The Columbia Democrat. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1837-1850, December 12, 1846, Image 4

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Til H CAUL AN !)
The followin. spirited uni. written bj
ihelmeMM.trKinirenlJ. I"1" '.me previ
om lii hi death, w furnished to the Ai
ciona W hy n officer of the Armyi
A fleet Bleed wi h a ll ii g wane,
A mop iIihi follows fat,
That fill the wide and spreading pltin,
And sound he battle blast;
And sound the baiile blast, ray boys,
While, like an arnw bright.
Away the brave Bleed sweep, he bear
The warrior to the fi(hi
Away the brave steed sweeps, he bear
The warrior to the fiht.
Oh, for a nice and gentle nag,
I've heard a fair one sigh,
J7ut give lo me ihe wattiur sieed,
Hid while creBl arching high;
Hi? white crfcsl arching hih, my boys,
His motion grand and free,
He sweeps along the boundless plain,
'Midst death aiid victory,
Midst death and victory, my boys,
Wlidsl death and victory,
He sweeps along the boundles plain,
'.Midst death and victory.
There's lightning in his flashing eye,
There's danger in his bound,
Hark lo the trumpeis, warriors brave.
The bailie rages round,
The battle ragesfound, n.y boys,
The war-horse charges free,
The field of battle is our own.
'Midst shou s of victory,
'Midst shouts of victory my boy,
'Alidbt shouts of victory
The field of battle is our own,
Midst shout's of victory;
j'ear York Spriagt, MaiM county, Pa
T this establishment all of tho most approved
varieties of
O Jt IX A Vj r T A Fa
can bo p.ocurd. The proprietor has directed
near v h is whole attention lo tlie rtursery nusiness,
for the last twenty-five or thirty yfara, and is now
prepared to oiler to the fruit prowcra of Columbia
and adjoining counties, one of the lurgest and best
fcssortment of trees in the United Slates.
iJlniiifield Nurseries are situated about eighteen
wiles from Hamsburg, at which olaco tiees can
at any lime bo put on board of boats ar.d
transported to anv point on the canal desired.
4 II order will be carefully filled and the trees pack
ed in the best manner.
Catalogue can be furnished to those deshing
- them, by addressing tho prrq rietor through ilu
l'ost Office, or from John K. Mover, Dloonisburg.
Dr, V, W. Kighter Ueiwick, or (i. M. onp,
Danville, who are authorised agents for the estab-
libhmcnt.4 3!2y
ni HE subscribers wish to inform their friend
3 and customers generally, that they have just
received and are now opening a splendid assortment
Such as. superfine French, English and
Jiincncnn Chilis ami Losmmeres. tun
iu Cussiinercs, salinclts, silk velvet
sulia and funcy venlinps. Dress goods
in variety, such as tannine tes. cushme.
relts- crape ue taints, muslin ae mines
ginghams, calicoes, &c. vool hoods
woolen comforts, suspenders, gloves
hosieuy, stocks, bosoms, lianaiarcnujs
thread, tarns.
and a general assortment of notions, in fact a gen
tral assortment of
dry coons. (inOCEMES, I1.1RI)
lf1KE, IlOLLOty HdKti, ca
Jt'ARE. ie- -4-c.
nd all other arlirles usually kept in country snre
all which they have purchased with grat earn ami
on the bent terms, and are nxiotin 10 exenauge 10;
cash or countrv produce at very l"W prices.
hi:fu:y it mi-:ndeniiai.l.
Uloomsbnrg, Oct. 15.
A Snnerinr srtiole of No. 1 nml2 ?JA Ii-
fh ;ur:f, by the Barrel or Hall aiiel, u
die Cheap Light K'.rtet New .More.
A. U. KiN AlHi & Co.
" mPtTc E .
ah nnr.nnti indebted to the Estaie nl
Samuel Hanbueh, deeeased, either upon
Vendue Notes, or otherwise, must make
payment itnmedialaly 10 the ubecnocr or
cost will be made.
All pefon9 indebted to the subscriber
aetllfl UD their ae-
" r
-count, and pay tip, or like coneequet.oes
lliuai oio" .
Inrc.v assortment of the best kinJ of Carpel-
lt'r Tools j'il received and will bo Kcjil coll-
UlillV on llallU Bl III" nrcmni.
...... . . . I HI I V " 1.- f
Oct 10
In pursuance f an nrd.;r if ihe Orphans
url of (Jiilu.nbu county, on
Mondvj the 2SA of December next,
nt 10 o'clnrk in the fren'n, J"""
UcBCOfk administrator itc. of I homas Ilea
ock late of Fi-liingfreek township in
nuntv deeeaned. will ci prise to ShIo by
P.ihlie Vendue timm the premises, l the
lute rCMidenre of said Thomas tleacoek ue
and pieces and pncels nl' land all Iving to
gelher and adjoinina each other Hie sail)
several lots containing altogether,
SI) AcrcSt,
or thereabouts, all improved land bounded
Ku tjruU ic. ilio eceiinatiev J
Ueacnck and by lands ol John lberii
rnith bv land of said John A'ber.sfl.l
I hv lauds ol Aimer
VeUh and South bv kind ol I lioma l.un
. i. : i. .. ' . I .. 1 1 a iimh n
t(r tinOII WI1IKII ar rim ii u
loir Barn and a small Caip"ritei ln'p &r. it, a l'l:llP nf Salt! lleclMstd bllilillO lit
law i'i --.
the township of Endnicreek mul enmity
aforesaid. Terms on the d v of Bale
Danville Nov. 20 181(5
News from ZVZcxico;
Albright Sl IVlenscl
XFOKMlht public that while Ceuenil Tavlo
is pushing with hia army for Mexcio, tbey
lave been fiuiiishing ihe
with a splendid and entire new uud extensive on
lortmaiil ot
Tall and Winter CSoOtl;
vhich they will loll cheaper than any cvei
irertd in Columbia county. The lollow nS in 0
'ie found among theii a.;sortiiicni
Castimmt, Cloth, Suttiaclts $ Vtii'm?"
f all qualities and prices, of American, Krc.cb
and Engl'sh fabricKs
Of now and fj.d.ionablo I'-itterns; ro;iiprisiiir
every variety of style and quality, vciy cheap.
Plain, black, asrioi ted colors ind burred nlapnr"
res, bomba-zincs, inarinocs, line Senlcb pb'nU I'm
1 hildicn'-i diesscs und plaid cloaks; ic
hlV' ient description.", ilelaina in pieces ami rln
. pRlterna, .silks ol aborted color earl-toil nml , Li
mesne BiiiBiiam, n ....
colors ol kid, silk, cashmere aim cotton ginves, an
extensive assiiitment of sbavvU ol every kind imil
variety, ladies' black silk und slate Culoicd Cuoli
uiere hose; &c- &e.
Plaii and twilled rod and while
A general assortment of ladies' gi iitlemrii s thin
and thick boots and shoes of every dccriplii ii
And a general and an exlensive afporlmenl of
All of which they will sell very loiv in exchange
nr fJASII.
Octoper 10.
" Call before purchasing I'hiu-here fl,
the Xew Factory (f Eurlhfnwme" ly
rjjlir subscribers have Pi ened n I'OTTEtlV
on the -ond lending from .Vain to J bird st
near the .Methodist fhurch. Illomiisl ore, Ci.luin
hia counly, where tbey intend lo mnnnfacluri
waienflbe best mnlerial; the latest ar.d most a
nroved patterns and finished in the verv best man
ner; such as Pols nf allMcvriptinns lii.-be nl i-
ry variety and .lues nf all si7.e ; nl a variety nl
lber articles too nuircrnns to mention; in fact n!1
, . . . i. ...i i.. ....... i. ,1 I .
.Iliiis uml cvcyiar eij v-niinmnv m- "
my who may favor them with a ealt
tent ciinstanllv on ham! whhh will
A snpi
be Mild bv
wtiolrsaie or reinu a nine cut n i i i m. "c-
. . . . i i:..i. 1 ,i, -I........
tfnrca hor eniintry pinillicr. Also dry I 1111
Wood tnnen in exchange for work if delivered n
liloniiisb-irg SeptmibT 5, l81G-2d
OF new and biautilul puttcrus, just received
he New i'torc.
May 30
F various sizes and of the best ol (ilass, jusl
received at the
Oct 10.
I'ravillini;, Market and Satchel Basket
u. rece.veo at ine ,evv ..rr
Aug. 1.-
. , ..i k.- o
Cabinet Ware House.
n li-' u..!tw.riliA riMiutotl'titlv iiifotiu tlltt
lint lis tun takon thu nil ip lately oc
cuppal ly A'miiiiel Lilly, near lltu Unr mJ
Ulydiinliurg, wliore liu i curry 1114 011 1110
iuullita variuu bianolu'", ami whom lie will b
hapuy 0 wit uudii all tliuno v-h niuy fa mm I'i'n
Willi tUoir cuiioiu. His furnilum U BuirunuJ l
l,uiiuilo ol'gouJ matoiial and durablo, 11111J ha in-
lonJ ikei)(iing 011 buiiil
Sideboards. N'Crelane.s, jfurcaua,
Wardrobes. Curd Table?, Duiui"
Tables- Jlrcakfast Tables,
Cupboards. Stands, H'ash
Collins, be
and all kind ol'wu.-k in his line, whii-b. he l
141011 us rcasoiKiblo tcmia aa they can b purcliatU
iu the county.
tlv Hliii't attonlni) to buiinem tic noj'ea iu n
OBtvu u !i.iu ol' nublie iJatroiidf.
April '5, 18 10. ly 1
M TTDKE I'UODFs! 'The Cry U "till They
lig Cum.'!' Kvi-rv mail lirinst lidiim of tllftr
5-.;4. K10111 Kiel to t!i rciuotut W I' -t -I'miii
rv,i,;! , on the oil!i. lo Mtwini and t!it) ItVat In-
.lick mi .li!m;th-are all iiiiiimiiion 111 H:t'ir iidii-i-
Of a medicine so uimcr.iuliv known and cslccmcil
Wright's I.vdian Vegltabi-e Piti-s
.. : I, ..r.tlu n..-utiirv lii OMi iill ill dclilll. At HO nf it hiMory ban ihe ri'i .1.1 at u,n oflhiil nud
icino Mood hiiihor, and we um ay thai uo reim
talioii is liki-ly in bt more t-i .J - 1 iuvs- AiLipU'd to
.11 n.ix.iiiiiii.iiih. t.i Hvnv t". 1 1 1 1 ol dini'a-i'. and to
.ill diiiMU-. Wiighi'. Indian Vc-.'t'taldi) Tills arc
ub.ivc cvorv ot u'i -iin'dicine, tittcil lor ttio iisl
man undir whatever cin umblamcnhi' limy be !!
cd. At Bca or on land, at home or atnuutl, in sinn
mer'h lii'al und wintcr'a fold, vvilti a I'ouiiii.m
uaid to tho conditiona ol' ln-alth; and vvithW riyht':
Indian Vegetable I'tlla ut hand, theic 1- no excuse
I'm- 'Ug wi, unless the contlituliou be utterly ii
An our object ia to state where the genuine roed
n ine can be obtained, rather than tnjjive it 'an e
b it nniii u which our limits forbid we bIiuII
merely subjniii One 01 two nl the iiiiiniji.ius lesli
Uinuialo thai have just cmne t hand, lluinheds
of the sme kind tiny lit be udJed; but we are euru
Hie public will nave us the trouble of mianying
hxnact of a letter f.ritu Hcrnando.Missis'-ippi.;
'To W. Wright Your 1'ills have Riven iinivci.
sal pibd'action, uud aie jiioil;. vciy niiinilni. lean
i-cll Ii uiii 2'J lo 40 duzen anna ill il 1 could bo su-
1 ours,
U't. IltN'HV J.IIISsOX, Agl.!.. '
It ought beie in be remark.' I that the mcdi'. ine
has been but leeenlly lnticducei) into jliissinsippl.
(Kxtraetof a letter fiomJeisey Miore, Pemv)
The Indian Vegetable I'llls excel everything nl
ill,! hind ever ulV'T'il to Ihe public in tbi.- see .muni
the Ci'Untrv, iiolwiihst. Hiding the combined eti'irl ni
(nine few unprincipled mciccnaiica to put llicin
doiv n,
ft, WimciiKSTim &So.
The fn'.lnvving highly rcspcct-ible stnre
keepers liave been ;ipjmi'tetl tiijeiiis lur tin
nie nf W riobt's Indian Vegetable Pills ii
Culiiinbia CmiriM :
II. I. ll.ibii-Dinvii:e
tie)beii Italic C 'l a isisa
C) rus 15 ir!'
lirnwn it Ci. '-) U,lllii.vil!e
Aiir ibaii' Mi I, r ll' r n k
(!. II. Fn Icr !!n iiereek
V III' (ViValvliuvali ( Ii inci V !e
(Jeiupp M isti rn Milville
l.evi IJeisel Ji r-e tw nn
Lever & Nuns CuUinihi'i I' xrhang.
K ilu ri Mi Cjiv. asiiii'jtiiiivilie
(e'iriiH eavi i li 'i'im-' iir j
I.ijibi Sihti Imii ( 'n l.ii'hi Siieel
I, i,' it I'luiini'-iiii R11I4U
II. C. Frcis- li'i i'criik
IIIms vV, rtur.ui - Knliar-burjJ
R. I'. Welliver Cieefivujml
ll & J. L- I irii.- Oiaiiueiillf)
II null Me W I'liams M (Mirshtj. t;
The popular-!!"
i;r viii.K fii. i',-
prueipled then v
,,l Wi:lf;llT-S INDIAN YV.C
l h ,s pniveil a :vti.ui',; bait tn on
i ; 1 1 1 - i i '4 (. I il bv lb'.' I:n f '.tain
a spii.'ious ai'liele oil Ihe lin.-U.-
tempt to p lllll o
pei iii!I. I o del. mi Ihe wieueu ue- jns i 1 sucu men
we 111 vi- proriiieil ncv i'u l. und I lie U l i I'll .N
it ;. at i i! K or u m.u iMtiiri' wti.i, Mm
i;k rur.xii tN Tiir. i j i,i!i;i, m
lOAt.'II i'.ClX. mr (iltcr i.s iniuim', mat I
I'ltuufi i fi:H Ihifi .-'o'i-(ri.
I'eineniber. the nnlv iniinal nr., "enuine IN
DIAN V'.'I.TT AI'.lV. I'll.l.S hr.cliie V!T-
I ES Mi 'N Vi'I'A'K OF WM y.'KiliT on the
lop lain I of each box .
Ollu't i dev.iled exclusively to the s e nl V ruli! r-
Indian Vi-gelabie Tills vv b ,!,-.ile uml iciad. IHtl
ffa -e tieet rbil.e.b Ipbni; iiecnu ii b street
New V irk and 1 0 ) Treinent street, liuoton,
September, IU ISdU 2-:lj .
House and Lot Tor
I HE mibeciihernlTors for feile bis
Vi v.M l.o I .
itit.iled in Ibe (l itiils'iina village ol l.tjli'street, in
tloioii ton itslnp. It is a ij.i. d silu ition for .iTaibir.
aiiig in the immediate vicinity nf several l''urn.i
es. 'I'lie properly will be sold on rea-meible
.no-.; It. It CL I'liULUT
J.ilitatrect, September 13 -Si
Of 'be style, jn'l rec, ive I nt the
eve Store ' L. V. RUPERT.
On the Exilic uf THOMAS lYl.DOR.
MEH. Inle if Fishinperuk townxdp-
XrVTOTICE is hereby i;iv, n (l,,,t LclUri of Ad-
1 i ' , " f .1 .
' ii miniri'.aoon ua v:,'I'j" mi;, on "n' a' avc
ineiitioni d estate have b, i n (ruined to the ii!.( ri-
n r. All persons mdelile.l to tin estate are lierehy
lolif.e.l in make iinnK.dinte payment, and nil l!ioe'
nivins ebiinis aro rc(ticsled to present them pro-
neily autbeiitieiiled. In
A. v . kl.liN L, Ail m r re Lmtm nun.
Fisliincereek. Novein'er 2(1. Is lo Bv8l
LARM and Coiinnon, new style juf re;eivpr)
and for tale cheap at the new stj'e.
u6 1
n ....
' U xMM : h"d iac..,.,ant-
IBVUTTI. ..1 tnjiHTllil V 111 .iriiirt tho
ly.Manulttctuiiiiit, HOOTS and HHOHS
fall kind which ho will sell at tho following low
Morocco or Calfskin iiooh SI 01'
Con -He Jiools
Courxeur Fine Shoes I ';)
Miner's Shoes ii to VJ So
Morocco Slippers
v.,? nr C,i f Skin Luce Boots 1 Tid
Thiek Soe French Ties 1
FtnniiH Sniinzs or French
1 IV!.!
ni ,.f .-ui nt , nmi rs . : re s vi 1 uu
S- H.The above nie, all ot.niy own M inuiaeicue
ind are wirmitcd to stand. I have also nil ban
a la ri?e slock of
Ilsi'i:iiN MAiiF. Hoots ami bunts,
nbb b I will sell ut hinall liH'bts.
1 '......1.., !, ,.!,.,,,!- 11,1,1 i.l'm lK who I'UV 1 V lb
.-L.iiiiij .... -
doz. ii, aie invited to call ami examine my i;oud
,11 w ill sell tn Kiicb ut a larue n;doctiiin.
!. nlaceat the iW IV liOO'i
and SHOE ST0KU, lower end of Main-Hired
fluoiiibburi'. . .
.Tut 4 I ? Ifi
s- t ,
r. v."'.' rx .-. i','
-1 .
5 ci; Vf:
CiO great has been the deuriii.l for Folger'a
( ibisaonii'u or All Healing Dal.-am, and i' has'
iveii nucli geucial Hutisf.c-liou to vv bo have
1 ;, : 1 n 11 .i i.i ... I u ill, it. vine,..; tint 1
..,.. 1. uii.i i" .. .'I. it ... j.. .......
it now stand pre-eminent 11s a remedy 111
v 111 Hi ra a..
of til l J ,11 n ;x, and the testimony which has been
'.'iven bv'n rent person.! vvhn have bei 11 cuied by
! . . n. . ... I .... . ..! e nt .11 v 1 11 1 ! 1 i r iii.if. The e !i:i v 1
. ;.-. i.i...!... 1,.,,,.'. ibai',,!! whomav find iheio.-elvcs
111 need ot t;.i:. remedy may aj'piy u wuiiiuu ue
lay. Kead the following letter reenvrd fjoin the Ion
Kr Siiiincall, I'a-lol of it .hide's Kpieopal l''iee
I'liurcli. .1r S. has not o.:ly used 'he inc.Heini
llilll.elf hilt has w itnessed its effects ill several very
trying cases i.fili.-e.ise. 'i'lie letter will show hi:
opinion nf it" virtue.
Dear A'ir : lo In vinu it to be but tin art of coin-
humanity to those -oillei i . , tr under Ihe various
,,.e.i-es of lb u:'li-. ( "Ms. It.iar.ieiiesM. I,.miiii,p.
,1,111, A-tbnia. to poll, I Inetn lo a mih-. speciy
111. 1 radical reinedv. I lake plea aire in bt aiiiu luv
ifsii'iuiiiV to your iuv jlujide nit'dicine called llnsa.
, r' All "Healing U ,l-.mi. Of its etii. aev I
-p. iU lii.-t 'H'lil my n'.v'll expeili'iice. IJello.'
-nl-in-t ff'-m c pi 'sure nioeorb.s to I lie vicisd
,,,;!,'., nl'oiir climate to licijiienl attacks nl li.ll leo-
1 1,
,i ir-ei.i .-- A ".. I Have aivv av s lolled 11 10 a Hold
.oii'isl in
an its on'
lanlaneoiis, and ai'.' livs ny pc. vcanei
1 lie. -1 1 1 11 1 rel.ef. To a p.iriiciilai fiend
!'.'. .i:.e -Jevelilv lller Astlllllil. mill Vvllo
aiaiieil nl obi liniioj relief from any liuinaii
, ..i.i e. upon ,11V rtvn:!iii.eii,lat:nn was induced lo
.re the Oln-aoiiia" a lii il and he pronounced the
, ,. poulticed II pllll liilll I ( i ll I t I I. :l 1 1 II iltl'.rilill
lini immediate and almost instantaneous relief. In
another in-la;ircl rei titended it to a tout lie
friend far adv a need in 'nnsuinplior. Afler the 11. 1
of the first butlle her conuli was enli.-ely reinnved
and her appelit" and strencih re-tniidto s.ieb a
deuree a- I" r.-'otii-b till w ho sjr.v With:.
IniiL' eheii-llid ai d Intnly eslabli-l.eil irejiitlice .1
u' iin-1 the lliou.-;:nil and "lie specilies put t'.ii'b 11
tie-e dav .-- as sovereajn p:u ens for all din'it.-c, I
Hiirevoii that nothiny short of mv lirm conviction
1, " the claims ol volt! leeilieine to an 01 h'iii s., re
tuUe. and to I'n' elleels o it as aereiii -rliiied:
bv li'V rov n 1 pel :el lee and ol. 1 rv :ii.iti, I
110I have bee. 1 induce .1 thu- lo nunc,l
is a -vitne-K in behalf. 1 Ii ive the bonoc lo be,
slf.'icspectf.dlv vouis, l. I ': NlM.'Vl hALL.
Have ynu a Cough,
which is Unione-i'tia' and lias not v n ii ed to 1
'Oiy I
,, i,c leu.eilies In Ii yni liave n-i-.l I Is 11 ai
'cti led witb pain i: the side, shoitue.-s ofbeal!i,
nielli sweats'!
Do you Rohe Blood
when viai rocieh nnd fed vmif streriL'tl: erndu.dlv
I'ailitiL' 1 You v. ill find 'ha. lis. -( ynipl,.ies il'nt
. .. 1 1 . ...:i 1 :.......:.'
properly auenrao to win o-i 11011:1:1- tn eon- niup'!.
hi.! craih. Are you iroiuuco wan mat
eompliii t
hi 'h ill (I ,
w bicli ib'piivfs ynu nl your li st at liiglit und ren
ders life biii'b-nsonie.
Here is the Urtnedy.
f'einember ihr name and p'nec where il is to In
ibiaineo and do not be put oil" w ith any otbci. t
1:1 . pioilui cd a cure ill ii.-nbvpcrale ea.-es as yours
nav ap,eai to be. and doubtless v. ill put t,,
tl a -nee !v 111 oilier tbo-e ili-In; symptm,;.
which lill your mind with gloomy l'.'reboljii.;.i of
the future.
Its Hi-ii ling I'rtijivrl'u'.i
do lint deceive. The slmrt dry CoU-ll is rjuii !,y
.ivioi-'iiie ami i;i y and le. al! 0 cpe totalii.n till.. -:
its place. j tiling ol blood is imiocdinlely ebeel.
e I. .chl -"'.cat i with pain in the side mid ;-be-l,
ib'bilitv and uii'ii.-ullv of b 1 at'ini: yield iu n sbrnt
time. As!:n 1 with all its dre.iiliiil a' l'oiiipani.iii ids
is al orn c relieved. Hur.n bills mid iu I'm t nil Ibe
' ,l.,.-.:iJes of ibe throat ami I ungs give, way laloie
,1,; r,M,.,!v when all o'ltor nieatm h ive f
ri.r,,,,,a m:iv nlleini.tto
ec( ive v on w ith some
. ,,.r remedy, iirouctincii.r; il to be equally asirnoiP
p(lt remember life is at ttuko, therefore
De not Deceived.
Theaboe medicine for aale by t lie following
ni-ente. I
K. P. Lutz, B'oorr.sburR. W. L. Waller t Co
rrwiik; lv cV J, UM,m, Oiun(rville ; I.rvifli.
.'I.Jersevlown ; Petr A; Mdiridf, hitu Hal! ;fj.
rialdv. CV!uiOT. tlWi
m mm s
" f ' ; -
,Yl. If
I! foaiiltc iS. SilvciUioin.
THE niideifitiiied havnifr taken the Bhop
formerly occupied by Marshal Silvrrthorn.
most rerjii'i ilully informs ihe pnhlic thai
they iiitend 10 carry on the above tianeh nl
bunitfbH and will at all nine be ready lo do
work a little better and cheaper than an)
other establishment in tho plait. , jand the)
hope by Httici atteniion to butni'i- 10 aietii
larg portion public patronage
All kinds of country produce takrn
en liaiijjo for work & the ready not refuhed
ISA 0 SAN N'ii;,
liloomsliiirir Feb, 21,181011
'I'll E business will bo continued Vy ll"
? tibst 1 iber at llit old bland; where 111 a j
be hail al till limes.
TUMIi-S TOMuS, U K.I 11 Tll
or any oilier work in hi line. He in
also prepared 10 iiirnisi WINUOW ( - A 1'S
,tn either of Ma. hie, Lime or any kimln
stone that can be j roenred in ibis vicinity
!if laviiio ,ai :oiibi( liinli e excei u nei
in the liiiMiicps, ite pledoes his wotii 11
lie exeeuteil in as Imvlsnine ;i rtyle : n
be I'liiiiirdied from Mty yard either in tl e
city or eotinii'v; and on as n aM-inihle in 11
IIIootiisLiuif, Nov. 3, 1813. 1 v.'f5
n"J(S leave lo inform the ptiblii:, that
tJ S'1!' is preti ired to attend to all ihe oper
ations in dentistry, htirh as rt'inrivini;
The Tartar und other I'oreigu Sub
stance. From tho irotli. rendering them clean, am.
the in rue and breath swell mid healthy.
Tin: ca i.'it ies vf Decayed Teeth
VViil Im (Ir.'sscil out iitid filled with (.nil!
or other lull; of the lliieet quality, as tin
ciic iiciv rei'!ire, wbi."li tviil "cner.illt
m -r-v fiit ilieir !ieliit)!i or further ibcay, am;
reiuh r tin in
11 vi! 1 11 1 lot j'; and in main
. ...
eases i.m uiy ni'"
Teeth and Slumps of Teeth
Which have become useless 01 trotiblesome
will be extraeted in the mnsl can
til mall
uer, wiih ihe latest ami ucbl impriivtu 111
suuini'iitu. I'orceiitin Teeth,
Oltlie best quality and latest itiipmvenietil.
will be inserted on pivot, or (111 eonneetioii
wiih Dr. V'ailen b imp. with whom be is 11
ji ill rti'-hil) i" pbite vvotk) on (Ddil plate.
I10111 a finch; tooth lo a wbule set, lo look
as well as the natural, and warranted It
answer till Hie ii-cnn
posen piit)tl"l'(l by lb
11.1 11
in .! miiaiiii ;,!,il jn.r
e art.
In short'Verv r,iir:ilinii hf ! o si c i 11 g lo tin
i.rMli'ssitin. will h telornii'il in lb.; b'si
.nntiiier. wiih ehnisest man rial , and 111 tin
sh iitest notief He therefore buprp, bv
-in..; atteiiii"ii in hiisim ss. to obttiiu ; .'.ban
nl public pationaje. Any petsoi, or pei
sons wi:.liii! any of the above npei a lions
,n rl'1.1 iiii'd. ai e respectfully n quested ti
a 1 ve I11111 a call.
N. I! The piiblin are hereby ii formed
thai we the Mibseribers have eniereii into n
jieei:d I'arinet sbtj) relatin" only to plan
worli a it is more ermv cnii nt for eneh to
litem! to tin; oiln r braiii'bi s of the t-rii i,i
mi biij oivn at'eoiiiit.
A. V A I.LFUf ' H A M P.
j. 11 vandi:ksi,i.'e.
Mount Pleasant, Nov 8th. 1 8 l."i Iliti.
i2!;t( kiiJiJSiiifi .ftJjjMisvSjjJU'u!
ir. Public :
re beiebv rrspeetlidlv iiif'ermet
y etitt n il into (',. ,.rl 1 i t I ip 11
lave 1. 1I1 liiisines
.,-.1 bv Moses
ai loe liiici. nop, l.ii'ii.cilv ec-
I'li'iuall, oil M:iiu-slii et. I 1 1,
new stoie, vv lieie we intend l.ieaiivou ll.e
ve li.ilne.l I'ti.-iue.-s in all its Pram lies. V. 1
!;;e nii seb c- thai woili tlone al this shop bal
ue decided in as lied and wi.iKliiiilililic inaiiiiei.
and .ii its e.tsotiable lenns, us can be done nl an1
other -dmp in ibis place. W e 1 1 1 1 refio-e In pe b
strut alletilioii to bu.-iue-s, lo ineiil ui;d iiacive a
due piupoitiua ol I'ubhc pat;'ui;a'je
ai. n in-man,
ApriiOo, 1,-ilo.
A-. . SHOE IS (1 dmir at. the re-diii-iflprirr
if Out' Znllar. Sand
profit and riiirk return our motto.
Centre f Gravity.
THi: sub,-
ri respectfully inborn the eiti
'! and vicinity, that tbey have lo
in TPn; i, ton's IN. w !;., p, in
".''' I !. i. ( bo', ii' nf .Mailt llli(l
r.i'iili..-bui.r, uhee tbev v. ill i.i
'.i lis i. liloOlll
Ci 'I il tbi'lii -l I
Mil!.!. t: l!
M vl.c' r ,!,
vvav s be found no bam1,
rt ;u!y to nt-eio i . i: . o!:il,
ieni vv iih a call. Tin ii
ilbos,. v !i a in. iv lamr I
t vol k will be don i in the I. .lest and inost appi'ov ia
s!v le for neatness and id, ;:.ince in ihe I tisini ss.
I I'rom tbeir lonu' evnei i' nee in llm hushics, ,cv
tl illci tlteiiiselves lb- ir w.-vi; will be done a'
neat a can be dour el.ew l.eic, A'luoik il.tiustcc
ill Ibeir cute warm leil to lit.
j f ') f'j'j" J ( ib on tho shoitest notice ai:c
.warranted to lit it propi tlv made up.
,,; - ,!!,f' "
N ii-flHiA'TUV l'KO DI'CE, at the maike
prieo, will lie (alien n excnant;e lor work
VI1TEC71 GLi.33
t'ST rernvid al the hh ST'ib T
TIIIj subiii riber informs the public, thai h-i
ublelocuiu u!l kinds nf ('am eis und t nui
Wu'ln und Corns ivilh teiy lone pain and in a
iboit 1 1 trio, lleril'ersto ncvi rul leni tctabU cili
iens in hi l.i'i ;1iiiihIi(mk1, kiii h hs Suniuel IIi-kk.
U'llliani Kile und ollicrs, that has been sucri'sxliil
ill several initaiicc und is lint liiiiiil.uminjj bh ib
loo fieipjeiilly the eahe amoii); qiun kn. lie r.
raatscej'taiu cuic III uny ca;e he uiHlertakcs nr n
fX'j'" v ail.i, ir. nn entile anil other ariinialH nr
jiImi cuii'd bv tin' subscriber v lui ii'miIcs In ,Miiunl
I'li.-unt 1 1 . v 1 , .-1 1 i j 1 mi tho main rnml b ailing In. in
Mi'lville In lilnnmslnng. abiitil I j miles from 1' ied.
i' 1 n i. iMiiiers 1 uviru wucre j'crsoiih mc inviica i
May lUU'Mfi-lYG
it I! Aie
a ,.,,i...,.i;.i ..e r .,;,, ;.'..t,,r.i
A..j'i il 1 1 1 j u.tii l Ml, II I 111 l.oi'll"
ili ad Dress, Arliliriul l''lnvvflis, l.'ibbuiis, &.1
n iy elieiip,Ht the Liyhl-Nieel New f-uie by
A. II. K N A Ii 11 A-Oo.
nl the quality, just received by
lleceiidier 5
Tin & meei
1 I"". 1f
1. 1 iJv. 0JL.0-l-
111 subscriber respectfully informs the public
that hi! has opened a shop, 1111 .laiu-slruct
opposite Clay ton's 'I'aveiu, in lilooinsbui,
bit intemls earn iueoii the above- busiiics.
v lieie
ot an us various iiram lies.
ol'every description, will be kept on hand fur sale
at W llUl, or KLTAll,.
siii:;i;t ikon
M .1)1 ulaflui cil into tiny form rerpiiied,
of all sizes kept constantly on ham1. Stoves finitli
"d to order.
Ut:ii:g determined to do business in lite rigtil
way, he reip'sts all to rail upon him beloie lliej
l.urchasc cl.-ewheie, as he will liiimlh all articles
hi his line as cheap us they cm I c j.uichascd it
the county.
D. J. KIC'L'.
cplciiiber 20, 1 y'i
TUP subscriber" tal.e this rpetbnil nf inform .
in' their friends and tbp public 7eneriillv'
bat tbev .ire now nreninir lb,, second supply i t
Soiin flno'ls, to vv loch tbev would most respect
fobe invite the alteiilion of those win are iu want
of Xciv ami Cheap flootls. coiiiislin in part nf
Clot hi. Crissirncres. SrifhirtsfyJ'cslii'.g
,,f I. nieneitn, 'retieh atid Fn d'-b Fabric.
Cnnl'nrr ,fp,J p,r-.ff,)i; Stuffs.
ve'V superior nvlie'e nf Twee' ''lolbsnnd C:m!
pre-:. AlO'cbl ('.,. -iniere. 1 1 . illillL' -; fl lllemnnr
i.e. ('niton 'aoi'iloon Sml!'- of every v.i io
ef die most ib'-i'a'ile s-tvlet.
cmmis'inp- every variety f.f style tint! price fr
to U5 cents.
Yew sdv'e of French I.nvvtis. si i-plcmlid ri'ticlp ol'
i vv -di le Monlaiie de lane and summer ( VI:!. e
. 'iiiebanis A e.
imopnel vvliieh mnv bcli und a binidsoirp nilic '
lierttges I'ickliic; Mniif-laiic and Thil t't Hiawls
sl"'ped nnd plain JaeonetJ and I 'ntnbric
'ii'-liii. 'ace. MiisJinn. bin 1;. l'Mill nnd IHwi-s
A'tisbr. Hislmp I. awn, curtain Mm'in, &r. and Elu.ilid IS 'tisVnis from
C- In 1 cents per yard. I lenel.i d iit.d nn-
!,!e:o l ed Table Dial er ci tl"ii O.-lnul uty , A.c,
Toeelher with n full im-ortmenf f
Clr' rrrirs. Spiers. J'o rrhranc and Cut
levy, Qiirei v-firr Dvgs, Boots
und Sh -vs.
ird in fact every article usually kept in Country
T eroblic cenerellv nre invited to call ntli ex.
aivo'c ibeir.-'oeli befoe piirtdnisie:r rlsewlieip.
T'i:id;fid for pat fivrs. (ley natter ibeitrlvo
I v stz-iel attention in I toiiie-s lo n.eiit the put roil
:i:e of a ecner.uis public
A R. K N A P, 15 it f'o.
7f r-y '1 kirn's of I.itmt'cr, flrnin nnd
Tt'v-j I loiluee taken iu r..cbnn"C toi
KTa.iis and rrilcos',
KKfJS of Nails nmlSpik.rjiist received
and for sale nt the New .v.'i,.ri- nf
l. ii. lii.-i'i-itr
AM JPrifssie
The siibseri'inr offers fur stile fiii
emm ah?
"i tvn
si'itated on the corner of Main and rVt-MrecU
in Jli r-. Colnmbia Ceimly. I'n. It i wel
i aleiilaied for the loia'ioii for a Public JIuiioc o
Store,! ..-ilu;
( Fer fmnt on Muin-strref,
! 1 l'2fert on Eosl-sticct,
and the rn id b adit p lo ihe l'lnrrr.'! urf; Fail
(iiin Cenipanv's Fill ntices. 'J bis I ot i-wi ll i al
cibited for luiildiiif: upon Fnsl-.-tteet as well lis en
Main, and brine; situated in the centre (,1'tl e lien
liccion nf Ci'lnnibia County, is well worthy
st:entii.ti of the capitalists. . .
For anv information resprctirip the fo' 'herni
ennuite of . .,
7MKT..S K,iLiTi'
B!eeriiI'ur;, 'rcembrr