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Hjw bUH the Farmkh's simple life I
How puro the joy it yields?
F.- from th woild' tempeitous strife,
Fio, tuiJ Ihesceiitad AAA. Everett.
Experiment itt Wire Faielitf.
During the Tall I coiutructed 104 rods of
r .1. -I'll 1 rd-ionil
v tro icnce inwiei)iiuwin: iinumi .
re.l ceihr posw 1 rod apart, the posts being
eavvsd about 31 inches square at the bottom
ami 31 by 2 inches at tho tops, ami set
firmly in lite ground to the depth of 21 feet.
I then bored holes through the posts witha
i:uh bit the upper one 41 feet from the, and then 0, 81, 7j inches and 0
i;ie!us below, using five wires, beneath
which I plaead a board five inches wide,
wi.h a nhort post in the contre, (to which
I nailed the board,) which comes near en-
ouAi to the ground.
I then drew the wires through the posts
and strained them by means of a lever, one
end of which I stuck into the ground
then looped the end of the wire around
the lever near the ground, and, while one
is drawing upon the tops of the lever, plug
the whole tight with pins of red cedar, pre
viously prepared. I usually strained the
wires 18 or 20 rods at a time, then spliced,
the wires by looping and twisting the ends,
and proceeded in like manner again. After
the wires are in and the boards on, I take
pieces of wires of the rght length.and make
one end fast to the upper wire, and then
wind it round the wires below till
I come to the board, through, which I
bore a hole and fasten the lower end of the
wire: three of these wires between
each two posts, thus fastening it all toge
The upper and lower wires are No. 10
and the others No. 11. I bought my wire
Prsti Co.. of Buffato, at
art Txrt.. hiimlrfiJ. The five wires
weighed 355 pound. The wire that I
used to weave in up and down was No.
10, and cost 10 cents per pound ; it took
23 pounds, My posts I bought in the log
(pretty large ones,) atf 12 per cord; one
cord made 105 posts, the number used.
It took 2.000 feet of hemlock boards, which
1 reckon at7 a thousand. The sawing of
the posts was $2,25. The cost foot up as
follows 5
35 pounds of wire at7j cents,
25 pounds of wire at 10 cents
1 cord of red cedar posts,
2.000 feet boards at $7,
Sawing posts,
Making the cost of materals, $55 77
Which, being divided by 101, the num
ber of rods of fence made, gives the 53
cents as the cost per rod aside from nails
of which I kept no account.
Some of your numerous readers may bo
anxious to know whether such fence will
answer the purpose in all cases. I can
only say that mine is a road fence, and
that when it was built there was a good
crop of pumpkins lying in the field along
side, where they grew, and that notwilh
standing many cattle and hogs made the at
temps at them, they did not succeed; and
my short experience goes far to convince
me that no cattle, hogs, or fowls, will get
over or through it.
Ridgeway, N. Y., January, 1819.
Kinds or Fruit for CuiriVATiiN.-We
advise our friends to try their orchards
with avariely of fruit trnes.whethc.of apple,
pear, or peaches, and after finding which
are best adapted to the soil, let those of tho
li st finality that are found suitable to the
land, occupy it almost to the exclusion of
the others. There is a wide difference in
the production of different trees, and it is in
ihe nice adaption of each to its most suita
ble locality, profit of fruit growing, will be
.found to consitst.
Dead Ammls. -AH animals which die
on a farm should be covered with mould
or earth of any kind. Each dead horse or
any animal thus treated, would throw out
gas enough to impregnate five loads of earth
with its fertizing properties. To promote
the speedy decomposition of animal bodies
a few bushels of lime should be thrown on
them previous to being covered with earth,
or mould. After the decomposition of the
ilesh, the bones should be broken up and
placed in the soil.where they prove an effi
cient and lasting manure.
Milk. Milk is really article of solid
food, being coagulated soon after reaching
:he stomach. New milk contains 13 per
?ent of digestible solids, and skimmed milk
11 per cent, that is, the former fully one
!;:lf and the latter above a third, of tho nu
triment contained in the lean part of beef
end mutton.
very Saturday morning at two doll am per
annum, payable hall yearly in advance, viz,
$lon subserihing andfcl upon entering on the
last in months and il not paid according to
the above terms, we shall invariably charge
two dollart and fifty cents.
No subscription taken for a shorter period of
time than nix months, nor discontinued until
all arrearages shall have been paid, which
must be one month prior to the expiration of
the term agreed for, and a failure to thus no
tify the Editor will he considered a new en
gagement. Advertisements conspicuously inserted at one
dollar cash per square (ot 14 linesor lessjior
three times, and twenty-five cents pcrsquare
for every subsequent tnsertion. Husincsn tarda
inserted at three dollars per annum. A lib
eral discount made to yearly advertiser.
Lkttshs, Communications, &c, addressed 'o
the Editor, on business pertaining to the of
ffice must be paslpdid, to secure attention.
Rook and Job Printing.
.KEEP it before the PKon.r, that
IXyWU Hand-bills, Blanks, Checks, Labels,
Cards, Tickets, Circulars, and every description o
in various culnrs, executed at the office of the
Columbia (Bloomsburg) Democrat, n neat style,
hort order, and moderate terms. Also: The ve.
rv best article of DEEDS, BLANKS, STATION
ERY. &.e.,kept constantly for sale.
WE have just made valuable addi
lySriAM tinns to our Job-Ollice, of new type,
Slc. and urocuied a handsome supply ol At
sorted Fancy Paper, by which we can execute
the neatest and cue.ipest juo-worKin mis sec
W have also added to mir already heavy and
extensive siockof Blanks, of which, we have all
kinds, from Deeds to Naturalization papers a
select assortment of very fine Marriage Certifi
cates, printed and engraved, for Ministers and
Our Friends are invited to call and examine
or themselves.
Thb Cattawissa, VViluamsporx and Erie
Railroad Company, will receive at their Office,
Proposals for the purchase of their Bonds, to be
issued as mentioned in the foregoing notice. The
Act of the Legislature mentioned in it, renders
lawful an investment by a lender or purchaser of
the Bonds, at any discount below the amount to
be secured ; thus enabling capitalists to receive
an extra rate of interest, without incurring haz
ard or penalty of any sort. The money may be
paid by instalments as may be agreed with the
The Company hold 1200 acres of valuable Coal
Land at Tamanend, on the line of their road,
which will also pass for about 12 miles along the
Coal Lands of the Uu ard estate, now belonging to
the city of Philadelphia.
The Riilroad is already graded for a double
track, from its junction with t he Beaver Meadow
Railroad to the river Susquehanna, a distance of
4S miles, and is mostly bridged for the same dis
tance. The Coal Lands of the Company are dis
tant less .than 12 miles from the commencement
of this graded track at the junction. The actual
expenditure already incurred in its construction,
including $s0,00u paid for those lands, and dam
ages for lands, $., taken, has been about $I,2U0,
OUi). The whole of this investment will form
part of the lenders' security, which will be aug.
mented by the expenditure of the loan in the
completion ol the road, independently of the cor
porate franchises which the provisions of the law
enable the Company to include with all their
other property in the mortgage by which the pro
posed Bonds will be secured.
It is estimated that $'i5n,000, which is little
more than one-half of the sum already invested
and expended, will be requited for tho comple
tion of the road, ami for Mocking and equipping
it. Besides the lolls for the transportation ol
coal and other commodities, it will form an im
portant link in the chain of intercommunication
of the Atlantic, Ihe great Lakes, and Ihe Missis
sippi. The Charter confers the right to hold
5'XJJ acres of land, with privileges of mining and
transportation, and of making branch Railroads to
neighboring mines
The Company is free of debt, its former liahi)
ilies having been converted into stock. The en
tire Stock is only 1 ,400,000, represented by 28,
000 shares of fc.jO each.
WM. D. LEWIS, President.
Joseph R. Paxton, Secretary and Treasurer.
F. 8TE W A RT,
Attorney at Law,
r) ESPECTFCLLY informs Ihe public that he
, has located in BERWICK, where he. will
attend promptly to all legal business entrusted to
his care in Columbia and Luzerne counties.
fj3-0ffice on Main Street, opposite the Rising
Sun Hotel.
Jan. 20, IS41 -y
ESPFCTFL'LLY offers his Professional
mice to the citizen of Espylown and
Us vicinity.
ItOClor Creslrr, cm be consulted at the
residence of John Espylown, except
when professionally absent.
F.mvtown. M v 12, "mo
Spring and Summer Goods.
rpilE subscribers, in an jin rifling the attentior
I of the public lo their STORE, immediately
opposite Ihe Court House, would respectfully
announce Ihe arrival of a large and rlwu e asmt
ment of Dry iiOOtls. suilaWe for the eri8
and summer trade, and that nothing will be
wanting on their part to merit a consimiance ol
the so liberally bestowed upon their,
since the arrival of their fir?t stock of merchan
dize. A small advance on city cash prices shall
continue to be our motto.
The asoitment ju't received and now opering
consists in part of French, EnirlKh and American
Flannels of all colors, Kentucky Jaen's, Muslins,
Calicoes, Oinghams, Linen-lustres, De Lams ol
various palerns, French and embroidered lawns,
aud white dress goods.
.S"i,.t Black, blue-black and striped; bonnet
s'lk, Etc.. Fringes and braids, bonnet-ribbands.-
Shawls, Cashmere, Thibhel, Terkeiiee, de lain
and silk, scarfs in variety. Carpetling; Wool,
cotton, etc. Hearth rugs, and en. bossed table
covers. Bonnets: Palm, Panama and Leghorn Hats.
CROCERIES Mackerel, Iiish Salmon, Salt
and Plaster.
Queenrware, Hardware, willow and eedai
ware, fyc. 4-c,
fjj-In fine all these with many more not vi
sually kept in ennntrv stores, will be exchanged
for Cash, Produce or Lumber.
Bloomsburp, April 11, I54J.
Boot and Shoemaking.
rpHE undersigned, thanklul for part patronage,
I respeotlully informs his old customers and
the public that he has removed his establishment
In the new frame building, above Albright &
Mengel's Store, on Main Street, opposite the
Forks Hotel, where he will be ready to wait up.
on all who may form him with a call as usual.
Bloomsburg, April 7, 1S4U.
Surgical and Mechanical Dentist.
rriHE undersigned respectfully informs the La
I dies ami Gentlemen of Bloomsburg and tho
public in general that he attendstn all the various
opperalions in Dentistry. Residence.nearBlooms
burg.hut will visit families or inviduals, at their
dwellings.when required. Thankful lor past fa
vors.he hopes to merit a continuation of public
patronage ,as it will ever be his pleasuretorender
satisfaction in his profession
OO-Thespecial partnership in plalework, here
tofore existing between A. Vallerchainp and J.
H. Vanderslice, has expired by limitation, and
the accounts ol' said firm are in the hands of the
undersigned for settlement.
March 27, 1919.
THE undersigned respectfully informs his
friends and old customX'rs that he has remo
ved his business to his new shop, on Main tdreet
below the railroad first corner below the resi
dence of Dr. D. N. Scott, where he will con
tinue the
Cabinet Making Business,
In all its various branches, and sell his wares at
as low prices as they can be puichasej elsewhere.
(3-A good Hearse found and coffins tnade to
The public are invited to give him a call.
Bloomsburg, May 1 1, 1S49 3mo.
rpHE subscriber respectfully informs the citi
J zens of Bloomsburg, and vicinity, that he
is now opening select
Confectionary, Fruit and Toy Store,
in the Exchange buildings, No. 4, where he will
be happy to wait upon those who may favor him
with his custom. Give him a call.
fjCMlis stock is fresh has been selected with
care and will be sold cheap for cash.
Bloomsburg, April 2 1, IS 10.
rpHE subscriber has opened a new Boot and
I Shoe Store at Ihe lower end of Main street,
in the buildinging lately used as Nathan's Cloth
Store. He will always keep on hand an assort
ment of ready made woik.and will make to order
at the shortest notice coars and find Boots, Shoes,
Gaiters and Slippers lor Gentlemen, Ladies and
Misses' wear. He will furnish his work, made
in a neat and substantial manner, at the lowest
Qr-Work made strong and neat, and sold cheap.
Solicits a share of public patronage.
Bloomsburg, April 7, lS4t)-3m.
IHEsubscriber begs leave to inform his M
friends and the public in general, that he-J
has taken the While Stian Hotel and Stnge
ogice, No 10$, Race Street, formerly kept by J.
Peters &. Son. I he House being large and con
venient, and in Ihe business part of IheCity, he
hopes, by strict attention to business, that his
friends will give him a call. He pledge himself,
that nothing shall be wanting on his part to make
his friends at home.
Terms $1 per dav.
Formfrty of Schuylkill County.
Phih.. March 24,' Mi). If. '
rjlHE subscriber would inform his old friends
and Ihe public in general, that he has taken
the well-known stand, recently kept by Daniel
Snyder, Esq., on the head of Main Street, in
Bloomsburg, and will continue the
Known by the sign of the "FORKS," where he is
prepared to accommodate those who may favor
iii m with their custom. His arangeinents are
complete quarters spacious location pleasant,
and without promising too much, he flatters him
self, he will be able to do ample juslics to his
CtJ-Stabling and the best fare for horses, Ac.
Bloomsburg, April 7, 1 S 19.
Philadelphia and Reading Rail-road,
from Philadelphia to Pottsville.
Change of hours, and two
trains daily eacli way
except Sundays.
two Mains will run each way, daily, between
Philadelphia and Pollsvillve.
Morning Line AccoMMnriATioN.
Leaves Philadelphia at 7 A. M., daily, ex
cept Sniuhns.
Passes Reading at 10. 45 . M.
Leave Pottsville at 7j A. M. Daily except
Pa,ses Reading at 9 10 A. M.
TIip above line stops at all way stations on the
road as formeily.
Afternoon1 Line Fast Train.
Uj Train Lnwn Train.
I.eivnu Philadelphia at
2 J P. M ., daily ex
Leaves I'ottsvile at 2$
1'. M. Daily, except
cept Sundays.
LeavesPhojnixvillc 3,4Ti LeavesScb. Haven 2,'7
" Pottstown 4,1 5
Pott Clinton 3.00
" Reading -,t,0
" Port Clinton 5.4fl
" Sch. Haven 0,10
Reading 3'."i0
Pottstown 4.40
" f hicnixville 5,00
Arrives al Stale Rd 5,00
The Afternoon Train w ill stop only at the
hove named Stations. PaseineisfdTolherpoints
limit therefore lake the Morning Line.
DEPO T in Reading, corner of Chestnut and
Seventh streets. Passengers cannot enter the
Cars uoless provided with Tickets.
0J-NOT1CE Flit pound ol biKEace will be
allowed lo each passenger in these lines; and
paseneers are expressly prohibited from taking
any thins as bagiane but their wearing apparrtl,
which will be at Ihe risk ol its owner,
will be taken bv these lines.
No freight j
By order of the Board of Managers.
S. BRADFORD, Sec'rv.
Mav7, 1S41.
, , , . i
tias removed his Shoe 1
Store into Ihe Exchange Buildings, next
door to llaitman's store, where lie will alwas
keep on hand and make to order everv desirable I
k'nd of Boots and Shoes for Men's Ladies' and ;
Misses' wear. j
He is determined lo turn oil work that w ill hear !
examination and trial, and which will compare
with that of any other establishn enl in northern
Pennsylvania. i
f; All work warranted
Bloomtburg, April 7, imj
rpHE Trustees of the Columbia County Intlx.
1 (life take pleasure in announcing to the
public that Ihey have secured the services ol the
as Principal of the School lo be opened in alooms-
burg on I nursday, the .ith day ol April next.
The highly attested abilities ol Mr. Schall'er af
ford an ample guarantee for thorough instruction
in all the various branches taught in the school.
These will consist of the following:
Ancient Latin, Greek ami Hebrew,
Modern German, Spanish, French and Italian.
Arithmetic, Geometry, Algebrs, Surveying,
Navigation, Geography, with the use of globes;
History, Natural Philisophy,and Chemistry, with
lectures and experiments ; Moral and Mental
I'hilosophy, with lectures. Penmanship and
Elocution will receive daily attention.
Terms. In order lo secure the greatest a
mount ofhinerit to each pupil, we think the
standard number shnnld be twenty-five, unless
the demand nf the public should warrant an as
sistant. The prices will be as follows:
The English branches. $5 per quarter.
Do. with addition of language, tl "
Bloomsburg, March IS, 1H9
THE subscribers, formerly of Milton, have
opened a new Boot and Shoe store, in the
building next above the Court-House, on Main
street, where Ihey ofler for sale the largest ass
ortment of
F.ver exhibited in Blooinsburg. They tiave i ve
ry description of Coarse and Fine Boots, Gaiters
of every style, for Ladies', Gentlemen's and Miss
es' wear, Slippers of every fashion, and several
new styles of children's shot s, never before ol
fered for sale in this place. Their assortment
full, and will be offered at
than those of any other establishment in the
county. They will also make up all kil os and
styles of work lo order at Ihe lowest prices.
(X)- Their collection of work is really a curi
osity, and they make no charge for showing.
Blrtomsbure, April 2S, 1819.
Clothing Emporium.
Pricks Reduced.
rflHE subscriber respectfully informs his friends
I and the public, that he has Removed his
Citeap Clothing Emporium lo his new stand,
on Main Street, above the American House,
where he can beat bo'h Jew and Gentile at sel
ling cheap Goods, Clothing, Slc. Take the fol
lowing sample of his prices:
Fine Dress or Frock Coats from $6 to $12
Splendid Blue Black Dress Coals 10 13
Cashmerett, Alpaca and summer cloth, 3 0
Linnen Coats of all kinds, 1 3
Black Casiinere Pants, 3 5
Splended Lamartiue Pants, 4 6
Cotlonade and summer Cassimere, 1 4
Plain Satin Vests, 2 3
Figured Satin vests, 2 3
Marseiles and Cashmere vests, 1 2
Pnv's Pants and Vests, 1 3
Men's Casinet Pants, 175 300
of every description. Dry, Fancy, and Staple
GOODS, and a general assortment of Shirts, Bo
soms, Collars, Gloves, Suspenders, Stocks, Hand
kerchiefs, &-C, &c.
liniments made to order on thorl notice..
fJCJ- Persons residing out of town w ill find il to
their advantage lo puichase clothing of him as he
is determined lo put pricesdown so low as tornake
an object to thoHC who come from a distance.
Gentlemen don't forget lo enquire for Nathnns's
Cheap Clothing Store, on Main Street, one door
above Mr. Dteblei's American House, Blooms
burg. SIMON NATHAN, & Co.
nonmhiirir, March 21, 1S49
Gkeat Central
Cheap Book Store
10 1 Clieatnut Street.
Corner of Seventh, Swaini's Buildings,
KNOWING the wants of Ihe community, Ihe
Proprietor of ibis Establishment has fit
teil up a store in the most elegant manner, having
due regard to the cumlort ol his customer, so
that every stranger visiting his Book Strne, may
feel entirely at home.
His Immense Stock
of Books is classified according to Ihe various De
partments of Literature, so that visitors, can lind
the Hooks they are in search of lor themselves.
Buying his stock fur the most part al Ihe Auction
Sales, and heinn connected with one ol the Lur
i;pst Publishing Houses in thin country, besides
publishing largely himself, enables him to sell
All Bjoku at
Lower Trices
than any othef house of a similar character on
this continent. His facilities for the Importation
of Books from Europe are unsurpassed, having a
Branch of his Establishment in London, where
orders of private gentleman are caielully execut
ed and forwarded to this country by every Stea
mer and Packet.
A Catalogue,
of Books with the pi ices attached is issued quar
terly, containing Lists of New Additions made to
his large collection, which are in all casses for
sale at the
Lowest Prices
or, from 25 to 7j per cent, below Publishers' Tri
ces. Tims in buying even a few Books, quite a
i considerable amount is saved
1 As a still lurlher
to strangers visiting the city, every one who pur
chases one Dollar's worth of Books, w ill receive
a copy of the
Stranger in FmLAmMnA. an elegant IS mo.
volume, the price of w hich is 25 cents.
fjCj- The limits of an advertisement are too con
fined lo enumi rate the prices n any of the Books
or lo give even a faint idea of Ihe Immense ap
vaxta; lo be derived Irotn purchasing at the
(Irtat Cinttul Cheap Houls Store, but let all
w ho me in search of Books send lor a catalneue
and buy the Bucks they are in want of, and when
in want ol, and when visiting Ihe city, give Ap
pleton one call, and you will be sure to Call
in all its branches, furnished af the Lowest
n Tl... f . l v.. t .
i kick". or jiiiiiui.s in iiium- mircriamig iner
,. ,, vn, p.. ,., iv ;n ,i,
..... -.-.. . .. . ., ..-..j ,.. mi-
ner w ithout charge.
Orders for any aiticle may be spnt by mail, ad
dressed to Ihe preprietor, and the directions in
all cases w ill h fully carried out, with great
punctuality and despatch,
Orders for Catalogues should be pie-paid.
Bookseller. Publisher, Importer, and
Stationer, lf4 Chestnut st , cor.
of 7th,, Swaim'i tyuildine.
Mar 12, 1540 - : n.o
Cclbralod ruuilly Medicines
More proofs of the (fficiency of
The Original and Genuine Preparation!
Coughs, Colds, Asthma, Bronchitis, Liver Com
plainis, Spitting Blood, dilhcuity ol bieath
lug, pain in the side and breast, palpita
tion of the heart, Influenza, Croup,
broken const itutioii.Sore throat,
nervous debility, and all
diseases of the throat,
breast and lungs:
the mostellec
tual and
speedy cure know n lor any of the
alien e diseases is
A truly wonderful cure Iteud this extra
ordinary case !
December 27, 184S.
Dr. Swayni.
Dear Sit : Having contracted a severe
cold, w hich settled upon my lungs, attended with
a violent cough, pain in my sine and breast, dif
ficulty of breathing, I was attended by physicians
ol the hist respectability, but toy symptoms be
came very alaiming, there was an abiecs loimed
in my lungs and made its way through my side,
and discharged large quantities!. I pus externally
so that my physician thought the power or (unc
tions of one ol my lungs were totally destroyed
therefore supposed the rase entirely I opt le.-s.
This uiournlnl slate of things continued lor a long
time, until 1 was wasted and w orn to a skeleton.
I had tried a numhvr of remedies, but all failed
lo do any good. But there still being a spark of
hope left with me and my anxious parents, and
having heard of the great viriuts of your COM
being approved of by physicians ol the fiist emi.
nence, 1 concluded lo make a trial ol it, and to
my gieat satisfaction, my cough gradually grew
better, the hole in my side began to heal, and 1
am now happy to say, from a poer and almost
hopeless skeleton, I have become healthy and
weigh more than I ever have. All rr.y neighbors
can testily to the above fact.
Two miles from Skippackvilte, Skippack
township, Pa
Another severe case of Asthma.
r-HiLAiA., Dec. 12, ISIS.
Dr. Swavne Dear Sir : 1 cheerfully add my
testimony in lavor of your valuable Compound
Syrup of Wild Cherry, which I conceive to be
truly Ihe wonder and blessing c f the age. For
the last lour years 1 have been afllict edw ith the
asthma. Sleep had become a stranger lo me;
night after night would I have to sit up in my bed.
I was attended by four or five dilltient physicians
alto, having used various patent medicines, but
all of no avail. I continued lo grow worse, un
til 1 commenced Ihe use of your valuable Com
pound Syrup of Wild Cherry, which afforded me
instant relief. Alter using several bottles I wss
restored to perfect health.
Yours with respect,
Any information lespeciing the above case will
be freely given by her husband.
Hampton W. Evans,
Carpenter, corner of Eighth and Paris sis.
An important caution that should be care
fully perused by every family in the
United States. Truth, not mere asser'
There is but ore genuine preparation of Wild
Cherry, that is, Dr. Swaym:'s, till others, by a
little enquiry in Ihe quarter where Ihey originate
w ill be found lo be 'fictitious and counterfeit."
The great and increasing demand for Ihe 'original
article," has induced a host of unprincipled men
to put forlh spurious, and to give currency lo
their nostrums, altacn tne name ol Wild Cherry
thinking to borrow a name linm that already es
tablisbed. Asyouvaluo your lives, beware id
them Some are called "Balsam," "Cherry
anil Jar, "Wine oi vvuu tncrry," " wiiit Cherry
Pills," "Sarsarilla Wild Chei iv Bitters," and a
host of olhors, who, in some way, attach the name
of Wild Cherry. No one ever thought of using
this ranie for articles of their ow n until it had
become. established and known as belonging lo one
ol Ihe greatest remedies ever discovered lor the
benefit ol Ihe human tamilv
That remedy is Dr. Sway lie's Compound Syrup
nf Wild Cherry, Ihe priginal and only genuine.
Remember it is put up in squuarc hollies, covered
with a beautiful wrapper, (sliel engraving) with
the portrait of Doctor Swayke thereon, also his
Prepared only by Dr. Swayns, cor. of Fth and
Race streets, Philad.
" A safeand efleclual remedy lor Worms, Dys
pepsia, Choleia Moibus, sickly of Dys
peptic children or adults, and the
most useiul Family Medi
cine ever ollered to
the public."
rpHIS REMEDY is one w hich has proved sue
I cesslul lor a long time, and it n universally
acknowledged by all who have tried it lo be lur
superior (being so very pleasant to the tasle al Ihe
same line efleclual) lo any other medicine ever
employed in diseases for which it is recommen
Head this Wonderful Cure
Philadelphia, March 20, 1S40-
Dr. Swavne Dear Sir Having made use ol
various neauseous Vei rnilnge Medicines, which
had been highly applauded by iheir pro rietors,
without Ihe sligiiiest good ellect, and having
heard my neighbors speaking in Ihe highest
terms of your Woim Medicine, ils delightliil
last and wonderful effect, although I telt some
what discouraged from Ihe result of the articles
I had forved upon my already emaciated, sickly,
dyspeptic-looking child, w hee delicate and al
most worn out frame the Woims had alnady be
gun to make I heir ravages ; still I here being a ray
of hope left by myself and its anxious mother, I
concluded lo make trial of your most valuable
Vermifuge, which, lo our great joy, Ihe worms
had to let go Iheir deadly aud Hiong hold upon
the vitals, and like an army that had beenallack.
ed by a furious lot, whilst lying fit i 1 1 in ambush
they were entirely disloged from their quiet a
bode. Such was Ihe ellect of Dr. Swayne's Ver
mifuge on my child, which is now perfectly
healthy, assuming all Ihe color of the rose, w ith
all Ihe mirlhfiilness of an innocent and playful
child. Indeed my heart is so rejoiced at Ihe great
change, I feel it n.y duty In solicit eery person
lo make tiial of this article, w hit h is as pleaMiiil
lo the taste as ihe most delightful cordial, and
good for the adult as is safe for Ihe most lender in
fant. Yours, with respect.
TnniAS Wikganp, No. 3 Howell St.,
Between Schuylkill Third and Fourth.
The above valuable medicines aie preparei
only by Dr. H. Swayne, cornerof fcih and Raci
streets', Philadelphia tu whim all oidciB slu uli
be addressed.
For Sale by the following AGENTS.
E. P. LUTZ, J'.R. Mojer, Blonnnlurg, Also
Dr. Wilson Brw ick. M. C . Grier, Danville, 1
K. Millard, Espylown, Sloan & Tlotr.psot
Light Street , E. Hughes, Ctmbra ; S. D. Lew
is Wilkesbarre, and by stortkrtpeTf geiKTallv.
Arrll ?0,149 ly
New Aarrival of Fushionublt Millintry.
THE undesigned very respectfully
iiifoim their friends and customer. 5jV
that they have jusl received In m the rjii) anew
supply of the most fashionable Millimit aud
Fancy Goops, yet introduced in Bloomsbuig
French, Lace-bonnets, Braid, Straw and
China-pearl silks, satins, ribbands, Ladies' col
lata and spencers, law ns, ginghams, etc Pin
sols, Flowers, silk-lace, plain bonnets, and many
other select articles.
CO-Old friends nd new rnstemers are invited
to call and examine our stock.
Bloomsburg, April 21, 1S49. 3l.
ME. ROBISON, having just returned s
. from Philadelphia with a new anrpH
splendid asbtortmenl of w
Millinery Goods,
would call the attention ol the Ladies to examina
her stock. Among the Bonnets may be lobad.
Braid, China-pearl
Coburg, French Gymp,
French Chip, Jenny-Lind,
Tulip-straw, English-straw &.c, ki.
TIT Ribbands of all kinds and colors
Flowers, Laces, Caps, fcteel-bceds, Bags, Purees,
Bag II Purse clasps, together with a variety of fan
cy articles; all of which will he sold cheapef
than ever.
Bloomsburg, May 12, 184. lm.
List ol' Jurors.
For August Term, 1849.
Briar Creek Jesse Bowman, Abm. Adami,
Obediah Genscl.
Centre George Kelrhner.
Fishing Creek Albeit Ammerman, Peter
Fianklin Samuel Shich, Daniel Zerr, Ellas
Limcslone Daniel Conger.
Madison George Eves, James Allen, Jos.
Mahoning Cornelius Comelison, Jchn Pat
ton, Daniel Frazier.
Mifflin Peter Nungpfser, Peler Lonrecbur
ger. Orange-Wm. Whilinnyer, John Vsntz.
Roaring Creek Emanuel Kern.
Rugarloaf Benjamin Peterman.
Vnllev Joshua Sleller, Thomas Yoiks.
Bloom Joseph W. Hendeishot, Martin Ru
pert. Briar Creek John Marlz, Anthony Wulp.
Caaltwitsa John Ritter
Derry Samuel Laird, David Wilson.
Franklin Robert Davidson, Jeise Weigle.
Hemlock Baltis Appli man, jr., Geiijje Po.
Limestone George Smith, Frederick Mc
Bride, Griffith Litchtenthuler, Jas. Uhlwell.
Madison John Biilheinitr, Samuel Rioibey
Robert Johnson.
Mahoning John Mow rer, Wm. Hemic,
Maine Joseph Harlzle,
Mifflin Christian Keller, San uel Feiclfman.
Montour Eli Barton, Janus Wncdsides.
Mount rieasanl Joseph Ikcler, William
Orange Archibald Henry.
Roaring Creek Benjamin Ilauck, John Kline,
Jacob Fetlerman, David Reinbold.H. C. Macau,
Sugarloaf Eilwnrd Albertson.
Valley Joseph Drumpower, Chas. Maus.
BloomJohn Robison, Marshall G. Kiney,
Minier Andrews.
Bria Creek Stephen Tin mas, Motdrni W.
Jackson, W. B. Gardner.
Centre Henry Lornaii, Juhn Knorr, Sam'l
Derry Thomas Morehead.
Fishing Creek George Pealer.
Franklin Samuel Lun in:m, Reuben Rhor
back. Greenwood John Black, William Shoema
ker. HemlockThomas J. Vanderslice, John C
Jackson -John Eessler, James Yocum.John
J. A.cllenry.
Madison Issac Dew ilt, Jacob Dryfoos.
Maine John Nuss, jr.
Mahoning John Deen, jr., Edward Morrison,
Michael Weaver, Claries Rilchaid.
Mifflin Daniel Noyer, Sumuel Keller.
Oiange Isaac Welch, John Mi Gowan.
Roaring Creek Jacob Stein, John Yeager, jr. ,
George Mailz.
VallePeier Bright, David Reich.
rrM4E undersigned would annoniire lo hisold
J cusli mers and the public in geni ial, he
lias insl npi ned n m w
Merchant Tailoring- Esiablitl mmt,
Exchange iiuildii gs, liisi iioi r il ive li t J-liiel,
where he isiiceiving In. m the Fasiiin ti'iisa
select assortment ot choice tlolls, Cifunus,
and Drapery generally, and is repined lo lun ith.
every vaiiely ol cloihirg, al mi deiate 1 rir.
Garments made to order, and leady made cloth
ing furnished al nearly 'i com.
ALSO, Coats,' Pants, Ycsls, Storks,
Cravats, Fancy Hanilkeichn Is, Ac, and avaiieiy
ol other arlicies lor side cheap.
f(CJ-The Tailoring busim ss ccr lirred n usual.
Bloomsburg, April 21. livl'i.
TpHE Subscribers respectfully inform theriti.
JL izens of Bloomsburg and ihe public in gen
eral, that they are now opening a large and well
selected assortment of
Jail and Winter Goods,
at the""Cheap Corner," lately occupied by Kah.
let & Petrilin. Our stock consists nfa'GrivE.
ral Varu.ty, well adapted lo the sason, w hich
will be sold at unusually low prices.
fjCJ-The public are respectfully invited lo ca)
and examine our slock belorc making their pu
N. H. All kinds ofcounlry produce taken
Bloomsburg, Nov. 17, IMS y.
nHIEundeisigned very rcfpicilully iiilc r
friends and the public in iiinul, ,
has taken Ihe Finns'! lvama Hiiil, l .
Main street, Bin n.sbuig, ircutih kipt I
C. Bombov, and will cent nine it as a
Where he will be happy to attend to t
of his rustrmeis and Ihe public.
His house has been renovated ar,d ref
and no pains or expense will he wanlin
il bolh pleasant f ml ci mlottiihle.
His table is well nippliid with ihe t
viands, his bar with l!ie best i f liquors
slahling extensive and well-airni gi d. .
OO-The patronage of Iravi Hi rs and t
of Jurors, Witnesses, kc, alieiidirg t
liciled, as Ihey will always find " gti
moderate bills." ;
Bloomsburg, April 7, 1549 ;