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I have ivni upon the Alter of Mod. hostility to every form of Tyranny over the Mind of Mn.-ThomM Jeffunon
liKOOnSlttllKi, C()I-iniHIA WIICTV, SITOKDAV, SKP1TO1HE!! 2(1,1810.
.'lumber- S3.
Yoliiinc A.
Bourn pidk of Main, a fkw doors he
77i r'; (X1A7 DEMOCliJlTfillbe
puhlishvA ever; Saturday morning, at
Ttl'O DOIjdRS per annum payable
half yearly in advance, or Two Dollars
Fil'tu Cents, if nut paid within the year.
' . .. . .! .i.... ....' Iii tnl-ii,, f.iipri uilrv
it 0 X till HC) ' ijll Hill Will lKiinji oimi . . .
ueriod than nix months: nor any disron-
timiitnce permitted,unlil all arrearages
are. discharged.
SliVERTlSEMESS not exceeding a
square will be conspicuously inserted at
One Dollar Jor the first tiirce insertions,
and Twenty-five cents for every subse
intent nscr'tion. lrJ liberal discoun
made, to those, who advertise by the year
JITTERS addressed on business,must
be post paid.
Oie evening a short time after the battle
of Fonienoy, (M5,) a group of the king's
body -guard was congtegated near Ihe ato
Ii a Basin, at Versailles, lislening to two ol
their number discussing a subject which at
that period was rarely a mailer ol contro
versy in military circles.
Refuse a duel afier a public affront!' ex
rliimed the tallest of ihe speakers, whose
bronzed features were rendered almotl fe.
rocious by a thick red murlae.pc; 'it is a
sia'm Oiat all the waters of the deluge would
not wash away.'
'I repeat, Monsieui de Malatour,' replied
the other in & calm, polite tone, 'tlul there
is more true courage in refusing llinn in a?
ecpting a duel. What is more common
than to yield to passion, envy, or ven
geance; and what more rare than to resist
them? Therefore it is a virtue when exhi
bited at the price of public opinion; foi
what costs nothing, is esteemed as worth
A marvel! Monsieur d' Atgentre,! would
advise, if ever the king gives you the com
mand of a company, to have engraven on
tlic sabres of the soldiers, the cornmand
menl 'Thou shall do no murder.'
And wherjfore not? II ta majesty would
have better servants, and the country few
plunderers, if wo had in our regiments
more soldieis and fewci bullies. Take, as
an example, him with whom you seem so
incensed: has he noi nobly avenged wlm
you eall an affront by taking, with his own
hands, an euemy's colors, while your
knaves most likely formed a prudent re
serve behind the baggage?'
'Cowards ihemselvss have itioir moments
And the bravo also their moments ol
The expression is not that of a gentle
Ii is that of Aunsicur de Turcnn, whose
family equalled either ol outs, and who a
vowed shut he was not exempt from such
moments. Everybody has heard of hi
conduct lo a braggadocio, wbo boasted in
his prccr.ce that ho had never known feir.
lie suddenly passed a lighted candle undei
the speaker's nose, who instantly drev.
back his head, lo the great amusement ol
the bystanders, who laughed heartily at this
singular modu of testing the other's asscr
lion '
None bul a marshall of France had dar
ed to try such a pleasantry. To our sub
ject, sir. I maintaiujthat your friend is a
coward, and you '
Ami I tepealed D'Argenlre his
eyes flashing, and his lips firmly compress
Holloa, gentlemen'.' exclaimed a third
party, who, owing to the warmih of the ar
goment, had joined the group unperccived,
'This is mv affair,' said he to Jur.sieur d'
Aroenlre, holding his arm then turning to
his adversary added 'Monsieur ile Mala
tour. I am at your orders.'
'In lhat ease, after you, if necessary.'
siii! D' Arcenlre, with his ucual rhlmne&s.
,rt hnnnr vou charm ine, cenlltr-
One moment,' replied the new comer,'
vho vouni! as ho was, wore iho cross ol
Si Louis.
No remarks. Gentlemen, haslen.'
Too great hasie in such casts evidences
loss a contempt for death tliun an anxiety lo
ei rill Ul Ilia juiiiuiuw.
i- i.:- i
I listen, sir.''
Monsieur d' Argentro just now slated
llial the bravest have their moments of fear.
Without inking as serious hi anecdote of
Monsieur de Turenne, I shall add ihal.with
die exception of ihe difference that cxims
between muscles and nerves; the courage ol
the duellist is mote an affair of habit than
of principle; for H is the natural slate ol
man to love peare, if nol for ihe sake ol
others, at least for himself. Dj you wish
me lo prove itf
Enough sir; we are not here lo listen to
i sermon.
Yet a moment. Here is my proposition
we are all assembled ibis evening previous
10 our leave ol absence; I invite you, then,
as also these gentlemen present, to a bear on my estate, or rathei amongst ihe
precipices of Clai, in ihe Eastern Pyrenees.
You are very expert, Monsieur de Malatour
you can 6iiufl a candle with a pislul at
twenty paces, and you have no equal at die
mail-sword. Well, I shall place you be
fore a bear, and if vou succeed I do nm
i I ' i ii;.. it. i o..i) h,.i!twceii two death the bears and (he pre
even say in lodging a ball in liti head, ouij
merely iu tiring upon him I shall submil
immediately after to meet you face to face
rtilli any weapons you choose lo name,
oince it is only a) thai puce 1 am lo gain
your good opinion.
'Are you playing a comedy, sit?
'Quite the con;rary. And 1 even repeat
that this ex'teme haste shows more ihe
courage of the nerves, lhan of ihe iruu cout
age arising from principle,'
What guarantee have 1, should I accepi
yonr proposition, that you will nol again
ndeavor lo evade Aie?'
'My word, sir; which I take all mv com
rades lo witness, and place under the sal'e-
uatd of their honor.'
Theie ran through his auditory such a
buzz of approbation, that De Malatour
hough wiih a bad gtace, was obliged t
accede lo the arrangement II was then a
areed that, on the 1st of September, ah
present should a.-euib!o ai the (Jlmteau de
Whilst the young lord of the manor ismak
ing the necessary preparations, for ihen re
ception, we shall explain the accusation ot
which he was the o!mcI, yet which tud
not branded him with any mark of disgrace
among a class of men so punctilious on the
poim of honor.
The young Baton de Villetreton, in en
tering amongst ihe gentlemen who formed
the household guard of the king of France
arricd with him prirlciples which remained
uncorrupted amidst all ;he frivolities of on
of ihe most licentious courts of Europe
Such, however, is the chat m of virtue, tvci
in the midsl of vice, that his f-xenijilatv
.(induct had nol only gained him ihe esteem
f his oflicers, and ihe ftiendship of his
otiipaiiions, bul iiai! autacicd the attention
ol ihe king himself. Oi.o alone aniona hi
comrades, Monsieur de Mal itour, look urn
!)i3);e al ibis general fivor, and, en the oc
casion of some inllniB expression td' ges
ture, publicly insulted hitn. Vi h treton te
fused to challenge him, as beuijf contniy to
iiia principles, but determined that Ihi
secming cowardice, in nol lighting a ve:i
known duellisl, should be redeemed bj
some aclion of eclat during Ihe campaigi-
'just romtneiiced. Thai moment had arnv
;d: and for his conducl in taking ihe hue
ish colors at ihe battle of Foiiienoy, he te-
eived the cross ol Si. Louis from Hie king's-
iwn hand on the field, the enloiiuin u:
Marshall Saxc, and a redoubled ei.mny on
be part of De Malatour.
V'he first care of '.he young b iton on ar
riving al bis estate was lo call bis in-jor
demo, an old and faithful servant.
'I hnvo business of ihee my master.' said
he, cordially shaking him by ihe hand
SopA Monsei"ncur ,' replied the pareur
who was deeply attached lo his young lutihjsc emie.-; lo verify ihe fable of the Titans;
you know ihe old hunter is your to
you receive my letter irom t an..
Yes sir, and gentlemen, your com
rades, will bavs some week before iliem.
'Are there bears already on the heights
then?' asked Vtllelreinn. extending his hand
in lie direction o( one of ihe lofty peaks
whose summit, covered wiih enow, gliiie
ed in the morning sun.
'Five in all a m niidete menage fath
er mother and children; besides mi old bach
elor, whom flic Spaniards had driven U
this side.'
'In less than a week we shall go in pur
suit of them. Do you know pareur sonn
of my comrades are rather rough sports
men; there is one of them who is aide K
snulf a caudle with a pistol at twenty pa-
'Easier perhaps lhan to snuff a Lear a
lour, leplied lha old man laughing.
' Thai is what I said also. I5nt as 1
should wish to judge for myself of his prow
ess, you must place us together ai tin
same post at the bridge of Maure, for in
stance. 'Hum!' said ihe pareur scratching hit
ear: 'il would bettei please me lo have you
elaew here.'
Because lo gunrd this post a man ougni
to be iu a stale of grace for ho wi'l be be.-
I know the one and do not fear the eth
er: iliahks lo your lessons.'
'I am sure of lhat. But with yonr leave
1 should like lo guard ihe bridge mysell.'
'You aie sure ihen that ihe bears will
piss lhat way?'
Sure yes; bul quite 6ure no, Ueeol
led that ihey are sullen and prudent beasts,
which never confide their plan of route to
anv one.
h is ngreed on. I shall guard ihebridJt
ivith my comrade. Now, go and have the
raeki rs rcdy?'
'Verj well veiy well,' mnrmered parent
is ho retired; 'I shall have my eye on him
Eight days, aftci wards all ihoso invited.
mil excepting Monsieur du Malatoui who
lespue the delicate attentions of the host,
preserved a cold reserve were arseiubiri!
it the Chateau. The magnificent gramVut
dihe Pyrenees, their shining summits re
icved against the blue fky or Spain was hi,
iiniooked for pleasure lo the greater num
ber of the guests who lor ihe mosl r,it be-
ongL-d to the rich and fer.i.e plains of the
I'l.o mcrnig f illowing their arriv:.!, t,
hoily ol tracken and scouts provided Willi
ill titatincr of discordant insti uments irom
;et8 saucepans drums itc. itc. were as
sembled under the wills of the clialsai,
with ihe pareur at their htail; while by his
-ide stood mandrin who proudly guarded u
dozen !arg nislillH hehl in leash by his
vigorous helpers, The young baton and
Ins friends armed with carbines and li Hill
ing knives had scarcely appeared when by
i siini from the p ireor the whole troop mov
ed silently forward. The (Iol's llieinselvet.
-eeiiifd to tiiuki -stand the uiiporlain fi of ill s
iniivt-iiit. in; and nothing was In aid hut tin
cool'used tramp ol, blet ding with tin
noise id the dia.aiU torri'in, or ni interval
ilm cry of some belated nigiit-btrd tlyinr
neavi'y hoineWird in ihe dotib'.lol g iii.oici
of toe Vel opened day.
As ihe pany reached the crest of tin
i:ouiitaiu which immediat ly overhung th'
chateau, ihe lirtl rays id the sun breaking
from ihe east glanced on ihe summit of tin
'y renew, ar.d suddenly illuminating tin
landscape, discovered beneath them a deej
valley, eo'er-d with nijesiij pinetrers
avhich murmured in the fresh breeze of tin
Opposite lo them the foaming waters ol
a cinade fell for some hundreds of feet
through a elefi which divided ihe mountair
from Ihe snmmii to iho baf. By one of
those caprices of nature which testify the
I primitive convulsions of ihe globe tin
chasm was surmounted by a natuial bridge
the piles of granite al each side being
joined by one immense Hal rook almost
his.lor it a;Tr..ted .mrs; aiat ineu enui-
ulucKs ol aiuau couiu uava eici utcu laiocu
'I never doubted ii, my old friend
lo such an elevation by. human agency,
Sinister legends weie aitachud lo the pace
and ihe mountaineers recounted with terror
ihal no hunter, with ihe exception ol tlie
pareur, had tver been posted ai the bridge
of Mauro withom becoming iho prey oieitii -
er ihe bears or tbe precipice. Hul the ?4 -
rrUI WHS VMJ OU.I U VUUOIiau I" ia,mnw ,11
... ... ... . I .. ' 1. . . i ... n I t(
this ridieu.ous prejudice: he alinbutcd the
lattliiy to its real cause the dizziness aris
ing from the siyhi of liie bears nd ihe pre
ipiee, by destroying ihe.hunier'i
resent e of mind, made his ami unsteady,
and his death the inevitable consequence
He could not, however, allogelher divest
himself of fears fur his young mister, who
jhsiiualely persevered in his intention ol
iccujiying ihe undge with his antagonist.
Af!er placing Ihe baion'i coinpaniui
al post which he considered ihe most
idvauidgeouf, the pareur rejoined hi c
nen, and disposing ihem so as to en-
compas the valUy lacing the cascade,
commanded the utmost silence lo be
jresei veil until they should hear tin
lirst bark of his don. Al lhat signal th'
nalifJs ivere to be unleasetl, lite insiiu
nents sounded, and all lo time .slowly
forward, contracting ihe circle as Ihej
pproaclied the cascade. These
menis being matlo, the pareur and hi-
log, followed by Ihe mandrin alone,
listppsared in the depths of the wood-
For soino minutes Ihe silence had re
ilriRil unbroken, when tuddenly a fu-
i luus harking coinei.ced, a;cornp:iniei!
Iiy low giowling. Zi'ich prepared his;
amis, ihe itislr uments sounded; and tin
mastiff being let Ioosp, precipitnted
themselves pell-mell in Ihe direction ol
tie sliunjj'e. Their furious btikm
was soon confounded wiih ihe crits o
ti e hii'ileis and ilm din r.f the iosmi
nenl", .ii'itlul wiih the fomid-jle glow.
ii. g of the beats, making altogether t
cidtous concerl , which, rolling sloi.i
'he sides ol the Valley, was repated by
the distant echoes- At this momen
tin- ynung baron regarded his companion
whose counlenance, though p.. If, remain
ed calm and scornful.
'Attention, sir,' sai.l he in a low voici
The bears are nol far Irom us; let youi
im be true, or else '
'K' ep your counsels for yourself, sir!'
'At tent ion!' lepea'eil Villeiie Ion, with
nil st rtning lo notice the setly responsi
'he r p 1 1 1 oarhes!'
Those w ho were placed in front o'
he cascade, st em the animals dircei
T.g their contse lo Iho hiidgf, cried
t orn all pat Is.
Look out, look out, Villetron!'
But the hi t nking i;f blanches, follow-
(I by Ihb rolling ( f loosened .tones
down (lie irecipiee, h id already given
warning ol the animal's nesr n;pro?eh.
M ilatnur became deadly pile; he, how
vtr, he'd bis carabine fnm'y. in I lie a!
mule c,f a r rdo'e humer.
A her -..t 1'ngii spprared, with fosm
niou'h iiinl (jlaring ryes, al limr:
III lllllfi as il lie vtuiild lain siiug will
us puisin is;hul when he saw die biidgi
bis oo'y way t.f ese-ipf, occujiiei!, he u1-
i f e giow', and on cur twi
huiitet when a b,ll s'lurk him in tlx
forehead, and he lell dead at their leet.
Malalour convulsive'' ura-ped hi
tjn he had become coirij.leie'y power
IjfS Suddenly new ci ies, louder anil
note presRine, weie heaid.
'Fire, fire.' be is on yoo' nietl Ibt
iiireur, who appeared unexpecladly ,pgU
and agitaied; his t'"1 to Ins shoulder bti1
afraid to fire, lest he should hit Ins mas
The laller, perceiving his sgiialion,
urncd round; it was indeed tioie. On
the other side of ihe bridge a beat,!
much larger than die hrl, was
thu act of making the final rush.
Sptingin bickwatd, he seized lite car
bine of Ins petrified rompioion; end
loJgcd i& conieiits in the animal's bicast
ael.scuuiJ itJtli ihem. lis lolltd,
in the uealh situate, lo wri-re ihey
stood. All this the woi k of an in
stl)n, The knees of the hardy old pa-
rei)r thook vith emotion at the -sC'i
0f hj, y0UII(5 m,8le, . , f0l MalloiH,hn
.:vj( pi)enes(l( ,,, ie fonvu.8le ,,,ud
. . . f . . .. . fi
Take your arms,' said the young ba
ron, quickly replacing in his hands the
carabine; 'here are our comrades they
must nol see you Unarmed uiul, paitur,
not a word of all this.
'Look' said he lo his companions as
they gathered around, penning lo the
inotisliuUa beasts oi,e to each. Now
Monster de Malatoui, I wait your or
ders. Bnil am ready lo give ihe satisfac
tion you requiie.'
The latter madd no reply, but reached
iut his hand, which V il let i e ton cordial
ly shook.
That evening a banquet was given to
celebrate the donble victory. Toward?
he end of Ihe repast a toast lo 'the van
quishers' was proposed, and immediate
ly accepted. Monsieur dVirgeotre,
s, iu hand, rose lo pledge it, whti
Malatour, also rising, held his arm, ex
claming. 'To the sole vanquisher ol
ihe day to our noble host! It was he
done w1)o killed the two b ai?, and if,
hrough his generosity, I have allowed
the illusion to last go long, it was sim
ply for this reason; the affront which 1
aave him was a public one 'ne rcpaia
ion ought to be public likfwise. I now
declare lhat Monsieur de Villetron i
the bnvest of the brave, 8nd that I shall
'iiaintain it towards all and against all.'
'This lime, al leas', I shill tol take U
your gauntlet,' said Monsitur d'Atgen
re. 'There's a hi ave young r.iar' crini
he pareur, whom his master had ad
nil ted to his table, and who endeavorn
0 coneta! a furtive tear. oihn
ould belter -rove to me, Kir, that, will.
1 little experience, you wii? b as caln
n the presence of bears, as your aie,
am sure, in the face of an enemy.'
'Match pictures' are always 6greor,b!i
(oil.eeye ol taste; why thoald not
match sketches be equally so. 'A Suck
er in a watm Ihih,' recently published
mi ihe Keville, called, ihe other eveniiiji
he lelalion of a sticker's adventures in
-eaichof the I'diilcr's Home, and
bus we give litem ;
This Sucker was a tciy irrporlant
Suckei in his own of inipi.iutit events
ie found hinietlf mddeii'y cilhd upot
:o visit bt. Louis, a place that he had a
inysierii iu soil ol :n idea wis 'ionie'
hut that was al. llo net out, accoin
patiit.d Ly an tquaily veulatil compan
i u :i ' ami in due ionise I'jiind hiiostll n
he 'Mound ci ; ,' niakn -a, eiy runs.
(UK lital ihipni ,t s alter 'tut- lust hotel
Now, the 'Juki I oi I' in Uittiiio w
,tni ., and our SucLtr lhat be had i
e;y adi quale idea ol 'seen bihliii';' but
io one on 'en occupying 'a bull tquai'jdeuly fl lap was g'ven al the door and rt
was tii'.trely loo exiennne a concepiion.
Whtn, Ihfiefore, die Plinleis' was
poinied oui io him, he u, r v i- y marched
ny die principal ti.tianrr, it nking lha'
was ihe Court House, m d blinking ti
il ihe diugii-iV sh p it d.o b-.M-merii
on the riiint i cl Pine p'ltt:. I e very
impni lan' ly asked his It h ml lo cider,
went up lo the soda eoun'er, and 'ittk
oned they'd lake a little wickey.'
'We don't sell
sir,' said th
' 1 emperance houe. remaiki
- ' Sucker, aside, niul rather pnlronizi g
lo his compau'on,
Wa'll, them, Squire, we'll lake
i etui, I ictLsn.'
'Oh, you'ie in scrrh f the Planters'
flouse ntrsnc just above, upnilemen.
The Sucker scraped himelf otit ralh
r conluieiHy, and the rnvt visit be paid
was our friend, Dr. Morgan, where a
ouch being in or e ro'mr of ihe office,
ie thotighl he win r'jjh', tn;i course. He
probably would have had his boo's iff
had not die Doctor ei t red st the mo
meni to repent lo him that the entrance
w 'jufl above.' Jiy ibto iirj'e the
Sucker's r ct'fidrnee in ht intuitive
knowledge of things was raihr r stagner
mI. lie went out into the middle of
he street for a more accurale observa
lon, thrice convinced lhat those hie.h
tepsaml 'almighty big door,' where die
folk (Lu'jjers of course) were Momling
belonged only to (hi Court Ilot'a! He
forthwith m.irchsd with his friend lo
hp other basement corner, Chestnut
-tree!, and nulling into the stage office
ie dema.ided 'a room for two,' forth
'Certrinly sir, in what dirt ciion?'
was the reionse.
Why, in a lyitig tuwn iliiection, I
reckon? cxelaiihed the lired traveller.
bptining, to 'rile' considei ably.
J.ying ilow ii?' repeated ihe rflice
keeper; 'you can have seals, s;r, where-
ever you ere going
'S'tais, tiiundn! We have just rid
ihe hull wy from Il svillc, by smash
and we waul a brd,and if you havn't
aot a room, j 'sl say s( : Call th: yer a
fust hole!!' and die ind.'gnai Sotker look
ihree strides accompaiiied by as many
jetks of his elbows premonitory syn:p
of a "tar up' generally.
The f,tage agent by ibis time had 'ihe
hang' of the mailer, and he very polite
y i old the rnisloken Sucker that Iho
Plaritii's House entrance was 'just 4e
low.1 'Jest above' and 'jest below,' and the
Court House right in the middle!' cried
the poor fellow, the importance taken
dean oul of bi;:i. 'I tell you what strait
er, if you have tot a Planter' House
n ihi. district, I'd jibi thank you to
pi It i lit.
Tne stage agpnt did so, bu! il was on
ly after iliveiss suspicious sti-t'-s at him
i.8i die sucker seemed to be satisfied,
that he was not again to be victimize.
Up he went, widi his innocent litem!,
and looking cautioiioly found, hi r-yts
res'ed upon the ranges of pigeon hole?,
jumhered according lo the respective;
rooms, and one half of Ihem conlainirg
notes or cards for lit'; bwinhrs.
'ost QJicc, by -I ti' .!:' rricd h-
eompleti'ly 'sawc' a.- h' ''.r'.d, ai d
the mere o.ijtci cf ni'e'ing in the lobby
i more ex pei ie'C'd liiend from his-tc-tion,
kept him from tu- ing tu' of the
house. Maters wt ie rxnlaii c J, r .lies
regisiieil, and u dmiblt dd-l :oon
was reached at la-t by die c ac I- ' 'rav '
T9. T.'ie beds weu mII ii,'l.: i.t l,r
ii 1 1 ui e 'fust rat"' hul Hi ie Wj- du i:n
iccounlable guen sli itig btid tasst I lung
ing against the wal1, which kepi
'de lirsl Irom lakn g his nap. J).i r
uiined lo 'gel the hai' of aim, he
iive it a per. i le pu I or two, when finl
very genlerl visiloi walked in upon him.
I'he Sucker nnde him a polite, told him
howdy do,' and asked htm to 'lake a
chf ei .'
'Did you ring, sit?' said the visitor,
deptt ciatingly.
'R n:!' no 1 hainl ringed nolhin,'
was the reply, but ihe SucUi'i linail
misgive him, dine was coriaimy son e
inysienous cooi.ection beiwttti Ih.t
gteen ailing and die inlei rcgt'oiy just
put to him, and turning inio bed again
he I'O" 't-M d 'I'f o ' ' . 'c '" '',
i;p v i -, , v ! :' ' -v - ' i
1,'tn in- t" il"- ' ' r ;. ,
I; was vtiy foil table, but tl.j .Sucker
and his (iid got ktals. Clh fall,
men! rttusgu.' p"""1 u,u' V4 """"