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    Columbia Democrat,
31 1, 0 O IMC H 51 XT 11 (!
B AT U R 1AY 1Un!j U LY 28,1849.
ft fO, Vratl, !?.. American and For
Ariveilisioil S,,srrll!"l,n
Aencv, No. lid. "'' Jk.' "
Ai.-til"l..r Hid" Columbia Democrat, lor the
transaction ..I business I Ui oeighoeit Ilia two Hem-i-pheres.
Our Kook Table
Oodky, fr Aimmt i hero. The embelish
menu are superb from first to last. . Reading mat
tcro far as we have had lime to scan it, very
Chaham, also graces our table. 'The Golden
,ge, the Sicta and Olden Times, are unusually
(;ooJ. The literary pail equals the ai tislic ise
cution. The Ladiki Oakland in improving. We
think this number in every vrny, excels the for
mer. VVe wouj J ny more, but have not space.
OWshave ,iV0 additional ranJiUto this
week. Room fur mora, fieutlcmen, now is the
lime to try your luck on the wheel of political
0J-We have anticipated our unl f ihlication
abovrt two days, this week, in order llitUhc ollice
hands may go to "nee the Elephant"
fcJ-Thn notice of a meeting in Danville, 1o in
vite President Taylor, to visit that iluce, in his
iwrlhern tour, is unavoidably crowded uut.
fti-On Mondav,the Rail Road opened from Har
risburg to Millerstown, adistawc of 21 mile!. j
The traiu came from Millerstown to Harnsburg
on return, in t hour and ! minutes. The Road
will be opened to Lewistown in about a month,
when the trains will commence running regular-
The residency. A correspondent of the j
Armstrong Democrat, nominate Col. Thomas
Hart Bkmi-on, as tho Denioctatic candidal for
President in 1S52.
Wire Fences.
ta aik the respectful attention of all oar aRri
cultural friends to the communication of D.
Kingman, on our fourth page, relative to his ex
periment in wire fences. It strikes us as an ad
mirable system. Mi fence is constructed upon
the principle set forth in the advertisement of
cur friend 1. Knapp,' Esq., of Wyoming Valley,
in a subsequent column, and to which we again
direct genual attention.
A plan of Mr.'e Fence can be seen at
this olhce.
Europe, Asia and Alrica, were on hand, on
Inst Friday, Jul) C7lh at ieattin the representa
tive capacity of the Lions, Tigers,,
Elephatiles, snakes and nionkies. Of course you
will all be there. There will be a great many
thingi done, beside many ttiait will not be dene.
You mut lie on ha.ud like a sore thumb.
fj3 The Mayor and Aldermen of Boston have
forbid the landing of any fruit that the Resident
Physician shall conskJer likely to cautagion or
J- The Tie i no Monday is August is the
rhy lixid by the new Militia Laws, fur the elcc
li'in id ofiicers, of Vul'mtoer Companies.
Fivk EiFct'Tinss iv One Day I.nst Fri
day, was a day worthy cf Commernorat ion as that
on which five men were executed for capital of
fence. In Charlesto:i, three negroes naaied
Yiehula, Julm and f.iYorj;'', were hung for a pet
ty distiirbanre in the city workhouse, only a
week previous. In Baltimore, Conrad Venter
ivas hung for the murder of Mrs. Cooper, and
in New York, Mathtw HW, was hung fur
the murder of his wife.
ft r The Indiana State Gazette related the fol
lowing beautiful and touching anecdote :
We shall ulw.iys recollect the inlei view be
tween Andrew Jackson and James K. Polk,
when the latter was about lo leave for Washing
ton, in the winter of The old hern then
i-nunsill. d his friend, and bid him a last adieu
He raised his waited form erect, and seized James
K. Polk by the hand, and said: "Farewell, my
fnend, I shall ni-ver see you again in this world.
Do yur outy li..e a man, and we shall nuet in
heaven !"
Ch(H.i:ar. Tim London Board of health
has published tin; following receipt; in the
en no eif premonitory diurrliica; For an n
dult, twenty nrains of opiate cunft'ction,
niixnd wiili two tahle-spoonfuls of pepper
mint water, or with u little weak brandy
and watt r.iind repeated every three or lour
hours, or oftener if the attack is severe,
until the' looseness of the bowels is stop
ped ; or an ounce of the compound chalk
mixture, with ten or fifteen grains of the
iromatie confection, and from five to ten
Imps of laudanum, repealed in the same
lanner. From half a drachm to ar drachm
f tincture of catechu may be added to this
' st if the attack be severe. It is rccomen
d to repeat these remedies ni'ht and
li ning for some days after the looseness
the bowels has been stopped,
lut, in all eases, it is desirable, whene
practicabli!, that, even in the earliest
e of the disoreh r, recourse should be
to medical advice on the spot.
The last prcseripli'w is the best. In case
premnnitory symtoms, apply to the near
dical man in whom yon have confidence
quacks and nostrums keep the conscience
thy action likewise the bowels. Lengh
.j.iki, however pom: serve God, and, fear
i-onn leave) us.
II A K It I I D :
On the 13th of July, by Rsv. I). J. Waller, Mr.
Ci. W. MF.ARS ABBOT, olOrangcvilte, and Miss
JAM'' M.CARTY, of Rloomsburg.
On tho lOlh inst., by the Rev. W. J. Tver, Mr.
PETER DIFHL, of Mahoning township, and
Miss ELIZABETH COX, of Anthony te.wiwhip
On the ICtli inst., by the Riv. J. 11. Ritteuhouse,
Mr. J. W. CANNAX, lately of Rlmilnsbutg, and
Mies E. A. HUTCHISON, of Washingtonville.
On the Dth iust., in Wilkesbarre, by the Rev.
R. HiwI.y.Mr.C.EORC.E U. STARK, and Miss
CLUA C. RLJkNCnARD.allof that place.
In Hemlock township, on Sunday last, in the
3Sth year nf her aue, Mrs. HELENA, consort of
Thomas J. Vanderslieui, Esq., leaving a Inre and
helpless family to mourn a departed mother.
In E"P.vtown, on the 19th inst , ELI W1LMER,
Hon of Henry L. and Levina Cieurhait, aged 3 years
6 months and 7 days.
In Oraiie township, on the 11th 'int., WIL
LIAM ROL'B, an esteemed citizen, aged about
5(1 years.
In DnviUe,on the Kith iust., Mr. BENJAMIN
CHAMBERS, only ion of Thus: Chambers, Esqr.,
ngwl ahnui 11) yeata.
In MoorcshurK, on the 1st inst., BENJAMIN
only son of 13. KnoUse, aged about 13 years.
In Cineinnatti, on tho ISlh, of Cholera, Mr.
AS1IER D., sou ol C )l. John liemiet, of Lycom
ing county, aged 23 years.
In Williamsport, on the 1 2th inst., Mrs. ELVI
RA, wile of C. Donaldson, Esq, P. M. at that
place, and lurmerly of New Hampshire.
Drowned, at Hughesville, on the 131 h Instant,
HENRY t LAY, son of James Muling, Esq., P.M.
nt that place, aged 6 years.
Novil) Uroiith, CCnnol.
Beach IlAVEN.July 2,1849.
49. S
Col. Tatl:
Lear Sir. The follow ing shows
the collection of canal tolls at this office.
Amount per last report 2-1,504 C5
" month ending June 00th.... 15.7U3 U'J
Whole amount since 30th Nov. ISIS, $10,31)7 fiS
lnr.rea'tvver lut tieason to same tlate, 2.SD0 82
Do, fur June ewer last June, 2,02 1S8
Containing the liarest Collection of
Ever before Exhibited in the United Slates
Will evhibited at Clouinsburg, On Friday July
27A, lil'.i.
Open from I to 4 o'clock, P. M.
Admisiiori 2.) cts jChiidreti under 10 yparsl2cts.
Among the most conspicuous features f this ex
hibition is the specimen ol the
Captured by Capt. Joon Taper, of the ship
Good Return, of New Bedford, mass., after a se
vere and desperate dtrugifif, the men barely esca
ping with their lives, before they were able to
despatch him with their lances,
The Performing Elephant Tippoo,
Who has rained such a great urnsntimi all wer
Europe, will (M through a variety of Performan
ce., such as Wallzini;, nilancini;. Rincinn the
Dull, Creeping on his fore leg, walking over his
keeper, picking him up, drawing a cork liom a
buttle, kc.
Mr. FiLitcK,
the emperor of all the Lions, in the den-t of -vild
beast. His performances diliir fron all other,
not only in the skill mid grace, in which ho dis
plays in his exercises with the Terrific Kronpe 'f
Lions, Timers, Leopards, Cougars,
Panthers Ac,
Rot in the matchless and almost toper human
command w ith which he exacts the obedience of
these fieicest and most remorseless tenant of the
desert, the (oiree nod the jnniile. Mr. Pierce,
may have many imitator-', but he has no nival.
The list embraces all the finest living speci
mens of
That the great experience, enterpri.e, and renur
ces of th, proprietors have enaMcd them lo
bring loelher in one lar?e and splendid eullec-
ion, a full Heseriptioii of the animals contained
in the exhibition, will be found in the bills at
the piinciple Motels, previous to the arrival of the
company. Will also exhibit at Jerseytow o, on
Thursday, July yO.
List or Ltd crs,
EMANIN'.-J in thj P.i,t Ollice at Rlnnm-
sliuig, for rpjarter ending June 30th, IS 19.
Andrews EJi
Hell William
Beers William
Bull Alanson A
e.' km-m an F
elavanee Edward
Evans Wm
Fruit i B
fiirton MathiasG
Hummel F J
Hntton Jesse W ',sq
Hut ton Jes-e W
Hudson (Ji-eirge
Hacket Thomas
Jenkins TJavnI
Karshner P M
Mann A C tf Co
Morgan John (ship)
M'fiuiller Michael
2; M'Quaile Mary (ship)
Mall-ori Jgseph
petteniian et.rislian 3
Perry William
Puey Isaac
Richards John
Kone Lucas
Reese David
Smith John or Jere
Stewart S P
Stnith .Toll ii
1 Shut? I'eler
I Saiks (ieorye
1 Swihy J(hmi1i James
I Thornton Jackson I)
Yonts J II
Morris John (shi p)
(rj- Persons calling for the above letters will
please My thev are advt rtited.
Y virtue of a writ ufvend. txponai tome di
rected, will bo exposed lo public sale, on
haturday the ISthday of August, at U o'clock, P.
M.,upnthe premises, the I'ollowin.g property,
to wit: A certain lot or farm kitualu in Montour
township, Columbia county, containing .10 acres,
more or lejs.boudded by lands of Samuel Wstrdei,,
Daniel Carshncr, and the river Susquehanna, and
the Pennsylvania canal running through the ame,
all of which land is in a IukIi tate ol cultivation,
and whereon is erected a two story double frame
dwelling house and a atone kitchen, a frame
braiiK barn, grocery, aheds and other out buil
dings, The above described lands lie about four
in lies from Panville, and four from Catlnwissa,
and ei?ht from llloomsburg, and is every way a
must desirable propel ty, and with the appurte
nances, seized, taken in execution, and lo be aold
a the property ol Samuel A. Hratv.
BEN J. HAYMAN, Sheriff.
SherilFs Office, liloomsburg,
July 7, IS 10. J
to my cliiVmi ous.
NO TICE, is iiernbv iiivkn, that I have ap
plied lo the Court of Common Pleas of Co
lumbia county, for tho benelit of the Insolvent
laws, and siij court have appointed the third
Monday of August next, for the hearing of me
and my creditors at the Courthouse in Bloom
July 0, 110 .Us.
Attorney at Law!
Okkice, next door to the Court House,
lUoomsbarg, Columbia County, Penva.
BUSINESS eiitrusled to his charge will re
ceive prompl, professional and carelul
v:T "noti;e."oi
Office of the " Catau-issa, Williamsport
and Erie Hail Hoad Company," JVo, 48
South Fourth Street, Pluladelphia,
June. 4th, 1849.
BY an net of the Legislature of the Common
wealth of Pennsylvania, approved the 20th
day of March, 1S4'.), .it was declared that the
Little Schuylkill and Susquehanna Roilroad Com
pany should, thereafter, ho known by the name of
the Catawissa, Williamsport and Erie Railroad
Company, and the President and Managers of
said Company this day passed the following reso
lution :
" Resolved, That the Secretary publish a no
tice of the change in the name of the said Com
pany, anil to ropiest the Stockholders thercol to
surrender up the old certificates of stock, and
take out new one's in conformity to the change in
the name of the Company ; and that he also give
notice to such of the Stockholders of the late Lit
tle Schuylkill and Susquehanna Railroad Compa
whose stock is forfeitaule for non-payment of
instalments thereon, that the owneis of said stock
shall have the right to consolidate the payment
made Ihtreon.and take shares at thenar value in
the Catawissa, Williamsport and Erie Rail Road j
Company, to the amount of the actual payments :
on the shares so forfeitable, provided, the old I
certificates are surrendered up in ninety days j
from the time of the publication of such notice in
two of the papers printed in the city of Philadel
phia, and one in the county of Columbia ; and in
default of the surrender of fuch certificates and
consolidation, the said shares and all previous
payments thereon are hereby declared to be for
feited. WM. D. LEWIS, rrr.iJtnl
JosrrH R. Tax-ton, Sec'y. y7-3.m.
Agent for the sale of Southworlh Man
xifactoring Co's tf'riling Papers.
"Warehouse No. 3 Minor Street.
1 0' J cases of the above superior Papers now in
store, and for sale to the trade at tho lowest mar
ket prices, consisting iu part of
Fine thiek Flat Cups, 12, M, 10 and 10 lbs.,
blue, and while,
Supeitiue Medium and Demi Writings, blue
and white.
Extra super and sn per fi tie Folio Posts, blue
and w liite, plain and ruled.
Superfine Commercial Posts, blue and white,
plain and ruled.
Extra super Linen Note Papers, plain and gill.
Superfine and tine Bill Papers, long and bio.ul.
Superiine am! line Counting-House Caps and
l'usts, nine and while.
i E.tra super Conttos Caps and letters, plain
and ruled, Idue and while.
Extra super Congress Caps and Letters, gill.
.Superiine Sermon Caps and Posts.
Superfine blue linen thin Letters.
Extra super Bath Posts, bluo and while, plain
and ruled.
Embroidered Note Tapers and Envelopes.
'Lawyer's" Brief Papers.
Supei line and line Caps and Posts, rated and
plain, blue and white, various qualities and prices.
Also, IJU J ivams white and assorted Shoe Pa
pers, Bonnet Boards, white and assoited 1 itsim,
Tea, Wrapping, Envelope, aborted ami blue
Mediums. Cap Wrappeis, Hardware. Papers, fcc.
June:!l, 1 vi: -i'ifm.
TITHE undi.rsmn-d respectfully informs his old
cuslomeis anil I lie public that he lia.s
just completed his arrangements for their better
accommodation, be re-tmilding his sture house at
the old stand, on Main Street, where he is receiv
ing and off. is for caU sales, a wlect nort:ncnt of
Clothing and Confeclionaries.
Hi stock ol clothing which is of the ldiM
Mylu ami be-d finish, coiimsIs .it every variety of
Co its and Summer Garments, vi. : pants, vcs.s
shirts, cedars, slocks, Cn.c, i-r , maniiiai lured ex
piessiy for eountiy rab'S, and will be sold at
exceedingly lmv prices lor ea-di.
(' infc linnaries and Fancy articles, of all kinds
Ion numerous to mention.
Icr m-im, lemonade, mead, beer.a,),! other re
fresliinenls, order at ail times.
Rloninnburu', June!?1. IMfi-Km.
,- Valuable Ileal Lniatc cj
rN pursuance of an order of the Orphan's Court
nf Columbia county, on Saturday the fourth
day of August utxt, :t 1'J o'clock, m the lore
in, mi. Sami i i. Mri.ue'K, admiiii-tr.i'or, &o , nf
JOHN BRIGHT, late o( lllnom township, in said
eoiintv, deceased, will expese to sale by Pulilic
Vendue upon the premises, a certain
Plantation or Trart of Land,
adjoining lands of Peter, Jacob Mellick,
Alem Mai r, iiiui win. iMchutyre, containing
Eighty-one Acres,
with the appurtenances ; all of which is Ci.kar
fd Lanh, and ot a k iod quality. It alsriconlains
a itfiDY of ruoxoiu::
th vein of which h.m bi'en opened, arid a'lnul
live huiidi't.l tetis el suit ore la'm.n out. The
pr.'peity is worthy of the attention of Farmei -'
and Iron Ma-ters. l erms made known on day ol
Late the oi'a'p r.f ai(i derrined, sil'i-Pe n lb"
township of Biodiii, ami ennntv aforesaid.
1 .1 M'tlK KVKKI.V, Cl,r'
I'.'ioeM- inrj. M.v I '. 1 -1'1 - - ( 'c ''.
lis" A. LEVERS, of Anthony town
ship, will be a caiulidtitn fr Tiikaslhfh, it nom
inated by tho Democratic Couuty Concniion.
ol Anthony tp., will he a candidate for TREAS
URER beiurc the Democratic County Convention
slone township, will be a candidate for the ollice
ot Treasurer, il nominated by the Deinocralic
Com lit j Convention.
iv ceouc; : wTiIaiuTer, "oFcaia-
wissa township, will be a candidate for Die ollice
of Commissioner, if nominated by ihe Democratic
County Convention.
t r DA N I E L SN Y l7li ir,of Illooiii
township, will bo a candidate hclore the Demo
cratic County Conve iitieii, lor Represeiitalivu ol
Columbia county in the Legislature ol Pennsylvania.
jfH. F. II A KT MAN, of JJIooni twp.,
we are requested to say, will be a candidate lor
SiiKRitr o Columiiia keot;NTV, at he ensiug
general election, and he solicits the support of hi
I'elluw-citi.eiis (tunerally. jvil .
To the citizens of Columbia county :
At the solicitation ol many of my lueinls and
neighbors, I am induced In idler myself us a can
didate for Siikrii k. Should I he elected, I will
discharge 'he duties ol the oll'u e. with fidelity and
impartiality. I therefore) solicit the sulliage of
tho Eleclui.
Valley, July IS, IS !'.).
To the Democratic Electors of Columbia
Fellow (. i i'izens :
At the solicitation of ninny of my friend I of
fer myself as a candidate for Siikhih , to the
Democi.nic County Convention. I ask the sup
port of my friends and remain
Plonm township, June 2, 1S49. ,
To the Citizens of Columbia county.
I place myself before you as a candidate for the
office of Sheriff, at the ensuing election, I pledge
myself that the duties of the ollice shall be faith
fully petlormed. Your support is lespeclfully
D,mville, July 7, 1SI9.
To the Voters of Columbia county.
At the solicitation of many of my friends and
neighbors, I am induced louilVr myself as a can
didate for Sheriff Should I be elected, I will
discharge the duties of the office with fidelity and
impartiality. I therefore solicit the support nl
the Electors.
Liberty, July 7, 1SPJ. "
To the Free Electors of Columbia County.
Iuduced by the partiality nl .many old friends, I
ofter rnysr.ll as a candidade for Sheriff. Your
generous sull'rage-s are earnestly and most respect
fully solicited for Ihe nomination. Should 1 be
fortunate as to succeed, I pledge my best endeav
or, to discharge Ihe duties of said ollice with
impartiality and strict fidelity.
nioomsburc, June 30, lM'J
To the Democratic Voters of Columbia
At Ihe solicitation of many of my fiiends, I of.
fer myself as a candidate for the ollice of SHcmrr,
at the ensuing election. 1 make no pledges they
are in bad keeping ; but solicit the support ol my
friends throughout the countv,
Rlnnm township. June 3, 1 -) 0. .
To the Democratic Electors of Columbia
Urged by mnnerons friends I would ofler my
sell as a candidate lor the i (lice o SI.el ilh I am
nut much versed in po'itical all'..irs and cannot,
thcretoie, make politics a business, even lor the
hope of ollice. Should 1 receive ihe nomination
and he elected. 1 promisee to discharge the duties
ol the office faithfully and impartially.
.1. II. 1 I.T.MAN.
Pdnrmsbur.;. .'one 10, l; l!' -I I'.'
To the Inilejiuiidant Electors of Columbia
Con illy.
Solicited by many fiiends, and ured to make
the ell n t, I hereby ofi'er myself as a candidate, at
the ensuing election, for the office of .whi:hifk.
If Micces.-ful, it shall be my first aim to diehari,'e
Ihe duties of said ollice, to general satislaction.
More 1 cannot promise.
Madison, June Kdh, IS JO. .
To the Democratic, Electors of Columbia
Warmly urged by manv of my friend., I nfi'er
mysell as a candidate tor the office of Hmh Shci iff
at the eii-uing election soliciting, at the bands
of my Democratic brethern, the preliminary nom
ination plcdi;inK myselt, if nominated and elec.
ted, to f.iilhlully discharge all theiintics incum
bent upon the nfTice
Hemlock, June Is, IS I'd.
To the Jmhpendcnt Elcrtorsof Columbia
At Hie solicitation nf my friends, I s?ain ofi'er
myself ai n Candidate for ollice of Shkrikk, at
ihe ensiling election. Should I I " so fortunate a
to receive nrnajorilvnf your huirra?s, I ph-rlce
mv-ell to excrete the dill es of said office, with
fidelity, humanity and imparliilitv.
Jii.kson. June .'. 1M!1.'. j
To the Independent Voters of Columbia
Induced tiythe flallerin cnco'irngi inert e,f nu
merous I'riei il i announce myelf a eandida'e for
the o'hre of 'hek if K, at the cn"iiini; election,
and "Tild I receive s majotity of your votes,
I ca" o .l promise to discharge the dutie rf said
ollice. to tho best of my abilities, and with strict
fidelity and impartiality.
MitTlin, June dth, lMi.
To the Democratic Electors ot Columbia
Thro'tL-h the Iricndly indications of many
fiiends, and in accordance with my own wi-he,
I oiler ir.vself to your consideration a a candidate
for the office of SnrniFr, respectfully soliciting:
voiit s'lllrnres; and, if elected, promise a prompt
and faithful disehape of the important duties of j
that responsible station.
Oraiu'e..Tiine .tth. r-lO. j
To the Free Electors of Columbia county, j
Kiiconr.-'ued bvmany friends. I nflcr myself as
a candidate for the oT:ce e.f Sheriff of Columbia I
coiiotv, nt Ihe a'li.roiichine eenerat Election. j
Should I receive 1 majority of ynnr vote, and he
"leclcd, 1 "srof s'ly promise to discharge the dil
lies nf snd oPice faithful Iv and imnartially.
Vnur Mitlr.i"i'S are irj.'cc'f'i'iv snlieited.
:i i :i r. 7,ii'i
.ILtrkrt rriccn CuriTiit.
Flour, per barrel, ij-fi (ii),,,,
Wheat, " bushel,, '.nil....
Rye, " ML...
Corn, " ' IU....
Oals, " IIU....
Iluckwheat, !) . , . .
Eggs, per doz Id....
Mutter," pound,.... I'2 ...
iff) 00
I 00
Business Directory.
1 II I LL, Surgeon and Physician, location
J on Market st. , south side, above Main
st reel, Bloiunsbu rg.
KNORR& HAMLIN. JUurh-tiiih,w on
. Main street, first Hlory.immedian Ij under
tint office,
let, North side of Main ntn et.a tew doors
below market street.
nENRY ZL'PPINtJER, Watch and Clod
Maker, sign of the Watch, on Market
near Main slreci.
I HON A R I) B. R U P E li T , .1 errh u Mi r s t d oer
j in "Rupert's Row," on wain street below
T011N H. BARTON &, Co., merchants,
f ) Store on Main street, opposite the Pennsylva
nia Hotel, south nlooimdiiirK.
1EVI L. TATE, I'RiNirn.i li ce in the Ruck
J building, suiitb end of "Ruperft Row," on
Main street.
,PHRAIM P. LUTZ,;tgiV,stoieonMain
j street, below Market, east side, sign ofthe
Golden Mortar.
MARTIN & A. M. RUPERT, Tinware and
Sheetiron Manufacturers, shop on Main
suee, below the Post-office.
SLOAN & M KNDENH A L., Merc hauls, Main
street, above Market and one door below the
M.McKELVYA CO., Mcrrhants, North
West corner ol Main and Market
rriHOMAS WILLlTS.ftirVr .establishment on
Main street, north side, one door below the
Court House,
)ENNsYr,VAMA HOTEL, by" Weslkv
Shannon, south Mainstreet, opposite Bar
ton's store.
T71 ARMSTRONG,(-4f.iaii;yacif-,&e
"j, establishment on Main stree, opposite
the American.
T01IN EGAN, Boot and Shoemaker, store en
Main street, east side, first door below Mar
ket street.
I710RKS HOTEL, by Samuel Blue, roads i,
' forks of the Berwick and Orangcville in
North nioDmsburn.
nAYHURST & BALUY,.WcrcAan.,north
east corner of Main and East streels,above
the American Hotel .
SIMON NATHAN, Cheap and Fashionable
Clothier, Store on M ain stieet, two doois a
ubovii the American Hotel.
I, EXCHANGE HOTEL, by Sennvet A Allody
j on Main street, directly opposite ihe new
couit House.
AMERICAN HOUSE A commodioue- and
well kept Inn By Ciias.1I. Dokhlkh
south side of Main htreet.
(iy ,Vf the supeivihion ofthe Metlio
(;Vrt4&dist idscopal Church, will
"be he b.dd at OKANGYK ,LE,
(six miles from Rloomsliuri!), on the old locatinn,
cninnii'iicin.' at 10 o'cloelt, on Fbihat, the third
of August, lS-ll). fits f
New und Cheap Xun.i.ivr Goods.
VNE'.V sup; lv of splendid c.Hids just received
at the cheap sti re ol J. II Barton ii Co.,
winch is cheaper than ever. Their Kyle andva
liety ofl.adienlress coeds cannot be surpassed,
and as thev have made arrangement to procure
aconstant'supply, they will always be ol the
hite-l slides
Also. Groceries, Ilnrdvare.Quof. ns-
vare, Salt, Fish, Molasses, &o.
in jrrcat varietv.
' J. II. BARTON t Co.
nloomsbure. May o. ' 13. J
rpilIS Fence will hot twenty years without V- j
1 pi-ir. and costs no more to put up in a weed- ;
ed rountrv. than rail f'nce. AVherc Hie timber is
scarce they wi'l cost but halt the juice, ss any j
so, nil timber tan he nvd for posts. I
0e ton cf wire No. 11, at So per Cwt., will j
mn'ie V)') perches ol S Straii'l li'iiee ot y " cosi m
Cents tier perch. One ton of w ire N". M will
make l)0li perches at 1 1 Cents per perch, nf S
strand The prices varying according
to the size ul the wire
?.. kNAFP. Pntrntre.
PiUston Ferry, Luzerne, Co., June Sth, 111.
Sli K VEYINC. &, C O N V Y A N CI N Ci
rpHE undersigned respectfully inform their
fiiends and the public in geneial, that tiny
have h'tmed a co-partnership in the busipp-s of
Surveying and Conveyancing,
for the purpose ol tunsacting any busine ss in Ihe
line ol their profession.
Mr. Kahler's ofiice is held in Mr. Justice Kah
ler's office, Bloomsbmi;, and Mr. Neybard's office
at his residence in Centre township he is also
tho Surveyor General for Columbia county.
flJ-AU business left with either member of the
firm, as above, will be attended to with fidelity
and despatch.
April 14, 1S-I0.
Estate of John IVhitcnight, Jr., dee'd.
"VfOTICE is herehygiven thatlettersof admin
11 istntion, on the estate of JOHN WHITE
NIGHT, Jr , late of Bloom township, Columbia
cniintv, dee'd .have this day been granted by the
Reiiis'er of Wills for said cn., to the undersigned,
residing in Bloom township and county afore
said. All persons indebted to said eMate, are
renuested to make payment, and those bavin?
claims against said estate will present them to
the administrator properly authenticated lor set
tlement. EDMUND l HA V rim I',
June r, i c et.
I) virtueof sundty wiilsof vniditieni iflpoima
) t loe directed will be expose to public ultf
,u me d un House in Bloomnbiiru.on Monday tie.
yiilh day of Ai.:it t ext, tl one o'clock. P., M.
Ihe follow iiij ilescrtheil resl estate, lo wit:
A ceriaii) piece or parcel of land eitua'e
in He aver lowmdiip, Cnlun.bia county, e.e ntainitig
Ihirleen aeies inoieor less, bounded by lai.ris el"
Jacob Hiiilnir, Samue l 1,'olins. ni:d ther, v-l.ere-.iii
is erected a imme iIi IIihk house aud a frau.e
Oal li, Willi the uj pill It ( hliCej
Sii'.i d, li.Li'ii in execnlinii and to be told as the
piopmy id M. ''i r.
Aulii: same time i.nil jilaee, a certain
tract ol land situale in Fishiiigeieek towiuh;p,
t'olurnlua coutiiy, coiitaimnt! eitie haiidled Slid
twenty iiciio more or less, hounded by lands of
William Savage, Ceoige Keller, Miner vhb, ntnl
John T.. Evans, of which about SHvenly-fire acies
is cleared, vl erien is neiteda kg dwelling
house and a Inine Iimii, and an nppiu tic'idid,
with il. e ii p in lenances,
Seized, taken in i M cution B I id to be sold us the
nropcri) of John Albet tsou.
A certain tract or pict-c of land siliiulu in
Sugarlol township, Columbia count.' , coiitnitiii'g
iwuhui.dred acres, bounded on the north by
lands ol John Kline (tinith) on the suoth-wc ;:t by
lauds of U in. lkeler. on the eiisl by lands ol John
Bishlam and others, w hereon is erected a 1"! dw el
ling house one and a -halt' story liijih, a leg burn
and an apple and peach oi chard, aliout ceveniy five
acres of w Inch is cleared land, with the upoui u-i.
ain es,
Seized, taken in execution and to be sold as tl.a
properly of John lkeler.
At the same time and place, a ccrlain lot
of ground situate in Beaver tow nship, ( olun hiu
county, containing thirteen acies mine it less,
bounded by lauds ol Jacob liiutei iiler, Jaiob
Dossier and others, whereon, is erected a Iralim
bouse and frame barn, wiili the appurlenees.
Sei.Kd taken in execution aud tu be told as lie
propcrtv oi Moses Mover.
At the name time and place, a certain
tract of land situate in Fishiugcret k tiwnsl.ip,
Columbia county.containin-c one hundred & eiejit,
acies more or less, boumlid by lands of Edwin
Holmes, John Peelirand others, on which i . ie-
cled a one stoiy log dwelling house, a b g burn,
a twostory frame tavern house and other our build
ings, with Ihe appurtenances.
Seized, taken in execution an.l to be sold as thu
property of Ralph R. Carpenter.
At the same lime and place, n certain lot
or piece of ground situateiti town of Jersey town,
Madison township, Columbia county, containing
one-foruth of an acre mure or less, bounded in
front by Maiustreet.andby lands of John Swisl er,
and Jchn Allt u'iheiis and others, w hereon is erec
ted a one story fiame dwelling house and a frame
stable, with the oppiirtcncis.
Saized, taken in execution and tu be sold as
the property of James Stout.
At the Fame lime and place, a certain lot
of ground situate in Mahoning townthip, in Mm
li'wn ol Danville, Colombia co., bounded by lots
of Lconaiid Snyder, on an alley, and others, con
laiiiinU about one-eighth ot an acre true or losJ,
whereon is erected u one and a -half slur) frume
house, with the appurtenances.
Seized, take in execution and to be sol'! &s the
propcrtv of Jeremiah Wincnnrdiier.
At the Fame lime and place, the follow
ing real estate situate in Liberty township, Col.
county, 1st a tlacl i r lot of land adjoining or
near to the ton n of .Vooroshure, land ot Roheot
Simoolon on tin-we-it and south, by Ii. li
inson on the noith side, and the road to W a.-hn .(
ton on the cast and pailly on the north tide i-
taining IwiMiiy acres more or less, on w hich an:
erected a nooil P ame du elling hon-u l .vo s'.oi ii s
hi'll, with a ki'chi ii.a s!;d)'ie and a toeoli.i hen .j
with an over-dii'd nud go. it well of water, and a. I
under cultivation.
L'd a tr ict or lot id' rrroimi! adjoiuii
the lui'iix.!' tract or lot on I' e cast side, land? (
Ruber) Simnidun on Ihe north west and thcsooi i
side, and lands of Kesllei nod . 1 -r lao-'s ol il -lendant
on the west tide, and ihe man to ( li.l.--iilacp)e
passing on the forth side, -nl-.i r,.
twenly .icre more or I .., all in lT r i, il ! i u., .
S'eize-d taken in exert i. n and to be sold a-J
prouer'v of Ephrh'tn Scon.
SlierifTs OlTice, Bluomst. u"u,
July 21, l.;PJ.
HEKEAS, Ihe Hon. Josr ru B. Amthiw,
President ot ihe Courts el ()ier .inn 'I ei n -
tner anil ijonnal jiei.ivry, Li mi ol ei .s,ii-r
Si ssioi.s ol Ihe Pence, ami Co'.irt id l niMin i' !''.'
an 1 Orphans Court, in tl Eighth Judo nt l i -.irii t
composed ot t!ie counti.-s ot Nc.rtkf.inlMiei.ri, Co
loiiiliia and Lycoriinu ; and the I inn. Sa.'.h -.i.
Oakks. r.tnl the flon.Si'f.i'iil BAt.r.v, Assn i,m
Judoes in Columbia coiiiuy, have i'ud iheir pie
tept, bearniK date 'he '.'iihd.iv ,f Apiil, in
ear of our J.ord one thousand eight i.ui.'lrr d ,'mi
fci'ty-iiihe, and lo ri.e dm i led f . i lo b'm 'a Ccj't
o! Oyer and and (i. i'"r:il .la'1 V-v.iC't'-,
'!eiif'.il (luaripr Sessions i f ti.e Pea., e'i n.i . ,i
Pli as and Orphans' Court in lie.m-r.; i". no. i. this
coi.n'v of Columbia, on 'IT i n' Mond iv, "vi'
the .("'lb day of Augtift next J, and tu c inn in;
t'.vo weeks.
Notice, is therefore liercbj'jpvf-n, to (,'o
Coroner, the .In-lices id' tec I iiiid ( on-! n.i
of tin: slid ri'Uuty of Colombia, thi.t tMj i.eltT
and there in their pri'pcr firre:r, V- 10 oVJuck, in
the forenoon of sid day, with .Iheir iccoiil , iu
iuisitioi ,s, nn 1 ft hi r remembrances, to do ihoio
ibit'iis which to their ofiic's npprr! In bedr.e,..
And those are bound by recoiimm.ce, to
prosecute aai ist the prisom is tht' I'M or li'.m ,n
in the jail ot said county ot Cclumhia, are I" l .
then and thereto proi-.-;il.' ;e.raii.;t theui 9 sh ill
he iust. Jurorsare reijuestcd lo le jumri mi c
their attendance aureeaniy to t'.i'ir petices.
Hated at Blonmburi', the Mth day of Jo!'',
In the year cf our Lord one thousand rich! bund
ed and forty-nine, and in the ' llh year ol t! e In
dependence o' the United States of America
IS hereby pi-en, that the undersigned will utten l
at the house nf Ri.bert Hacenbuch, Lij-ht St.,
on Monday thf .Id day of Septrmber next, fi r t"S
purpose of civin the tax payers an opporlui ny
of paying their School Tax, as levied by the Di
rectors for the School Year, of IS to.
Treasurer nf the Bloom School dUtrict.
July 21, 1 ;(.
"T"ILL be sold at public Sale, on Saturday
) the 2s'h int., at 10 o'clock a. m. in
Bloomers. Columbia county, at Ihe hoiie of
Wm. Rnbisnn. the following property in wit:
one trunk, quilt, blankets, sheets, pillow and.
pillow caes belonging to the Estate of Eliz
abeth Barber, late of Rlonmshur, riee'd. Condi
tions nf sale will be ma le known st the lime ari
plaeeby WM. ROBI30N, Adm'r.
Bloomsburg, July U, ls19.-3.