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    Fremiti Unltiniive fc'un.
Report d Denik O n L vrxtr,
Our correspondence fnm iln .tf n j
Py the t m 1 1 .Mi K'ni, h .11. ji-l cnmi
to hind. The following hito-i liomoni
e rcspondi-nt 'L ai M il.rnra, i
finite inte resting, and details some im
portant fae's which we have not before
rr,e! with.
Amtv of Oeai'.vn n.
A?ATAMPRAS,Mexil'n I). i 11, 1816.
My 1 a t accounts f om Siln'lo me up
lo the 27 I) last monih, and fiom Mon
tt rey lo the lit runer.t,
In n.y last lenrr I lohl yn of the
movement of Gen Wool' column upon
Pars. Nothing furlui ha liren heard
liom hirn unre then. L t accounts
from Sallill ) leave Geo. Worth there
whIi two i f(jnif n'.a of U. S. nilat.ny, a
Company rf ai tiller y, i id a i quad re n o
dragoons. At Monterey; Gen, Tsjloi
was Luiird in gttiii'K i ealy to move
i.pon Vicuna, t xpecuj at that place lo
Li m a jnnciion with Gen. Patterson,
who moves from Maumors. Gen.
Taylor could not possibly move a Dr
gpi force than S;500all told, and leave
b soflicieril garrison in Gen.
Pallrmon may pnnsibiy bo able to move
hence with from 2,000 to; 2,500 men.
Of the Ijrge volunteer foice sent oui
lieie last summer and tail, nor one hall
liave died, be;n Jclurget', or are now
in Vdli JcJ -Iiciica the small forces (hi
genr ral commanding and general of di
vision move will), force jo diminutive
as to invite an attack fi om the enemy
It is supposed Gep. Taylor wcu'd move
from Monterey somewhere between the
7 h and 1 Oth of this month, and it is ru
mored that he W39 to t.ka Up his line of
march on the latter named diy; but I do
ret think he could have dure so.
Gun. Patterson is straining every
rtrve to nuke an early start, but I fear
8 will not hi ab'e lo do so, he has ev
i iy thing to orgm 'is and get into shape
- i no esy (ask with ecrciiy of means
sod raw levies. The General is eveiy
men one. Deiore nn vas placed in
Command on the Rio Grande, great con
fusion prevs. let', especially among Iht
volunteers. lit! soon tau-tlit them that
it was as much, their duiy to labor as to
fi,ht; and ly tke adoption of s j idicious
-sj stem of punishments, ec-nJeuinirg ihe
drunken and vicious lo labor for the
bent Gl of 'he government without pa)
t f uh' il.i m ii to hne in a thotl lirtu
He gives his peisonal attention to every
tli'pait.T.ent doing Ms own duty prop
- nly.lieii determined that every one
under him sh-ill tlj, mo. I have
no doubt, liculi an ocn.-ion bu ofirreil
(If n . Patterson will inrciibj his name
emong the Ughest that odom the mili
tary annals rf il,c rr public.
Santtiina is still represented lobe
- 'o the immediate vicinity of Si, Jviis dt
PtJ-i. I la Ins es!ab!iht d a paper,
.vhii-.h teems with rUa;!n:in.-,' bieath',ng
hi,) thing hut peacA and good w a . 1 lo ur
,yel I is cortesponJeiicc wiih Taj lor is
Jim kr J ty court-sy ef f x; iesnuti and
turns if giefit rtspTt. Tim fad is
these Mtx-can (;ene i A i knov nuch btl
ttr huw lo wr';:l t than to fijiht, end in
tliplomacy inuttianrl over-niaicli fi r
nny i f our miliiniy chief-", Tt.e pij ei
i.-ui-lishf d (t Ltji? advocn'es the poli
cy of uiHMiia;r,in, on th'i part of Mexi
co, a difin-ive wr, arid waiiing for at.
tacks in gc&J ci;ionf, ra hcr than a I upon those of the U. -S. Ainij
A po'. cy wh-h i ti r y will tooner 'eon-q-ur
a peace' vvmIi our gnvei nment Umi
ran the form of nur aims one will
(Ik iin. l At i ighi.
A i : f i one cirnpiifcn p'nl i'i ii pnn..
r ro ion, lh of Ihe S - rn t iry nl Vn
in..k ng ih- l( o (iiar.ile a be line o
fip'-n'itur' i ilhe conqne-tt of piace, if
f .urn!, as c cry wt inf itm-d peifon
. jiredicind it wooiii bi,. (ird jour cone.
j.o'uKrt l as freq'ienllj au-er'ed iniprc
I c.bli'. ! H) imp' aclicabl", liecm-t
tost) it I)'' piovtd a to'al fiiiure wi.ulil
h to involve Ihe nloij if in aimy. y
niri'' '' gll-ain of l.lii ha bitkni it
ptoji? '..'pirinK-n ai Wailiinito.,8ntl
!o If (I, ii "J" v'-,ur, ?"t I" -Tamnir
- -. I, '.,,r !'f ,'0"ler f'0111
ic, ii uices-
'j' rrq'iiir, .1 the rl'y of Mexico Gen.
I'lj lor will no doubt eruie Victotia
ml maintain a pn?i'ion Ihere, if 'he opt
ttiong he pi u"r.i)'ed finni Tampii'o.
'l it I li n' think ilu- fltirtial adonliot.
I Gen. Sen il'a n-i- ill avail much,
t i y -1 ii he asrei la'n.t tl il f ton etc
I'tarlir h'e Imni Tunpiro to t'le Cap
ml, Fiom V ;a ("rnz to th C-pna
it iht tou't ; -mil ihe pi-eiliiNl and mojl
eon niiiril pirn -if virUre, tinder pre
ent e n iiiiikHhc- , i lo tii'Tn an ain'j
of 10,000 torn Tainpieo io Veta C107
z oiioo ih cuv and ledums thf
Cattle of S', Jn.n de Ulloa fiom the
i tod sulo linn tcuied ihe inarch upot
ihe cny of M k en, wiih from 20 to 2.5
000 men, won d be an ac- oupl shmeiii
ilillii ti'', possibly, bin ct rtai - I m ftur.
We h ive nn mail from ihe U. S atet.
nowtir ujwiidsof Ihreewetk.
li mer i reiioili d io at Hi z j S J mo
nd we my get a mil lo-dav. I doubt
whitl.ei Of ii. Tnjlor has ad . ii'e (ion
Wji-hi' R'on niic six weiki or more
P. S.- 12 h D ceiiib- r. Js'oiliniK
new. H i. G mi 11 imor lately died
it Monterey. I' icpor ed l"0 lha'
Mirabeau H. L-mnr. E-q., c-f Tcxss; is
dead, but th s Wiiits cot fii maticn.Thert
have been and cori(iiiie to ha a guod
-teal of sickneas at Munt 'i'y.
From Ihe UWlern Plains. Tw
Ij-xirig'on (Mi.-souri) Express of Ihe
15 h ult , rnniains the following inlelli
g'reefrom the plains:
An express snivid a few days since
from th company of Uullard & Co.
riiy had ciosul die Aaktnsa; and
iveie cmped for llie nighl south of lh
Sand Hills on the S.mirnne, when one
if ihoae Oreadful noi ih wesit-t n snow
torns, which are common on ih
plait s, ctme np, and to alarmed firit
c.ue ihat many of them bn.k ihe
uard, and made their ecppe. Soon
iwtnty head made their final escapp,antl
three mul s perished in ihe storm. Ii
ng thus weakened in tl'eir Uarns, ihe
norr pany compelled to return to lhe('2
kansa", where they have very good
;ra!, rushes, &!., for their stock. It
.va their intention, howtvtr, if the
A'eaihc r continued f.-iir, to move on lo
Hent's Fur', 150 miles, wi h all the
uonds possible, and w inter Iht re. li
toi.ig so they will ba enabled to reach
Smta Vs rsily in the spring.
We learn from the Liheity Inbnr.t
that a train cf Iwen'y-fuur government
A'ngnns wrr etticked and lohbed oi
he 2S h ult. hy a body of about 500 In.
lians, thirty mile bilov tho ciossin
of ihe d k .iiSl".
TA-wngons wfr? in eh -rge of Cpl.
1). S. Marnr, who lot! H his clo'hing
colltcled for a lhif yrarr' expediiinn
iog"iler with n a ly all the mu!et at
tached lo the Irsin. (oe man, John
UbUgyicny, was kill? J and four others
A lettci in the L hnty (M.) Trib
one ntentions an curiosities to he seen
on the plains, Fpiing-t of soda, and ssys;
'Tlio lndepf mleore rork is f-No sr.
inlt re-ling aight; il is about 150 tic-l
I rovers something near six a-
errs t f (Mound. There are t-ngravert
tijo'iilr rnrii itoor u rt e tiiotisaiic
names. 1 K ft my name on i", Jo'y 2.1
lSL'J. 1: I weie io ml yon thst we
crossed like of Sdlei a'tj-- yeu
I i
V Oil 1 1 J I
tcatcely In In ve n.t ; bui r. is line, vve
ravalhd ovrthun w.lh fior letm.-; and
ised il in ocir bread, a ltd it is as ood il
t o t bet- r lh n any you buy io th .S'.ale
I he Jinny. We copy from the IN
0. leans pm M leliers eivini! some in-
errstinn p .ri cnltis of the movemen's
I i lie nr my in Mexico and ihe pftnl
ontitlion i f ilriis in ilul c tii.1-v-.S n
a A ' iiu's forct ire aboui UO 000 u.ei
o Sin Luis Po'osi. Gei . Tt) ! r ii
till i Mon'en y, ihorji leaving loi V.e
- i i a Gen. 'ci lit l S.ihillo; G u
W'tiol h P-iia. Ci-n. Pdtt-r'in wa
-lill al Mi mn. ira. but the advance o
ild Command, den inpd for T tlipiCO,
left on thp 14 h oh., inidei ( n. Pillow.
Aihoideislo 108' i II about Iweiry-livt
lilhs, and tliere wml for live main body
mil llie Hains. This is llie present dis
iioMlioo of thu ai n.y. G-o. Scot I is
piohah'y ;i!'t'tlj airividat Camargn.
Wlitu the ad.lilional nine I e-j;i me nt-
ink- the fit-Id, the forct; i f
and regoltisiii the cato,:-in will It- o-
ver ?0,(00 meru
G n. Taj lor ha r sent IS .132 un
der Ins ruminant!; G n. Wool liU0 md
Gin. K-aroej 31)02. The tmie regi-
nenla no-v in nio'i-tn will an ad-
i tiotwl foiceul 8J)0
ill m. Public
No. t.
Col. U kuh?
1 einhrace the fit si opportunity to ir
leem my pledge in you, of an explnution
for niy rtfuning lo bid my friends fire we
n palling wnh ihein on ihe solemn oi casioo
whio'.i we liav jusl paa.ted llirmiijll. In
juriiiig will) fiiendit tin hi. y orcajioii, il a-
-likens eveiy lemh i eiiintiini of iho hsarl,
nd il) in hi nil limes coin v!u,ly unmans me,
ii J I fft-l Ihat I ar.i but a t-hi'd and Im
diis reasnti, in (lariit'i; wiihih sft for wlion
I have an i-llViin n, I do il with a waive oi
Pie hand or a nod ol the head.
Now for a viord wuh rejiarjl io ihe c'ni
zeua of Kolirstiiirj.1, Diiinjiev ille, Dlooins
'uirij, L'yliisireti od Dniville. 1 fel thai
I am tinder oi tny obliniious lo you. 1
have received every mark of kindness fium
vou. The Ltdit-s of )jiiville, 1 mual speak
of ,iioi e puitir.ularly. Tin ir kindness nnd
-itteniion manifoaied lowarda the ineiuberi
of ihe Volunieer Company which kfi Dan
villa this morning, has been of llie most a
reeabU and ennsideraie kind. They pre
sumed each in c in') i) r of iho Company wiiha
copy of ihe New Testament, for whirh may
chey be rt-waided by Heuvci.s licheat b!ta
sings. And nntwiilisiaiidiiig the morning
was of the mnai disajjieeable kind when tin
Volunteers a'.arltd oil their j niriiey, ihe
J,;ors, windows and even many pans of the
.t.eci, were filled with them. And the ex
prtss-ioii 'God bless yon,' ar.d 'God Jl
.niliiy protcci yoi),' fell from iho lips ol
-nany, while oditis filled wiih tender emo
tions, end their syc-a s imrning with leatf,
waived their bunilk .-tchitfs ill token of ie
jpcet. And surely, if the pra) era sod teins
f suuh angelic tresturts will t.e rt-g-irdcd
ijy llie Ood of bailies, our anna cannot hi-nilu-rwiao
ihnn victo.ioua. Tin Guirds
were escorted fru.'o Lhnvilla to L'tviahiirg
by i number of ihe most respsc.'a'ole citi
zens of Danville and we were cheered evs
ry vihcic on die wry. Al Moorabutg t
vere salultd dy die filing of cannon. Ai
Lewislurg we were received in true inilitii
Myle by ilit eol lters and (iiiztna uf iln-
10. mi and vieiniiy, and escoru d into tonn
and aflrr parading ihe principle street, we
ivers appropriately addresseil by (mn.
(ireen, followed by Col, Mi Faddcn. wh-i
presented tlis coiiipuiiy will) a inosii bo.tnti
iiil lljf, which was rs.-eiveil by, Cap!. WiU
j-n of lbs Columbia Guards, when 2 u'.
11. V.. Le Clerc rspli'd lo Col. MiTaJdrn
en tthall uf l!,e (iudfJ. in die u-.u-i s;iiri'.
ed aid !pjropriaie maninr. Aner il.t-.-f
piocetdnigs, i,e paliioli'! s.hi' uf i!ic
CiiiMrds was !inig by a r t.l geiille
nex, tfier vdiicli we pirtonk of a iiiort
ump'uo- a dinner whiih had been proidad
hy the citix-ns t-l 'n-bnrg. .'Iter whii-li
diere wa sHnihur veiy utile and appropri
ate address, and ilien ihe Vidnriinrs werr
eacorled out nf lawn hv the I. ? wishing So'-
dicra and baiiJi atul here as tUt-; wt
were idiet red by ihe Lid.ta.
Al Yot.ktiMtislo'.i n ivi were a's i leceie.
ed in trn; inili'.iiiy slvlc, and were ably nd
dressed by cue nf it citizens after which
e partook of a veiy good aupper, and
then drove on to ibis place Ttia wlnde
days travel being thirty miles, every step
of u Inch we hum received smiles, cheers
I l l -. -!'l.., ... .!... , .,f ii... n K
Hliti UltbHlliyr, I tin iiiruiiirip i.f uic viii.tiir
appearing veiy clieeilul. 1 am in iijijai!
nuii.ber ten, my nu ts, nates, are us follows:
Alvin M Allen and lit njaiiiin J. .Martin,
ul Wy.tux, HiHilfunI couiily- Hobfil Lyon
mil Cltarlts K vans' of D.niville, Col. CO.
Ji roir.e Walker ol Libny township Col
eo. A li U iwnHin, llonlingloii lnwnhhi.
Li z rne to. -Charles W. Former, ol
Uchrabiirp, Coliiiiibia eo, and Oliailes C.
Ilnldy, of Dinvi're, bus t-ti rot- cf the icain
hy which we eiit conveyed, and Hunk
ihnt we luve every prospeel of a very a
irreeable aqiiad. U e have some very good
Hineri? in ihe squad, and ll-ey ot-casionally
.ibeer us wi It a good paiiiotic sung. Tin
whole number of llie rompatiy I believe is
ibuul niiieiy-four eighty-two privates,
fnui Commissiiined and eight noneuininia
sioncd oll'i'teis, Tints, friends yon have
h'-.siy eken h nf our first day march, nnd llie-.i man awey from We Imvo br-cn re
tciniainUiiice 1 hat e mad " wiih llieae hn'ceive d like knics well as ever W.itl,
me M ba in v iiar'.ners in luil and daiicer.!n
We louk in iwouew icrruits al Yoolniians-
gtt I'llUkU j till i.lI'l.U.IJ li.l MM. -i.l, "...II I
My I. en rcfpi-ets to all v idi a fund ishwiil write utd give you il.c panic tlars ol
;;,n -.:(.. vf i. "bo have l Uirici! iu Lruvc cm journey fir, itnicers .f war wili not oo I'jiij-c'.'.M!. licit.- .' i nut to n.v Ja.
V ,,
No. II.
Summitvillk, January 1, 1817.
Ci L U'fcDD.'
The (iirtriU left Hnrileinn on 'i'tiiadaj
noriit.ig hisiAnd bid adieu n lbs dtizi tis
f Danville who had ai-onuipanied ilmm l
dial jilne, and the ciiiz-ms uf ilurtleior. giv
ing the Guards ihiee hcariy ehseis. At
Liberty Mills the Cuarda wre reetived
villi hind Mclamuiioi.s by ihe c.iiz'-na, nnd
ii iros military e t I tt by (he Cen-ie (Jav.U
y and Pennsylvania Troop, who eaenned
lie (iiiarda lo Aar-m.-biir; a distance of five
milis, vtbere we ware welcomed by llie
ciiizcns of thai floorisliiny town, and uliei
n.ivii'g dined Trry iuniuotialy we were
-ni-oriad by ihe bhove mi ntioiii d comptoiicp
ssveral miles Ai ,;lllit nn e weie re
reived in the iimai fl altering manner by the
nil'ur) in. d nl Z 'lis, vtho ni(-l ua a hal
iiilv out ol town, where they bad ditii cm
ion and gave us sevcial tialmea, and upon
biidge over a small siren in i!iry hud rrect-
tnl a splendidly decoiaied arch, in rt-frin
blance to the Ancient Irannphul
I'hia arch bad the follow ini mono, 'J
reaiful country will honor her calenders.'
Al ibis place we were alao roin)liineiiteil
by being presented with a most beautifu
and splamlidiy wrougbl nreaih; many ol
be houses were decoiaied with eveigteeiu
mil hcie again we were tt-coiied out o!
town by ihe ciiizens. We litis day uriivei;
al U-ia'aburg, when-we in el nub llie most
i-ntliusia-Miu n cciiii)ii by the t iuzens i-f i!h
place. Squad No 10, wa9 qunricred ii'
die house i.f Col. James Johusi n, a shun
diataiice i ul of loAii, and here we win
ftasitd on eveiy il'dimry ihstcanh, air oi
wuur c-ouid rnduct, and ftci we lux!
slipped we wtie rliecred byiiaving several
sj.inied uire plued on the l i.ino by one l
Mr. Johnsini's d.irghteis. Then the soup
of ihe Culii'iibia (.iiiirds naa f in:u by sc-v. r
t ol oui squ.d while Misa J- hoaoii p'ayei'
die lune upon iho Piano. The nt xi rr-orn-
ng we loolt leave ol'oor kind host and hun
tly, and r j lined ihe company in lown, a.i'l
were escorted out of it by the rrizei.s
did soldiers, while ihe hand played ihe H:ai
.JpHciiled U inner, and nur banner iififnrle-i
lo the breeze, aho-jld hate iiii'ntioiii d
that a Li mils on ibis sids of AMIheim
lieie whs annthf r arch over the mud with
ibis iiioito, 'Honour to ihe. brave.' Out
fust ;diie t-fier leaving B-ialsburj was Tine
Grove, where a squad of iho Centre count)
Company joined utas Oar next place was
Grajhtiur, where wo ore uea'.ed kindly
md taking rtfu shnients m.ide ihe besi
uf our way ibruugli, mud and water lo Wa.
er Street, a distance of twenty -six aides
Irom BiKilcburnr This clocc.-ihe .bird dav
On the nexi we pursued out journey pass
in' ihroueli a place called llie Yellow
Spring, Uolliilay sburg and some sml! vil
lages of which heard no name, Al .d-
iidiyaliurg. live of out lemns alopped and
wo hitd t-i prm ore ntlurs, it ti tt we rfrnu-d at
Suminiu die at eleven o'tdork al night, I
.iinut hcru in-'iitioii a ciiciiiistiinci which
must he t!iiifknig to everv inau of anv sense
. Iiatover. 'I he ISi q-n "ii ulo!' i f llie Iu r i , -like
Coi-ipny ol the linn ii-gdon am
v.!,i:i.'.-. in 'I'uii.pi.'te, upoii h ii
v. a ii i v 1 1
,r,.ni it .-. '. er.-'irct l !o lMtc'jt.r. s 1 1 iitnri-
lie ( ike and in ihe most p-t-cmpi.-irv m.iii
icr p.,.s.-ii)le ciioiiu inilcd it.r c id; kei jicis in
txn'l I'ic Mluio.-i l.tslliini" t I toll id ititi leu in
is. Ttie n-iiiie of this unfeeling v.rcttli
is Joliii lzari The charter nl the coii.ii iik
provides thai all soldieia alid mililm :ni n pa-a free when goitiji lo ami retnrnim;
lioin par ole, mid yt-i, when s! aie jio-
irijj into ihe ac-itiul servii.i) (;f iln 'r connirt .
ihiiy nuiti bo cb irj;pd full loll. One pom
woman w ho lended a gdts cried like a chili!
because (dm w as c oinpi.-llcd in rullo.-t th-
loih and said il was unjust, and if site bad
itic money sho would pay il n placo ol tin-
Guards 1 am of ihe opinion thai every hoi;.
ibt man throughout this naii-m will j-'ii
with too and say dial ihe nimu of Join
Izirt, of Spruce Creek, Huntingdon eoiuin
am. Slate of Pennsylvania, should he bijiid
ed wiih e'.criud infamy and disgrace for at
le.nptii.ij to t xtit-.l loll Ir ioi ihtue who an
on ilieir way u ii.j!ii Lr ibeir country.
Eititssut r.u, J iiiuury 1, 1817.
Cvl IVihb.
I lake a leisure mc-iuent to let y on know
drit we are (U-iiina along very well. All ol
us aie io fine spirits. Ynti could not drive
- "ton was
j'ullicr il to say. thai lie are
critini; aluiti! h'tft- We cxpee.i in ei n.
If.. 1 11 ... ,1 ... ll... .1 i. ' t
. . .
1U LIU JJ J2r 2. a
"TBDTH WlllltilT VKiH
s.irt:itit.iyt j.i.yi.iiiv , ta.
V. H. I'A I.Ml'.ll !'.-. it ,iwrh it In mi ,:s j
Aiffnt fur Ihe. I'iii.i miiu IIkmih m -r,' viul
rcijil nil miiHifHjut niiljH'i ijttuiii una .lict
in;' ul his Ai 'liar in
J'.'lil'iililtfiia A'.i. &9 I't'iie-tlrctl.
'cw Yuic " HtO Xw.ia n-ih ut.
Muslim " Hi Nith-striet.
Ililllinmrc S, ;, rnr. Hall, ami Culrei .; .
M'.iruinlis-AiLawiiics anil 1 lutltnian n.uii im!
i! In llu'ir iiilimiilay Id uihirlue in Hi i.n ,
it in the vnli one jmlilislinj ul Hit i t t.iiti still
;(( linn a i',reuttr circulnUvn in Iht r',iiiii Hu.i.
any iilliti- paptr jmUitlnd within i l.'
The Drinorni-c riiizons of IVunsylt a
uia who have not already appointed, aie ie
q tested to meet at the usual j-inces cf hold
ing their low nth p and cuoiy ijueiings mm
i-cleel delegate iqual in number uf ilnn
Senaiois and Ki-prcseniaiivia in ihe Sut
Legislature lo rtpiesi nl them in ihe Sian
Convention la he hidden al Ilcirinburg m
1'huisday ihe -lib day ol . m b n, xt lor ih.
.niipiif-e nf uiiiiiiiianng eanilnNn a i.r tin
dliced of (ioteinoi and (Jo ml Ootiimisaiuii
'i, and of performing such other dmies a.-
nay peilain to ih.-m in aceordance wiih ih
isaies of ihe piny.
J)v oider of ihe Dcmot-raiic Slate Centra
J0.1M 0. BUCIJEit.
Husnv Hlh:iilk.k See'y. Chairman.
Hariuburg, Nuv 23 1S-13
Vxh act nf a Idler, duicd
Hahkisai :.o, Jax, 6, XZ'.T.
Dear Si,;
JdOi'-s Coopt r, nf Adams, leas dat
f.lecicd ;-?pf.ilit-r ol ihe Houe of I-pri-scn:.
i ives, and Charles S. Gibbons, uj I',,
Speaker i f die Since.
The Vhiif members are bored (cniblv
by the nirmeron patriots Mixious to sent
uieir country, N jihinj fnrilicr of impori
ance. .2 C.4'IiD'
Tl.n Cap!.-, n nnd oilier ofliars of il:e
G'oliinibia Guards,' in 5.fhalf of ilicoit-eivtf
is welles !hcii fellow-snldirta, Ic rider lln ii
heart-fell th.tnl-.s to ihe citizens of Danville
t. J Colombia county peiici ally, fur ihe
nany unexprciod acts and Inkers of Itim1
058S bestowed up :; them d jring t' eir piep
-.rati'Mis fin rn' ring np.'tn their man h In
I'ntubiirg and the ler.U d field. They will
ever hold ibeir memories in grateful remem
brance, pluming iheiiiseive one and all
nevrr to disgrace (he eonuiy whose name
they bear, in whiicvcr situation they n: at
. I 1 I . ; . t . I i' . .
ne puccu, re it in trie nour ol naiiic, or in
ibcii peaceful iiiit rcouise a i h the ciiiznt-
ol another climaio. Iiy our acis let us bi
ind -c J.
i'!i.-h ii-i! v inlrr.'siinfj h'ttrfs fnui
at;r Cm rriptuub u's aiiHched lo Kte Cola n
bii Gtiaidn, giving a short tkrirh rl thrii
iincrls ihe four hut davs after tht v h-H
I) an ft Iln 'iVo hai'i i!ie;iromi-?e ol ilieir l;
ii n ln-iiig eonliiiiisd ilir-nili all titer i rou'c
ti Mixico, and -Ac have no tlout.'t, fiom Un
known abilities tl ihe wi iters Ihai ibey "ill
a source of iiiiNresi lo ie ra.ri:nuiiily.
The Lt "isla'iire i-innineuced i's Sessii n
il H.M ribburj;, on Tiicsdjy last, but up t
the hour cf our paper going to puss, v. t
V-d not cei rived Ihe (Joven.or'.- ,
which wilt undoubtedly arm in on Wrdnis
l:iy We alit.ll pnbliob it in our next.
.7 GOOD .7CT.
While it U ilkeatnin, ihe lli-l nf i,i-et-k,
r urre graiifl -d lo learn ilial iln
fJupervisors of I'ly month had been indieied
md found guilty ol nr! keepirp the road in
repair ibr-jiijili the narrows near Nanligiki Thi rmd has bei.i a disgrace lo tin
on tisbip fi r a long time.
.7 rin.ic Vw'j-. The W'ts'-
niorelai.d Guards nius'ered inlo ihe U.
'3. service al I tbiii, luvu ihrre sonB
m.t on" gtand-son, rf A't-xjuder John
on, E-q , in their ranks m pnuit'.
'I'm'. ' ' Ci.akks. ' 'Tlireo brothers, -
noble ar d w bcle-suutt d soldiers 03 ever i roe: s ' I sons of Mr. Tiiojias Tlaihc,
of Danville . have j;oiie in ibc tanks rf li e
G-iar-.!b' lo serve their connliy during ihe
Aar Mtxitt). Tin ir pr-and-faiheitMr.
Wh.i.tam ri.MiK, l.o din! h few- years a-
'i ii'i a eo.Jicr in ihe Kcvoluinui, ?,J tlf
pairiutie l.ijud that i.-ouise d in die veins nl
inu UrauO'-s'te ban not th ueneraii d in i!.e
brails ol t'lt- ihiee I roil.e r-,T,:,t
')' may
nivu ui tiAitg- is ol war am return hi-n e
. . '
ni.f-iv i IO'. lieil w llll I'llif. !H, H l.,e ii-i fnl 1
vvtSIi ul lliH M !iulc e
. i . .
lUiUiillj . - A(a'l!'c
3 5 3 - v
ii. s a 2 -J
4 ft ft 7 8
11 li 'i II 15
18 1!) on vt 'ii
23 2(i H 2i 'id
1 2 3 4 5
8 10 II 12
lo 1(1 17 18 10
'ii 23 24 25 23
1 2 3 4 5
8 0 1(1 11 12
15 18 17 18 11)
2! 23 21 25 20
29 JO 31
I 2
5 0 7 8 9
12 13 14 15 10
19 29 21 22 23
20 27 28 29 29
3 4 5 6 7
10 11 li 13 14
17 18 19 30 21
21 23 2U 27 28
I 2 H 4
7 8 9 10 II
U 15 Id 17 18
21 22 23 21 25
23 29 30
1 2
5 0 7 8 0
12 13 14 15 10
19 20 21 22 23
2G 27 28 29 30
2 3 4 S 0
V 10 II 12 3
16 17 18 19 20
23 24 25 33 27
33 31
I 2 3
0 7 8 , 9 10
13 14 15 18 17
20 21 22 23 2 4
7 28 23 80
4 B 0 7 8
11 U 13 14 lo
13 10 20 21 22
23 23 27 28 29
1 2 3 4 9
6 0 10 11 12
15 1(5 17 18 19
22 23 24 25 23
29 39
1 t 3
0 7 0 10
13 14 15 10 17
20 21 2 23 2 4
27 TS 29 SO 31
1 1
i l M'.l ikV.
i uvrvara,
Si range Ihm. is esti.nj'eJ
he annual amount rxprniled in Netv
Vol k fur c: ;rs is not loss than S730,
000. The nniiiril cosi of feeding iha
logs in Ihe United States is said 0 bu
even millions rf tlnllai.- Ii is saitl
17,000 strki of saw elusl are annually
I' in Lumlon f ji bluffing dolls)
Mfin.uii. A hill to capital
l-Ui.;sliireni has been in'roilticrd in Ihe
Mis-oini Lppialaiuio. An net lo secure
In; pri'pei'y ofinanied wuiiien Im
patiCtl a second i radinp.
The Ilev. Julio Stieet, of Pinbi'i I.
ih ia, on Cb-islrnas, I'm rii.hed f i ni r
it a wnh 556 pniii-di ol loasting becfir
heir ('liri!m:.s dinner.
'uV.V.j ,i7;) Vegduhk Pills in nd-li'i'-n
'o beiutf one i.l llie lie &l anii-billious
in tin li es in ihe world, possesses a power
in ruiiovnp pain, which H truly naiouiNlin
m four -. r li-e of said Indian Vegnablo
Pills, leki n etiry night on guinp in ! J
n ill in a !-1 . rt limo cumph li iy mi if,o i(i(v
fOn ae in. iLiiil htiinois n Inch, il Imloi d rj
ihe liter, hie Iheiainenl pain in llie side,
.-oineliii.e? (sTiidirg 1 ll retry h lo the fluml,
der birch' , t' i llii'ii Ity- rf breuihirp, nausea
and sickmt!!-, lo-a of appelile, coativness
indipfsiion, lltiiiltncy, swarthy or yellov
'on: pit xn n, ai d titlici uj inn mi s ul an j.
!l..n nu'ii'ii or torpid cuiu- of the jVer
Wn;-ht's lmli.,11 Veeiablo I',!s ,,
d or. uglily the air mael' anil bowed
nf all biinuiN huiiHiu, and oilter iuijiiini ,
and theref'-re aie a certain cuie fm chohc,
.IVM-ntarv, cholera morbus, and evfrv oih
r d.sorilcr t f die ji ti stine. Thev i,if
mi m.w ni fiiiive ciiiifsiiun, ar.u coiisi qui ni
:y give l.ealib dr.d vi-or to li.e whole Iriiuic,
.s will as dn.e distuSi vie try nauie f.-ow
die body.
I.WIIIK OK CilfNTnlllKII S.'i'llO IHMC j,,,.
cuitiiilictl r..-:ii,i. l Ihe wai.y .-(j-ioun im tlitiin-,
wllictl it: tiriU-f In t'ei t ile nit- . .,!!, , ! -, .;ll;, , ;
Urlo 11'; i-ln's Imli.m cm,. h.t p,'s.
' lie vnli, oritfiim' ini.l rmiiin Indian
Vi i:lli!lr 'His lull' tl,r. i,w!i '('
Wm H'ripli! tnitltii villi tor
';; -(.Oi if J'o cmiiili ij'i it
i.'.io is e'.-f-v u ml ail allien ihvuUI:
shlliUcd II., Ijuisdlt
I lilt.-, a .1..V..I. ,1 ..v..!.. .1. . !. ...I- .1 111-..'...'..
...i . . .i i
hnlnm Y,v. ;:,!, ;., , ,! fl.!ai.s ,
I ."' . . Ill . J I I I I ' ' -
tat t-
J" "io if.i-liia, :;-S (.;envie!i r-l.eii
Anv i erl : , t . . Ill-, Tn 11...11 .. I-ucmii.
A -sent li.r l.!.-..r;: i-av,r. f..r . C
JCltia tt) ititt ltii'ii.tu'o ii Ui.jd.tT cohlr.'i