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    of Sin J i o i n " ; by which th1)' coquor
rd theif imlr prixlcnce. CoiVlderma
t ha mi -li bet k crgigoil on ihe respective
history does not record a mot
brilliant ch.cvenir-m. Santa And
himself was among the eiptife
In the mon li o(Mi,1Sj6 Stnti.Vnn
ckioivl?''gJ,by i r e 1 y mIi ihTex
n nuihoi tlie , in the mos aolpmn fuicti,
Mhn fuU,eniire,snd peifpct independenC'
0f the republic of TtX'S.' Ii i tine he
mi then i piisoner of sr, but it ii e
qmlly 'rue ihit he failed tci r fcorqioi
Txs, snd had met with at d a I di-leai;
that hia suihority hid not been revukid
and ilnl by vitlne of his trety he ob
tained his peisaml release. 11 y il hos
liliiifs were suspended, and the army
which hiil invaded Ttxa under his
command returned in pursuance of this
arrangement, unmolested, in Mexico.
Fiom the day that the battle cfSm
Jacinto was fought until tlia present
hour, Msioo has never posieseJ ihe
power to ttcir.q tor Texa.- 1 i the Ian
t,uge of the Secretary uf Stile ofihe
United Stales, in a despuch to our min
ister in Mexico, under dale of the 8 h
of July, 1342, 'Mexico may Via ve cho
sen to consider, and may still choose to
consider Ttxas as having been at a
times since 1835, and as 1'iH con tir.uinjt
lurebellious. province; but i he woild har-
been obliged to takes very diflciem
view of the matter. Fiom the lime ol
the battle of San Jacinto, in April, 1636
to the present motneni, Texas has ex
h.biled the external sign of national in
dependence as Mexico hetselfjutd will
quite as much stability of government
Practically free and independent, c
knotvledged as a political sovereignly
by the principal Powers of the world no
hoMile fool finding real within her te'
ritory for six or seven years, and Mtxi
co herself n training for all that piriod
from aoy further attem; t to re esiablisl
her own authority, over that territory
it cannot but be surprising lo find
Locanegra' (thb Secretary of Foreigr
Quits of Mexico,) 'complaining ih it foi whole period citizens) of the U. S
or its government, have been favoring
the rebel", of Texas, and supplying
them with vessels, ammunition, and
tiionry, s if the war for the reduction
of ihe province of Ti xis had been com-
tanlly prosecuted by Mexico, and he
success prevented by these influence
from abroad.' In I he game despatch
the Secretary of Stale affirms thst 'since
ifc'37 the .United States have reird
fd Texis as an independent sovet in'iiy
es much as Mexico; and thai trade and
coinmtrce with citizens of a Rovernrren
el war ni'h Mexico cannol on thai ac
ccuni, be regarded es an intercourse by
which Bfsi&lance and succor ate g en t
Mexican rebels, i he whJe cut rent o' Bocanegr.'s rfmaiks runs in
the game direction es ii I he inde
denre of Texan had not been acknowl
edged. Il has been acknowledged n
was acknowledged in 1 37 against the
r montnnce and protest ofMtxct ; and
most of the acts of any impoi, ,.
which IJiciregn complain?,
flow nrcrsBrily fiom that recognition.
Je speaks of Texas as stil! beinji (an in
tegral part of the territory of the M- xt
ran republic,' but lie cannot bnl under
siaml tint the United Sutra do not so
regard it. The real complaint of Mx
ico, therefore, ie, in gubVuncp, nenher
trinre ncr lesa thai) a ermplaint against
the rerngniiion of Tex.n independence.
j may he thought rather la'e to repea'
thai co.r plaint, and not quite just lo
confine it lo the United St3e, io the
xerrp'ion cl England, France and Hel
Riim, urdos the United States, having
been the fir it to acknowledge the indc
pndence of Mc.t'co herself, are lo ,t
blamed for setting anexunplo fur the
rfcngnilinn of thai of Tex-u.' And he
adiled, that ' he coi.s itution, public
treaties, and laws oblige the Pieauhni
to regard Texan aw an iodcpcnle nt 8 a'i
nrd i a terriiory as no jnrl of Mi x co,'
Texn lud been en inde ppr.Ji n1 S ate
Hi. h an oruan'ZPe BOVfinuieiit. defviou.'V'Mon, v.'iin n,e - vowcit purpose ol
ihe power of Mexico to overthrow or
revconq'ir her for more than ten ycr
before Mexico enmmrnced trie pivseir
war anainsi the United Stales. '1'exas
had (liven men evidence- In tln woihl o!
hrr ability lo maintain her sep-uale ex -
'ivt'nce as an indepeoilent nation, thai
iis had been fotmal'y rtctgr,'iz,J b
uch, not only by ihe Uni'ed S .ilea luil
iy aevnal of ihd piinc'pil powers id
Europe, Thee pnwem lud filtered
nlo treaties of aunty, coinnieice, am'
nviauon nh r-ei. They l ad leceiv-
d and HCrredi'ed hi f nrncteis him.
iiner diplomatic nfnts oi ttnir respic
ive cotir'a, and iti ) had cuiiiinispiune'
niriis'fis od tliphi j,i-iir HgeiiH on llieo
pm t to lh g ivn oOU'iil ol 1-X iS. 1
.Me xuo, iiolwiihuiniding all ibis, an'
lie t u 1 1 ij i iiiubni')' to Mihdue or re-coi
lj f r T x i, oiU iiibboin1)' lefntnl o
ecogri her ai an independent iia'i)i
he none the t to on iImi Ci ouii
MeX'ro heiaell liml heen r p'ii'i'Z"d
an lniiepenonnt nation ny ine u 'jh
. . . I T t L .
and oihr poivci", nuny )eaig b l'ir
Sjiair, ol huh, before her rvolot oi
a"le lud been a colony, wou'd nre l(
recogo ze hrr a mic1 ; ami jei M x io
wis at Ihe linpe, in H e e?lin a ion of il e
civil 2'd NM i'(!,ai d m (c',iioi e tlie It
sn ii (!i peix.'em pe-wr lnciue pain
i ill rla med hei a colm y ll Spin
had continued unt il li.o pirstui jitrii'd
to aseil that Mexico w is one of hrr cul
onieh- in rabelliim m-iiiisi hr, lii wouh
nol have made hei so, or chmg'd tin
fac! of he r inde)i-nikjnl p X''pi e . Tr X i.
at the period ol h r amir x i ion io
Uiiiled Siates, bote il e fame n li'ion l
Mexico lhalMi xi' 0 hail boi ne Hi Spain
fir many yeara beh re Spain arkuol
edged her inde pe ndi-rce, whh ibis i id
pjrlanl dilft-rence hat, It lure lh an
in XHion of 'IVxaa lo the Uniud Siatef
was confumated, Mexico herself, by
ifirmal act of her g evernmeni, holac
knovvletlged die indcpendeiicn of Tt x if
as a nation. It i tioe.thal in the act ol
recognition the has piescribed a condi
tion which ahe no power or anthorii)
io impose, ihal Trxii avould nut annex
herself io any o'her Po.vei; but tin
cruld nol detract in any iltgiee fnm
Ihe recognition which Mexico (hen
made of her ae'u-il independence. Upon
this plain siatempiil of facia, il ta als'iid
for Me xico in allege as a lia fir pom
me .cir.g hnatiliiies agaiit the Untied
State, that T is Mill a paitofhei
Bui there ore thnse who, conceedii g
all this to be true, asnme th grnnnd
that the true western hoiind.i'v of 7' x..
is ihe Xnrres, inted of the Un.Orande
anil ihit, therefore, in mnehing our ai
my lo ihe pat rnnk tif the la'ler river,
vp passed the Ti3"in line, and invaded
ihe territory of M'.tco. A
latpinen' of fact?, k..own to (i!, wiP
enrcluHvely rrltite Mich an a?nn-ptinp.
Te.T's, as reded Mi ihe Uni'ed hyFrapp'
in 1S03, has been slwsvi rlainid a
e.r'endiiig wet io ih IJin (iiamb', n
Rio Hravo. This firl is ps'nliti.hed In
'he authority ofrurinosl eminent stair
men at a period when ihe'nn wo
as well, If nol helMr nnde-sMiod thai
it is Pt piefnt. During Mr. Ji fl.-isnn'.
administration, Messrs. Mor,rne am1
Pir ckney, who had bpeu pni nn a pep
lal aiip?ion !o Madrid, charged, amone
o'hrr ihipgSj with ihe ndj'itnient o'
hi uiidsry belwepn ike Iwo rnH'.liies, ii
a nmp addressed t ) the S i. i -! rniniiei
of Foreign Affdr?, ni di r da'n of llu
tlip 28;h of .lanusry. 1 '0', aont tha'
the boundaries of Ioniaiai n, as ceded 'o
'he U. S. by Fiance, 'nre li e liver ol
rprdicn on the cas'.and the river Biavo
nn the wps',' and thej uhl, ih ii 'ih
lads arid principles' which jnsiify h'f
eonc'iision are bci satisfactory to nm
i'Vernniert as to pro vince it that tin
Uniifd S' air have mil a In Hrr rich i to
'he island of New Oilcans, iiruh r ilo
''esion rei'lred in, then ihey (wve lo
ihe whole dii'iicl of lerritor) winch
ahnve dr scriheil.
D .wu to the C'ir,ehiioi of lh' F i'i
ila treat) i i I'Yhrriiy, 1519, by ihrl'
tl'is territory wa cnhd in Spain, in
Unite d S'aM'a man led and iiuintained
'heir territorial rights to ihia e.x'teni. In
ll'P month (f,iii, ISIS, dining Mr.
Monroe's ailniini-'i ilio infui rnatinn
having b':en lece-iied that a oun hei- of
foreign ad veiituia ha I iinded at (la
'io ming a eetiVnienl in thai vicinity, a
special inecsrrn'-r was despatched by
Ihe novn nmeui of iho United t i j u-(. ,
wi'h iiia'roe'inns Imm llie Y . .- r c f n i y ni
vate, to warn llinn lo desj,!, ehould
j;l,' - y he fonnd there 'or any rj'her place
"(,r,h f'f 'be Hio 5ra--o, and wilhin the
Itiiituty cLimid by the Uudtd Auics.'
lie wa insti nc'td, fhould thi y be found
in the roun ry noi h of liver, l
inke known I. ilium 'tlie, ani pi We ivim
which the l'resiihnt ha ren pnssesa)oi
Imm lak' i', wnhooi authority fioir. t!o
Uuiied Si aiea, of a i.hiPe wnhin IhtM'
enl'orial liinnj and upon tvhicti no
. iwftil SLiilrineni c an lie nude wiihout
limr canrlion.' 11 wan iniu ucted Ii
all upon them to 'avow oioler whit m'
iooh! auiliori'y i In y pi ufess to ac,' ami
'o give i Ii e ill due wiruing ' lh'
place I? within the United 8 ales, who
will ?'itl r no jiei nuneni seiileiiieiit w
o lie innie 'heie, under anv fluihori')
r hei i h n lhe! r tiwn. ' A lute as Iht
Hi h ol l.ily e.f lS'lvi, ihe .S.netny ol
.V .te ol tin- Urn nl S . e, in a no e ad
li es' d in our mi-'iiier in M- ;e e.i,rnain
.in y lh .I, Iy the Hurl 'I a tiea y ol 1 b I 9
'he (e'ri'oiy f'l wi ! as the Ui
Gi ande was coidi.iiu d to Spain. In
it at i'0t he s'Hiea the', "iy ihe Meaty
ii F henry, LS19, b'twenlhe Uuiied
S'. ,ien add iS'mlii. thr .S'.'iin WIS adopt.
hi I ii the hue nt lnniiid ii )' between the
i wo 1'dwiis. Up to tint period, no
.'oiiH'ilrr.ibU' Cclin '.' i'lii had betii t IT c
td in T' X hm Hit ternioiy bcuveen
he A'. bine and the Uin (Jrande bring
corifll Hied lo Spun by the ( i es'y , appli
eaiions weie madt lo ill.' Power foi
i'ai a ol Imd, and fiirh j; r:i n , or per
illusions of it sui nti, wi re-in (aC
Hade by he? SjiHii ih biihoriies in fa
vor of c7 Zr ns of hi V.n 7nl aes pio
liosing i) ) Texas in nume
rous families, Ijelori' ihe de.clai aion ol
iriitepi'inlf net- by M
The Ti.r.s which ws ceded i Spain
by he Floiida ie-,y of 1SI), cmbiac--d
all ne couniy now cliimtd by lo
lie (;f Tiorifi iielweeu lie N Ut ces anil
ne Kio -Giandi'. Tli" r public olT- .r
i a' ways chi died this river ai her wes
rn bi uiMlai) , and in her re.-,v niade
w Ii S-iii A 1 1 1 1 -i in May, 1 S w G , he re
(iiliil zed l as hiich. Ily tie cm s ii
ion wnich Ti x adopi d in Ainen,
18Jl), sena il i-il and n i(l sei ij vn (I i -rics
wrre p)m z:,d ( j7en lin wrs ol
he Ntl' Ce ; The ColiitM ofTiXiS1.
on he 19 h of 1) reinlu r, lSdd, pissed
An ac o di fine lie hound ai ie s o'
hp republic of T''is,' in wh'ul
iiey diclaied he It o (1 ande fiom
,'s mooli ' i- soiifce to brt bur
iiiuihI ry, .'(id !i he said k In y '
eiidiil heir 'CiViland poje,,! joi .
iii uin' over he couuiy up o iiai
'O'undai y.
I ) i . r i r i u a pi r i I rif urie ihan idee vear
v'ncli Intel vein il beiuecu i'ie a'l.ipiion ol
Set coio-utininii and l.'r annex in t jh on
if llil' .S: lies of rim' IJnilll. Tl X is assi 1 1,-,
ilnl exerelSi d di oiV aeis of s ivi n iniv nm
I'lii-dii tion over li e ! riiinrv and inhalu-
anuwislol'ihe She orinZ"'
in d ih fi 'ii d dm hunts of eouiuii s ( xteiiiliiii
I ' the Hi. i Vir.ilr.le. Mie i M.iti.i-iiCil Ciiuil-
.f justice i.nd extended lu r j.nlieia! sysit-n
iver the territoiy. She i Hiahh-lied a :u-.
loni-ho'isc, an ! colli en d duiies, and alsi
oust oil es am. povi roaus, in it. Mo) es-
I 'h'ished a land oliice. ami ii-sued nuineini.e
r uls fu land. will. in ns liniiis, A Sena
nir a id i'iri'eeo clue icsidini; in il weit
elecled lo the dingu s- n ihe republic, am1
-erved as such bi hne die act of annex atim
look place, ii both I'.e ('ot'eie? and (.!on-
vi iiiion uf Ti xas. wlnrli jiaie their assen
o dio irrms of aim xauon Iodic Unitei
Vlulek. n 1 1 1 1 1 1 . ..j I hi- ..i.r f ,. . n...
I " I"'- 1 " l"' I'
i'eseiit;.tii is ri -1 - J 1 1 1 tr w i si ol llie Nueces.
W'io look pail in the a el of aimeXiilion il
self. This was the 'I'i x'w which, by thi
id id Mir(yiiniec8 of li e 28l'i nf Uece uil.i i
IR-1S. was adii'iHed a nee of ihe Stales rr
or Uoi 'ii. Thai tl.e Onriijic-s of ihe U.
Sia is iiii'leis "oil llie S;;i1h nl Texas whirl,
l!n:V adinrtid into ihe Union lo ex'end be
Viiinl ihe Nneeo is "pjiareni IV. in ihe fact
ha i on the IJ 1 si ill December, 1815, onh
iw n day ihe net nf nil.nistiioii, ibei
passeil a law 'lo cubosb a eollcciiun dis
ne I in the Si ale nf Ti !;as,' by which they
created a port of delivery si (!oi pus CiriS'.
siliiatid wert ol ll.e Niieees, m il heiiio ibe
s'line i n i hi -.v on n u.c I exas i numin
ous, uiiih r the hive- nf that leipnbhc, hail
been located, ;,nd dinctnl i,;ii a purveyor
'o collect tlie revenue rhniild be iippoinled
for that pot' by the l'rei li nt, by ,i:d uiih
nl; ice and coiiscnt id the Seiuie, A tnr
icynr was m conhn'y nominated mi'l enn
riruied Iy ''he fsi line, and has fun ever
eltiee ill ,.1'if .riiiaii! e ol his dulic. AI
!!!.' acta -! ire icpnliie ;' Vxa-, and ol
mr ('iitiorets, preceeded 1 oidcrs for the
alvniu'o of our army 10 me eiiy haiik of lliej
U (.jrandi . Siibseniicnilv. ('i.infeta .,.'
.. .' 1 1
;eu an aci 'ifiiauiiarung ceilam post touico.
exlending went of iho Nueefs. The rnnn
i v u eai ol dial river now coiiNiiuin a h pari
of one of de Congre Srioua! (haun ts nl IVx
ai, and is represented in die House nlltepn
resenlativea. The Senotnr from thai Siaif
weie ehnaeii by a legiflaiiire in wlmli ihe
'ouuiry t'al ol that liver wna feirreined.
In view of all ihese facta, it is (lill'o'ii'i in
conceive upon w hat ground il ran be inaiti
iiiint'd that, in occupying ihe couniry weal
r I T i
ol .tie Ltiecea vviiti our uiiuv, wnn a nfv
solely lo iit aeeurity anil defence, v inva
ded the territory ol Mexico, liui il would
have been still more difficult to juatify the
KxcciiIivh w liusf duty il is to oi e di it ihe
Iowa he faid. fitly e xecnud, if in the face nl
ill the pinceeiliiiua. bulb of tlio (Joiikrf ol
Texas and of the United Siaien, he Im! as
tinned the rcs-pntniiiiii ty of yiehiu g up ti e
territory went of dm Nueces io Mexico, or
refusing to protect and ih fend this territory
and its inhabitants, ineluilinu CurpilJliristi
as well es the remainder ol Tex h, ng o;is
die llire ened Mexican .iiT.iainu.
Ilui Mexico herself baa never placed ihe
war whieh she has wagsd np'n the ground
that nnr annv occiipiml ihe io'.i r'nediaii
icrritoiy he'wt-en the Nuece and the ltio
(jrmdi! Hernfued preieiiciou that T x-"
was not in fact an unit pendent iiate, bui i
reheli,iiis provincpvas ol)tinslely preecver
i d in; and her avowed purpi as in eoii.ini'iic
ill'' a war nli uirUiiitet) h'a es waa to re-
i.'onqunr Texas, ind rcstme Mexican au
ihomy over the whole territory not lo llie
.uecp8 only, but i ihe S.hine. In view
.f the i roc I ni in til uit naeci-of Mi x ico lo
ibis efTi'i l, I deemed it my di'tv. as a mens
of pncaiiiiou and defence, lo onh r our army
lo occupy a position ;m our froniieia as a
nilitury piist. from which our 'mops cnuld
nerl resist 'and repel any aiiemjoi J invasion
hii Ii .Mexico iniutii in die.
The l'ri'.-.iJeiil line ut' .in In ili'tai! ill hinvr
iiient nf uur tronp-i in W'e.-teiii Tex a i hi iNt.'iiinil
llu carlv part of I Si (J, '.villi liio M'usmi.i tlieref.r;
ami refers tn Mr. Slidvll's lui.-isioii Oi :lei ion1
his causeless rejei'iimi by that I'mvcr, i' i-. 11V
arc sorry tliul want uf romn ciunpeN in to omit
theie intiri'sluif; ilul'iils. IU' gnes im llien to speak
of I he eompain mid iho ondiict "f uur tronps in
t!iu t'ollov. ini; liam'sumc miinncr.
L'pnn ihe cominenccineiit nf hostilities b
Mexico a dnsl the Uniled Slates, llu) iu-
hciiHni spu it of llie nan Mi was at mice a
rmiscd. ('unrt" s proinptly resp'indcd to
die expectations of the couniry, iiml, by the
act nf ihe thirteenth of May last, recognis
ed the I 'd dial war existed, by ihe act ol
Mexico, between the United Suits and
dial republic, and erauied the means neces
sary for its tiinirnti.s prosi cu'iou. llciiio
involved in a war thus cjiiiincui'i'd by .Mux
ico, and I'd i the jiist.rv of winch on out
pail in' may eoiilideirly appeal to ihe
a hole woi Id, 1 n s.di ed to pr' secute il w ith
'he 1 1 1 u : 1 1 s t vijor. Acconir jjly, ihe puns
if Mixicoon ihe liulf and on die Pacific
nave been jihiced undi I bloekade, '.ni l hei
il ri'oi y in i d -il si ver d linpoi unt pom is.
The lepnits Ifinu no; IJ p irtiin ins o!
W ,r ami ihe ,.i v woi inloiui ion mure
oi delail of ibe im umiiis adnpu-d III Hi'' c
niri' ney in uhl'di our coiinirv waii p ai'in!
mil ol Ihe i v 1 1 1 S 1 1 f HSU.tH ttlili.'ll ti u i
heen acei lllp ihi,'il
I he v irhuis i n'u.rir's nf die army ban
jieifoiUied lluir iiul it lull r ureal die.diaa-
laoi S, wild Hie lll'isl OiS tio'lil;nnnl skill ai.u
i'Oiii;ii;e. The victories i P,h) Alio
IJesaca de Ii I'-dimi, and i f Monti rev, woi
igainsl grealiv superior liuudiei s, nml :o
.'atiisl in. i-i i decided ad i an taij rs in nlhei" u
-pecis on the p irl of ihe enemy, i i re hnb
iaut in iheir ( Xeeiiliiin, niid nu b' on
brave ofoi ei s and eoh'.ieis to ihe ol:)1,.n
iliaiiks of llu ir couniry, The naiioi; dr.
plore llie lo-s ol Ibe hrai c uliiecis an I mi i
who have eallaiidy Idlen while vindicaiin,
and ill-lending iheir emin'.iy'a am
t Olinr.
Il i3 a subject of piide and eaiislVietim
that niir voluniet r t it zen-su'diei c, who n
pmtnpilv responded id Oh ir country's cali
ilhiiil experience of (In; discipline of .
airp uf only a few weeks, have borne iheu
pari in liie hard fo'iuhl bat'de n Moi.teiei
wub a eonM.iney and coiiihl'i; tunal lo ih n
if veieran Hoops, -anil wmihy of die Ujh-
est adniiraiioii. Ihe rrivaiiona ol limn
narches thronah die enemy's country, and
'.lirouph a wildetRpss, have been borne wiih
nit a murmur, liv r-pid ninvemcriis llu
province of 'e Jcxico, with Smta I'e
is i.ipinn, u.isoiiii capiiircu iiiiont lilooil
shed. 'I'he navy has co-npi i.Ted wnh ihi
army, and rcndi red important scrvii ( s; il
nol so brilliant, it is nise the enemy b-.,!
no force to meet llu in on tin ir eleiueiii. nml
hi eiui'.ie of Ihe ih.leiices which iki'.uio has
unci posed in the dillieuliits o iu- n.nijfi,.
lion 011 the Mexican coasi. Om sou ulroi,
in the Pacific, with ihe cu-n peralimi of 1,
t 1 1 1 . . .
(Ja'lant officer of die army, and a small iorci
hastily collected ,n that disianl
acatiired bloodless oimi n.n.n nf ,i. c 1.
1 '
"jrillJS) nu mc American flag hjg bctn
r nsid jt eu-ry iiiipiirl.'iii pi in; in lliat pro-
I coiigimul ate you nn the success which
lias lima aileiidi il our in In.. ry hi.iI naval op
eriilioim. In Ii ea lli an auvi u iuohiIm hIici
1i Xii o ( oiiriieneed luisiiliui s, hi ,i i : in e sc
lecieil by hciai-if, v.e liavn lAen possi
sion ol many of her principal ports', diiv i
liucli urn! piirsiud her iuv.nhng ,-irmv, an'i
1' duired iiii'iun imilii shiiiii i.l it h l, v .
i an provinces oi iew .iltxicoi .New !.e,m
! . . . .
('oahiilhi, Tiiuoiulipas, iihd ihe 0 ajf iriii i-
a Ii ri'itorv larger in extent ilun Dial e nhrac
eil in the original ihirtcn Slat, a of ihe l,'
iiioni inhahiieit by a consider able pneu! aiini,
Hid lunch nf ii nimfl than a ;ho-s i t unit -from
ihe noii.ln at which we had to colli e
irccs iiiul roinineiiee our lion c r.eiit-. .
liv die hhicliiih', ihe import ami txpnrl
iai!c uf die ent in v h is heen rut i If.
Well may i be American juojile he proud
of iho energy and adlaiitry of uur rcinilu
end volunteer nfli-ers and snhhera. 'I'he
evenis of ihese lew iiiunili.i jlvird a ora'.d'y
I'HJ proof thai our I'ouiili y can, ui.'h r iilis
emergency, cot.fjilruily rty f(,r ih maiii
inniuiee of her bon .r, anil ll, ,!,.ft ,,,-u o;
in-, iip'i.", on an tuei'ine lorce, really a'
all voluiiliui'y to n 'i: 'jin-di il e coin -
t. i .r. . i .
I. ins ol Inline fur ihe periN ai d oiiv uionr,
the camp. Anil ihou'i n i.c it ',, ,,iv,. ,n
he lor the time expei.jiue, ii i- in ihe ui.d
ecnuoiiiieal, as ihe ability to command r.
removes the uccesniiy o cmploviiiir a I ir.e
stiiliiliii) army in lime ol peace, .'.ud jroves
that our people love ilicir insiiiutioiis, anil
ire e-er ready io delend and protect ilicn.
Tlie I'le.-ideiil mxt allinles to uur f; ieiully nil'i i
to net,"itinto since ihe wm In ';an, and the ansv.ei
ol Mexico !o it; ninl alter liotictny several oilier
points, mid makim,' snun; recoiiuneiidatiunB lo ("on.
ress, i;l,i.-.('s bis masterly c.vposiliou upon diu siili-
irct nf ihe
'.urnar..;, i, r war : ami .1,,,,. ,L ,,',,.,.,' h.ii, Leon icrepco icliubli; and patii
otic. lie relcis to the fmiuieiat alf.iiis nf the cnvcin
iifiil ami .shows llial since Ihe 4lh nf Mn'cli, l lo
up to the IO1I1 nf ccciils'r, lSlfi, the whole u
iiiuioit of die public debt created is only a lit'.h; u. oi
six millions of dollars including die war cjcpeiisea
7'lu; ui.-ssiiije eniichiili'.s as follows, j
The balance in ibe neasury on ihe iksi i,
.Inly hist exceeded nine millions of d dlar.
no'.widistauiiini' ennsiderahle ex pen dun res
iiad been mule for the war during ihe
iiinniha of May and June preceding. IJ111
lor the war, ihe whole public dcbi -Muld
and would have been extirjjui.slied wilbii
1 short period; and it wsa a part nf niv set-
ded policy in do so, imd ihm relieve llu
pcopie from its burden, and place ihe gov
erciueni io -a posiiion which would enabb
il to leiluee the public expenditures lo llu
coiminic il rt Did n, which is mnsi coiisr
'11! with the gener-d weifiro, and ihe i'in
and "' proyniib ol our liislilnlioiis.
Amoi.j our j'ist chines of cinphiim a
'jaini Mexico, arising mil of her refusal h
ileal for peace, as well In fine as nuee llu
wai so in jusdy cmiiriir'nced nn her p;.rt, an
the 1 x 1 r im ill nary 1 xpend nines in which we
have In en involved. Jw.siice lo our ruin
people will ivike it prop, r 'h it Mcxii n
slioiibl be
1 Id rcsponsib!,: f,,r ibrse i xpc,,-
Me inmny in the pub'ie rxpei dioncs i
1' a'l 'im-s a h n'i duty which -,,11 pub'ie
I I' ' f the oovcrnmei.! one m ih,
'."'"pie. i his duty hecomis die more iin
I'era'ivc in a peri, nl of w;,r. when hive, am1
XUMorduuiy 1 xp"ii!iiurcs becom"
ii.i l .b'". ihe exiaienee of ;he wm
uilh Mexico a our r. sources should In
husband, d, imd 111 appmpriaiioi a made ex
' pt mu h us are ahsidi,, y f s, ,, v
.is vi.'i. runs prnseciilioii ,'ind die due admin-id..-.,;....
. f .1 ., .
""""i "i '"' (.'" erniiieni. Ulj.'i't
ippropiiallnn, ulneli in peace m;,v
indlspei.Habie for ihe public service, may
hcn the ci.lill'ry i et -Mind in a hn-elen
wir. I p well poMponed lo a future pcii.ul
liv llie ubcn:;iice i f ibis po'icy a v,n
pre--, nl fi ssmn, ir;;c iimniiiils in ,y be eav-
eil lo I he treasury, ami he snnli..,! ... ..i.;
J ' ri ' " "i ri 1-
pres ;inr am.1 urijcni neciajiv. and thus
ihe ereaiion . a e..nt'Nmmdi,ia ;im()Uli
public debt may be ani'ih il.
It is nm menii 'o reernnmninl ihst ibP ff-
itinary anil mcrssarv apjiroprimiuns f,,r ih,
support 1 ( now rrimcni P(o,,,j (, wiihhe'i'
I.,, 1 1 u .. ..11 .. .1 . 1
1 " nn" 11 m u ai eerv ees-nni
I ('"iioress apiropriations are pr,ip,.sc.l f c
1 "lis objects which may or may not 1"
made Midnmt materially aU'eciini; die pnhhi
ntcKSle; and il is reeuminende.'
should not granted.
I he act pa.-i i hi youi !'in scsi-ion 'te
hiC'i'i,' the duties on imp ris' mn h'li'inj;
o'Uie into opera ion im nl the i;rM ,,i ,, 1f
sun month, iKre has not bee 1 tin.f f, jt.
practical 1 (?'eet upmi i. revenue, and (In
business of ihe couniry, n, he nVvt lined.
1 1 1 ih nol id 11 1 1-, iimI I.i u t f, 1 1. 1 1. .. . . 1
.. , . , ' , . . " J ' 1'0'"
11 1 11-1 1 1 1 :,i a in 1 ii. 1 . 1 .1 . , 1 - . 1
. . '
-,i:mi trade, hi:i1
piomoie Ihe yeii'ial pros-
I'uiiy. Alilioug.'i it cannot Le ccrtainh
foisecn what aiiiiaint of r veinic it wil
yielil, n ia enliinalcil dial il will X' i I lli l
proituieil oy Hie act nl nii, wliien it au-
perai.ilm'. The leading principles esiab'
IihIiciI IiV it are, Id levy llu- O.xes with a
view io rai"ii levc-nue, uiol lo imp me idem
upon ihe artii lea iinpir.c! ai i ouliiig to their
u'tiial value.
The act of 1 8 I'J, hv the excessive rate
I if illllV Atill'l tl I III I. Isl'. I ii. I ni:ini' :irki.'i'
mi many
i . . .
i "tier loi-OiV cxcliweil lin'in li'oin luiporla-
luii, in lire.iily it'duccd the auioiinl i iip'iri-
J, aad thus (limiiiiilii'd iisic:,il nf prciln.
ii'o revenue. Ily it die laxes were im
posed noi lor ihe hgiiimait! purjunj of
i.usinn' revenue, hut io ..ll'ird advantaijeg to
lavoieil e lassc, al ih) expPiitiU uf a lar;'e
m 'j iri'V ol the.r fednn -no. s. ' 1USB
employed in nyrculiure, iniehaiiicil pur-,
suns, commerce, mid n uiaiion, H ere coin-
pelled in coiilrilnr.e from ilicir su'islalice tl)
swidl the profi and ovrrjiOAii wcuilh of
t ti e c(ni))aralivi Iy h iv who had invesinj
ihflir cajnil in fu ;s ;i ii f. c urea The taxes
were not levied in proportion Id ihe value
of the articles upon which Kiev were iin-
iDscil,- bui, widely dejlarling lrn:n lns just
. ' i i
run;, mu ii(i er laxes were, i;i uuii.y
jli'Vied upon iiriiclcs of Injury and biull
nlll'tit'e at.d llu; heavier lax- s on shusi- of ne
-3 -1 iy imd low pfne, cm stnind by llio
jreal mans ol ihe people, h was u alcm
ihe iii''viiafie eiriiei of whnh was in relievo
i.ivoie.l iiin! ilie wealthy luw Irom
coiunbuiiii;' 1'ieir jusi proportion (or iho A goveruinciit, and lo I iy ihu bur
den on die labor of do; in hi y. eng. iced id
other jiiiisuils ihar, in juiilaeiuit-s.
A sysiem so unequal and in j isi has been
.superseded by the existing law, which im-,
posiis iluiilM not for the beiji fii oi ii j'iry uf
Si's or pursuits, bin disiiibutes, and, as
i'W -"M l"llie bui-
dens amon all classca and oceii)atioiM
I'he favored classes, who under the une
qual and uijusi sysiem which U;,t been re
pealed, have heieiofore leal zed I n r e proiila
and many of ihein amassed large luituiies,
ai die expense ol die in ny who have been
made tributary to them, will have no rea
son to complain if ihey shall be reijiiirfcd to
hear tin ir just propunion of ihe tuxpi ne
cessary lor ihe M.pjinri of ciivc'iiii.eii:. bo
far Irom it, it will be perceived, by an ex
amination of the exiting law, ihal diseriui
luallo.'ls in '.he raits uf duty ininuscd. uiib.
j ( ..,
in ihu levenue principal, have 01 en retain
ed in their favor, i l; e; inculental aid a
oainsi foreign enmpetition which i.y Sii;i
'ijoy eiies ihein an advaiiiiic,, whnh m
'Jilier jiiirsaiis poases.-i but of '.Ins none oih
is will complain, because ibe .hoi,;, levied,
ue necessary lor rccnui;. These levenuu
;uties. intluihiig freijibts and charges, which
he iinpoiter must pay before he can coino
.11 coiiiii 1. lion with ibe home manufacturer
nl our in .rkets, amoiiui, on nci.riy all our
e.idu.o branches of manulacture, lu more
than one-third of the value of the imported
ulicle, and in ;miiie cisim to almost one.
half its value. Wall such advantage, ii is
nil doubled lh .I our douiestie nibiiulaciures
will ciiiiiiiiui) io pruspi r, realising in well
oiul..c:ed I6lali!l.-hmi-iils even gita'.er pro
lits ;han can be ilerned 'rom any oilier
'"i-T,,: '" hi'sinr-s. lulled! -0 f3r as Ir.nn L.
l"irti'g the. protection of even incidental
1 'Venn,: (limes, our m in uf.icitireis in sever
il leadino bi-iinehes are extending their hu
s ness, civing evi.h ce ol ere;,i i-ieremj j iy
"id skill, ,,nd ,.f iheir ability to comp,Me,
'vith increased prospect ol success, fr ihu
"pen uiarki I of ihe world Dune-iic o.ari.
ifiiMiires, to ibe v:duc nf several miliums of
bnlir-n lein1, c,i,iiot liad a marliet ai homo
ne o.mcnlv exnor cd to foieiini countries
-H I'll such rates of duly ,,s ulfV ,,,.,1,
hsh-t by ih" exi-ling l,w. l',e system will
mnh.l.iv be perm.ii.en; and capitalisis.wiii)
'' He made or sh, II hcreafier m-a:,,., ihrif
iiicitm. n:a in inai ufacurr s. w ill know up
on w hat lo rely. 'I he couniry n Pi ;, .,,.
isl.elimi wiih these rates, beans ,,.
V.'iJlt Ji S n!l'i.'! , IllalillfjullllclS siiii en
j", r, . -idt necessarily li nn the collcciioi;
d reve'iuc fur tin- support of government
Migh .r..i,-iie d ;ues, from Uuir unjus;
op. ration iipun ihp masses of i,fi up,,,,;,.
earwiot fad lo givo rise 'o extensive dissn-
iciion and ediiiplaint, and Id constant f f.
toils in ehang.! or icpe-d them nmdering
iin i stmenis in n.aiiiif iciures um , r'.aiu am Lower and m .re permanent
ates ol duty al ihe same tone ihal they
vill y it Id tu die inaiiuf.ciiire, lair and re
iiuncr iinnr proliis, will jceu.-e him nyiinst
h d ntg' r of firrpieiii cliaiig.-s in ihe y.i.
tern, w hich cannot fail in ruiiiou.dy afl'-ct
his imercsie,
's""1'11 ,l,s!y 'th the relax .lion of ll.e
r.snieiive policy by if,,. i;Mj,i(j
Creal Inline, from whose rxinnle we ,V.
') ' oas reiaxe.l heij. S!n-
has modified her corn I. us, B.j rf, :,,,.
other dmies 10 moderate revenue nl,,'
After eges of experience, lh, sialesmen of
t!ui counu.v havo betn coueirained In t
f i I l.n . t- u. . . L .