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    ' ' - '" ' '' rJ'! .beioc iliol in head wilh 3-lb bill.
1-KU.M llllu MnAl UI WAli, He was carried lo the hospital, when
Tho New Oi liana Delta of (lie 13 h
Inst., pay ;
On the 1st instant, the main hotly of
the army of occtipa'ion marched fiom
its Camp on the Hio Grande, leaving a
garrison in the field woik opposite Mat
moraa, the Till Rudiment of Infantry,
aniltwo companiaa of 7i tillery , com
manded by Copt. Loud and Lieutenant
lira j g, the whole commanded by M J
Drown of the Infantry.
Although i; is believed that some
1200 to 1500 hol were fired by the en
emy timing the period, but one casually
occured, s sergeant of company 11, ol
7lh Regiment of Infantry, having been
killed. Not one of our guns were dis
mounted, Ihoujh the enemy's fire wac
for some lime concentrated on the IS
pound batttry, and the shot frequently
e'.ruck trig embrasures.
i?t five o'clock on the morning of the
4ih, the firing was commenced by the
erlemy and continued for twelve or fif
teen minutesjiud kept up st long interval
during the day, but without effect. The
amount of damage done lo the enemy
beyond the silencing of their batierie
cinnot yet bo correctly known. Capt
Walk(!r,of theTexsn volunteers,broughi
the despatches to Point Isabel.
trance lo say, a ahell Ull and blew Ihe
remainder of his hand off. Some Ivven
ty men were standing around the hospi
ul when the shell burst, several were
knocked down, but none injured. Out
artillery soldier was slightly wounded
by a piece of shell, end many narrow
We only kept up our fire for about
two hours saving our smunilion whils1
heirs wis biing thrown awy. From
heir having thrown from 1500 to 2000
hol and shells, snd killing but one of
our men and wounding another, you
may judge they are none of the btsi ar-
tillerins, and that we had good dtlenceg.
Their shot redered s good many of our
tents unserviceable, but all our men sre
in good spirits, snd anxious to come to
close quarters.
Our picqnel guard is now firing at
parly of Mexican soldiers, about a mile
below the fort. The chapperel betwee
(his snd the fori is Ike a behlve, so fa!
is il with Mejicmis. It is thought th
. i III . I a
mry win maite an assault on the rest
of the fort, snd try to repel trie marcl
of the Iroops from this phca returning
Gen T. leaves as soon as a reinforce
ment arrives here, which will enable
the work to be defended without (h
force which he broughl down from a
S- S. F.
An exchange af prisoners look place sub- connection with Com. Conner, who has
iequenl to the battle, by winch Captain gent a boat expedition up Ihe river
i nornton ana Lieutenants Hardee and Kane
On the 2d the army encamped a
Point Isabel, Oa the morn'ine of Ihe . , '.
Inn tT0 . In h f ir 1 1 r at
ol. I, -I..- i. i "
j i a iicavj" iauiiiiuuauiii na ucaiu 111
the d irection of Malamorss, which con
tinued during the dayrand at long in
tervels during the night of the 4ih. Ow
ing (o the difficulty of communicaTng
with ihe forts no intelligence was re
ceived at head quarters respecting tin
l-'roin Hie Scat of War.
From the Baltimore Sun, Extra.
Oor express reached Washington in ad
result of llw cannonading; until Iht vance of every thine, and was cemmuuica
morning of thaj 5th. 2 parly was seni ted by ihe energetic correspondent of the
fonvard lo communicate, and brought Baltimore Sun through Mors'a Magnetic
a despatch from. Major Brown, an Telegiaph.
nouncing the particulars, a brief state
ment of which follows:
five o'clock on the morning" of the
CJ a fire opened upon (he fort from one
of the Mexican batteries, and was con
tinued wilh seven guns, The fire war
immediately returned, and Ihe batter)
silenced by our guus in thirty minuter
two of the enemy's guna supposed lo
be dismounted.
The news is taken from the New Orleans
Picayune of the 17ih inst. snd an extra
from the office of the Mobile Advertiser, ol
the I8ih,
There have been two engagements be
tween General Taylor andMexican Troop
the first occurring on the 7th inst. when
Gen. Taylor wa returning from Point ha
bel to his camp opposite Matamoras. In
this the Mexicans, numbering from 5000
to 7000, were repulsed. Our army was
sleeping on the field of battle on which
The enemy then commenced firing
from the lower fort and harbor battery. Lext day 200 Mexicans were 'found dead
a bntk fire ofthot and shell was kept and several pieces of ariilleiy, stores, fie
tip, bul without damage lo the fort oi were captured by the American army. Ma
garrison. A continued fire was now I jor Ringgold died from a wound received
kept up by our 16 pounders on ihe efie- in this action. Of the two days' battle, we
my's guna and the city, the Consulate" on,y eT'TB ihe folowing particulars from
fljgs being still respected. the I icayune.
The fire of the enemy was kent or U. steamer Gol. Harney arrived
without cessation till half oast 7 o'clock. lhii mornin8'i,,!a as our PaPer wa 8oi"g
1 I a ..... I f irs ni .
At 10 il was temporarily auspended,but lu 1 , 0"' "am O'azo" oamne' "a ,e"
rernrnmenre-l .nrl nn.ip,l !...l. 011 1,18 131,1 ml' The neWS '8 S'01" 10
ill to :..u. ' our arms. She brings official accounts ol
" l upcnnrf hil a ntwnn ilia l on, I
It is supposed lhat 5,000 or 6,000 l!lB fnrBM. wl,;,u "J
H-..: ....i.i ... . - . ... l"u"w
AucnnaaiiacKea tna ion, ana tn'lthe Oih of Mav. commencing ut half nasi 3
-U I !. .. .1 ' '
wpparei .s iu.i or inem. p, M. within 3 miles cf Camn Tavlor
. m . . .1
uen. laylors Iroops are in fine spir. The action was on the edce of a ravine
its and good health.' and one mile from the chanparel. which was
The Picayune also contains a confir- near 2 miles in width. The Mexicans
mation of the rumored safety of Capt. commenced the action with their artillery,
Thorulon andLieutenanl Kane. C. C. F I which was posted so as to sweep a narrow
passage through nhich Gen Tavlor was
orrcsponuence ol tue I icayune. advancing there beirn? a aamn nn th nit.
I o 1
Point Isabel, May 5, 1 S 1 6 8' band.
Gentleman-When the express came G"11, faj'lor immediately ordered a
in this morning I hurriedly penciled Cr,rgo in the teeth of the enemy's destruc
down the Fratifyine intelligence which live fire ,anJ ,ho 'P" prompdy icsponding
. . . . I .1.. - i . .i ... . r .i
it brought u, cxpectiug (he boat wou!drai"cu l"DC"c,"y gurs 31 P""" '
Uminirto mimiii. I f . bayonol. Sjsuddenand impetuous was
mill,.,:..i,i ,. the attack, that General Arista had no time
were teleased. Lieut. Deas was not de
manded. Among ihe prisoners taken by Gen. Tay
lor was Cn. Veja. For him two Ameri
can oflifere were offered in exchange, bul it
was declined lo give him up, save in ex
change, for so officer of equal rank, when
ever one should be taken
Gen. Veja was allowed lo be accompan
ied by one of his Aids, a Lieut. Colonel, as
i frisnd.
The Mexican army was so confident of
victory lhat every preparation bad been
made lo relebrate il, but all their prepar
nions fell into ilia hinds of tde Americana
In their flight many of the Mexicans took
in the river, and were drowned in their at
empts to swin. it.
Gen. Taylor reached his camp the after
noon after iho action, leaving ihore his
whole force. He stalled the next morning
for Point Isable, and arrived ihere on the
evening of the lOih, wilhout molestation.
On the morning of ihe 11th he started
Hark to his camp opposite Matamoras. We
need not say that he and his arm v sre all in
tine spirits.
Further information has been received
lhat the American Consul and all the Amer
ican residents at Matamoras had been arrest
ed and sent USiillo,a small town about 30
miles fiom Matamoras,
which is being prepared for Washington
Having he rJ ihe official report Irom
Major Brown read, snd having a letter
10 save his papers, which, wilh all his cor
reapondence, fell into the hands of Gen
I hi anltrtn I as (oil nn Knit mil I. ..If
belore me from there, I will give you which lima ,ix ,lUnrfMI, M.,if.n. '
lur.ner pirucuiais accordingly kj!ed or W0Bnded ind lll9 Amrican. tnn!i
On the moring of the -3d, at reville O.ree hundred prisonsrs, and eicht niece, of
iL. t. .... . o- I
i:ie iviexicans opened ir.eir batteries up artillery
on Ihe work throwing balls and shells The Americans lost in the action abou
witnoui intermission until sunset, finish, sixty-two killed snd wounded Among the
ing with half a dozen extra ones at tatoo killed were Colonel Mcintosh, Lieut. Coch
lor a lullaby. han by ihe burstine of a shell. Lieut. Inue
, , m ...
'Al reveille, on the lib, they 0pened and one or two oihers, whoee names art
again, sending a few shots and shells. rm 8lve'"
xvhich compliment was reneale.l atnonn 0- Kane' 'c,1,s- .ates, Veibank,
Our arlillery silenced ihe fori opposite
ours in half an hour after Ilia firing com
menced in theJih, and knocked three
mbrasiires into one. 1 his caused them
xostop tinng there for a conni lerabl
lime, to repair damages. 'Our.. artillery
Uo dismounted several of their guns.
nd from appearances must have killed
many men. On our pai t but one SerJ
a I Af iU,. T,i, I.I... a i.. . I
aym, U4 in muniry, vTis kirleu jtiot exceed 1000 men
Hone, Luiher and others, were amon? the
won riled.
V6 regret to say that Major Ringgold,
who was wounded on lite 7th inst. died on
the lOlh, and was buriod with military hon-
The total loss of the Mexicans in both
actions was al least twelve hundred.
The Mexican forces amounted to at least
6000 men, while thai of tho Arrericans did
Corrmpondcce of the N. 0. Tropic.
Brazos Santiago, May 13
At the receipt of ihe first battle,
wrole you a short sccount; the result of
the escond il now on hand, and it is
most decisive. It now appears that the
Uexicans had only five thousand men
in the field at the first battle, and four
housand stowed away in the chapparrel
near the battle ground. It was their in-
ention to have made bnt a slight attack
he first day, but being so closely press
ed they were obliged lo fn;ht in order
10 make good their retreat to where the
1000 were in the chapparel. In ihn
fiislight a geneial officer had his henu
ihotoff; il is nol yet ascertained who he
was, as his body was recognized by hi
Iress as he lay upon the fi Id.
Gen. Taylor ad vanced the morning
of Ihe first battle into the chapparel,
hen sent 809 picked men under llu
charge of Capt. McCall, to reconnoitre,
ne advanced unmolesicil until near 3. P.
M.,(ihe army following at a distmcc.)
vhen Capi. McCall sent word to Gen
I'aylor lhat he had received a charge of
tape shot from the enemy, and lost two
Tlie army was then deployed and
Capt. May, 2d rrgoon9, oidered lo
charge the battery that had thrown the
rape, and lo take it if he lust ivrry
man. I lie Dallery was commanded by
Gen. de la Vscaiwho was laken orison
Our little army then rent the air will
heir huzzas, and rushing shouting upon
he enemy, committed the must dread
ful havoc among them, taking eight
pieces of arlil'ery, 155,000 rounds ol
cartridge, and 500 pack'd mules- Gen.
Arista's camp bedsteads contained all hi;
private and public baggage paper,whicl
litter will be of great value, as we havt
he key of ihe whole campaign, which
will enableGen. Taylor lo form his plam
so as to entirely dtftat their designs
We took all and every thing they had
400 prisoners and the army baggige
The enemy had between S.000 and 9,
uuu iroops in tne two uatties Dut we
with 1,800 troops completely routed
Weixchaoged prisoners, got Cap
tains Thoi mon, Ilirdee, and his little
band. Our officers while prisoners were
well (reaterl, having lived with v?mpu
lia ever since they were laken. Gon.
Taylor would nol exchange, for Lieut.
Dens as a risoner of war, as il would
be sanctioning his crossing the river,
which he did not, havhg reprobated his
crossing in the severest manner.
In this second and glorious battle bat.
we lojt about the same number ol
nen as in the first, but had more officers
wounded. Capt. Walker, with his hero-
band of range rs, was ihe las! that
fired at the AAxicans. The army left
!iim 4' b'9 comrades on the bank of the
iver, shooting al them as Ihey attempt
I forgot to mention lhat Gen. Taylor
arrived here yeaterday, with all our
wounded, between 50 and 60, with
General Romulous de la Veg, our
ilfxican Captain and Lietenanti, who
go wilh this letter in ihe Col. Harney'
Tht Augusts, from New Orleans, sr.
rived last evening. The mules from
AalAmorss, some 500, were sent in to
day, as well as the Mexican wounded,
I should not forget te mention that all
the shell, ball, and grape shot of the
Mexicans are made ol brass or copper
This letter I must close, with details ot
glory enough for one day
Lnn. ilia .fTr..or. I I, I - m ii iri a i 11 1 f
mull", iiiw uiiiliid fiuiigcu men Q itui u
the parapet, and replied, to the hil',' Up
From the N. O.Tiopic 3d edition 1 P, M.
Tub Gaiveston Arrived TheGahes
ion is just in, having left Brazos Santiago
on the evening ot the 1 3tli instant. We
hasten lo lay the news by her before our
J'rora tho Galveston Civilian of ihe l.rth
On the morning of the 13th, Gen. fav
or and his staff, wilh tha guard III a I had
brougM down the liain, $'C, started for his
camp. lie was met by an express a few
miies from Point laaboh informing him that
8,000 fresh troops had arrivedjnMaiamoras
2.000 of which had crossed over, and 1,100
more had ctossed the Rio Giamlo at Barri
la; near Bocachiua, not more than 8 miles
fiom Point Isabel. Gen. Taylor returned
to Point Isabel at once, and made prepara
tions to leave the next day, with such for
ces as wero arriving.
The steamship Galveston landed 450 In
fantry, (regulars and volunteers;) the Au
gusla landed about 250; Capt. Price arriv
ed via Pardre Island from Corpus Christi
wit!) bis company of seventy mounted ran-
eis 1 ney all reaclieu tne point on UUi.
The Telegraph and Jas L Day will doubt
less land tkeir troops, amounting to up
wards of 800, at Point Isabel on the llih.
Cheat credit is due to Capt. JeieniiahSinith
of the Steamship Cincinnati, and Capt.
li- McBaker, of tbe Aomnoulh, for the
skill, energy, and promptness show:: in the
m a rm'tni en t of their boats in transporting
troops and supplies across the bay atDiizo
Gen. Pdreues is at the head of 15 000
iroops, on his way to Matamoras' Il nra
pnssibly he that the fresh ttoops arrived
at M ilamoras, is the udvance division of his
army No doubt the enemy weie fully
Hilvived dial Gen. Taj lor had left for Point
Isabel, o ud ihr-ir plan is to try and capture
him on his return, whilst a strong force
crossing above, is to come dovn upon his
mniy. Gen. Taylor appeared highly pleas
ed with the intelligence; for since the war
lias opened, and no mistake, tlie excitement
and activity attending operaiions, opens
new era to his vigorous achievement, am!
-ill have marked how much better he look
dian when cor lined lo llic'inasterly inacliv
i ty of Corpus Clirisli campaign.
THE FOlir.
Tho Mexicans have continued their fir
ing into the fort opposite Matamorae, nearly
ever since Gen. 7'ayloi left the works
he biave and gallant Major Brown died
a i
on . rom a wnuno receiveu in in
t'ligh by the explosion of one of our ene
my's fihells. His wound ws not cuosii
ered dangerous, hut he was placed in om
of the boiiib-proof burrows, and riioriifiira
lion ensued from the want of freah at:, H;
lealh is deeply denlored by the ariin; hi
i a e
intrepni coiuiuct in louing ever) at
tempt of the enemy lo reduce the foil pre.
pared them in a measure to anticipate lb
result of these conflicts with our brave army
7'he strength of ihe fort and skill with
which il is defended, its incomprehensible
10 the Mexicans: and indeed, well it :nigln
be, for they have thrown upwards of 1 100
shot and ahell into the works, and ever)
morning they present Hie same appesranei
our !o6s has only been two or il.i?e in th
fort. Ihe constant practice tlie enem
have had in firing at it, has taught the m tlx
proper bearing lo gi''e lo their guns, am!
Imosl every shot fdlls within the woiks
Tho fort is never i!lc, and the rampai
and dwellings of Matamoras exhibit iu'mf
as plainly as Ihoae of .i hundred centurie
when gaping forth their lamentation lo!
and behold what desolation is here!
We find in the New Orleans Bulletin the
following detailed account of ihe battled of
the Till and 0th.
Point Isabel, May 12, 1840.
By the last departure I wrole you briefly
of the operations of the army up lo that
lime, of the bombardment of the fort oppo
site Matamoras, and the movement of (!cn.
Taylor with ihe main body lo this plice
for the purpose of strengthening ils defepers
of the 7di, and on the 8,h, at 2 o'clock, that Taylor was flying. . The Matamoras
found the enemy in position, in front of a nowspapcrs and official bulletins called him
channarel. which hes omiosite to ihe timber a cowwdly sailor. In answer lo the sum-'
a i .
of a stream called 'alo .?lto.
The train was closed up, the Iroops, fill
ed their canteens, and (General Taylor lo the evening of ihe 9 h, 1500 shells and
promptly formed his line tf baitle as follows 3000 shot had been thrown, and the only
on the right was Ringgold's baitery. 5.h and loss was that of the brave commander. Maj.
3d infantry, then two eighteen pounders, Brow n, and 1 seargcnl and 1 private killed
(hen Ihe artillery battalion. The left was ami II noundcd.
composed of the 4th and 8ih inlantry, and The (ieneral returns to the army to
Duncan's battery. A daring reconnoisanee night , and will cross the river toiinorrow
by Capt. J. E. Blakt, showed the enemy'a or next day. The fori will bo increased in
line lo be of nearly twice the strength of gum, and especially provided with mortars
ours, wia heavy reserves in the chapparel. which will bring the town lo terms al once;
The Mexicans opened the sction with their The Navy will co-operate at tho mouth Of
arlillery, the range of which was hardly the river, and steamboats begin lo carry sup.
great enough to reach our line which wa plies by that route,
moving slowly forward, and some got into J Gen, Taylor has jnst given Gen. Vega
the ihiuktst of their shot and halted. Their a teller t (Jen. Gains, and a letter of credit
fire was returned from all of our batteries, on his factor. The officers here and in the
and 1 venture to say that no field of baute .main body vied wilh iheir commander in del.
ever displayed such skill, or rapidity of lire icate attemions to a brave and accomplished
and evolution. enemy, who won their admiration on the
The firM and only important movement fluid, anJ was laken like a soldier in full
attempted by the enemy, was a deiachinenlj harness, and fighting gallantly to the last
o iheir cavalry to make a detour around i;t)ur loss about 30 killed and HO wounded,
clump of chappare! on our right, ai.d attack I i haste. II, II.
the train. Captain Walker, of the Texas Mexican Inss at Palo Alio, set down by
rangeis, promptly reported this, and the themselves at 430, al Kesaca de la Palma,
5th infantry was detached to meet it, which 2000 missing. Since the battle our dra
il did handsomely receiving the lancers in goons have been exchanged, grade for grade
square, and driving them by a well deliver
ed volley. The cavalry then pushed on a
ifain for the train, and found the 3d infantry
idvancing in column of divisions upon them
They then retired, and as they repassed the
5ih, they received a fire Irom Lieut
Uidgely's two pieces, which hail arrived at
the nick of lime. Two field pieces, which
were following the enemy's cavalry, were
also diiven hack wilh lhem.
Meanwhile the enemy's left was riddled
by the eighteen pounders, which slowly ad
vanced up the road Duncan's batteiy on
he left, neglecting the enemy's guns, threw
hen hie into ihe Mexican infantry and
swept whole ranks. The 8 ill infantry on
the left suffered severely from the enemy'
tire The fliass was 6ct on fire, at the end
if an hour's cannonading and obscured ihe
memy's position complete!)'., and an inter
val of three quarteis of an hour occurred
During this period our right, now resting
on the eighleen-pouiitiers, advanced along
the wood, to the point originally occupiei.
by the Mexican lefij and when the smoke
had cleared away sullicicntly to show the
enemy, the fire was resumed with increiis
ed rapidity and execution. Duncan divi
ded his battery on the lefi, giving a section
to Lieut. Koland, to operate in front, and
with the other he advanced beynr.d the born
in? crass, (which wa9 three feel hih, and
the flame rolled ten feet in the strong breiz
and seized the prolongation of the enemy's
right, enfilading that flank completely
Night found the two armies in lire posi
On the Odi, the General packed the heaTy
train collected the enemy's wounded in hos
pilal, buried their dead, arrange. 1 nnr own
wounded, (among whom we have lo regret
the Hidden death of Mijur ;ppgnhl,
probably Capt. I'ageJ and mined on m
nursnii of the enemy on the M unmoral They had taken po-i in tin; cliapa
rel the lime occupying ihe bed of a
stream called Resaca de U Talma, with then
ani!lery on the road at thectossing. i have
in time for details of this afTiir. The gen-
ral broiii'lil up Ins iroops uy battalions am!
lusted them, w ith brief orders ti find tht
enemy with the bayonet, and placed ihe ar-
illery where ihey could act in the road,
The diagoons were held in reserve, nnd
is som as the Mexican batteries, Oen Tav
lor told Capt. May that Iris lime had come.
Hcre'j the enemy'a bnt'ery, fir, Iske it,
nolens volens.' May dashed upon il with
his squadron, and Inst one third of it, but
is cleared the battery and captured ils com-
nander, (Jen. Vega, in the act of raising a
orl fire lo fire a piece himsrlf May took
nis aword and brought tlie general oil'. The
nemy remanneil ihe guns, and losl ihnm n
ernnd lime to the 5lh infantry Copt.
iaibnur, of die 3d infantry, with his single
ompany and a few men from the 5th, who
joined him in the chnparel, threw his hack
igainst a clump of bushes and received and
ijillnnlly repelled a charge of cavalry
and the Mexican wounded cent over id
Matarroras. By the next arrival you wilj
hear of the town, and probably an oiler
from them to raceive Mr Slidcll in any ca
pacity. It ought to be mentioned 1'iat some of
our legiintnis are not full, and two of them
only have about 300. M any instances oc
curred, of men handing iheir canteens lo tlie
wounded. Mexicans, and turning from lhem
to fire upon others, There was nut a sin
gle occurrence of cruelly towards the ene
my. T'he moral's of the army is al i ta high.
est it can now accomplish any thing, and
they would die for a commander who docs
not a?k them lo so where he is not willing
to lead, and in whose judgement they fully
Fiom tin Xew Orleans Picnyime tf ilia lC;h.
The latest accounts received in ihe capi
tal from ;l,itamorjs represent the American
position as being most unskilfully selected
tud inadequately defended. The American
mops arc repiescnted as t'.iinmng off by dc.
serlion and sickness; disorder is said to ex-
st among them growing out of qtiesiions of
rank, the infantry is Siiid to be rouipisnl
of adventurers of ail nations wiiliuut t,kil!
or discipline, nm! in ease of action, ihey
are expected to desert in whole companies
at a time. Unr arlillery is hiiihlv nraised
the cavalry is ihtnight pretty well of, hot
totally deficient in numbers. On ihe other
hand, ihe Mexican troops and the inhabi
tants of ihe ft on ti t-r are said lo be animated
y the highest enthusiasm, and to be conti-
leni of success A few days more will tell
he siory.
The proclamation of Cen. Ampudia In
the English and Irish in tht American ranks
which we translated some days since, wa
tine in the papers of the capital. Wad there
been any doubi of ils authenticity, it is now
set at rest.
.'Fas I T
Last year Columbia County, on four
weeks n otice, collected and 'j ii.t over intu
. it i.ri.ii.ii-ri.
tiie d ate i reasury i tin nui.i amount
if hei .S;ate Tux, ;md received ns a iiuu.
pei.nalion tor In r j.iompinrss, a dcductioii
f 5 per cent. aiiiiM.ntiim to So8l 00. Tho
ami: oil, r is aatu rcneweu, anil Immi,!,!,
Jointly nidV this year claim a deduction of
-50SO 00.
The bame necessity fir proinp!ne-s an I
enerjjy exist now as then, rhc honor of
our (imiiionu t;ilili is at i.ul;, nuihiog
bul energetic action on the parte! Tux -;ol
lectors mid Tax Pnyr-rn can t-ave the Slate
from (liiL'race, The Tax Collect. ;rs of iho
several townships in Columbia eooiity for
the vear I BIO are hereby requested to pro
ceed forthwith and collect and pay over inio
ihe ('runty Treasury, on or btfoie tlio
twenty fifth day of July nrx1. the whn'c a
mount of Slate Tax charged in their ue-pec-
live Dop'icatts.
By order nf die 1ommisRinners,
ii. MUNIMilNUAhh, Ulfrk.
r. i l -
Capt. Duncan, with his battery, did ler-'
' ... Danville, May aO lolO.
N. B. '1 lose Collectors lur years 18IJ
riblo execution. lie is a most promisingi
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