...ill,.
I loiviuu on it the Oi l Di's lik"!.cf, hi family
j coat of aims, and his si'-va'nrc across lU coat ,
j I'linaiul (tfice, U i Xatuui ft ,jX Y, City.
Tht Original IHcorutr ( the
Genuine Townscnd Sarsajiarilla.
Old Dr. Townsend is ii.av ulx.ut ') eai of aat,
ami has loin; hem known as t- Anther and I'i
cov.'ier of the netiuii.e "i i,:iual TO W.VSKA J)
S'irsajaiillu." liei:i per, ho wis comp.lied
lo limit its n.aiiUluotore, by w liii'b means it has
been kept out of market, mid the ,:.Ks . -iieum-sritljed
to IbosS only wko had proved im Vvortli,
and known its Value. It had reached (,B ,.als ,,j
many, never! hekH. as those ptr.-.otiS w ,
het-ii healed of sore di-eases.aiid avid frnm death,
proclaimed it" ex'Tllence and wonderiul
Knowing, many years atru, that he had, by his
skill, bcitnce and expeiience, devised an at'ticle
which would be of incalculable advantage to man
kind when the moans wuuld be lurtiishtd to bring
it into univer.-al notice, wben its inestimable vir.
tues would be knowii and ajiprtc iatcd. Thia
time has come, tlie means are supplied ; this
Grand and Unequalled Preparation
is manufactured on the hirers' scale, and is cal
led for throughout the length and breath of the
land, especially as it is found incapable ol degen
eration or dctcrior;.ti n.
Unlike young S. P. Towns'-nd's, it improves
with iiije, and nrvrr changes, but lor the better ;
because it is prcpaied on yciertitic principles bya
scientific man, The highest knowledge (Chem
istry, and the latest discoveries of the art, have all
been brought into requisition in the matiiilacture
of the Old Dr's Sirsuparilla. The Siisnparilla
root, it is well known lo medical men, contains
many medical properties, and some propertie.
which are ineit or useless, and others, which if
retained in preparing it for use, produce fermen
tation and acid, which is injutieus to the system.
Some of the properties of S.irssparilla aie so vo
latile, that they entirely evapoiale and are lost
in the preparation, if they are lot preserved by a
scientific process, known only to those experien
ced in its manufacture. Moreover, these volatile
principles, which fly off in vapor, or asnn exhal
ation, under heat, are the very essential medical
propertim of the rout, which give to it all its val
ue. Any person can boil er stew the roct till ttry
get a dai k-coloicd liquor, which ismoie from the
coloring matter in tl.e toi l than limn any tninii
else; they can tt.en strain thib insipid or vidid
liquor, sweeten with sour molassi s, and then call
it "Sarsapunlia Extiact or .Syrup'" But vuch is
not theaiiirle known as the
This is so prepared, that all the ineit proper
tin nf tho .Sairapi.iilla lo. t uru first K moved, ev
ery ll.iii capable ol becomiui; acid or of fermen
tation, is extracted and rejected ; then every par
ticle of medical viilueis svcuiid in a pure and
colii'etitra'i'd form ; i.nd thus It is rendu td inca
pable id losi! t'liy o its valuable and healing
properties. Pii-pated in this way, it is made the
most powerful ayent in the
curl: of innumerable
Hence the reason why wc hear commendations
on every side in its favor hymen, women, anil
childien. U'e find it doing wondtrs in the cuit
Consutnplion, Dyqx psia, and Liver Com
plaint, ittiil in Rheumatism, Schr-.l'ula,
Piles, CnsiivcriCKS, all Cutiineoui Entj
lions, pimplts, Lioctlits, and nil allcctiot.i
a,jsill,r ,,.,
iii,i iMTV AT Till' mnnn
l.MILlilll Ul I I Ul, JjI.UUJ).
U a mai veltm's illicacy mall cm:
it.'s arising ii om lin:n.'i t si ion, lnun Acidity ol ilie
Mamach, li on unequal circulation, di-termination
ol blood to the head, palpitation of the he ill, cold
foi l and hand, cild chills and hot ll ishus oier 'he
bady. It lo.s not ilseqoal in COl.USai.d COt'CHS
and promotes ra-y i xpi cloral'on ami gentie per
sjitialion, relaxu g strictures ot the lui gs, throat,
and every oilier pait.
Rut in nothing is its rvcelienrc more manifea
lly seen and acknowledged than in all kind) and
slagts ol
I Fi:MAL!3
It works wonders in of Flcor A'bus cr
H'hilrs, Kaliiiia of the Wi.inb.Obstiured 'suppres
sed or I'airiinfol iMensi ?, 1 1 t I;. i ily ul the men periods, and the like : m d is as ellectual in
cluing nil thu forms of Kidney Diseases.
II v removing ons'roctions, and leulalirg the
tretii 'system, it fives tone and stn t c'.h to the
whole, and lims cures nil I'm iii- ol
rf j
Nmous (lisra.s'f-s and clcbility,
anil tons i leve, its or relieves a ft eat vat ie'y
other m its, as Spinal In imtion, !"-ur:
Vitus's Dance, Sa'oonlm;, Epileptic Fits, Convul-
h"i,'c!aiisi;s the Mond. excites tl.e liver to hes'.-
ll'.v action, tone? I he stomach , and ? ve-i "o,nt die.
' etion, relieves I he bow els of tci ior and constipa
i tion, idliivs immation, pot ill. s li e skin, nj.
i nally all over the body, and the insensible persir.i
tion; re'i'Vfs all st i i.-toi , and liebtness, removes
; ri',1 1 listi ucii"ns.'iml invigorates the entire ncivous
t h v sti m. Is not this then
I The Mrdirinc yon pin-pniitictulv need !
I'.nt can iii ot tbrse thine-! b? said ol" S. P
: Tow nseiid's interior article .' This young maa liii
ii id is not to he
! Cotnpi'fid with the old Dr's,
lierntise of one flR-WD V(Y ilmt otto
: - bile the other FIOFS ; sriirinc, termentirp, nrd
Mowing the bottlef rotitaintiiiittt-p it into frar.i;
; meld j; the sour, acid liquid exolocitis and dama
i,,.r i.tiieriomls ! Most not this hon ilde coinpnun.i
. bo poisonous to t he Vat.o ? What ! put acid in
to i s-.-stem alreadv di-eaied with acid I What
causes l)v"C. sia Put neb I .' Do we not all know
thai wlien fond sours in onr stomachs, wb-it 1'iis
chief It pi'i-dnrcs ? fiatnleii'-e, liearlbnrti.pal pita
lion t f the heart, livr complaint, diarrhoea, dv-
lie. and ci.rr'lption of Hsu uioi d
ful-i hot :i:i acid humor in the body
the Illinois which bin ? on I.nip.
,f lb.- Ski". Si'ald llr.ul. Sail I.benm, Kav-
?!pcl is, Wl.i;,. :!,.:l,ts, V -v.t -.res. and all III
n'rn'i '"s it t, r.-al -i d cytetdjl ' It is iiothin; un-r-r
biT.veo, ii'tt an aril substance,'n sours and
tbm soeils- all "he f ui'b: Ol the b.nlv, or less.
V.'li..! r-iiieKbfitieiti-in lint a scor cr acid fluid,
whicS i.-!.iM;.!( s Itself btlwei'ii the bil l llnl
i-l-ewbrre. irri'.'tir? an 1 :t.f!amin the ,nl!cate
l isitii 3 nron which it iel ? So oi" rcrv.i'.is dis
eacs, of imnurilv rf the bbind, of der ipcud rir
col t 'on, and nearly all the ailircnlsw hich afliict
V.i) ts e,t:,re
V r. IVTZ, Acset. Blewtbor". Jf i49y
BY virtue of Mimtt y v i i'tn of vf miitioMUi
to nie diiecied Will be ( Xpote tu ) utiatui
a toe Court House in Hlouii'-burg.i'ii Meti',i'l.
Vinth day ol Ai.Ust im, it i.t1( ,Vlu l. 1 , Is
tlie lolluwimi described it.ul tslete, lo v-ii:
A certain piri'C or.parctl of Jantl fc hut'JS
hi beaver (oivnabip, t nimiibm county, nr.Vi ; ,
thirteen actes moif or less, bnutiitid by i tf
Jacob Hinliur, bumnti Loln.p, indotlur, v-tue
ui is elected a tri'tne ow ellir.g house unci a litri,
tiaru, uitii the uppurtt i
.Si-ii ii, tiiUen in i-M'i'ution and to be told u Li
, wfu;) ij, ,l,ciiiiillo,
At liui same unit' and place, ccit.
ll'.iCt ol lanil kiiuale in l lsl.lliiiCtM
toltimloa count), coiiiuiiiiiiu one l.unditd ii(
twenty acres nu ie or li hi ui.ib.d by lands U
William Saie, dt' ii K her,. l-uc-r VV(-Uli,tM
Jui.n T. Ktiins, ol iilai I, ktioui si w iily-tive him
Isciijnil, wln-reoi, Is ueiitilu Io (iwellllf
noun rnd a name bam, and an appit ticbaro,
vs it Ii
Seidell, I, ki n ii, eecuiion and to be sold u thl
Dtopeii) ol Jujwi AlbeitHiiu.
A certain tract or piece of land eiluate in
Stiarloj toiviiship, Cuiumbia county, cottsliuo
two hundred ai ics, l.r uiiiled ou ihe north by
lands ol John Kline (smith) on the 6uulh-wtst by
lands of Wm. Keiei, on thecM by lands of Jobu
B'ahlaiti and others, beri-u:i is erected a U dwel
ling house one and a-half story high, a k bara
and an apple and peach orcliai'd.abvur stventy -fiv
acres of which is cleared land, with Ihe ai purUso
ances. Seized, taken in excewtion and to be euid.s tL
property of John lkelor.
At the tumc limu und place, a certain lot
of ground situate in Pei.ver township, CtJumisb
county, cotitainiti.' thirteen acne u.oie cr le.-H,
bounced by land ot Jacob limit. liter, Jamb
Uo'sler and otliers, whi remi i i-n cted a lun.u
house and frame barn, with the appurlem cs.
Seizi djtakeri iu execution and tu bt sold ; t)
propel ly of tiiusts Mover.
At tlie same time and place, a ccrti'a
tract of land nituate in fishmgeiei k trwnsh.j..
Columbia county .cuiilaiuing one hundred & ci:..t
acu-s uim or le.s, boitiidid ly lsnds rf Kdwia
Holmes, John Feeler and others, on wbi. h is t ie
cted a onestoiy v$ dwellinjr lioine, a Icire,
a twustoty frame tavern house and other cui LuilU
lns, with the appurteiiatnes,
Seized, taken in execution anj to L sold as tho
property of Kalph R. Carpenter
At the same time mhI place, a certain let
or piice of prennd situate in lewn of Jers ytown,
Madison tcwns'iip, Columbia county, coiiuinii,
one-foiuth of an acre i.iui e or lest bounded in
frutit by Main street, anc by lands of John Switl.t-i,
and John A llnii's I, tits ami olhois.w beicon 's rr
ted a one ttoiy trauic itwi-liteg hcust und i (run a
stable, with the appni tences.
Sallied, ti-keti in executioL oUd to Lo told an
the piopc.ll) of James Stout.
At the sntnc lime tint! place, a certain lut
of Cl 'lUi'ld si'.liatu III .M.holiii . tti.-lislnp, II, l),j
town ill Dniiv ille, (.'o.iiinbia Co., b(.un! r. y oi
of Leunaid Snyder, on an alliy, an:! o'heiv," ,.01.
tainini; about oiic-i.-ii.l b . an acre n,e:e i.r it-.-s,,
whereon ia erected a i i.e and a-liail slot; frui;;j
bouse, w ilu the dpi'iutei,. nices.
SereC, take in exec nt,on tr,ii to Le tcld te tlnj
properly cf JcrtCiLu V'
At the t-iiine itine and place, dc I'uilim
iriij real i state situate in l.inerty (ownsiim, ("!.
county, 1st a tract or lot i f land uii,.u'..ljr ,'r
tteai to the tow n 1,1 Moorestiiiu;, ;,.,il'i, ,,h,;it
Simonloii on ihe west and south, hv J.Mres R, I,,
inson on the north side, und tin-road to iVttshu,.
ton on the eas-t ami pailly on the tloilh .'vV coo
tiiiiiiiii; Iweniy ai res mtre rr b-ss, oi, l.ii-h aio
erei ted a eood f'ame dw eii ii hns,; iw s;,
hi ah. will" ;i l-i'i'nen.a slahle ind a me, i re hcsi-.-i
with ancvoi!.Kid unugood . : wat.r, .u.d a'l
Under cuilivjt ion.
2d a tract nr l'it r-f promt! adjoinimr
the I..IO r ti:.. t or r ,, the east ,,(!, , f
Ho'.-eit Sin oi.u.ri en .,. I. w, -n tl,,,
si.!.-, an,' ; .i,,-. ,.f IC-vil,.,- ,i , ,t ,., ,, , , (.,
leiidant ou tho west side, ai d the )i-:h! ', t ),...
iii.iqiie pass-ra on li,, i,..,tb .id,-. ,-, ,,;,. ,
iweniy lines liior' or K-.-s, 't or.dei n ' i v h ' t . .
Seized taken in i xerli'n a,., i l0 tf,i . ,j B
property of f'pi, iltin S-Vi ii.
I I AJ. l .X. .',-,',, :T
SheritT'.. Office. Illi
Julv 21 , l:s.j.
Oftet of ihe Ci!awha, JWknr;
una r.iE i.iui iiO'at l arrpiivi,
South Fovrlh Strut, Flu!
June 4lh, 1940.
Xn. 43
Y an net of the f.f.iil.-it'.re r-f 'be Cnu rf.m.
wealth of I'eoosvivni'.i i, 1 . , r c.-d in. -.'i,.',
day of March, lt'i. ,t n ,u ,,el,r,. ;it ,
Lif'.le Si'bnvlkill .11, ! SnKiplvbaena il.,lroa,l (;,-n-.
Piny should, l!ieii"t!er, I.,- U'-tv-? bv ' i,e rMpe .-f
I'e C-tfawiss, Vvi!iivii, ,id T't i Kali end
Cornniiiiy. and ilw "'resiib ! nnrl Miinajrr- (
san. ..o
lutir n :
l'a'V 1 '' I'-i's-svd I' .e follow ilitf res ,
" Rrtihed. That the S.-cr
tice of tl.u change in i!;e r.arr
panv, and to r-"ii,c"t t!,,.- s ,-(
s.itremler up tbe r'nl eeiiill
Isrv iiiiM'sK j
' f I'-if -rt iii Ct m-'-liob'ei
s tberw f td
''!" c( s'l-ck. nn I
111',:.; out new ones in c in t i,. i!(. i-lmrp i
j the name of the Company ; and t "nr-1 l o tUt -ivoj
.notice to such ol'tio' S: m-' 'u l.'ers i 1 1 e lati-fjl.
ill- Scliovlkill and S'l'coel arri R,ili-.-
I whose stock I, fniii it-i,,!,. ',,r nn-i, ivment rf
I instalments thereon, jt,,, ,u ,,,( ,,n
' i n i .... i. , ... . ... . -
; snail nave nn- i o;'.- to cm?, u ';.ti tj,,
pa- tnei t
; in ;'! iiificn:,, nno i!;--r a; r,i
' f p.'f V-i;llp i-,
i the Oti'Vl":!. W
Fit- R-i'l T,c.l
I Cnmnanv, to the imnnct . f ih,. sen. , prvmenn
j on llie li ire to f- r''--ial,l", t.r-.vicV . -j,,. '
: rtrl i Spates aiv tnrendeie ii,, m , i n y dan
I Hum tbe time of the itim, rf nuch notice in
j t'.-'n of tV,epnn-rs iirio'c! Ii, tlm ,-:'' rl' V' ilsrl,!.
nliin. mil me i;-, tl,,. ,-c,,,,.,. r! r, .-r Via : nnd it
j default nf I lie. surrereVr of ob c..rt; -.--,t,
i consolidation, the s-,i, ,!., an, aij ,.r,vi.ti$
;nnvmnnts tl.ereon are hereby declared to be fi r-
WM. P. EF.V.'IS, TreHmt
j-'srn ii. i i iri'v, ee'v .
,i o ii N o . f ii v. i: 7. V. .
'Attornoy at. Lawi
! - Officp. nev drcr to 'I e Cmicl Hi cc.
1 r.homshm-z, Columbia County, Arrfl.
ntri)OPf. In 1 i rbar?r will
XS hi rrt v c-ivi-i'l-nt tbe nii!i-r'ernl I", nttcfd
rt li e 1 i ,.; of R, Pert (i- r,l, ,f . l,i,. t ft ,
on Mnnl.iV t'.i ."-d i'av i 'r . r, I r tot. ! r ', n
nnrirse 1 1 i ii imj ti e I jr r;.-i i, rr rrpritiT'ty
of payinit ih. ir m'Iim! Ti?x, !. bvi,d by tbo li
reeling fer tl.e School Yi ai , i f Ik ":
Trec'iirr tht lim tn i.tSnol diilritt.
Julv :i, 1649.
. i