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    of duly on Import it a topia that mit'inuri
in diviJs public sentiment. In my mfi,'g'
of tho 7ih of January last 1 took occasion
to r ipress ilin viewi which I l!irn entertain
cJ regarding it, nd to tlit-oa view I con-
tluueti) sdhere. I can entertain doubt
of tin constitution! power ol tin fedeial
government, Hi nuke such disi:riminaiioni
in the rales al duties on imports, may f
ford reasoii&ble ent:ouriie.meni to domestic
mnufactutn 8nd productions ninth may
may be irjurinus'y affected by f.rei(!ii eo;n
petition. This is i power incident to evrry
sovereign Slate, and a ilie separate Sine
of this Union ire by the express term ol
the constitution prohibited from in exercise
il follows, that unless it resides in tho fed
eral governtnent.the United State are with
out this caaential aitributc of National sov
errigniy. The extent of these discriminations, bear
ing, as they do, upon conflicting interests,
and in some decree arraying those of one
portion of the Ui ion sjainst another, can
only be sdjueted under the influence ol ilia'
spirit of concession, and cornpioinise, which
prevailed in the adoption of the Constitution
lslf. The history of our legislation on
this 3uhjael, demonstrates most conclusive
ly, '.hat a tariff, to be permanent, which is
so essential to the manufacturing, as well
as all the other great inter ;sta of the Coun.
try ruusi be icasonable and equitable, and
that all attempt3 to establish a rate of ultra
protective, to low horizontal duties, have
only tended to keep the question in a stale
of constant agitation", than w hich notliinp
ran be moie prejudicial to the interests ol
the business community. I am, thereroro
in favor of sueh just discriminating duties
as may be sufficient to sustain all our great
National interests against injui'tous compe
tition from Bbroad; such as will give to the
home manufacturer, and producer, reasona
ble profits on his capital, cnible him to pay
his workmen fair wages, without unneces
sarily taxing the customer.
l'ensylvania, possessing as she does, such
vast agricultural, manufacturing and miner
al resources, and commercial advantages
has a peculiar interest in the adjustment ol
this question, upon a permanent basis,
Should the changes made in the rate ol do
tics by the tariff art of 1810, affect injuri
ously any of the great interests ol the coun
iry, we must unite our efforts to induce
Congress, to whose care and discretion the
subject is committed by the Constitution,
and on whose wisdom and justice we may
safely rely, to muke all just and teaaonab'.c
From all the reflection I have been able
lo eive this vexed and complicated subject
I am thoroughly convinced, that reasonable
Jiscriminaung duties, sueli'as can be per
manently maintained, in connection with
fe operations of the Constitutional Treasu
ry, and a sound currency, will do more to
promoto the permanent and genroral pros
perity of all the great interests of the Coun
try, than any other system of policy which
can be adcned. High duties, with ihe em
ployment of banks as the depositories ol
the public moneys, and a consequent infla
tion of piper currency, by which the advan
tage nf the duty to the home manufacturer
and producer is deMtoyed, are ai certain to
basien and aggravate those commercial re
vulsions, to which all nations are exposed.
8 profligacy and vino ore to produce war.l
and misery.
The repeal, or modification of the Ciitish
Corn which our pro-
-Jin are admitted into British ports, while
it was a measure dictated alike by sound
policy, and humanity, toward the uff. r'uife
population of the United Kingdom, hts hat!
a most happy influence upon our farming
interests. T Mb measure has already aug
mented the cemand for our bieail-stuffs, at
enhanced prices, and there is reason lo be
lieve, it will continue to increase permanent
ly our agricultural exports, which canon
ail to add lo the general wealth and pros
perity of the Stale and Nation.
In my last annual message I expwei'
my view st length, in regard to the policj
ol ihe banking sysleni, to which I resr.eri
f illy refer. To the opinions therein con
tained, I continue to adhere. Al presem
there is reason to believe that our bank an
n a comparatively Bound condition. With
out ascribing t'lis creditable and hetlihv
state of things enurely to the poli-y which
lias been adopted, of limiting the amount ol
tho banking capital, and milking hankers
individually liable for the payment n( the
debt', I an persuaded that it ha a ealnurt
influence in preserving the soundness of the
currency, and that it should be a jhertd t
I refer yon. with great pleasuip, tf ihe
able i port of tho Canal Cmnmi'siotiersfor
n derailed simp mpnt of the operations upon
the ptlbita iiiiprovemenis, ilijring ihe past!i,P survey.
The economy, (kill and integrity, writS
which they havo been managed, for a few
year pad, have (-ready tended to restore
public ci.ntidencf , ami re-establish the t red
ii ol ihe State, and justly entitles every
uif tfibcr of tho nspeciive Boards of Cana1
Couirtiisaioneis, who has had an agency in
producing this ereni reformation, to the
ijrHiiinile and confidence of ihe whole com
munity. 1 rt-ler lo the (act, with no ordi
nary satisfy lion, thai during tne Ust lim e
years there h is noi occuried, among all the
ohVtMs and agents employed on the sever
' line of iinoiovement. a sincle case ol
del deal on,
Tlic i'iinrnienl of ihe Ohio river.from
its mouth to the city of Pittsburg, has here
tofore been deemed an object of sufficient
national importance, lo claim the attention
of tin federal government. Numerous ap-
proprininiis have been made, for this pur
pose, hut not sufficient to carry out any ef
ficient and useful system. Many of the
Western sntl South-Western Sates of the
Union, are interested io this iutpiovemenl.
The connection, however, of the main line
..foui canals and railroads, at the ciiy ol
Pitisburi, renders its improvement an nb-
jeetoflhe E'eatcsi interest to this Slate. II
it were made navigable dining all season
of ihe year ("xeppt when ice bound) for
steamboats of a hre class, it woi'ld add lo
the commerce of Philadelphia and Pittsburg
and lo the carrying tmde upon the public
winks, an amount of business thai canno
he readily estimated. thereore suggest
to ihe members of the Ceneral Assembly,
the propriety of memorializing Congress on
his subject, and pressing it upon tho atten
tion of the general government, unincumber
d with any minor projects, as one worthy
its special consideration and favor.
1 refer with much satisfaction, lo the re
ports of the Auditor Ceneral and State
Treasurer, They exhib.l in detail the con
dition of Oh finances of the Slate, and shew
the laudable industry and intelligent cure
which thsse officers havo employed in tin
discharge of then important and laborious
IWore the passage of the set of Ossein-
hly of last session, w hich transferred to the
county in which tho crime may have been
committed, payment of expenses lor arrest
ing fugitives from justice, ihe Stato had be
come liable lo rations agents, duly autho
rised, to an inconsiderable anounl. This
liability could not bo met, because no np.
propriation was ma'le for that purpose. Tt.e
individuals intereetcd in Ibis mailt r ate just
Iv entiilcd to remuneration, and I rrspeci.
fully recommend that tin r-ppropiiatioo tc
made lo liquidate their claims. The a
inoiini will be laid before you by the Audi
tor Ceneral.
In consequence of ihe engag'.ments of
the Adjutant Cenernl in the organization of
the volunteers for t lie service of the Unite,.'
Slates in ihe war with Mexico, his annual
report upon our military nfi' irs has n I yei
been received, as soon as it cooi-s to hand
it 'ill be transmitted to the Genera! As
sembly. The Act of ihe 29 h of March, 1S3G.
provided for the appointment anil com
pf nsiitir.n of a State Gt-olop'M anil In?
anistanl, and a cnmpMerl rsclieal, s
nalyiical, and rxpri imenial chemist, for
the purpose of rr.skii p cn ucni:t:e jipo
Irgica) survey ol th! iate, with a viev
o ili terniin? the order, suect ssion, at -
rar.genif nt, n la'ive po.-itioo, and tin
lip or inclina'ion, anil the C. n p a I alivf
nipjini tide of iliu several (eoloical for
malions wiMtin the Sla'e, and lo dis
cover pnd ex'irnino i'l! i!csp( of oie
co!, clay', mailfs nnd such, o'hrr min-
ral siibstances os may be deemed tifoi
il valuable. The S me Gei lo(it was
required lo rrnk' aunud repoit nf t l,e
profi'es ol the stnvey to r.nie to hi
represented on I life map n! the Common
wrnl, by colois and other apprrpriate
neans, the vaiirus areas occupied by
he ililli rent upi Iouic iI formations in the
Sute, anil to nurk ihr-reon i!ip Incati
tifs of ihe respective diiioi'f ol the vn
rions mineral ubiance .liccovn f .I. Ii
niade the duly of the cVniihi, io
'iiske lull and eornpleiB eximinalionti,
s and .iimIi, m of u 1 1 such rock-,
orey, -niU, in nit-1 1 ."tib-t incei and rriin
cral wattr-, i ioay sul:roiMfd lo him
hy the Hf.lng lit, nml io luinish him
vvU a r!eiill and coo-pletp aeeciiril ol
lit i t '.U's SO oo! Hue il II whs a:i"oi
or-di the lUvy. a imii othir thiof1, ol
h- Siaie Ceoloft'o'l upon the completion
of the mrvi y , to cr-rrpile a nun.nirtl
he geology and mint nine y o( ihiS'ale,
c.imp.i-mn a complete acrounl of thei1" 'brir, wliich should, in my opinion.
Huhj-'Cts and ilicbii- -cn.bracei! in,1 "rf"'i! UmiuR Use first pprioJ ol
In j,u.sutiC0 c? this a:t, a Siaie
Geoh-nist sr.d hi sssilinls, &c, were
pprjiated, who proceeded with the
wcrk, ontl the Sis'e rxpe'mled upon it
the sum of S7C;G57 S7 A iiumber ol
mnikal reports wtie made, as provided
hy .,w; but th main ol j-cl of the le
islatorr, the publication of i complete
ijiemior of thi suivey, exhibition the
results of 'he rxa mmations, and embod-
vim for the use of the public the va.
sum of iofoi mation, for which solarg"
an amount of public money was expend
ed, has not et been accomplished. I'
appears to me thai ihis subject is of suffi
cient importance lo secure Legislative
Coniilei ation.
Fi quenl comp'aints have for year
been made by th p-oplo, of the time
consumed in the Ljjilaiore hy Ihe pas
ntge of privaie and locil bills, whicl
greatly increase tk.e busioSi, and ere
al" su' j-cts for repeal anil amendment
Many laws nr thus enarted which ap
pear to he reninled an of little conse
quenees or value, of Ihe acts of lie
la ses.ion, I3 remain' in the rffire
of th" Secretary of tlv; Commonwealih
which have neither been enrolled not
piinleel, hecatis' nf ihe small anounl o'
ax lo which they are MibjVcl by Iho c
of ihn 10 h of Apt I, 18-15, has not beer
paid inlo the S ate Treasury, Thus, f
i er the lime in preparing and passing
hese hills has been consumed, and ill
cost of printing and traof rribin therr
has heen ircurr r'; they ari suffpred lo
remain in ihe rlftce, useless and reflect
et). This provecthat much ptivale Irp
i-lation ctnld he profi-ably dispensed
with, and ihe lime ii occupies devoir
o subjcts af general leuisltion, b;,
which the duration f the session would
be shnr'eneil; nod the rxpenbes of ov.
--rninerit greatly diminished.
The profti essi ve inc rinse of ihe in;rr
her of divorces panted ly Ihe 1 gisla
turi, forces ibis sijlj-cl upon the con-
idr ration of ihe Gcm ral A-seinb'y. I
ppears lo he the settled polity of th'r
S'tp, lo provide by law foi ihn Ji,olij.
lion of the msirir-co contract, fur other
e.itises than sdulteiy. These c;mr are
nwrru is'sd in ihe Art ol 13 h of Maid
1815. Tbi y embrace a wide rnnue,and
stem to pif.vt'.e lor s " r i;rievai sec
llml rny ni e h' i . t? t r r- ion tela
'inn, which inju r" Iinil i ;tcr )ih inn arts of ihf I pjri-hiioie for ili-
lui l)ifg 'he Coiilracl he;vi-ni l.ti-haiM
md w iff, :.ri.' c ilcul.i'ed to arrest ihu a1-
tenlinn ol tMery ciiod ri'iZ i . ben it i.
remen.bei(d ibii tin !iri'n nd uf
r i h ie vow", and l-cilitu - lo nli a-i.ij
pjir'ies from their (ib'i'i'iori, ate j'i-'H
i r di-d as s't "c p ii-ilic.ii ions 'if d. ti
er -cv if I lib ic virioe and i.tibhc n t.i-
ale, and III. I a hi)' i p t i f 1 . f rntii'o1
iijh1., ar.d a Sin'ii d r h-t-i voice ol mir
riagi n iitract'j are i-mcnii ihe s'ror pl
proofs of ihi pn-u'i si-i'f r i v i I,
and of ihe ii flijtncf! of irne itl;n'on.
The i r atiible cfibe del of 1S15,
commends itM If to our rpjirov-il hy the
wisdom and aptness fur which it i dit"
ii'uish(d. The L-e,i.-la'ur-. (he it s.iy:
'Whtreas 'ho div ne pi'irrp'srl (be
Christian teliioi, j . pn..motion of ihe
best io'erccts of human happinr s, ihe
des'tn of man i;;e, and the o.Sj-ei ( I
panics cnii'iiri( n,io llio roar r'V': siaie,
rrqu'up ii shi.uld coiiiimit (lorinp
iheir ji.iot lives.'
These silo! ii j tro'h, so will cxprrs
ed, present, in imposing terms, the du
ty (it extreme cnoMrn in inl r ft rint
w,th ilie saint ly ol ih rtiariisge con
1 may bptuip ilia! c.isr s npc.siorii!l
arise of ouch f xtitmc ll,.rd-h p; as to
warrant thi passaap of ads, of
divoic ; but such as irrpiirp leui'-hilivi
imei position cao but stldom occur, tin
lcs i)p wi 'e r-K'g of ihi) sc ol 1S15 is
ex'rndeil hey ond reasonable liniits.
The sinning of bdin for dissolving tin
hi rids ol rrn',l imoey lus alwaj s bee l to
me a per pli xinj; duty, I have bi'heitr
t'w en my assent to then-, cor liding iri
the jud jtrri nl and disci ( I ino ( f 1 be ri p
reseiitativcs of ihe people, to homand
in I to il.e hxeniMw, tl,el;icts t ic-jcl
c,hf ate Mibn i led, Uut upon a it view
of ihe . -r ci i I i!ivorcrs pranifd s-inee tl.i
ennrtmeni ( I the ac' tf'lS15, ii appears
that there haibrenan alar ming increase
lei. yeats alter the p?t.sge ol the said
C, laws wete passed lur divcrcrg the
parties lo ti.rt en maiiage cnnti rd-; do
ring ihe next Inn yens, forty tw and
luring the last ten years, ninety weie
1 ,know of no 'chaunp in the ha hits,
mnniiir, or condiiion of Ihe ciiiZ' TS ol
In Suie,io iheir social rel.iiion,or in the
ocreasfi of their numbrr. that acrou.iis
ar, or v r ran is this increase of divoi ces
I is possible thai ihe causit- nf it may in
ii degree be found in the facility of ob
taining legislation on Ihe ?ul)j- c. With
out further inquiry into the cause, thp
pflect is, in my judgment, injurious lo
he public welfiie, and should be trictly
funded against in futu' p.
Whaiever doubts may have been, di
re now erilei tained, ol Ihe power ot
he L-gisla'ii' e to pass ilivoice laws, fm
my oiim caiiso than adolte:y,or to pasP
hem under the ptovirdons of '.he (.'on-
solution of the United Slates, that no
Stale i shall pass any law impaiinn llif
obligtiion of conltacis, il spr-tr.s to hi
i-oi ceded, Bgaiust the opinions of many
wise and good men, thai Ihe power may
constitutionally exercised, hut ii
view ol these opinions, Ihe extieme del
icaey and responsibility of granting
hes applications, appeal in a strong
Under the marriage con'raci, impnr
lant sod valmble light are invested in
ho parties, and heavy rrsponsihililief
tie tssumeil which shi-u'd not be d;s
ui bed, even when Ihe powt-r to inter
'ere i in questionable, withutil legal no-
i co lo the pi.riy who is lo be ff ded
by Ihe piuceediiii, and a I m- sod open
irial, tho right to which riuuot hi
Inuiiltd, nnil e ni only be cured oy l
frfiriog the panics lu l he j i il i C l a 1 tfiliti
Io every vi:w I can l, ku of his in
leresting suhp?c', I urn persuaded lha
ihfse special !egi!alive divon ,
dangero'ii tendency, mid tlal if the
power lo grml tin in is e:tercis'il ai ell
a prop-.- regud for ihe ptihl c wrlfm
itq'iires that it should be limited to ca
ses of extreme hardship and ui qu.:sii in
able pro, lie'y.
The progress of our ogr in civiiiz
tioo, h hi-en distinguished in Ptiinsy
vania, by the amelioration of Ihe penal
code, and her improved prison disci
pliiie. The orgiiiizition of h r pen t
tt .-iiiixrirc, iheir iloinenit- lie nomj', and
the care and attention !o the suppoii.
cleaoliueji, indiMiry, and moral inniruc
'ion oi Iheir iou.ali'-j !tavpi secured th'
gfOf I'd r. , 1 1 1 oh i'IOO ail'l O'M fl 1. nc? I I
our o a n i;i;iz-n , and hive; excited lh( ion of u'her Si-ilcs and nations
and for ni.-lied models (or ih ir imiiaiinn.
Tim l'mholi l hi i society for alltvia
iin tiip iiiisri ie of public pri-ons, ha.-
exercised an e flicient agency in produc
ing these valuable restills. In ordir that
all Ihe benrfi'sof rxper ienee rlny h;
had and impiovi il, 'hey submit Ihe pro
piieiy of nuking provision by law foi
obtaining, ani.u illy , accurate tii'imi
1 ion r e 1 .i t i v e lo I lie con vie lions f r crimp
iUt chai.ic'cr of the ci imin ls, the con
diiion end t Xjji ii-cs ol ihe penitential its
and prionk of ihu Common wealih, ant.
the eo-l of Mippnr ting the coiivic's.
'J ii e iimlivtM rif iltii Micic'y ara sodis
in iei e sled, mid Ihe reasons Ippy assigi
for col'cc tii g the in'oima'ion rrquirei
are so c.oi-clijkivr , and nbly lepiesiiiited
in a communication which I havo ie-
ceivol fi-cm ll.em, that 1 t.'k-i grea'
pleasure in Iransm ting copies of il hi re
viih, in order I ha I the philanthropic
views of Ihe socic'y, ar.d the imporlanc
of ihe suhject may receive tint early o'
leniion ofiheGeneril Assi mbly whiri
Ihty so richly n'i ril.
The. government of Pennsylvania, and
hr literary, chaiiiahle knd bpnfvnlr-n1
i r. s. t i t u i o r s, are among ihe and his
The people ore ii.el )ti inn3, in'e li gen1
and rnie-i pi ising. In time c! peaci-,
quiet ami nnobliu-i'n e in wit, firm and
decided. I3!escd in her physic il re
seiners arnl inmitutions, am! anim-itei'
by the spirit ol lur holy nl.g'on, her
onwaid conise in improving hu- focta1
ccmdiiion is r.-.pnl. Thi treat i leme r
piesfiving, e iilr-rging and perpe iua ii c
hi r gre a'ness, is tin? univer.-ai eiKica
lijfl of hei youih, In Ihis, too, shp lia
lor a numbt r ol'yenis advanced with ihe
vigor hy which all her gieat e (foi is nie
distinguished. The able report cflhe
Sttpeiinlerident. presents the steady ndj withdrawn. If thit lel.ueihs war has but
uniform r-rvgrcH of the tys'em cf comjUE coountnetd.
school ios'iui lion. Thai il is yitim
prffcl, o some e xienl ine fiieieo', may
befieely ail'inled; hut, who cm doub
that the wisdom and pnoigy which com
menced, w ill maiuie and pel feci it.
In conclu-nin, gentlemen, aicepi as
suranci's of my heaity co-opei at ioi
.vili yon in rill mea'-uns for advancini
ihe welfare o! iitir ci' z-ns, ami n io
lining he; honui and iligi.iy of oor be
'oieil Cjmmon WfBlh,
Ifarrisjurg, J n.u h y 0, 1S17.
I'liuutno, J.imtary C, 1817.
Col. Wedb.
We are now in thin place, and have been
since Sundiiy ifteru oon. When I lust wrote we
wore at Summit villo, The next niht we rcaclivil
Aniiiti(li, anil .Vaturdny ni(;lit wc were at New Sa
lem, which is twenty-f ur milci Iroinliere.
I have seen many things since wc left llanville
that I shall never forget. Through all Ihu towns
and villages which wc passed, we received the must
hearty coni''atuliitiiiiis, and olten have the iiih:il
itants of the country gathered in clusters upmi tl.i'I
road side to cheer us on our wav. i li seiumls
were di.-unissed and the gehulars arranged in line
upon the road-side, and as wc passed (he fenuilo
pint would drop . 1 modest curtse-y, and the liojs
make llu ir hest how. All this appealed lo he the
expression of a w arm und friendly foel'mir towaids
those who were ahout lo enter upon the battle-field
in defence of a fieernaii'j lighUecuied to us ly tht
blood of our forefatbera.
Jut amid all this cheering. I saw many whose
eyes were wet with weeping, and men and women
whom I never saw, and never expect to see again,
ilionk our bunds while die hig tear of ) aternnl uf
lection stood in the eye. The hoary headed vetrnu
nid s iiiil-lil.e in itrui, poured upon u laen
leiiediclions. And I must confess llnis il has cot
me many n stinni iff.n-t lo Kispprcf.s the ri.-inj!
i-niotini.s whiili cliekc utterance, and rt,iisc the
scalding tears lo moisten (lie manly chei k.
Since we hava been in I'iltshur, I have had
hut little lime lo look about; ho 'ever, I saw Mr.
enry .Sproul, f irmeily of Columbia county, ami
.Samuel JUuddon of I!oh-abui,. I'itlcliurj wears
ralher a gloomy appcaianci'. There is a eon'ioual
cloud of bhu k smoke hiingiin; over the place, which
ivca the buildings Iho appearance of age anil
decay while lliey are still new. In Iho d
tric whic h was limned in forty-fhn, there has
since been erected sonie buildings, and as
a gene.a! tl.inrj, thcic appears to be an immense
amount ef business transacted in this place. Aoi
li-.-s than fifleen l r;;c ntcanibiiuls are at diis lime
IjiiiS in tho liver Water-street, out1 bjatsair
eonliuually asceiiilin;; ami i!ecendidg the .Monon
ijahela, wliiln w:!)(;iiiis vl'aSI i-i.ea aie cun.-tantly
iiioviii;; ia i ;n T' lit dheciions iibut the city load. d
with ccnunoilities uf evi.iy .o-sib!e licsi. rip'ion, and
the simps to Ihe gaze of the passers by, ev.
cry thing bo'h useful ami omsiueutal, fioui tin
jieiiny toy np lo the solid suli.-taniiiils for lb." sup
port efnaluii'. Vesteiday the Cily election took
place and re.ulled in the election of persona to of
tice fu.irable to n ipperanre, und ikcididhy voli
f-'iiuisl graining tavern lii ei.ecs for the s de tf in
toxicating iliiiiks. The Odd Fellims had a turn t i day, but I have been unalde lo learn the o!i-
j- ei, but 1 suppose il imis in enniiiiciiioiatioii of
iomc dcparleo brother, ns noticed ihey nil wore
crape nn the left arm. Thr f.adics of ibis place,
by in ar with Ihe. Ladies of Danville.
presented e.i-h member of the Guards with a copy
ul'the KpiM-opal I'rayt r Hook, or book f.r el'hurcl
fcrvic.-, so that now llirouth the cliinilable as well
.is patiiotie eonili.ct ef ihe hndics of U.invil'e, eai h
Mi'inbcr of the Cnnrd.-, has a Tc.-tam.-'nl and i'rayei
Ijook, and may Heaven's smiles ever ret upon
them for I he interest the) have taken In la half o
those go to die upon the field of battle. Yi'c
have to-day relived a part of uiir camp cipiippogi
out uniforms are to be ready by morning, and we
ih.,11, if possible, get afloat to-morrow. The way
they are now loading the steamboats at this place
ividi bomb.;lieIls is n pretty sine sign that there- i
io b some hard lighting in Mexico before ihe
haughty Dons can be brought (o their p'ope
f-n.-es. The general hcidih of the company i:
'.'ood, and kindness appears to prevail through the
eompaiiy. The Guards have llius far mslained a
decided f-ir i haicctei for honesty in dealing anil
genth in iidy deportment. There was n sad acci
dent ha" encd (his lnoming near our quarters.
One of ihe memheis ot n rompanv connected wilii
ie 2d regimi nl, aecidentuily shot n hoy dead upor.
the spot, 'i he man had loaded his pistol with die
newly invented exploding cotlon, and by some
mishap ihe pistol went oil! the bull enirrr.l it,., rm'.i
nca--l of Ihe boy, killing hi,,, instanlle, verifvinp
die old saying liiul'-lhcariiiH are dangerous things.''
in my next I shall speak someihin;; of the np
i cuiince of'lhe lountiy through which uo liavi
jii .;- -J, ai d l ,) give the rcjiilt of Ihe eleelion fo
;-e,;iii',t'!;il (..'I'.ccrs ii.ii h lo.ik place lo-day. I
was veiy q.kl l",.r o large an eh e lion.
The la'cst accounts from Tanipico.repre
scm, ihat aiMices had been received there
linil the.Mexieao Conirress had decreed that
they will mil il.tnle or treat of peace unti
ereiy hostile fool has cleared Mexican soil,
andeveiy vesji-l that line hi-r roasl is
h.t 1'Lttu.iv, j.i.vr.tnv io, ihu,
I'. I). PA IMI'.ll in authorised In act a
A ft itt fur tin: (y'ui.L m hi i IIk.miii iut,' und rr.
n iil till mimic fur Kiilicrititin and Advtrtit.
ir.g nl hi A:;nic!i in
Pltiluiklphia jV.i. 5!) Piiie-flrect.
Krw York " 1(H) XiiniM-itrctt,
linstim " IC Shik-rirtel.
Iliillinwre S, !. c.w. Hull, und Culrrrl sis.
Mirchunl.i-r.cliitiiifD mid 'Pruilenncn mini find
I In la ir ml l'ii uliie In udcertii e. in this yiij.tri.n
t ii the. until one jniblishiil itl the Counh Seat
".ml hu n t;mikr circuluUmi in the euunlij than
iii uliicr paper puviiii,ra within i,hliii,ih.
SO". D.inaiion party will be held ai the
house of U.v I). J VAI,I,KI, on I'hurs
diy the 2lst inst. in tlie adeinoon.
tfppoinhnrrJ hy Hon. Hknj Ciiajipnkys
rfttothci (Stnerul of 'cnn.vlcmua.
('iiAni.Rs H. fkcKAMtw Esq., ir be Dep
uty AnornejCeiieral fonhtCounly of Co
lumbia. ICThe several Courts of ihts ponntv
eorniiienee their January term in Danville
Monday next,
John Ycager has been appointed Post
Masicra Nurnidia, in the room of A' Den
fjler, resigned.
J-din iich mrrk has been appointrdPnat.
master, ot Caitawissa in the place or 1' U.
The Dpmocianc citizens nf Penitsylia
nia who have not already appointed, sie te
q tested to meet at the usual places of hold
ing their township and county meetings and
select dcJegaics equol in number of their
Senators and Representatives in the State.
Legislature lo represent them in the Slato
Ciiinniiion la be hoid.-n at llarrisburg on
Thursday ihe 4ih day of .Match n, xt for tho
puiposd of noiiiinaiini candidates for the
offices of fJove.-noi arm C,tu Comtnissinn.
ir, and of mhIi other duiics n9
may peiiain lo ihem in accordance with tlm
usarres of the party.
Jiy order of die Democratic Slate Central
JO. IN c. cue HER.
IIkxiiy Rfi:ni.i:rt S.-c'v. Chainnan.
Uanisburg, Nov ZS 1810
ti.TCav. Shoiili'd message which wo
publish this week, is one thai i'ops him
credit, and it should bo carefully read by
every ciPzcn of ihe Siato, ile pays n be Iribme lo tho Volunteers who havo
Lone on t from among ns. io light ijle battles
"f their "oun'ry in dist;ni region, and re.
co imiends dial provision be made by law
for icmunerating them for their sacrifi ces.
His exposition of our financial all'iin, is,
ui tlie wlmp, of a eheerinff ch.irticter, and
the recommendation of a prospective sink
ing fund lor die pajmenl of ihe stale debt,
is well-limed and should he acted upon.
CIov, SliiihU canio inlo office st a dark pe
riod in Ihe hislory of our s'.tp. A bank
rupt treasury and a large and accumulating
debt, constituted the fuels of ojr fiuanciil
position. Distrust of our ability to meet
even the annual interest upon (ho stale debt
was irener,,!. I!u there was a confidence
ainonj the people; thai tho Coventor fleet
was thoroughly honest, that he had a gonj
knowledge of public business, and that hi
administration wmild ho economical, prudent
and pine. Th'u confidence was nut mis
placed Tim sii ime anil evil of repudiation
have ber n avoided. The slain credit Im
heen maintained amid all difli.'ultics, and
established upon a per mam nl foundation.
I'l.esialr expendiiures have been moderate
ind ihe adiiiinisiratioii in nil its branches
lias been pure and irreproachable. nl:ti-
al opponenu loo have been almost silent,
for the simple reason that the admir.istra-'
ion, his heen, even in their apprehension.
honest in is purposes ami acts.
This message of Uovcr.ior Shunk wili
add sensibly to his reputation, ?.s il is nrj. guaranty of the soundness of his
sentiments; and its perusal will, jn piiriieu-
ar. be a source of graiincatiou tr ihose
.vhocasl their suffragi s for hnn in 1811
The i;ieciinn fur Rioiiuenial eiiTirpra nf
the second Regiment nl I'enusi vaiia
inteers, resulted in ihe I'ileciion nf
J. lhiiihriohi, Ci.-loncl
J. W, CiMry, l.irnt. Colonel.
William Urindle, Mjor
77ic If or The W.-.jhinrrtoii Ujon
make the follow inj? remark in coirreeiinu
me of ihe niiniernus rumors in circulation:
'We Imvp no idea thai cntr troops will he
withdrawn from the territory o! .Mexico, ,-r
mir sejuadroiis from her wains, i f tne
preliminary and conditions of a ni ooiuiiii...
We had supposed thst the INetnJent had
di fined his position in this rtiipecl Ko tkar
ly to be nuaukcrj,'