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    Robert UoHns, sworn When land
ing at the house looking toward the burn,
tlm stable is on the lefi hand side ot
bun, tfial is the end of th burn my father
.Ways claimed during bis lilfiniej Tlu
.....f wii njifl.pJ on ihe tie Mi le, tlie ! Ii
'land side.
Jahntan IL Ikdrr. iK'om -tlae
Unn ..-mo 10 or 12 scars. D.m'l kuo
but what ho is peaeeaalo man, by teport
Crmisxtmined:l live two nules
fi oni him.
fcoer, mtWM.-Ihve known
Jnue 13 oi 15 veil". He has the chat-
- - - -
bcUt ol ii peicti')!" mn.
Cross-examined I live 14 mile
Irom turn.
JnJm Robins. Eso uor. Have
Lnown ittxo Uom a child. Nevti
krttw or bend anything against him s
a nencosb'e man.
Charles Eves, o firmed.
known Jesse a number ol yearn, I think
ijMierslly he been a pescetle man.
7Vr GWo?, affirmed. m the
constable who nesied.Jese Robin; lit
wis at hi brother William Vvai ran dat
ed 24th November las', l think it
etime lo me on ihe smiiu day, if I
irit'ike tot ; 1 arrested him on the 26 b
No-M.!ur. lie gave himself inlo my
hands without resistance.
Cross examined: I was 1a pursuit
of him on 25th Nov. I went lo hi moil)
eis first and then went lo William Evas
fiom ihcre to Snyder', from there 1
w,.i:! back to Geo. McMichaol's and
ro.ii thereto Wsi. Johnsou's:I ctaid i
J-l.n, n.' all night, and there was mow
on ii j-.inunri, and 1 louked for J-sssh's
lnvk; but found none. 1 went toGuo;
Mr Michael's egain, then to Ruisul
V i liivpiJi store where I heai J hi bad
on a to his bioher William's, and
w?n! intra and found him eating hi
dinner when 1 came lo the houss;
missed him Ihe fuel day, became we
went on dJ'erent roads; I think the road
Jtise travelled wai the furthest for him
to o home; I was in pursuit of him two
nnd a half days. I cannot lei! whether
Jesse knew I was in pursuit of h m: he
did rioi try to escape that I know of.
Cias. Eves, again: I hve conaid
ttred Jesse Robins a man of rather limit
ed faculliof; I have never seen him in
ed till 7 o'clock in the evening.
Court again assembled, when George
G. Waller, Esq , addressed ihe jury
for one hour on the paitof the Com-
Dionwealtli, followed by J. G. Mqni
OUERY, Eq , on the part of the defen
dant, in a fppech cl one hour and for ty
minu'os. Court adjourned at ten a: in
uice of 10 o'clock, V. M.
J. Coofek, Eq- addressed Ihe Jury
on bl-,jf 0f the IMi. in a feeling ai.d
v3u iful speech of aboul 3 hours dura
tion, and was followed by ihe Deputy
Prosecuting Anornry General, C. R.
23ucxalev, Esq. who closed for the
Commonwealth, Mr. B. poke for a
bout one hour when Court adjourned.
iUr JiiTfALEW finisl.jd his speech
' ibis afternoon, afcrfnving spoken for
sboul one hour more. The Ccmns.;! on
bilh tides arqunled thenitlvi s hand
soimly, their speeches denoting uucl
Iegl lownii.g, argumeni, and tlcgiu.c
ol ilidion but we liust wo slull i,ot be
fonsideicd invidious, when wr giy thst
Ihe speech t,f the Prosecuting f.idruey
w.-'S eniner.ily distinguished lor cltai
ii'-ss r.f p; rcepiiun, lt gical am!
nnissummg tloqnence. The pe rotation
uas pnriiculnly beautiful and itnpip?
five in pon.tmg out i0 the Juiors tluii
rimy lo tlu mseU3 and ilicir counliy .
Trie dense crowd in the Coun lluu,t
Was hushcil up in silence, so that seme
ly brnalli cou'd be I card, nil f
w,ih pleasure or,d admiration to the
words which cwd in swem aeccm.
ar.d wiili iul:,ve c!cq lencu from Ihe lips
of ihe youthful speaker.
Judge Aa'tjionv tbtru
Jury, jug b(T.jre llicni
the fids i.i ihe Cjse v ih
fbargd tl.r
the Ijw ard
clo.Ji oea din
The Jury. firr an absence of
tio heme and e half, teiuiocd a
a bo u i
net (,
V of vo'uuUry
are prmncr ss ssntenctd onTbun
y mottling 'n pay a fne of f3 00 and
ot of piosrcui'on, and In undergo sn
mprisonmeni uf three yean in the L
etn Fvmteii'iaiy.
.TAinrr ki-ssdi.U'iioxs.
The Tariff A, a.duiiom of Mr. I.eyburn
flie up in oidtr in iho ll-'use of Uepre
t niiivra f this Sute n the 13ih instant,
.ud prndinir the a iUM.dineiU of Mi. llilanda
fur ilia n-sturafioii of the laiiu 'i io-.
Mr. IVaire. from this county , made the fol.
lowing r,maiksi
Mr. PEAKCfi remaikeJ that a wont o!
I 1.1 nrn.lA Atllt f' 1 P
vran ami cxperi'-uio womu ij -
uto tint npn ibis, nd all oilier queauon
f equal impoitauco and inajiiiiud', he
should reinin eih-ni, attenlivt'ly Iisihu'mij to
ha arifiimnnis odvunced, and instructions
i mt ailed, by those w ho have bom blcsied
wild grasping and giMiuie minds, and who
luve c ithi reil r ch mores of expenenre
Irom the whtiened ti.dd of vi-neuble age
And gladly would he surrender the floor to
guntlemen hi. ho perceived, wure anxious
express iheir view upon ilns great nn
lllllial Q'U'SHOII, Hll'i " no.'"'""-.
in prepared ard ealculaied to do juitice to
iI.h i.Ii!i.iM. nd command ihe respect and
... j
4tu niioii of this body, man himself, could
he reconcile aueh a uourse widi what ho
nnnceivcJ to be ilu honi'sl und fj'ubful dis-
barge cf bis duty as the hniiible represen-
lative of a of the free, sover-igu anil
ioilcpciidciit people of this good old Com
monwealth. Experience, sir, has long sinee establish
ed the ond.miab! iru'l), that government is
nUiluudv, necessary; the just powors of
which we hold are derived lr m the consent
ol ihe enveiiied, Ana in oruer a gov
arnnieiii may bo aeiive. efl'o'i-uii and enei
giic. accomplishing uitf end f ir which t1
una e.-enlsd. it ahou.J ba vested with tu
(nil and complete exercise of certain pow
ers. One of the principal, he said, nay, On
grand deficit, in the Hriiclcs. of conlederatiou
under which the Union existed prior lo toe
adoption of Ihe existing constitution, was
ihe want of power to niao a auflicieiit a.
mount of revenue to defray the utcessan
expenses of the government.
All charjes of v. ar anil all oilier expenses
incuried fot thu coma. on defence or gener
al welfare, was defrayed ou of a ceinmon
ireaaiiry, which was supplied, or intended
10 be biipi-lied, by dircl taxes; each Slate
reser ing to itsclf.aiid cxcreiing the power
ijunru inrui luroati, mo procecda Iroai
which were appropriated to the defraying
d the cxpeures id' the tiiate adminisira-
Under this airnrgcmont it soon became
'Vident thst the linrfiiciil uants of Die gt-n
cral government could not be supplied. The
inmost ditlicul.y was expiirii cul in collect
ing even a small portiun of the mcesnar
ruvcuuc Hie treasury was empiy one-li.ili
ol ihe lime the debts td Hie "renuntiii
rt cre unpaid her credit prn rated, and bu'
liule or no prospect of relief.
The enemies of republican piineiples mi I
institutions were anxious to Sel.jhl tho fall
and wreck of what was dcslinrd I) bfeiiim
die inl!fin republic of the world llio hind
'if promise ;i.c home r tl'.3 free and thr
Congres3. deup'y sensible r-f iho fiet:
dial unles.i il;e general j.vprui::i'iit ivaf,
and coniiniicd '.o be, supplied u i.h ravenue
adeijuato lo il wants, nd eiiatled 10 dis
hare its duties, u must to eitit: a.i.!
kiiowiiij; full weil lii.iiu;i()M in, inn il.'; i in!,-!
. i
I'm fn'ma , I'ijfc .1. n'i'. . I .1 f. .
. .v. .U...I lA.JIt'll.CU, VI lillC (1 III J Ol lU.
p'issrd a resoluliiiii lee.'nuiiecdMr ;,ai ;
ennnntion of tho S.jj'ci fliuu',1 ;e
I'l.ilallc'pbll, fur lliC pul)i;-(: (;f ftl iruii'
and rendering ihe uriieles uf eonleih-r jiioi
r ledenl ennsiinninn, 'ctlraunte to Ihe ex
igenrici pf "nvrrnmrnt unithe tre.fcrv.i-
tion of Ihe Union
Accoidingli, cnnveniion ssr inblei!,
Hiid WasliiufJinn, (he f,iilf;r f 0,,r j,,,,
ouniry, whoe preeoum dut sleinbers 11.
Iisdlownl V: r.ion's linsnii.v;.(i chosen lo ie
-iJe over llieir 'leliberr.Uniis, imd n-v
ral iimnihs spem in i.eous inil atl( ;,-,,
it.hi body, r(imp.ited uf tl, r at 51, I , -
ami w e-l mm 0 fie mumi. Irjm..,!
rrscmed to t,'c peo;.,-, ilf) ,v Siaio
nifi-d ilm rxviing "rem m d gyul tui,ji
liihm nl i;e Uniu-d 'itaie.
1 cannoi he derii d iiii (me (1f ),a ,,,;.
cipal snj IcAihr.j cl j 'ci3 bed in view l
that cnvfiii.,n, wss to supply il,c Id,
e arvir.g ireaci.ry ol the nation with nver.uc
'without nlii.'h.' i-id Al.x,mJ(, I:,,,,.!!,,,,
one ol ihe li.nurs and gnat txn, ,n,;, rs t
he constiiiiiiiin, -i!, govrrn'nrnt 11, net rc
lijjn its i idepi i.dd, ce, Mil!: in n ilic tie
irrjil..! .n.,il .('.:.
s..ti .v,iUliiu u, ,1 j,, ,,. lure, j; v, i,ijf,
thtrcfur.', ii.iis! m b (UI b j;, ii
. 1 1 . 1
- v-e-M.. a qm :,., ,-f ,,,.... iLiuet, ra .k jol.usv Hiisiir ail!i.i the
.mpo.lanceT D.j ll.y i-i ...,:,!,;,t,(;Vei:iieSiies.ts,ue,Jlv ,,,IPii,i,,'; I.
ahoPld be madu subordmnie lo f ,a;ct,iCft 8
Did llicy declare that tho quesiion lint
shoulJ receive the consideration ol Congress
when enacting land' laws, ohnuld bo wheth
er this or thai class of individual were pro
leeledf No, air, they intended thai reve
nue shoi'ld be the first ol jnei of every tariff
'aw, whilst protection is. and only can be,
the episode or incident.
The t'oitiine of a larilT for protection,
without regiud lo revenue the docliiue ud
vocated by the Federal par'y of eighleei
hundred and fortv-six and seven is ai wai
with he ronsii'.utiun of ihia Union, and
was repudiated by in frieuds when il was
When the constitution was before tlu
people when they weie called upon lo de
e.ide whether it a'n u!d bo the band ibai
should hind ingfilier ihfl thiiieen original
Slates the inhiAnints of v, hich had logeih
er f.mghi, lige;hei spent their tre-sure ami
dtcir blood the advocates of high piotcc
ihm opposed iis udoptinn, upon the ground
lhal 11 tve Congress the power to impose
direct, ks well ms indirect laxts.
Tliey eoniended that tlii power of the
national Lcgit-Uinr- to riUc revenue, should
be confined to thu single source ol imposing
Inties or indirecl luxes, upon goods, &.,
imported Irom loreign eoonlrii s. 1 hey ar
ued that duii. s cu'.ld nal be too high; that
nigh protection dimouragtd ixiravagam
una iiinption f iicnurtiged domestic manu
fdciues, and had a favorable influence upon
Upon ihe other hand, ihe advocateB of
rtvanue taiiff, wiih incidental protection-
;he friends of the constitution contended
that the power of Cuiigass to raiio revenue
should not be confined to ibis single source
hut thai, in the language of the constitution.
Congress aliould hive power to lay nod
collect taxes, duties, imposts and exercises
11 pfi the debts, and piovide fo; the com
mon aefnice and ganen.! welfare of ll.fc
United Stutes.'
They aiguetl that,'h protection gave
ihe monopoly of iho nimkel '.0 the manu-
lacturiiig c'ueet s, and enabled iliiin to make
itlier (dasses wibutiiry lo tin 111: thai h:gh
protection would drivo industry out ( f i.s
i iiural channol-'prii'.note tho inlcr'st.-t 0!
.he ii:l), j the disadvantage of tfm
encourage fimigglii-g. ard, finally (Jifeat
iho revciuci the object n 01: iitiaiiicd.
The coiislittnion, sir, was adopted ii
ftie r.ds, the advceatPB, of a leventio taiilT
weie triumphant, mh n 1 Tie iirst i:iu rcct tax
;rr tariff law, vr.f i-naeteil by Congress i:
3i ' aod;TfJ.-y.fc.': "' "''Uj-.-TiO'iess ttlaii
thirl; geiicml, spernil and tompromis) h;r
lF laws luve been enacted by lb gotr:,
meni; svernginj obiot out for every ticcn-nj-ttca
ni ti:h.. So manv eliuii"i, ued t
much ttavenrg, in the revcutie ai3 of tXi
nation, h;.d, m doubi, to a grtn-. cr o;
lt"s cxteiii, an i. j-irious infliirnee upon tin
nia-itilaf lining da-nhj and jci, fir, ji t,f
'txigencits of p.vtmmrnf, a.hl the rcirr
o.tioi J 1,'y.s i'niun,' wr.hh should be
nioie preueus thjii 'mncii Jim goo!,' ti
ery Amsricai ritiz -n, demands ibis clntig-
ng po.ic.y, ii'inl ii car. Le remedied, to it he
mtist itibseri'uf
Hut, sir, do the exigencies of gnv? nt
ind the (m i-f-r vi.ti.i'i e( th's pieeions Union
really deninnd this rlnmuin polir v ? Ji 0
.icncyjiirv, in oider tr pio.otb i!ie t -1 ; r . 1 '
wclfnp, that we siioe.hi Irve one kind ol
Mriil to-Jay, ;i:i.; a!ioi;;iT tr.-murron? ),,
he wants of t!ic nuional govefninent re
.piiie tliat ihij q-iffiiloo n!,;,!! ;a ,!t1:iU..;
out His. tiseii, ti: enr 10 -P;ir, in id,
Vue Ii.' no, .hi; iho po-sei-
vaoon t:i iiiih u !.;:-tim w ci.aie, i! 0 , r.t--periiv
tir.d hajipii.-h of ibis pcf,.,:,,!,,.
. . r . 1 . t 1
1 11 1 1 air. hi ni- 01 a inn, ic in re 1 . oie 1 ar.iicr.t
niechanii!. inl a!!, rry aloud for grAPii n v,
a id s eady in the icvenac laws ul
the niition.
'I'he iii iff. Mr., between fiei
n ide and hijjh prntei iion unght to re:i;.c
1'i.e AmeiiiMi jicople are nol prepared lor
md will noi except of euher. 'i'he for.iin
woiihl iltiie and ci-inpel the rmlionul gov.
en mtiil 'o lay, hi.d. ,1' pus.-ibio eolkfl
n cl laxeii, whi- h 1 -Xj" .tiOieot Will ti.ed ui
'ler the rcv'l'edi and 'f-ur,d waniinn.'
he Idl er ould buiid up Monopolies, ch
ie u ssdiiM.ici'on ana Henri. imnunns among
Hie StaiCii, mkI (!,( rsby ein'anci r tlu Ui io 1
md eventii.illy destroy ti.e reveime.
t i .... . .. .... .. . .
inn; pit fio inn lilLTi.' ilS-eillOil", uur
l -iibem iron) fiee (rade en Lr cs l!:o "r.eral
ijovernmc nl was vonctriicd, aud nu ii,ne
trfd high protection. I) reel laXiiion
ihieaiened the dissulutiou of the Union
ivith the in, mid indirect taxation fr.r
on Ins llirrakiicd it vii!i i.s. I Ij.nei i-
has, and continues l i!i to .1 n
lii;,'h pruiei live uuil- c.-o.noi long k:1-: j..
ll. s naibt). 'J'lii re inn m in my eoi fl -e 0 ,
iiitercus. such a vritly of o.-iinio;;, ai.d s
impolbie ami impracticable for the gen
ral government lo adopt and long m linlain
such t sj sie!ni
8 ability ii what we wsul stability i
bal we musl have, and if as asserted by
some the pieseni, future and everlssting ex
istence and welfare of Iho manufacturing
classes hang upon the revenue laws of the
iistion, without et.biliiy 1 caio nol how hijjli
and protective ihe turill'iiuy be tlwy must
languish und expire.
Fol tho manulacturiiig and other interrsis
ii, my humble judgment an au valorem tar-
ll'impasing duiiea of aboul thiny 01 ihii'ty-
five per ceiiiuai pennanendy established is
ar oeiicr aim uioru uimin6' ' -
. 1 . .! ...... i-iitiiriiia limn u
urilT nol permanently established and im
posing duties of from fifty to one hundred
per centum. In other word, permanent
revenue lanfT, bffotding reasonab.e pioitc-
don, is belter than a high pioieetuo laiifi
without permanency, und afford. ng uuiea-
soluble proteciun.
The tariff of was a protective tuili
enacted lor ihe purpose of roieeiiug ilo-
mestie uiatiufucluies, and for such a law the
b'ederalisls nro now (ontcnding. It wa?
precious in the eyes, and rolled as a sweei
morsel under ihe tongues ol iho mauiit-o-
i..rim innMiinolisiH of (,ni; ii't'lion ef ihe
Union, and slunk in ihe nostrils ol the sgri
cnltural and other imerc.-tB of siiolher por
tion of ihi siiiic liaiioti. And had not n
compromise been cffecied, the honor ol
which is dec.ared 13 belong lo Henry Clay,
to-day, 1 bel-evc. this Union would exist
ijiilv 111 name.
The tariff of 1823 threatened to over
whelm the nation in acnil wur, and cause
men breihcren, who had .ogether fought
and achieved their independence, to stand
laeo to face and spill each others blood.
I'tie set of '-12 is acknowledge d to b. in
many respects, equally protective- and us
obnoxious lo a portion of ihe people as thai
of '23. Ii is true, that without Democratic
'Otes the act of '12 never could have In
come a law bul sir, it wis that or nothing
Congress was on the eve id adjourn. ng
iho w jiits of iho government tied not beer.
proviJed for, and the Demoir.ilic member
weie not willing to go home and leave il.e
government, silmiiiisuied by the Imnesi
Fed'ttal .Mo Tyler, destitute of means
Thitty-aix, if I mistake not, Federal mem
bers ef G'ongnss. aniorg whom was tlie
venerable yolm li- Ad uns, voted .g.n;.si
ihn bill-at.d ct. in 1814 when Mr. 1'dIK
and Mr. Chv wire before the peoph1, th
Federalists claimed and called il the 'Whip!
.i'u'iifj'p'i'rr.cTs wiili rrga'iJ 10 this tiiaiter,
ire aboal c qnal
1'lial law lus been repealed iho acl ol
IE IS has been in biicc.cbsl'ul operaiioi foi
.bout the spue of ii.v w;i!s, it.d now
.ben iv 5 in the of a v. ar wiih ii
iH-jehcroui iieighbnii;ig lejiiiblic. tlos Iii -
islaiurc will iuiii)cl our ijetiainrs i.ud re-
nested our Cinres men to ii6e everv tl-
on 10 r-.;pca! ihe 'anii-AiueiiiT.n' uel ol '4u
and re..-naei '.he glorious American laid'
I M'2. 't ins tii, (iTiiot be dune, i In
eople of I'enn?-) Ivanid do not ask i'i and
they will hold us responsible lor ihe
;sn:c aud moiwy fpti.l i:i this usel.-s dis
cussion. Uviry tat iff. Jr. Speaker, is more m less
(iro't l-ii vc, and as ihe Deinociaiie put'
mild that Die necessary expenses ol Ihe gov
1 . 1
-riuoi'iii FiiOiwn nu raiieii irom uir.ii s upon
impoi'.s. par!), to a certain exieni, ad
vocatev priitic!ioii, tlie (incline of pro
.ec'.ton lor piiittetion. ombud!ed in the Fed-
, n.l eree J ibey rfjmJiutc
1 . 1 -
i.xeiimvo puviifccs 11 is ev r a I'd cer
v t!l iiciivctl.e decidid oppns tion ol 'hi
I), i.inir. io paiiy, Ami he v.oul-l a.-k 1!,
g-irgcoiisty attired advocate of these privi
o'tjts lo 'i w iih him to the Ti tuple Ll 1,'b
rty rcrvd by the hands of oar!.. lb. h-
loois are guarded ou r 1: is suspended i!.i
.'iilleriii' gleaming sviord ol ju-lice iijmi
walls a e inscribed 'j.'i'iiut rijhti und
"pud privlti'sti? Ami as he s'tinds gazini!
minn the (,-urchasc of tl,o eoinnion biool (I
iLr ilhif triijiis aii(.( s:or.- u would -isk lnin
10 tell him ;l he eati by v.hai auihoiity ht
claims Ihe ct j.iymmt of privih-gM lhal ai-
lenied lo him and by w hat authoriiy ihe
CongTss of ihe Fniu d Slates or i.r.y oilier
iciib'u'ive body in ih:s Uii!tn. t!;pm
t;;r, if the people ol lins State- and Union
desire tt pr.vonn rhcif peace h."ppines
and piospr-riy if hey desire t,.:t t'.u
pure nr.. I llami e f likcr.'y shall eon
ie otl.e I is radiance in our holy .imph-!,
in all Imr dchbr nfions and wit, in-y uiiis.
ie guided l.y a i-pir, ul liberal. ty and ica
-ouauiB ( utief si-ion.
Midshipman 1' dolus; by he
A'.i'xieain i-i immiio.tri.-g tUo May Z'i:e
1 tin .ri.z, uno v. no w ,s rr.e i.i; y tpj
iva: eoiiviied by ,ic eii! .i'i 'n il, an I no
iiy the n i'io ry as m our Mexican
acenuntj yesterday .lie wus ac(j lilted Ly
he la.
s.i 1 Liu). iv, j.i.xt.inv ao, hit.
V. ).rALMi:ii I'.sn.inuutlwrkal hurl
.i,,, , the. (,,0.11
III.V UI MI.I 11 AT, (lull It
en;. t till iikihuh iir uu.scrun.un unu .lurun.i
ni IT ot hi 11 A i;t helm in
l'liihtilrljihia A'... S3 I'i Hi-Hi rat.
Ann Yurk " I'iO A i.-wu-tlrect.
;,i..,;l " IC SMk-ttrirt. '
liulliiiwrr S, I'., em: Hal. it ml 1'iilrvrt-f.h,
Mti-c!iuiltH-.itrl;iJiiii-H(tiitl . null niti it u.tiiJiitd
!t In tlii-iritilv'ittirlo oiltrrttii in tliin iiiij i r.o.i
,7 unit .- uk yJ-M id a .Ccuuti Seat
'md hait a gnitttr eir.-nL'l.iu iV the aniiiti liun
11 ....1 :. I..; .... .-.. .(
null uuht iiujiir iiuu.i.iiii u u r.uui siumma.
cine u la u.
The Dimociaiie eiilzens of FennsyUa
nia vi ho have nol ah. ndy appoiiiu-d, ie te-
q tested to meet al the places , f hoi,!-,'''':"B 'B c h,c "",u
n,g .heir to,nl,.p s.,d county meetings and ,,''Sh 1 ar as 'V " a bLk 88 J"'- 3,,J
select delegate equal in number of theirj 1 il any one can stand it I
Senators and Representatives in the State, , . . , . .
1 I 1 luve seen n great duilultlic count ry in tliei
KegiMiuiire lo represent than, in U'C Slate ri,u(c Wl. ,iinc t8k,.n alld ,iavo ,.a,?0l lllttl,y lh,o
Ciinvenlion U be hidden til ll..rri.-l.ito on ; (,ilii;s jn tiie .V1,nl ul j ullAh rincinna'ta i,; a I.1-0
TllUlsday ti n -I ih liny of Mmeh IKXt for tliC;(i;V)Eo i6 I.ouisvil'c, mill Ntw Orleans huh kau-
purposu of nominating candidates fur the
o.Tn-es ol'(iove;noi oiid Catial Cniiimissiun
ei, and of perfuming such oiher duties as
may prriain lo ihcm in accordance with the
usages of the parly.
JJy order of the Democratic State Central
IIkmiy Hutiir.LR Si c'v. Chauman.
IlanUburg, Nov 28 iSlG.
The Pcmoeiatic Isqiublicau citizens ol
Cnliimbia county are n quested 10 rrret a1
he places of holding the General Flectisr
mi r at h Elertio i district, on
Sulurduy the Zth day of February,
next between the hours of thrco and six o'
clock in the af cmuon of said day to choose
two deleg ites to meet at the house of John
Clayton in I'loonn-bcrj, on Monday tLe
next following (February 13-!i,'al one o'
clock P. M, for the purpose of appointing
Delegates to represent Columbia county, in
.1 State Convention, to be l.eld at Ham
burg on thu 1th day of Match next, to 11 on.
mate a suitable person as a candidate for
Governor, and also a cardidale for Canal
October Flection.
Vi'M. J. IKE1.ER,
Drmona'ic .Sl'.ndlii" Committee.
Jthuary 21, 1817.
colstv cosv7:.xriox.
Ibfi eieriii.n of Delei'j'pj in i')fi
" on ihe 13 h of February, lo meel
n Cuuniy Conwiiiiou on ihe lii:h of the
oine oii,i,th, ii an event iha sho;:!d attract
l.n -1. ..f . . I 1
, ..v. o. ,1.1.1,,,, .1, i-vu temoci at 111 toe conn
'v, A frill attendance at ihe Delegate 1 lei
i,,v..0 ...I'i :.. . t . .
'-... m i loruiB a rnr arm tiaimonioiis
-or.vctr.ion, sin! one loo that will irnly re
present the opinions nnd wishes if oureiii.
zcris. 'J'he Sending Coniniittec have
wis.e!y made iheir call for (Jonveniion in
which all pans of ihe county will bo 1 qu illy
represented, insiead of a County Me, iinC.
I he tow n nnd its imutedi ale vicinity w In re
i Ciiniv M'eetino in lt.;,j, ,aVe an nnf.iir
1 lvantnge over other portions of i eountv
,nd hem e tlie justice and necessity of Dei
eaiu Convention?, in v l.icli cueh township
.as an i qna! voice,
"Vc pnblili this w ni
ihe ie-ii,-ti!is oil
1,',. I'I." IJ.'M,' .1... i
'.. 1, 11 10 it. pit ii-nrmve ln in
l.n county, upon the Tariff Kesolu'.i'.'i'.s.
oade in ihn II jijsj on the 13 h msum
I !lO letliillK -l.ts till- HiOiui'll. r ,1 ,! . I , ,.,
.... w.iu via ...111
ei ttit.
f'-TA rf-Miluiion has j,nHuil the IIousi
f piesentaiivcs instructing one of it?
uiiiminces to report a hill for the We ol
he I'eb'tC Woil.S of the Sidle. ,Vn iiie'ni.
nu ll.-,: in beir;i :,b!e to say, tint every
itmoi riicmeoibcr of tha House voted
g ooi'i (ins w 11:1 hiiu reil.iess
0 er d' os Vv'irg;;rry j;ei in
prt-jcvl. JVj
s o er d' os Vv'lr'i'irrv tet into newer than !
c. j 1 (
1 bf k'ins to exhibit its true character ! The
cir.italitls aid sprenlauis now want loeill
. . ,
l.r,d of the Public M inks in (irih r to niakl
, . ,, . . . 1 ,
noat v 01 1 ui iljem, and 1 edt -ralo stands
r-tadv to assist them in their 6lfihnr.s u
he I tiling shame mil irjury of the Slate
W'c pu! !i: li 1..1 uur tjr.-t p.i!:e a lujio rt of t!m lrin
,.f J.'mc Ihit-i.,.. Ir die iiuioli r ul' hi.-, lirotlicr J.ilin j
huliiii, . In liii.Lii.d ill. (he r.-pnrt v.c avail iill.-t-rin-s
of tl;i- iiotrit nf the Dep.ity Atlonu v lieneoi! atn uf
iho rej ml puMi -hcd in il.e Xanvillo Jlinot rat. The
latter purl of tht" lieport Irem 7'ue.-i(.iy eveninj, in
exclusively from Cic Danvillo Demociat.
OP T1IU c r.i:IDlA DliMOCnAT.
j Nr,w-onu AN' Jmjary 1 0, 1817.
Ci l. JVl DIU
I We arrived hpre last rvenini;, and nl
in fise spiriia. A psrl of ihe fust Rcgi
inent I1I1 here lo-dsy for ihe seal of war.
'I I, e V nniiiig Aitilleiims miiII remain; and
,re expeel to ba al.ipj.ed with iheni in a
ti-w (lays. Our t'esiinstiou is Point Isabel
hei e ie lo leniair. awhile for drill.
'I hit ay things si-i in to stand we shall
1 have plenty of lighting yet. U'e eama
J down ihe river in the Wisconsin, a boat
lilui cimnol be beai. W'e cime 221 1 Hides
I in 0 diiya, almesi -100 miles n (Jny. Tho
,,, . . ,,u ,.inr nj -,..t( u pynrrU
1 h ' , '
d. U hen e kit Flushing it was so cold
' ,nal e ,.0.j;d hardly stand it, and now it is
. '
, . . . .,.
'mi lo. tl.i.t cant s and I. Il s now one
' ,vo hot that we cant stand it,
10'elock iii ihe morning, and il is so'wsrm
that we sweat as as we would in
! bloom in July my shut is as wet is it
'ever was cradlti g in lu.ivest. The midden
I . . .1: I. . ,.l . I.
i.ful a eily a? I have i-vei scm in all wy travrk
01.I6 trulv,
1 be following i'Kiis of intelligence
fioin Mxico have htfo received al ihe
flice of ihe N- w Yoik A'jn, by an ar-
r t v a I liom mvanf.
The Coi gress w..s in secret session
dfbalii;g upon tha measures necessary
a be tiLen in the present slate of affiir?.
An rxptess had been received fromS'tn
ta Arms; dem'mdius eight millions of
money, or ihe couuiiy was io-l.
F n-as un dersti od thai the confi-ca"
'ion of the church prnpnty wasconlfin-
pU'cd In outer to procure funds lo carry
oh th war. The clergy were, of coursa
violently oppostd lo this ixiiaMire, and
were threading o:;cumrnunicaiioii lo
lie C idrniri'.n', Copgtfss and lha
army if il was citrifd into
,ln vimalpmalion Elopemmt.A novnl but now rathsr common
ki ml of e iopemr.ot cams off si Nonli
A Ums. Mans,, bfm New Year
nine is small oucil lellow, iho feirale
u a respectable while- giil. Thj piriir-s
reside about three nilrs fiom die vil
af, a. id thpy showed considerable
-I f. wduess in laying snd carrying nut
ineir p!,.iis. The ftrm'e came lo lha
village i,i Ihe Henr.ingtori stage, the ob-
j ci (I her sD'.-ct ions fjilotving on (uol.
Sne got riu al ihe North ?h,mn
Il-iuse, ami af er waiting a lime went
n fool lo Noi th s'leel where she tv.n
net ty htr Hue luvr ot la ten in a con.
Vf yalic , and hoi lied lo Nctv L-.biioi,
rtheia they were oon made trie.
loner ficm a geiiilcnun ot Council
Elull , i!,,l-ul on the 17 h of December,
0 his coi resp-jtidenl in Si. Louis gives
he particulars of a drenlful nnssacre
o.ornmiiie.1 by a wai pniy of ihe
loii Sioux upon ihe women and cluldien
f ihe Omahns, al Wood's 15'off, six'y
miles irom I.-llevietv, on Ihe night f!
'lo.- 12 1. ; ndl" h n!i,Theii.enand tvairi-
01s ( I il.e Oinulns h 3il led the camp on
a hu.n'; ai d the S oux. soon alter Ibey
reached the cki-ji, dicovfrer! that they
Oily la I wnnirn an I childr-n to con
en.) isi'h. The wistirrihld
- ....... 1. ;ii... 1 .. 1 i I . ...
: .w ...,v , , . w unu 1 ...i-lliuu.
men ru-.tlti Iheir rsc pv ore ol then)
J iseph L (1 el'c, a trailer in I he employ
of .Mr. Fcler A. S.rpy, and at the 1 1 mo
ii rl.aige of a Ho k of gooi's. ILinij
fioin the fcene of b'ood b.iir footed, and
ii 1 ived r J5-!lvit rv with both leel fio-
x.'o jJi. rpv and ..unpr lMillr. lha
present agi ni, despatched a party ol
- o 1.1 1. .,, 1 t.iin ihn fscio. u wl it,...
- I ... J
con ll me.1, on iie return, '.he repoit of
A. fl,the. They 5o railed th.lfive
., e v;j,jux Indians hid been h;!!!. n.,
. 1, , 1 , . , 1 r
doubi shiboed b v the Omah s (nnui.
. ...
G.iifiu 2f) IV., I, s fintt,.-r il,.. ......... I
, . b -
lot ihe m s.icrc, they found t ie p ace
' ' 1
"lieic the coods tf the Irada had been
b u utm
.1 ...;.! . 1 . 1. . . . 1
u"'" ,"u" '
The fi si J g rnenl of l n.tsvlvani
'. lon'rem I i l Nrw
i leans on i ha
IG h iuM , fr.r lha (,f Hr. The
second reg m ni an v d at New Orleans
on the 15 Ii and 1G h and expected j
leave immediaioly for Point Ible.