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I hn"e swnrnupan tTic Alter of Joil, eternal hostility ta evsry ftr of Tyranny ver the .ttlnil of iHa." Thomas Ji'Ttnon
Volume X.
South side or Main, a rew doom bs
LOW Market-btrkit.
PtWhit even Saturday morning, at
Tlt'O DOLLARS per annum jxnablt
half yearly in advance, or I iro Dollars
Viflu Cents.if not paid within the vent.
1V0 subscription will be taken for a shorter
period than six monins; nor any tuscon
tinitrince pennitted,unlil all arrearages
are. discharged.
ADVEllTISEAIEXS not exceeding a
square will Inconspicuously inserted at
One Dollar for t lie. first tnree insertions
aid Twenty-five cents for every subse
quent nsertion. JO" A liberal disroun
ma le to those who aivrtise by the year
LETTERS addressed on busiiies,mml
be post paid.
TS ' 1 !XI
Or, The Sign ol Digress,
The formation of a new Lodge in the
town of M in one of cur Wes
tern State, wb quite sn important e
vent in i'8 increasing historj .The beau
tiful town had risen like migic on t lie
borders of the lake. Enlrrjjr ine rind in
dustry hid combined to beautify and a
dorn it, and a spirit of enterprise and a
hope of gain, had drawn together men
from all parts of the Union. Social
feelings were nourished; grangers met
here and becme fiiends, and learned
to love and trust each other. Such men in
such a place are the very ones to be
come devoted to Odd Fellowship, and
flourishing Lodge was atrevly there,
and row the formation of another was
quits an interesting event, at least to
Odd Fellows andOIJ Fellows' wives,
and formed a theme of conversation
in a email circle of ladies, who had
met for a social chit chat at the house
of Mrs. Hammond.
'No, no.' I shall never give my con
sent to my husband' becoming an Oid
Felhw,' excliimed Mr. Minor; it
would be signing the death warrant of
my happiness.'
iNor I, either,' responded Mrs.Jones
'although my husband is txtiernely
anxious to join them, and is cons'antly
repealing to me the benefits that would
result from it.'
liontfi s' responded Mrs. Mino
fneeiingly; 'what are a few dollars anil
cents compared with the happiness of a
whole family?'
Tne b,m ft s might consi-t in the
happiness of a whole family,' replied
Mrs. Dinton, who till now had been
a silent Istner.
Can the estrangement of a mail's of-
fec'ions from his fmily ad.! to then
happiness?' inqiired Mis, Minor.
Cdi) tho abue of that limo wbich
ought to be spent in the bokom of hti
f.tmily, adil to their happines?' coutinu
.ed Mrs Divis.
1 cannot bH eve that either of thcsi'
f fit cts would be the result of one's bp.
coming an Odd Fellow, but rather tlx
opposite,' said Mrs. Hammond. 'The
tendency of Old Followship is certain
ly to make men better teller hus
bands, better fithers, and better nicm.
bers of siciety.'
I am sure, ii fils in i's design, then,
replied Mrs. Minor, Tot it certainly ha
been the c.use of a great many qumrk
and murh unpleasant feeling between
hubinda a. id wives.'
'It is not Odd Fellowship but the op
position to 'H, that is the cause ofii.I
9m convinced,' said Mrs. Uanlon.
'Well, I think it is entirely urong foi
t man to have any secrets which he can
not reveal lo It is wife,-' purfurd Mi?.
Jones, 'and a woman ought not tamely
lo submit to tuch an ouirage of confidence.'
I woman who loves her husband,
if plied Mr. Danton, 'ought to hav.
,uflicienl roi'fvlence in him, to feel thi
ne would he guilty of nothing dishonor
ible either to himself or to his wife;inl
.s for their secrets, I imagine that i
hey weie revealed to us, we should h-
,urpri.ed at their I lllntess rather thai
neir imporiiricr.
Well, I do not believe in the neces
ty nr utility of secret societies',' s,iid
Mrs. Minor; 'surely their is ro necefs
y for guarded rooms and bolv.d door"
to dclbera'e on plans of benevolenn
and chaiily if there oVycl is a gnm)
.me, why not publish it fo the woild:
'Thfirown woiks )rsie tin m, tnd
nilent onostentatioui (letds of charil)
ind Jove, are their most thqufr.t de
fendeis,' said Mn. Danton.
'Well. I do, not believe in that be
levoTence which neglects one'i owi
'.mily to administer to other?,' saidMis,
l)ivi, 'and I sppak from sid experienr
My husband, f-r jrars, Ums hanlly
pr. nt an entire evening at home with
his family, on account rf'fhe hurry o
business yet since he has heroine Bn
0 Id Fellow, he minngrs to deva'e one
vening every wptk with them.'
'And 1 doubt not, Mis Dris, in s-
loing he belives I rmself accmpli.thing
mnre good for his family than ho could
in any other possible way ;' replied M s.
Dinton. 'Fonuue is a fickle goddess,
md uften deserts her . votaries in thi
Inur of hetr greatest neel; snd thougl
you may be unable now to image tli
your will ever be lea
promising than at present, )et an hou
(if need may come to y hi, and asslanc'
'rnm an 0 Id Ftllnw's h-nlgo be nuiM
rarinu.-lv received.'
'Yes' I have known many such in-
-lances, ' said Mis. llimond, 'mid will
your permission, Indies, 1 will relate
story which may perhaps serve lore-
move your ptejiidice ol the orfr.
01), ye,ih?y all exciaimed. TeUt
it to ns.and we will try to be convinced.
Mrs. 'li'mondj directing a meaning
look lo Mrs. Dinton, commencd:
I hid a dear friend, Ellen Clarion,
she was a happy merry crc.t'iip, wpI
n I iving he'irt as ever b ., a in a human
ureas', and that heart wi,h its rich stnp
of love, she bestowed upon one every
way wot thy of her. I ) the eyes of E'
en her lover had lui' one f.u't he w-
in li I I I'ljliow: aim in uri i'jr-i .- ti".
, i i t. m . . . .i : i . I . .t.. . ' 1. 1, t, .
E'h-n had lo nne faul: In r pit't'j'idic
hi 0 Id fellowship; bu' each tMi-ieil n
iheir love to win the otl-.T to their owi
view, and very little was i-aid upon tin
iuhjft before their mnrig".
I never saw a imre lovely couph
han Il -nry .il.ley and E l-n Cl iynn
vlin they H'timl up in the linle villaue
hurch and plight-d to each oihir th-'ii
vou'hful Iciv-md whHfi E'len b -i' n
.11 adieu to go wi'h hT husband to h- '
itw homp, it seemed a 1 t'ie,nd
light in her l;ap;y lait would iiev-
r be bludtd by cughl of g'uom or sot
Mr. Ahley had eslabli-hed hirim
m Uos'on, where, by inclus'iy and e
eonomy he hoped lo inereas-i hi Im f
for1 ur.e ti a happy competence. Ti.r
ideasanl little home hs had piovid-d foi
lishiido, wis beautiful, anil renderec
inor pleaant by In r m:inv linle at
..ingemen's, and the I thi of tier haj.-pj
iac shed a h igt-in-s- uv. rail li:s home.
The (ir-i c'o'i.l .In! s'u M nvpil tin
f.Pfl rf l-Vlen A-I,'i v w;". tfn several
werk:.flfr Hit 11 iii .i'i-tt', li-r lui-hinrl
-aid loht i one f v ' im at ! n. 'My deal
I hohf vp I ii.ii-t I- ave 00 I'm 1 the fust
lime, this evening; you have held nu
Mich a close captive, that I have entue-
ly neglected my Lodge since our mar
ly, j tu will not funly leave me
iIoik, lo pas the evening in a Lodge
oom? said E len, ei ioiily.
'My duty calls me llirre,' ifplied.was ardently attached to her husband;
he husband, kinil),a du'y which I
mVe not neghct-d since 1 became a
member, uniil our marriage:, so you see
hat your charms have mote power o
er me than might ele.'
'llut it see ir.s they are now loosing
thf ir power,' sid Flli-n.
Oo! no, indeed; but I tru, Lden,
vou would not wish me lo negh. ct a du-
'Surely nn, if I were convinced i
was i du'y.'
'Oh! I had l.irgnt'en, Ivlen, that ymi
nad a prejudice against our Older, so 1
will jay no more about it now, for I am
sure IJci" convince you in short lime,
that your pnpd cs are mispl-iced. I
hall not he out (a t'i h)!!en, and be as
-ured,' said he, smilirg. a he kinseil
it, 'I shall g'!t in no mchief in h
Lodgi room.'
As soon as her husband had closed'
the door. Ellen burst into tears of ming
ed grief, d:s ipdoimment and anger She
ihiI a sliona prejudice anainst Udd-l'el-
owship; and inad of acting I ke a
"iisiblo woman, and endeavoring to re
move the piej'idice by lefl-cting that
hrr husband would not be guility of any
1 ' . 1 1.1- !,;.,.. if .,,1 )'.,.. !
mng uisnonuiHo. .u ...........
ttached to an ins'Hution ihat had au,h
inworthy in i's objects or (Ksigtn, shs
llowed herself to lcel thai he was ir-a
ng her unkindly, i 1 thm leaving lirr,
nd that there could be no'lm g good in
ii institution whoso rue 11b-1 is wire nni
llowud to reveal to oOieis iheir designs;
nd by the lime her husbind had Mum
d, she h oi f.-iily ma-lu up ler mind
hat O ld F-I'owship wa, a n . ! 11: us' h
vrong, end tint she would be over 0, t
)0fd to it.
Thus do women oftentime bring tin
npp:ness upon ihemselvrs,by ilrteinun
ng no', to bo convinced rd the iiu'li am,
iropnely of that which would ie-u t ii
their own b si interest, in ord-r 'n -
fy a sick'y scniimoniaMy, or fostei
ooltsh sensitiven' H-, whih' I if y !-o-
iiy theii o-vn IVelings, that theins -Ivt-
listrusl ilnt cor fi itnee, which they nc-
on' Iheir husljind- of vinl.ting.
'U'veyou pi'sed die evining pleis
,ntl)?' inquired Ellen, lathir .rfrci-t'
.ally,is hr husband ii-turncd tint even-
'Yes; our m-x'tinga arc always ple-s-
oit,' icplied Mr. Ahl"y, 'and now,'
mntined he smi'mg, 'I must se1 myse
10 'h btiaii e-t of m ,kint yni (he O ld
Fellow'o friend; it will not be a html
iaL will it, Eller.?'
'11 ird r th in you imie.Cjl pi' su hp,'
replied Ellen; '1 am sore 1 nev- 1 c-in lo
e.oiiviiict'd that ihoso ac ions afitiihl.
ivhtch are so carefully c -incenle I.'
'I assure yoii, Ellen, noilr-ng i' run
eealed, wht:h it would Le ol the ha-'
mporiauce to know.'
'Toen why conceal H.?'
'1; is in cosiiy, lo cany out OJf plans
.md avoid im)osition.'
'No, it is unnecessary to tell me tint;
lleniy, so pray say no more about i'. 1
im sore we can ne ver aree upon that
'Ii seems quite unnecessary and un-
ultimate, that we should disagree re.
plied lLnry, sadly. 'I am sure, Ellen, i'
you had seen as 1 have the g"od e fleet-
ol Odd Ftllowship, you would be its
vm mest champion.'
'When I am convinced of us good e!-
I'tcs, I will acknowledge it;' repliedEl.
That was the fiisl unpleasant evening
that had passed in the mariied life of my
Iriend and h'. r husbaid, he was detplj
grievtd that Ellin should bn strongly
pit jodict il agaii.Ht an iinti'utioii which
iie valued so highly , and Ellen really
fell herself a slighted woman.
1 1 all o'her respert, my friend was a
happy, cheerful and duroted wife. She
and on no other subject were Ihey op
posed, and her lice even cheerful a
other times, was always cloudy whet
Lodge night returned: and at thos
imes she nevr fniled lo express t
itrong opposition to the Older.
Notwithstanding this, Mr. Ashley coi"
tinued for several months to attend his
Lodge punctually; but he cnuUI not end'Jn
iheiT stormy seasons, and this, adJed to (In
incieaaing pressure of li s business, caiisei'
hiru 10 grow mora and more delinquent; hi
neglected to pay his dues, and finally ab
sented himself entirtdy fro in his Lodge. I
was with feelings of real sorrow, thit he ii
lime received ihc no'iee of his suspensim
I'rom his Lodge, lie Ind been devotedl)
itacheut.) ii, and hsd fell that should mis
fortune at any t'ur.o attend li;m, he would
be sure of if e same kindness and syippatli)
which he had ever shown to others: but his
vifa was a gi eat dual happier now, and thif-
lie knew was iiwmnsequ ;nce of that ulncl,
grieved him so much he lliertf rs endeavor
ed to feel reconciled to it.
Time-passed on and luriune which bud
heretofore smiled or. biio, now bfgan in
show a chanceful aspect, Business, ever
fluctuating in this country, rcsulied in i
veie losses U him-- misfortunes succcedeii
eneli nlfier. mid le ileeiileil lo Ir.' .1
' '
fi .j f . , .... w . .
1. 1 1..,. k- .,.,,1 ;..,...,......,.. 1. ;i;
1 1 (Older, and that in consequence ol his ncg-
ed pleasingly to his view, and he deeiilcil!, ,. ,, , . , , f
1 " ' ilcct he was then and hid been for souk
to remove dinner. 1 rue 10 woman n
lurweo' uer onoy i s
t. -1 . i. "..!i.. i . i . v. . . ... I - I
nllietl, aiol lo' her Ini.-bii l! lo a lat.i
of stranceis.
Unforoiirre'v lleloctnoi hieh Mr
As'dey I: ltd i'e idi d '.'pni1, prove I an on-
t'l.oinbic one, both in ng'ird to foiiune a -i
'I'iie irivrslmcnt of his money proved ai
uif ivnrable on: ; he saw Ins little rneaiis
dmini-hii'ig, his health too, s-emrd uni.'er
ninii'g Jinl Ii-' h it tliat lie must seek a mon
isvorahlo location, or pover.v und suknesf
loiild reduce them to ansilme want. '1'lic
leeidt-d fi.nlly to remove lo this p!;i'e, mo'
n, out njniii thwir j mrney, hot Mr. As, lev
-oiidiiued to groiv woisi, and vihei: tlo v
.rrii'ed, he found him-elf eompleif ly tX"
.au leu, and qoite nr.iihlo to m&ko any r,r
rnrwmeni foi the fiiKiie,
' lint sli ill e do, Cilen?' lie exclaimed
in distress, 'our means are almost emirc'x
i a It lusted, and still 1 bid growing worse,
ind you are worn out wnli f.iiigue at;i!
' I'liiuk not of me,' replied Eilen, 'but 1
musi send for a plivsniiui for you.'
'No Lllen, wo ii-ivc aetind'y no mans
nf paying birr, and 1 liojic to recover wnli
i mi ( one.'
' must send for ore,' conliiiucd Fdlcn,
and perhaps we s'ia!l in liim a liicdi';'
so saying, she left the room, for Blie s-n
Oial her hnsV.ind was in reality much worse
Ftiligue and anxiety respecting tlieir condi
ion, had en txci'ftd him, llinl ho as in !i
'il'rning fi ver.
The kin,! Dr Evelyn s'on answered tin
dl, and as he entered the room iili 1
lis benevolcii! f t .-c beamed so kind.y upni
die sick man, that in his excited feelings In
nivoluntar'ly gave the siyn of diftress, 'flit
kind Dr. rushed forvvir ! and grasped his
hand '"iih a rec ngnition so j-iyous thai ii
'iroughl a Hood of If uia in the cyea of ll i
-irk man.
Ellen was astonished. 'What mean
'his?' she inquired, 'surely, you arc no; ac
i)inntcd.' 'Yes we are,' exclaimed the Dr. 'we ait
'Brothers!' repealod Ellen, still moro as
'Yes, E'len,' said her husband, 'we have
puled found a friend, for die Di. is an O h!
And your wif is wondering how mi
found cueh other nut,' said the Dr. 'ill it ii
one of onr seciei.-,' smd he smi'ing, as hi
turned to Ellen; 'Iml 1 most now pre
senile fcr rny patient, fur he k indeed harr
tfftcr giving particular directions in rc
gard to the medicine, and requesting itmt t sounds very much like seeral ficti inL1
hia patier.l might be kepi perfecdy quiet, he stoiiiu thai I have read,' replied Alts, Mi
rose lo leave, and said kindly to my friend, nor, 'if J knew it was real'y true, I might
your husband needs constant cure thmiigh pcrlmps change ray opinion aomewha','
he night; you are too much hoisted to ''Veil, I u ill vouch for the nutb of e!I.
vatch ith him 1 am now g onij lo the except ihe names, for I have told you tl
Lodge, and will bring a couple of bro'.bers story as my friend has often told it to roe.
to watch with him.' J'rs. Ashley must now spoak for herself
Tv 1 1 0 n ftnil'r! nnl anmli a t n a AtiAHnnmo M A !i I ntf 1 1 ! ma a I iaa r1 HonltH '
. 1 I V II WWUIVJ IIUI rji-o, OUT OH I J l- ( C 1 17
niih surprise, and a thousand varying emu
'Ellen, we shall indeed be C3red for now,'
'aid Mr. Ashley, as the Dr. left the room
I feel that we shall rective kindness here,
ullliouijli from being a suspended ineiiiher
of the Order, I have no rightful claim l
their assistance.'
An unilefinable feeling thai s'le hud don'
the Order injustice, now possess'-. Kiien
nit she could give no uUernice lo it, ant!
die begged her husband to couviocs liitnse
ind keep peifecily calm.
Anxiously did she watch every viiryi.-iy
ihade cf his cuunicuance ilmi eveninj. and
larnesily did hei thoughts riso for a bltss-
ng upon him.
Soon after nine, the Dr. re-entered die
r Mini with two gentlemen, whom he intro-
luced as brothcts who would v.atch will
)t. .f.diley thai night,
Again and again did A!u Ashley return
me warm grasp ot a broiner s liana
lien tiirning Dr. Evelyn, he said '1 must
inw expLin to you my situHtinn.' lie
hen told them of his former connection with
f.oihrc in Boston, of his attachment to tin
lime, a Fupendod member he had n
, .j. ;im!ne,s
'oay no more,' ihey replied, 'we all un
derstand your feelings anil now you must
endeavor to 0 to sleep,'
Nouviilistaiidintr what had passed, Eller.
-ould not d.el illii:a to leave lier husbani'
::i tl.c- h.luds of strangers through the- lti-;hl,
nit when she saw their tendui kindness and
.van hfulncss, sho retired lo e!ecp feehnj
onfnlent that her husband was in faithfn
'ieepiog, and th it she could safely tiust bin
while she slept.
Day after day of lingering fevrr, did iht
i n J Di, and some one of bis frit-nds cal
md administer to iho r.nmforts of her bus
band and every night did one or mon
ivalch him and all was done in such a kiiw
oid unobtrusive manner thai it complete!;
von Ellen's he Art ar.d she confessed to
he Dr. nil her former prejudice lo the 0.
ler and that it was her opposition that
unused ti r r husband to rrg'cet his Lodge
'Well, well' the doctor vvnn'd say 'yon
oust now make amends and become the
Odd Fellows' champion and make cmv cr's
if these foolish women. Vhcy will all he
ome Odd Fellows or Odd Fellows' urnics
liv and bv.
Dory at last rcco' ercd and the d l.r
urst lilt ins room i)r. i,vetyn came id am;
siid 'have come io givo )ou ;i little ride
but fnst I wish you to cxtiitine lids j:ek
.ige while 1 chut a little with your wile.,
'l'hc li st pa pci Ei iuy opeor-d, wai alct
.er and car-1 ftotii his ow n Loduo re-ii;stat
mg t, i ill a inenihc r u lii.-h h ,d been pro-i-urt
d itirough tho influence i f Di. Evelyn
die mxl w is a reccij ted bill o! their land
lord and ihe lal a loan from several of the
roiher? who had so kinJiv attended bin.
Isriiugh l)is Sickness.
'Jr. Ashley was c,,mphitely overcome
nd grasping ihe D:'s hand he in vain mad
hi -IF jrl to speak.
Conic, coo: e,' snid the Dr. 'put on your
lat and cloak and come ai d iaka a ride with
ne I ivant to talk wnli yoo a Itli'e.' Tli
i)r. then told him id s p! m wlu'eh bin
iriends liud formed for him it was for him
n embisco a favor die op;iorio!iity there
ihin w9 lo enter n irt'fu.tb!e. hu-iuess. This
is a flounshinii liuie io.vii ami 1 havo i,o
Imihl you will lie s ncees-fid.
; '3 M.-iuccees-arv io a t!...i v., .' ..;
b y c .lei-iiy embraci d siK-li a fv :
;r.)i itiiiity . and ihl he ugain hecai. e .m
uve Old Feilow, nml (Men nnw aek
oowiedt:ed herself (.onvmced of the good man "idi a s lery loll su
e.Te.:t9 of OJd Ftlio .vship, and li. c inie a Add to tin se the fice I . .
ioaious advocate and defendor of tli. Older m,' l0r",H) 'ake the r- .. t'- 'her . u
. j i i , . ... ' hfvu a tudv of men indicative of the inil.
And now ladie how do you ike irv ston-r', i " . 11.
fuu ""e 0T) 'ilcet and hard U'tTr and severe sTtnJv
inquired M 8. Hammond. fsttirdy rV(riof!rf!n. '
, I' J I . lUUttJ qi ioq tri i a (V H VU4II
All lurnsd to Mis. Danton, in surprise,
who confessed heiself the heioiue of the
siory ar.d e:sured them of its truth; 'and
you will not wonder now at my warm de
fence of Odd Fellowship. have, 1 hope,
lionet in some- measuie for my past injuea
ice to tlie Order, and opposition to my litis-
'land's filings: and wbat say you ladies,
to your husband's becoming Odd Fellows?'
yi.'iac chid! become one,' exclaimed sev
eral voicea at once, 'if I have any influence
over Jiiin.
Ii is unnecessary to add that the flourish
ing h'.tle Lodge in M , receired at its
next meeting several nev names as app!i-
cants for membership, and 1 have sines
heard that the wives of these new members
make it their duty to see and know them
selves, titat their husbands attend all thi
tncrtingt of their Ledge and regularly
pay their duct.
A correspondent of iho Yoik Her
dd, under t'.ie date of Dec 7, gives the fol
lowing humorous description of the mem
hers r f the U S. Senate, then presents in
heir seate.
Foriyonfl Senators present lo wit.-
Mr- Allen, tall and straight as Old lick
Mr. Art her, just as tall.bul slightly slim
ii er.
Mr, Atchison, pretty much of the same
Mr. Atberlon, about ha'f tho Attitude.
Mr. i-irrovr, a solid, substantial planter,
Jllr. Hento'i, I am Sir Oracle
Mi H-gby, who lus ihe leveretij 8p
iftsraneo f a priest,
ilr. Urcese who leoks like him not in
die lea?t.
Mr. Calhoun, tho eag'e-eyed.
Mr. J- il. Clayton, the rcsurectiouisl of
Mr. Case, a heavy edition of Ben Frank
Mr. Chalmers, a litile package neatly
dorm up.
Ah. Cilley, weallier beaten, like an olJ
Alt. T, Clayton, the silent man.
Mr (yolquit. the exhorter
Mr. Corwin ths dark skinned wagoner.
Mr,Crittenden,thfi blade with two edges
Mr. Davis the man of the last word
Mr. Dickir.on the antagonist of Webster.
Ready for another light.
Alt- Dix no man's adversary; but equal
0 th? best.
Alt Emns with his figures glaring in
Ids eye.
Mr. Fairfield a hide of a d "peptic- we
Alt, Hnn ic2'nn deridedly stolid.
Alt Jurnigau luokirg pretty well recu
perated, Mr. Johnson of L., a very rood nainred
Ah Lewis the powerful, and ;he ponder
ous 510.
Mr ilagnum the superb
Mr Milllcr i quiei little black eyd prr
Mr Peirce a hearty specirecn of a (josit
'onscie ive.
Alt I'citiiybacker solemn s a copy of
i'l'te Lstone.
Mr Phelps f.king a little men muff
Mr Sample reading over Uilpm's report
on Oregon.
Mr Sevier laughing and growipy .'.u
.Mr Sprihl with an eye tj business.
Mr Sturgeon fixed s if for a nap.
Mr T.irney looking around as
if something was wrong.
MrUpham satisfied no mallei how il
.1r Webster looming out like a thunder
1 loud.
ut Westcott eyeing'ih'
is if to say it w on't do Mr i s
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