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(From tba Now OiLum Dulli, Nov. Ui
The ateamthip Molvim. C)-t. IVk
which Isfi Unz ) Si J jgi on ilm 23 J inst
errivoJ here I at i evening. .
JVij n Mol.ano and Grdiam bearer ol
despatchea ftom Gen. Taylor to If ashing
tort, and Cipl. O.T. M. Dis, benrer uf
despatches fiom U an. Wool to rmiUing
ton, weie cn board, as were also several
officers and citizeiiB. of whon a list is given
elsewhere, and one Ininitreil ami fifty dua-
b'ed and discharged volunteers. ' We had
the (demure of an interview with Captain
Davis, and from the information which he
polr.ely communicated Id us, we mike up
thn following general suiunMry of newi.
On the 20. h ulu, when Gen. Wool und
bin command, numbering two thouaand m
hundred men, were within about one hun
dred mi'es of Jlfonclova, tltc Genet al re-
ceived from Gen, Lopez, the Governor of
Coahuila, a formal protcil against hi fur
ther invasion o! Mexican termoiy, inform
ing him of the armistice that was entered
into between Generals Taylor and Autpudia
nt Monterey, and alleging that he should
consider any further advance on his (Oen.
Wool'fJ purl as an infraction of the game.
Gen. VVool aeut vord to (Jen. Lopez, in
rrp'y, that he wm aware of the existence of
ttiti armistice alluded la; that his Govern
tucnt, whose orders he waj obeying con
lrued its letms differently from the inter
pretation which his Excellency, Gen. Lo
pez, had jjven it; that he was determined
to continue his lay. lie did ao, and on the
30th halted four milea notth of the city of
Monelova. To this place Gen. Lopez
cam' quickly out, attended by an escort
He politely welcomed Gen. Wool to Coa
huila, and offered him a peaceable aurren
tier of the city of Monelova, explaining, at
the same time, that the protest which he
had previously forwarded to him was drawn
up and despatched in )ho discharge of what
lie believed to be his duty to hifl own Gov
eminent but that so far as he and the civii
authorities of the cily were roncernad and
there was no military foice in the place
they weuld receive the General ami hit-
command a fiienda, and in return they
looked for the treatment of friends front
' them.
The General then encamped his men
where they were -a most favorable loca
tion and, with his Huff and a detachtnen
nrtipcpilHil on. took nnssfsaion of the city
unit raised Hie American nag cr trie cita
del. Excellent anil comfortable quarters
weie seleeied for himself and ctafT. On th
2d of Nov. (Capl. I).) left wnh despatches
for .Washington, taking Aonterey in his
route, having information to communicate
to Gen. Taylor also The health of Gen
Wool's command he represents hi remark
blv good, their match a most agreeable one
end through one of the finest grain, corn
. entinii, suijsr and ptslurage countries that
lie ever saw, or can well be conceived.
.Although reports were rife that the coun
liy wag infested with Mexican banditti and
tie:irliermis Indians, Capt. Davis left the
camp with only two Mexican guides, arri v-
?d fely in Monterey oa the 8d) inst
Tiiere he found things pretty much in re
pose, Gen. I'aylor awaiting despatches from
Washington. The camp wa9 still sickly
and among those who were not convalesc
ing S3 fast as desirable is Gen. Butler. II is
wound is still painful to a degree. Capt
Davis Icfi Monterey on ihe ilth, On his
return he mm Maj'ir McLana a few miles
from the city with despatches to Gen. Tsv
lor. Having been delayed at Camargo ami
o hpr points along the Rio Grande, he wa
overtaken by Major MrLane and others
who had left Monterey later than he did
mil ihi. t nabled him to receive still later in.
: form nion from that quarter,
l'h' d- iicfn'8 ot which Mj'r McLane
was the l:ea,er. di!ern:ined Gen. Taylor in
his course. End gave a new direction lo af
fairs along the whole Rio Grande; the tir-l
fruits ol which wore the despatching of tin
steamships, Neptune and Sea from Erao
' 6t Jago on the 21st ins!, with sbout 700
regulars of Col Giles' command to Tampi
CO. Major Gen. ratltrnon left, or waa l"
leave, Camargo on the 'iOih ii!i a force ol
1500 or 2000 men, via. liiasos St.,
the s line detonation,
Oo iVie 15 h nui. (Jen- Taylor and hi
itafT, with Gen. Worth in conxnand of h
brigade. Ir !t Aon'erey on a lour of recnt,-
n"i-same of th.e country. They at iheatnr
time took and garrisoned SaluPo, and wen
about to return ti camp.
The reports fioin the ..txican camp are
thai Santa Anna is collecting the whole
force of the naiion, Cct) much of it as will
;a:y under his banners, at San Luis I'otcsi
Itbieh place ho is intrenching acd fortifying
with a'l pmsibln diligence and picc.niiion.
Jit.w iitiuitted that thsre are already 16,000
nen there, nJ ihat lie mains to increase
his force to 30,000, si.d with them io await!
m attack Iro n Cn. Tnyl r. and make a
lesperale -a fi lal effott to d e f d a t our for
ces, Us will, however, have to await some
itmo, it is helievd, before Gen. Taylor
calls him out.' Foi it is now believed, in
lecd, it is known th.l lieoeef irth the bane
il the operaiious of our army is to be not
from Monterey nut from Camargo not
Irom Matamoras or Liniree hot from the
uighest navigable point of the liver above
rmpien, and tl:er our men and muniiions
ara henoeforth to converge but, nous ver
We should have stated that a report
reaeheJ Monelova, before. Capt. Davis had
reached there, that Chihoaliu had been ta
ken by a det.u'hmeiil ol troops from Gen
ATeainey's division.
From the New Orleans Picayune.
Geo. Worth left Monterey dr aalullo on
the 13 li inst. Me took with him idiom
1000 troops of the Oth nd 8ih U. S Inl'an-
uy and Col. Clnlda Artillery Uitlalion
I'll e objects of this expidmoii are exdain
ed in the subjoined letters;
MonTkrky. Nov. 10, '40.
Ki!s. Pic. The garnu's afi oat and the
tally-ho has again been sounded The 'I I
Division, under General IV'orth, march on
ihe 12;h day alter to-morrow for K..lul
lo, accumpanif-d by iwo squadrons ef caval
ry. Of course there will bu no lighting un.
til our troopa get beyond that place. San la
Anna is making great exertions to rally all
the means of the country, and, in the hWny
parlance of the camp, promises 'tnutho fan
lungo' at Sm Luis I'otosi, He has al
ready 10 000 regulars, and 6000 more ire
on the man h fiom the capital. We lull
probably have one more big fight, and then
yeace a loi g rest lo many.
Yours truly,
P. S, General ffool reached Monelova
eight days since and goes no further in that
MoNTHIiEY, Nov. 14, '40.
Friend Ac. Gen. Worth lefi here yes
terday with about 1000 regular troops the
5lh and 8th U S. Infantry and Col. Guilds'
Artillery Battalion, Gen. Taylor went wan
him, and took Captain May's dragoons, to
the number of some 250, ni an escort,
auppose that one object of the commander
in-chief is to ascenain, positively, tin
I'hnneei ol obtaining water on the road t
an huis, in case n may be deemed erpedi
r il lo march direct to thsl city. The to
poll in camp is, that Gen Tay loi'a foicr
has been ordered to J'arnpiboj but I beliuve
he can doss fie pleapis. and if he finds that
ho can get to San Luis easily in this direc
tion he will go there. I give this as men
speculation of course wn kuow noihi.:
certain here. If Cm. T. had Oen Mc'Ju -
loch's old company of Kani;e:8 he con
iOon find out all abnit the route to !Sa i Lur
is it is, Col. May may bo sent out in th.,
direction. He is an excellent and most el
ficienl officer, a gnahead one. too; hut lb
I'exans are 'lighter draught' than the dra
goons, if can use an aquatic coioparisoi
in this cuss can get ihuul and pi iv hnl
and go seek in the chsparral heiier liian air
troiips ir, the world, and aro nov mil' I
needed. If any thin j turns up you kind
hsar from me again
Yours, Ca2ifanf.H).
fVcENES AT MONTEREY. The loilowinj
ecne was described to me hy an (dfiiTi
commandine a regiment in ihe second i!m
lon ai ihe battle id Monterey. I eive i
ilmost in ,ia own language, as he spoke o!
I llis day after it occurred 'H U Srpii n.-
ter. ile has declare!) olten einre. ihal :
made him feel sentimental every lime ,.
Iioiijjht ol it,' and I am sure I never iljounV
f accusing linn oi weakness, for il gave no
he hloe to hear him lell the story;
'And this,' said be, in speaking of hum.
reminil me of an arTeciiiig fct-nt; of rt,
niiii. l was oroerfU jy toi.'f u
lakeia company of my rpgiirent &i breil; i
i'ie door of a row of house s in the 2d pk ja
I had gone neaiy I'.r jugli withoui sef mc -
soul, when, for a time, the efforts nl n
nen weie exerted iit vain lo j;ei ir;to oik
hat seemed bairioaded wiih rare As ih
ingis of the i.'oor wore about to giva vn.y
t treuiulona voice on the iopiiIh befecrh.,!
me not to break the rii;nr down it aliould b
pencd. When tmioeked, rushed in :it-
well as I could, over bed, chairs, cushion-
&c and to iav emprise found ihe room nc-
upied by nbout twenty five women! Ar-
oon as ihey taw me and the soldier h;-
owing, they ran arouid nie end ft il op
ifit knees, the elder befeeehing, in tones
f deep distress, r y protection, and to have
their lives gpaied; the J enifer begging inn
lly not lo be injured. While they weie
thus kneeling, and I assuring them thaf no
roj or injury ehoulu btUll iheai, a pretiyl.'tide Grurdy,
little woman slid into the chole and knelt
chiso to my feat. 'Sennr,' said the, in a
soft, quivering voice, 'lor the love you bore
vour innthni. for llio lova vnu h.ivo li.r vimr
t . ... . . j
wile, for the tender allueiion your heart
holds for your chiMren, oh, s p,e mis, wy
loor little baho' holding up bright eyed,
dimpled-cheeked little boy, about a year
ii . l. . . e . - t . . . ! il
oiu. one never bbkcu ior ncrseii in;
spue of me, tea,, rushed to my .yes, and I,
could only ipeak with a full heart as I told
her to iie, and assured her that she awl her
child were
vere perlecily sale. 11 y the Holy,
Virgin, Ca)iing,' remarked a rough Irish
soldi ir, wiping away a ter with thn back
of his hand, 'u-O't'l the outd Seventh pur
ted iliem!'
'That night I watched over that room,
which wag eaeredly kept from iulr Jsiol).
The next day we nore blessed by these I'e"
males io their attentions, for the protection
e bad given them, for they gave us of
what they had lo eat and tit ink. and we11'9' A" 11''""!liy 15 or 10 yearayf aK. will re.
were nearly faniMhed. J'onr creatines,
il'ow much thev were diaiiessed. The
V0llj i,)Pr wli ever he painted in my
omid's eye as the devoted guardian ol her
lube. Her husband, I learned was an of
fieer, and was ihen tiihiin us in the city
She cou'd not have known whether he was
olive or not, and 1 have not heard of him,'
Mbiiv 8ct'iie, very like that described
hove, took phi in the city. 1 did not I ear
of a single outrage being committed where
wiimeo were in the question but heard of
many iostiiiees in which food was furnish
ed to our men and paid for, even when the
riht was going on. II.
lssaisinatirit'JiiMzic(in$.- you n g
man by ihe name ol 11 reley, l,eloi-
c lo Cap1. Claud!' i 'h ronipany ol
TXas Volunteer, waa tt a n u i 1 1 1 1 by
'he pci fi lioiig Mt x fHM a shoi I t me ni
ter IIih rapMu'al'on ol Monterey. Wt
lean lK' liiliowioji parucolar liom th
Austin (Texas) Democrat; 'Ilorsely
ivcnt lo so oiauge (Mive in t lie ( ferniig
and leninined all nibijlus failure U
itiurn in ihe morning excited fers foi
hia safety; bis conuades went in f.-aicl
i f hinv; io 'lie oiar ge jrive they foiino
b'ood IraC'-il i1, and finally dic.verec!
he body i f ti e tinfoi lunale ) outh in ihi
San Juan, pierced by g wound Irom a
lance, or (iiinie uch lObtiumenl. The
iirwsof ihi.a biise und cowardly art
piead like vvil.l fueaniorg ll..y'
They delt riiin cil lo lake ample Veil -
;eanee. Wo Ui the Mi xie ii- falling in
ibcir w?y Gen. U'oilh wm omle ac
quaioted ilh ivhai was goii.ji iin .ii'
I e ren I his aid to r xj (.n u a' , I r n ol i Oih Wmi coin pan its , n ,I, , .) , jn ., ,a,
hb Texans lo ceese. i'.lm.ated by tbel'd ' r.f onsn z.ituii in thai c"v,
owariily ti.eanni'gs of i,e n.ui (it lei, ui h w ..s i.. m I o-;,,.m, ihal i ,,!v
f I l.eil le llo '.V . ildi I i rei,i i iii In s r i!:' i I i u h rt, n.... ... .. L I 1 i i.
uf the m,uy f,ul and oloudy bu ilui
ii' pi H i a el Upo ii I lo rn i n Utiii-i l.iro
'!' the Sallii' per.Jilf il.ey fparcd not f
oi in. 1 I).' exc ' t r: , - nt vv.i- o hih Hi ,
(i' n. Tay loi was iinlureil to i.-iie an oi
I' i c ' n. u an i g all ili-h nidi um ps i,
cave .Monieiey m 48 Ik.ui -.l i in ilu uj-ii
SO oi 100 MirS cans f-II luawi'p lb
III) I I II .1
vl I xhltCZ
' ly Ten.'.!. it;nhot oi 1
'Jll. r'he CO I -.'. drill oi
f N IV olk SjiUI! ol lh- Tnri'-,wi it
i g f "in ili
seal of war in viro,
i -:
'O ,e fanl coo,,, tied wiih the
opon .V.",,., r- y 1 i.avi: i,. jib io ,.
:old. I' i.) ,. .11, ,,i,d ten. I ally h,
teed, tin u Cou ji ny of Ln.etrs iv
eoniiiianilril by a woman. Se.zed wmI
ial,iolie J)ir if , ll ll,,HeX' d In r i
ii. ilre.-.ed in e fu 1 -nil of a 0,i;,iain ir
L Tire in, (.he (lesued lo h-' , ,
he foe, and mv .re that be w.uil.i . , i
it Id tint 1 1 the 'no, ilu , n f, ih ., i ,riv. r
riven Irum lie, o... I.-, ml, un,, ftl,
ad r-hh.-l In r l.i.t d nj) . l,,o.l in ..
lenc 1 1 her n.nicn ro'inbv. Prrvrinn.
o our at i, c li , Mio w.s nrided btlo,.
heir loi.,., ai. d jirea'ly ixci'ed aoi! o.L
in nt'.l iheii cotiiage. S'-.n bar; ji.jji.). ,:
h i; !1!
posted a( tin
-pol where the fir, l h0t vvc. ihi f,P, ,!
wheie Ihe Ihicke-t of the b'ile w. n ,1
W JJe. l S r MtT I - ll 0,1 the 21s1
title lid ihe i baif- r.f L.oc. rs which
pI'OVMl (a'ul I'l so, lie of i 1,1 cor,, oia, ii:
airnmji ihe luuiilj. r , ,"lt J t j
k'nert'- an rxaiiijit,- of heroism w. r'hj
tiie ilayn of .!, ! i has itm .;;ie, ,- x-
coto pro luce e.C' iid .loan o'Are, l,;i
i ol I.kij her, 8ijcrsful. 1 vstuld liave
iiveii u jjood dti lo have sten her loiiy-
President's l'lesidenl Pulk
lias Dill c tins.'.! a m r. 1 , lulol ninnlni, i
Nashville, Ter.u. ihe iale nsiilnice ol
" -
'tbuth itdov
r tn
y PALNER Eiq.ilaulhoriud 1oattBII
Ant fur the 'Colombia IIkmui hat,' und re-
ollmmHxfyr Xubxnptm and .UmtU-
Phil,HphU Ao. 69 Pine-trctt.
A'eiu Yurk " 1 DO liiumn-ttrcd.
lhsfon " 16 Stiite-ntnct.
fiullimnre .. E. Cor. Halt, und Culvert-tin.
Mf-chtins-Ncchunici and Tradesmen nitty find
if in their (idvatittiirt tn udvcititt in litis paurn
tin th ttiifumif tti tit i tit it itt ?, f'nt.iiti M.w.f
end has u m-tattr circulation hi the euuniu ' than
any vthcr paper jiulliihtd within tlUimUt.
To the PniHiiig iHiainenH ia wanted at Ihia
ceive jjud encouragement.
The Pr inler i rmieh in want of s few
bolirU of Will' AT. CORN' & ltl'r t:
nun i, hi HHKj" vvno OW'e hull Upon
sob'-cnp-ion. He would also a few
.' I It.' a I . r ... L
bu-heLt of POTATClCS.
We have received the President'
f .
ivieMagp, out ioo late, owing to i
leng'h.lor iio-nt'on nuiie in this werk
piper, theirlore, rrher than divide i',
we po-ijioiio iis iuhicaii(iti unlil otii
in Xl,
MAP or M fiX I CO.
Me have received a biauufol " Mnpnf
Mexico, im Ind nu Vue.iian and Upper Cal
ifomu. ihe chief Ciiies Hiid Towns, Trav
elling mads A.c, by S- Aujiusliw Mitchell. "
S'x copies are seui by mail for One Do
As nut army is now in Mexico all are
anxious to know i s whereabouts, and onr
of these AInps wmilil l-p just ihe dm jj (i t
ieference. Every person .therefore, oliould
pocsfsa one immediaielv.
The Fuluntvcrs fur Mexico. The
"liiment foil) Ihe O .iDommion is near
ly foil; Two companies have been or
HiniZ'd in Iliehrnond, and their servi
cs aeccpteil; one in Alexandra, ano
mo'her in Peier-hir g. lo the. lad nam
ed place a meeiii'jj wis held on ihe 1-
in-'. , ai u h ch ihe ci'y irln'r ii.. w,
j 1 tcom mend, d io appi rjjr iaip S2.500 i
''ii tb' volunu er-, and n inler ibm.
rnfoi l -ble.
A w O- lea'., on
2S h n't.
- . - - - ' , i u o i r
ii'Ktered in ihe i vice fi,.', s ,v i ,
Govt nini'f piocl.i.nialion 'twould cp.
p".ir 'hal n n 1 five companies will ,.
r ceived ihe ci'y. in order ilia'
lie -olir r p.ri.liffi of ihe Stale may liavi
i cliMicp i,f I'm ni-liirn he rer.i iin.lcr.
Ai N-w York, no Thins, hy oihl.
1 lee more ol iI:h c mpanips of the r r-i -i.
eoi w, re fiiiu'leil. 'mil on i', :tU y 'let
pimed Ihf Ihice tMiiulle.l ).. ),,.(.,,., &
:iulii, at Fort II. million. 7'no
oniMoy w.s i xpec'iol from Albany-"!'
''oril ')', and it was th'.i'ihi ih.,i
hoi" irMiu i wioi'd Ix; in
ra mp
Fm i I.' nii'1'oo roi Sunday.
I oe fir I it jiinv i I lioni PiM'risy Iva-
nia lia In en il, s'jnaled. as l,,llou-..
i- ,
l'.Vv'. Uiiolcr, Washinu'on L.l'v.
Jo-eih Li!, C,iy Go r,U
Jo", li -ntieii.Pi.i!,, lnl.i Guard-'.
L L. I) IIU, (MI;liji I il,
J.lll-- N 'U1,., W ,.1.1,1,10,1 Al'y.
J f lie,, oc I). If!' I... I, (J
I s.
A ,X. II. I. J (k
oo Intl. I i ' ii.--
' V . r S o. li. , ,. (; ,,, u
" R K. Sc ni, Col,v ,l-.(er C,r:t.
" T G. M. r. head J IIc.KMiGuimU
Th- Wvon..inj At' i I r sr, r:iio 1. r
"n .1, .oi 100. h fi Wi'.k. -harre o,.M,,n
!' -' !'s-' l down Ihe Canal,;;
heir rmre m P.t shoi jj.
Three f tin P,,ld Iphia ronrif-inie
rn. I Hi" ro"'Viile rnmioinv. , i
. j , - -
d. Iphia oo Moml.y a,,d the mill r il r. .
jon V d-.e-lay f.i .he bin.,. d.-i'io;,t;i.
whn. 'luy ai ; all lo hu riiU.'Urod i,,u
e l vire.
'lierty Did) easing Ti e Ct
o a i Tin. i s ill's a pun! f ti ry of a It liuw
'.v!io was leading cm r ihe list cf U lird
and wotiiuied at loi.tney, ,j r ihoi
day. lie waded pafienily Ihrnugl,
he long columns of nanus, and ihtn
petulantly throwing lh paper aside, ex-
cliitned, 'D u sich news there
niri't nobody t,cri that 1 hnoif.'
We aie ifque.ud to rumtion ihnt a
County Tempi rani n Coveniieti, w ill be
ie!d at tho M. K Moeiing Iluim in Jer
siytown, on the fust day of January next.
i'he intelligence frum the army is indica
ivc of a I'eteimined purjiose lo furnish the
.1exican Congress with I'lont cogent and
pertinent reasons for the negotiation of a
peace. The bonds of cnmpesi are becom
ng daily morn and pjors stringent, while
a is appirent that in a abort time ihe poi-
ion ol Mexico lef. lo Ircai w ill he consider
ibly Jess than 1'iat lo Heal of. It also aji
itiars dial the neccas ty has been rualiaeii
u) concentrate all l)ic available forces dial
an be brought into the field, for n final
ecnflicl with the American armv, nhou'n!
the Mexican Cmigres deterinino lo icfist.
There now si cms lo be only two points at
w hied a contcet of arms may he cx peeled
and those are Vera Cruz upon the coast,
mil that place nt u ,u h the troops (dial! be
concentrated to finennnter the combined
uiiliiary forces of the United States, wheth
er San Luis I'otosi, the ciiy of Mexi.'o it
Ij'er any iniermediale position 'I he en-
ergci'c manner in hich ihe terminaiinn ol
die armisiiee was declaied, was qniie c ha.
riico ri-iiie of the cominanding ofiicer I
does not appear lo have been puiaiable lo
die eiiinma'n'.ing authoii.y at S.dullo, no:
p eanant liilns lo coiiimuuieaie hevond.
At:' io pieheot inlotmaiiim ii does not
seem improbable ihat tidings of ihe evaeua
lion or the capture of Sail Luis Polusi will
he thurliy upon ua.
Wise of Produce A writer in Ilu
liosio.t L .oner, over the signature ol
'J Pi. 13,' est imait s Ihe t isu in value o,
the agricultural productions of Ihe U.
States, since September 1, 1816, as foi
lows-: On iIip crop ,,f Indian Com, (es-
l.mned ai 4SO.000.000 hii-hels.) the ad
.- ....-...., .. .1 .. 4 n r i
, rN ,n, Ul j ,-riii per uusneiniiMif jjruige in a cross able slate, Tuesday
i-6120,000,000, on ihe crrp of whe
the advance is estimated at Jj5G 000,000
on ihe nop of oats 55 1G 000,000: ry
.'36, 000.000; on Ihe crop of hay tin
advance (in const qience of ihe increased
use of corn and oilier trains lor breai'
s'ndO is estimated ai S4."5 C)C0 nnti
Sliow.i g a lolal tiae in value of 3213,
000 000.
Mcrnurtue Fuel Ii is Ftnled i,
) i-liieiMou Union, lhat since Ihr
I'S r,l S'h at d Oil, ol M.y last. bid
:. i . i t ni
U i f I: (P tl!. I 4 ,iei ( lUKti lf I CliUl
iv io 'oe won,', w iMe KJlaiji.j a f , to
1. I I t
ii n io l ais, , i,, v -1 u i n f V eohs nv ' I
, o r 11, -i rv:ce :o so sl.o, I a linn
I l.i; eijt'.l new ifji'ni' I" i HI. r.r rly hi
- oi 1 1 1 e ui no m-.. i ii. v hi i
t I'Ve 'l!,,rinjr l
w ,
rr it: ui or j;i"i:nu I lie Jornlin
rr'. ... i r .. ; ; .iv t
'I- f-x . .
I in,f s ol Ui l. I, a juoinal by i,
), wmrr, never pi. k, s lanrl ini Male
ii ins, I'liuii;-, n. i 'on,, o: me jin a'
' l Capital, U (.1 JV j.l.,,.,1, Lr i ,
1 o,!,!, bad (i nt on' 'i oi ,lvr to the U
t ate-, f, r 500 (J00 rju iiif-rs of wheal I
ipt.l to IIJU.OOO h.,,-1, ,, fl.ui '
JjtiHt 0)tk The Aut iii n (N. Y
A I e, iier harts ih ai lour or five acr.
of land on ihe firm of Air. IfeniyChas
I'. , on the easl bank of the f.'.vo.
i i. ...... i . i. i ft , .
i n-7 nun oiai un- iiiih oi jjfiiyaM., aio
ti fioa, siii.i; a lew (lays since and In-
di.s .ppeat. il.
Jil if:.' l,h t."A.' to tnt winter ican cil
, A . . , ... ...
t !! .1 ii.iiiijj 111,1,1 II i. Ill -Il
s been cm iried of I ti , cr v ;
(or, D '., oo! se nlenreil
v ivo uv . iy ,,,. (,!,, well hud o,.,.
I e h. k!'
Mender E.'tTv- - .Mr. M, I) ,, i ,
i .... I -. I
' i ...i .- "i rn ei.ici l a ril. O III , ,
Co' ss I,, ni iM fd oi ;, to scppl
'he vaemcy o 'c i-i-.i i d i,y . e n si.
n o (! Col. Price, who is in the am
a 1 1 . j
M inter 'ryoc Ilichard Sondlej
K-q ol At womy, i i i-e on his plai;,.
'ioo .1 SW, f I . o l a ' o . rr.i a.oi in,, ..,, A..
,.e inch ,nid n IntlJ io Irrg h; ai ,
hirtccn ihch-s and a half In circum, al Ihe ihickesi par "
Bin-ifd S.tivc Mahias S i.lB.
ois lilc al DmLiny, C, on Tuesday
iVf-f-L. V fliA rnrlnn in f - ....!) I
J ",w iii I ll HI a til III 7'
Much l.e was wo.lii, , fPP. h.. '
low lha M.,fa-P. l6 ...,
age, or.d left a large family.
j cu
Vox the I'oluuiliia Drin tul.
VVuvt BN'n T'oraKii mimr,
It is a souice of great inconvenii uce and
ofieniime of ruoriifi' ation, lo find ,
behind the lime. The oilier day when the
company, culled into service from Poiiai',l,
was making prep .ration lor departure, and
thousands weie iikaembled to bid liiein fart
well, some individuals from the rouri'ry,
happening to le in town, and seeing an un'
u-ui'lly large iispcmblage ol people, i nqnir-
' d ihe occaiiun of it, and upon be n( to'd
th it a company wa about starting for ilm
seal of war, rephed; they had'nt heard
ihen- was a war, and wished lo know
where il was. Now ihe difficulty in this
case was evidently, that they did not lake a
newspaper, and certainly that accounts sufli
eienily for their consumaie ignorance.
I'heie are thousands of peoph in the coun
try, in circuuiblancee. at d so Ion it
as 'hey presevere in their unwiiie practices,
ihey will cutitinue to grope their way in
J arkuess.
In order ihal those who do lake a news
paper may be lully apprised of what is tak
ing place in the cnmmuniiy, and especially
of those thnga which posses tomr general
interest, I w ill give an account of 'what hap
pened t other night.'
All are aware ihal the season of ihe year
which is more particularly appropnau-d hy
society to bustling seems, lo,s arrived, and
the young especially are busily at wink,
Hatching up seem s of tmiiM u.ti.l. The
first act in ihe grand drama of lira season.
ias been performed' A few of ihe young
people have been drummed logeher and
moulded into a 77,nnd in that shape have
no veil on a considerable number of succes
sive hours, and at length found ihemstlvtg
ii the mad.
For some time p.iM il Ims been under-
lood that the Caitawifga IJiidc Company
Landed givino a B
soon afier (7'ttinor
I . ....
'he 8ih inst. was fixed upon for the grand
performance, and the Bridge Company so
com, ibtited towards it, as lo let all who
lV('re i n v 1 from this side of the river pass
;lvi'r llle bridge frceiy afier paying the usu
I' ' some lime aincp any of us have been
at a ball, for which there are two reasons.
One is, that but few of us have much talent
in the heel the other is, we have not had
r chance. The first reason has been in a
meisure obviated, by ihe growth of our
population, in which our number has been
inereafcd, by ilmse nf more refined talents,
)f the aforementioned order. 'Die second
reason oi course possessed no longer any
wciuhl, for some nf us at least had an op.
inniiy to attend a ball. It may well ho
mpposed thai iviili .,! ihcje. and various
oher favorable ciretimstriiict s, we wcnhJ
nil he lore in malumr un our .il,.,,,,
'Hei'd nij. in id .ion,, nihi-is would hve
'ee, i .il 1,1 to I, it e f i Ion fi oiu ,. v :,., l.i
hev hid an opiorlnniiv,biil for ih-shhs not
ne-essiry to menlioii, ii e V 'eonhhi't -l.i r,o.'
The,er was v. ry unpropiiious. On
Monday a eoi sid r M r nunitiiv ,.f ..u'
dl, so as even lo excite the hope j., mm,,
o.soo.s, that we unwlit hau sileiaJunir n
ip next evenin.;, a. d some of our nirnber
i.el.iri.d.ihey bad praved all.U.mdav.doii we
nij; hi have sh ighine to g,, lo ihe I! II, hut
hev crlainlv could noi .,,ve been i,o
-mhleous ones, for the mud was innsi ter
ilde deep, so ihal I really think, had I
kno an how h id ihe goinj; was, I would have
ii yed H home and missed all ihe pleasuro
'I the Hall. IJ ,i I Me had pronustd io go
ami bhmi', thundei, and hoise shoes we did
L'o.W'e eollecied inosi of the covered con-
ihieles in town and between four and
ivc in llie afiernoon 'launched upon iho
l.o e.-s deei' of mod, pumps in pocket,
m. 11,'in;; in ba.-ket, iiumhcrini; in ;,!!
me couple, 'hal is iiieludinj; tho-e who
" ill in (I "i 'dumb' or,b r. ol ,,M,on,.,r
i ilm e w hu dulit'l no. I?.ir,-,,,,. ., i
.... i , , ir .ii-
- oii-ii.ii s by ihe va; , e nil ri' e I
h Iv a' ihe se, ,f of ,oir ( Xplm'fi, j iS; n9
d I'ho, ,s fdlirjr as't.cp. A,' eev?n
'clock or ihen ahouis (,e i,vang t f ihe li I.
s.rmj! l,i(n,j;ht us all p flaming, on the
ih'O' at ! caiiaeiollh Hall rr,, oi ,!, I
. iii un imupn
f Chailes ll uiii.aii Esq Of course we
"I' o't Mai (I si,! w t.n the magic fi,,'.
I'e bow was iiiioo,,.. -...I .. .. - i
i, . ,111.4 .1 V ,lj,t ,1
lib jinj.j et regnlariiy lo ihe vanegatcd
mi's, th il is. Hi,)..,. f u8 u-jj t,;., .,..
lung about linus,
Having danced nil, with an emnlv f,tnn-
ich, until shoiii nndnichi, Mir: r w3g Bli.
I,l,uilt J 10 our no small gra'.ificanon. and
e jooreeded immediately io the diociissiou
of those subjects, which so much gratified
"e r"",t" ,H9!t " af'"i Piiilosophers
no nave ci nttnueU a source ol infinite ile
.1 t. . . - .
'Kin man modern explorers in fwffre and
. ) . . 1 1 i
,.1 , , ., '
,a" l"tia' saving appeuie
1'wr, was proti.
in abundance, and in exquisite style, and
evin cIJ Fpicntos himself had he been tin;?