The Columbia Democrat. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1837-1850, January 02, 1847, Image 3

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    Fr.buhilty 'f another iiuttln.
() if ol ilio Oi I' ana 1'ic ) line's r
ii' v n ri rupiuulou1 ij ..
I: ih ni'ii c.iu'i'il. il, dy i lie r (Ti t i t c
our r v iieio r A' , thai llie L x c h s
ti'V fiiv. Sin J.'iid Poii'iti is i in
dfcni; iti.tti of ( in daily heioji
MrenHihiMiril till more, anil il nrny In
ihai lit? builn of Palo A'lo anil llewica
an J i h 0.10 if Moniery, were but ejn ci
menu of wbnl nu)' occur l) lorn SanLu
Olliccu believe liai a hauler fijit limn
ptiy one ytt in In-fore ihrm. Sni I.ui
1iom in one of lite richest ciiicn in a1
Mexico, being iln Clly in iho mimng
ili-ti ids, & 3 nu may depend Ujion il the
Mixicans will make the l Mand lline.
From Simla Fc .7n extract nl a leittr
from a volunteer at Saul i Ft daied Octobu
23. ami published in the Si. Louis Reville,
8 ales il) il (eats wete entertained v( nn ;n
eurreciinn among ihi inhabitants. A team
flcr was murdered, and lo Spaniards hail
been arrested on suspicion of having ruin
mined ilio murder. The volunteers weie
paying from lite to ten dollars for wintering
theit hoists.
Inflammtohv Surf. Throat or Quiny
h an acti e and some i nea highly danger ins
complaint and should he altend''d lo in the
early stage of the tii ihdv as ihu slightest
ilolay is ohen attended with HPrinus conse
quences, Wrii-hi's Indi-in Vegetable Pil's
of th Nodh American College af Health
are the best medicine in the world for the
cure of an inflammatory sore throat because
they not only purge from the body those
humors which are the eatis of everv de
scription of inflammitiwi and swelling but
Ihey suit all ages and miv be administer'
ed without a moment's delay Tor i grown
person from four lo eight of said Indian
Vef-eiablo Pills should be l?ken night and
moninj, until the urgent symptoms have
abated after which thiee or four Pills taken
once in twenty-four hours, will in a short
limo make a perfect core.
Jbwikk or CicTTEiim-ra. The public tm
cautioned against tlie many spurious medicines
which ii: order lo deceive aic called liy names sim
ilar to HVislii's Indian Yckc aide Pills-
The only original and genuine Indian
Vegetable 'ills have the signatwc J
Wm Wright written with a pen on the
top label of Each box. To counterfeit
thh is forgery and all others jhould be
shunned as poison
Office devoted exclusively to the sale ntW'-ighl's
Jtd'an Yege'ahle whilcsule. and retail, 109
Kace S'. cet Phila lolphia; 288 (Jicmiwich Kticct
Mew York; and ID'S Tremont Street, Boston.
Agent fur Uloomsburjr, George Weaver, for oth
er 4?enn ieo advertisements in anulher column.
M ARRir.I) On the 2tih insi. by the
Ker William .1. liyer. Mr .1i:m-ii nl
rrankliti township to Msi Catiia im:
Lkiby, of M.mtcur townihip.
On thft same day by the same, Mr,
Tii imai Vatine, of Runh township Nor
thumberland county, to miss Li:naii Voctrr
of Franklin township.
0.1 the same tlav by the Rama Mr. Frdd
r.RICK 'il ALER tO Miss Jt'LIAX JaL'INK bull)
of Cattawissa.
On Thursday 2 lilt inst. by Rv. 0. J,
Jaller Mr. Jessk Hoi.i.ingsiikad to stiff
Harriet, daughter of John Deiienck tiq.
of .Montcur.
IMF.!). On the Udi tilt, in Oavi
Elizabeth, wile cf Simuel Yotks,
eixtylirst yer of hui age
lo Mrs.
in ilu
A Quantity of ritl.m! Kt'TTMt it
ceuts per pound, by the roll; to be had at the
IN'cw Cash Store nf
Bee C
a house and ; io a n lots
The subscriber oflers for sale Iih town
property, Bi.tiate nn Main street IPonnis
hwg. f Hopkins additinn). There ure ihret
town lots, id 50 feel frni.t raeh adjninina.
upon one is a FRAMIu IlOUSli and sta
ble, tml j good well of water, near tin
door. The whole will be sold together oi
aeparalcly lo suit pnrchaiers; upon reasur.a
b!a terms.
B'oommsliur!;, December 5, 1810.
Fssblic ac.
To be sold at Venduo by the subscriber
Saturday the 2nd day of January next
on the premincs situate in I'loom lowns iip
Columbia County, about one mile (mm the
town of Illoomsburg on the great road load
inc from Hloomfbure to Orangevjlle and
immediately io the Iron region of Columbin
ountj a certain lot of ground contain
2 acres strict measure whereon is erected n
lnij home and loir stable a well of water a
the dnor and a variety of fruit trees, Sale to
commence ai io ,,'c0ck A. M. and term?
.made known
Acting Exerolor nlfierrrfe Linn dec
Blooajsbur.De'iouiber, 5 1S16.
V virtue of n writ til vend ei. to me diiecled hi if vtillh" expired lo public salo kt Oralign
wdl I expo cl t, public sale ut ihu ('unit wh', in Columbia county, on
iiou..iM ai.viile.on Surdity the l(Wi day cf January next
Monday the IH'i day of January, fier,'Bi o'clock, P. M- tlio fnlluwinir properly, to wit:
it 1 o'clock, P. M. the lnllovt propifrlv. lowiti'..
All the r tjhi, tide and tn.rrm of l'.llia
Hultet in t'n certain IiHh ulgionnd niluiltf in
Danville, Columbia county. c.iiiUinniK two town
l.iU, bouiided in I'lniil by i'ine xiicet, nu llie cast
by 'ai lory sticct, on llie kouiIi bv nn alley nnd on
vvivt by in posM'sion f ,1,'a liu Mcl nllmlcr,
ivbeieon is erected a liamu I.ouki and nUblc, uilli
llie iippccttfimnceH.
Seized, taken in execution and to be mid as the
ptopeily of i'ilis Hughes.
A I.St) J
A ceilain lot of ground xitiia: in the borough
of jenvick, C'liluiiibjn coun y; i'niii:iiiii,nr'
out: cliun ol an ucn moie or less, nuuiiiieii in irunii
by front Ktrcet adj 'iniiiK lot of ull and!
luhn .Snyder, whereon m creeled a fiame dwclliui;!
Iiouie add liHinesl ihlu W'i'h the appurtenances. j
.S'eiz d lak'-n in eiccuiion and lo bo wdd as the f
property of mIuj E. Craii;.
I.I. the riht, title and interest of the defend- I' I'lniiu'crccK illium I'uik. John Luiaruu, Hi
nnl in a eel Liiii iiuet nf find situn'R in Main' """ Kline
Mifhip, Cobnnbiii county, cuilaioiou,
Mi.ire ,,r l,i,.,d,.d l,v bin.l-i nf lleiirv t i It,.. I
loxepli Mrmcllrr and others, whereon is er. ctcd a :
' ...... i
J -
hog House and a Lo,j Llaru willi the ii.purlcnan
iSe!z?d, taken in execution and :o be aolJ the
properly of Catharine lion nian.
A certain lot of ground situate in Madison town
ship, Colurniiii county coul'iinim; y acres mole
r less; botimled by lands ot Lll.-lu .Smilb deceaf-ed
Old Ann Smith; wheieou is creeled afiuiiiehnuse
mil a frame barn w ith the ajipiir'en.iiices.
ALSO- One other Lot of gumml as ;.f:nsuid;
colitainina; .'t. acres more or lc!-s; hounded by lauds
il John Dorr; Ann fSinitn; J. 'in 1. Lnoi and
b'lisha t'lriith deceated.
Nriicd and taken in execution and to be sold u.-.
the property of Hugh .S'niitli.
A certain trtcl or piece of land ailnste in
Sngirliiaf township Goltiuibij County
ontainino Gl acres more or less, about 40
teres of winch is cleared land bounded by
.I mis of Samuel ShtiHz James .Mather and
Seized md taken in execution and to I
sold as the property of Peter Lunger with
totico to IJcj.imin llessterro ttnani.
Five lots of ground in Moils additinn ol
the town of I) inviile in Coliiiiihia'Jouiiiy
of litem situate in Mill and Washing.
tin streets anil ex'ending c,t n Mill street
LiOlweiio it 151'eet alley-one other stui'tcon
Mill s'.reet on the south si le of the ibove
described lot and adjoining the same extend
Hi'' back i 50 feel lo the aforesaid alley
otii; other lot situate on Mil street aforesaid
adjoining the lot described and a iot ol
Daniel Ktinsey and extending 150 feet to
die aforesaid alley one other lot siiuale
in Milll street aforesaid adjoining lots ol
Daniel Rnnijey and Charles While and ex
.ending bick 150 feet lo siid alley 'Pnere
lots are each 4 1 feet front :he other lot
situate on Washington street bi-iu 115 feel
front and fx'cnding 1 85 feet 9 inches h ick
bounded by lands of ttin Montour IroiiCom
,iany on the west lot of Charles White on
he smith ea?t and the s .id alley on the cast
Seized and lalu n in execution am! to he
-old as the property of Daniel and Pciei
A I the right title and interent of the de
fendant in a certain building, situate in ihc
ILnougli of Ucrwiek, in the centre ol Mai
kel street, called the Ilirwick Academy
Seized taken in execution and to l e sohl
is the property o( the Trustees ol tin: 15er
wich academy.
A certain lot of ground situate in Ceivrr
'.ownship, Columbia County, cuntatnin"
one third nf an acre, more or less, (j!iinn!ci:
h v I If of .L'sse Ki.krnd.dl, John Knorr,
Sim!) Puck-dew, and (hi) Lock hit'
Seiz-'d taken in exccntioii atid to bo aold
is the property ol Petet StitjIYud!
At t'lf same timu and place, by virtue, ol
i second alias levari facias, all that certain
nessuage and tract cl find, situate in .Mil
ilm township! Columbia County, bounded
is follow s, bigining al a cornsr in a public
roid.lhetiee bv land partly of Henry Yuhe,
Charles Miller, and Christian Millet, Smith
. i x t v degrees, west 151 pcrcfu-s, to coiner.
hence bv land of Jacob KuHi nhadi t, mid
... . i f , ... I V . I. .. N' ..I n. I ....
parnv ot w inici i uiiK, .vino ,io m greif
vvel 155 perches to a post, thence hy ,nd
,f ( I'eorge Kelclincr, ticnrgi; Dreslier, and
I din (ieai ban, South and one
naif east 80 perches and seven Ii nt!is.o:i It
S3 degrees east 03 perches, north 5-7 de
grees, east 20 perches south 71'.) degiies
as 32 peri lies, north i 0 degrees i jm 13
perches ami iwo leutiis to 'e er lie irs
hart other land thence by the same south
JO drgrces ea:i 2d perches and seven
enihs lo the place id hcginin eoniifiiiiiii!
)1 acres 1 14 perches im I a lo wanccs be
til'1 same tnoift or less together wnh Ihe
liercdilameiits and appertemiiccs.
Seized l iken in f xeculinu and io be snld
is ihe properly nf Pc'er (icaiharl,
liEN IAM1N IIAYMAN Sl.criflf.
Shlfs. Oll'n'0
ille Dee. 25 1SIG. J
ri ) i i i:
H hereby givnn that 1 have norchaord r,t
Conatable Sale, b the property of W tllinm
liidleman, Ihe following ai tiles-20
...,.1, ,.( nmirj .i.. , I.. ,1, U 1
Jfjl'.r. ... ... v.. w Ull.7 mil I ci
of cider hall barrel vinegar 2 tubs 1
grain rradle 2 shout" I horpe jet of
harries 1 hnrgy and luvo lefi the same
in bis possession during toy j lcasure, anil
forbid any person inking ihem from him
either by purchase or otherwise, without
my consent.
:imi?.7m IUVS.
Montour. Dec. 20 1315.
V vidua ofa tuitauuu vend' ei. lo me direct
the right, title nnd iiiliweal of lite heir of
lei.rv lleii, ileceaxed, ill a certain tract ol
innate in Pishincrei k towihip. Uolunilna
county, emilaiiiiriK i!l)0) acres inore or Icai.uliaut
iOO ucich uf wlii, Ii i cleared la-il, bminded by
lauds of Nuiiou'l Crcvliuij, Jacob Wciintr, Michael
Viiple, Punii I S ueker, l'.lias Mrlleiny and ollicit;
whereon uro creeled eih'een Lnji tlousci and
eihl barn;wilh the ttppuitcuanccb; klluwu as llie
lUcidinan land'
!circd, taken in execution and to be fold as the
pioperlv of tiio lie ri of Henry Ileisz,
!Siit.iiiir'a Oirict; Duiiviliv: Dec, S3; 1818.
f. ?A!l Ilt?l'llJ4
For January Term, 1 S-47.
Wrireieek Knoa Adams, JS'athuii t-eely
1 ''"tie Paul Zantr
Perry Andirw It. (.'inoiiunjjs
I'raiiklii, Willi.mi K'oa-bach
'J uciea.(,,",,!"w""d William i;j-,.r William iluthera
' '''Uiioi k James Ivoat
M..I. .... ... .
""''"lung iiailes i.nnner, I nomas Llark
T .. . I : . ... HVir ..
jMaili-ain William Mostillcr. Daniel liout
Milluii (,'luir'es Vi'iokhei.-er
Main Jacob (:e;oiipart
Montour- Jjiucs WoodHides, John I!iehurJ
Orani;e Samuel Iletz
lioariiicrceli h li'.Tsoii Wintcrstcim
lSui!.irlnal'--l'elei HesH, John 11. Davis, Thomas
First week. January 'Firm. 1817.
niooni Samuel Kineliard, Fiede.rick Dielier,Wil-
liani Rrown
I3ricrcreck Joseph Pilkinton, Gilbert Fuwler
'.'attaui:;sa"-John Zicfjler
(nter--l!etijaiiiiu Fowler, Jacob Shellhammcr
l)erry--S'aimiel Mufiley, Jacob Uiddle
ri.-liingcreek 7'ihnoiid CravsforJ, ainian Labor
Daniel Kitchen
franklin Nohiinnn Hartley
(iieenwood Inac I!' Klino
lleml ink ICli Tlioniton,John Pursel, M. G.fihoe-
m iker
laekion William Lemons, David Remlcy
l.imeMlot.e John .inith
Liberty Jacob Cwwlord
Mount I'kuaant J. W. Vanderslico, Jucob Shii
1 idison Jnlm Wclliver
Maine Soili llailuiar , John Kiefer
Montour Peter II. Ki-scl, James lljrton, J. Me
Much Mahonini; M. McAllister, David I'bilipi, Join
Ucvo ild", sen. Jacob IJeynolds. .lac.ili Scchler
William Died. William Motrin. Ileubcn 'ori-
Oranrjc- -John Snyder, Joh.-o Culrmaii
l!oarin;creek !Sam Ji I iVcars, Jones Faliiimjer
David Yeaupr, John lieriiiiirr. f-ilas .lohn-on
Sugnrloaf I'liillip Krickbauin, 1'ctei Applcnian.
John l.auhacli
II EMIY z urpi sr. E R.
P"Th i;.Sl'KC 1 r l.l.l.Y mforiiH the public thai
lu has locati-d him it It in t!:e h.n k roon
ol I lioiiias I'ainlni's nlli.-e, on ihe east side ,!
Market, above Main-street, IJIoonii-hu.g, tiul ;
prepared lo
Repair alt hinds nf Clocks and Wuii his.
in the best manner and on the nv rcasoni:! ',
licpt ennslantly on bund for sab".
December VI, lSl;:;ilv
The subscriber having liecn fi'iio'ed uea;
thin years in the Meroniili! ILimiuvs
wishes lo ictire acd seitlo up h'u r.-incerus.
mil give yoonaer ,aii(U an npprrnniiv of
naking inoney, ofT'ers his I'ROJ'ER'I'Y
IN lll.OOM TOWNSHIP, rooMstinr; nl
nid other properly this pieperiv is sjtuaieil
on big Fl-hingcnpk tlnie miles from l!o
canal and sanin distance from JJioomsbuig.
the now Scat of Justice & is a good location
for any pnldio business. lil his four pair. if
Stones, will) the necessary !o!;s and otlor
matters. Furnace ealcnla'oil to nuke 35
Tons Pig Iroti per week is suited to u s r
either Char did or Stone Co. I has b-t :i
nn mcci shIuI operation lor iho pi.-l twi.
years. Iron ore plenty in iho neiohhor
hood and w.ind within a le w miles ol
the Furnace
Or would scl "no Inlf the Interes: in tl,p
property to a person competent and willing
lo lake an active hand to ihe iiriuannoiM.
ddtes to Lbhtstrcct Post Office Cnbnnhia
D'cembr.r U, ISP).
The Dinville Demoerat. Mitier.s J uirna!
Pool'iville, Deinoetal nn Ar(iiis,E'islon,and
.ellerson Dcmocr ii, Reading, will u'ivn the
above fire insertions and forward their bills
fur payment to M McDowell, Light-Siree:
nr lo this ntfieo.
O PfllKW nnd - .
i ;.i llIHl OtS
i uu .i.viIj.
a 1 mi
' u 'hp ...i '. i ir r . .
rj nr. Fuornner oner" lor Pa.e ln pro
niv sitiiaicd on Main-tteei. f:lni)r,i-,boiP
; (Hopkins' H.ldition) a few dears aho.-n Damei
s",',,'rs'- The two Im, ndj .in I'pon one thorr
prick irorsE
'" ' J S i3 :l r""'fl '"''le. and upon the
ft'lH!!K other a small Fran.n Hon.,,.
Cj"'ill'2-iJ 1 '"'J' VVM he Hold together or sep-
r, Ti? 'jL'Vi ... .... . .
urate to suit f urchaa'ts, and on reasoniblo trrms
pan application to
IJIonmshuri. .oven. btr 2S J t f
Fresh Arrival.
rH1'IE iulicerilmr hav just revcived and trt
JJ, now opening a splundid un(irtinoiit of
which Ihey w prepared lo bell u little CHKAPEIi
man ineLHtAJJi:6r.
Dec. in.
A larije assortment of lha benl kind of Curpen.
2a. lt'r Toola jiut received and will bkept con
otumly on hand at the Arcade.
Oct 10
VX fiionds nu doubt are awara thnt wo
rcuoiru money to eniry on ouc business, we
ihoicfore lake this method of iuloimiiit; them that
iv e aro now engiiKcd in making up balances on
liuokn. We expect all tbosu knowing themselves
indebted to us on NOTE, liOMD or HOOK AC
COUNT, of more than one year's standing, will
call between this and llie fust of February next
and nettle Iho saint) wiihoutany harder I u Ik from
us. WM. McKL'LVY 4 Co.
Doc. 10.
HjO all legatees, creditors ai d other pe von in
tcrchlnl in the estates of the respective dete
denis and rumors, lhatthe inln inistratiou am guar
dian accounts nl the said estates huve been tiled
in tlieohicc cf the liegieter nf the county of Co
lumbia, and wiil bo presented for continuation
and ullnwu.icc to the Orphanls Court, lo bo held
at Daiiv illc; ill and for tue county aforesaid, on
W'ediiesdov the .lull day of Jauiiiiry, next, ut 'i
o'clock, '."M.
1 The uccount of Samutl Creasy, Adminiftra
tor nl the estate of Henry Creasy, late of .Miflliu
township, deceased.
!i 'l'bo accounl nf John ?eaer, Administrator
i i'thn estate ot.lbrahain L'uuler, late ol Fishing
neck lovvusliip, deceused,
3 The account ol Thomas Mcndenliall, Exec
utor of tUa last will and testament of John Smith
late of Hu(.'arloaf township, deceased.
Kegisei 'Jihce,
Danville, Dec. 19, 1810
IlUlUtl ! HURJtlll Ul'RAlU
WHAT a tiot and a rumpus' there ha? been
since the urrivul (the ccleliratedliia'.Mcr
elianl, bringing iho Lrgcst ami cheapest cargo, hi
.season of
which were deposited at
oi M:iin-treet. 1'liev are now selling at siteli u
nil. id ia'0 in coni'ijtlfnco of their biw prices,
that fears are eritci taiin d that one half llie people
will not act their winter's supply out of tin.) cheap
stock. All those, then, who want good cheap goods
should call immediately and supply tlininsulves
with roadclnths, h'attineitJ, (Jassimeres, Ov.'i
. 'oat cloth, Vistin.4 or of Hiiy description of cloth
tor M uh wear Prints of any discription mill
priee, I'.dinettca s, Oahmeres, Mousdelaines. I'm;,
li.diand Ficiich Meriuncs, Alpaceas. and satins
Tnkery, ( 'a-hmeres or Hlaiikct shawls, Pocket
Han Iketchiefs, .lackonet nnd ISwisa fining nu1
Insei lion, tj loves; Stockings, ill fact any lhiui eKe
that may ho wauled, Vou ltd; amiss,
ndynu n;av also have vnur lick nut of nn ex ten
sive asrt.neut of I.MII.l Itl lSIHM SliOi.S
and HATS, ml CAPS.
i 'all soon or yon s ill will he In lata to buy the
hcapest and best goods in town.
.Vov. 'ii
Kfl'l'I-Y OF
floth" from 5 cents to ?5
S iuinetls from to "C4 cento
( ' i -simcif .. from HJ cents lo $,,23
t 'a'iincrcs Satins S; Silks
Velvet Vrslinas liom 75 cents to S3
t'a-l.imercs debiins it Alliian sattir.sfrom So toC,"
.1 splendid a-nrtincntof prints from 4 to IS cents
plajds it lyney" nf several kinds
llh'ached -V unble-ieheil mil dins from G to U Cts
(ICntlenuiiis t ladies cravats ulovcs iVc. .1c
In slioit a tt.ll assoituicut ol'dry goods
splendid asisrtmeut of Q'lctiv.vnreA- Hardware
'-n.T course bro;;in nliocs Slc?n!s
Mens calf slm-s good l,?.r)
Me, ni 'oor.-'C boots $1 h'J
Mens fine b.'n'i cm i.C,n.U, 52,S7 j
fifoeerie nf the best rpiality
.lnlassPH fioni bfi (o fid eenti per gallon
i Simar foil'. c and so forth.
They rcspecti'uly invito tlie (iitenln n of tin pub
lie. to an examination of llm gnodt.
Eapeylovtii. Movembec 'iti
J. II.
H F.sPEi'TKI'LLY invita iho
tl.o public to thn
attention of
which they ha no-v ep-ned in the I,.w.r p1vt (
Alooinshiiri. The slock ha.' b. en cmefullv !cci..
ed, and it is believed that llm ut whnhtne
ood lire Slid will give uerieral sati,'a( lion. A
iliev inlend SF.LI.LNfJ entirely pi K f.-H, it
p.vili l.e iiiineces.ary to eiiarn a hiol, prolit tfr.
,-urc thei.iselvet fi 'H Iom whirl, always attends !,e
l,, ...iiim 'I heir stork con. kt. l ,,n,ui
sssort'iient of
Dry diowls, (-Jroctrits, fee
Thev ho
e c m . mm 'nniiorit. u lili'I'l .', X'l i'l '.liilill, IPilil"
e trnn ,tl 1- j to .1 1 rcr' rrr eil'cn.'i : i
ColleefromStolOcentsperprund. MiKar fioin 1-2 to 14 P pound
Pepper t cents per pound.
( arpets fiom . u, ()() (,
with a spb-nb 1 itsijrtment of Monslin do I lines,
Mpio cna, Cala Cloth, cVc-cVc. at ftio same pnipoi-
tionrrte prf.-e.
fjoTflnber llW)
m P. . . ...... t-. ,,
fHEPEAS, the Hon; Josnen B.Asrnotr
PiBsident of the CouiU of Uver and far.
miner mid General Jail Duliserv, Coint ol'Ouarlc
Spssiom of the Pence, and Court of Ciiiiiiiiii.
I laso and Orphans' Couil; in tlu Light Judicial
Diktricl: comncsed of thn Cnunlii i IWihiin.hoi-
hmd Columbia and Lycoming and the Ihu. Sam
t'TLOitt arid .Srininx Htur, L'iq'rn A .i. t
'UU)zei in Unlumliu county have issued their pr. .
cept beating date the'JOth day of November in t! e
year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred am1
forty lix and to ma directed for holdinif
Ji Cou. t of Oyer and 'Terminer; and Hen
era J ail d livery. General Quarter Ses
iion of the Pence, Common J'liutund
Orphan's Court,
IN DANVILLE in the County of Columbia
on the third AAmday ol January next bem the
lain oayj ana to continue two wet-lit:
Notice is therefore Iwiehv civento thet'orone;
the Justices of ihelVacit nnd Constables of ihe miii!
county of Columbia that they bo then and theie
in iheir proper persons at 10 o'clock in the fore
noon of siid day whh iheir records inquisitions and
other remembrances to do those lhiiif;s which to
their ntficers appertain to be done. And thut-e that
ate hound by recognizances to prosecute ujjainsl
the prisoners that aro or may be in the Jail ol said
county of Columbia; aiulo be then and there to
prosecute against them us shall ha just. Jurors
are repieskd to be puortnal in iheir attendance
agreeably to their notices.
Dated at Danville the 2dd day of Deinr ember in
the year of our Lord one thousand eiiiht hundred
and forty -si t arid in the VOth year of the Indt peu
dcruo ul i tho United 6'tntfs of AmaricB,
' No Humbug.
Ta.TKITilEI! are we eninr; to tnllt about ' War
' between the Ulii'ed States and Mexico;' nor
ul telling good 10 per cent, lolowcily prices.'
.M'liiier nro wn going to string toeelher in our od
vciliseincnts every thing we ha-.c for sale, from a
' needle lo an anchor,' but tnaik what we tav
A u arc going to
Keep as nice a variety of Goods,
I !ioth (unlity and price, as tliost who make more
noise in the papers thun vse do, W'e liave pur-i.lia:-ed
our goods ns chean an it is possible lo buy
ihoin.iitid we will sell thuin ua chtap, if our friends
will give us a ca I at our
recently erected bv K. H' 1HGC!. directly orsno-
silo the new Court House, and next door nouth of
Deobler a Hotel, we will show them nn
-Reeled expressly for their accommodation. A
"loiijj th articles of
we hare French and Ainericsn CLOTH'J, Cas
siineres, Mittinetts, vesting, de. Ac.
For llm Ladies wo hove Cashmces, Monslin
lo lains. Cidimere Holies, Cl .aking, P.ints of ev
ery style and pricefium4 lo 45 cents per yard,
ha .s Is, (dnves. Sic. d'c. in fact every variety of
merchandize, usually kept in country nlorca.beaides
some things a little different.
Also au and taps of evory dcacriptlon.
As for our
I'd! and examine thorn for yoiirselvnand you will
find ihem excellent and very cheap.
They Invo also an assortment of
And the best of MACJCBR12L
Irish Salmon
of a superior quality. Allofvvhu ii will he dis
pose.! ol i.i cxthaiige for Cash i r Country Pn
lilooms W'. Nov: 7, 18-10
is ;csr OrENI.NO 11 IS
Fall and Winter Goods
A N D pun hasera will find a ficth and If ndii:
Q msortuifiit of
l)y Goods, Greenes, Qitrmwre
Hardware, Cecunoarc, Huts,
Lps. v mil
C.'l'CS, 4'C.
'"onsisiina in pnrt of Cloths, pluin and fancy Car
"in.eies, t)rei;oi (.iliisgotv and Keniucltv jenns
-.'il'lio Its sod vcstintjs.tilpacca and parumniis rlollo
riencli Ca-dunerc and ca-hmoretts, inoittlin ib
! lins and prints of Iiih moM fasbintiublft stvle,cah.
nii'rcs lunda ihil'tt, A.DL. Uam.h and woo
To all tho'ii wishing fishion.ibl"! and chfa
,'oods thn best nppoiliitntv now oil'em. Call rar
vliil.j the a.sottmeut is full for the rarest of bar
: lin-i,
Sscnnd week January rerin 1RI7
Drlcrcreeli. Jneob Rider, enry DVterich, M. V
.l.i'ksoii, Archibald eury
I'.loom. Casper Kressler. I ieoruc Joint.
I entre,
Jscoh He.o, W'illism Keb bncr, Jowpl
Polie, Levi A. H
''ntlawiBH. Issue S. Munire
Kishinpcretk. David Auconha:h, fcKinne
Grctir.vocd. Isaac Kvara, lisa' PkbIh.', Phi!t
Tf..l..l. '.'!:. t n...j cm. r
,'k In.nicl F..,n t, Robert Tdgar
,rliprv, Jns j,,,,,,,, Ke,r
Ma,ii,-. Allraham Broad. ar.o.,
MiS,, Trnoallerlnckcr
William While ;
: Rout inert-k. lu.lnh Cheiir.glon, Gcnr Fetter
, gr-qfrrT"f . ?)hn fl'J?'1'? '
iViittv" DVid Mattel!, Ca; i
A Homes' t lMi
Jpct South side of Main-H. below
In.) uKjf 0F coBiA
jus j ice or the peace;
OiTice, 1!oriief f t.Ml ikJ Mt,MnMtaj
oeorrF g. waller;
Al!opner at Law.
HwoMdjirjKO, CoLnMau Conxrr. Pa
Office on Market a few door', ulcVt Afuin.
- Plf
So W. WISA WTO ' "'
fSijicin aii.l siinr-on.
fAVLN O located himself jn M00niH,,ur
ders Ins nroiCFsini,,,! c,.,l ",''"
He tnny hc consulted , .1. , . . P.. 'Iic
Wdlhm Rohiso,1?, pp0sit Dof bler a Hoitl ' "
august U, LHVi 18
Right Side Up!
Wim. uIcKELVY & CO.
5NFORM the public that thy Hre atill dnin
business at the OLD STAND, in Z
Hay and havi5 Ju,t received and now opening
moot tl.B lcrt and mo meuah6 usJlllluI
evorbrou-lit into tin. iieiBhborhood, aro dotarmin
edto conln.ue doing business iu tba amuu old
Mbl Uay,' that they may keep up with tint
limes and sell, as usual, as low as they can bo pur
chased elsewhere iu thu county. Among tliuir
may bo fuiind
Mouslin de alnei, Cobur? Cloth-, nev
style. ifC'lcahing, Egyptian-Vtlueti,
Cahcoetfromll lo 20 cents ptr
yari Cns?imeres from
27 12 to H;o
Cents per yard.
CLOTHS from 75 Cents lo SG ptr yd.
as will as all other kinds of cloths fol ..adies' rl
Gentlemen a wear from a Cup for -lie head to a
stocking for the foot, at the same reduced low tu
They have nl o an usually rSo assortment .j
0 E 0 0 E K 1 E S , 1 1 A I U ) V A K E , tO U E E N a
and a general apartment of all kinds of
,or mi.ii uenticmcn. Also, a large lot
EColled auI Hjunmcred Bar ami
otlior lrou,
suitablo for almost ony uso in the country.
All of whicliihey will .chane for Cash, Coun
try Produce or Lumbci upon such terms as that
all who tradc with thum will bo atisfled. JJe.ura
N'overubor 14
Chair Manufactory.
Look iccil lo your interest!
Refore y nu purrhase, and if ynu wan
;'ood ;;argains, j'usi call at ihe shop of
on Main street nearly opposite C. Kadlers
"Hire, where you can find them rraiiy it
all limes to furnish Fancy and indsmr
chairs, aeiicea, Uoston Rockini chairs, or
any kind which may be called for, as ihey
will always Iihvo on hand a good ansoru
.neniofall kinds which they will sell at
the lowest priee possible for cash or ex
change fni lumber or country pioduee;
Fnim iheir long- experience in business snJ
i tle'erminaiioii to do wnrk which cannot
be surpassed in the county, thev ik for a
hate of public patromge. 7hey will alsu
Ihuse. Sign, and ornamental Faint,
ing and House Papering .
in the neatest and most approved style and
upon reasonable lernip,
IPonmtibtirg Oct. 14, 181fl. 20'y
new siipjdy of elegant raTpntitip jmt reciv.
cd ai the new store.
Aug. 1
To 1 1 1 C A R I ' E N r E R 1 N O C U SINE 5 S
gtA wanted immediately, Two active lads
Iti r 17 years old will receive good encour
errement upnn appiicaunn io
' mini re r;nilti
Blootmhnrg November U
The snVcbin have on hand Mme spleYtl'd In
rain nnd V'errctia tVpeting which thay wili ral