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rut, na.ih a that under which wo live
,v if amenta of thn government do
in" the collectors and those
of the loeU. and the officer! and penalty of ex.
i.-ir subord.iiate on our oilier public
.o:Ki to perform their ordinary duties on
i Lord h day, they will thus exclude all
;. - nvI.o wibhrjiiseieftiiously to observe
.-, K ,Kh:ii, fmm miMic rmployment. An
; mus mononlv ti thin established, and
i. I nfmililin emolovtncnt are
. . tlio inward of a disregard of tho laws
. , .1 i nf din ..nminnnwcaltn. i
i.,iiu 1111 j
la addition to this the violators of these
.vmrafumiBhca with facilities in but
by usinS the Sabbath-day which
rlrrs cannot enjoy, because that by rea
,.r. of existing usages, they are subjec;
detentions, and loaes bocaue opera"
on tho Sahbatninol only facilita
.1, ,n of tiie m.'s transgression of the law,
ftmiiiTh indirect' v rewards it.
c b-lievo that the men and the beabts
v. -hich enjoy the rest of the Sabbath would
jM r'.'.nm more labor than those who employ
the ; t vou days of the week, were they not
r.-.iVcl to detcntiouo by others, who pass
t n 'n on the Sabbath, It is our serious", con
vi, 'ion. that the locks are more injuredthan
all the other days of tho week. Nor do
we believe that the Revenue would be
d::r.'uuHhed by tho closing of the public
wuvka on t!ie Sabbath, rroperty intend--.1
fur the market will certainly reach it.
"T7.i"'ercst and enterprise will secure
11,13 trtuil K , nd if necessary, the means of
1'insporlation will be increased just inpro
portion to the demand.
Your naiitionirs would alsi represent
that in their opinion, God has prohibited
culinary labor and traffic on the Sabbath
d.iy. In proof of the correctness of this
nnnil nnlv 10 refer tl
opinion, j
the statutes of this commonwealth, which
prohibit "any worldly employment or busi
ness whatsoever on the Lord's day, work
of necessity and charity only excepted."
Digest p. l83.'J This statute was adopt
ed by those wise men who secured our
liberties and laid the foundations of our
government, almost in the precise terms
.in which it was enacted by the English
Parliament in theTehjn of Charles II. in
the year 1 089.
TV.,;.'..-...,.-!, r,,-aindp flipm-
INor call your 1 i:uiiuin.m ".,--
solves that the example of profaining
the Lord's day, on the part of the of the
commonwealth, without a decided re
.buko from the Legislature whose ser.
vants they are, docs not exert a demo
nliztnjj influence on th .se employed, and
on the population along the lines of the
oublic improvements. They cannot as-
to penalties for working o Sunday," (Di
g,s,.. Ub3.Vor) other citiiciia may not
who have be compelled to work on cay ..-.
xc.lusioii trom an empioy h..
ihe public works if they ieue
On motion the memorial was unanimous
ly adopted.
Tlio com. also reported the following
, r,.ImJ, Tt.aiMcitiaei.iof tb
of Pennsylvania, wo led W "-'' b h
renin- V., I.... I, h.vinu reCat-J t Die
llllW nifSl'llUMl, 111.0 Willi",
"X of the camimimly coin, with spccul
u" for. hi hum iWmt to rule ov,T .u..
U , Tha- mulf phi-a Pacts show hai the
(ravel hV the pwkel IWts and "pontile ab
h ?,i does V xcrt "'fluenc. in tU lowns lot.g
.er 1 lerliiins nuilt to proiiiot nuul ro-
' 3 "),'"' K"01 '.V.',0"1- ......ninon ol the Sabbath
1. .,1 'uA'n? nVl'o'iiitnu-iit.a.iJ obligatory on ill n.on
to the end of I. mo.
4. Itt wlved, That wr rcnard the babbath n en
iinpnruiit ttt ol lu-avcn lo nun anJ beaot, nil
that lo require or irmpl tt.iMii to continue their
K-rular loiln on Ihalilay, in a Rrons iiilerlercnce
with Ihe bf nevolunl iirovimun ol tne invine peing
n re;.ird to them.
5, IknolwJ, That as lh,' nw of the public works
on Ihe Sbblh k allemU'il with lan.entiiMfl ilo
uravition of 11n1r.1l in the emmnunity, leading on
the line, and does not evmi rtecuio any ci uianelit
pecuniary advantagu to individuals, companion,
or tiie conm.oiiweaith, tl.ose who loci an iutciu-t
in thii subjoet are reqursted to exert their ii. flu
en, 'e by lioldini convent ion and adopting memo
naU to the Legislature and in whatever way they
may he able, in outer to coirncl thi evil.
6. ttnnolvrJ, That thn convention gratelmly
recognizj tlie marked uaelulness ol'inifjioiuiy la
bor anions boatUKMi aloni; our canals a exhibited
iu the Uq,rU of the Tbil'. Sab. A'wcinlion--and
huiiug that it i hiuhly imporiant lo pustain
uch labor for the special btmofit of bontmen on
the North and West brancheg of the canul, I lie y
do hereby earnestly call upon Ihe ministers on the
line of tho canals to preent thi subject to their
congregatious and take up collection for this ob
jwt. 7. Raoloed, That Messrs. Sneddon, Smith,
Alliman, Fiher, Ewini;, Tamon and Sterling, be
a ccmmitlee to carry the foregoing resolution into
S. Ttt'iolvid, That Mesr. Foot. Weirick and
Swinefuid he a committee to j.rocure the publi
cation of 30 ) co,ie of Ihe memorial and to cir
culate Ihe nair.c Ihro1 the tate for signatures, and
to cause it to be laid belors the Legislature.
9 Rrsohol, That a copy of the above pro
ceeding, be published and circulated ilmugh
our bounds.
On motion the above resolution vtctt consider
ed and adopted en seuatini.
Convention then adjourned with prayer by Rev.
J. Miller.
ie Con-
Shocking !( nt at Vtmatola.
The Florba LVmocrat flive an scoount of a
shocking cvant v. hich uccuied near the Dry Dock
at that place, on Saturday evening. Two women
Mrs. Murray, wile of Mic.hael Murray, and
Margaret Ferguson, unmarried were in bathini!
in Ihe evening. cries for help alarmed
Thomas Manfi,'ld, a young m in engaged to be
mtrnmA tn th rnunipr lurnalu U lnni"'l i
saved her, and icturin d lo lew-ue th other, ll
is supppved thatthe drowninu woman clung to
him, so a to pruvr-ni him ivoni rxeTlin; himself.
Both perihhod. Th wnman'i body v s disci v
eredthe mxi day, muns-d by .he shaiks ; and il
i uppofeil that the yui,g shared (be fame
horrible fate.
Ol'' THE I
VtmocratU Stale Com-("
rurnu.nt toU the l'emoi ralic f Co.iven
tio... lor the pu.po.eol pulling " " lor CaU:ommilo..71,!- 9
.l. Wedncdav. fo "' Bt 1J
. .1 ...I,
v..n.i., erne to order by apptM1"10, ftlC"
r.o ,M. of CJiBtn.K,iiiioraiv7wU"1
oved to ulari' 'TV
- -..tut,, nui-rr ,,l lilllw.
Aunoi-d rtUMMfcii was rop
. , . .1 1 ..... 1. member o1
lulu lor 00111, urn nui ui-i", 1
veiitioii hit niln'
W. IIlack, by a ui'.nimuui
lion, called to th "a.r.
-r, ,,.n...K e,olillmi were spp
leiarii s: K. S. Goi pricm.G. W. Sh.iJ. t
BortR, D. 11. nd HMVal-
On ti.king the Chair, Cul lilack tVktd the
Convention for the uulooked for hondiey had
confered upon him, and would endrr to the
beHt of his ability to deal justly by alle mem
beis. Jf he went vrong it would be jiely tor
want of proper drilling, an he had liv so long
in a district of country were Jeller.on; princi
ples were almoct entirely unknown.
The Secretary then cate list uf
Senatorial and RepreseiilaliveDistriclind Del
egates presented their credeiiliak andyk their
vat in Convention.
The following is a list "f the DeUf :
Philadelphia city Hianii'l Ilary, A rington,
W U Fagan, George Kher, Charles Mhy.
Montgomery county, Gwen Jones !
Ueilcn county, C II Hunter,
ltucks county, SI G Hibbs.
Lancaster and Labanoii, Willimn i,iot,W
M Derr. I
.Chester and Delaware, Goo
Schuylkill, Caibon, Jlomoe and t, J M
Heller. - j
Suquuhanna, Wayne and Hart
ley. ! 1
Hradford and Tioga, E S Ooodich.j
Lyctming, Clinton, Centre, J j tfttj
Luserns and Columbia, Wm Kons.
Northumberland, Dauphin, G f Lavan.
Mifflin, Juniata, Union, 11 J tlhcr,
Perry and Cumberland, Sair.uerVoiicurn.
York, Henry Latimer.
Huntingdon, Bedford and lilair.isepM-'. Lny,
Clearfield, Indiana, Cair.btia a Arirttiong,
John L Cuttio, !
Weslmorland and Somerset, Jol Snodpass.
Fayeitoand Green, Maxwell Muslui,
VVathingtou, Joliu S Marine.
Allegheny and Kuikr, Samue-' Black, Jne
! . - .1... ...I.IIO tllO Ul'lll
sent to the tiocinne, wi.n --
-may not take an inch of pround from its
.owner for the purpose of constructing a
canal, or Rail Kua-J without ample remun-
nation, she may enter m those public
works when completed, and take from the
pe-ple the rest and the quiet of the Sabbath
hy tlio running of car and of boats : by the
' sound of the lioni and the whistle, disturb
.ing our public assemblies in their religious
worship; -congregating and demoralizing
our youth, taking from us that birthright
J .... 1
of every citizen, the privilege ot worsmp.
-ping God unmolested, which is dearer than
lite to all g od men, and soeur-d to them
by the ordinances of heaven.and the statutes
of this commonwealth.
Your petitioners would further repre
sent that in accordance with the establish
ed laws of human nature, and the experi
ence of all past agr, the virtue and the
morali of our population must degenerate
pst in proportion to nnr disregard of the
' Sabbath : the difficulty and the expense of
f -Iministering government will be increas
ed : and cases of insubordination and of
rrime will he multiplied. No government
1,-ip ever been permitted to llourish long
which has disregarded the Sabbath and the
institutions of religion conmr.ted with it
an I set the laws of Cod at defiance : and
we do not expect that the righteous liuler
of the universe, will make this common
wealth an exception to tho uniform laws of j
his Providence . j
They aek, therefore, that they m -y 1101
lo'i-rpr be disturbed by the public pr-fona-
tion of the Sabbath on the rail roads and
"Original'' Anecdote. j
"Th number of wiinere," said a learned
jude, "always increane the probability of a fact.
Two are belter than ono, and threo are better
than two."
"1 bei vour par-Ion." said the prisoner at the
bar. "If I nuMikh pife of rr.ino in my news
paper, and head il 'Original,' when Cher papers
eopy it, and declare it to be original, the lei-s or
iginal il becom-."
"That is bcau the fust one who copies it
!firmi to a lie," said the j-idg2.
"Thai i. ju-t the way ln-re, oi honor," retor
lied the pri.soner. ' t in- fir.-t wiliiens told the lie
and ail the ivst have s vorn t- it !"
The C liolera-
Therilliou h.A our,-, tlvm fa'al pliguf,
I'.rcathin;, heie thy sick'nii-K hmath
Travelling on from cUiuf ,
Milking ever) step with (!t?lh
Beaver and Merger, David .Ves
fraw ford and Vena.go, J Virgin.
Erie, Murray U hah-n.
Warren, Jeticrsi-n.T'.lk, -V S
Adams, Henry J lat.l,
Allegheny, John D f.vT. Andrew Burke,
James B Sawyer, Ch.nlciit.
Armstrong, A J Faulk.
Hedford, Joseph Killer, Cessna, (
ISe-avor, Charles Carter, u,ci Davis
Berks, Jeremiah Hagem Jo.u E Mander
field D H llottenst, in, Wm jider. (
Bradford, P C Ward.U Mcur
r-utler,'llon V.'m Beatiy. ,
Bucks, Lewis S Co-yell.
Cambria, Win S Cjr.pbr'.!
Crawford, Vincent Phclps'.S arr.vW Kn x.
Chai field, V. m J Hemphil.
Chester, John D Evans, C.-orf, Prarce.
Columbia, Isaac S Monroe.
Cumberland, Jacob ilehrer, Jeriii. lioyer.
Dolawire, Wm M Laumnn. ,
Dauphin, C B Homy, J S lloyal.
Kiio. Wm A Galbuth, .TameJ C shall.
Franklin, N-1 represented.
Fi.yetle, C B Snyder, Smiih'Fu
Greene, Joseph Gerald.
Hunlingdon, Geore M Spoar
plair, I) M'Connd.
Indi-ma, JVm P.Tlark.
I Jeflorson, t,c. Win M'CanJlcni,. G Clo
1 er.
The uhaiimali aaked the geiillemuu's pardon
for llm oversight, and sUtuJ that "in Union there
there is strongth."
Tim Senatorial District uf Luz-iruo and Colum
biaCounticsAVas taken up. The gclilltinaii claim
ing seats wure Mr. Koom, uf Lu.eine ; and Mr.
Cul-lwull of Columliia.
Mr. Frick moved that .Yr. Caldwell he admitt
ed to a seat in thn Coiiventtou, as ike Senatorial
Delegate from Ljzume and Columbia counties.
The question elicited a apirilvd ami lengthy
discunsion in which a number of tho mcuuets
look pait.
Mr. Collin:; ofl.ui-rue claimed that I.u.erne
had as good a l ight to select a Senatorial Delcale
us Columbia, She had nearly double ihe nuinbei
tl volors, yet Columbia had always h id the Sun
al, trial Delegite. The Democratic Ciunly
Slan-liug Committee had 1 peilVct right to hcl
ihe Delegate.
M. Mercur thought thai the fa-'tn IaUd by I'uu
geiilleuiiri Irutn Luzerne, wore inconlioveillble,
Luzerne hu bueii very lenient toColuiubia. Here
was Luzerne with a population of from one hall
to one thcl m-.ttt than Columbia; and she had
baeil lor six ) ears without a Senatorial lie pre-
seutativd. 1 here appeis to Iiu cumlicting state
ineiits. Tho prim wy muetiugs of Luzerne did
not appoint their Senatoiiil Delegalcs but Dele
gated to thu Standing Cotninittcu the power to ap.
point. This Convention was not going to decide
whether or not they had given too much power to
that Standing Committee. They have acted
They have given their man as Senatorial Delegate
Columbia has presented her man and it was now
for the Convention to chouse which was entitled
to a eat. For the sake e-f peace and harmony, for
six years Luzerne has right ol appointing a Sen
atorial D.dejte io Columbia county, What righ
lias Columbia co. to claim the privilege forercr,
if sho has it much lunger -die will dim it byright
of limitation, an.l siy to L'ucrne, "you have no
right you have conoedcJ it lo hk lor six years;
and we intend lo keep it." Out ol'common justice
Luz should have tho man j and Mr. Mercur.
would therefore mvu lo amend by striking out
the name of the gentleman fuun Columbia, and
inserting lliat of Mr Ko-ns, of Luzerne.
Mr. Flick said that the Convention uf Luzerne
had n-aninated iu Il.tprcaseiilive Delegates to thi
Coiiveiition, but InJ n -t i,c;itiuued a Senatorial
Delegate, they had left thai power to the Standing
Comlttee; it w.3 certainly delegating very great
and extraordinary powers to that County Commit
tee. This Convention he presumed was not go
ing to recognize nich powers in and Committee.
Vhcie v-:i- Col-unbia County's rights to appoint
conferee to coitfcr, with regard lo this appoint
After consislerable dissciisaion, the question re
curring on the amendment admitting Mr IC-ions as
ibs Senatorial Delegate, it resulted as follow, :
yens5d ; nays i
Aid Mr K ions was permitted to talc-J his seat
in the Convention.
Thefill-iwihg resolution w as offered by Mr Cut
ler of Cathi-n.
Resolved, That the Delegate from each
Senatorial District auDoiutone nersoti from
tlteir delegation, to constitute a Committee
to nominate suitable persons for officers
for the permament organization of this
Convention Adopted.
On motion ihu Cuuvtfi1ti1.11 piocended to elect a
permanent Chan man, which lemUe-d as lullows:
K. K. llleck, ol 'Northampton, 53
T. MjMttr, Phil adelphl... W .
, Judge Pet til was delairfd the permanent 1 resi
dent yl llie Couvcntiou.
Mr K.cti of Motitgoineiyi ohYre-l the folio ing
recolutioiis, which was unanimously ae'upud :
Kesohcd, That thu thanks of tlti Con
vention be tendered to C-1- I31ack, for the
very able and ellicicnt manner in which he
has conducted the business of the L'oiivcn-
labor it is buljul lo defend. The labor of
the country is the wuuhh of ihe country ami
tho impulse of her proresl und prosperity .
lienulued .'l-hatihe In. Hour law, wi;h
oul pruviso, amendment ir upptnd-gu, 10
defeat its operation, id a com.
inaiids tur cordial ni.el unchaiigit up
port, x .
Ursolved, 'J'hat f liiiipliisterf, i.tutd Ly
iiiuiiic'iffii'-or otlicr corporalions, we de
1 iiounce lib l.-lbe repRSi'iiiuth en 1 f i.nonev,
, , .1. 1 bv which labor in i! I'luudtd oJ its hist re-
Co! aia--ksai-l that he wouia like 10 maiik ine I f .. .
Conltlou for ihu complimen y had ,,a.d,but ward. And ..11 m In ines of relief ueucs,
Hut his heaii v:s so lull ho couU n-H i-e4U hi t being but punteu conlitu us ot lnsi-heu-
tiun',.4. cy, but upon tlie people' .id current tquiv-
Mr. il.igcn.nan, of Berks, moved that a com- , fof induglryj we r(.arj ng wori)iy , f
pie.ive 01 the sense of the Conwutiou. 1 pri , n 11 is Honest, coincbses us poveriy,
The molion was agreed lo. I hut repudiates TC'S.
Mr. ColliolhoflercdtU 1-lUnv ig u-s.,lu-.oiin y Tial 0u powrr slioulcJ remain
Which wasa-lopled: . ... , ! -.a. ..... , W.,,M 1V .).,. tl(.fin,, pvrei.t.
ifm.t ,u; . 1:11 in token ui resjxjct jor 1 . - -j
JAMLS K. POLK, late I'icsidciit, who
has been taken from our midst by the man
date of an inscrutiable Providence, and
where for coucciUraii- a and convenience,
it is neceiisary to coniido the same 1 1
agents. We approve not only ul an eitc
I I- 1 . 1- t. .11 .-.!:
whose death has thrown such a deep gloom " Wy, ouio. t.ce m.g an p one tr
over our Republic, that the debate, as- vents by the people- w ho ate lully com
se.nbled in Slate Convention ofPen.uvl- , themselves to do what cii;fly
: ... .1,., ,,,,.,1 I, ., I,,.. iJ j,nirmmr : Ollieis iu no
for thirty days
I .luni-ata, J lfMc-ri ii-on.
i Lahaimn, J L Beckley.
j Lancaster, Marcus D Holbre-ok, J D naeh
j nidii, ehatles E Wetitz, Dr James .en,
ward ch.imnnry..
' Lycoming, John Viennet, T G m'
j Li-high, ic. Wm H sutler.
I,ii7.ei ne, Samuel G 1'unui, Snmuoliings,
M. t-'ci, Thompson Graham, Li 'Vada-
! worth.
: Milll'm, Ce'oigu V Miieli.H.
j Montgomery, John S Vv-'il- r, S ?i.
j Norlhamplon, Mmi.'ie, 4-e. 11 M.hicr, F.
j V uleck, n S Srhfionover.
j Norihumberlaii-I, George A FrirV
j I'hil.idelpliia city, lion Th-mavttit, A
I U 'Jurniuii.gfl, John Logan, F.ichard.g, Juhn
! M Kecd.
Unioo, II D Kos.lertiiel.
Ve, oh. ..-.nrg-. ....t. thou il- leaNe ,,hiill,,lMaC01Ill,Vt Mrnar( , 1-. Sum-
And m, thy W-st-rn cr,-,r-e p-.r,ue, j Andrew Lowry, Win Howell
I Hugh dark, Thorn ,s I) Doughoriy., CiScliet.
! r.line.
NUn may try, with all Ins k-l'i,
To arrest thee, I'eail'ul scour.iK,
but 'I'll t!y course w i 1 L oi.waid he,
Thisha.e'.j wicked th n-purfe.
He h.Oh sent, fell d-lmycr,--He
who reigna in lira en i,hcve--
l'lut man may sec tln,t TK"s almiih )
That he can us l'rrn eavlh rcr.i-ve
Thin'e not, man, thuu Kit ,1 iiu?h'J ,
Thai Ihnn ran'-)' :'fver i with th skill--That
thou, "the creature," art th' strong.
And canM annul thy ..i.iui-r. win. t 1
1 thou mI! lea t u?, I
Till thou art sunk in ilepll.s ' I ocean,
And loft forever from our view.
The Convention assembled at 3 o'clock.
On motion the " I'.i'porl ef Ihe CoiV.mitec on
Orj'ini. itioii'" was postponed and the uufi.iislied
'iiiiitiesj of the tirir-iing tlie contested seats taken
On ff.ntion. the c -Tnitte-. lo repot t oflScers for
tho peuiueeiit rg,unr..j(iG,i nf ti,e C .invention
Mr. Gillia, Chairman of that com;nitte, said af
ter si ballot for Chair, nan, tliey wera u-uble to
make a their;, and left it for the choice of tin;
Hut leportiid the following; li.-t of Vice iresi
de.ita and riecretai h :
vick rnriFiDDNT..
1 Philadelphia Oily. Daniel Rrr
1 Philadelphia City. Ri-ihaid R. Young
2 riiiladelphia County. II M Uaivey.
2 Philadelphia cr-uiily. Hujh Claik.
3. Montcomery. John S Weiler.
-I. Not represented.
.1 llurks. C H Ilunt.-r.
6. Bock. Lew is S. CVryill.
7. L incasti-r and Lebanon. tVtr. M athtot.
f. Schuvlkill, Carbcn, Monroe and 1'ikn
f). N'.-l represented.
10 SiiS'inehannn ar.d Wayne. D 1? Wiinnr
II llradl'or.l and Tinja. P C Ward
i Vi Lvcuming, Clinl-n and Cetitvc
j net.
I 13 Lu.mno and Colnmbin. tVm Koons
I 1 I Northumberland and Dauphin. f!eor;re A I
IS Mifflin, Jun-afn and Union. II S Wallers
Mr. Cessna moved that tho committee now
place in nomination, candidates tor canal Cum
uiissiouer. Agreod to.
wr. Cessna nominated John A GamUe.
Mr. M, icen, (iuidon F. Mason.
Mr. llailley uomiiialed Asa Diinttiock.
Col. Ulack iiOihitial ;d F L liowinau.
Mr. Deller nuiuliut-l J 11 liro-lhead.
Mr. Flick nominated Mi bright.
Mr Derr, Mi Uaac Wydle.
Mr. Henry, Samuel llulinaii.
Mr. Philips. .V.ur.iy Wh-lluu.
Mr liuller, Mr Fiy.
Mr Irvine, Mr Wilcox.
Mr Sino-!fres, Slewail Peaice.
Theiesultol the tiist ballot, was as fulluws:
1HST BAlO.,-1.
For J-ihti A Gamble Mtsnis. J M Aln!i .S"ii,
D, T M Uarlfer, J rieniielt, J U Lee!., V
uoies, J K u -yer, Hitler, C.-rtci , Cis.siia, Claik,
Cumm.t.'i.L'uille, Davis, D.unjherty ,Kns;.ird, Fib
er, Fu-illc, Filler, Fuller, Galbraitli.lJr.ihhiii, Hallo
well, Hemphill, liottciiiliue, Laiin-ei', Ljwiiui,,
J it T LogatirLu.v .Maxwell ai'Cuiibiiu, M'Kinle),
Marshall, Maiideilield, iraikle, iiitel.eli, Siille. ,
Isaac S. .Mont'-p, Moiehead, M-u i ixin S N 11
mer, Geoige Palmer, 1'eilit, Kea-I, flo i-Jei uiel,
Shet'.l 1 ne, Spear, S.-yder, Walters, Williioiib, Wuid
burn Si.
For Asa Dimmick Mcsr9. Champneya, claik,
Collroth, Coryell, Evans, Fa;aii, (ir.en, ll.n I li-,
Hjrvev, it-Obs, llolbiuok, Keluer, It- yal, Stable,
Slumait, Warner, Weiler 17.
For F. L- Bowman J. D. h.-chitnn, Black,
B-ndhead, Emke, Collins, l.-wiv, .Uatcliaml,
Miller, Turner, C K Weiler 10.
For Gordon F. Ma.-ou aabb, Bv'.ittj, Camp
bell,, l''srrini;ton,(i.iudi ich,ll.i';etii.-:i, Hun
ter, Jones, Kent, Keir, S. VV. Kimx, M-J'oni.el,
Mcoride, Mercur, Murphy, Pearce. J'licl ,s, Kich,
Sawyer, Spear, Wadsworih, Waul, and V'e-un
For J. 11. Brodlitad lilack, HelLr, K-ens,
M lihiot, MuichU-i, ichooni-vii ii.
For Jacob Weiuie J L Ucckli-j , V. M. L'ct,
For V.. Y. Bright Geo. A. Flick 1
For J. P. iloJvJi L. G Clover, Gillis, M'-
camUchS Ii.
For Satnuel Holinan C 11 Henry 1
FurSle.vart Peaicu John SooJ(,rjMt.
i' or Ali2' J. Wilo-ji A luiiu', Murray
There being no ch- ice
By common consent all wi'.ions withdrawn,
and the Convention aJj-'Ui r.ed till i gI.cU to
morrow morning.
r s
Snond Hay,
July JSoY
Purjua'-l to adjournment the Convention, me-i at
J o'clurk on Tuesday morning, and was called te.
order by the Chairman, Mr. Pettit.
On motion the reading of the Jjurual of the
previfi'js was ditpenae-d wilii.
On motion thu Convention pr,'.-"edj 1 ! i a etcund
bailut for Canal Coluiuis .inner.
The sesitlt was as follows :
Those who vut-:d for Julia A. Gamble w ere
Messr. .Vinh'ii'.n, Barr, P. at, renmdl, Uec!;,
neck ley, Ki-yvr, H-.itt-:r, it'Ue.s.C.iiiip'-el!, I '--iter.
Colliulh,Clover,Ccs:'ii.i, !lui;li Cl.-i k, IV. 11, Clai i(,
Cuminii-iis, Cuttle, D.,vis. F.nt;lai,d, Fahei , t ,IU-i ,
Fric',;, Fuller, Ualbraith, Gitim, Giaham, 11.. Ho
well, Uatvey, Hnj-uian, He-mpliUl, lint!, i, sine.
Hunter. Jones, Knox, Latlimer, ft M Law man, W
M Luujnan. I.iyan, y,Lov, M, C n II, .Mil
ler, Morohea-I, M'Caslin, McCandle.v, M'h'iiilty,
Marshall, M mdi-rtiold, Marltle. Mitchell, .Monro--,
Morrison. S. N. Palmer.Geo. Palmer, IVltit, Phe
lps, Itei-d, Pich, Kodannel, Shi iline. Sin ar, Shv-
dor, Spc.-r, Shezait, Walters Wydle, WhaUon,
Willimns, Woodhuni, limb, r, 71 .'
Those wh-i voted Franics L. Powman were
Mes-rs. P,-alty, Pla-k, Hroadhcad Kurkej, Can.p.
bell, Champneys, Collin(;s, I)nni;l,ertv, F.vnns,
Fan iin;ton, (iiven, Goodrich, Hihbs, Ken'. Kerr,
Mairhland, Mercur, Miller, Murphy, Muri hy,
McPn id--, Pe irce, llehrer, l.'-n c-l, Sawyer, Stable,
Snodifrass, Turner, Wadswnrth, Warner, Vaid,
Wentz, Y-uinc;, Haitlov.- H3.
i noe w no vriicu lor Jonn ll. i;roa,ihra;!, wr re
r Bachman, Uleclt, Claik, Deir, l-aijan,
hi- ! ,
John Pea- ' '''',nllc- Henry, Uolbrook, Irvine, Koor.s, M
I Sho onovcr !3.
The Clriirma-r announced that Mr Gamble, hav
ing received a plurality of the wln.'ie number of
! votes poll,;, was theref-re dcclmd the Democ-
I ratio candidate l'..r Canul Commi-sioni r.
I JirRClll'ni. Thnt with Klrilrr.Tllni T?rn,1
Jhaotucd, That the Di tr.-'craiio Party
adheres now it ever has di ne, t-i thi
coitiuiiuti .il of the cou.try. Its letter a;,d
j spirit they wil;n;itl-er weaken nor dcsiro j
t and then re-decbre that blaverv is a doiiitii-
lic local institution of the South, subject to
state law alone and with which the geiut
nl government lias nothing to do. Where
ver the Slate law extends iiu jurisdiution
the local iuslitutinu cuu eontii uc to Xifit,
(Sticmiitg ii -a vwialion of Statt rights
to curry it beyond Zlute limits. . We du
t,y the power of any citizen to extend the
area of blindage, beyeiul its piesont tlomin.
ion, nor do we cm siiler it a part .f tho
comprcmibc nf tlie C"iistituti-r, that slavo
ry should f,,rever travel wilh the advancing .
c- luni i f i-ur territorial pn gress.
JlexoLved, That J hn A. Gamble is a
genuine rorceetttaUv3 f the ('em- craey
of I'euiisylvania iiiri le in hia liabiitf,
Flrictly lepuhliear. in all his feeli. gs ai d
principl- s, ami h-nest ami faithful in the
discharge of all his duiles p, isetting as
he d, es, io an cniinei,t degree a 8oU d
and correct judgme-1 and a familiar 4c
quaiiitanee with the ii lerists a. d Cnpabi
iiies of theState.we c,n fiJeinly pter-eni him
t-i tlie .peol f this c min ihweahh 6s a
stiitab e person f r the - llice i f Cai alCoiu
uiiseiouer. On motion the lesululioiis were tikeii up Mil
acted on kcpaut-'ly
Tlie ) i.,iui were all nlopted lo li e rr.e
Willi regard to the ten i-Mir law , al i-otl e yml
and n.,;, s wore ollr.l, ar.u ia.-.1i. iJ as-filuw.
Y e-as -JO N'sj l i l,e.
Mr. ;cliii,-i,o'.-r in-ited to ainenj Ihe resolu
tion Willi relation lo slaveiv by iinel ti nj thu re
olutiull adnple'd by lilts Oal'unoie Col,vvi,u,n.
Mr. WluPon M oved ll,e indtUi.itc pottpyi..
menl , thv. rtsv!uti-,ii.
T'he ipieriii u wan warmly diac-UMil by Meisrj.
Schoui.vcr, Meicui and nlaek.
0.1 inoli-T adjourned till -I d'-'lo- 1
The i-i'ttvenl inn :m-Mnhli'd at J o'lloik .ai.t'wM
called to older by thr chai: man.
The c-iiisiiUiaii-nn,!' il,a u'ti-.lutions ofli-red by
the Cuttiinttfre, was
The diseumou a,i cnniiniif -i bv Mcfjri. U'ha
loll. SiiodK'U-s, lieed and r- llii-h.
Tin; resolution lelalin to slavery was unani
mously adopted.
At Ihe teipsci of c-'l. r.lack, Mr. Gambia wr,
peitnitti-d to make a stjteir.i iit.
Mr Gamhli' naid vr President ; I undeistai -!
t-i day tlia a chaise has been Lrorifht a.yai' s: i,.
that in lMii I pp,-:t (he cU-cli'i-u el IV m t
t otter f'ii ecu. 1 he ih.upe is
entirely ,;. Mr. Fi lei received my inuM ai .
-I'.'tit mippoi t. I attended the iMnv.-nt on ir, mv
C'ln'y , ami ihiouch n-y esei (inns, a delegate ni.s
e.ecn'ii lav-idi-ie in ti e -1 Mr. F.-ter.
Alter hie nomination I us.d . -vi-rv cx-m-.n tn tu.
cir.e his election. Ab,-u: s- week bcC io r leclicn,
bu-incs caih d me (d New York ami I was una.
hie In return in time In vote n-r him as 1 o-it
eeilaiiily would have (I- i.e. Tl.i-j ir a nain ne-t.
ment n! Hi-.- fjctJ, wild if tt,r o-.nvcri! icn i'fii.i
anMhirt; moie, I would ire ink, tint a di l-e:-t
present lm in his pes-ci: i, v a l- i i i cm n-j - f if.h.
In r. Mi . Clatie, w ho u a i-lalive i l Mr l'- ter,
which will ccinple-u'y iilult the charge of fidel
ity to n. y any.
The convenii-.n wassitofied w ith t'.'e rtatf rrert
of mi-. Gamble rnd fleeted his remark with thru
C tic ITS.
The chair anr-rnnivd the is ccrnpr-'rd r-I'lhf-l-dlewini; pi nil, rrei,
5 J filancy Jours, 1,'eiks cci-mty, chaii mar,.
t Cidedn Cr. Wei-cul ) 0
A!l.7.a l':,in,n.r, i ' '-M-M hlO Cl'V. f
2 FjiiiUi 1 JacliMlll, )
yM;i- w Mill,,-, '. rhiladiii l.ia CO.
Wm. S. Hallow,. ,
3 rhilip 'upcr; Montr;, m.'tv coi.nty.
4 Jetfe Youi-r ; r hoblcr ai.d'l e-Lwa.e.
6 M. Ct. i Ul, hs : Pucks cotiiitv.
7 M D. HclLroik, ) . , .
John G., ) I-anrasUr Sc Jd nncp
9 Packer iSclaiy 11: i;:,C: tli n, Monro'::!
Pike i,l
0 A II Il-edcr : .N'oiihbmpi, n and I , hich. a
10 C. A (IrtHv.Putqnecatiiia.WaMie, & Vcmi;.
11 V Mficor; MirrTord ut dTi-a.
12 II L Di l!i i.l, a- h, I.yci mi. p. clir.K-n andfta'ti
i.i . .i Mrr.ioe, Luzon p und r, h r.l in. .
hi Perry and Cumbeiland. S Woodbiirn.
17 York. J M Anderson. -nil every wucrc, me! F nipailill'S 01 tne 1 -t Win I-orsv the. Nortl on.h. r::,r,d ni ii D.nrl
IS Franklin and Adams. II J Stechlev. ! Democratic parly keep walrhful company j ir 11 15 Father, :itllin ; Jm.ia'a, t'nion. '
l liuiitnidon, Hiadfor-1 and Kiair. ' Joseph ' wheresoever the people are lifting up their t lear. cl-nch; cumhcilai.d ai.d leny,?
lMll,r i voines in a manly shout for independence, s ' ?.'"!!' 1 ;V''.,. . .,
i , ., ; , . , J i n m n Mew di t , I-rai Mm and Ad; eg-,
20 Clearfield, Iii:lurir.a,Car.,bri and Armstrong 'e here on the declaration day of our own, . 16 Win P'S d i ll ; IU'i,.ii7r,oMirdft,id ati t'sir
Wm It Clark ?ivc 'hem back for answer the full utterance "0 W J lleini,l,jll; cl. irf.t M it :id
, ,,, ' ', . . t. , ,. ,. . I of the heart'sbest hope, that God's hlefsiiiT Armstrong.
01 Weslm-rfthnd an-1 bomeriPt. L K Match- .,, ., , . 1 '., , , . , , . , ,
tfiil flmiln iinnn thi npn a nnrt ,1 1 i .'e-nii iiodii'ar.: Wtr.tninrelanil itiA
The Priiiler'a Sony.
canals of the State: that the m-unls ol llieir , hl, f,,i(.vvinc l.ov been -;H down ., .
children and f.'llnw citizens may no Ion- V(M v j,,jSiln( inbstiiute f--r a printer' dim ; it is
u ,rimtc.d. an-1 that th". eoinmnn-, t h" n-l to the muiic of the jii,jlm of the d-.ll.
" " .... I
,., . ..AC 1..' nllnu illir Olll'h evil iii
weaitn iihh,
ces on Fociety would not cxj.hpc us to all
n-hi-h liavr l-t:il!cn outer
-liyivonim-ii tlie .Tati-
il-'tt- i an :
thc.alamiites w
t iimns which have
bah. The as' your H'.norahle Iio-ly to
ouse all the ofTiees and locks on the canalx
, j .1. . ,, ,fr nl rrs nn 1
to be cloven, an-i i.n; - i
the Lord's day n he stopped by
.,i nn.ltiv utitu". TVy nA: Im-T
..Jews and F'cv-ith-d.iv T-apn
w l.ili!
"We'll ij.iily eh.i-'e dull caie away
And baniih every norrow
r-'.'.'-ir.ribprs pay yur debts to day,
And we'll pnv oisr. to morrow."
( Jn-h-i'i '.va-t ncverely briten Vy ox
police olfbT F.dward Philadel
p'.iia, oti T;i"idiy. .lu-li"n rrooivc-i several
c-i's :i'"'tt the Lead, and w-ib "Mii;nd n
l. ti-.M n n-'.p i:' a rnh
PerrV ou-itv, Net
Schuylkill, Starve T ralmcr, u r
Somerset, A rollioth.
Sujfi'Jehanna, &c. 1)1) Warner
"'ina, rn-.ori?c W nabb.
Wahinton,' Thmns Watson, Thl.ojan.
Weslinorlatid, J-i! fiuffey, O Khand,
Henry ai'uride.
Wayne nnd Pike, 1 U niW.hfnd.:
York, .lames 11 Anderson, Mtephicinly
David K Williams. :
On motion, the Rules nf the Hnise Vsen
( i:r. esbe adapted f"t thu 'Ternr.icnt rnn
n'in i
Mi- Ii-a-1'rrrel nf' ni -n 'oioty. tl,(
r-tin'. cr-in "f h.-i oli'i "s, v-
F-r:. V-1 ffm th' ' i 1 j
'ii F'r.e-fic and (Veen. Dr. S : rn l h Fuller,
i.i V,'a-.bin;ton. J.-hti S. Markle. .
21 Al!eiheny and Ilutler Jimes Kerr.
'iq Heavi-r and Mercer. Thomas Graham
2,i Crawford an-l Venargo. Vincent Phelps.
27 Erie. James C Maishall.
iH Warren, JofT.;r.oi. CUi ion, M'Kean, Llk. and
Poller. Win. M't'andless.
Fl S Gnorirh, Piadfnrd county
.Irome R Bnyfr.t'umherlar.-I
Win II Fairan. Philadelphia
I,. W. hj-ear, Ilnnlirgdnn
t'.'m M Pert, Lebanon
.1 faii'.k, rrn.tioi;.
' P H-n, v . TH-iohin
W-n A rf iibr i"r-., K;is
i in all lime to come a day like this. I22 " T Galloway; Fayetie and Green
; Resolved, That it is our duty to watch I21 0 D wcFaddenj Washington
with a lealous eye, ourown liberties nm! c Shannon;
eornciius cull.
j to resist early and always, every encroaeh
- ment upon the general rirht of the people.
Vie regard with serious alarm, the power
which corporate assoriationn are daily steal
ing from the many to the few.
j Resolved, I hat prodigal grants of special
I privileges, we will dispute forever. No
new bank; nor any re charter, without
25 Win DelliiiRcr;
Allegheny and Buller,
Deaver and Mercer.
20 Arnold Plummcr ; Crawford and Vrncnro
27 Wm A Galbraith ; Fric.
2S James L Gillis ; Wairen, JtfiWi-en and Kik.
Mr. aiercur, olTi rcd the followirg iHfliiu'cri
which was adopted.
Resolved, 'I hat the State fentrU Ccrc-
strintrpnt liahilitv and e. o-.. mil Iop hn n. il-;-., .j
r., . , : j 1 .... ....v.,4lu aiu mpowertd to
possihle restraint the law can lay on bank-j designate the time nrtd place of hcleiirc
ing corporations, we hold to be an impera- 1 he next State Ccnvenlien tu ihzt Vev
tive necessity of the times. There is no , be requested to fix upon rorre nl- ce ;n ye
snfntv, and tan bo rone exeept in a firm North part of the Ccmmopveahh
a i-i i.iiiiiiui aunt rrncc. 10 IOC spPClff hagig n t
n 1 1 -t-i , ' . l'J 'B. I On mc on of :r. cetsr.s iV ,.. ..
Rtfoh "'L That 'hfi iptrrprf-M1 . . ltf CM.(
- - v. . ,(i.ia ui
Mien a4