The Columbia Democrat. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1837-1850, February 14, 1846, Image 1

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I lime sworn upon the Alter of Jml, etnroit h'HttM'.y to cvoi-y furai of Tyranny over tti5 Sliml of M in.'' Tlioiimd Jcller-tiiti
Volume 15. lil.OOHKMirKK, COMfl-UiSA ,). XTY,
.'VriKihcr .5,
opfici: of Tin: democrat,
oriusirK .Vr. Pail's ('ih-kcii, Main-st,
- t, A. t'l J .
77k C)l.fM!ll:i Hr.MUClt.rr trill he
l''t'i!i '( . irryi Siiluri',:jj meriting, itl
I il i) )' .(.. f.'iS ,rc 1,, lillllil imtilHe
It .' ;;. .7; i tiu'miiti, or Titti .'0A.1
,'; 1 rii;x,ij Her iditt irillitii lite tetit.
n-in.-,-!:'i"ii ir'hl be lukctt fur a shrti r
,;t,';i.'.'' 1; iii) r irt'i tlhi iii;.
' j'l '-i tiHr l,ii, i!il all urrenwe
r.'i' Ji 'J-. 11 r'-. it.
.i ; 1 v:.' 7V.N ;.: a'.v ,) frf,-'-f
I 'iiire trill he rciv'i o'.vy iiixertiJ 11!
).': hllitrfor lheji,'l three i Due ii!tii,
it'l l T.ri'itfi-fife t'nits for errrtf si-lne-
tnnir tixeriio:). jr . litrrtil tiiseomi
111,1 le J.) thoxf who ti iv rlise hi the tirnr
1 .' f ''' II V ihllreHxrd oil liit.sinrss,iuii.fl
!,r jm .' intid.
11 t f " 1
v j: m t
" UV.'A fliitnri rin-'ri'il,
I' f :ni vurh'tn J, it , C'ti il irii'i ruin
'J hi e!Mi llc w -tit il.rvn
I ;l I'liMi . !i-v:inl wrnc,
A:mI ilu'ir :i j n i ( mi-h' I lcil
Hi I i;i ir' "H.
A-i wm.'.i'iiii'i -niii l!ic halliitvM DiiiiiJ
H VfNfl vciiluri! (!n'.t,
I j.itl ;! f.v.i -.n-t -i:.trs jy
Im i!cjl!i's i;ti:-j' II r !.
Th.':v W.w a tivn Me sent
.V..iite l!i it cmii !i )! 1 ! iv
U';i''!'i' i!t i!ie im 't.ier '.ile
'I'k ' ' J U lliii pi e.! i ir.v
Ami l-lf-x r-ie!i i-il'nit !,n,l '
An'l 1" ii v I.!'. . 1111 f:'i.-,
Tint it'i'.l a i ;!i of IV i ;i-:inec roun 1
'J'iie iilu!.-. u her eaiP,
"'!n! ltiiiii'ilcil Iiirds liml leiwn
Far IV11111 tli' ir nc.-it mvav,
Vet siill wii'iiii I'm . 1 1 r .'- " I i.Mi'p
i'ii i li'eiile! ! 'jnTi lay;
!::! surely ik (Im-p In il,t w i n- Oil'rt
I'nisieu li:e ."lielterihi; tree;
And Mrl ".villi j'lyniis llijiit to Urjvcu
S'icli rliiil ilieir ri-air; lie.
A frifin! iln-s t'l'iqurn'ly sppafc1 Tin
lrii iliietriin! is this if a man lias 10 rcni'
in iiH puikct aitdowPi no icar. anMliiiig Ik
is rieli yes rii ii !'C ahovo lhe win
w il'iall tin' extern::! nf ivc,,!;h ::tl! ifiui
atii! Iiii'lo'v lioari'd faliinii arc in r"ii'.
pour in hvart, poor iii'nsiirc. .lust a r
tjt iiirrci-'i'S in ! t-ir-t h:; i!'V! .".v;e ii t!u
(.;,p ii.i!'!v i f f! j m i"'; Iii". Ai'd I bold i
tnli' id il t'i'' 'm!'I iV" ni ii'i; In In! f j . t v -c!
' ail 'I 'iii! d ii! l :u!ii( iy r : verv lin.iiiic
J wi" d i'it !( a ii' 1 it 'ie'i a u
it s -iri--! iin"i' It 1:1 Wi',.!'.il. A
r;iiM ba il 111 bi 11.
A vini"T I- ri ii 1 i 1 :ravt,r, wbit In
loartied to mallei t'-c laneii ir.
wont to !i:.fl " i ll a er:; lit-.nan (.a n I
bdfi.'lit a letter id i"! 'i"lm" i m. Tin-
fl t Vli)ll-f!!!! P f f)l I lllllilf I i'l IJI'lUi''.
'M.i f"i!' o- I It?, 'In iii iiiji i
ti.i iiiiieli si) n n, e'.
'I'll' (i.-xt day be wMied to on! t a diivk
rn f ir lii.s d;mii'r, luit be ciTiid n it r- 1 .1 -U-e.
liif1 1 if I111 )"r;.!i i'V Ii': turtle''
1 i r 1 lie.' ". iaU'i -'. i'C i r - ;.! e,ni;ln iiili.
of a 1 ailirr-i'n'.'!; tut n rbi.reh,
I at you ell t: m 1 ? cii'! li'iifJ be, puitii-
'That i a chiirrh ijwci' nnswtred be
iini'.ur of bote!.
'Den I wish voti have tbe k!ir:nf? to !
rots', von cbtireb toivcr for inv dinii'r.
It js stated that a subject of the Kinir oi
I'rtissia, a talented mechanic, heii'jj aboin
to euiierat'' to Auierie.i, was aircMed and
btoilfht it fire bis M'jesly.
'Well, my good fiifiit!,' s aid tlio Jv in r.
how ran w C p( rstiadu you to rsinain iii
'Most gracious tire, only by irakine
I'nnsia hat America is..
He was allowed to emigrate.
A '. Mi:t f 'p, a'untt s-.arlit il'iwn 1
Huff ,d i.i, j n jmssrd to per. h-ie a. lilt
: 1 n t r.
Oil yim'.I ii 'I w 't;l it,' si!-:r;cd I'-.c
.(i'btgs i f wind won't sink.'
'(lelii'H will always work its Wly
';:H',' f t'
tt "aid, when ba BaWjliad (i irliilly rc::'e I i's tvi'ri,;, proeeeiictl
ti.e it'jj iv Ct ins coal.
WONDKIIl'UI. pki-.skuvai'Ion UI-
lief II. A. Rowland, formerly pastor of
die (' 1't'oil St, I're.sbv'eriaii Church in
New Yoik, but now a resident of Houss
dale, Pa., bin sent t the ( 'iMmier-ia! A !-
vpniser a cii en in Manual aeetiun'. id ihe rirru
dreadful calamity at CaiiMinl di, cjusijI by
ibo (allir in nf ctia! iiiiihu nt place.
Hie nt uinrr in wbieli ilir 'ifu of Mr, J dm
Ilosir, fiirnterly of New York, was precr
vet!, is sit reioarka'de i'iii 0 ciinnil fir-
near ropy mi ,Mr. 1, w 1:1 mi s tVi-ai ipiiiii;:
Mr. Itti'iiJ wpii! into .' in- Nil, '.'.nileiiil-
1 t 1 . tit
mg It) pun iir. laiiiou prr.iei.t v, inn; 11:11
prVf t (J y v! : built fi mile, w lien i' S'aiillv ihr
itioiiiitjin over bis brad iIc-m ended wilfi :in
vful rt'asli if every iliii'' w bieli npjmed
n i"'re.n, ami I i t t dt'W'i over bun, br
ing up tb road with rro-bed ctial and buttl
ing him double, leaving not a foot of up an
!)Ctivrrn tbesulid ma"1 a'itve and tbe c'liisb-
ed imaI tit-low. Tim di-ia'ici) dttueeiitb.-t! ,
was 1 1 1 e ln'ijjht of l!ic niini', or Irom tx u
ei" it c'tt 00 "rc-it uc tiroastirte f'
ibr nir 111 it it prodiirtcl a tinlul sci'saiion
as il Nittiii! sharp iiisiituitMil bad !:een lliius1
into bis rar'. All "ri 101 il darknr s,cvcr
'i;;!il i'i the tuitie oi mz iim imly ( x'iiiiii-li-ed.
Ever and anon di" tliiiiid-r id' the fjli
in" roar'.-tl !:iro:t;i(i Om rjverm. Af
(er wailii a ? nil:. lib; :in'; ofiiruefjr lb
roeks to eea-H filling. M,-. llti.-'ie btri
remove t'.ic loose ma'.urial amuinl iii 11 and
orieep. II irif d otii iy an I it was
'.'ospil He t!"i'i prin-i'dlcd in die ollici
i.iree'.n;;; and af cr niii" bmirj inecsinit !oi.
.Teep:p, fir.oving louse ooa! end s'ato, ain!
sq'if ; zillj bi:tts(df p tl (ibsljideH, ,a a-a..!e
bi 'vr.y intotlie open mini. I'i'ii l;r tri
ed In c;rl!. ( a li"'.'. I'i'l ... : . 4 ' -.J 1;.
eiinia dam;) win. Id pot in'te. lt
lell aronnil him
di-covt'r d by the di
rection uftha r.iili'oo.1 lb it, m.iirri;! of ma';
in; hiti way out, bn had jone fariber i'tt"
ilis mine, and was cut nfffroM a return by
.III! in laS wbieli hill Sft!!;'.! dnsn Htl the
ro'Htl. lie the n bt".bon;it him of l!i tiir
'mle, at'c-npte-l to r.-r.i b it; but the. p.v;
;h'i! bad been 1 rt.slted in and ebcd. IJe
:ng in the vicinity of ti.s t.:i:,in;' cpntion.
be lonnd koiiic po tier, 't d fprtr.iiii'g il or
the floor, ft!leaiita with a pick to ipti'.e
't, but eo'ild not. fie found hio aeon oi
bi, 'a1m;:!i bo vr-.i 1 ; d i i e:.?o id r.wi't
tn it'-e f.n' fend.
A!l ' ( -1:1 (la; ,.
rount-ein ovr r liioi v.
Itl off blin'l i'lt C'S ei
him to rmi'tftit dse
. ai.,1 lnc put m
a'-o r r ; . 1 ; 1 1 f--. ibro'.v
1 '.?. a:;,l 1 .-ei ,i.j
:r i:M i v ; .rp; ! 1
not a p'iri of ibe h
t: ", e .; ;n c.i:..i: 1. jv. n
cr ! Itl.t iy to foi
ls 1'.: titer, .!r
i! as bn ecu!.!; be
11:1:1 l:i
1 hi...t-.-;r
.v. I'I
r :i ii
.s "'i!.'!:. l;:i'l ft ll I i tJ lijlC bv
lie , i.'i a pi-:, c of ph.'tl!;.
V.rciil ': ces i,i:i r,r, no ami the
be b itels.
.'. rt'.'.e in ibi
hour w he.) he ' i.t 1
in to'al liatklif?-, 1.
'.'lain pom!?. I'jine
f 'm iiii.-;.-;.:! his
j'vv b.'i'. ". f'.-d led '...-m:.:'ri bis acrpiainl
i'i.'D tvitli ine rsii'K to si t bi::i-iil n:'!it.
lie first tried 1" r; aeh Mo. 1, but ftfier toil
ii::T to that roa il, found that it w i a!o ci usli
eil in. Ilis only chance sreinid then to
n.-ot'ced at riedit angles wi'i the ri'.in e.rlcr-
ics of l!:'j iiiltin and pp:ss over to No '), Bin!
'.'lis he biboii'd to dj in ae-ornatieri 'Vilh hi
ie.t jil.!0'ci!icii!
At 0:10 limn he pissed tbro'te'i n narrow
np'.rance inio a (drim'ner, an I m endfivmioe
10 creep mil the Other side. In: was ean .'lii
111 a narrow place by the lull a1' vt siuhr,
do'n 1. pan him, and rem lined in l!iis juni
lion an biiir, i-xpeetinj to die there. II 1:
inother eetilir j of the mass ebushed 0111
-iiiiiie of the materials Mound biui, and In
a.l e iiabd lo I'ipp hnnseif mid dr.i'V back
int'i the chamber of ibe mine. In reuirr.i:.
invvever. to 'die bolo bv which lie b id ei
, 1 11 the ( ii'r.iiiee. be Itnmd In bis il : ; m a -;!,:.!
it " 's c'.u-cd: be w::s o nt -1 1 t
10 1. 11 :.l a lie w iris -.u'1
I'i ii.i'. I
Lis way mil " 1:1
It ll.'enli
Tiiin, ;d:c r wi-i k i
1V--1X b"wis, be jt I
, 1, mi l..r ir, . -re linn
!.,n ll
tli rce in d Nn. M,
where be rented, r.i.d liien when
the bid
inward liio niouih of iho mines.
On bis
way Iifl met Mr lliydfn, onu of the iiper.CIIAKC().VL FOK l'LSACIl TiiHA'S.
intondeni", w ho, with In intn was explo
ring the cavern with lij!iis in ec lrrdi ol
bin); and si about livi; o'ttbtek in the morn
ing be emerged l ibe liylil of d iy, baviiiji
bcou given tip as deid, and been i.iearcera
icd in ulK.r daiknesi bei,ei!i a p c : 1 1 i n ; 1
moiintain for forty ei'it Itunrs Mr. 'Ins
told mo many of tltesn pariirular", and tin
others I (leaned I'min i!i prim ijial nlTicer.
f the comp-tiiy, to whom, limy were nar
rated. At one liiiie. Mr. Hn.-in ..iw limits nt
di'iance, but ibey soati vanisbed Tbf
wpie i!iu bhts tj men in number ihret
ei kiui lor bun. Tli'-s I'i'it.s Itoevcr is
siiied bioi that be ' hs 'iiiriii!i? the rij;lr
'ottrse. Mi Hiisic'jt h uiili were s eran lift
Mid cut up by winkiiiL, so as to bo com
;deiry covered with Hnres. IIsiie"tr fo'
j 1 1 C mo nenl lost bis sell pnesjin and ti
b'.ti fae!, added to bis la"l and persif veratiel
is 10 be ascribed bis deliveraiien.
Tbcie went about leriy rn 'n in the mines
vbea ihfi cat:isirop!i(! occiureil, and ih r CC
tvlto ( sitapnj owe'l their preservat r.i:, in
trr iiii.-asure, to 'Jr. !!r ;lo:t, n:m t: th
'iiji' i in'O'iilenls, who cot! Jin-led llie,-7i out
ivnii ereat roolnct.J atn! sclf-no'-cs-'ion,
vbic poiiiot.s of tin; bill oilier than those
ivhii b first fell, were suttliitg down around
dtsfi) Ijnniii'g thai one poor Iiisli labor
tr, w'jij bail been sii;i'-!t down by a slate,
v is left, wiih bi.i leg broken, l:e went back
ilotie and bru'thiji ont, S nnelimcs be tva
O'npelled to creep pud diaw the itinn idler
inn, ibro rteviees wbieli wero boon alter
tb.sed by tit.) seuling of i5u bill. In two
boats morn the whole. 13,1 shut i'o-.vp. fo
liia". if bs bat! been led'1
bee a iacviinble. 'i'lmhs to .'.'r. IJry
:ftu fur bis coolais'!, inl.'i ;:idi'.v and bu-
Ti:a grsutust pon-i'Je f,'.nt3 are new
e.ndo by woikin' n'l.t end day t.i rcat b
tlid p!a: v.'bji'c the !iT..:,rn '.vert! t.i voil.
nit faint iicpes, however ; licii: l.e I :e
pif'.ln thorn, '"lis ;d.,e:i ir.r.ut prob .1;!;.
e rcail.r.l hefor t!: roid.iiv of next .t.i.k
if iben. Ti e pi'o'oibility ': t'iry have
'11 en erti'h.-d to daih. ; of tbetn e,,ri
br.v I i ko
Ci iaiirtv 10 t'S il il.
u:y-n sufKc: i r i ion
m' yea: '
.iled T..i.
a i ,i' ir
f.erH'i'ion r. ro
ll ft!,.- ft.
, ti, - 1,
f l-V
. n 1 i It le.f SI,.:. (.,
1 1 . r
I tin
'it'-.vr; to tit) :ii'ueh e i.v :l
-1- i .in .il '.'Us as w:Ii . - ', .,:
,'.. -; I :) ' ( r .1 r ( 1 ' .,
'.- si:' d 1 1 s't p nn , I ,r, er,
'' 1
.i -:i
: - r.-v '- f. ; ,-n t , .
:...w. if br
' t , I : i--,v In
-!,,iii:ii . ? 1
tVi.'il.l i.-e
. 1 .1 . 1 j !i
He ,r:,l, i ('
) w s ;
!';'.il I '.-' ''.I -1
I'd :,-y th-: :::o;;rnp
And to the pallid iin r
" imnor,
r's U :rs,
I tin - - no :.o
And fricii.'s tl,:,'. 1, .:!
And ''..:::.' i th''! il
IM caii. e to me. I
, 1 1.. C"; e
-.'.. 11 -,.!.!
And miii-lc r.s ..f o'd
I And tli'i : 1 d us- tin p.e 1. id', s powi r
To t-'c a'.l'T .T :::;-: .1,
i'ill ift a ,r or aidii.i; bc'-it
L'oul'I h the world ! b.n'el;
Oh! ill 1! '.'.. ti..)' a! COie-it."!
1-1 !!
(;ve Si"',' I men' . ,-iinbI "I tin: p' '' e'
imp li propt'i ! v -ip;.-ieriaU-d ail billy
.; 1 11 ,', on'. 1 1 wo'i'tl !) ' It 1, ! .' i i'
,'iriuo'H, 3ud r.o'utf, nt 1 i'i: cni .'. 1 1
)' iliciidvs as tl I-: -ji;i aa en ! V I ',!
II! 'Il
b.i1.-:- on tli--; m- It t i'u !-.- ! -tli: d
lis t ' 1 ii'ii- nf tiie ' .! -i t
t ,
its vc;m;r ; til b
tvoobi 11 ' :'
n : n e and d- t 1 a I,
ita'" 10-1:1 fi oui i'i
s .1 !l 1 ;ip V and in:-"
id td (!-. Clt.l'dell
I . 1 t.
I ii- 111 in V lo :'..
ei i'ii- tvb;e'l d-'
(1,1, 11:1 I 1 C 1 ier
1 it1,- - - ii'tp:; 'io bin
i.t (jvc. v ',::.!; ! I .m-v v '
'Vliim off Iftit f'.' t.'i.uld li'' i'iii;m'!ei
! I - S . tolled. If it V.'-lP p 'S ')'.- fif Ml
i M;.t. of thine 1,1 t v-i, -be vrltl in
s' r :t 1 o! b- 1 o e a pel I-p.i il ir Jirilm
j.V b- - pu.- ' : I ! 1-n b':l us H i
.f 1 1. en! 1 I'lured lis p.a'.V' t's.
r '.;:' : ". t
1, :,',i ,?;' -7 ..'c.v . .j J.). A -'.imui.irv
U t e-naboe-. Inr '.lie l.t-l t ear up.,:i lie' ial.c
donn liii' period of n.n le-iiimi, MVit t!n
i.umlirr ef Ijves lost a (id; ves-ela a!lon
(:p-,; i-ti-.d -vreeks vii); a, .) o
!( o(K t!::uiges.
A 1'nei'ii oi 111, ue iij. pisi im inieii "inu;t: tvnn mckiviini, anti iijim m
me of Hie success bo lias im t wi:li, by Prop or two of ilia', ami iln-n oil, an
1 he application ofcbaicjal 10 bis if pcIi l,l"n liy clover, and do not b li,.i-oii'-
ire'es; a I'-w y-nrs-to bo b id sum-" fine U1'1' if ll"! fi'-l emp of clnver is n
iei a in bi-i'.i d which in vm ibly bad n 1,1 ek a ymi onld wish, hut u v a
nml woiniy leu t; w!mn fit: fiil.t w.i 11,1 ber C 1 op, and 011 w.l I soon lnvei'i
tbo'it Hn. s z cl in ti bh s, lis had lb-; isf .(V i'n i f h":im j )ir tv-r.i on
"'.r' leinnvcl Hi X. 1 '. 'Jh r?3 a'.v! 2 ' "nlsio 1 ! "C y 'i ;!..u.:'t..
Vrt liontnl und J inches deep, and lide ir'oo, I uoilld ny lo Hip firmer, Ilia
in v.'.th ehaiie.ot!: t.i tc.-ull 1 hat
be Irmt trew 10 .1 li ip sizi I'ri-e fiom
vvonns; and every yitu i'iiie, t!):' fin .1
11s bein jjoof! , and ihj trees hecmii
liealihy and i'tei; I'roni t;'i 0; while Uvi 1 11 wi'diiinl !he t'lMfcoa't c 11 ' 1 mi
10 bear woiniy (nut, arid lint li'tj tin
nealiht ; as tti.s will lis in ' i . 1 1 e; t .r tin
eidcis of the'ii Ij in kc a liia.
'b:s car, aril shinibl il ja uv a.s gond
villi o'l:"is a 10 this cue, it wi.hiM In
if ",i'-'ii heiK lit in iin; It ml flower.
Il'l irtri' is ti:i j 1 .1 11 1 their pumpkins.
ill 11 , and 0' hi.r vins on land llul
11 ptmbi corn I i 'i j ear I hi.-y v : 1 1 nevei
ae in:. hied with lb? yriped bu.;. 'I hi'
nure lias bean praetist-l Itero ltt many
,'r,ir.", and his jl.vays proved Mieres-
ul, wlit u vinos pii:.'.e:l o:: land that Inn
iiiy oilier prop, even vine ibn yea
ntvioJus, ai e dcsHoyed by tin: bii,
y 1, km no UMiEK ci.ovi:;;.
Mr. Tucker.--T!ierr' i, pnl.-p-,
inuthutt of cuncbinj lands m ite r Hi '
entiy, ami at so tibeap a 1 ale, as tlni o
itiowing down pecn clover. ( :.
icki'iowlctlsd by all proclical l'.i".ner.
n 0110 of lha best, if not tho veiy lies'
grif? is rxisl.incc I'jr feiti!iz:nr;
l' long tap roots reach inlo th sjb
,tJil la"c-n kna ,c,,uer , u'r
dev.:. vonhi'"c;! l,v 1 ,,r""w: l,,r,' ,s '
uiuUtici! witi.M. ;.tt:rts err;: ti 1 ni
"ft col.? over p'ovcr in the I' .nn of 1 ie.!i nol
1 vl""h ! '!;h'-. no
! 1 1 - f v 1 w : t : 1 j n i
Ye.t Wii il these ;;cn
hi? eyes of f 1 r n i f
v j yul n .mi ted ' o bi
! v; ;,-d enr:c!.io t :i
jnl fi
ho'.v :";
fi lit:: j:'t
' fsw (.1 its i
l; :d ol" r-r,c
vort. (.'.;! L.tiJ". my of im f inner
ll.SL 'V3 ":' 3 Ct t.ll it r!0V5e "I'll Wli
li-i ',i I j ;dm H :n, ns it l-.:')'.'i 'y
JO.I to li V.Uil'.'sd, ll.O POPS' (,'ONie
tl.-it ,t 'ii put for 1: iy, :-:d le'i fltai.e-.
ci 0 ui if :t t.i net npuiiid it) m !'.!;',, i
Itjt l-.y iitj '11IC i! X'J'S it'tlo I In) Ii.-.:::, I
nciL.ti bn' a bi:-(.'i i-f stjnts, 'i'li.-M
t .r.aoy A n'-tcot ( ;.'..miis as i. 0 lb
nit. 1 :!.' M ol 1 in'.' 1 r, at1.:! us tbn in s
imr o tuintfH il UliH.- Ii-.i' put 11 bi'i;
I.e. mil. T''i::e ;m iVr !o inv li:. ,1',
i: ii- loi s Iii" ,' p..) .. 1
ti.a; in 'Ins slat:- il. i
', im) !) i'ii-i-i-It :'.-is
., .,.'.:'; -I.I ' '" ',ry
e ( i 1-it ! il o,i c-r.e "
I 1 1 ;
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r, ll; ' it.ry tin 1,:.'. want to S"W .-,11.
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1 ::,! in if '! !; doctt i-.e ; laiti
in: u ..U lliat tnc" :. 1? a.i.tidoi 'I is j,
if ail i-t i-'es iv i" e.i.' ( b.op : Ih-; )
hill!; ih' 10 'j'"!1.:'
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J m si?tt, at lb:-tain-:
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imli r e ,i er, is i:i .1 et
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.Vhere 'he Cl'-'p 01 c'oVi i' is Iii
h.,tV- III tbt'
1. nil.
a hcnvx, .
.'i.iinc wi:
over it i l.e
iloivii su: '
If 1.
1 1' ymi p: .'"--, t.i y press it
,:Iet.ily o 'nt :i il under.
1.1 n a 1 -a;'! 1 I'd 1 1 lae p. u.V
clover down,
vill do lb"
tn'd If 1.
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turned Um
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lib :! I'i1 -.!'. in "-b
lilis t.1
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l.niiiti 1 r. 1 1 ' 111 t 11 1 ,. ; 1 j 1 1 j;,ii a no 1111.
lotv I!i! it mil- I.t . id I v in inv. il,- I
on poir. w orn out binds, it wiil be oU
llltle'l-.n !') SOW cb.ivrr. as tll-t B o! VVi-ii
ill! p(ii(!,icj lb 1:1 UUJWi r !0 lhi:
I would siy that on such lands, m
I ' '"' ' on '( 0 in four plover o
'"' n "'ider fceo, or m i; il intn hay
-otv elovrr. t Dl'UAXI).
Ueiby, (Innn , ()!. In. IS L".
i'AIi.lMU'S llOVS..vJ W1NTEH
We popy tlie ftdlowin "otnl ami
iT-ly s'lyjrsiiong ft ,in Uie ''irn,er'
! I a b 1 n ? t :
All know lint it is by lillle and Iii
tie tiiat i he biids build their nest, and
iin? bee ber pell. lodnstiv wid e sr
verenpp wilt accompli h in time;, fai
more tinn the unrellee'i'i are. a; t h
ii pirt. K,irmei'. boye, for i:i-tane' ,
.vbo would ()end a cuupdi! i f lnui
l! rsj l-tn winter evrnii in j tr -t use
I'ul books, wn.ild, a 'co'iijilisli n
'Hrrc or four m o a ' i 1 what would sut
ji iso one win is ip-o-'ouied lo b;:'er
0; nvty thes" rpiie! pm I iocs of ii daj
vliiihoiit employ in m, i. Sbyy Ito'ii'"
n Ibe ' in'Miib, saved f.ooi evenir.cs.
vbi.di tnibt o'hrrwi"" Inve bein spem
vo'ibl attiootit in iln (";! si of a Imi
vinler, !o as nni'.b tini", ami va i!d eo j
t'llij a Ijtl 10 ace, ini,:,, ,n n.itti a
Vwt.l.l StVl'ral iser k-' stlt inli "S. ;i'i'
iho lioy who w.l! ibti pci scvcri ily a'
lend lo bis o'vti iinpr ivempii!, nriv r-
ipnn it bis i ncre:ij"t! iu'elli'Mic
vill not only a l l to Ins rei'-rii'iilm
O'll bo w.ll be ail tlio In tier filled lo
be t.c'ivt: and i,ponsible diri.s of Ii,
inwards whii h b'j is oil'jn ten : 1 1
lookin r
i ! I
Hi It tok I ir lioc,
ny lo fanner's boys reject su.-li a-
b'lndod on fijiioo, and choo.-"; 'hose on
y wh'ch ''ei! w 1 ' 11 ii Lu'ivj lac s
is 00 o '.viral bis'tii't , vma-'s, travel
.nil bior.iplii.i, tincieiil am! nioderi
is, lor y li,)t id' your own pmiiiiiy ii
1; el'- ffoeo lo ull oliieis V'lll vil
V'jtse tl: ill Wa.s'e your Inn- l,y deVot:nt
t to ftPlit ot;s readni '.vhieli thoiii!
enin.' iiii-S inio'iiecilitllabit! ill i S It'll
W'm -, i.i r 1 1 1 1 1 e of a coo'i.iiy ciiarnc'e
ml 'luldo."-! indeed really u-e!ul. A
mrrir! ri ers h is oi- rted. j ou si o ii
in as par'icMibn 10 ins pho:ee of ymi
ion is a; in ib" 1 In i e 0' your frieod.
If vo-.i eaily contiaei a IikIjiI of tieVo'i ai
vctir ;-is'i: j !::in; lo us( fill readii'i'.voi
vi. I lio'J the lute to
;i 0 v'!i end "'11 n;; !:
'tow wiih vi'o
ti v i'h you 511 I
1 : -. : 1 yi'.l vi 1
i'l !teeii;.. iltllitOVPtl
r ':'ji fi.-.? c; In-; meui'ii novvei, a-
v t 1 1 r b.'.d ies ei e b v ai" nn.
If iho you,!- ci--i.M btP jtl-'Iy nppte
rsiij'.o :ir.' i;:es'i:ii.ib!.T v a!u of kuowed"".
lb" p.i.vtr it lia atr " lorant-e tin
!'!.'-...-a il Inn .seoiii.n.i,' vir'ti", ip
,;t.::..bii,: ;, a:.. I ni'i 11 woild 1I11 ih
, ::.r-' in-y nev'.r vtibl sp' nd in fiivolous ,1
: 11 1: ' iin ti t or '.v. .-'' in i ib-iitss, a sinalt
.1 j: J'i'-::r of witi'er ( Ven 11 i whirii lb -)
On. Iloi'ht devii. e In profit a Id;: Illdy or tea.
I r. Win re lln re i- 00 0 poi'tuuily bn
il'll l.e' I "d SOLS to eet ii.niks It mil'. I
'b'-.r p. :e:,i. hould by ail in -. !, put-
j !,:,, ibnn fi-r lie in if pos.-.biy wnhii
i!,.':!- -...r.ver. ,n :io or !r. 0 noii
be :!. pal li wlitK 1
would b,i of t,t : 1
f !:) i'.::n: l..l im'e d; tin-
Uiilli'l-I -.
-as ,:.t-y
'.on:,! l.e heller ill 111 loo ill n.y,
'..tciid im lk"ly lo dciivt
llOipptt.'! fllilil hf.'o.iliii' will ae
pi.lii,';;! vvilb ibf tonleoLS of J few.'lon
I, nn a : up' I lit 'al peti'..t! of r.'any ()nC'
nt. "i (..-. d lit n 1 I'i'.!, or s'J Iy, ,lCie,K.
s tvini', 1:1.1'. pit .1: u-r't:;e!y mir.
. 1
v 1, ,1". 1. ." s n.t'Vt 1 : 11 1 1) "a ii", ,
11 is '.pjlih. il. , '.vb. in pni'i l ejiijiiy as it may decline issuing hs proiin--"iv
in:!ei tro enl: ii-t d li'.uid p...s.i.'.-.U'S tuiifi.; tbeii w by tliimlil t!i li.t:ilr. v id i's, PoOiptie.i Wild t Si iiilbt; ear
!'.! di.fooi'i is nn tioT !ii:i roioin"!
iilu'. f oi'-i s' hons, we art? a.!dipss,ot
o;i in p-n iirui..i : impiove whjievnj
1' t'li.tiili.- .'on liavn t, ioM.r.ii Vo.lii
1.,.,,., iJZ'.uW . !- a.u...l liial whett v. i ...lil'ssiifrieieiittopayal!; but .,.:. pcceiv"
dirt ve heroine touoe; Oilmi. i".n- iiib'ienre
.1 in' ' in 11
Vast ileal
;'. 10 so
t ';01
it? 1
v 1 ' lif t)' 00 I-
exit nt of - oil'
ktlO'.V P'd-i
A mi.', is 10 ooa linpor-
liu.t ip-p-e:, !. ertne i aoo'I'er, ma
bmueli its , is Vll,rc uucinaettl M,ao n
.i i : . ........ 1 , I.. ...., 1 -i v
inn ner a on ie noi amu iitu.-i ) i'-.i ;
ti Imtp lo 1; now ie o ,-r. S'Oie i', lb' 0 Im
our voiilh lot i
rtrcinbcr tho Iru.h
the l :
(,(!, ifitnniiMn ol UoiUsliii'.h,
'"I'ilO b") IS i.l.ll 10 a 111211
7o the, Semite and House of fifji csetira
tcwi nf the Coiiiiiionweuth nf Vainxy a
vim in,
(T;.vru:.u!:x: The Hill eniidcd n to 1
'i'-mpor,itiii; the Armsiroiis; eniniy 11 id;,'
as presinted f,tr my lignumi on ibe lit ii
lay of April IjuI. t t-rlitriri.l.m r tl... ...
lablisbmr ut ol a 15 ink ai Kitiannii tr, wiih a
apiial of fifty thousand dolhus, who b in v
)t iiici-ptneil to (mo hundred ilium n d i , ,
ir", at ibe pleasure .if ibe- Smekb dth 1 s.
This bill invoices the policy ef incte:...
illg the banking eapilal of ibe i'-':a!e, nail n e
-siablisbitieni of new J inks in vannus ff
dons of ibe (lommoiuealib, aga'iisi whieli
I hive fxiressed my views at I, rep in i),e
in -a're tr-insiiiiitiiil to the JiPei-bimrtt at
be commencement of the pn sent S-s don.
I'here do 's notappe ir 10 be any ')ihin: m
lie eoiidiiion, pursuits and biis'itii ss ,i ii,e
teopls of Armstrong county, dilT rinj: fimii
'nosd .f many oilier pounti'eg of ,t,.t
vit'iin whine limits no banks exist, wlm h
iresent peculiar I'laims lor the establish-
uent of a bank. 'I'licir piitsuils are es:-fi:.
idly a;;riptilPiral, wliicb of nil t!m in hi .
rial enipbivineiils of the renple, rn-ere,
ml happily require, least the biiiil'n ial aid
ro-n I't trik lieeninniiidalioiis.
Ilowtiver useful limks may be. in
italmjj e.itnmereiai trans iPiiniis, 1 x,'iii n---has
shown, that those aeiictiliiiral ibsinni
' bieb Inive bern ftirlliHresi re-onnd fiw, 11
'heir i'libipnee, bare smll'iretl le :,si
o.ifiir and pecuniary eiiiliarramiiic:' ',
It is by no means pertain, ib,,i ibe p m
'iifra-;ei m the inereasirjj manoi'ie'inefs , (
7: msP'or.'j cotinly, w here eapilal is so ip
nedi.iic'y piodue'.ive, r (jnire the aid, it
viiiihl lie 11111U-1 i.dly liem ,'iilei bv ihn es'-1 -ishcitiii
of a b'ink Tln-ir Innini s, on,-,
cii-itis coiiejiiiiaie in I'ltisbiiri;, l!ic tireni
n irkel ,'nr ilieir Iron and other producD-vi
Vi that p.iiot they lay tlie found itoms ,
retlit bi: J e.-Ublish claims lo aceoiiiuioib
The ercatlun of a bank dors no', ni-.,Vr
my eirc.i msianees, present a stntt'y Ined
ins!ioil I'! tell of these iii.Milti'inns xth't
s proportion to tbe g"neral cuciibiiuin of
aper noney, and thus rd'cols ibe ciiiit iu "
I' ibe whole Ft.i'e, in ibe pnimdness of
vh i b, nil are inlerpstcd ()nr euneiii v
iiiw is co nparatively good, and 1 tre nd
a an itiipctativn (buy of tbt Mxeeunve a
ve I ns the Legislature, to juaril 'letiinii i's
leprueiaiion. We rre adiiioni.-h'-d ,v re
tut rxperifnec of the dis.istriMi'i tll'eeis i-f
xees;ivc ban!; ii.jr, from which tlie pi'iz.-in
hive not yet entirely ipcovred not to inc
1011 a course nf policy lemlinj to prndiu d
ikt! letutbs.
In addition lo ihese reasot, fur withh,.!d-
:11a my ajiprrn-al of iho luil, llinie can I11I
iiiaultation limn I found leisure in In . -tow
ipon ibe su!'ji!i.-t duriiif' ibe liist uimiihsi of
11 V l'l!'i 'ial duty basKatirfled lli lhal in oi
ler m make the pririeiplo of i (dividual ha
liny of s'.oi-kbobb:is eli'eelpe 11 lim:b
.'Pil.rai e all the liabilities of the eoi in iiine.
lie the provisions of tin' bill bi f ie me, li la
niir.ed pi not' bobb rs.
It is inie that de posilt s are nude lolun
nrilv, v bile men are coinpelb d to re. tit"
1:) p.av ui' ilt of ibeir dues the cut rein- v who Ii
11 in I'ei.eial I'iretiialion. I.ulti.i- tlm imt
ff 1 t ibe nilu that stockholder ; m Im tl- rit e
'io!'; s (una a corporation, should iimnr a
f riespoadiitt lubiliiy for a' I i s t near.
AH tl'.e enniiarts of a bank are olon',in'
I ri.f ir 11.. n 1., i ...i . .in.,.. 11.. .... m ..l
lian folders in ease of failure, cot Unl
'0 all its debt:.. It is Iran that one colil' i' t
may be more favored by the lavv tli-ni 01I1
t rs, in ibe order of p i v iiieiit, u hen the bmil
10 ii.i-aoi lor exoneraiiri a Hinveui 111 icnr
'1 out ),e payment ol all his deb'n. Indeed
be (IfpoMbor of moneys for rafe ke -tniig, i
. 1 ... 1 t .
j (,, n rejanleil f.s a creditor if lh
i nit n'oi iou.s r ink, as be b it-iins neitii-
:(,r 1(.,ft. ,l0r rri r,(i
hi partaken
id iIsh true-1 ebitr.i'-ler w hit Ii '' - j i--l claims
cl,1" Vtrum i ro:,'; S M- ' l"'4 ln w nini auumi zes im- i i. -mi'u n
Pjiipct current)', a ui.dt r sjun 11 t,