The Columbia Democrat. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1837-1850, October 31, 1846, Image 3

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l."Nonss l i's last icssnm, l)ir,.uli iho
J -I it I. r t Commine. ol ihe two llnii-f
in infl uiiioniiil large subscription fr
-i.c v. ..!, m.,ial bk and nri'KNDix;
mimI Hie Ktnate, by r. t u 1 1 on , It i n f direct
-.1 . 1. .... ..I ... r ... . . i. . . ? ..
r.. ,., ,.,.io mi ,.rji.irni( ma Mpon ia
,, inu loiiioiizeo ini! secrciaty
in ma oi-iii iii u'jiuihci wiin inn iiiiiii-r
signed, stipulating that ih reports when
rllien OlH shall he tiMf-rl In Ihe revision
nf the speakers, the Uunorkssdnal Ol' nn
and Appkndix is now ollercd lo itie piiblie
iioi oniy as in auiueiinc, out as an Hliciai
tepnr nfthe proceedings nf Coiigresi.mado
iiuucr win rye, unu puuiiincu oy Buinoiity
ul ihi body.
'I lie itileri)f nr4 originated ihe mode nf
jtorinlizing the pinceedings of Congress,
wliu li, thus adoptee , in to be perfected with
l!ie id and under die supervision of Con
gnu. Their publication was the first and
only one lliat gave each eucceetine eiep in
every nieasute m hotli branches ol Uonrexs
a In ipf of all tlie dehors; eveiy important
vol,; nu an Appendix, inclining at lull
length, all the itviaed speeches delivered
during the K siion,
7'ne work, as II is now lo be ennduc.ed
fny ibent, wi; be found a most perfect poll i
ical Inaiory, The Senators .roin Ihe Mules
and the Representative Iroin every section
if the Union bring with them into Con
prrs a knowiedgn of the feelings, aenti
niema, and inienais of iheir several rousiit
nenriis. Public opinion and the public in
formation, as it exists among those they rt p
reseni. are enibmlied by them, and in tin
crucible of Co it run the wisdom of out
times t brought lo its teal, and is there con
centraied, in directing the poliical move
ments of the hole uoontry. The impul
ses thus given through Congress from evert
quarter react upon Ihe nation as a whole
and all its component p.irts are made In
move in cooperation. 1 lie prfss cannot he
more usefully employed than in condensing;
and again Hpreaiimg auroaii the intclligenct
of our free country, lending lo sm;l liappt
results through our almost miraculously uii
justed Stale and Nstiouxl iiistiiiiiious
Having identtlied outselves with the pl.m
of advancing Hie usefulness of Congress bj
publishing lull and impniiidl reiorts, and
diving a Urge mm nf the CoNcrkshuNai.
1i.obu and Appkndix, issued during th
List welve year, which would be impairer
in value to ns and utility to the public if tin
work were discontinued, we have a donblt
motive to prompt us to extend it through ,,
new series. We are nWved, if possibli
to give it permanence, and to hand it down
to successors as a stinilard work, worthy oi
being mtinlained and improved We shall
enter upon our new tinderi iking n iihoui
being distracted or biird n J by any bsho
ct.ite labors of the predt; and, thus linen
cu.nbered, shall hope to make the new se
ries a step in aivance of the former in hI
pnini of exacinion, iVhIi a view to ac
complish this, we shall be (owe or the oih
tr) in attendance on Congress.
The reports will not be afflicted by oui
prty bias. We believe every member ol
Congress w'll bear w itness that our icporif
are full and fair.
The filnbe is mads up ol
the daily proceedings of the two Houses o'
Congress-, and printed on superfine doubli
royal paper, with smill type, (brevier anr
nonpireil,) in quarto form earh numbu
rontaing sixteen royal quarto pages, i'h'
speeches of the members, in this first form
are condensed the full report of the pit.
pired speeches being reserved for the A
pemlix, All rtsoluiitins, motions, and ot:
er proeef dings, jie given in the form of tin
Journals, with Ihe )eas and nays on ever
important question.
The Appendix is made up of the Piesi
dent's Annual Message, tl.e repi ris ol 1 1
piineipnl officers ol the Ciovernnient iln
accompany it, and all speeches of nieinl'i-o
of Congress, written out or revised by them
selyes It is printed in the same form a
the Congressional Globe, and usoa'ly enk-f
about the sjiiic number of pges during i
I)uriii2 the first month or fix weeks of i
session, thsre is rarely moie bmini ss doio
than will make two numbers a iveek mo.
(Jthe Cuiigrrjfifina! Globe and one of tlx j
Appendix but during the rcmaiiid-r of :
esiin, there is usually sufficient matti r lm
two or thn-e numbers of eich every week.
The in xt M ssion will be unusually iiiii-r-csiing,
tin n f ie, we calcul le that ihe Cm
gressionnl (Jlobfl i;nd Appendix 'ogetbei
will miike ne-,ir 1500 lae quant pagt-s
printed in smtll tyie brevier and nnnparn i
JVe funinli complete ndi-xes to both at tin
end ol sefsion,
Vn have on hand tlie CongremionV
Globe sud Appendix fm the last fifteen es
sions cf Congress, nuking together fificei
large rova' quarto volumes, which te w 1 1 .
sell, unbound, for ! I: or boiind, with Hcs
aia bu'ks and corneis, lor 850 Thme wl-o
want l!ie back volumes should apply for
them immediately, as thev aie in denaud
l;ongrrss sulicri'tpi toi dit complele e ta
luiinff ihe two IhbI sessions. The proceed.
ings of Congress (or the last 0 years cannot
U nrrv.-nrp;! from inv nlllf-r inmrpN.:..
and Seamn having stopped priming their
" i"'-- - j
Register of Debates in 18d7.
We will endeavor to piint sufficient
number of surplus copies to eupply all that
ciisy be unsctrried, or lost in l mad; but
subat liber? should be very parlirulir to fj!ft
ilictr rasers can fully, for fear that we
s!.ou;o not ie sdip to supply a'l Ion
. . , , , it .
Tot Me epr of ths t'otrrnor.d GV.-s 1 (") .
For r,'PJ' ' e Aj'pi'ituis I
IV lit routes olrillier, or pari nf ; t'i
Tlie money may be reni tied t.y rr. .-, i !
f'fi f
our t's. The nfest iml best uav la remi
if, lo piy the amount to tli Po tinsiter
uherii oii fsidc, mill nike rami ro
ceipl, croiilind In lint following fonr;
; l'.T OH ICK, , 181 .
KcctiveJ from A P dollars
nlH ,,rtlu (llihe. from which I have dt
ducted one fee cent . and charged mysej
, n ,y nrcounl with the 'icneml Fust Of
t with the balance. The Postmaster of
. . . . . . . . .
,,,,,,, , f7, Un'l pay that buUtncc to
Wa r & ll've or to thtir urder on the buck
of tins iecch'i.
i Poitmaittr.'
T!m rnlei nf ih Cnr.,l iml Olli. n l)
partincni authorize such receipts to be given
' J paj( ,Pre, when ihu amount don not
exceed I0. When it exceeds $10, il i
I,,,, , reiIltl mm.u p0tieiu j, bnk
notes and the I'ostmasiei'a receipt for the
balance The Postmastt r's receipt should
be s?nt directed to us, and not lo ihe rosl
musier of this city, as so ne penons are
in ihe habit of doing. The money should
be here iy the 7dt r December, at farthest
in procure all the numbers. If not here bj
that time, we may not be ub!e to furnith the
firft ntimbeis.
I'roprii tors of newspapers who copy this
Prospectus, and send us ou t copy of ilicit
paper containing it. marked around with r
pen lo diiect our intention to il, !nll have
their names enured nn i nr books for one
cony of ihe ('oiturrssioiiai Ciobe and An-
pendix during the session.
Our prices for these pipers ar so low
'hat we rannol afford to credit them nut
therefore, no person need consume hi
time in writing for lliem iiii!eS3lie sends
I)!,A!!i ti RIVES
hington, Odvler 15, 184(1.
IX. Curds of good (J. K WOOD, f"
wi.itn b nuoiui price vii I lie nen. Apply at
1'. M. HL'UUELL'a,
! attawissa, near the briilgc.
WHEREAS, the Hon Jumpii B. An
ruoNY, President of ihe Courts ol Ovei and
rerminerand (icncral Jail Delivery', Conn
I flatter bes-ions ol Ihe Trace, and Court
if Common Pleas and Oiph.ins' Court in
he liighlh Jirlii-ial District, compuscl o
i. . , , , ...
i:u counues iMotliuninnlanil, Uoluuibia
md J.yco.ninn; and the Iliiimrable Kajiuki.
aks and Stkpiien I'ai.dv, Ksq'ls. As
uciale Judges in Columbia cniinl , have i.
ued ihmr precept beating dale the. 2thli day
I August in ihe year ol our Lord one ilmu
and fight hundred and lnn-s.x, and lo me
iKccted. for holding
? Court of Oijtr and Terminer, and
ueneral Jail uenceiy, flene.rtf Quarter
Sessims of the. Peace, Common Pkas
and Orphan's Court,
IN DANVILLE, in the Coun-v of Co.
umbia, on ilio tl.n.l ,1oinlay of Novembi r
text, (being die 10di iU and lo continue
me w tek:
Nmice is iherefuie hereby civen to tin
Joroncr ihe Justict a of the m,i Cm,.
t.ablcs of ilia said county ol Columbia, llmt
hey be iheo am! then- in thur (uopcr p-r-uris
at 10 oh lock in the forenoon of sau'
lay, with their rec-irds, ii)tni6iiioi s, a-n,
ther reiiiembiaiices, .o do iine tli r: ; r
vhich to Iheir uffii-is appiitii,-. to he d oic.
Vud those lhai itv. bnn'id hy rti.'ogiiizaoi t
it proset ue again, t thr prisoner,) thai mt
r may 6c in lb J,nl (,l 'said couniy nf C,i
umbia, are to 6.' then a ltd tlicie to prose-
'te ag-iinl ihi'in as slisll he j ist Juror
oe n quesiei! id b" pn .cm , m ijir'ir an, (,,.
un e, ag.eealily to Mieir nonces.
Dttnl Jl Dancl'e, the23,,y of O.'tohcr.
o the year of our L rd oi,h i ion- ot.l i ;in
iiiudieil a-id loily-MX, and in ihe 7'Ki t cm
d i ii e Aidt pi iidutiLi! ol'iiiH L'oiH il omra
IUVM Dl-luJ, Shtr'ff
( , . !: ' 7
Mi stj M. - S HAHKLnV.
TTOl.T.D rtspertfolly inr..rm the I... ,ha!
' V tlef have i is? rr:rt(l li -on I'. . . , ,.i,..
sn extcnaive c i j'iI rf FALL mi l V, I.M'K
fa-l,i.niiit Millen, , Coud. Arrwig tiirii .
,,a""i,'t ay ' f"url
r - i- i r' . , , .
jinnrin, oi. eivtr, runnei, ri w
tr'. Uihbonf.'s L t p!, l'f. hwjies,
Ul ii? i .iir. jiruze, renin
e s. ii vd L)itrses M.lis,
Coi i.s,levl b trh,
til-.dis. Lii
asnmeiti. ..itn.'ii u'.l.ithc CJ.
XI . ., .
L iinen 3 brrti, .Vu u
:vl Bo k Mu Un-
t.'.'l ot-, a,l 'I ,-..( . ; ,
rf 'i.n r'
t' ' r I
SlacE'aff Sale.
H v Vitlue of a levari fjceas. lit
recit d, will lit, exiio.e.l io public
me i' i
fate ai
die Colin Ifni-ii n,)aiivi,i on
iie I67i dirii of Xuvi-mhtr ntxt.
. I A I I. a r l
i u o chick, ;vj. I no iniiowini; nruotriv
fin Wllj A rrilaiu if mrcuagt, lot o'l
piece oi lano nereaiter HescriluM, beginnni)i
n a pariol an alley, thence by iimiii atree
.mnii, U utrn'ca wesi.u'l leel In liosi
V I. II. I I Ill . n.. .
thence South 27 J degreis llast, 180 feet li
n alley, the same tNonh C'i deiret s l.i
00 leel lo Ihe lirst meniioiii'd alley, llienct
long ihe saint) to the place of bi'"iiiuinif
md in marking and knon iq the pUn in
ne map ol ibe. town callcil l.ibeity or L
pylown, No, 12 situate in Uiuoi townshi
logettier h i li i hereditaments and ar
leriHiiances fjeizi'i.', taken in execution to
;ie sold aj the propeiy of William e tterl v
with noiico to Maihew McUowill leirs le-
Jiy virtue o a writ alias vend ex st the
tame .iine uml (dace A certain trai t
rfiid siiuatn in iiarerrek uwiubip.Culum
hn Coiinty eoniai'iini 43 acres motii or iras
bounded by amis tl Gilbert Fowler am
others w heieoo la crccieil
itr house and a log barn, it
VJivJ i I nt.rp.
heizeo taken II execution i to be so!d as
,l,n r..., ,..... ,,l i;u,., II Si. ...I. I .1,
j ,..ji. i iy ,ii .... c v. uiai rouubi woo
nolici lo Hire It null's.
Af.SO-A rcit,iitof gmund Hituale.lin tin
town of Milllinvilio. iibm Conniv. cum ,iniiiL'
me third ol'iol are ,llor6 oi ien, hounded io IVonl
:y .".lam alioct u said tuw"- a,i,i ly ita of Kmc.
liU on' Ilenrv Leila.
wliernon 13 creeled a Uu
stury 'r.'lV(?ril!ilusiso
jam and NheJ. with the
i! M L-i-apportonanscs.
."i Hi' jl'fi'f ' Seized, taken in execu
i. jr. ... -yj.' "i!x linn and to he sold us tin
-v.r-.i;g..v. j.roporly of JohnlCflle .jr.
SlierifTs nffi'-p Danville
Oct. 21, 18 JO.
For Trial at Nove-nler 'Per
.'rchibald McCall'a heirj s Joseph
Tobias Shir'.z ct al vs Thoi Moorltead
pi al
Dr. Thus Fitch vs Tims 3. Hubbard
ct al
Thus ,S. HubbarJ ft al vs Georgw Mans
et al
7'hos SiarkhniiHP vs Vani ih Ri'ep et at
i., I.., , . . ....
oimuei an niman uwen I;. I.;i b tl al
Same vs same
S hop vs same
9 (JiiorgM CnrelW Patrick Hmliert
I!) J i"ob lv E !gr vs Jacob l!;dieinan
II Win. 7.,rrn r vs D, Moingoiiiery a lint
it lo irs
12 Dav. Ilinncr for N
s in fi' id
13 0. F. Maun. 0 P
14 W P.Cresfon el a
1 5 R tbert Moigomery
P-cach vs A.D.U'il.
Fiick et a I vs )
v? John Jo r el a!
VS Ull j. Pall. TSUI)
el l
16 Pelcr llrt.l! vn -i j. P Fnck ft 8
17 He. - D-t'rich va llw. Collet al
18 R'M'j. IJieklcy vs John Fonst
Ifl Diutel Ct iss et al v, iimry V.'tbh
'!,) Win, C Y irks vs Tlmm-as H iiiion
'il Joseph Paxtonvs S F Hetol!v el i,l
il Pt'li'r Lunger vp .1 am!) 1 1 1 ' 1 ' h ! . a it h I
23 Oliver II. P. Blue vsWoor,-.? MoDjw-
U Oilherl Fowler '8 S FI1 Hy el al
7'hos Loi'kerns adicr v? S F. Headlv
lifim t KIiih vs Win Edgar jr
27 Win 1 Campb. II vs Montour luni Co
MS I I'lt't St user vg Eltsj .heth Adams pn
l S. D''iijberston et al i-sDaniclHoats et a'
30 Win llenrte vs John Rhodes et al
The subjeriber offers for sale his
it ?i wn
aitualed nn the corner of Main and' East-r.'reett
in iiooms'.nir,', Colntnliii t.Vmttty, To. Itiswri
C3l.:ul.ite-1 lor tiio loca'ion far a Public House
C(5 Fi-e fmni on Mt,'n-$'rett,
J5 HI -V2 feet on Lanl-afreet.
ind the road leuilinp; to tbn lilftoraslntrg Joiil Dad
lion Ooiniiany's Furnaces. TU'm Lot istvell eai-
cibited for huililiiif; upon F.a-t-slieet n vo!l us on
inot, and tiein situated in Die centre of the Iron
Hi (ion of Oiiluiiibi.i f 'nuniy, is well wonby tin
at:c.ntinn nf the capitalists.
For any information respecting the conditions
er.quite of
B!.?om;burp, Dorernbei 20
The boirs nf Tiuorso llcfl-y, deceased, lute of
Mouteur t nvr.ohip, Col, CO. ntfer at V'ublic Sa!
O.i .Vaturdcy the i!h dry r-f Novamler,
.x', a Finn, t'tnif.d abont 3 mib'S from Dlnomf.
-"' S l! ''" 1 Icjd'.rj to Danville.contnining n
io j'SO a'f i.lO L:tuiofi! iinjnouVeatlow.andall of
t in u Sie Ma'tf nf cul ivnini. Upon itis s large
2 story ft am H us, a l-,r;s frsme hank bam, a
!i)ti fjr,-.'.' hou.-e, h tdi hi : -t and Cidsr Press, o
'.r;c otwha'd. with qood f.-cit 2 never failing
;jn:i?,j of wi'.-r, a-.d nr.riy SO acrfi cf pocd tix
ci'i lifd, I U Fai-n ii;lj ;ii. l.ii:ic2:.;t-c lar.d. to c v.-..7iv.. e al 10 A M when te::na will bt
kr-.wc, r.d aay !.'urj.rj!.t?9r. rj;roa liyapp!,
f'ttr irrt-o'
V.M.4I.I.1) ihoiiiwhU will bit icreivril by tli
lf litiil.lnij ruiiiiiiuti until 4 o'clnrk in llm itf
iiruiK.ii i'l
Sulurdnij the 3 1 at if Octulcr
, f r Heeling
Jail and Jail IIouso-
In i!i iov of, Col. ro. the Jnil ami
!lt.i I of itans viol Hoiim of llrii k. Plans om
'ii'i ilii:ili..iii lo li ii'pn ul lliv Sluie of Win. Mt
Kclvj Cu.
Wrn. M.KI'.I.VY.
J4 ()IJ Y. tit.
lluildins Committee.
"ept. 81-1840.
Chair Manufactory.
Look well to your interests
IJefiire you purchase, and if you want
s'oou jargains.juai call it the shop ol
n Main street nearly oppnsix! C. Kihlers
Hire, wheie you cm find ihtini really hi
II Mim a to lurnislt Kmicv an J U nnlj,,.
hairs, ae'.n-es. U ibIoo li, ckiug ehairs, or
ny K nn! w uch ouv be cailtil f,r. as the
I ... .II .1 . . ' . , .
I iii niws ii iv8 on nam) a good ass irli-
nam of all kniili whieh the v will noil
l,.)e 1"Wf'SI ,r"'e l'OMI,,l,! f"r "f X'
' '""ig lm lumber or Cnun rv pioJuee
l'rom their J.i'ir exj eiielirii in buliien antl
1 nation ii) on worn lllcli Cannot
'jo surpasied in ihecouniy, ihey ask for t
hate of public, patronage. ''hey will alsi
xt't ute
ILtne. Sisn, awl ornamental P.i'mt.
ins; and House Papering
... , . . . . i
.ii inc. litviuMt ami most approved siylu anil
I;)0I1 ri'asiill.ib e li mti.
IHION' gi H A R TO .
Rloomshurg Oct, I I. 'iil. 'iQ y
a folic aS,
The subscribers will i flYr ai r,li,- fj,
at ihe house, the Uie
Ct.ilot k JJuiiibi ,
!tniiin.liirn ....
"u,"8 ' i'
Tuesday. Xuvert.le' 3,
il lOo'cloik, in the for"'i,oim, tlm pcrsnmii
uoperiy, oelonjmri to ilm ( .late ' t;r,
k Romoy (!,.ci.;ied, ('tiisii.,c i f '2 c,,.
"cs, 1 Bhiii-v ami 1 i r i k ajjoii. a settt
i irnesa. I s ijb, i h,i. riiaml,, ,.!,.((
I cmv. a iitimber of beds, bedsteads, am
eddiii", (htiirs, tables. DureaiH, r.vpms
md :t l tf;e quantity of .nher lioue l,o, ,,
ii.''.-o fiirnature. -Terms made known o
die d.y of sale.
jacor novp.nv,
B oo'iishurj, Octttber 17. 1810.
j5"J5i;.4SS pi?!it ,hy atid twpt.ty.f.tur hour Vl)c'-
tli j'1"1 received at I bo An ado
ALU rich r v men .;r.L.
Oct ,
no i'l en.
To all Icyni es, ricditors m il oil t r f-i i
iocs interesii d in ihe e taus i f the rcj t-c
ivfl decedents a:-d minor-', tbat !' y:'
nir.istratit n tii pnardian nrmtnn f i' .
sail! estates have boi, fiiiol n ih , i
the Register of the eountv of Cu t : m !i t. . -., r
will 1ih prcsPniiol lot cotilirni nimi 1
lowaiicp io the Orphans' t'n.n. to i,(. ,i ;
it Danville, in nm! for the county iif .tr-'n'
ill Wednesday the
18t day of Xuvember next at
I o'clock P.
1. Thp account nf Samuel Lan'z-T nn
hrislian D-'tz'er executors of the lM Mil
md tPBlmpni of John L"iitzer late of Lib
erty lowiisliip deceased.
2. The account of O. II, P. I!iip A lmr
if l!ie pinii! of I-:nc Blue late t.f MJi-niiiii
tou i ship deceased
3 Thp account of Jrub Deinntt Admr.
if the esta'ti nf Oi oriie W hhmighl Jatti ul
Madison tnvns!iip (locca-etl
4. The account ofj din Vo'iphl sr'Ar'.mr.
-.f i'ie psialp of Jidtn Smith la'e of Frank
in tonnahip deceafd.
5. TK accoont o'Jacob A'leigh, Ex?r
itor of the will of 'Itilij, Fonsi, la'e o'
Montour township di-eeafid.
Ipcis'ers effice ?
Danville Oct. 16, ISIS, S
t. ffctta or separate xWct,, Just receivfd ant
for aala at the Arcn-Jo
Oct 10
F?iO '.f a coffee mill to a 6!p, Jnst r.-B,T(l k
toe Kaw Store. L. B. RUPEI1T.
Jnsf re-eivpd at the New Store, nr.d for
sale cheaper ihan ever. .
i b ?upcr
Ana--1 10 IB.
- 0! 9 tfit, just rcceiretl sl t.o
SdS.3.-s. L. 2. F.UF2UT. j
Till; ('nia'lneisl,ii hereiof.iru cxi-lini' undi
1,8 ';'" A. It. rv Alill vSi CO, w"'
na day dissolved liy iimtii il iiuiim iiI Ail puraon
-V i 1 1 1; cluiiii' (;i;iiii1, or iiidi'liletlln tlie Irie liin.
re hijuested timrltln wilh llm mi'imciiI ei; liy whon.
thj husiiii'sa will in future la) rniiducltd.
Lithftrectj (uly 0, 1846.
1 LAHM and Common, new at) le juut recci'
ia. and for aula cheap at the new nore.
. , L. li KLPEUT.
Aug I
splendid orticle of fA.N'UV ,,d WINDSOR
'HAlll and KU('KI.( ( :n a i us , i-...
om i.iijiHsiieei iuw Mur.
A new ,nrpy of elegant caroling just recciv
11. ed at lh new aturu.
Aug. I
A n aitaorttnont uFllor l nur ,r , ....
iHV such as Ket ,, I'uu. UMt-io, '1 ea Krttica
.I'tuora, fuUfl Criddlos, &n- Also furgo am!
siiwll rt omi lloxcs, front the Danvil!0 0gle
VVuilis, jUHt received and for solo Lv
"TlOM (he pasfur e near Clmalurrr on the
M; nigbtul the i.j.h i-t, n,0
V-X-.r-Xf' Kit battle one sreiUtcoi
ill'. '.,V Willi two white n,ig unoi, l,i,
til a"J would wokIi ubout 400 ih.
olUl!r 'Iauk Jl-ifcr and wuuld
.wiijii utwui -ou J liny iv. purchased in Hunt.
II v tit il 1 1 xi null i r T . . ... a
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I3lonrr.slur(, September 18
onnuoy quest ios settled
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U P T Y - O O N K E C T 1 0 N A R I E y
TOYS, tr.
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.1 evrry dcriptir,n, nhicb he i a,-l!i i'
" ' I"!" ii'iM-ii iii ini' County,
lie invites all tn Kive him a r!l na he is deter
nine I t. sell on tha Most losaj.-iaLlo iwui8- WBr cl
in w ar I '
Juno 30.- 10
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a.M. P q"dily j lit r-.-ci.ivpj , ,;, A.M(
Urt ' er 10
Jij M'I.fJ ft It till aj) .,, ,
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IXL cheap, lv
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c rived am' are now i per. in j a t '. si-r,.fr'
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gin-rhurn, tn'irren. Le ironl hiods,
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t'iria.l, tarn.
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M'AHE i t i-e.
'aid ad r!ver s"i;!e ut'iy k;.t in ian!'y fjiei
jail which thry have w.'ii gr-t e- am1
Inn t".o bet ti-iT.s, a:.d u onm ti: erchana k
cafh or country pre !'; at vent r ret.
J3'.oomer)a, Oct. 13.
Pnnitinr article of Nn. J mi .TJACC1-
B-I!T."T l. lU T. .rn.1 I .
tivt"ap Li-t 6u-a Nw
A. ii. K.NAud Cj.
Attorui')- at l4aw,
'Iffice S.iuth side, of M,iin-t. U'.oio
Mm h i
Offico, eornar of L'aat and Main-Street.
Altoi'ijcy at Lair,
offut on Market a few doors above IrJain-
Tliysiciti atid fMjrco'.
jTAVM.NG located himself in '.h.oiiisl.urij. ton
n ders his profpsaioual serviees to Ihe rot lie
lio may be consulted at all tin is l I.:.. iT. u i.
Wiili-im Kdltison'a, oppoaitti Dueblci'a iioti I.
August "0, 1616 IS
- T
TjrT AV13 justcpensd a NRW is"0R;: in fJa
n ftS pytoviii, opposite tho (Junal L'asm,
tlii-y cf.i-r to those who vent te I L V tllKAr,
a goncrid and well nelected j-iortji.ont of Jj
Dry Goods, Clroccrios
Hardware, Quoccs
Vtarc, fShoes, Uc.
and all the u-'Uil variety kept in roimtrv stnt'i
All of which ihcv will aeil cheap for cuh, or ..1
aliafactory terms for
They respectfully solicit a shore of puhliepit
GMlXand LUMBER will Le
'uken al the Mnrfcct Prices.
Aajust ia-iC lily
cw and fahh kunpla i.f. Hi; isi and
SUuulJcr. juat luccived it um Arcadu
Ojt 10
l ir,:e oasnitircnt of tha boot kind of drain.
tt( l'oi'I-ju-,l received aud will buliejil uon
tuu.iy on hand ul ihe Arcuda.
Oct 10
A Lj. 'hja-i having virwe'iled crci n!a with ':n
rA. s'J!'c.ihers arc henbr not, fd that ino
.it)l be xcttli-d c.-it'.mtit further dchiy. r the Lo,
v'il! l,c plrtr.ii in 111.. IisikU of the propei ofPicera to
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eWt'-J w'tih grrtt care fiom tic1 .:: i.i , ;
or the hill tirie,eoiii-'iatiiij t,l li e .:... ;a
Ingham Lawis, Pe Li. Ci.
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Ciotli. C i'' liCies. Vt-.i, fe!..
Alt-o s f'sh l"i !-0 uf
UMTS .iSD C.-i'
f t'. re-vt". styls fir fdl. Al.-o -a i.,--.-
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no' lore di i!,nr iinjjf hors. . hr
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.iro i' Jnrfe Chut ing fiom (Jji , .,. ','.'
JOLI. V R, t.t .irijj il ty ct, mie H iu
itlves 1) r o--fig.
Juljr I, 1?j3.
r.ioNi: foal.
run fj'.ii!-er li'c,M l.ti ii a ."c-r-Vr arf c
itco.tHSv-. soiiA.v.r.d p-r.i.i'.v; &
CO A I "h-C' !) a o ti 'p i hA
II VA LL I i,- .MI-AI-tAtlvlil..
Oct .
'tt TOVA 6 DilA LA Ti.K. fcr sale f
't.n w t, !ir all kinds of grua
.SAl i.u i Ct, y ii MBNDKNHALL.
o.t li
lOANKSI! r!,Ni:"
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