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    goliunbin tJcmocrat.
Our Tabic
SaafAifi'i Maoaxinc, foi August, edited by
Mn. Kirkland, and professor Hart, is a capital
Dumber. "Tl Independent Voter" is to our no
tion an excellent engraving and tells a good atory.
Theobald Xilheic, ia alao well done. He ia quite
fint looking nun. We hope tlie people wont
toady him to death. Tlit rest we dont much ad
mire. Sartti ia always a Tory readable Maga
line. We have received Sear New Pictorial Family
Magazine, for January 1849, being No. 1. Vol. 1.
One dollar in advance. It contains 50 oi 60 pages
of interesting reading matter. It is published by
Robert Sears, 128, Nassau St., New York.
We have also received according to arrangement
lip in ezcellent style, containing Mai inal rsferen
ess, weights, measures, chronology and a Map of
Palestine, alto uno thousand ngiaviag Pike
oaly six dollars.
.' 53-O11 last Thursday night.sorne person orf er
gons unknown, broke into the Grocery & Feed
Store of David Clark, Esq , of, near
the Bridge; and stole therefrom, between forty
nd fifty dollars In money ,nnd a quantity of goods
amounting in all, to over one hundred dollars
INo one is suspected, but it is thought that the
Burglars understood the Geography ot the place
pretty wll, from appearances.
' John A. Gamble-
The nomination of this gentleman by the Dem
ocratic State Convention, lor the responsible of
fice of Canal Commissioner, is hailed with a Zeal
tud unanimity of sentiment, seldom equalled and
never excelled by the Democracy of Pennsylva
nia. This is as it should be. We notice the
gratifying fact, with the unmistakeable assurance,
that the election of Mr. Gamble, in October next,
svill in all human probability, prove the com
plete and triumphant redemption ol tbe old Key
atone Stat.
fj- Tlie Union Star, still evades the question
at issue. We ask Mr. Wood, again plainly and
pointedly, if he dctirtl tht restoration of the
Tariff of 1S43? That is the point. His own or
our former dis regencies have nothing to do wiU
Ibis mallet. Dare lis answer.
(P-A whig tteeliug, to appoint Delegates to
the State Convention, will be held oc the 3Utb
of July, in Bloomsburg.
(jrj-We learn with regret, that the team of three
horses, belonging 1o Mr. Jesse Hughes, of Catta,
wi.ia, ran off with him nr the sawmill of Isaac
S. Muuroe, on Thursday evening, injuring him
severely. We have not been able learn the
particulars with sufficient certainty to give them
to lbs public.
The Great Cattle Sherr.
Messrs Raymond & Co's., great Menagerie, will
tnnAir on next Fridav. in Bloomsburg. It will
rr -
naturally attract very general interest,
f srluement.
See ad-
A Federal Growl-
The West-Chester Register and Examiner, an
eld federal print, of the elder Adams' School, is
out against the nomination of Mr. Gamble, the
democratic nominee for Canal Commissioner,
and takes the Columbia Democrat, sorely to task
for yielding hiin its humble support. The
Wilkesbarre Advocate, the northern organ of the
same political faction, conducted byan apostate
democrat, in also actively engaged in the same
laudable enterprise. To all this the democracy
ran have no objection. Mr. Gambia must expect
the malignant opposition of the enemies of liberal
principles. Go it, gentlemen federalists let
loose your dogs of war.
CHOLER A. The total no. of cholera eases in
Philadelphia, from May 30th to last Saturday even
ing, were 1,093 of which 401 proved fatal.
CO-A man named John Cahoon,was committed
to the Jail of Luzerne county, on Monday last, j
charts 1 with murdering Aaron Carbon
dale. IflAKKICD:
On the 12th int ,by the Rev. D. J. Waller. Mr,
GUILD, both of Hemlock township.
On the 1st inst.. at C.trbondale, by the Rev E.
D. Willis. P. S. JOSLlfJ, Esq , and Mrs CARO
LINE WHITMAN, both formerly of Berwick.
On the 4tn inst , at Carbondale, by the Rev. B.
W. Gorham. Mr. JAMES TEWKSBURY, of that
place, and Miss. ELVIRA FULLER, formerly of
On the 12th inst., by the Rev. Alexr. Heberton'
J. M. B. PETRIK1N, Eq . of Muncy, and Miss
FRANCES H. LLOYD, of Fairfield township, al
of Lycoming county.
OntheflSth ult.. in Centr; to snship, by Rev
I Bahl, Mr. CYRUS BUON, and Miss AMANDA
On the 24th ult.. in Brurcreek township, by
John Doak. Esq., Mr. ASA SHELLHAMER, and
ITfHEREAS, the Hon. Joskph B. Anthont,
President ol the Courts ot Over anil Term
intir and General Jail Delivery, Couit of Quarter
Sessions ol the IVace, aud Court of Common Pleat
and Or pliaus Court, iu (he Eighth Judical District
composed ol the counties ol Northumberland, Co
lumbia and Lycoming ; and the Hon. Samuel
Oasis, and the Hon. Stephen 1'ai.dy, Associate
Judges iu Columbia county, have issued their pre
cept, bearing date the UTth day of April, in the
year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and
iortv-nine, and to me directed for ho Mine a Court
ot Oyer and Terminer and General Jail Delivery,
General Quarter Sessions of the Peace, Common and Orphans' Court in Uloomsuuhu, in the
county of Columbia, on the Tliiid Monday, (being
the UOlli day of August next), and to continue
two weeks.
Notice, is therefore hereby given, to the
Coroner, the Justices of the Peace, and Constables
of the said county of Columbia, that they b then
and there iu their proper pel sons, at 10 o'clock, in
the lorenoon ot said day, with (their records, in
quisitions, and other remembrancef, to do those
things which to their 0 dices appertain to be done.
And those that are bound by recognisance, to
prosecute against the prisoners that are or may be
in the jail of aaid county of Columbia, are to be
then aud there to prosecute against them at shall
he just. Jurors are requested to be punctual in
their attendance agreeably to their notices.
Dated at Uloomsburg, the 14th day of July,
in the year of our Lord one thousand eight bund
ed aud Iortv-nine, sou in the 74th year ol the In
dependence of the United Stales of America
HENS. 11AYMAN, Sh'ff.
BY virtue of aundiy writs ol venditioni exponas
to me directed will be expose to public sale
ii i lio Court House in Bloomsburg.un Monday the
301 Ii day ot August next, at one o'clock, P., M.
the following described real estate., to wit:
A certain piece or parcel of land situate
in beaver township, Columbia county, containing
thirteen acres more or Ichs, buuniled by lands of
Jacob Hinliter, Samuel Doling, and other, where
on is erected a frame dwelling house and a frame,
barn, with the appurtenances.
Seized, taken in execution and to bo sold as the
property of Moses Mover.
At the same time and place, a certain
tract ol land situate in Fi9hingereck township,
Columbia county, containing one hundred and
twenty acres more or lee, bounded by lands of
William Savage, George Keller.Abner Welsh, and
John T. Evens, of which about seventy-five seres
is cleared, whereon is erected a log dwelling
house and a frame barn, and au apple orchard,
with the appurtenances.
SiMZid, taken in execution and to be sold as the
oroperty of John Albertsou.
A certain tractor piece ofland situate in
Sug.irlof township, Columbia county, containing
two hundred acres, bounded on the north by
lands ol John Kline (smith) on the south-west by
lands of Win. lkeler, on the east by lands of John
Bishlain and olhers,whereon is erected a log dwel
ling house one and a-half story high, a log barn
and an apple and peach orchard, about seventy-five
acres of which is cleared land, with the appurten
ances. Seized, taken in execution and to be sold as the
property ol John lkeler.
At the same time and place, a certain lot
of ground situate in Beaver township, Columbia
county, containing thirteen acres moic or less,
bounded by lands of Jacob Hinterliter, Jacob
Hnigler and others, whvroi i amuil tram
house and frame barn, with the appurtenecs.
Seizd taken in execution aud to be sold as the
property of Moses Moyer.
At the same time and place, a certain
tract of liml situate in Fishiugereek township,
Columbia county .containing one hundred &. eight
acres more or less, bounded by lands of Edwin
Holmes, John Peeler and others, on w hich is ere
cted a one story log dwelling house, a log barn,
a twostory frame tavern house and other our build
ings, with the appurtenances.
Seized, taken in execution and to be sold as the
property of Kalph K. Carpenter. ,
At the same time and place, a certain lot
or piece of ground situate in town of Jerseytown,
Mad, son township, Columbia county, containing
one-loruth ot an acre more or less, bounded in
front by M,iin street, and by lands of John Swisher,
and John Allen's heirs and other, whereon is erec
ted a one story frame dwelling house and a frame
stable, with the appurtences.
Sfaized, taken in execution and to be sold as
the property of James Stout.
At the same time and place, a certain lot
of ground situate in Mahoning township, in the
town oi Danville, Columbia co., bounded by lots
of Leonard Snyder, on an alley, and others, con
taining uboiit one-eighth ol an acre more or lej,
whereon is erected a one and a-half story fran
house, with the appurtenances.
Seized, take in execution and to be sold as the
property of Jeremiah Winegardner.
At the same time and place, the follow
ing real estate situate in Liberty township, Col.
county, 1st a tract or lot of land adjoining or
near to the town of Mooresburg, land of Robert
Simonton on the west and south, by James Rob-
itison on the north side, and the road to Washing
ton on the cast and partly on the north side con
taining twen'y acres more or less, on which are
erected a good frame dwelling house two stories
high, with a kitchen, a stable and a meeting house
with an overshed and good well of water, and all
under cultivation.
2d a tract or lot of ground adjoining
I the former tract or lot on the east side, lauds of
Robert Simonton on the north west and the south
side, and lands of Kestler and other lands of de
fendant on tho west side, and the road to Ch.lis
qnaque passing on the north tide, containing
twenty acres more or less, all under cultivation.
Seirtd takn in exectinn and to be sold as the
property of Ephriam Scott.
BENJ. HAYMAN. Sheriff.
Sheriff's Office, Bloomsburg, )
July 21, 1513. J
IS hereby given.that the undersijned will attend
at the house of Robert Uagenhoch, Light St.,
on Monday tht 3d day ol .September next, tor the
purpose of giving the tax payers an opportunity
ot paying their school tax ot W.i.
Treanurer of the Bloom School diitrict.
July 21, 1849. ,
WILL be sold at public Hale, on Saturday
lhe2Mh inst., at 10 o'clock a. m. in
Bloomsburg, Columbia county, at the house of
Wm. Robison, the following property to wit:
one trunk, quilts, blankets, sheets, pillow and
pillow cases &c belonging to the Estate of Eliz
abeth Barber, lute of Bloomsburtf, d.ic'd. Condi
tions of sale will be made known at the time snri
place by WM. ROBISO.V, Adm'r.
Bloomsburg, July 14, 1519. 3t
7'hou hast uil season for thine own, 0 .' death.
JLli:i :
In Port Noble, cast Bloomsburg, on Thursday-
night, MARTHA, aged about two years, daugh
ter ot tho Wm. Coopor.
Iu Iron Dale, near Bloomsburg, on the 14th hist
Mr. JAMES WIER, in the 30th year of Image.
In Colon, Mbhigan, on the 4th inst., in the
37th year ol her age, Mrs MARY A., wife of Ju.
H. Bowman, formerly of this county.
In Hemlock township, nn Sunday last, Miss
MARY WALTERS, aged about 23 years.
In Bloomsburg, on Tuesday last, after a painful
and protracted illness, Mrs. ANN BULLEN, aged
about 35 years.
On Monday, an infant child of the deceased, a
few days old, and on Wednesday another, the two
being twins, also diud, and on Thursday the three
were interred in one grave. Rev. J. Ruddurow,
officiated feelingly and appropriately on that moat
solemn occasion. We deeply sympathise with our
neighbor, Mr. Bullen, and his bereaved family in
their overwhelming allliclion.
3Toril) Urttiul) (Canal.
Beach llAVEX.July 2,1849.
' Col. Tate:
Dear Sir. The following shows
the collections of canal toils at this uflice.
Amount per last report $24,804 (55
' month ending Juno 3Jlh.... 15,71)3 03
Wholo amount since 3uth Nov. 1 s48, $40,397 6S
Increase over lant teuton to taint date, 2.8'jO 82
Do. for June ofer last June, 2 02 16a
Containing the Rarest Collection of
Eoer before KzhibiUd in the United State
Will exhibited at Blooimbur? On KA.1., ti,l
27A, 1849. y
Open from 1 to 4 o'clock. P. If
Admission 23 cts ; Children under 10 years 19 ds.
Among the most conspicuous features of this ex-
nibition is the specimen of the
Captured bv Cant. John Tanpr if tV,
Good Return, of New Bedford, Mass., after a a-
ver ana desperate struggle, the men barely esca
pinif with their lives, before they were able to
despatch him with their lances.
The Performing Elephant Tippoo,
Who has caused such a great sensation all over
Europe, will through a variety of Performan
ces, such as WallzinK, Balancing. Ringing the
nell, Creeping on his fore-legs, walking over his
keeper, picking hitn up, drawing a cork from a
bottle, 4-c.
Mr. Pierce,
the emperor of all the Lion, in the dens of ild
beast. His performances dilfer fron all others,
not only i the skill am! grace in which he dis
plays in his exercises with the Terrific groupe of
Lions, Tigers, Leopards, Cougars,
Panthers &;c.,
But in thr matchless and almost superhuman
command with which he exacts the obedience of
these i.-rcest and most romnrjelcn tenants of the
deert, the firret and the junule. Mr. Pierce,
may have many imitators, iul he hat no tqual.
The list embraces all the finest living speci
mens of
That tho ereat evperienco, enterprise, and resour
ces of the proprietors have enabled them to
bring together in one hirijii and splendid collec
tion, a full description n( the animals contained
in the exhibition, will be found in the hills at
the principle Hotels, previous to the arrival of the
company. Will also exhibit at Jerseytown, on
Thursday, July 20."
List of Letters,
REMANING in the. l'0,t Odice at Flnnm
sburg, for quarter ending June 30lh, 1S49.
A'idrews E B
Pell William
Beers William
M'Qniller Mirhael
M'Quaile .Mary (ship)
Malison Joseph
p.tterrnan chiistian 3
Perry William
I'usey Iaa;ic
Richards John
Rono Lucas
Bull AUnHon A
Croasman 7. F
Cavanee Edward
Evans Win
Fruit R B
Girton MiithiasC,
Hummel V J
Huttnn Jesse W Esq
Mutton J.-H-eW
Hudson George
Hacket Thomas
Jenkins David
Karshner P M
I Reese l);ivid
' Smith John or Jeis
Siewart S P
Smith John
I Sling Peter
S.nks Genre
Swibv Joseph James
Thornton Jackson D
Yonts J H
Morris John (ship)
Mann A G !f Co
Morgan John (ship)
Csh Persons callin;
for the above hitters will
pleass say they are advertised.
Estate of John IVhilenight, Jr., dee'd.
NOTICE is hereby givn that letters of admin
istration, on the estate of JOHN WHITE
NIGHT, Jr , Ute of HI ootri township, Columbia
county, dec'il , have thisdy been granted by the
Register of Wills forsaid co., to the undersigned,
residing in liloom township and county Mure-
said. All persons indebted to said tstat-;, are
requested to make paytatnl. and those hav,n?
vi.iunn hi.ii. fjiu esraie l III present rriirn "
lh .Hmin.r.tor ..I L .W iV.e .
properly aiithontirstfd foret
. - . B II LM .I'.J I'M r-
-HtB. Adni'r.
June 1, lS-P)-
EY virtue of a writ of tend, taponut tome di
rected, will be exposed to public sale, on
ijiuiday (he lblhday of August, at 2 o'clock, P.
M., upon the premises, the following propcity,
to wit: A certain lot or larui situate In tlontnur
tOM'uslilp, Columbia county, containing 3o acies,
mora or Icts.boudded by lands of Samuel Warden,
D.niiel Caishnur, and the river Susquehanna, and
the Pennsylvania canal running through the same,
all ot which land is in a high state ol cultivation,
and whereon is erected a two story double frame
dwelling house aud a atone kitchen, a trains
braoK barn, grocery, sheds and other out buil
dings. The above described lands lie about lour
miles frtui Danville, and tour from Catiawi,a,
and einiaioni Bloomsburg, and ia every way a
most desirable property, and with the appurte
nances, seizud, takeu in execution, aud to b sold
as the property ol Samuel A. BraJy.
BENJ. HAYMAN, Sheriff.
Sheriffs Office, Bloomsburg,
July7,lS4'J. )
"VTO TICK. It IICRNlV uivew. that I hive an-
J,j plied to the Couit of Cuinmou Pleas of Co
lumbia county, for the benefit ol the Insolvent
laws, and said court have appointed the third
Monday of August next, for the hearing of me
and my creditors at the Courthouse in Btoouis
JulyO, 1SI9-3H.
Attorney at Law:
CCJ- Orncii, next duor to ihu Court Houkc,
Bloomsburg, Columbia Count, Pinna.
BUSINESS entrusted to hit charge will re
ceive prompt, professional aud carelul
Office of the " Catawissa, WilliamxpoTt
and Erie Hail lloud Company,' No, 48
South Fourth Street, Philadelphia,
June 4th, 1810.
BY an act of the Legislature of the Common
wealth of Pennsylvania, approved the 20th
day of March, 1S4'J, it was declared that the
Little Schuylkill and Susquehanna Roil road Com
pany should, thereafter, be known by the name of
n .. Br2;.i i , .c
the Catawhsa, willramsport and Krie Railroad
said Compaoy this day pasied the following reso
v..K..,. ',c,,u'
" Retoletit, That tho Sncretary publish a no
tice of the change in the name of the said Com
pany, and to request tho Stockholders thereof to
sin l ender up the old certificates of stock, and
take out new ones in conformity to the change in
the name of the Company ; and that he alto give
notice to such of the Stockholders of the late Lit
tin Schuylkill and Susquehanna Railroad Compa-
waosa stock is forleitaule for non-pavrnent of
instalments thereon, that the owners of said stock
shall have the right to consolidate the payment
made thereon,and take shares at Ihe par value in
the Catawissa, Wiiliamsport and Erie Rail Road
Company, to the amount of the actual payments
on the shares so forfeitable, provided, Ihe old
certificates are surrendered up in ninety 'days
from the time of the publication of such notice in
two of the papers printed in the city of Philadel
phia, and one in the county of Columbia ; and in
default of the surrender of tuch certificates and
consolidation, the said shares and all previous
payments thereon are hereby declared to be for
feited. WM. D. LEWIS, President
Joseph R. Paxton, Stc'y. y7-3.m.
Agent for the sale of Southioorth Alan
uf adoring Co's IVriting Paper.
Warehouse No. 3 Minor Street.
100 cajes of the above superior Papers now in
storc,.and lor sale to the trade at the lowest mar
ket prices, consisting in part of
Fine thick Flat Caps, U, 14, 15 and 10 lbs.,
blue and white.
Superfine Medium and Demi Writings, blue
aid white.
Extra super and superGne Folio Posts, blue
aid white, plain and ruled.
t Superfine Commercial Posts, blue and white,
ain and ruled.
Extra super Linen Note Papers, plain and gilt.
Superfine and tine Bill Papers, lung and broad.
Superfine and fine Counliug-lluua Caps and
Eosij, blue aud white.
Extra super Congress Caps and letters, plain
aid ruled, blue and white.
Extra super Congress Caps and Letters, gilt.
Superfine Sermon Caps and Posts.
Superfine blue linen thin Letters.
Extra super Bath Posts, blue and white, plain
ind ruled.
Embroidered Note Papers and Envelopes.
"Lawyer's" Brief Papers.
Superfine and fine Caps and Posts, ruled and
(lain, blue and while, various qualities and prices.
Also, 10U0 reams while and assorted Shoe Pa
ters, Bonnet Boards, white and assorted 1 issue,
"ea. Wrapping, Envelope, asorted and blue
Mediums, Cap Wranpers, Hardware Papers, Itc.
June 30, lS4'j-Cm!
rPHE under-iigned respectfully iul'oi ms his old
customers ntid thu pubblic thut he has
ju,t completed his arrangements for their better
accommodation, by re-building his store house at
t io old stand, on Main Street, where he in receiv
ing and nfl'.-rs for cajli sales, a select asortmentof
rilnlliinrr nnrl CiMiCtnt'inna r'xnu
n:, ... i ; r i....a
atyle and het finish, consists of every variety r
Uoati anu Mimmer uarmen'i, viz : pants,
Funis, Liiiais, qioiks, ct:., uitiliuiitriur
press) v for country sales, and will bs '
exceedingly low prices for cash. . ,
Conlection.iries and l'"jncy articles,
too numerous to mention.
Ice cream, lemonade, mead, bn!
freshments, furnished to ordeip MAY.
a. ovr,u,
Bloomsburg, June 23, '
rv r .TO'T 01 Mie Wl 111.111 a win
T f"r6,"an" of o'ntv, on Saturday the fourth
I ol.L"lur"l"a-. 1', n.nVlnc.k. in the lore-
' IV rv tsHT, Wo of Bloom township, in said
;,Vfy ead.will'Xpose to sale, by Puol.c
hdu)op"' the prcniifw.t certain
Plantation or Tract of Land,
wining lands of Peter Melick, Jacob Melltck,
em Marr.and Wru. McEntyre, containing
' Sighty-onp Acres,
iththpiiiimrtenances; all of which is Cle;
I Land, and of a good quality, ii aisotomaio
A BODY OF max. ORF..-
vr in of hicb has been opened, and about
,c hundred tor.s ot ni ore tnken ouL The
mnrihv i,f no Bttemioo ni raruiers
id Iron MaMers. Terms made known on nay oi
" . . .
lie ... i
I !.. .v.. ta of V. 4ee1. Vn. . . 1
, - ... I L. 1
,b'p of HI vjiji. s-io';,vfTl..v.
' .iroH "- .J 5.;
11HL F. HARTMAN, of Bloom twp.,
we are requesteil to ay, will be a candnlaio lor
SMKRur oi Colombia Cuuntv, at the ensing
goneml election, and he solicits the support of his
felluw cin.ens generally j2l.
"f A,n'h,'y tp., will be a candidate for TKKAS
UKLR before tbe Democratic Countv Convention
stone i township, w,u be a candidate lor the ollice
ol treasurer, if nominated by (he Democratic
County Convention.
w.ssa township, will be a candidate lot ihe olhce
ot ( ommi.s.oner, U non.naied by tbe D.moctal
County Convention.
-, , i w"cic. ot u;oum
township, will be a candidate ih
cratic County Convention, lor Rep.e,e.,('lV
voiuiuuia coumy in mj i.E1,u.utt u liuiii.
vania. '
To the Free Electors of Columbia county.
Ft.Li.ow Citizens :
Encouraged by many friends, I ofler myself as
a candidate lor the ollice of btieriff ot Columbia
county, at the approaching general Election.
oiiuuiu i rcceivu a majority ot your rotes, and be
elected, I earnestly promise to discharge the ilu.
ties of said office faithfully and impartially
suuisijcs aii res ec!tuiiy solicited.
Madison, July 7, 1S49.
To the Ciiizcna of Columbia county.
Fixiow CrnzsNs:
1 place mysell before yon as a candidate forth
office uf Sheriff, at the ensuing election, I pledge
mysell that ll. duties of the utfice shall b f.utti
folly performed. Your support is i especially
Danville.'July 7, 1649.
To the Voteru of Columbia countv.
Fillow Citui:ns :
At the solicitation of many of my friends and
neighbors, I am induced to cifer mv-elf as a can
didate fur Sheriff Should 1 be 'elected.! will
li-harge the duties o the office with fide itv,ul
iini.arti.lity. I therein ...i;,:. ,t.u
I the Eluctois.
- upi;ii ui
Liberty, July 7, 1849.'
To the I ree Electors of Columbia County.
Fkllow CiniE.Ns:
Induced by thu partiality of.many old friend, I
Oder myself as a candidade for Sheriff. Your
geueroussutfrages are earnestly and most lespect-
luujr souciteu lor tne noimuaiion. Should J be
loriunaie as to succeed, i plcdgs my best enJuav
ors, to discharge Ihe duties of said with
impartiality and strict fidelity.
Bloomsburir, June 30, lb49
To the Democratic Voter of Columbia
r ...... i . .
At the solicitation of manv of n.v friend.. I r.
fer myself as a candidate (or the office of Sheri-,
ai me ensuing election. I make no pledges they
are in baJ keeping ; but solicit the support ol my
friends throughout the county, and
Kemam res
Bloom township. June g, 1M9 .
To the Democratic Electors of Columbia
Fkllow Citizens :
Urged by numerous friends I would ofler my
self as a candidate for the ollice ol SlienlT. 1 am
not much versed in political affairs and cannot,
therelore, make politics a business, even for the
hope of office. Should I receive the nomination
and be electfd, 1 promise to discharge th duties
ol the ollice faithlully and impartialiv.
Plonmshnrir, June 18, l4y IS4W
To the Independant Electors of Columbia
Fellow Citizens:
Solicited by many friends, and urgd to make
the effort, I hereby ofler myself as a candidate, at
the ensuing election, lor the ollice of Khfhu'f.
If successful, it shall be my first aim to discharge
the duties of said office, to general satisfaction.
More 1 cannot promise.
iviadisnn, June 16th, 1S49.
To the Democralic Electors of Cclumbi
Fellow Citizens:
Warmly urged by manv of my friends, I offer
myself as a candidate for the office ol Hih Sheriff
at the ensuing election solic'tmg, at (he hands
of my Democratic brethern,the preliminary nom
inationpledging myself, if nominated and elec
ted, to faithlully dischari" U tie unties locum
bent upon the ufiice.
Very respectfu' J01"- 'ellow citizens.
samufl sen rock.
Hemlock, J-'B 19- 19.
To the Impendent Electors of Columbia
Feli Cmirm :
f he solicitation of my friends, I o(ir
maelf as a Candidate for office of Shirisk -
(o ocuuiiij; eiucuon. DnouiU 1 be so fortue"
i receive a maioritv of vnnr .nflVac,.. with
mweu to rxec'ite th ( utirg of sni(
delny, humanity and impartiali'AM DEKR
Jrkaon. June 4, 1S49-,
of Columbia
To the lndcpcnde
FLL,nv". 9 Kv'the flatterins encouragement of nu
merous fiiends.I announce mjselfa candidate .for
the office of SHERirr. at the ensuing election,
and should I receive a majority of your votes.
discharge the duties of said
office, tnthe best of my abilities, and with strict
fidelity and impartiality. JOHN KELLER.
M i fflin, June 4th, 1540.
7w7e Democratic Electors ot Columbia
Frixow CiTizv.ivs
ti ,, ih. irienftlv indications ot many
friendn.and in accordance with my own wishes,
t ,r., in vnur consideration as a candidate
for the office of Sncmitr. respectfully solieiting
your suffrages; and, if elected, promise a prompt
and faithful discharge of the important duties ot
that responsible station. JOHN SNYDER.
Oranr.e. June 4ih, 1819
To tlie Democratic Electors rJ Columbia
Fruu-w Citizens: .
a, the nlieiiation of many of my fnenrie I or-
nv.. t i a rsnr idjie ror omihiij, io
- -"ijventir- '
1 ,r-rsn B AOOf'T
pioomto-i'Htp, JunsI, 5519.-
I'riec tun tin.
Flour, pei banel, jjo on ..
Wheat, bushel,. Kol..
"ye. M 55!..
L'orn, " 4oJ. .
Uats, 30..
Buckwheat, 00),.
Eggs, per doz
Butter," iioMnd V .
$5 to
1 W
Business Directory.
GH 1 L J., Suigeon and Physician, locititu
, on Market it ., south side, bce asaia
sueet, Bloonnhilig.
KNUUR At HAMLLN, 'ck-tmitht, ehoj,
Main stieet.tirsistory.iuimsdiateh under
din ollice
7)FNJ: HAOENBLi:H,CAof mtkrrtf fu,tt
j rcr,tvjrui si.iecl Main street, a tew duel
oelow M.irket street
Maker, sign of the Watch, un orku
near Main slreei.
IEuNARD B RUPERT, JlsVreAritif . first do,
J in " Rupert's Row," on wain streeibekw
aiai ket.
JOHN H. BARTON i Co., w . H c h a m , ,
Slureon Main street, opposite the Pennsylva
nia Hotel, amith nloomsburi.
J bn
EVI L. TATE. paiNTtB.urte, in ihTTTTTs
building, utb end ol "Rupert's Row." ,.u
Maui .trcct.
J siruet, below Market, east .iCv.utn oMUt
Golden Mortar.
A. M. RUPERT. Tintrnr on.t
1 I r e ....
J.I A manuiaciurers, shop tniil'ti
siren, below the Post-office.
QLUAN & M EN DEN II A L L yMerthanit ,iib,n
streot.aoovo Market aud otic door bvlcw U.
7"M- McKELVY 4 CO., -VcW, Nm h
TT West comer of Main and Market
streets. '
rpHOMAS WlLLlT.S,Waf;er1esfablishn.ei..m
wain street, north side, one clour otlow tlw
Court House.
J. shann in. south luinstreet.opp
opposite Pi t-
ton's srnre.
ARMSTRONG, j1 arblr-mawifaetvrrr, ie
, eslablishHiui.t on .;ain s;ree, opprxi;
"JOHN EG AN, B'iot a;id Shoemaker, store tn
l) Main street, east side, first door btlow M.r
ket street.
T"0RKS UOTe'l. by Samoix Ltos.'riiade "n
; forks of the Berwick and Orangeville in
North Bloomsliure;.
HAYHURST i BALDY,,tfrciU,,n(.nb.
east corner of Main and East stretts,;itove
the American Hotel.
SIMON NATHAN, Cheap and FasluonubU
Clothier, Store on Main stiett, twn ti.r -above
the American Hotel.
"I "EXCHANGE HOTEL, by Samuel A. fit
on muiii street, directly opposite ihe
it 1JUUI
. Ia,.. ,. '
AMtHIICAN HOUSE-Acommodioo, ,U
well kepi Inn-By Cmas.H. Dossil
soulh side of fiiain street.
For Yovnn Ludin and Oentl.n
J. E. BRADLEY, J'rineha!
it f-'. i r m r n; hi' i .
HILL, AasLtar.t
The second Quarter ol the
Session of this School will commence oa M,,u.av
the 25th instant. '
Text Boolt
Emerson's Spelling Book and RaJt.
Goodrich's Ceographv.
Bu.'linn's English Grammar.
Faiker's Prngrcniive Exeicines.
" Aids to Ensli.h CoirjpJsitiuo
Rlairs Rhetoric, L'uiversity rditiui.
Davits' arithmetic.
" Algebra.
" Geoinetry,
" Mensuration.
Guernsey's History of the United St
Lardner's Outlines.
Olmsted's bchoul PJiiUaophy.
Burritt's Geography of thcHeafirr.
Johnston's Turner's Chtraistry.
Wnwl'a Rritany.
Schmurker's Mental Philr"
Wayland's Moral ocie
Webster's DictiQ,mmar,l)iiUior,'sLf.lir Pe
easar, Sallust, Cictio, Horace;
Bulli'Livv I.everett's Lxtin L'xicr.n.
. ' GREEK.
Bullion's GreekGrawniar.liullioii'sOreekReix!
er Robinson's Greek Testament, Xenophon's
Anabasis, Xenophon's Memorabilia, Lidilell and
Scott's or Grove's Greek Lexicon.
There will be frequent exercises in Dechms
tion and Composition. Instruction will also b
given in Penmanship and Book-keeping.
It will be the aim of the Teacher in this
School, to impart to ihe pupils a vhokoook
BNOWLF.DGt Of tMO OranCIlM suiuiiu, iu cuuiuk
their rnindt, and thus to piepare them foi hor.
orable places in life.
The Academical year will consist of4 weel;s
The expense per quarter for tuition and all con
tingencies, will be
Kr Reading Penmanship, Arithmetic, Geogra
phy, English Grammar and History, cr e'her
! For same, with Algebra, i.erreeiry. J.,r.r,,t,
Mensuration, l'niicopny, cneuiisuy, iw
Fi'rLatin and Greek Languages, ' M
fj. Good bnardmc can oe rniain--u ...
families at from $1 50 to $3 00 per week.
Col. Joseph Paxton, (Rev. Daniel Stecu,
Hon. Stephen Baldy, )Rev Joshua Evans,
Hon.Genrge Mack, Mtchel Frcbst.F.q
John McReynnlds, Esq.
Blnomsburg, June 2-', 1S49-
"""" O. C. K A II h E U ,
Attorney at Law and Counselor, .
flrvOfnce on Main street t-v-.m' frirnds sni
.-r - '"3l fie naorr,D',nced the put.
uce of law in Bloomsburg, Columbia county, P.,
whore he will promptly attend to all leg-. husi
r,,,. entrusted to his care,
ft'ioouianurg, April 3fl, 1WJ.