The Columbia Democrat. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1837-1850, October 11, 1845, Image 4

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    AN ACT
yConCtrhinX Vlt kemoval of the Seal
1...L r Cnhnnhia Cnuntu.
of Justice
.from Danville to JDluomsburg.
, . , , .1 o , I. .. . . .
a t n l a.. ... 1 h Ilia Nana. a anil .,- .1.1 ... l. -..C.,1.. mnmimj ik .......
cwuoii ..... -j
House of.KepresentatiYc. f the Commonwealth of
tsnfiavivflinik in llfneiTnl AaxeinblV met. anil It U
kl... l..ik.nil,nr.lnf ihrt Thnt
it shall and may be lawful foi the Qualllled Vo- prepared for thereccplion thtieof, and fiom thence- pl1' of their meelltirr to cast tip all J In
ter who have Keslded In Columbia Coun- forth the 8eat of Justice in and for the county of vniea reccivei) in the difTerent eleetion (lis
ty for at LK.1ST MX C.lil!S UAH
-ff WWWB .'.j,,',i npr1tnrr thf nrrl Gnim
" ' , .1
Efcrfyw, to vote at such e lection ijipon , the
ouention ofltie removal of their Seat of Juotice from
l)anill. to said county, in the man- fre held atZtonvillcmAVfor said county, w" ci.suaii ne nieu in tne omre o trie clerk
nor wiu Those in favor of Kemoval ehallbekept and held at Dlonmsbuig in the build- of ' t0,fl (if quarter essions and tlie other
hatl vole a written or printed ticket libelled, ingj erected for their accommodation as aforesaid, in the offiee of the Commissi. uiers of said
"SEAT OF" JUSTICE," end containing the Hep.. 4. It shull be lawful for the citizens of county of Columbia.
word ''FOR BLOOMHMJRO," aud those op. Bloomsburg to obtain subscriptions from any per- Si c 11 It shall be the duty of the Shrr
foml to Removal, shall vote i written or print- i0I1 0r persons willing to suUcribe any moi.ev or iflr ,-,,;,, gai(, f Coum,li;li , caus,
ed ticket labelled as aforerfRid, and containing tho materials for the erection of such public buildings . ... . ; . , . , ...
words" FOR DANVlLLI;'Mhe.aidtiekeUtobe.9Broprviuodforinthesecond8eetionof.hi1;;1ctl,s,,, to be pub.wned Hi nt least three
deposited in a box which shall be provided for that and in default of the payment ol the onnie, the newspapers published in said roiint) ; fnral
purpose at each and eveiy of the election polls of county ('onimii"(ioiier are hereby empowcicd to least mire in every week lor sixty days im
said county, and the returns of said election shall cause suits to be brought in tho nameof the county mediately preceding ihe next general elei
be made in the same manner by the Roturn Judges t., enforce the recovery of the same, and when col- j0lli 4ni' sri ,,e ,av 0f , flection
asm the cite of the election of Mcmbe.s of the leded to be applied towards defraying the expenses , , ;,
A.-m.,lM r,.l if nn lha niplincr of the KetUrll nfklirh lull lilltifrn. . I
l,..l.i .l,all...M.r ikatamsinritv of the votes
hsve ben given in favor of Blooir.sburg, then tho
following scstions of this act shall be of full force
and effect; but if it shall appear that a majority of
votes have been givon against Bloomsburg, then
the following section.of this ict.h.11 be null void
Bsc. 2. That if a majority of the voters of caid
,.,, of rnlumWa. oualif.ed as aforesaid, voting
on said question of Rsmoval, shall decide in the
manner provided in the fust section of this act in
favor of the Removal of the Seat of Justice of said
county to the town-of Bloonnburg, tho ciliif ns of
Bloomsburg in said county shall Meet, or cause to
be elected, I iuiih iv .m
KXPEAME, within three years from and after
such ehtion,i'n the town of iloonnburg, suitable
building of BRICK or 8fO'E, of the MOST
APPROVED PLAN,' for a Court Houi'.e and
Pilson, and different eilices for the safe keeping of
the county records, under the diicclion of the
Ceunty Coremirtioncrs, who are authorised tore-
ceive a eonveyance for such lot or lots 01" ground the use of such County buildings, not LEtHi
than OMR ACRE. In 'fee siniplo clear of all in-
'Ciimbrances, ioftlie use of the county of Columbia,
, iha k.iil.linv in bn eractt J on such lot 01 lots
of ground thus conveyed, nu ine loun i.ou.t,
.. . .i.i y-, .it :
and otherpoblie buildings and real estate on wlncU
they are erreted er is appuitenant thereto, st Ihe
j u . f n.KH:il . ... U....V.,, AranlA.1 Bint fnnrm.
mi to fris inhabitants of Mahoning township, with
fall authority to sell and dispose of the same to the
IQVfll r. LdlviiiT. mrv l.ciru,
best aJvantea,e,nd thatsomuch ot tne proceeds 01
said m, is nei-essary to refuni to the citizens of
r....IIU vrtslavarimaunt of ronnev thev mav have
Aflnl. Mr
tnfor the origmal construction of tae public
1 .. .. 1.1. tV - ... 1.1.
KhILIIkm t said town. nd the purchase of Ihe lots
ol ground on which they tre erected, shall be re-
I .Um A elianw snd the hslanre to be
intotbsCoBnTrtif ' vy fur county rnirnoece.
Megister and Mccorder
Prwided No disposition or sale of such public
building liall be maile until Hie court House and
public building! a. Uloomsburg shull be completed,
aim mo jjuuui, iu.u. .iU ic meic-
, ,
8r.c. 3. That so soon as the public buildings
.re completed according to the provision, of this
ci,iiw wuuhui..u..c. a ..,.u., aud.iiall t.e punished u sudi in uccordlec
ofthe.oraeinxbe Uun of Common I'leas of k,.,I ,,, pi0visin the Heventh section of hi
county, and said Court being satisfied thitbuid o I..I...II 1, ih. .lmv nfvr i.l t
buildings are fully completed according to llie true
T?t t'TZ
ul UCiB ulauc , , , ,,,,.,, UIC
ommwsiuiicra yonenu o. u..i county sunn mere-
unon cause tho prisoners, if any there confined in
"ib o.u orison, w uo .... , i ...u .,c,
and the public paper, and reeonh then remammg
in th nn i ir nflwn nt llunvilln. tr hn sntt'Iv driin.
a.l.J i kll.V.n an Q. nfarsal.l t,nih
Columbia shall cease to be at Danville, ai.d the
UII U vnn.n.,,,1 afl Civixl of llto tmiri, ..f
,,, , . . ., , , , r
liloomsburg. ... the said county and the pu he of-
ficcs heretofore kent.aiid the courts of jusl co hereto
Hvr. F If .,v nerson or ncrsons .bull v.He n.i
tho question of removal of the scat of justice ol mid
county of Columbia, et tho electiou authorized to
be held by virtue of this act not duly qualilicd to
vote in acjordance with the first section of this act,
or sh .11 vote out of his or their proper distiict, or
hIh.11 voto mere than once on said question, bo or
thev .0 offemlinu- nnon conviction thereof before
the proper court of quarter sessions of said county,
shall be subject to the penalty provided for in the
general election laws of this Commonwealth.
Hue. 6. If any judge or inspector of the election
.mhorircJ to be held by virtue of this act, sUll
knowingly or wuiuny Mjrtv inu a inaru
qualified t vole on tbo question of Removal of ll.c
seat of justice in said county in accordance the with
Criisection of this act, or shall receive the voic oi
penon not quulilied to vote as aforesaid on said
question, he or they so offending, upon comic-lion
hereof before the proper court of quarter seniors
(said county, shall forfeit and pay for the use of
ij couuty for every such offence, a sum not less
than three hundred or more than six hundred dolr
lurs at the discretion of the court, and shall Undergo
nn imprisonment In the juil of said county for a
nerin.l of not lecj than twelve inuliths or more than
two yearn.
81c. 7. If any Judge, inspector or cleik of the
election authorized to be held by virtue of this act
-1,1. nri.T.ilIu miunAimt up m! m 1 1 T-ilawtv li. fii.iiitn.
imu vi.iiuii, hiisviiuiii, onwn ,.,it., u,,u ,,uuuu-
ently add up and return the votes received upon the
question otoreea'.J, or shall keen afulse tally paper.
or sball be guilty ol any liaud in the discharge ol
Ins duties, every person so offending upon tonvic
linn ilmrnnf in lb Dinner rniirt of mntlnr ot.l-u..
I I " i - ' ""
of Mid county, shall be subjeet to the same fine and
... . . 1 . 1
ncnsltv s sre lmiK;;d upon deHtwucrit iu.lL'eii or
nuprctors by the general election laws of this Com-
Sic. 8. It stall bt (He duty of t!?e Jccs an
ingncctors conducting the election authorized to b
held v viruo of this art to num. .1... l
be egj,y anj distinctly ict opposite, the na'ie ol
cvery citizen wlio Hhalt vote on the question of the of the sent of justice ns iiforcsaid, on the
,niv ,,. ,,,, - i,:,.., ,,; ,,, h1iiM ,, P..;Qlm,,
aiJ(J my w;lfl, 0III;stiiun 60 ,0 J0 ihM U jcemcj ,
pector and clerk conducting the eleetion aufhoi
' ' ' "' " (in addi-
. , the oat I or afliimation be s nowrenii re bv
, , ,..,.- ... nBtrl nr .mrmnljn n,,,, l.n
i,.,i i r.,:,.,r..n .....! ;., ..,.
ijniivniiy miu I'liimuiiy .uiiiiiy iii hcii ii-suru
. . . J .J . J y.
Wllh ,le provisions and requirements of this act.
, ( Hhaj bfi , (, f ,
... J
fl 1 1 It 1 j P S Of fiUl( COUnlV, St tllC limfi and
tricts on '.lie question of the Removal of lilt
. . I i- - I tin i
J OK'I l main, ant. oii.lll IlldltU Oil.
(;crlir1(,illes s,l0wi, , reM)U one ,
. , , ! . .
wll,cl' 8,la'1 ''e 1,1 ,,ie tiermatl langliace, of
8!) ael ,0 00 posletl ill handbill form, in ill'
most public place nearest the eleetion poll
in every election disiriel in said eonntv and
llie reasonable expense of aneh ptihlicatioi'
, b 5 , b , , f c ,
,. . ' . . vulul"
biaby or,lcr8 tJrawr' 111 ,,ie ll5ual way-
fc'EC' Somurhoflhe existing Ibwf
of this Common wealth as are altered or
supplied by this art, be and the same ire
herebv repealed; and aim the art of Astern
b, ' e(J , Uh j(n(, , pmUM nn acl
: . , . - , .
10 "ie 'lpn f" Mechanics ar.d olherj.
"P0" buildings, is hereby repealed so far Bf
it relates to the building lo be erected in
pursuance of this ael.
8pcsker oftho House of Representatives.
Speaker of thi Senate,
Apirovr.-3 the twenty-fourth day of February,
ot(a tbnUMund aipht hundre.l. an,Vfnrt tii-a.
iirJ. issuui
'f (
RI011.9 burg 11- B(. Vo
ILL keep constantly on
sortuicnt of
hand, a large
. Ss-JIVIj -1
which thV will sell bv WHOLESAI b and RE
- ) , , , 1
rAIL.-ona 011 at gooa term e ur"c""
- j. .n.yWiiiAit AipirhnntA omit
can lit elewhtri purchmetl.
olhors, find il to their Interest
liutU of ornin received in psvinci.t.
to call-
WIIERKAS, by an cl of ihe General
Assembly of the Commonwealth of l'enn
ylvania entitled 'An act relaline to election
ol tim Commontveslth, passed the 2d day
of July. A. D. 1839,' in mnde ihe duly ol
die SherifTof every county to givs public
notice of such election to be liolden, and
and make known, in such notice wlial of
ficeri are to be elected: Therefore
1. iiiam Di:iii
High Sheriff of the county of Columbia. do
make known, by this advettismenl, to the
h lectors of said county of Columbia, lhat a
GENERAL ELECTION will be held in
the aaid county on
Tuesday the MM Jay of October next.
at the seveial distucts thereof, as follows
to wit:
Bloom township, at the house of Charles
Uoebler, uloomsburrr
iJriarcieek townslip, at the town-house
in uerwicic.
lyatawissa township, at the house of
6iacy Marjorem, in tho township of Cat
awissa. Centre township, at the house of John
Uerry township, at the house of Jacob
Seidel, in said township.
nailing creek township, at the House of
Uaniel feeler, in said township.
franklin township, at the school house-,
near the limine of John said town
Greenwood township, at tne house now
occupied by John Lemon.
Hemlock township, at the Buckhorn,
Jackson the house of Joshua
Savage in said township,
Jiiberly township, at ihe house o IIu'h
McElrath: in said ownship
limestone township, (a separate elsction
isirict) at ihe Union School House, in
laid township.
iUahoninir township, at the Court House
in Danville.
Mifiin township, at the house of John
ohn Keller, jr: in said township.
Madison township, at Ine house now oc
cupied by John Wel'iver, in Jerseytown.
Mount Pleasant township, at the house
of Frederick Miller, in said township.
Monlcur township, at the house of Leon
ard Lazarus, in said township.
Main township, at the house cf lsnal.
Roaring creek township, at the lionse
now occupied bv V il- x easrer. in sanl
Orange the house of Isaac
C. Johnson, in Ihe town of OrangeyiH
Sngarloaf townsliip, at the hnnse E. Colt
The district composed of lhat part ol
Mifllin towns-hip, laid off fur a new town
... : 1 .....I .) - 1 , .
imp, .u ue caneu -l axion, wtucii, ny an
id of Assembly, passed first day ol
April. 1639, was established into a separate
election district, at the hotisj of idam
Michael, in the said district.
Valley township, l the house now oc
rtipied by John Hans, in said township.
At which time and plat e are In be elected
by the freeman of the county of Columbia.
One Person,
fur Assembly,
One Person.
for Commissioner of Columbia county,
One person,
for County Treasurer.
One person,
for Auditor,
0e Person,
for Prolhonalurv and Clerk of the Several,
Oj?e Person,
. for Register & Recorder.
One J'erson,
for Canal Commissioner.
And aL.) in pnriiitiiirs ol an act of the
Legislature, approved the 2-lih day of Ftb-
ruatv, lolo entitled an acl concerning iht
Removal of the Seal of Justice of C.iliimb'a
oiiniy, from l);rn ille of l)looniburg, in
vote lor or aoauitt the Kemoval ol shii)
Seal ol Justice, (see said acl, hs pub.isiit'u
in another rulumn of this paper.)
Jn pursuance of an act ol the Assembly
ol the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, i'
11 ueu 'An sci relating to iite elections oi
ihis Commonwealth' paused ihe 2d day ol
July A. D. 1839.
iSoltce t j hereby given
That every person, except justices ol
die peace who yhall hold any ofiice of sp
pointmenl of profit or trust under the gov
ernment of the United States or of thit
State, or of any city or incorporated dis
irici, whether a commiy.iititied cllicer oi
therwise a subordinate c-flirer or a?cnt.
who is or shall be employed under the Ie?
islative. execuiivo or judiciary deportment
of this State or of the Uniled Stales, or ol
any eity or incorporated district, and oko
every member of Congress, and ofthe&init
Legislature, and of ihe ssleci or common
council of any city, or commissioners ol
any mcoporated district, is, by law, ntcap
able of holdinr or exercising at the same
lime, the cilice or appointment! of Judje.
inspector, nr C-lerk, ol this Common wealth
nd thai no inspeclor.Jud.'e or other officer
of any such election, ahall be eligible to an)
office lo be ihen voted for.'
And the said Act of Assembly, er tilled
an Act relating to ihe elections of ihiJ
" " , r. . , WUIV 4l
Lo nmnnwealth,' passed Julv 2d: 1839
furf her nrovil es ns follows to wii
I'hat the lnspeetorand Judges elm. en as
aforesa'd shall meet at ihe resufciive ocft
appointed for holding the election jn ihe
Vstrlcl to whioh they respectively belong,
'nfort 9 o'lock in the morning on the 2d
Tuesday of October
11 each and evenf year, and each of sail
Inspectors, shall appoint one clerk wh.
hall be a qualified voter of such district.
'in case ihe peieon who shall have n
eived the second highest number of lb
.oies for Inspoctnr shall not attend on th.'
lay of any election the pcison who uhal
lave recered ihe second higheHi number ol
votes forjudge at tho next preceilinjr elect
don shall act as Inspector in bin plae. tun
in case the pemon who shall have receive)
the second highest number of voles for In
pector ahull not attend, ihe person clei-ui
4 Judge shall appoint an Inspector in hi
place, and in case the person elected .
judge shall not attend then the Inrpertm
wno receive llie highest number ot vote
shall appoint a Judge in hi. place, and
any vacancy shall continue in the board for
the space of one hour after the time fixed
by law for the opening cf the election, tin-
qualified voters of ihe township, ward oi
district for which such officer shall havt
been elected, present at the place of elec
lion shall elect one of their number to fir
such vacancy.
.t.-i. hi . 1. 1.
11 stiai. oe ins uutr 01 saitl 8P6'f-ors
respectively, at llie place of hold
mg every general, special, nr tnwnshii
election, during the whole timo tho said
election is kept open for the purpose of
giving information to the inspector anil
judge hcn called on, in relation lo the
i nhi of any person assessed by thsm to
voto at such election, or such other matter-
in relation lo the assessment of voters a:
the said inspectors or juiJje or either o
them, shall from lime to lime require.
no person snail ue permuted i vote at
any election as aforesaid other than a while
freeman ttf the age of twenty-one years oi
more, who shall have resided in this stall
at toast one year, and in tho election dis
irici wnere ne oners to voto at least ten
cays immediately preceding such election,
and within two years paid a stale or county
lax, which shall have been assessed a't leas
ten days before election. Rut a citizen ol
the United StateB whe had previously been
h qualified voier of this slate and removed
there from and returned, and who sh-ill have
resided in the eleci'on district and paid
taxes as aforesaid, shall be en tilled to vole,
after residing in this slate six months, Pro
vided, Thai the white freemen citizens ol
the United Stales, between the ages ol
twenty-one and twenty-two. and havinc
resided in ihis stale ONE YEAR, and in
the election district TEN DAYS, as afore
iha-ll bo entitled to vote, although they
.shall not have paid taxes.
'IHo person shall be admitted lo vote
whose name is not contained in this list ol
isxabla inhabitants lurnislied by ihe com
tiiis6ionerf as aforesiid unless, l-'irsi -he
produces a receipt for tho payment within
iwo ycarsi of a state or county lax, assess
ed agreeably lo the constitution, and give
satii;!actnry evidence, either on his own
oath or affirmation, or an oath and s. Hi r nr n
tion of another, that he has paid such lax
or on failure to produce a receipt, shall
rna!;e oath lo ihe payment thereof, of See
andif he claims a right lo vote by being
in elector between the ages of twenty one
Hid tweniy-iwi yeass, he shall depose on
lath or 6fliinilion,lh''.t he has lesided in
the state st least one year, next beW
his application, and make such proof 0!
residence in the district as is required by
this act, and t'zal tie docs verily belive, from
the accounis given him, that he is of the cgi
afoiesaid, and give such other evidence an
is required by this art. Whereupon the
name of ihe person so admitted to vote.
hal! btf inserted in the'alphabeticsl list h
. 1. : . 1 .... .' 1
1.1c in-ipeciorn, hiki a nolo made oppnsre
thereto by vriiin", the word lux' if he shah
be admitted lo vote by reason (f havii-g
paid a tax, or the word 'sge'if he '(.lionld be
nilmiiled 10 vote on account ol his ag, an
in either case, tlie reason of such vine shall
bo called out to the clerks who shall
Ilia lie
the like notes kept by them.
'In all cases whera the name of the per
ion dunning lo vote is not found on the lis
furnished by the coiiiuiinpjotu-r. and asse.
ors, or hie right in vole whether iotm,
i . - . i . .
nereon or not is i.l.jecteu to liv auy n-i;,iii.
ed citizen, il shall he Ihe duty ol I be ' p.
lectors to examine sin h tier-ow i n h ;
io his qnalifii altoiiS. Mill if he cl .i.i i. n
.ave resided vvilhiu the sisie ln .r f,
or more, In-) om.!i tdiall he. Hi. unit
.hereof, but he shall riiafie prci.l In at U ;
me competent wnne.s, who mIihII he ;
qualified elector, lhat he has reiide.l wahii
lie district for more than ten davs nr xt
iniinediaiely proceeding said election, aiu
also himself swear thsl his bonaflde res-i
ii-i'tn in (HnsoancB oi nig inwiai calilli", Is
within the tlirtrict and that he did nm
remove into said district, for tho nuno-.e
of voting tnercin.
L-ery person qualified as aforcea; i!
who shall mnke due proof if required of his
residence and payment ol laxe s,as aforesaid,
-lull be admitted io vote in the district ii.
which be slmll reside.
'If any person shall piev.--. 'or aliempi
or prevent any (iffiiro! ah elsrtiona under
ihis acl I'mr. I.oltlin stish tleciions, o; une
ui iiiirdicn ouy vioierce any tiutccr.or snai
interrupt or improperly interfere with him
n the exerution of his duly, or shall block
up or auempi to oiocr up ine . window or
the avenue i.i any window where the same
nav beholden or shall riotously disturb
the peace at such election, or shall use or
practice any intimidating ihfeate, force or
violence with designs lo influence nnduly
or overawe any election, or lo prevent him
from voting or lo restrain the freedom of
choice. such person on conviction shall be
fined in any sum not exceeding five him
dsed dollars, aid he imprisoned for any
time not lets ihsn one nor mrrfl limn (we'lvel
months. Ai.difil shull te shown to ihe
court ft'heie tbe trial vf such t fiance shall
'e had. that the penion so offewi'foj i', "
t resident of ihe city, ward disiri.'tw '
hip where the saiif off rice wn t T
niiied, Bnd not entiileJ r voto itSli. 'n
hen on ronviction, he ei.icnf
o'pay 1 fine not leas than one hundred nci't
tire than one tlioncnnd dollars, sit) 'it
imprisoned noi less ilun six months nut
nnre lhan Iwt years.
'If any person or persons shnl make snye
'iet nr wajj-er upon, the renut of any eloctii.m
vithin, his (Viiiinnnwealth or shall offer
11 nuke any such bet or wagr, either by
-erh-. proi-Uiiniiiion thereof or by ny wnu
ten or printed advertisements, challenge ott
'VH-.'ir. upon i:otivii:tion iheienf her or ihey
shall furleii and pay three limes the amount,
-0 he. 1 nr off. red to be bet.
'II any person shall vote at more than,
ne election district or oiherwise fraudu
lently vote' more than once or. the same day
r shall fraudulently fold and deliver to lite
inspectors uy tickets together, with ihe in
'tut '.0 illegally vote or shall vote the same
it i! any h).l! advise or procure a other so
ol do, he or ihey so offending shall on ron
viction be fir. v' in any sum not less than
lifty nor more than five hundred dollars,
)tid be imprisoned or any tenn not less
than ihreo normorVihan twelve months.
If any person not qualified lo vote in
ihis commonwealth agreeably to law (ex
'epl ihe sons of qualified citizens shall
appear at any place of election for ihe pur
pose of issnir.g tickets, or of influencing the
citizens qualified to vote, he shall on con
'iction, forfeit and pay any sum not exceed
ing one hundred dollars for every such of
fence and be imprisonment for any term
not exceeding three monil s
The Judges are lo make their returns for
die eouniy of Columbia al ihe Court House
In Danville on Friday the 17th day of Ou
tober, A.'D. 184.".
God sive the Commonwealth
IRAM DERIt: Sheriff.
EiiKRiFr s Office; Danville,
September, 201843.
Cabinet Malting-
f rjTIIi" suhfcriliei rcnpectfii!l informs the pub
JJ lie that he lies taki n the shop lately occupied
by B. 8. Hay-hurst, at tho lower end of Mutkel
itrcet lilooiiKsburg- where lie intends carry-inn on
the business in all its branches, and solicits a
shaie of thy pntronagu of the j.ublic.
In connection with the above business, he offers
his .-cruets a i nn
He will always be to make COFFINS for
the sanio prices hereloforc -hnrged In lilo.'mshurg,
and hr.viir; supplied himself wih a good 11 KA
ho will uttcn-,1 with it ut the Funeral without any
extia charge,
M,iy,iO 1815 dm 3
Chair rianufactoy,
Til C subscriber continue lo carry on
business at the old stand of !! & 8. Ilnprn
htich, where he will be ready at all limes
to furnish Fancy & VV im'fur Chaiis, Set
tees, Uosion Rocking Chairs &c, of cvirv
csrription, which may be called for. at
horl notice and on the most reasonable
terms, lie will also execute House, Im w n &
Ornamental ('aiming, aud House 1'apering,
in a superior manner,
rrom Ins experience in ihe business, and
his facilities of manufacturing Ihe various
articles of his line, I e Halters himself that
he shall be able lo furnish as good work.
and upon as reasonable terms as can be
done in lite country, all of which he w ill of lor CASH or COUNTRY
N. R- Orders from a distance will be
strictly ai.d punctually attended lo.
Bloon sburg, Dec. 30, 1813
Brandrcth's Pills.
EAD nml innlcr.-tnml ! The time will coma
when the medicine, Brandieth 'ills, will I e
il'i'iicuilt'd ns they ought uii.l descne; it will bo
iliideibiiiiid that Dr. I'.ioikIii ii Ikis the slrougeu
cliims upon ihe nl lie. It is true thut eieiv in.
I i -iI tiiil w. lio n.i.k(S a Iii .1 of ihe Uinrclrelli J ills
...iicc.le lb. in to be the I l nn ilicire tlx v cm. r
useil. 'I iiev are i...!.-. .1 a n i t ti . c . r i.lvct V. l-i. h
I. .'ie is mi mi-
I v
n I'l.n i.:e ...
M Ill li.liS
IS I ;-M. !(,;
.!. li. i. ! t ". II (,f
j tl eri I e i, re
iii'.i.r, th 1 .ti
- III.- "'i.liic us i
l -i in i- .
lii-y ell'.- . . lit-,
ii.M- w !.,. i.a
: 1;
.1 II I" M . i.. I)
U: I'iil - ol
i '. ... .1 t l.f-i
ta. t 11m .- II, e
I'.r II,. i-l .v.i l li ''
.irit-ii-y ul ,n. I li.
i i nn i,( ,:.i! : i .-.
I i fi' ( I. (,'!.. tms tl.i.
l..Hi.l..l.L II I
'inns where I
i. -nn- si.i il Viih. ah e ,'ives in diore ie.
e ihea.lliil yellow li ver was t.rt vmt-
i. IK, A lew doc t.iktu iu.ineiliii
I) upon llie in.-
In Hull li -nn rei'i'iM-d into Iht i.'eii, w i.'i lii.l
most ce. tain to picent any mnleriul ine. ineii i,re.
And cl nosiii.- of tiiis d-c.-)ilfu eoidcniic is there,
s i liiwnir m.-iliniK' as the Bi'enJrelh Fills. J,e liie.liiiiie bu ui,iv.'r.-,jllv u.e,l in thif
lisense, mid no loss of l.lnod allowed, mid few,
..ry lew, would be its victims. !o il is w ith, nth) r
liseases. Asi t nature with this all in.iiorrant
medicine to remo.e bid huniois finm the Mu.iJ,
nid do not r.'iort l..
h:i!l h.ive u cry ,
bleeding or inerrurv. nidwji
;.i scuicitv nl'iiTs(..s itllielud
The Jeathciod tiib.: the in:.
w '.. , ,-omc liialu.l-e:
ii.c.l I, i ii in- over w.iiil. wo mc llje lords, ate
not odlicled with chronie maladies; neither Kbouri
ve he if it were not for our prioe whic-h nvainn.
Use the mcdiLinc wl.iih
harmonizes with her, which tnildlv but orpl ri..
moves nil the imi.ii.ilies 0f the blood.w hich filrengtb
ciis the yut reduces those of too full habit
te a healthy standard. Let uje again my that cvery
depurtment of tho manufacture of Br.ndrelh i'il!
is persooslly eaperinteuded ly mo, and that eier
box with my three labels uoon it but bs rlir i.
onto hue the beneficial effect dfJinbeJ if -.
according to tbe directions aceoanpsnv'ng,
A li E W I a.
Wasbingtor Robert M'Ksy.
Jerteytowii I,, ii A. T.'igVf.
Danville E. B.Reynolds Si Q.
C'att.wifse-C. (J. Brobst.
Blooidshutif J. R. Mover.
Limestone Babbit Ar 'M'Ninch.
Buckhorn ,V..G. Shoemaker. .
Lin e Ridge Low A Thouinrop.
fcrwick-J W iiile.
Ma 8, 1848 ly- S. i