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I nave sworn upon the Alter of Uod, eternal ho.tlllty to every form of Tyranny over the Mlud of Man. "-Thorns Je&noa
Vol mite
South ems or Maim, a few doors be
low Market-street.
n COL UMlilA DEMOCRAT, cillht
published even Saturday morning, til
TWO DOLLARS per annum j,ayabh
hitf yearly in advance, or Two Dollars
Fiftu CentsAf not paid within they fat.
(Vo subscription will bt taken for a shorter
period than six monins; nor any atscon
tinuance permitted,unlil all arrearages
are discharged.
AD VERTISEMENS not exceeding a
square will be conspicuously inserted at
One Dollar for the first three insertions,
and Twenty-five cents for every subse
quent nsertion. JA liberal dhcoun
ma le to those who advertise by the year,
LETTERS addressed on bustness,must
he post paid.
VJlLOPEMENT lxtraordi.
In these (by of romance, fun and
frolic, it is no mi'ter of suiprii-e thai
young girl are now then guilty of sane
tinning, if not eommitling very foolish
Jenne Richmond was one of ihoi
willful little misf6s, who conclude tub
jpction to 'the powers lhat be.' as la If
bei'et than downright slavery, and n
solved at a very unbecoming age, to le
eide tor heraelf on all questions of im
portance. A? a mailer of couisk, she
enpyed frequent opportunities lor re
penting aft r the commission of some
willful freak, the result of which
sometimes deir.onitrated the axiom Mwi
heads are belter than one, oV.'-Amory
the foolish notions she cherished n
unaccountable antipathy against hii
cousin Frank, that in; it would hsvt
ben unaccountable, had it not been
known that she once oveihnard her pai
cms discussing the posibIny of hci t
nion wiih the sfuneaid cousin whet,
bo'h should obtain a suitable age,
Frank was i black -eyed, roguish
loo tii ! hoy of about fifteen, when the
unfortunate conversation occurred ; an!
Jenny a wilful mix of twelve; so ihr
parent planning seemd ra'her prema
tore n the estimation of one of the pt-
From thsl f.y pnnt dated a'rieif f
n inei p rut'oi'f, hut pooily calculat
ed to mncer.ira'e his affections upiw
Jer.ny Rehmond; s i 1 1 he could not
throw aside entirely the cousinly in
teres' whh which he had heretofore re
girded her. II pride I ri, was imf"
what i q'J"'), and he intM ii!y renjl veil
lo py pn icip l anit intirei, fn- Mie ii
pfted slight, when i he loi t'jfu'e orr-H-
ion nrenirfl. Mr. Kichmond, Hie
father oi Jt'ie;uift tht guardian olFrunk
observing a growing coolness between
tin cousions; deemed a separation ne
cesssry, Fiank was accordingly en
terej at DiMmonlh, while the daughter
frund an asylum for the time being a
Irs. 's fjshionable Seminnry
Some three yean pissed in this man
ner, during which the cousins nrtet
met, J.nny Richmond fimahed hei
course at the Seminary, and graduiUr
with sbout a. much honor as one of her
peculiar temperament might have been
expected to win.
At the expiration ef Frank's college
courge, he aked and ob'ained leave to
travel through the Southern iS'a'es be
fore his return to the family munsinn
r.r en &tment in his professional stud
It so happened that Jenny; now Mias
Richmond, had formed, among otht
pieaiint acquaintances, an fipecta
friendship for a ynung lady from whom
ihe received ao invitation to spend the
ensuing wtntet. ,?s her will had been
or years the otly law she ckoowljdgy
, T 1 IT nT T- .. I J...
ii r quired no great power of persua-
ion on her part, to induce her parent
'o consent to this arrangement, andjen
ny left home accompanied by her falhei
who had reluctantly oflVred himself a
escort, if he would persist in so soot
leaving home. Mr Richmond hai
hoped to detain her, until Frank's re
turn, while Jane was the more anxious
it beabaent from that vary reason
The beautiful Miss Richmond loa
nothing in the tyta of the world by be
ing Ihe sole heircts toJudge Richmond'-
immense estate, though we aie loth to
CO c'u leher fortune was the chief at
ruction of the mwliitudt-s who follower
in her train.
The winter pased ( d gaily, and. un
til near its close, with nothing parlicu
larly alarming to the prospects so loop
entertained by Judge Richmond, in rt
grd to his daughter's union with hei
So long as her heart was free, he had
no fear; but, from a letter lo her niothet
he was enventully led to infer lhat 4
'lunge had come over the spirit of hei
Ireams.' She had met with a young
gentleman so handsome, so itilelligeu
tnd ao agreeable, that her fat her deem-
d it desirable she should return home,
before she made many discoveries of the
gentleman's attractions A letter urg
ing her immediate retu-n, ws forward
ed out like multitudes ol o her parents
requefcts, it was totally dircgarded. She
could not return then, possibly her
friend would bn much tl sppoinied,anr
besides he wis ir.fini'ely better cen
ented than during the tVsl few week
nf her visit.
Fearing lert her headstrong will
-hould lend her into irredeemable folly,
Judge Richmond decided to go for hei
without deljy.
His arrival wn perfectly unex)eted:
ind we sre sorry lo sy, not qnin e
welcome an event to his daughter,
night have bfen supposed
Little M, was wilful still.
Sim was riot reidy to retuni, and could
not i o?ih'y he ur:dr a triDOih or so
Ju.lge Richmond insis'r d. while Jjut
continued unyie I lir.g. This continnei
n rathrr " unpleasant state for severa
y; till at length, as though wesry o'
opposing his dniigtiier, the Judge e'se'
his pn'reuties, and allowed her to pur.
u her own course. The very inter-
tmg young man, who, by ihe way
bote 'h very iristneratic cognomen of
Stanley Markham, continued his alien
ion despite of the hints o plentifully
hrnwn out by the Judne. He was sin
cerely attached lo the young ldyand
eveii she was to him. and he woul
not abandon her for forty father1, utiles
he so decided.
Aj the cae s'ood, it seemed i.Tposi
ble for Ihe Judge lo carry on his favor
ite jfheme. The cnu-in mul giv
plice In a s'r nger, despite a father'
w h. D nnriged. eveniually, Jud
R.retured home, lo reconcile himself as
heft he might lo his disappointment
("he lovers sped well in their wr.n
inu; efier the departure of tier fi'h-r
tnd lime of Jine's return an ived, Sian
ey Markham accompanied her to her
father's house,aa her accepted suitor and
future husband. II t duaWr once
more safely under his roof, Judge R
prohibited the al'enno is of the gentle
nan who had n far forgotten the right
f a fa'her as lo prs:st in them, wher
he wis fnl'y aequinied with that fath
el's ohjer'ions. -The sovr'gn willol
.vonian wis for once inst fficient, and
s'o'en Interviews were their only
source. An eloneoont was I roiet to
with as great a regtid to secrecy sal wo
romantic young lovers cauUJ exercise.
very dark night was chosen for tbeir
fligbi,Matkbjm li.viDjariingetJ eveij
- - rn - t a.iin.i mi i ill iiiiii mi
hingso at lo expedite iheir df parlure
. i . . i i j
without the knowledge of the Judge.
Ti disobey her parents was so com
mon an affair with Jane, that the present
lecision gave her no unejsiness what
hut m leave the home of her
youth, lo forsake those who had watch
ed over her. from childhood; to abandon
all for another, and that oiber acquain
tance of but a few months, it was a trial
he had liitle anticipated
Creeping eofi'y to the parlor ahr
pauaed bnfere lh portraits of her pat
enir,, as though the ir mute faces were
pleading with her disobedience
Brsida her own, was thai of her couhii,
Frank; taken about the lime she had o-
verheard the conversation of her pr
entf) in regard to her uuion wi h him.
This recalled all her former energy
She would not marry her cousin Frank
o pleaae anybody. She was old enough
o choose for herself aod ahe would.
Miking the best of her way through
the garden; ahe gave no laok behind,
lest by that one glance she should lose
he courage, the sight of her cousin's
picture had inspired. Stanley was
waiting with a carriage Swinging io,the
door clusjj and the fugrives were soon
beyond lha reach of pursuit. Arrived
in a small village, remote from the ob
set vation of the great woild, the our-
ge ceremony was pei formed by the
ilhge pas'or, and the wayward pair de
parted ur rsew io k. h-oncu 10
lose quarters Bt the At.tor,Jine address-
d her parents, infniming them of her
tfety and the pleasure it would give
ler lo see them.
To this letierSlanley appended a notr
Whateve r it wss Jane did not eee it. lie
onlenls was to b ing the Judge to N-v
Yo k, who, as he ha.'ly entered th-
oom of the runaways, exclaimed:
Good enough for yu, you ugly
minx, I might have known Fiank wouh
ut wit you in the end
A glance ef surprise was J ne snnlj
nswr, "s she wittessed the eo'dinl
rretings !e!ween her husband and U:h
It was cousin Frank, allei
II whom ehc had run awsy with and
named. Five years abence, togeth
er with a huge pair ol wh hkers, had so
ompletcly ehaiiged him, thai Jne siev
r iimiecied him of Lenm llm Cousin 8-
r "
noul whom ahe had railed so unmerct-
uiiy, and J ide Richmond though he
hsd informed Frank of Jane's contem
plated visit lo Vnginh, never droanier)
thai he would trouble himself lo look
ilt"r her.
Th slill wilful lady declres she will
lever be caoght in such a scrape again
and we e.'fievrely hope she never will.
(lis person and peronal appcarancei An-
ec.doies of his great phvstsal powers
From the Custts reeolluciions and pri
vsie Memoirs.'
Ii peison, Washington wss unique. lie
lonked Tike no one else. To a stature lofty
md commanding, he united a form of the
r silliest proportions, limbs cast in Natnrs'a
lineal mould, and a carnage the most grace
ful and imposing. No one aver approach
d rhe Paier Patriae that did not feel his
So long ago as the vice regal caorl s
Williamsburg, in the daya of Lord Bole
court, Col. Washington, was remarkable
fjr his splendid persom the air with which
he wore a small sword, and his peculiar
walk that had the light elastic tread acquir
ed by his long service on the frontier and
was a mattar of much observation especial
ly lo farsigners.
While Colonel Washington was on a viaij
io fie ? l or R. in J 778, it was boasted at
Skv r 1 .
the table of the Uriiish Governor that a
regiment just landed from England, con
laiutdatjopg its ora tome of the fiaesdhis com, calmly walked into hl arena-
specimens of martial elegance in his majes-
in r.i ik siihfirli look -
iy's service in fact the mtst superb look-
ing follows ever landed upon the shores of
'I wager yourExcellency a pair of gloves'
said a Mrs. Morris, an American lady, Mhat
will show you a finer man in the pio -
cession lomorrow, than your Excellency
can selecl from your famous regimenta.'
Dimemadam,' replied the Governor
The morrow came, (the 4ih of JuneJ
and the procession in honor of lha birth diy
of the King, advanced tbiougb B.osdway
to the strains of military muaia.
As the troops defiled bofore the Govern,
or he pointed out to the lady several offi
?eit by name claiming her admiration foi
iheir superior persons and brilliant equip
ments. In rear of ihe It oops came a band
of officers not on dulv, Colonial officers of
distinction, mmediately on their approach
the atlentioa of the Governor was to be
seen directed towards a tall and martial 6g
ure, that u arched wiib grave and measured
tread, apparently inditlerunt to the scent
around him. The lady now archly ob
served: perceive yout Excellency eyes arp
directed towards the right object. What
say yeu to your wager now, air?'
"Lost, madam,' replied the gallant Gov
When I laid my wager, 1 was not awan
that Col. Washington was in New York '
To a ,u sstion that we have been askti!
a thousand end one limes, viz, to what indi
vidual, known lo any ho are yet living
did the peison ol Washington bear the near
est rescinhliincel we answer to Ra'nli J
zinl, Sens or from Souih Carolina, in tlif
Siat Congress under the Constitution, The.
form of Izard waa cant in Nature's manli
est mould, nhile his air and manner were
both dignified and imposing, He acquit.
ted great distinction while pursuing his
studies in England, for his leumkable
irowess in the athletic exercises of that dis-
ant period.
An officer in the Life Gnard has oftoi.
been head to obterve, that the Commander
in-Chief was thought to Is the stronger
nan in his army, and yel whit thews and
mews were to ba found in the Kevulution
n 1731, a eompany of tiflcmen fiom tin
ouniy of Agusta, in Virginia reinforced the
troops of La Fayette). As the stalwart
nand of mountaineers defiled before tht
General, the astonished & admiring French
man exclaimed-
Mon Dietit what a people Bre theao A-
neiicans; they have reinforced me w;h t.
hand of giant''
If afhington's great physical powers were
in his limb; they were long, large and sin
ewy. Ilia iramewas ol equal brennth Iron:
the shoulder in the hips, Ilis chest though
broad and expansive, was not prominent
mi ratner liotionea in me centre lie liai.
i in a. s as
suffered from pulmonary affection in early
life, from which he never entirely recovered.
His frame showed an extraordinary devel
uietitot bone Si musclediis joints were large
as were his feel; and could a cast have b en
preserved of his hand, to be sxhibited in
these degenerate days, it would be said h
have belonged to a being of ihe fabuloti
age. During the last visit of Lafayette u
Mount Vernon, among many and intcieetio
relations of events that occurred in older.
lavs, he eid to the writer; 'It was in Ihir
portico that you wets introduced to me ir
1791; you were then holding by a singh
finger the good General's remarkah'e hand
which was all vhatyou could do, my deai
air, at that lime
In Ihe various exhibitions of Washing
ton's great physical prowess lhey wete up
parent!- attended by scarcely any effort
When he overthrew tSe strong man of Vir
finia in wrestling, while many of the finest
of the young athletes of lha timea were en
gaged ir. tle manly games, Washington had
retired to the shads of a tree, intent upon
the perusal of a favorite volume; snd it was their kill, spoke of a proficiency in manly
only when the champion of lha games!xerciaes that he himself could hsva boast.
strode ihrouch the rinrr rallin? for nublei
eompctiiors, snd taunting the s'.udent with
the rtpioach that it was the fear of enconn
terir.g ao redoubted tn antagonist, th ut kept
him from the ring, that Washington eloaed,
his book, and, without diveefiqg himself of
BHIHW'lMln W j I.
Washington's liorhke grasp he became
nowerless. and waa huiled tr the u round
powerless, end was huiled to the groum
with a force that seemed lo pr his very
mama in his bonea; while the victor re-
gardlesa of ihe ahouts thai proclaimed his
triumph, leisurely reu.ed lo his shade and
llie enjoyment of his fivnrite volume
The power of aaliingtot's arm was dis
played in several memorable instances. Ii
his throwing a stone across the Rappahan nock
river below Frcdericksbu'g, another
from the bed of the stream lo the top ol the
Natural Bridge, and yel another over tbi
Palisades into the Hudson. JFhile the late
and venerable C. II, I'kale, was at Mourn
Vernon in 1772, engaged in painting Un
portrait of the provincial Colonel, sow
young men were engigiJ in the exercise o!
pitching the bt.r. J'biliingtwn looked on
for a time, then gtasping the missile in hi
master hand, whirled the iron through the
air, which struck far, very far, beyond en)
of its former limits the Colonel observing
with a smile.
'You perceive, young gentlemen, ths1
my arm yet retains some portion of the vig-
jr of try earlier days.
He was then in his fortieth year ant'
probably in the full meridian of his physi
cal power; but those powers became rather
meliowed than decayed by time, for 'his age
waa like a lusty winter, frosty yet kindly,
md op'to his sixty. eighth year he mounted
borse with surprising agility, and rode
with the case and gracofjhiess of bis belter
Jays, His personal prowess that elicited
ihe admiration of a people who have nearly
all passed away, atill serves as a niodtl for
the manhood of modern times.
Wiih all its development of muscular
power the form of Washington had no ap
pearance of eulkinesa, and so hsrmoriiou
were its proportions that he did not appear
40 passing tall us hia portialta have repre
sented, lie was lather spare than full du
ring his whole life; thin is tendily'aaoertaia
id by his weight. The last time waahe weigh-
id was in the sunnier of 1796, when hav-
ng made a tour of bis farms accompanied
by an English gentleman, he called at his
mills and weighed, The writer placed the
weight in ths scales. Tho fSnglishman, no
io tall, but stout, square built, and AVahy,
weighed heavily, and expressed much stir
prise that the Gneral had not oui eigtd
him, when Washington observed thai tin
'ocst weight of his best days, never exceeded
210 lo 320. In this instance alluded to bv.
weighed a little rising 210.
Of the portraits of Washington, the most
nf them give to his person a tulleesa thai n
lid not puaseas, together with an abdomina'
enlargmenl greater than in Ids while his
matchless limbs have hut in two instant!
oeen faithfully portrayed. In the eques
trian portrait by Trumbull of I7ilf, a copy
of which is in the City Hali of New Yoik.
nd in an engraving by Losier from a puint-'
ing by Cogniel French Artists of distin
guished merit. The latter is not an origi
nal painting the head being from Smart but
the deliniation of the limbs is the most per
feet extant.
Of ibe remarkable degree of awe and rev
erence whh;h ihe presence of fialiinglH
always inspired, we s'inII give one oat of e
thnui-end instances During the ennton
Tent of the American Army at Valley
Forge some officers of the 4th Pennsylva
nia regiment, w6re enjsged in a game ol
lives, In the midst of their spord ttiey di.
covered ihe Commsndr-inChief leaning
opon he enclosure end be ho!dng the gam
wih evident satisfaction In a moment al
things were changed. 1 he ball was suffer
sd to roll idly away, the gay laugh an
joyous shout of excitement were hushed in
to a profound silenca mid the officer werr
gravely grouped together, It as in van
iha chief begged of ihe players that thet
would proceed with the game, declared the
pleasure he had experienced in witnessinc
d in other da s. All would not do. Not
a man could be induced to move, till tb
General finding that hia presence him.erejl
iheir amusemeul, bowed, and wishing theoi
good sport tetired.
' fis home whert the heart ia,
Jl Good 0ie.-One Mr. Patrick F;
was snnoyed exceedingly by a strange
log, Coleridge ssys.harmlessdog-who
nvaded nis domicil, msde abstractions
'roni his cellar, and was very much in
ne way ol Mrs. Patrick F., in tbe
kitchen. On a cold winter night, Ihe
wind cut'ing like a knife, and snow
irozn so as to bum like carbonit scid
gas frozsn, after the dog had been turn
"d out of doors no less than tnree times,
tnd the last lime teqyssted to a warmer
place unmentionable, Pat wasswaken
od out of a warm and comfortable sleep
iy the noise of rather an expensive frac-
ur of glass. The dog was in the
house again, f atrick wailed upon mm
jut, and both were absent aomefilteen
Tiinu'es, so Mrs. Patrick F., becoming
surprised if oolalarmed at euch piolong)
d sbscence, nose also and went to the
Fiom the point of observation, she
aw in ths moonlight; her lord standing
(lateral abilities, barring the shirts, snd
he wind making free with that, as of
course it would, at the northeast corner
f ihe house. The dog seemed to be
sustained on his 'last legs,' his fore lege
formirg two sides of an accute triangle,
'What can you be doing there, Pat
There wss rub schatleiing of teeth
that the scswe'i for aome time was some.
what unintelligible at last io came:
.'I am trying to fugs the devilish
b-r.s e lo death!'
hii,' i i i
Three Faults tf Nurses. . To lisp la
baby style, when the aame words, in art
sndearing tone, vould please as well the
reverse should be the voice olear emphaw
io and each syllable distinctly articulated,
for intimation.
2. To nil of witches vbosis snd goblins
such au;iemtiliona impreased upon youog
ninds are rarely got rid of,
3. To directs child to act like a man
whereas it is not ofien becoming for s little
hoy to ape the man bul only to conform his
lemoanor to hia age every age has its
own peculiil decorousness. -A'W Engt
How absmd is svarics in sn nld man. It
is like a mso scraping money snxiously lo
ether lo pay bis turnpikes, after be bas
jot to the end of ihe road.
There are more lies told in the brief sen
tence, 'I am c'ad to see you.' than in any
other single sentonce in tbe English lao
'Ma' saiJ a lutl? girl lo her mother, 'do
the men want lo get married as muck as
as the women df 'Paha! what ate you
talking abnutt' 1 Why rr,a,the women who
eoms here are alw ays talking about getting
married; the men don't do so,'
Muther, don't you wish you had lha
ree e f evil in y our girden'
Why, Jrsh, you iarpen, what da
yoo meanr
'As money (he root of all evil, if we)
had the tree eouldn't we get all the preo
otts stuff?
Dod rot yet), you pky vsrmin',
vou'ra getting too smar', entirely, that's
vha comes of sending to boys macsdU
A methodisi irearher, being on a visit a
mong the blarks in Virginia, asked one r f
hem if he knew what the B ble was.
Dein; answered in the affirmative, he de
manded whether he knsv the use of it. 'U
ves,' replied ihe black, 'ruassa strap bis ra
zor wid it.'
A fellow desenbing his wife, to who -a he
has been leeently married, tosn absent 'itend
says--'She bus sma.l mouth a p'Tp,
pretty facelively eyes Si a temper ' -v;
it's ss explosive m run eotten!'
1 There are 620,060 young ladies ,
'his moment receiving theil JBtJUf iic;
to French Couveils.