The Columbia Democrat. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1837-1850, August 15, 1846, Image 2

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    coLnmiA Di:.MOtn.T.
AUGUST 13. 1SH 1.
S.tu'ulay, Au. 1. 13 lb 10, A,M
'1 ho In i Cui re nini id arrived at iht
.cV.rrtrk this morning, n vends) frrn
'i2' Saturn, wi'h Capt. Gen.
1) slut's cor. pany of Alabama Volon
Ireas, 'aIio !!,-,ve been ordered to New
Oil'aan to ba mustered out of service
according to inU unions fiom the Wai
)f paiiment. Six ether companies
A f.iii Alibams, nil the Lonisian.1 Volun-
i i i nut of i'ei vico by the same author
ihoiity. Colt. Peyton endFeaihersion'i
o'Cf n rr not nrojjniz'il by the
Depiitsu'iit as bung in the service a
When the Pi m pre n sarin 1 e f , most ol
(ho icgo'iar troops had H'ine to Cam'H'
wleie it i probable all rt by thi time
' Ji.Uo Pen. Taylor has been detainer!
on fecc.'iiii t cf the withdrawal 'of so rm
ny volune?r3 from the army, to make
new implements iraidiiv,' the disposi
tion of the remaining one, he has join
ed the regular army ere this a'Cannaf go.
The Texan troop were about taking
up their march for Mier.
Several fma artillery compsnie had
arrived (rem the staboaid before the
Eirpessario li ft,
Gen. Smith had proceeded with the
3d anil 4 h P.c n'ment of U. S. lifiiitry
up to C,iin.iigt, c.iR'.nifcncing with hi
rank as Col. in the ni my. " It will be re
collected that (Jen. Smith las bten ap
poir.ted Col. in t it e new Regiment ol
Mourned R.fl men, ami it is upen his
cemrnision as siirh thu he now act.
GjV. Iltnderaon waa lying darjjT-
tusly ill alMaUmoras at the latest dates;
veiy litilo hop, if any, was cnieitainsd
of his recovery.
Xs'o in. ws had been received cf the
where about of the Mexican army. Let
ters had been ' receive;! at Malamoras
from the Cily of Mex;eo, vhieh stated
thai Paiedes w to leave that city to
join the army. The 20, h ultimo wa
the day assigned by these letters for hi
depailuie for the seal of war.
Brig. Gen Himcr was to be left in
command at Malamoras, where a regi
ment of volunteers was to be etationed
tnd the forts garrisoned by artillery.
More extensive hospital had been
ordered, to be erected at Point Isabel lor
the accommodation of a Urge number of
Akntzmj The Matamoras tlf-ville
mentions vnt incide nl connected with
the history of Moniorey, in N.uevcL'-on
which is not generally known. Tin
streets oi Ihil city were paved b A
merican prisoncis, taken by the forc'
of Gen. ArrtiloniJo from Min'.-i ur for
tunate erpediWun of !SlC,and cuncntpi!
with their blood. These men, who
lud nobly periled their lives to obh-in
tho independence of Mexico, '.vera la
ken ptifcOnei.', and after being k-pl at
bird hbor in the streets of Monterey
for momiifi, were tahon cut and hm
rl?l uf lt. j; 1 w I l VIC Thpff. v
hut one survivor of tho expedition, the
ccnior prrprietor cf the Revillc, horn
whirh we obtain tho
Senator Siirp'e, of Illinois, csys ihr
correfpondent uf the 'werk Adverti
itr, iii to La appnin'i'd Governor of 0
eoii'Iiri:ciy,ot) the- prrivalof the pri p
1 r tin.-' fi r making caul aj pointtni n
which will br 8fler the ciiacirnvnl ot
ihe law i,r entabl eliment tht-ra 'jl
a Tt'iiiioiial GTverrment.
Lj'c'i icf T!'i' d r iiiu!:.Lne 0
C . ro' it a , c 1: 1 S I ore . T I ; e s : r n m e 1 R 1 n -dor,
Cap!. Duila?, bound from St. Loo-i-i
tcPortL' ave.owoi ih.wi'h a carjjo of a
ijmii j. r ; y 1 v of Coveinnienl utoifi.
and tcvi rl suial !f r lots cf fi c i,;hi ,i 1 iir k
a Finn f wiion seven r.i.hs abovo ou
ville, a:.d j'tsl at the mo'.ith of Latnire
rivr, i.r.-I e'i'ik i!,'.r M iir-mrd 'a t ly to
" fcix if.rhesi cf her ho;!ir ! c r I; .
The Loat and car,"0 11 is lhon! t nil
proe a to'-' ''. Hip hiti-r k( io rros-t
iy I 1 g . c'f.rM-'1, j: of ecu'M. i.
m ; -vr, h.
.: n.i . r.-:
'I f tun:.cj I.. 1
'A'-s col-' o-j lit rt
ACS I t'l'i, ' . .
With r- ,-' -A ru,
-.VI. ,t hi :' Ti ''
tlut;':s '-' lilt; tr?s -tV-J.
Yt(io TmijJ'lht Xtw .V.'a
Thi' stockholder of thy an1
Ocea.i Mills meet to mori o w. to uk
mea-uits for the inn ea of their capital
stock, so an to ut Ilia mills into immii
te op ration. Thi'ft! mil's luvu now
reeeivtd and iel l 1 nt'.it lv nil their urn-
hineiy, and in 1 lew, weeks wi'l he
prepared for the nmnifactores of rlu'l
me size of the nulla having been made
tari r than wb pi i'nally designed; in
ronpequence of this del, and the neces
aity at the present -"time of providing
some woi king c 9 pi t h 1 besides "that in
vested in building and machinery, an
inrrpfl'P nf pupiia! in requisite.
Wo have rnnda nome inquiry as t
the Competition whirl these mill.- wi!
encounter from the I!m;!ih niannf.c
'tire under the new U, and fnd tht
the po ds thry will cianufcuro com
Kiihin 4 strut! fraction as much in En
land s they do h't. The Lnli!li
mnuficiures woik in a portion of Kl
India cotton, w hioh cotit only lull
mi;cli as Amei irin cotton, 81,, I by ihu
means somtiirne undei fell ut i.i fuel,
ftbrics uul 'he quiliiy of t ha cloih ii
'hese cases is so interior that even lh
Chinese and Brazdiaoa ivler lo pny tin
enhanced price of ?inei iiMii g'Knl, x
cept when they are deceived by th im
itation ol American po.jilf, which cotru
f 'he Englinhmen diii'.
With a fairly Irvifil S3 per cent, doty
we believe lhefe mi'U will do a bettei
buiiu'is than l!m n.ivialion m'ereM
generally, especially as the domestic
rnmpoimoii vi!l jirobably be modi I et-
nmed for seveial years to comr. Tin
machinery has ell tho latest improve
ments, and inlal'iT.I and expi-rieiiced
ents have been appointed to ajpeiin
iend the nunufjciu'C.
It may ccnfMeniiy he tHimed tha'
uiidtr good nrianaement IliOiij mil
cannot be prostrated unlejj h1; the
threat, manufacturing ami
mechanical iritt resN of the couriny
are fns! luired, so that the people c jh
nol afloril to purchase thi ir good, ami
nven then they may bt ived,fv;r shuulil
i h s t time ever arrive, lb pr ce ol Nliui
will be so low that the loom and th
"pinille here can compMe with tj lioii
111 the supply of the fiumerous raiton
with vhon cotton cluthstare rapidly h' -
cominn mnre and more in ur. Ntw
bury port Herald, rfuguit 5.
IV. The President ha? veloed tho rivei
and bailor bill pasi-il l y C mgi p'u, "p
propriating belweeu uuv and two ioiI
lioiu of dollars to the iir.piove n cnt 0'
rivei, liaibor?, &c. Tha 1 1 r e i i c 1 . 1
vilhhoids liis hinaUiic on conHT'it'ori
1 giounds. Thete rim I '.hrr ft i'on
objections lo heavy -sp iidil.;io- nt ihif
time ooi cf the Uni ed Slii Tiiu. y
Uiidt r the tai'.U tiiil jn-t p i5ird, ail
such spprcpj i3tioiif n oat hi; .'iics'id, i;
for r.o othtr uacoo than for the want r I
publis fjnds la tr.jiend in that way
ill ir.onrj thai now c 01:10 io'-i tl.t
Pr e esur y v.'ill he wanted lor oiVr i:-i,
ind while M 'Kay's views 10 : lai.on in
he larifT are sustained, tncit tint
Pie.-idi lit Pullt V viiMva, in relitinn to
impiovcm nis by llieCenti il G .vun
incnt wil! like u:ie juvsi!. Prtsulen
Polk, Gen. J c-!ii, h.isiakcn lio
pcailiou againsl any such a; pi nj.-i laiion.
during hit) admiiii-itatinn, and we tiu-'
he will adliiie to it an flnidy at did iIh
oi,ijoiiiy inijolh lIi.U!0i,f Cm u ii
lavor of .1 meie rt vni'00 inriir. It we
ire lo have lijthi d'liiea and a cheap ivv, let us Imve ii in eo"d f , 1 1 1 1 -
without the creatinri of a iD'ioinl d,;,ii
by unpi incipled Congre.Moniil I
rollers. The furdur erecM'in of fc;!.ii,i
mills, snlhrafite fuinafe, a-d (, r
improvemenis; have been g r ; i f,,r
the present, by :he action 1 Co-
by ih'S fearless al of '.lift ni, 1',.-
pio)OM-d in provt r.i o's by i,l C-f,r,
r.nveinmenl hi", e Lfcewlce hfyrt vc'o r
Wetvilini.l.nM . ft;V(. ,1',, jji;;i
Iom ul, 'lt. .
,. ' 1 " " " '"i'-H" 111 ,,
it in!'.
: .hiLtoncn-t fJT Cu.-.furuut - 1
'l''rA ll;nt 011 .D g the ;uiv'.j.a i I (J;,.l i;K-
rj -...... . , 1, 11 . - 1
,tv"pi ' i '.Li-, i (t r.w. . I):. 1
tl.t :: U I;.-; I ,T, liUCT I !' .-, I-,, r-!( 1 u
..'1 l.;0 i.iliiijr i t i.ew Viiil., ii.jf
v 1 1
a ::,i lit n :.', a l;di ol 1', ';r. 'l , v i,.v 1
hi id uin roiiui.iBM.m-. but Icilirif in i,"o:i
1 1 V , 1 r i If 1 1 r, t , dtf . , j r. T-
""" i'i'u.t .-i .i;;v j.
1, i a well-known tact, that, whh a sin-
jle lniiirabU t'Xi'epurn1, evpry Peinocratic
ri'presentative in Gonnreaj frmn I'enivyl-
vnifi-i vntetl m luL'oi i i me lunr ij iai;.
1'hta I'inireHW is dictiiii'il iililia by public
luly and llitttr insirnciinn, hikI we have
ruaaim in know ihat, but fur their sacred
regard lo ttm latuT, tt'ey cmihl tie iornr.
hJ imnrenai.ina of iaraiiiiiunt in
our Suit interems. Ttie oiiiniona of the
Legislature were, however, couched in
phraseology ton plain lo be mistaken, and
deeming them obligatory, our repreaeuia
lives implicitly obeyed ihem, In ihisihey
have il acrvct!. aiM receiveu. itie omuji .s i
all liouiii ,ible men.
V til, imw, ui.'.ni of these gentlemen
,ve mean, mil hi be miatinilcriiiino' J mai'V
nl xUnDemocfti'ic p ntiini of the Pennsy' 1
111a delfK'iUon v ill, ul Itie coming eleeiioii
lie , n 1 1'j 1 1 n lew 1,11 ,r"-c, u,,.i. tin. ,ni.
Will our erclueir e Whig I'ari"fT fiinuU, pi.r
I'X'.-ellptK'e, honur any one of ihte Hiaiin
iliiishpil I) 'inner at with tlieir eutTr ie?
I'hey luve (bine nl! 'I;:it i-ou'd h'i expected
i.l'itmm lo ensi ii.i llie Tariff of 1812, 11
wan, end have in y been prevenied Iron,
accuriiijj iiiipnrtant rnnei ssiona In the Iron
jnd Cod intrreMj, by itieir ill-consideret1
iiirj'ru uiiiiia, and unw, when lliey eiliioit
in aeeonnl of thfir sic wardhip, wo 1 1 a 1 i
ee whethsr the Whi Taiilutea are ready
10 cheer and ausuin them. They allege
that ihe Tariff question is the Aaion'c rod,
dflvntiting, sw.illowing, and d -guiting all
die minor ones, mid, if they are sincere in
lb. s assertion, they cannot esoap support
ing those who hiive heen found fid in the
hour cf trial Will ihey do it, nr will thej
jive Ute lijf lo 'heir prctesjional We slial
tce. reniuijlvrunuii.
A wealthy peiiile.nian of New York dis-
lingiiinhed fnr his voluntary benevolence
includes amongst hi liberal donations ('tew
if which nipet the public eye) $35,000 for
ihe erection of a library build ng for the
Princeton Theidogienl Seminary; E-3,300
in ateieotypo one woik for ihe Presbyteii
Doard of Publication, ami J i 000 fur :innih-i'Ij-i?l
j 000 fur one Mi-tcion CI', on Ii ii
Aew Ymk, and oevrral ten lliontniin! J to
wards other: S2 000 for 0 mii,Moiiar
'ontrihu'.iiiii, &.C. 'V'rn geiii!eiiia:i litil
ihiiilv tint 'charitv brfioa r.t hoine,' am!
fun laryi'SS is nmailv In glowed on donies
ic object. So he at ikes ;i pmpcr n wel
m a eeiieroiis ue id lis weal;h.--tffo
f ransirip'.
Whsi'. an niiminrul, ineotn eivabiy rroi.k
ed liver inns; be the P.10 did Norlt? At
ifiiee;, i ho i'j ci h d it ttiih ihe adunei
of Gen '1'ayl 'i's fnree as f.r ,i (.V.ii.'rg.
wri'.ts '1 tl.ii'd; mote ihnu one p'lv.ia h oi
a hn;,'l i:i :ii..kint; lhi rive;. Fi i:n ap
u ei ;,in.-e, 11 I. mu htrn d.n.e by a comr.iitui
of ra iiS'lmrn, eerew-iiiimi n .i s.phonainei
each going on Ilia 0 -li-liook. Siohn"
MxiitMoies iiiiinin airos nwjiiir't
line, 11 -1 lama horn i-n.-oii, in! 1 hud,, anil
Oi'.' M-a-..'.t of their ; rodyedon the iiv-r if
:l noiv i- l.ii'ka like a il n.b'u how-,n,!
v ! i v h .ai',.i.s uuke iu f-.t'.i n ihe ends of
ml of r,M c"
Wi. men's ly vz f ', !t i:cr In ah
found it women luvi (IiHii.1-; in afi
i un'iies they f. m m sa'V'1 of there,
h'i! it is u:ily in the bi-c o (I plcnij
hat th')' coc.eeivp tlie idea ofein'.;
ii th'T.- dwtllit,4 wiih lhti;i. Thi
col ir.iioti of J'owtrs amci'ij i!im p'-ii-nun
, in.lipttea i revolution In ad t !, " i i
It ia a dplca'
l a'Ot o u hi, 1;
n i - n to i n j
makes Ms wiy i h.-oc 'h
H ,1 'll ,'tlie ivhoae i yi'S Wtjle tJlient '!.,,
is i m n-e c f iIip !;r a ti ilu a f .! i: : V 1 3 t l
lip soul is nwMiMiti!. T
who have l iiVtdled in I ho.
' r U ,1 ,i ; cy , -can
t stify that a io::. !ice n
'r tho u-
low, a honey sot !
''r;t)i)i i!n t;oc.
a ct-ttni;p, i c a' wa
. tl li'jod orat.i
he tl i'i 1 lit
' r- 1 r.e Inn. I i. hich cuin-
vafea n.-WBM, fH li0, c;0pifl a,,mM ,h(
''Pi1' cj,".tif Ihepocr, or the wai.'.s oi
cV.r ;V:?.j Jc:i:ii;! if L:i Charge
i"her.i:,v (Jiieaoa Hi f 1 nnt.iins the fuiloiv
it'C iU:n:iiei:iif! .vein; lit hum
'ay (il hi fauioua ehai'j cf ilia L-xicaii
' Haui'i; hatl tl.f ilpr.r.ire o'i a loi.g cnii
ier:.:;'ioii with C.iii' S,y : e finally;
td h;t:i In L'ie i,a a ilt'tcripiioii of his
1 o,n f lli'l ',ie n,i-!.i at the exact par
ticw!;.,-a. I'lie galUin l.pui. t.vinu d lt
I, iCt hi
1 :d--;
or,g Iwj: ! 1 vidi ijny i-.iiiiijtt h it
I 1 v,!i ijHy
c.ioiidc: i.ii'-i
.mil nf 1 r r
aer itaiioo
iy ymi i t.e, tl-.e fm-i i 8,y
hoy a woidj ,'i a ve ihell lives to h.,i e
,.; .. li.e 1 .ni e ;o i elisre,.' ih. -
n', nii.v 1 wca ri? .! ;v one in ci tun" i .p
,.,.1. . . r,.., .1 1 ... ' tl
r. , 1 1 , 1 , 1 1- - 1 1 r, 11 ,, ,7 1 1 1 , .- r
., .!,. ,1 ...v ...... I..':,..,;' .
cfoiue, n I,, ic w e im 1 P'i'-i It . hi) I i.z. d
, 1 I " ' .
a .v -v , ii i, 1 1 o i in e Otrs u.'i'l ni- t'lpl rocu o
'ti tie pc-.-, i:.J ;'.; t'l ibv.t
Lid Lii i i yj: .u :.c i is Jt
"Til ITCH w , fHUL-r tfKiJI "
St ri'ilDJY, .11 a VST 15, 8W.
I he OiTk e of the 'ChU'Jidia Di m chat
isa hem Removed into ihe new ldnlv
Hndilii't;. Si'iitli siile of Maiu airtei, a few
hiuia beloiv Maiket.
V. B. PALMER uutlwrizrd to n;t as
Agent fur the t'oicniiiA L!tciuT, end re-
ci'tyt all im-nitu f-r buLcrijdion 01. d AdeerlifV
III" Ul li'f AfliCKH i)l
J'luliMjiltla jV,. CO Pint-street.
Few Wrk " ltiu yi...?nn-ttn,il.
D.xtun " 10 Ue-:t.ut.
Luhimnre f!. E. Hull, cud Cvlrcrl.rtx.
fjtrchauli-Nechunirs antl Tati'.w:cn lhcyfnd
itti- tiicir tii'.rnntuutti) udrtilitt in 7171-
, , , 1 1 ,1 ,, ii
nd has a t:rtv.Ur tucvLiun if) tie 0 ux.'V ti.uit.
iwj other publithid within Jill-mils.
' yiie Whig organ newpaper fur tho
eouniv the Danville Democrat ir.dicalea
'he delerininalion of Unit pai ;y, liof'tn voti
111 favor of the reeection of any Dtmo
eraiic cV.inwreaiiiiinn, fr..m iliis state, who
lias voied Hi'iinsi die inodif.eatioii of ihe
Tariff act of IS-12. The prnpoiiio:i id
Oliver Cli'.school ihniiyh ihe U, S. (Jazeiti
in that efT d, is d-'linutieeil, or hi leasl 1 if
policy denied, II is clear ihat the U T.iff
are for I'auty f:ri and always, A cones
pondt'iil ii the Danville Democrat, cut 8 i,f
1 re 1011 for n t supporting the rc-t-lectioi
of (lie Cungressin in frmn thi di:;,net, tha
he does not make speeches, is well
vn'.e rnd goes oil in tepiuliate, in h-h.df nl
,11 'iv ho are truly Whims' tliu proior.i-M
o Gidchnol.' The Ediiur (d tho Dum-i-i-rat
gives hid sariction to the aiihle of hit
i'ones;ion,ient. i 1 tlor lollovt in J l uiijioie
We refer t: a ( t.miuiiiiit aiinn of 'a Inn
Wlii,;' 111 another column, lully endorsine
his st liloi't 103 im to ll',0 cnnite llie Win'-
nl tins instric: nu''in to i.n.e in n'-'ar.j
the CinieiesM'Jinil L'leeliun next fill;' am
hn ilitn (jtuues an article from die Wdl;c
liaire Adu)ca:e in t'tippori of the sune
u' ol onlicv. All llns is iiifl as we ex
We arc m;i flstonishtd or .;di
nam. We have all ulonj,' asr-ened,
W hij,' leaders in this r toon Mere
by a p u rn .'pint of ya.-t'uunhin,
lloit lln
a cluatcd
in iluir
erilir'S u-lalive lo ihe 'Tar, I!'. l!cn 1 1'ir
proof nf our a.;.itriioi .' We I ;. nut pause
it-s.dy inail'j die aeeiis.ilioi'.- il ii t-sia'oli.din!
lies on i driiirt! or t qnivucaliol .' U ,J I vi hai
nil eali'iilaif tl to i:Mnni?ll one, is, lino
die Editor of the Dcmocrii;, in ano'.h, r ui
Hide, 11 the b.noH i.n:i,li-r of I-is p-'pfi.
make mi eainttt Kpp.-l lo 'our 1) .'iinn'iato.
1. , riii' friend -,' to join wiuiilm Wi.ii t ;T.;r t.-
0 r: in .1 the. i.'r I lblu;ain( sh ,r,. ti,
fa is'.a'.t! 111 ..lo proper ,iu-,
l!iroi.:;'i our I'Mfl n lu) n-cm:
li nn Isnlo
leill ; iTarl.-.' Vho my mi . ,.f c,, JM,,,,,
npj.ear to I.) ihh: 'we, tho whi, m ill
ilfM'C'lid to reel i ve you pcr Dt ;m , ..rj in
1.1 -our ranks' hH a t-i ! f.nvr 1; you tie
Mie ii; hut hit our juriy in'ett ;'. me 0!
nore cnnsi'q 4eti"e line, any lie: ,-'.u w,
iIUMt TPifu o;,,lv d.thdie l!:PK.!,j-.(,n , f (,,'V
ff,r 'Ooniiri es ho ;i! :,,.t g v illow
'''' "':.t f-il-'i'l iiivi-i;:rs 1 t wnli ii,i,'..Ve v, ill oiiiy add, ns n! ,.i',,r 1,
. 1 : . , ,
'.os mi i j.-i-i, k: -.;'r.iri i.-oi.i i-.n f t , 1 1 n r 1 1
atl.ile in ihe D.invii'e De110cr.1l Ju'v il.',
1310. it i-, a.; follows;
Vi.e tardi hill is ttill im
in the II.. 1.. ',1 of u i CM-iil.i'ivr;. TJ(
IVni,ay!v.iriM dcl' i.' 'U"ii in (ho'eresj, A ,',
U'ftig Ifld .Oi 03,i,lltilr vuilljlilil) aj;;:i:il
the repeal of the present act, ;,nd a cuicht i
f then hit ii'cdit
s-pu-.T.ej oil
We are glad tu ohscrve the ii.di.-atior.' oi
Inruoicy an ri:,-j t!;e Dei'ioerii-y i f il.i
couiliy. T) ( re ;::e 10: clifie fe-f i'i1--. 0
lion am! die (h t'e, tin ! ,i .: ' -13 of peil-
tnl.sai, I. n t i:io;e firtnlv Ic.'e hei
the party of prior ipl' Tl-e l ioltoce id
die oj-pnsii,;; parly will he quiet inept ra
. 1 v - fr iiii.:hic-f. H e recoller t the various
,i::ir.e;i it has asiiri'.i-il and ihe v.irinl pdiaiet
f aloi-k il has adopled iilii,i ll.e la.Ml' J(i
year.'. Il cm mi' her hi.ij il toi v not
dinjsuise ii p,-( (d ji e!. ps ,i;,t,ot
i one coi:i;iiiu;d ierieu of 1 liat jra of s',;!
11,!b 'uV'i: Kii ,:s pret-CiM ji;irpr,e is ihft H'
f qtiuemeii; 1 f po a. c r and
1. a tin!. 1
a. in ii t).c;i, hais ! r uo -
.tUiXi lt I'Wf-t-.f.l
!. . .
:. .1 ll ..t- ,T l, . .
;' ''n ''Ie '''"OH'Ciiny (,;' Cnli.n
, . . , I. .. - . . I . - , . ,
i la are
'-tu-icr l'' ut 1 'S Mi'tie;. nor eoiiiieij
I ilii.J j.hi,u;i !' i' ili;- ;!.. ..f
ilic :vorvc I!iui9)lvai
tvoi'i ?a-i-s:icUnjett.
O ie cf the iiio-i iio)oi l.uil teature u:
he tj.neiican ) Men ('ve 11-c ihiH ex
iiici,ion in i's ei-i 1 1 ct ei -p,) i', l h
ni it e si'pi'Hiion of tin CV .v ei moem
1 n hi iilijiKiii'i phinbliftiioenl-. Tin
state and llie ihoictiaie i--'y ji I' a
td fiom each ii' hei ; ai d ill a I C, w
l no w, wa 1 a stihj- (" , ol n j m inj in r '1
at I. e 1 a. 1 he C a into e. h ,c I, 1 h j i."
M-oiiniTt in ihu I j 1 1 n 1 1 1 is rao'-il. m,o
liuuced, llie I' .vi'i iiiii'-ic ; tioj
iik", as Mich, no put i 1 rontUic' 1 ,
ior are they j f c i I ' y tin.' r - i -
is fav..r any ivioio tli.ui s' i 't t1 i'i
l ou'rol. Miy this divorce ot Cnnic
Hid S a'e, he t nilorin
S cue ears b foi e lie chut' r of lb-
h Cmd Emk of th
united Stati expT
' '
a k 1 r 1 1 i I ' , Ji'-ice and j ; r o 1 1 .1 f ' -1 '
rniiMiirnced bpiiveea It ami : e uiliMn
1m' 1 8 lion 1 f die GuV rn ill el, I 10 whiihi iscie;d 'j;i. Tlif chanc'i r mu
n mi It a n f that si 1 ti-ii'e are known tJ aH.
''It Waa then; with thai hull -ind
.Hi. CI
omi hair :ut lam Hint ( is in
.nl Pieai
lent Jack-nn Mid Ida iiiun. dlalp tw-
Ci-nor, that an eoiiie divine ol the Gov
"inineiit Iroin jj.ii!;-.', ivn piocdai'iipd.
That j 11 lllPa.-iKf nl policy h.' SniC-
hern ophe',1, iluoi.'-h io,id hi I .",ioiij;
'v',1 repoit, by th- piity of pro;r jc aim
principle, the leceni l,a-li cf an
id en ib!iht;ij; a con.-titmiotsal 'i'feasn
iy, allord a cause for cooizratulatioi:
and pride. SijSsi mli..!'y, so fir 5 tlo
Geriei'id Government is roneni nc-J, a
-ound arid ui.fl ictuatioi cnironcy is s'i
divoif'j ol
i)i;i,; ano.'jia't-
i mca-ure that liaa si i iijled w-pi fi 'ic
ippoii ion ami .in nici i'eil ch'tc iy, i
ubli.'hi-d, wo iru-i, an u n;j iiici.1
I'ea'orc of our national ml cy.
Wo now, propose another Di. orre;more
iiiiiihle in i'.a tdmrai u r, and loon! in i bji
Tiealinn but wo '.hink, e'cd im jmrt .01
vr.h ci;ln-r of the foiee,iii:;, in i: ii.fiiu
nee upon ihe interest and thatiny of our
1.111 S.ite. ve prnpo-e, im; Div-niCK ol
1'r.NS-vi.vAM.v it. i: .Mas;.cho.-k-it ! i!
iihio (if the land of i'mri Irom t)n
thlidlloill (d I,llil.
ioiiiie-1 and tl -
cnrtc of I' at '.I ni lrii.ii, 'ship. Whu
e ever reaped from thi tiiiniu,,;,! Co.
nt ctioii, bu; ii jury and in-idl ? The re-
-nil of our foolish pr!iii'iship wiih Mas.
!""',l""'s the TartT. ..ay to mi;hiki
op, i:i die f.,c', thai hp, ,,re g n iucu wit
1 1
1 l'(r i',ut!'.siiii iron and tod; mid
are bcrelr of Mmpnihy I'rmn ah-oad onth.-i
I' e il'llietiori! In, thu recent a.'jiietll.Clit ol
tlu I iir.lf, w q weie ollerei! ten In t.veniy
; r -;l.lhlr,t.r (J.nicfl i,p0!, (,- rl.,10 pro.-
iliiftions )uii wire giver, and iwrn speeiiic
''Ulira, (,n ccinlition cf l-giM-irg to the
1 1' 0 . I o i nil i 1' n ' ' - p r , , ,r ,i , .,,.1 .J 1 1, .,,.1 ..1
H not spfpa'ly ? :i'. ciii.- tis- r.nt,
' mil tin) iiii-r.-a- t; of ihi'.iea t i ,'i n'ti
upon ".vine?, jeivtlrv. and si'k.s, mo-l
H: e..
:h i'I-it i; ,,. i,.. .i 1 1 ;.i l
-n i!.' -is il is.' i !i
I lI'.lOIIV, W j i lilt- M-
ij-i ,11 iv.ii nil' n - - li ', o! .I
eci'isi.iicsji on t!u- one I .,;, ! I dly
I,h oihr;; y,i M ho.' .'i.-i ,,0 ,!.;?J
dp.ith-.iiii.2 we i'ii.i-i , it with Mime i-nd
iieidiecs mui j-li-i'y ! I '.Ia any oin' i.n
ajiiip if Mwirhii.-ctts h.,l heeii ( , r
: I a icicniii-n of du'i, tin. n eoti,.u
iv noli II (! ,0 Is, ,tii she v. ( 1, (I h ve f ,-ii.
ci tl In r-i If for lie coal .- 1 1 1 i hoi in;, 1, n
"I !', in i ;u.i? I'i r o i,r ;;irl,uv -.,
i. ,'. ,, .1
ijHi!'. any cnii i-it n 1 t I;.!-, b. t e
'. i,.'i die ,' fl-i.i.i.Mi d f uri i..;;i c ' il'n
I'i '!'. It i a ( oiii.iT. ion im.i can on!
hii ci! pint' liiiini:.. ,, ip.i.-.-i.n-f in m. It h.,,
.ih fatly t .-ii i 1 : 11 ilnwn ih- dniii .i ii mi nui
i i iliiii;ni;p, rind i'aii only lipre.l'.fr ili-lmi
im 1 1! 11 :.i lo inert 'is'., il.t ;n.
the wai;i: i:ois!nc hill
'The Whi:' prims urn out in full icy
L'aitisl 1! e tu-w IA ure'-Iinu-e bill; ('?iiti!n,r
loe;' iiH -n A.l.ii;i,i'raliti!i I'iC.i. u.-e incod lie
.inuctiie to il.e intr-ri ei the country
7'lity had better ted iheir re.idtcn, that thi
lull, on i:j passage in il.e Cenatp, neeivr,!
thu vote) of ll.-.vii W t3 TtR of Maasa-
Jn.-ru.-a, W:i.-liam Archer i f Virenda,
tod Je!!.j P;:aaji:.N of Gtmtri.i, all !t.;,.!
i'J Whi;p in the Scna;e, r.iJ .igh ;,, fav,
wuh their pii.iy.
i.p 1 ns'i.cnt hi, vetoed the pre neb
'ol.i.ioui Ui,', 3MJ i!,s (!(fe!,(! ojtlay
y ihe x-o'.c-inuieiil of five millions of do!-
hill'. 1 heft! phonos mu ; In 111 1 liiiv vi -i.-j
ohl. -,,l ,...;, .1 .1... '
,'ivnraLie e 1 '. . 1 1 .1
oi'.eriMi, d;r ihe litst tune, at i!;e
,1" '"oii. I hose vvha wi
1: to
... , . ,
tili.Jt Tula l.d
oiiiio to in rei', in 10 lia1 (ia:;i!ii -n:i!
...i.t 1 . . 1 1
rt fei 10 Ihe fofccli ,'Ji :,'.: r l) ul ii: u!
York, n.i 1 i.rditln :1 i.i it .1 Coren si.i!.:,l'
8" C!o' p. in which oi.! jut is utalcd wid,
i d..J Ciil .or.
RLT'TS OP THE L JN 1. 1 1 V LV.V.'.
Prom a sia'cmeni ircpiiii! lor t',n t-.-e6i.
a the l.)i pailiiicnl (if Slate, it hiim-i dial
JS'JOl pi'isona Ii.ivh b!it.i;Iy, hnn i!.,, !.,,r
N'd IVimi the payment nf iluir thins, iii d.r
il'i; li.inKiujit law and iheie .re 4 403 1 j
,ili. ali.ins mid ;n'odii'h'. O.dy 703 apjoi,
atmin. in ull, liaiu been itfused by iho
"iir a
1 lo ivlm'e air'-iimt of ,!i !,:s r'uriod m
a ,iu' I'V llankiiip's, u I ir, is J 1 10 031.-
iili'i ! i'.nd llie u I o!u a 111111. 11 1 ol :io;nr y
.onrt i ileiei) only . i- l!i (il 7 o07- So th, so
m city 1 iehi i!no,ii,il, two tun. dud ;,i:d
nineiy one ji.-'iuli-tnen. ircfi! in f'll'.r
Itmidrtd inilli'jtis rf lUiiLns mine. than,
hi ij wtre (il'lc tn piiij ! ! ai.d ad ihia im
i.eiiMi f 1 1 nt has Ijcmi wiped out by li t)
1! Olkllipl 1,1 W. The no re cos a nf pro
eectliny in tin Sii caats, is ova' Lit f :.;
'( if tluWurs, bell i; SCli'.SW! We h r.-o
neic the icsnhs of one Whi' ui i a . u 1 f ; in
.he ! p t r 1 1 i ; out id" lour hundred millions) "
ol't'oillar 1 1 iidi tin- ihdi.ev ai'i of
4.orcus en-ilii avem. Add lo ii is one
mi!. tired millions (r (I. Vs on kjipiichiioi s
iiiideieriiniit'd, th h 3 iiiircliirn. d, pom, and
miM'i ihino s, M i ue have Jit?. t'llUldre.i
:ii Him cfdnllsrs, a sum aufiieicnt to ps'y
i'ic debt nl all ihu ;ale and sit; port ihu
(Icr.i r.d (l iven mem fn- s c.ti
l ii'ls IV,; have loo. nl: 'i ( Ip,- -,o
dio Eh ction in I I'.). li'--i :
in tiiCno
!-:.!l of
wi ii,' snnr.'i
than iLi.'l'j tkousjiid -, d. t-j.'y
dir"i'ily ir.ii ri a'.i-il in the i ii.cets tf tho
Whijr party. They h It no d.-iiht a Ccrco
ze.d, and hib.'ied arduoti'dy to irai.i-fcr iliu
rcills ( I' Cln'.'f riilliC ill Into I'ie hand of l-'cii-erali.Ji!l.
And ll.PV received lio ir 1 1 .1 r 1
;:i ll e '' iidtrnp1 hd, w hieh .Mr.
i:0 iri 1 1": a .r ci , u tin a :n ii,c t h :,a 1 'Hi;
int'i-uri's,' and Which he lab-. red "ii'ee-i
fully to j a-i at die extra se-sion in II1 11.
And for whom was ihU mea-.i'i-i nr.u.d .
(.'!.' Moi lor ;l e ii :,;l i it i, i i i I, i t! .,
ui.f.irtuiuH tr.idt ..'ni.oi. for ihe.-e t'. o
Slate iiii'n! tfi,i l.m.s' uert.' s i. fi ; r .'it. it
was iineiidotl for spictthjvrv. d.t: vt ry ch'Sj
nji.oi wl,(im coin ction l.i'.ia ;!i,ni 0 Oh itu'i-".
in tfiii and tin v it l.'-'. The ih aVi in
f.,ii(.j. Moik-, t!
r. opt ratnrs in i-v. lir.. ;;';
rl.;. .Ii; n ('I !.' '.I'.tM.s i spiii. I m
ii-rn vt rrf I ,
(J'.er one I'ldii
n '
;i id
t 3
h. n- frs.
:!l!' t,
e ',l,e olliei'd .-tiitpn-.i ul. ! bten f.-1 ci-d bv Iv.v lio::i j'i-t oi
iocs ;o oi im
ihe fpt-ntlihrilt and
ci'iila'or i i : . v e I. uit
firovtr r h'ui
pr'pwie ! to r ::i
1 IIH'.V a n) llllii;!,
nt ; ci
11. j
ind tr an!.
Cur nrL'l.b r i i ihe Daiiv.i!.: Ie.i.'.-ril
denounees the ! .:e net fi.thblisl.inj i!;e ;
sti tin im, al Trciftiiy. Ho n.u.-l ;( r..'...d?
tie i.'n mini of i' ch .racier urn! opt r i'.'i-u;,or
hv j),u 1 1'li' d ill hi'J inlvop.-.PV t 1 pfo.C: .
don. poi the di.-cr: .ind i;
ihe i 1 1 I jic 1 1! t' 1 1 1 7'n 1 : 1 1 r y
r; .on't t t
1!), IS til
". lh.,:L3-
i ran
J' tni.t j
I'M ,- 1.1".'
n'.lve o d
1; . r ccr-
1 i! 1 V H
wd.. .
in-.' 1 11 '
jh '.ste
he'"' si
'e ,r
,1 . f"
it to poo;
:ty ;l,il
I . 1 .vn e I..' ill tl i.
ii'id- l'on w idi ,0 e;. :: . ,
ii , i'h-i'I I vc th:
!,' i-
T , 1 1 r" l" . i ' 1 V O 1 I :'(.. I' '' Mi! f ' f. t
ol .' ' I ' "
,,.c.v..'.h n p'.iua. pou.o ,v.t M i ,; u m,, !i a
"'.a'e. -il.o'v ihe imp i n r lo p..y tl.o .!,.!;,'
''i:l'! ndl M'H at a pre lit. I'u rti.f.r,! y tp-c-r:-
-i '' '''' hdy, 1 1 :he rtirifney i f the eiti.-'.i'tij,
- :i'r'. " 'core a iie-.'-.tiii.: inrdiiini, that
i poinp-.raii' lv t;r llue'tiaiii-u in a.iovu:!,
i '
Hi' I ,: a l'll"'i fj-ll
-tit', We iiVnid l a j iiCHOtiS a r.t I 1 .,(, 1 n -lioli-j
i 1 ll'-d, d e j; ., (i, id 1 1 t 1 f f l!'.,'in:
.nd il.e h .,,It -, '.. jt ;h .t I'.i.l.i v .,! , t i-
he :,!.; ri. ;.i. ., ! .:U'u-n li- n o-,, t : ;-;', ri
'. v aid it 1 .id : , .j ii-pri .-i..n, S t :..! pi!--, a
.-in tiid he a J.'tr'ioi 1 1 j. ci u t tit li 1 u'i'ic
;:: ii.itut'iy, i"..t w iil.i-iit i,:i 1:1 t',., tea ii g
cm 1 1 ,1 ry it is im t f si'.'e in n , n; i ;!,, U)
On the 3 !i inst. Mr. Aiddns in, . f V,i.(.
liouri, was t !.. cluh 11 Mi l lha yj h hd'nl,
pi aker pi j tan of die St-iate of the Cni't A
lo.lll '.lueses 01 l.,lior;3 in J 0;
Monday last tintil the fiih' .'docd.iv id' f
'einher nest, the appropri.i'ii'n 1 'ii I.'..';'.
000, for i,i-t'iii?ii u a j 1 ace w o!i Jli x
ico i-s i'e leant! in ihe S; natp, hv .Mr. I'.t
vis, Wiiu from .M js.a; i.i..-;..!', fickiM
' 1 r
upon the M.hjert, f.c ihat ex pre .irp.o. .1
urn ir.e i:uur ci at n.riiiiicr.t n n.-:.
J '
i' vnh I.t ili.,1 I C W s eiiiiiiT ..
d :;) hi.
u.rse. by the Wldj .Ma;or.-', the rtrpnii
mility ol the n.-ttnuaurp 1 i th
C ll .if
5-'exiio list upon ticir
"icvr m Slait; Elt'i'duT.s ;
r: Wist, hive ml.eii
i'u vi liiiin a lew 0,
Lou ever received c
r .. ,
a not
.'i' " if it'it's it, .1 .,ev 01 ineni oy
lu-i'iit retiirp fit. 1:1
a e c.1,1 uirive at wie resii!;.
Jifuvsler lo iidix
1 : r. i r n .
'l'91 I- h'j;' isi;l is lo recnie :h
, n- , i .'
" ' I M iiiij'.tf io U: