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Ul-oomob urg:
"svitrhay, Jn.Y i8,M9.
Democratic Candidate
or iatomiso roi'MY :
JL'ict7foM ofJIajor General.
Tmk followin; is the result, so for an we have
boon able tu get the retains, of the Fxkctiom ok
Major Gknkral, for their respective Divisions,
oh tho 2 1 of July, by the Commissioned
OiuYers of the Pennsylvania Volunteers
1. Rohkut lATti:nsos. City and Coun
ty of Philadelphia.
2. Chas. II. Maitiuwvs. IJucks, Mont
gomery ami Delaware.
3. (ikouuu Ford. Chester and Lancas
ter. 4. Jabcob S. Stavile. York and Ad
a ins.
5. Wm, 11. Keim. Danpliiu, Lebanon
and Berks.
C. FiiANcts M. Wynkoop. Schuylkill,
Carbon and Monioe.
7. Cosrad Shihbk. Northampton.Pike
end Lehith.
8. Wm, 11. Kase. Northumberland and
' ITninn.
t). K. W. Sri'RDF.vAST. Columbia, Lu
zerne and Wyoming:.
tO. . Susquehanna and
11. AViu.iah Brixdlb. -Lycoming, Clin
ton and rotter.
12. Si'.th Clover. McKcan, Elk, For
island Clarion.
13. Wm. E. liARioN. Sullivan, Bradford
. and Tioga.
1 1. Hei-ben C. Hale. Juniata, Mifflin.
' ' Centre, Huntingdon and Clearfield.
15. IIenuy Fetteu. Cumberland, Perry
and Franklin.
Bedford.Somerart, Cam
bria and Blair.
C. P. Matki e. Westmoreland, Fay
ette, Washington and Greene.
Wm. KoniHON, jr., Allegheny, Arm
strong, Indiana and JeflVrson,
Tnos: M. Ckark. Beaver, Butler,
Mercer and Lawrence.
Crawford, Eric, Venango
and Warren.,
CO Norn. VVu luvo delayed the above returns
f.r s. voral weeks, in hones of Retting them com
plete, iioii find we ra yet minus three Divisions.
Will our brethren of the. Press, within tho KVh,
H:h and -"1th Districts, report to the " Columbia
D-tincral :'' What say you, Messrs. Hanpstead,
3 iwaun, Whitakcr, or Goodrich and Wilson.
.lHsiiiSv-I!3y Quiz.
We aro happy to announce to our readers tlm
weeli, tint we have been favored by a distinguish
el correspondent, with a wrics of interesting
Original Etna;, the first No. ot which will be
r uin I in a subsequent column, under tha above
caption. The first is good hut the second is much
teller. We these b. ief essays will be gen
i lull; read.
rO"f,i. Tute! we we could co
py your last. It is capital. Did you con
coct it yourself ! (icrnuintozcn Tele,
did, Major Fre'.s, "personally and in
dividually !" Conld "you have did it any better ?"
; ve n a kdcgruph-i'c answer, "oldchap," before
vno a.-t nail on thul "Eiiiloi Pedestrian hlxcur-
5-Tie Berwick SlundurJ, whom we recent
ly aun lunced then on good authority, as non
tst ati'-u'ui, a we art pleased to see, alive and
Tall torsi.
M I'.IM.IP UN NIJST, of IjluotnshlTg, on
We !ne-.l.iy last, shewed us a specimen of his gar
ibm corn, some stalks of whicn measured in
height, tra (il and une inrh .' Ketnember the
dale 1- il of Jul;. which truly makes it tali
CJin. Wliere now is uur IViend, Judge Oukes I
Jkatli of Mr. Graham.
CiiAKi.cs G. Giuham, Ej , I'd it or of the
New Vo.-kScoipinn, died in that tity.nn the 11th, tif tlm Asiatic Chuleia. Mr. (' , had con
ducted the Scorpion less thin a yi:.,r, we uelieve
wry sioce-sluliy and was leerntlv lined tll,i).j
f.r a Ihe! public i'.i:i. tA,r;e .1 at sua, Esq.,
succeds hi:n in business add promise to liuin
taia the ui.i'ui feature of the Scorpion.
Itai.v. The French are in Rome. We had' other things. We are at present inclined 1
to cry, Pirfiltnu J'raure! S'ill all thinu's t.' ,
;,ie in danger nny not be lost. Truth crushed to j
caitii will iise ag.iu. lieside this, nothing Jens'
r perfect l:b?r'y will now satisfy the people.
The City of the Ca'.'sus ceased hostilities on the
'j i'.'ii O i li-nt the French G.i,nmiuder is re
Cilia 1 in diree. We are anxiously wailing fur
farther ir.t.rllign.ce fr.un Kon
Mjisr.v. We do ni st sn,reiiy hope that now,
iBcj 1'ie hiy and h.irve I of ;! our farmers, am
pUnteoiM crops lo.i. aro hr.ut.ed, money will eel
j.' An'.ier. We hiv'nt been able, to raise a jingle
arcly f"r a A t, i au It would do nur iy,,
end to " a lot ol the shiners. We will take
r ,! I d dl:t: here aim ist any tinWn :.) . i; :,rn
?.b .''I nid try (, on; a: .-. (;tce '
" Tlio Spirit of the Times
When we speak of Ihe Spirit of tho limes, in
this instance, wo do not mean that neat, little,
rich, rare, racy, spicy nheet, published ill Phila
delphia by Col. Du Sidle, and lYnniman, Imt wc
mean, tlio Shirit" animating thu Dtyinocratic
uusbcs. Wo do not reccollect ever to have seen
a fairer pronprct for clearing our skirts of Federal
ism, of wiping out the stain on our escutcheon,
of uniting thepaityas in the days of Jotferson,
Jackson and Polk, than the present.
Tlm periodical retun ol whig misrule having
come, as usual, its days arc numbered to a single
term. The pimple are mora than isfied with
wickednessin high places, and are slowly font
surely discovering, that, notwithstanding their
boast of all the talents, the whigs are certainly
the "lntai'b!f."
Had the "cabined, cribbed, confined" doctrines
ol tho Federal school obtained, what vvould now
be (lie dimensions of our ocean-bound republic ?
Of what bmietit to mankind w.ould have been the
doctrines, in regard to leaious
iy inculcated by the Democratic Party ; if we,
ourselves, doubtful of their applicability ,had been
fearful about extending the "area of Freedom '"
Hut tho world fees that our measures, our doc
trines, our principles, are not ukpian, and all
Kurope, is, in spite ol its kringly despotism, bha- j Sudden Death A serious accident occurred
ken to its centre, by the breath of an aroused ami I on the 25th June, in Madison township, Colum
incensed people. F.ven our feeble, Icaiful and ! bia county, by which a young man named Josiah
luke-wann political opponents, are catching the
enthusiasm of tho day, and the hero of the "has
ty plate of soup" is going lor the annexation of
the Canada. Is this the "manifest destiny" of
our beloved Country ? Must the scream ot the
eagle and the glitter of the stars and stripes, be
heard and seen, from the North Pole to the Isth
mus of Darien, and from the Atlantic to tho IV
i.tic ? Lot our motto he txeehior !
Hut will not these timid gentlemen be "fright
ened from their proprity," and back out, as they
did of the Mexican war in the acquisition of Tex
as? We have been involuntarily drawn into say
ing thus much, although we merely intended to
speak of the good feeling and harmony of our par
ty throughout the union. No longer divided by a
mere abstraction, the party are healing all their
differences, and are coming once more in solid
phalanx to meet the enemy.
Thk Phess. Give me, mid Sheridan in one of
his speeches, but the freedom of the Press ; and
you mayhave corrupt Kings, Ministers, aod States
men, yet will the liberties of the people be secu
red. Those who conduct a newspaper, Bhould
not abuse this power, nor forget the respect due
to all, as men and citizenp. He should grant to
them, in whatever capacity, all that he himself
would require, and nothing more can bo deman
ded. liOoU Here.
Honesty, Cupadlij and Fidelity!
Taylor and tho Cabinet in general, and Fit7.
Henry Warren in particular, will get Jits, if they
dont put more attentive and capable officers, in
to Uncle S:itns's Post Office Department. Now
just ee here. Since the change at Wilkesbarre,
some two or three wei ks ago; on three different
occasions, the mail bag came down with the
wrung padlock on it, so that it could not be chan
ged any place along the rout, till it got to Nor
thumberland. Now this is outrageous. Thus our mails can
not be got till the stage returns on the next day.
We cant stand this, and if, in the opinion of the
fient men at Washington, Fit of course inclu
ded ; the Collamer-rnorbns has killed ofl enough
Democrats, we would like to see them attend a
little to their own business. If they dont remove
some of their own lntn the people w ill remove
Honesty, capacity and fidelity, indeed ! How
we despise such humbug. O fempora ! 0 mores.
The etcit by the Cukdonia.
53-The foreign intelligence received by the
steamer Caledonia, is s. ven days later. The
Loudon advices aio to the'ilh,lhe Liverpool to the
7th and the Paris to the.'ilh. The details will be
read with lively iiiti-ret. The first important
item calculated to arre-t attention, is the loss at
sea i.fthe hhip "Chailcs Harllelt," of Plymouth, J
Massachuswlt. She had one hundred and sev
enty fouls on board, one hundred and Ihirty-lour
of whom were drowned ! She was ion down by
the steam ship 'Kuropa,' nt half past three o'clock
on the afternoon of the l'lh ult., during a thick
fog, and sunk in three minutes. The lviropa
sustained no material damage by ihn collision,
The important political item is the announcement
of the surrender of Ilnn.c to the Fienr.h,. A tcl-
egriph dcspa'cl, Iniiii Pari state that on 1'huis-
lav,4li( ,0th, an otlii ial untificaiioii was made to
the Fiench Assembly, that in colnrqiience of the
arragement'i entered inte bet .veeii (Jetieral Oudi-
inot, and the Human Triumvirate, the gales of St
Paroln. l'ortescr, and St. Pancraio, had been
thrown open to the French Hoops, who were a
dopting measures for the immediate occupation
of Koine, which would take place with perfect
juiciness and order.
The news from Hungary is net so favorable us j
the friends of liberty could desire. Tho accounts
are apparently disastrous to the Magyar cause.but
it should be borne in mind that they are based on I
Austrian statements, and consequently not enti- j
lied to full confidence. U however, appears to be j
thesetlled policv of the Hungarians to rolne to
Ihe strong interior fastness of their country, where J
they ran combat with tin: overwhelming numbers
of their fin's with more hopes of success. The :
biave M.igvars are lar Irom being subdued.
.tlii-oii I'rct' Democrat-
We acknowledge the receipt of the frst num-j
Ler of a new democratic paper, published hy .
Canfulil. ;md edited by Sioni-.v ion, A-
kron, Ohio, It ii,n "Tnie Democracy," j
siroug as it, hi le indiealu, :md n ve: v rcprcla-
ble in appearance an! condur t I h signal a-
bibly. We ex en I il,,. hand of ietlow-'.r lo t lit-
I lemocrM , f; rel
II l:,t i ilci -' r r,
y.'v: ii'
Hail fitoMiery.
We are inloitned that the United Stiles Mail,
on the route from Willimsport to Money, was
robbed on lust Saturday night, not far from Mon
toursville. The mail is carried by a hoy in a
buggy, intended for the purpose, being lashed on
behind. It was not discovered till he reached the
next Post Olfice to have it changed.
It wae then found that the straps fastening the
Hag, some six or eight, had all been cut. It was
about twelve o'clock at night, windy, dark and
rainy. The robbery was undoubtedly committed
during tho timo the buggy was ascending the
hill, Tho lashes were cut off of tho whips of the
Mail Boy and stage driver at the last post office,
We did not learn the name. They were together
to Muncy.
No trace of either bag or robbers has as yet,
Thursday 21, been discovered. A considerable
j amount of money, it Is said, was put in nt Wil-
, liamsport. We hear that hundreds of people
were out hunting for some remains of the Hag,
letters or papers on Sunday. The bag is said to
have also been unusually full ol mail matters, on
this occasion. We hope soon to hear of tho ap
prehension of the perpetrators of this daring rob
bery. HcNTsn, only son of Francis Hunter, w as in
stantly killed. We are informed that the father
and son were engaged in felling trees and when
they had just cut one down and commenced squa
ring the butt end, the top of a dead pine, which
had been broken by the other tree in its descent,
came suddenly down arid crushed the young wan
instantly to death. His father mirraculously es
caped the same file by throw ing himself from his
position on the log as the falling trc approach
ed. Jacob kissed Rachael, and liffed up his voice
and wept. ScKirunx.
If Rachel was n pretty girl and kept her fac
clean, we can't see that Jacob had much to cry
about N. Y. GLonu.
How do you know but that she Blapped his face
for him ? N. O, Detta.
Weeping is not unfrequcntly produced by ex
treme pleasure. joy happiness : it may have
been so ia Jacob's case. Wurc
Gentlemen, hold your tongues. The cause of
Jacob's weeping was the refusal of Rachel to all
ow him to kiss her again. Taylor Flao.
It is our opinion that Jacob wept because he
hadn't kissed Rachel before and regretted the time
he had lost. Age.
Green, vcrdint, all of ye. The fellow boohond
because the gal did'nt kiss him, Manchester.
Pshaw ! None of you are judges of "human na
ture." Rachel wrsthe fust girl Jacob ever kissed
and ho got so scared that his " voice trembled
and the tears came trickling down hischeeks." -Auburn
Fudge! Jacob cried only because he was caught
in the act of kissing the g'hal by a tell-tale, just
as any modest lad would do. That's all Chicago
We guess Jacob cried because he anticipat
ed the time when he would have to do it as a re
gular duty, instead of an immediate pleasure
"Stolen waters are sweet." Sr. Louis Pust.
You're all out of it. It was this: He was taken
with the heart thumps and cried because he
couldn't help it. Familv Visitor.
Don't you know nolhin ? Jacob worked fourteen
years for the privilege of kissing Rachel, and cried
'lecanse she was nof sweeter than any other gal,
Grookvii.i.k Amkr.
We cant for the life of us see the reason of all
.his disputation. The matter is as clear as noon
day. At the time of snatching the neclar kiss, the
thought of dying enleredhis liiinl,wheiilhe luxury
of kissing would naturally cease. This caused
him to cry a loud --Yincknes Gaz.
All wrong, gentlemen. Jacob was n n en of
sense, and a man of good taste: heapprecialed the
luxary of kissing a prtrrtty woman, and cried be
canse it was so soon over. Waiiah CotRir.R'
All moonshine ami humbug.Cousins of the Press.
Jacob lifted up his voice and wept, because he
"hadn't nothing else to do," after finishing up the
business of kissing Rachael. Coi,. Democrat.
Doctors Lay and I'tisy.
There shall be two men, doctors, fur example,
of equal skill and Iciaming. They ere on a look
out lor practice. Dr. Easy puts his name on a
bra's plutc on lb" door, and then sits down in his
drawing-room to wait for pnlii.nK Need 1 ,,u
that he has generally to wait for a hoc time ? lint
l)r Fussydoes not approve of this pas.-ivosyi.teni.
He keeps a horse and chaise before he has a visit
to tiiake. He hiies people to alarm all the neigh
liiii hood by peal of his surgery bell He is con-
finally called out nfehureh, and has once ventured
on having his name shouted ,as being immediately
wanted while attending a Lowell lecture. Not a
I'm in of advertisement docs Dr. Fusv in gleet, and
ihe odds are, in the end, thai he is niakin" a
thousand dollars a year before Dr. F.asy has heard
the rattat a! the door ot his fnt patient. Now j
perhaps Doctor Fussy may, of the the hum-
bug ; but I very much question whether he is tl p j
fool. What applies to (hose two Doctors applies!
generally to every trade ami profession under the j
son. Barring lucky change now and again, an!
adventurer will find that in the battle of life.every I
man must be his own trumpeter: Sound your
charge and ride over every body ,or somebody else
will sound his charge and ride over you.
(avc Hi in t'p.
" Arc you an Odd Fellow:'' "No sir'. I've.
been married for a week!" "I mean, do you
belong to the Order of idd i-Vllows ? " " No, no, !
1 In long totheOnVr of MnTied Men " "Mercy,
how dumb ' Are you a M.isun ."' No, I am ;i
cjrpn.ter h) tnd?." " Wm se and wnrdc ; :ne you ,
a .'o. if T'tnyi i un.-r " " I'o'l" r yon, no, I ant ;
a son
a i v
I Mr Ii
'lb" qui-rii! '.'.en!
UYir to fic Knife.
We perceive by the "Washington Union," thai
the "National Whig" has been mustered out of
service, by General Taylor ; and, having shullled
off this mortal coil, it is but fair to say, it has
gone to that bourne, from whence im traveller
returns. There are now, therefore, in Ihe cap
ital, an organ proer, the "Republic," and a
emi organ, (if wc may be allowed tho expres
sion, tho "National Intelligencer."
This latter paper seems unwilling to play the
second fiddle to the "Republic," and therefore
sets upon its own account; advocating (he
claims of men to olllce, different from thoc cho
Ben liy the Organ, and, mirabile diet" I the "In
telicncer" tucceedH, and the "11 public" comes
out seeimd bet. Wonder if the one is not the
organ of General, (President Taylor,) and the
other, of the cabinet ? If so, and they keep on
voting as heielofore, these same "men in Buck
ram" w ill vote tfie Republic out of existence.
Either the cabinet must do something with
General Taylor, or, General Taylor must do some
thing with the cabinet. It is an old and quaint
proverb, that too many cook's spoil the broth,
and we think some body's broth is likely to be
spoiled at Washington. We aie of opinion, from
present appearances, that the President will, one
of these fine days, signify to his advisers, that
their services are no longer n ceded. At any rate,
the "end is not yd."
We predicted immediately after the election,
that the very success of tho Tarty, would, prove
its ultor destinction ; and it is about to be reali
zed. In '5?, as in Ms, they must again come to
a fair fight with the Democrary, upon questions
of policy and principle, and none can doubt the
result. The administration arc constantly grow
ing weaker, and in a very short time we shall sec,
what we shall see,
ftrceji Ti-iiit.
Carefully pirk up and destroy all the dropping
beneath your peach, and apple trees. On examin
ing these you will find that in almost every rase
they contain a small worm or maggot closely t n
sconced near the stone or core, and which, if not
destroyed, will obey the i istmctive laws and ap
pelancies of its peculiar tribe, and lay the founda
tion for llie future reproduction and propagation
of its kind. Hy gathering the fallen fruit every
day, and feeding them to swine or other animals,
this evil, already in many sections a serious one
to the fruit grower, will be prevented.
Coal Ashes.
F'or lands in grass.eoal ashes make an excellent
manure, if applied as a top-dressing. One hund
red bushels to the acre, will sweeten the soil, in
duce the vegetation of valuable grasses and expel
the coarse ones.
One ijiiart of strong sage tea given warm to the
horse, is said to be an infallible remedy for bolts.
Clippings of the sage stalk when in blossom, if
mixed with, oats, or other grain.and administered
to the animal regularly once or twice a week, is
asserted to bo a sure preventive' of their attacks.
Orj We once knew an editor, says a western
paper, who was father of ton children, kept five
dogs, throe cats, a pet bear, and three devils.
f Tne "Oldest lnabilant" desires an exchange
to say, that never within his recollection ha
there been a season in which the sugirand cotton
crops were n"t destroyed: notwithstanding,
which, he has alwajt had his full allowance ol
shirts ami sonar, at revmable price. His flour
barrel, too, has always been in goed condition, in
spile of the annual ravages of the Hessian llv.
Georgia. The Demociats of Georgia arwm
bled in siate Convention on the If) of Julv.and re
nominated for election the present Governor, Hon.
George W. Towns.
Joini A. ani)lc.
The Pittsburg Morning Post, which is altogeth
er the bct democratic paper in the state, excep
ting always the one which first named Mr. Gam
m.t: lor Canal Commissioner, speaks thus enthu
siastically of that good man's nomination. They
are the sentiments of tl.cpri ss andpiople through
out the Commonwealth. We could fill our col.
urns with similar elrarls, and wishwehan space
so to do, but must forego that pleasure, by pub
lishing the following as a fair sample.
Mr. Haiipkr, cnys :
The cnlliusinsin of the Democratic j;ir
ty (if Pennsylvania since the iiction of our
Slate Convention became known i with
out a parallel. The Democratic Press re
spond to the nomination of Mr. Camhi.e,
in the must glorious spirit, which removes
every doubt ns to his, triumphant election
in October. The prospect before us is
truly cheerinrr. There is a wide-spread
deteriniiialion that Pennsylvania shall be
redeemed , and when the honest masses
move together, unitedly and energetically,
federalism must receive its death blow.
Mr. Gamh.k's Position. The Lyroming (Ja.
ttte.a democratic paper published in Mr. Gam
ble's c juiity, thus announces Mr. Gamble's posit
ion and future course :
Vr have already said, and we again
repeat, that John A. (iambic, is above and
beyond the control of any faction, ffe is
a democrat of the Polk school having a
mind ol his own. Willi Messrs. LoMi.s
TKt.Tii.niul Pain TKK.he will nctin harmony
and for the good of the Cotnmoiiwea.tli""
77ic Tribute of an Oppomnf.
Tin I'.itihi Sun, nativisl, of yesierdav,sat:
Ji.iin A. Ga.Mi'i.i:, Fq , ef LycoJi1 ing ci nMv,
tv'..o i the Demi i r..!.e r,n,dii!.iti tor n;il I '.in,,
itioooner, I-a s'loitg man, well Veiled in the
Slate I u. i .k !. ois mnl u.i!e ;ih i w cilent lcgis-
l.ltol ill!l I I'll.e a ' 'I Mi ' -.'l;.lid.tle nb.-
Musing-No 1.
'' He' whistles as be goes for ant of thought."
I am not sure that whistling i proof pos
itive that a man dont think. It U said tliat
some people whistle as tltey pass a grave
yard, because they arc afraid. This may
be a fact. There is no doubt but that some
people arc afraid, and by whistling try to
drown every other kind of a noise, and
thus, in very trying situations, keep a stiff
upper lip. Now there are a great many
men awl some women, who cant whistle.
In fact i it is no easy thing to do it up gen
leely and scientifically. In the first place,
you've to fix your mouth in just such a
pucker, else you will throw out too much
wind or loo little. Then you must have a
proper motion of the piece of music you
are about to perform, so as neither to throw
into it too much vim or force, nor, al the
same time, to play it too languidly.
Hut I dldn t llllend to write a disquisi-
,; . i ., , ,
lion upon whistling when I commenced,
but merely intended to say, that many
i , , , ' i , i r
people who go along the road tl ink of
something, while a great many dont think
of any thing at all in general or in particu
S'iric men w histle some men sing
Some do nothing some anything
Now, when I go along the road in com
pany with myself, I generally think, be
cause I am absolutely too lazy to sing or
I have a great mind to tell you what I
think about some times, fur I am pretty
sure it would tickle you all to peiees some
days, and then again 'twould make you
feel amazing sorry. Some singular and
original thoughts pass through people's
heads, but are not noted down, and the
next moment another sweeps its foreru
ners into oblivian forever. If there were
more thinking done by the cominuniiy,
half the amount of reading would give
twice the amount of knowledge. Some
people never think of tho fitness of things.
They scarcely know they are here, or if
they do, they never think any more on
ihe subject. They go whistling or singing
through the world and when they get to
the end of the journey, they cant tell
whether they have been travelling through
a Paradise or a Prairie.
0r Sow ashes frequently over your onion beds
Soot also, to prevent the ravages of the " tly."
Y'our leguminous and culniferous plants will also
be benefitted by ihe same.
From the Luzerne Democrat.
fi.itcM3C Democracy.
It may not be amiss to state the way and
manner in which democray of this county
was represented in the democratic Slate
Convention, recently held at Pittsburg. S.
II. Puterbauch of this place, and Samuel
Henry, Nescopeck.were appointed delega
tes to the State Convention about a year
ago, by the Luzerne county Democratic
Convention, (no Senatorial delegate being
claimed,) and we supposed, until recently
that these men, and these only, would
east the vote of Luzerne County, in the
State Convention. Du). to our utter surp
rise, and we suppose, too, of tiintyninc
hundreaths of the Democrats of this Coun
ty upon reading the proccodingof the Con
vention, wc see the names of S. P. Cod
ings andS. (i. Turner voting as Represen
tative Delegates, and Wm.Koonsrepresen
ting Luzerne and Columbia counties as
Senatorial Delegate.
l!y what authority is this done? who
were privy to it ; or who sanctioned it?
We are nilornied by Mr. Puterbatirli, that
. ir i 1 I-.- i
i. iv innc ,onnr im ip rvn rti ei-.r hi.y ,1,
.......... v. .,1 .... ...... v., w,. Hung m
a visiting to the Yv est,he gave to him a du- i
pulation t'i act in his place, providing he
was not in attendance himself. Hut by
what authority he could act as Senatni ial
Delegate : or by what autnority Mr. Coll
ings or Mr. Turner occupied seats in the
convention, we don't know. Soma few
weeks previous to the assembling of the
State Convention, the democrats of Colum
bia County met in county convention, and
nominated a Represenlative and Senator
ial Delegate and not a single word is saild
here or else where against it, although there
was ample lime to make an amicable arr
angement of the matter between the two
counties, or, to have called a convention
of this county and nominted a Senator
ial Delegate.
This is a kind of hokus-pokus that the
democracy of Luzerne county has been
subject to, we trust, for the last time at
least for years to come. It is in this way
of managing, that the democracy is grad'
unllv sillkill.r tlllder its nianiPiivrrinrr Wo i
do not desire to dictate, by no means ; but ;
as one man in the party, we want one voice
and one voice only: as things are now con-
ducted few are the democrats w ho have a i U Vm r'ors.vl'e' Northumberland and Dauphin
voice in the political affairs of this county, i,! u " llZ'V " 5 Tn
Hereafter wo do hone the lrr,,m,i, J' ' A 1" ' . h' !nM aml Prn7-
liereaiicr we uo no p.: uie (icmoratic con-
ventitm of Luzerne will discountenance the j
miserable schemes of ilesignign men, by '
which they are annually entrnpped, and !
speak and act for themselves. A fairly ex. ;
pressed majority we are reapy and willing ,
to be. bound by; but this slight of handlm.s-
e-iu'i .1
we do moM solmnly protest agaipst.
iNCOHt'URATKU BY I'll K l.kl.l'-LAl CHK IK '1KB
Stat or nww V'ikk.
AUK Ihe exclusive Agents lor Green's Oxy
genated titteis, which js Ihe besl .mil fin. n
(jesi certified medicine for the cure ol Dyspepsia,
General Debility, Habitual IVtivenev, &c, in
the world.' In ,eciy disease aiising li'i In imper
fect digestion, or drrotifid nlnwvih, ll is reme
dy has been certified to b. Hon. L. H. Arnold,
Kx Governor of Rhode 11,0 d, Hon. Wm. Wood
bridge, Fx Governor ol Michigan; lb n. T.J.
Moorhead, Fx Govi rnor 1 1 Iv nimky, Hon. J. is.
Simmons, .Senator fr m K I. Hon. K. S. Phelps,
Senator from Vt., Hon. Win. I'pham, Senator
from Vt., Hon. S. Foot, .Senatrr liom Vermont,
Hon. H. D. Foster, memfei ol Cougre-s In m Pa.,
Hon. W. S. Martin, Wifconsin, Gen. A. C. Dodge,
Iowa, C. C. Trrwhriilge, Kq , Detroit S H.
Holmes, F.sq., Ct, G. W. Jones, F.sq., Dubuque,
Joseph Iloxie, New York, aiid manv ollifrs who
t are living w iluessu tf its superior tliiracy. N.
15. One peuliar pmperly ol the lim I'.hs ifl.tbat
is does not contain any spiritui rs liouois, and is
on an entirely new plan el core for Dyspepsia.
The KMl'lhE COMPJt.VY, lo whom order
should be addressed, are at No. 110 jjroadway,
N. Y.
A medical preparation by l he ni'ine of Vain
Kilh r, has been ut into the Market by lie Km
pire Company in New York, which bids lair to
cast all other nrei ainhoiis inm the fhnile. It
cannot, peihaps, he In Her described than ly sta-
I ting that it is in a liouid form, and is adapted to
iht(,rnal Bnd cxt(,rniJl1 n ,,,, j,,,,,,,,,,,,
cnind over all Neivuos A tactions, Rheumatism,
Croup, liitlammaiions, Toooth and Eur Ache,
Hums, l!.uieS, Sprains. Sores, $c.
Company, No. 1"i Rmudway
Can be made to hem in almost every ca?c ! by
proper ttealmcnt, but they should n men. her that
ihe organization of the l'.ur is the most ddicate
structure of the body, (except the eye,) imd heme
is ollener injun d benefitted by suinges.
The AenUflic Oil sold by the Empire Crmpany,
17'J Proadway, is the surest imd most successlul
article ever known for cuies.
Chemical Cleansing Fluid.
Manufactured and sold by the Empire Compa
ny, is to every poison who washes or has wash
ing done, of very great and essential service. It
obviates more than hall ihe rdiiuny lahoi and at.
so Ihe wear to clothes. It sets Ihe color fast lo
fading calicoes, and aiisweis us well IV r ctn.biics,
muslins, and woollen goods.
The Lanndiy Starch Polish is used to give that
peculiar polish lo ci I'.ais bosoms imd linens, ihat
nothing else can give ; besides, it greatly Ifcili
tale Ihe ironing. The genuine has Ihe stamp of
the Empire Company, No. l'o l'.toadwuy.
He sure abnit Vermifuges !
Some kill Ihe Children ! as well as the wn ms,
and Ihe only mhI'u article that kills the worms nnd
not the children, is the one made and sold by the
Empire Company, at I "70 Cioadway.
is the only one of the kind incoperaled bythe Leg
islature ol this Stale as a Stock Company, and un
der such legislative enactments as lo nuke the
stork always at par, and the Company clear of
liabilities. Individuals holding any of 'the Stock
of the Company, will be tniiiled lo their pio ratio
amount of ihe profits of the business, declared
upon Ihe affidavits of the Tiustces, at the end of
each year. The Company receive their own Stork
at pai in, 'he pajnient lor goods al the New Yoik,
Odice, 17ii Broadway.
Arc Manufactures of and Agents for, some of the
finest and most popular kinds of Shaving and Fan
cy Soaps, such as Vanilla, Napoleon Toilet, &c ,
Harbors' Shaving Soap in bars.
Halm of Columbia, Hewes's Liniment. Sphons
Sick Headache Remedy, the Chinese Cele.-ul
Skin Powder, &c, have been tianslerred lo tho
Empire Company, 10 liroadway, to whom all
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Has the Agency of Ihe Nervine fii.l.-ant, Ihe
Great Indian Remedy lor Fits, the only Mire an t
certain cure for Epiliptic I' lN, Cramps, Cm. vol
sions, fff.. Il has l.eeeii ndministed with astonis.
lung success, and is as near a specific as unulung
can be. Jl li.rms a nt w era in the practice of
Physicians, many ef win in use this lalsm as II e
only remi dy. Peisons wishing Ihe Nervine- J'.al
s.un, must apply to Empire Company, 1 70 Broad
way. Dr. Rush's Health Pills
Arc only to he had get. nine from the EiT piro
Company; This caution is neees,ir to events
spurious article. The genuine Kiish Pills are
harmless, efiectunl, and Ihe c jitim vlti a ol spe
citks. In was invited by ihe treat Dr. Ku.-h, and
tised as a universal reimdy lor otsiase.
Dr. Bartholomew's Expectorant Pink
Is manufactured perteetly pure bythe Empiro
Company, 170 liroadway, under mcoruoiulien
from Ihe State, for Ci nghs. Colds, Pain i. ,o
Mile, J. lings, sVc. It is a sore preventive (if Coli-
!... .. :
?uiiiiiiii, uui urn i eei '.'in ( 01 e iiiicr I no Ciseaso
S thoroughly Mated. '1 he genuine is only
tube had from ibis Company.
ritose who do not believe il, are respectfully
desired not to read ! Lot Jlald lleadid ptisnim
may read and test, and have Ihe head coMied
with a fine, luxuriant, glos.y hair, hy the use of,
the Magnetic Hair Iiesinrer and In'vigmatni.
Maiinlaolurod and sold by ihe Empire Ci mpiiiy
incorporated by the Staled New York, No. 17ft
liroadway, July 'JS, jS-tfi -Cm.
5 J Clancy Jones, liurks county, chairman.
1 Gideon G. Wescot )
A loii7.o Farrington. 1 hilaik ir hia City.
2 Samuel Jackson,
Andrew Miller, Philadelphia co.
Wm. S. Hallowell.)
3 Philip Super; Montgomeiv county.
4 Jesse Young ; Chester and Delaware.
i M. G. Hibbs ; Bucks county
7 M D. Ilolbrook, ) .
John G. Snavelv, $ La"f'Si Lebanon.
H Asa Packer iSJhuylkill, carbon, Monroe and
f. A H Reeder : Northampton and I.ehieh.
j J g nSr' & Wyomin-
12 II L Difleuhnrh, Lycoming, clinlnn nd centre,
i.i i ai.uiroi , Luzerne and Columbia.
17 Geo Hainmoiid. York
,s w,n K Stewart ; Franklin and Adams,
,K ,n. '"Srhell ; Huniii.erion.Kniiord and Blair,
mlb'r.rfi. Id.Indiara.can.bria arid
21 John Snodgra Westmoreland and SoEerset
2- It T Galloway; Faveiie and Green,
(' B aicFadden; Washington.
M P r. Shannon ;
orni.'iius cull,
Allcghenv and aut!.T