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1 have swnrn upon the Alter of Hod eternal hwtlllty to every form of Tyranny ever the Mind of Man." Thomas Jellbrgon
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Volume X.
nmrr OF Till' npiUnriUT hie. Amorir is the lena-ishotild be cooked before fed. Corn, by Sessions' than any one else we aaw etjwss without a precedent. Ii warmed a mart of 80 yeare of age. For my own per
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South sidf. or Main, a few doors be
low Mauket-stkekt.
77. e COLUMBIA DEMOCliATwill be
published even Saturday morning, at
Tiro DOLLARS per annum payable
half yearly ut advance, or I wo Dollars
Fifty Ceiits,ifnot paid within the year.
Ko subscription will be taken for a shorter
period than mx months; nor any aiscon
tinuance permitted,until all arrearages
are. discharged.
Al) VE R TISli .1 IE SS not exceeding a
sqnare will be conspicuously insertedat
One. Dollar for the first three insertions,
and Twenty-five, cents for every subse
auent nserlion. fpA liberal discoun
male to those, who advertise by the year
LETTERS addressed on business,vmst
be post paid.
We have from ihe Dnston Bee, another
report of a conversation meeting of the far-
men of the Massachusetts Legislature
The subject al tfiii meeting was frnil tree?.
One thought that in setting nut trees they
should be placed forty feet apart, w hil
would give but lweniyright trees lo an
acre; and another believed that a hundred
treca to an acre was none loo many. The
cultivation of the soil of orchards for other
crops was opposed by one speaker, but an
other thought it would not interfere widi
the fruit trees, provided the soil was well
manured, as they imbibe a different kind ol
As an instance in illustration of the two
last theories, mention was made of the ex
perience of Mt. Moses Jones, of Brooklyn,
who, some years since, planted Iwo or
three acres with apple irees. set two rods
Apart. A few years after, he set peach
trees between the apple trees three of the
former lo ono of the latter. He has raised
a crop every year among these trees, suffi
cient to pay the expense of pultiv ilion ami
management of the whole orchard. From
the 112 apple trees in his orchard, hetais
ed during the eighth year, 103 barrels of
apples, and about the same time he sold the
crop of peaches for S100.
In piuning a ir ;c, it is of vtry little im
portance when the wound occasioned by
the removal of a limb, heals, provided the
wound heals sound and healthy. The
month of August, he thought, was ;he besi
time fot pruning.
In transplanting, care should be lakon to
preserve the small roots, and have as mud
earth as possible adhering lo the tree. Ii
i.ny of the roots get broken, they should be
rteailj pared off If the trep is not imme
diately put in the ground the r:iots should
be shieMed from hu sun, and perhaps
moistened. The holes into which the trees.
are put should be roomy, the soil well pul
vtiized. and the land deep. The roots
should be well spread out. Sinking tin
tree in order to settle die soil upon the
roots is objectionable, as it tends to curl ii
end break the rootlets.
Poach and pear trees might be nearer to-
aether than anplo trees, and thrive qut'e as
we!' The land should be loosened fre-
cuently in dtv weather. A great deal ol
pruning answers only for pear trees, the
growth of wiii'h might be cut down one
bird to advantage. There is a tendency
,fibe best nre to deteriorate. Manure
'.niil not be appln-d to t!.e roots of any
, ,,. . wmr. .:: ;;.-'t..jht, much l
u v-.rf "f the i-iivl "ii'd be kept in by
(" -ig the roots with siiaw or coatee
''.! stones. At sucu limes u a a
Wantage to cover the whole nrclmd.
"v.i .Mil it belter for apple trees, hum
'r ow or grveiiy g"""
L v, be very wet it should be under
V the soil is roo dry clay mud or
T ''... . u .,l,la,l i,, ailvmilaiT.
V'htter than a southern expo-
city with which ii will adhcro to ihe Irer
during heavy gHlrs in which other appW
would be shaken tiff. There is a proilon
opinion thai ibis tree will only bear on (lit
even years. It is an alternate bearer but
one said he had ascertained lo his satisfac
tion that ii bears on odd years.
The gum may bo prevented from rxii
ing fiom peach trees by the fol'owing wmI
viz: four quarts of snft nonp diluted in
pail, full of hot water to whu:li add cne pint
of salt and half a pin! of saltpetre. S
and saltpetre app'ied to the giotind is very
beneficial to fruit trees p;utinil.irly foi old
Mr. ilerrinm ('says ihe Jmirnnl.j men the following experiment in eetiinp
out an orchard of young apple trees, II
had a piece of ground containing rbnnt 3
neres. on which be ionic inplated putting r
rthard. Finding a lot of irefsvety ehea
!ie purchased the in and trnnsplanled iiiti
Miis lot as follows lie firnt ilug hides foil
l'"el in, and three feel deep. Th
od he look from t tie loo two inches thiek
.ind preserve d. Uu al.-oePnr.iti d ' tin hlsrk
oam, and yello subsoil, and also p cke'l
tut the slones lie ihen tilled tlm eavin
lialf full of stones, and sifmd the yellow sub
soil among them, then put in black lja n
.uiffi ;ieni li wake a bed hih enough foi
he tree. On the top of this he put sink
livened, trampled the whole down solid1
ind covered Wiis with about one inch ol loan
Ol this he set the tree, very sha'low, firs'
carefully spreading nut the roots. He then
lilled up with lic'i loam. The circle rotin'
each tiee is kepi clear of weeds dining il
eason, 'Iheso trees, when iransplante'
lia I beei long out of the gioundi and Mi
Verriam considered it doubtful whether
hey would live. Notwithstanding, howev
er last season was very dry these trees al
lived end did well, lie consileied th'-
nethod an excellcnl one. 'i'iie stones Ine
benefieial chemical ucnon oo the soil a'H'
iicpl the land drained- The snda while le
composing make a soft and moist bed foi
he iree. and obviate lbs necessity of witer-
mg in a dry season. The piece nceipiei
ey this orchard he contemplated plotyliinj.
nd cultivating as sonu as ennvenient.
It was elated by one go'itlennn that ap
plication of hard soap to the wounded pi
of apple trees h id proved siicoe'-ful n
isusing iliem early lo heal he injuree
voting ttees by applying potash a? has beei
recommended in some publicilions lit
oiind that four and a half pouiuli of poil
iti.cnli',i1 in -j n ill r i f linl UMler file ll'l Ifl ol
H liich 'odiied lo a p;ol I'ui! of cold watei
mile a sale find valu ihle wash lor younp
trees. Also u wrsh ol eij'iul psirls ol plac
er of pns soft 9o-.p and In sli cow inanuie
liluted will) water incuse easy appiicalioi
lion with ihe briihh an excelleni manure.
Among insects which troubled fruit trees-
the borrer ca'apillar ginllei and white worn
were mentioned. The bcM remedy agmns
die borer is to cut it out; removal with tin1
hand was ihe most tllicieiii routue to lak
with cati.pill.irs or a still' wire bruli wool
jt.rve tilt; girdler is a! 'rirro vliie
ueta between the b,.rk and the trunk au
does niiieh mjuiy and the white wor n maj
be found in lite gum which exudes l.oni tht
Tlie a ime sulij'-ct will be resumed at the
next nieeiniJ. U 'till i egard t . caterpillar
ihal l( they would ise ibe 'ounce of preven
lion' tliev will take the first pleu'ar.l ttay
use ilu-ir thumbs & flngur in removing from
ibeir fruit trees tlie liule waxen evils in
which the egg of tins inseet are deposited
ready lor hatching in Mav. Ttnf oilier da
we hid tli pleasure of leiimvi g ftioui n
,1' these (Mimrvo liens hu'ii the ol
t ivoillf ppe Tee.
being boiled or steamed i intreised in
inlk nearly two hundred per cent.,
vliile meal is increased, by lh ame
process, more than threat hundred per
cent. To place (he sul'jfd in a position
nore essiiy comprehensible, one bushel
of corn, after being seamed or boiled,
will measure three bushels. To cook a
bushel of meal, five bushels of wa'et are
n quired, so that very pound ol meal
will give neaily lour and t half pounde
of mu-li, with volume corresponding-
y incieasctl. Maine Fanner.
Among tbf' Oj.igen a joung man ol
eighteen will sometimes say lo a widow
of I wire hi 'ge perhitps, come tki
uni wilbme. The widow niMweru ho,
(yfs ) Ths means these two will
iuiiI logev'if r I ko man en'! wile; boll.
larnes piytiog together their horses,
imp kelies, and equipag-'.
On the hunt, Ihe man onls, the wo-
n.n saddles and unsaddles his horse, uo
...ii.,, ii.
IdrKt in" o.eai, nunti" nis lodge, con 1 1
his v()d, cot ks his lopfl, and nu.k"s
s iocca-ii 6 i nd iii ev.ry rfiept
akes the lace and of a dutiful and
Iping wife, yet they are rot mat tied.
Sumi'iime they repeal seviral hums,
,1, l , vt n live 3'e is loeihtr, ar.d the
voin.o bears children, siill it iB- urn
ovitruge However well ihsyuu g
nan may he suited with his hunting
companion, should he be so fortunate us
io r.'sc to rank of t brave waifior,he casts
ier oil without ceremony and marries,
hat is buys a wife i-fier the cutom of
is natiooj and is praised for sodoku,
ir his previous union i not considered'
ono able fuf a bnve or wmrior. Ni
nan cao miiry a wri lor 's daughter lha'
s nnl a wuirior himself. C'ori fjueoi j
noihers ofim cry and pr y, be
or" their sons, that they may be men
uoogh lo uo to war, and kill and ecalj
he Pawrierfi, snd be fuccessful in s'enl
ng horses, thai ihey'my rise to giad,
if warriors, 90'! gf, honorably married.
No OHge feels honoiable, nor is jot.
i !tt d liooo'.ible, cor lieltd honot...
ie, uriiil he tl'stingu'shcs himself mnl i
i'I. d a Liave or w-ninj. Th's he may
o in one of i he five folhwion w:.ys,iz:
hooi down hi- rnemy; knock mm on
,( ho.i'1 wC'c-r n..ihr l.uo rl.ot lum
Intvn, sculp him aftrr he has hn shoi
lown, ami knockil on the hc.:d; chon
h rough 'wo btifliloes wrh an anew i"
nf shot, or sie.l ten horsen. To do
Mther of the rtbove acts enliihs him to
ihe name of a brave, and to ihe pnvil-
ge of cairyieg a torrnhaivk. Ah o h-
fr jre wm'e.s n;il Ke'tle lemieis. A
or w Tnor to m ' ike a k' tile leiu
Tdscalooss. liy G ' said he, 'it auiis
me exactly; Ihe il d locofocos deal me
every other year sure; next August i
my tirnt to be beat in cowrie I shall
migj thai, save about $200 eleclineeri.i
money, and slip in in '47, like in Med
oyster RvG hoys.ii suits mepiimeV
Jf'e'iimku rifg.
eniiiol i es lit l!
or re urt
'''' mv be done at any lime
a'. Sepietnber, umil the
V'iv, in ihe Spring. 1 he
it the transplanting be
Cooking Corn Meal and Cons for
J, GS Hit s.f.r p.isinein, we Imm cat.
be sssumad, to 'he econoo.) -f s ck Mill rtuaiiil'V 88 Weil c
irtu i . , '"" l j
nutriment is essential lo their pieserva
ion io peil city healty onih' .on. K
we admit the correctness ol ilns pomiion
and few facts are more cleaily obvious
,hen il results s an ioevii.ble inference
that meal, and col only meal but eornJ
he blow, uuil hf iifes to tlie am
ir .'ie, " ''ii h" nviy ilo it if it should be
wniy yeir afterwards. AM girls
tnoou 'he Osig" are sold in m-imag". 1
nave never know i an Osne girl i .ke tij
vith m.n, as the term is used among
hi me oth'r naii'.ns, However poor th
no her, aunt, or gtmdian i, she mil
l. inaoil sonu thing fur her daughter or
ivatd in msrri.te. The girls bing in
leniaod, and the nio'her giving Ihem U
f i . i i i . i
oiiiv tor value receiver), lean tne o.oin
rs io watch the girls in the Mric'es
manner. W ido ws of e vet y gtad? and
ig- make their own ni.iri .gi' ror, t -.ct
Mid HI tile lofS'.--l DOSsihle manner. 15
. .1.
he ijiils ere as c i is e as tli.ise o m.y
0 ti"r na'ioil. 1 IhV' liPV.r ll ! O ' n (
runaway ma eh among Ihem. Chero
k e Jid,cte
Suited Exactly Oor l iend Genrte
Wiliams, of Henry, who is th 'cstine
of more 'wil in othprs,' than any othe
memcer of llip Alabama House ot Rep
Ihaven support thee, old man! llioo
hast to pass through Ihe bitterest trial
whici) honor and affection can undergi
hoiichold tieason When the wift
1 1 ft as high the s", front, and bla
Zoos out her gu ll; when the child, will
mid toic, throws off all control, an.'
in kes boast r.f dijsohedirn.e, man re
volts lit the audacity; his spirit aim" a
lin'iuf his wiuiig: its f.ipf, Bi, least, i
Mare, the blow, if ih gious, is dire n
Do', when nidi wonts hikI p.ifi k s' s
C'liireal ihe worst foe Fate can arm
when a mill Ihe confidence ol the h.-art
"I ir's ns ihii form of Pnfidy when t u
If om the reptile r wells Ihe fmd rfi'
terror when the tore' on which nui
leaoftl lor eomfori, hits hkeo counsel u.
dvceive him ther he learns, that, ihy
after day, the life entwined w.lii hi nwn
h .s been a p and a lRg.miiie, he I'.el
not the s. fines ol giiel, m r Ihe absorp
ik ii ol rv: it is rn ghter than grief ami
more wiiheniig ihah nge, it is a horrm
that appals. The heart dot uol bleed;
the lears do not fliiv, as in woes ii
which liiimaniiy is commonly subjected ;
it is as if sori'.Mhing oui of the course ol
lature hid taken place; something moii-j
-'totis and cut of alMlioiight and fore
iiiily ,r... ilv.i,it.riv. .mi. in is a lie-
g apirl from ihe 01 bit ol criminals;'h
i' Ion has no fear of his innocent chil
dren; with a price on his head, he lay
n safely on ihe bosom cf his uife. 1
his home, the ahlfsl ninn, the most suh
iile and suspecting, can be as much :
'iij.e as the simplts'. Were it no! so a
!hft Mile, nod ilie accrplinps most ran
t'lih ivoihl were, the riot f f hell.'
Death f'f a M ther. Aside frorr
'ha! ol'a wif-, the death of a mother has
"ii-etaing in it m"ie to'iehin", ihao ant
other event does happen, we look b:.rk
ipoo i r.t'd -y s ,.f our infancy and child
iioo.l, when a fond mtitliei witched ovim
tor outgoings and inpomnvjM.,' when
lie dull hours of nii'ht were walked l,v
n - j
tei watchinga.
We think we have done our duty,
wher w have hud her in the gluouj)
giav, wetting it with our lears and ris.
d HS'one over her dus:, and chanietl ?
Hymn to hei memory. 11 ii ihere is a
luty which ma'crnal afl'ction has im
insel upon us anil which nothing bu
slerocontnrmity to prece)i can peilor m.
i is!o follow her precepis ami ex irnph
o tate hom to our hearts the solemn
warring whi:h heaven bom love dic-
ttes lo practice those virtues which or
nimmt every depariment of life, t d ii
cheiidi fondly the memory of tier whon
we ar indebted for life, for happiness.
ind Imih( almost say for heaven. Ii
we f:il to perform (hese, we prove out-
setvrt irailots io our nature, lu our cuo-
"Cteice and lo our God"
Epcts oj Music Th" pnw r of nm
. c iiij l fi. d in an incident whic!
, ;i i.' d Iii It .) . Tile unri1'ie umih
..' 1: ti iai le, iii ii o p'i.'u ir. cr i th-
-I'Hy.'vip-.o.esai.- ivmi :;.ieti w;:i roio
anrtneaily frozen, had Unl down to pei
ish -mong ' tinsr eii ;n! snnw-i Tha
grai Gen' nl with a sagari y and a
lioil lo meet tvery tniergency, order
d his band of music lo play with a spir
resenlatives, wis belter pleased at ihe.t and animation their celebrated martial
patBagQ of the meaiura of 'Bieoaiaair. Il was performed, and the tflec
From th. New OrUnn Vclta of t'eli. 25th.
If Ihe statements made by rII the Mexi
can papers and lotior-wriiera be entitled to
I'Otifidencei it is obvious that Santa Anna
entertains designs against Jmlerey, ant)
hss begun his march against thai point. Ou
corrofpondenls represent that large bodies
.f troops are being thrown forward upon
die road to Monterey as well es ths roat!
between Tampicoand Monterey, Hut the
most definite statement we have seen iscon
ained in a letter published by La Pallia,
list evening from Fampico of ihe date ol
t)th February which slates that 16 000 ol
he most brilliant troops (tropas britliuntes
ire inarching fur ihe toad between Sdltilh
nd Monterey, This information wo
mmunicaied by a Inner writlen fro n Sai.
Luis, Another letter written from Tula ol
)ie date of 3d February Hales that on Ihe
I ft of the mouth Gen. Parodi, with a brt
4 iile of 1500 men composeil of the l'iih
legimciil of Infantry of the line styled tin
Faiilifnl Soldiers of San Luis,' and a bat-
idion of the National Guaid of Jalisco
.. i.h three pieces of artillery, were march
;ng in the direction of Monteiey, by ihi
toad of Matchcrala. The sierra is for ii fled
at evciy point, by the batial'oiis of Fuebia
Guarda Costa de Tampico, the company ol
Veterans, and three companies of Oavp.lry
In tho village ol, Col. Jose Antonio
del Castillo is stationed with a respectable
force lo defend that point. Geti. Urrea
with 1500 men of ihe fitsl regiment of Cav
airy, 'l'rimero R. publicauo,' must have ah
rei.dy arrived al Vic'oria de Tantaulipas
These movements are no doubt made foi
he purpose of drawing off our forces Iron
ihe contemplated attack on Vera Cruz.
siaiita Anna expects lo cut oil' Taylor's com
miaiica'ioiis, to block up boih the roada t.
Camargo am! to Tampico. Thse niDe
cents arc by no means to be regarded a
nsignifii ant; ihcy deservo the serious con
deration, ar.d will no doubl excite the ut-
noil vigilance and activity of prepsriioi
among oiir forces iit;,r Monterey. Foitn
nalcly (Jeni Taylor, who is never caughi
iupping, is in command si Monteiey, will,
.bout 4.000 men. Thii forco can cnsily
hold thai pbee until reinforced. Cut, in
iii meiiiitime, Ihe Mexicans are pUbhin
forward towards Maidmoros, from ino rraii
which leads through Victoria, UrreaV
Cavalry are no doubt the advance of a large
(nice intended for this point. This will bi
a bold movement, bul is characteristic of
Urrea, who is a prompt and decidod officey
If. however, his force consists only of rav
alty, wo do not apprehend any serious con
eqiiences from an atiack on Matamor is
The gient fear is, thai they may inierccp
our communications ohnig the river, mid
die riad fiom Mdtamoras and Camargo lu
Monterey. We trust, however, that (Jen
Scott, who seems to be moving with great
Million and piudence, will not weaken oui
forces on the Rio Grande, so as to expose
our lines to be easily broken, and the hard-
earned results of a roosi expensive cam
paign thus be Ion to our arms.
Since the above was written, we have
seen a letter from a Mexican offii er writlen
n great confidence and aeciesy, staling that
Gen. Urrea had been ordered lo marcti on
viatainoras, and wan already considerably
idvanrfd on the road.
Correspondence of the Daily Dflta.
Tampico, Mexico, Feb. in, 1617
A letter waa received here yesierdayrom
Victoria, staling (hat the lancer force m th
theit souls with the fite of patriotic tie-1 cannot fully believe llirt any considerable
volion, Brouseu their dying energies, Mexican force will come or have come thie
they sprung lo their feel and the rn- ich aide of the mountain, and in nothing tht
wag accomplished with a iccess. reports I only do so to Keep up wiu others.
I hat the lancers are at Victoria, who left
there on onr approach, I cm believe, but
nothing else. There was a rumor in cir
culation at the time wr left Monterey, that
Gov, Morales was in or near Victoria, with
7000 men; but we found thai near 6009
were 'in buckram.' The same might be
applied to the move on Sdiillo, ihe cav
airy of Gen, Gonzalusi at the same nme of
our countetmaich to Monterey, nut magni
fied into an immense army.
The echr. Fioneer in from Loboa
Mand last night, having left il on ihe 8di
mat. The captain reports that he sailed
Itnro the island a few days ago with one
hundred m:n, destined for the wreik of the
Ondiaka, lo render assistance to lha vessel
if practicable, and to assist the volunteers.
but iiiiuing lhal the troops had lefi there,
set are to the wreck, and returned io its
place from whence they sailed, disembark
en ihe ii. en, aad then proceeded lo this place
bringing up dotpitelicj from the iloop-ofi
war 3t. JAiiy's, direct from li e squadron.
These despatches from Com. Conner a-e
said by an officer to ")fl of an important oa-
iure, bul their contents have na', nor prub
bly will not, be made publi'i.
Col. B iker, of the 4ih Minnie, recent!
from th? ftrizos, made a speech to his men
yesterday evening, in which ha took occa
sion to sny thai they would be marched a
Jiinstthe enemy in a few days This he
aa certain of, and the Colonel havir.g been
oi .ithiij,;toii very htely, and just from
Gen. Scou, was reckoned to speak by lbs
:r.l. He said, also, that Gen. Scott would
be here in a d:;y ot two.
The Mai imoras game of cutting into our
volunteers is now in ihe 'full tide of eur
:esaiul operation, aim no lets i.ian am
iave had ihoii blood let out in one night by
ihe grensera' knives, but I did not hear of
il'ier of ilio wounds bamg mortnl The
a.-lanlry of our boys generallj leads to
lie dill'uuliy.
I convened ibis morning with a genlh.
nan from ofT the island of Loboe. lie say
hai six companies of the Ii uiaianians have
anded there; a p rt of the Fennsyli aniatis
.nd ono cr Iwo veettls off the re wiib
Fiom ihu same rarrespondeoi's letter,
tearing date Feb. 13. h, we make ihe sub
joined extrarl";
The Republican)) of the ?J, also containt
a letter from S..n Luia 1'otoii, affording
much itilorma.ion as lo the movements ol
ihe Mexicans, and ought io be pub ihed, if
ii to show that their is some real
nagnsuimity yet in Mexico, Tb writer
toots al the idea of rejoicing at Ihe rapture
f 70 or 80 men, by over 2000 of iheir owo
peop e. liut io ins lener:
San Lcis Potoh Jao. 27.
Yesterday, al 0 o'clock in (he morning,
here was great rejoicing in the streets.
Die church bell rang out their merry pes'
nd many a rocket was fiied of during the
ceremony. AH tin was occasioned by Ihe
receipt of the 'nvterubW notice ihat ovr
2000 Mexican cavalry under ihe vinl
lien. Minon, haJ surprised and cfured a
bout 80 'Yankees,' who wers oi their
eams in search of fursge 'be plsca
hich they surrendered at ' ca,leiJ Tinque
is la Vaca.
To-day the corps infantry have Iit
for ftaliillo also ff'gdeof hone r.d
brigade of fooi'r,illery' n8Vnf founen
guna ihiee r 24' ,,"fe of f'r of 10,
and lbs ree3Ue 01 '""l .
H'e a' ,fU'ed that in lesiilun wo days
ther'1" S" oul another division, and on
lht.o!lowioi day ihe rest of ihe forces
yjich sis in Sin Luis.
Gen. Twiggs' guide infnnm-H him last
place had been greatly augmented, and '' . that nil ihe men ukan hy Mippp, it
ihe Mexican troops there would n',f,fi"hul' nl1 beea boi; but h dona mt
pieitv well on to six ihoueund mer A r,eFj credit it, no.- does any una ftUe the idea
die arrival of ibis reinf rcemeni ,,,e cn,n" having no doobi arisen from th fact of ln
mander hauled up before !.im "h"8 I,0I shooi ng of uverul Afexitan who were
had sold corn lo ihe A mer"8' ,ml ''-';' Gaines.
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