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Writon fj tV.a Columbia Democrat
Or tkn i.jfowt'm of two hopeful youth
cf ihe neat liillt vill ige of C.iuwiHs yit
uite orj a romimio vale on die verge o
ihe crystal water of llw W.isquehanim.
-'IVsj lo Sprite of the Mountain anil
valleys, not iniifitfit witli ih( endearment
of their village lump, owing lo the ex
Inus'.ions of their frtiln imaginations in
duvisllg plan of amusement, an I the
euperabind nice of tint ill it forluno in her
r.9iks of fancy hail pl ioeJ at their disposal. '
AvYde their frienda, both luli and gonts,
were enj iying th iweeta that hours Indus
,"ui)tWy passed always aflVd, fostered an
, idea ill 41 jp int me-msly originated from their
discomfited thoughts, tint they would pur
sue n career of life emenating in the wil
-d.irness and euoBinptsaed by the tender el
. fusions of their infantile spirit, which, with
proper culture tnd more caruful observance
than those of their race had ever before
"been nurtured, would enable them to beam
i forth in tho world far in advance of the age
in which they lived, in sagsciiy, in accom
, rlishmonts and in worldly wealth. To
carry out this plan with ecrupulous regard,
-they chose tetreat near the winding of a
.-gentle the influence of well direct
cd doierminations.foriied of it a bower that
even Calypso might have regarded as an
appropriate abode for her charming host!
Jlero the science of letters wag cherished
w ith the fondest affection, and topics of the
deepest interest to the world at lirge receiv-
f.-ir nrrt'ion of the invesiif ation of their
.-perceptive intellects, and the subsequent
'benign principles which their abundantly
-capacitated and skillful genius was peculiar
ly ly calculated to afford.
,j" Slaving employed much time with sub
ejects of such radical importance o llie
wlanded community, they now betook them
selves lo an innocent play with cards,
i. 'How could these youths, beaming with
m inly dignity, the admirers of sciene, and
' -elegince in civilized circle, yd, the advocate
of futher impiovemenl in every branch,
'. the fond gallani of landed ladies, lh erne-
iturj of wit and refined manners, and withal
i not by any mean expelled from any sphere
for the umighiliness of their persons, fail in
the slightest degre to attract tender spirits
verging on a kindred with their own? These
youths at first, unconscious thst fondness in
her brilliant fancies encompassed them.cooj
ly, pleasurably and thoughtfully eat in their
mountain retreat, and with cheerful coun
, tenances played vingtetune.hand after hand
in rapid legularity followed for thirty sue
cesive plays, in neither of which the num
tier twenty. one was obtained. At these
prolonged movements the fair spirits thai
HUrrounded them grew impatient it though
invisible, vet as lamina belles Tad ever
waved their minds, they had become so
tibmisive to the wilt of the fair, that these
gentle ones bestowed on them the conclusion
of granting him who might bo u fortunate
s lo g ii n ihe number twenty-one, the
unparalleled proportion ol five glittering
(i en; 8. Emboldened with thi success, Ihe
fair ones stilt hovered around with the de
termination to make captive the hearts ol
these yet unconscious youths: to succeed in
this resolution the fact ol their existence
must, a thuy plainly saw, bv some mean
. b-j conveyed to their oaptive' mind.
T;ie play went on through its first l;irr.
n-id straigely, it sell-evidently appeared to
the now awaking sensibility of the noinina
play era, that, the number twenty-one by
. come mysterious influence, had been cnused
lo fjll lo ihe lot of both, iher now with
acrious crir.'enanee and wonderment of
mind, looked u', each other with the mutual
t.uprnssion it: it a miracle had been pliyed
upn l1.'1 r. , agiin they played ami again,
with different eards,was ihe number twent
one their fa'.e. rystery now pervaded every
plant and tree and earthly thing. That there
was a power tiding them was beyond
all question, Again they played and still
again the number twenty one with different
card appeared nrioro mem coin,
power wa ruling them they
bjil little thought that nymphs from the
silvery stream near by hid espied them
in their shadod retreat, and were endeavor
inj I) make captive those Jiearto which had
Hlready made conquests of iheir own, un-
aware of the presence of their fair visitor
and (he tendencies of their throbbing bosoms
in lusto lliey lefi a spot which portend
something to then inexplicable.yil sensibly
influenced tVe remits of their actions.
Cut true love never fades at disappoint
ment enduring but a moment and still leav
ina a aense on which to hope.
These nymphs well knew thst tender
in ilia affections ol thos
who held them captive, and by the satin
superhuman infhurteo that ruled before,
aused i lie m to enibaik nn their nvn nativi
'dement, and bathe around the rock of iheii
lueen, which rest on a foundation of bril
iant pebbles inierspereed with gold coloured
nda in ilie middle of ihe Susquehanna.
vhere swift water dance in cryial'eauty,
i il it to ihe queen with sprightly gaiety & by
'ier most gracious permission pass away, to
iii'ilo ihe coiiiiiitimu stieam lo pay homagr
md adorn tho wide sproad portions of hei
ovtdykingdom! These now pleasure ieekin
volutin plunged into these cryeial waters,aiid
is soon ss they were in the elements of ihe
lymphs and their lovely Naiad for by thi
ippcllation they sddiessed their queen, the
omquestof their persons was complete;
the most brillisnl jewels were now bestow
ed upon them, and tables ladan with deli
rious food appeared before them; music in
sweetest strains breathed from'inuumera
bis K'c-vos of coral end ' oilier aquaeotis
gqms, in every part of which were nympha
smiling on them with the gracious recep
tion of true love.
The Queen precenled each with a robe
as slately as her own, and passed will)
majestic mein from her brilliant throne
lesiring.thai.they would reign awhi'e in the
ample of her palace, an honoi
which never had before been bestowed on
nymph or creature of her bountiful regaid.
Thus these two youtha parsed the tune
wiihnvmnhsdi Naiad paviiiir obeisanct
to their will, they always being in their
ihouchls and pleasures harmonious, but
a .
. , ; - J .1
one in purpose ano in mum, iuy
rniomed in thi splendid kingdom for
D ,
seven days, governing with justice so equal
mercy so beneficial , prudence so petfect.and
affection to all iheir subjects so sincere snd
agreeable, than the queen unconditionally
resigned into their hands the absolute regal
power ol her king dom.aasl with ihe whole
tribe of nymphs richly attired, joined in no
olamalions of prai3e,interperced with crie
of "Ion st live our lords," we will forever
love honor and obey them," completing
the rejoicing of the day with a magnificent
and sumptuous feast, at which participated
a thousands invited guest from the king
dome of all the queens of nymphs in the
waters of the earth.
Sweet music discoursed in each grove,
Whilst every eye t ld tales of love;
At the c ose of this dav the sun never
sal wiih more elegance, nor (he counte
nances of these nympha 'beam with uioic
animation, they one and all thought ihai
they had made a conque st which would
immortalize their entire community, and
ensure enduring & unbounded prosperity to
ioming gonerationst S) careful were these
love'y creatures lo provide for their lord,
that, thev then wove a curious conductor ol
jrasg to supply them with fresh air lo
brealh, obtained in piofusion by the agency
of the most experienced ol their number
from fragrant bret zes. But alas, with all
iheir care, all t tie is enjoyments 'or the pre
sent and hopes for the future, how soon
were their qentle schemes to be blasttd
while yet they lingered in tho bud, for there
being a scarcity of material in the kingdou.
to provide new dresse for so numeroiir
an assembly , a nun.borjif their ladyships
who sat immediately opposite the throne
robed insach scanty dresses that their fish
like tails covered with scale were not pro
perly secreted, consequently were visible &.
so surely disgusted the royal authority, thr
the two youths prayed lo the gods of
break tie spell wiih which their person
were bound to the will of the aqualim
hosi! Their moderate petition wes iin
mediately answered. The wateis parted
from the throne, ihe nymphs and naiad in
stantly retrested to iheir deepest depilm,ani!
then, a cloud formed around the throne,
which dissolved the reg:il robes of tin
vouths, invested them with their forinei
habiliments and liiumphantly born ihem oil
its broad expanse lo the summit of Catta
wissa Mountains that lav near by their vil
I sure snd there left them in full view of tlx
laud, adorned by their forelathers handt
for distance as far a human vision car
penetrate, wiih which proceedings the)
were much rejoiced and resolved to ever
afterwards fallow the pathway of theii
illustrious ancestors.
The ooral of this tale is, that Your.g
men should believe thai their forefather.
ways were endowed with much wisdom,
That they should not think that all thi
fworld before ih.m had gone wrong from
the comruenoenient. That iheyjehould listed
villi attention & respect tn the edviir & r
marks of iheii equals, thaithcy should not be
capHvaied wiih show and dies at firl sight
a ihrie inighi be some tales (uilij about;
ind they should never abandon those who
ihey aie truly fond of, in hopes of being
(l ittered by beings of anoihei character and
mliir rpheiet.
TY. The Iltfllville (Ohio) Advocate of the
I7'h ull, ha s full acjounl of the niel
ancholy loss of life attending a biidal
Iiriy, which wo mentioned in our last,
i appears that iliu II h of July was the
lay appointed for the- marriage of Chas.
11. K"ttler, Eq , of l'rairie tin Long,
Moororj county, 'o Misi K isilie lluel
berg, deceased, of Dutch Ijill, about ten
nilcs distant, on Ilia east aide of the
link ikia rivor. Intervening about hall
vay is the river, which then wis very
ugh, and hulf overflowed its hanks.
Alter wailing the arrival of lha l)iid
tnd her relatives at (he place appointed
or the marriage, until nearly evening,
i messenger arrived with tho dreadful
tidings thst all, except the fit her and
ion, were drowned on their way to the
wedding; five women ihe mother, the
bride, two sisters, and a young female
frieod in their company, had met their
It seems that Mr. Iluelberg, the fath
er, had risen early on (he day before,
ind wiih his family started for (he place.
One carriage contained them, and as
hey appro iched the river, where- ihe
my was awaiiing them, & were cross
ng (he bottom on the road, which wa
overed with water, the horses were
urned off, oversetting the carrirge and
lis passenger j into a deep slough or ra
vine. I he water was running rapidly
The father clung to Ihe vehicle the
ion to a cluster of bushes, and both were
Uy the assistance of some hunters the
bodies were recovered; each corpse wa
aken up and placed on a hier, and (he
tad procession, by seven o clock in the
evening, had reached Ihe house ol
mourning. The feelings of this wed
ding party of the aged father, vvhoie
grey hair are going down in sorrow to
the grave, for a family thus annihilated
of the brother, who mourns for his
mother ami all his sisters, thus struck
lown together in his presence of a
lover whose heait is riven as by a thun-
ler-bolt Ihfl feelings and emotions ol
these can neither be imagined nor de
scribed. On the next day one grave w;is dug
for five persons and cide by side were
laid the mother, with her three daugh
ters, and their young friend and com
panion, Miss Diessel.
The funeral wis attended by a vast
assemblage of tho neighboring country,
and the funeral sermon wjs preached b)
Ihe Kev. A. Dony, Lu'heran preacher,
of Uellville, who had attended lor a ve
ry different servico. Tears coursed
down Ihe faces of both preacher and au
litnry during Us delivery, and the hearts
if all .vere impressed by the affecting
cene. What shadows we are, and
what shadows we pursue!'
Lonlii'iiiation urion conlirmation i
constantly coining to u, of the wretched
condition of the poor in the &real towns
of ihe Old World. Mr. Hi yam, the
the American poet, travelling in Eng
land, thus alludes to the poor of Lon
'Hegning is repressed by tho new po
lice reflations, and waul skulks in
holes and corners, and prefers its pel i
ions where it cannot be oveiheaid hy
men armed with the authority of tin
law. 'There is a great deal of fimim
hi London,' said a fiiend lo me lhj oth
er day, 'but the -police regulations drive
it out of sigh1!' , A Iwas going through
Oxford street lately. I saw an elderly
man of small stature, pooily dies-ed,
with a mahogany complexion, walkiim
tlowly before me. A" I passed him, In
snd in my ear, with a hollow voic, 'I
im striving lodeaili with hunger;' and
those words and thai hollow voice soum
led in my ear all day.
Walking in Ilampsteail Heath a daj
.r two since with an English friend, we
vi-r accnsied by two laborers, who
.vr re sitting on a hank, and who said
hat ihey had come to that neighbor
hood in search of employment in hay
nuking, hut had not been ablo to get
either work in food. My friend ap
peared to distrust their ttory. Hut in
ihe evening, as we were walking home,
we pissed a company of some four or 5
laborers in frocks, with bludgeonf in
iheir hands who asked us for something
lo eat. 'You see how it is gentlemen,'
aid one of lham ; 'we are Mrong, we
have come for work, and nobody will
hire u; we have had nothing lo eat all
dsy.' Their tone wss dissa'ished, al
most menacing; and the Eiiglihmn
who was with me referred to it several
times after wards with an expression of
anxiety and alarm. I hear it often re
marked here, that Ihe difference of con
ditioo between the poorer and the rich
er classes becomes greater every ijy,
and what Ihe end will be, the wiseal pre
tend not 'o foresee.'
It is stated that a colony of Iiciliano is
about to he established in Texa, and thai
the colonists are each p;isseeed of a cpi
tal of fiom eiWO lUj$10O,OO.
The woik goes bravely on- 'lie
wheels are moving. We (his week
t;ive nniica of the flection ( managcr
and officers they are of the righl mate
rial. We are glad to see at (he head t
familiar name :o (he dwellers oi lh
North country. No other would have
made the work more popular: the naur
of Gariick Mallery is a strong one in
Uizcrne, Wyoming and Hiadlord. Ihe
managers thai are from this section are
good selections; belter could not wel
have been made; the gentlemen from
New York we know only by reputation
nd lhal speaks well of them, and well
for the enterprise. thing deserves
notice ss connected with Ihe improve
ments of Northern Pennsy Ivania. H
you enquire at Danville win are the
men, and whence the capital employed
in driving those large furnaces ami that
magnificent rolling mill the answer is,
they aro At-w Yorkers, working with
Gotham fund. Our own rolling mill i
owned by a N-iw Yorker, driven by
A'isw Yorkcrs.Sc employing New York
capital. The L ickawanna works will give
you about the same answer, but may-
add thai there is a small sprinkle ol
New Jersey and Connecticut there. Go
to (he axe and scythe factories, and you
will find (he active and intelligent yan
kee has his hand busy at the forge ham
mer; his is the capital lhal INew Jvig-
land sends out with all her sons and may
he counted ihu: intelligence added to
natural shrewdness industry, economy
mleerity, a clear understanding of whai
ihey undertake, and promptness in all
things; all of the aVuithein agricultural
ists and lumbermen pay Ihem tribute.
At Carbondale all Ihe immense opera
lions there are the fiu;ts of New York
foresight and New York capital; and
last and greatest, Ihe iNew X oi Kers seiz
ed upon ihe North Hranch Canal, tin
greatest and most profitable inves mem
of Ihe day; of the 10,000 shares Nt-H
York holds near 9,000. The only im
provement touching LtiZTne and Co
lomhia that has been completed by Phil
adelphia is the Lohigh and Sjr-.iehanni
nil road, and ihe canal of that rumpjny.
.tye.w Yoik indeed seems lo have tauten
ed her giant arms around ihe gieatesi
coal and iron field in the woild; a n .
Philadelphia with her millions o! idle
capital, has looked on and quietly pel -milted
ihe golden hour (o pass fioui hei
lorevet. Her rival in Ir.ulo and cam-
nerce has sealed herself in the richest
pill of her own slate, and is now turn
ing hei own artillery sgnns! her. Il
hard indeed to give any reasonable ex
cuse for her apathy toward us. She ha
millions lo lo,m to companies that ip-
l'-ir from solvency, but not a dollar foi
investment here. 7 canal ii'ai sue
should havn had every share in, she has
niiie 3 or 400 out of 10,000. e
-liould have lejniced lo have seen om
own int tiopolis which has to bear hei
i.iri ,,f il. ("!:. v h inn I. r Ihe. niooev ex.
I'"1 " , j
iinnled on 'this blanch, reaping the hf n-
t fiis of the investment ; but she lias turn
ed us ovi r to llie slianger the faiiesi
.ind richest portion of the stale. Our
inclinations were elsewhere, inil our
ympaihies go with our necessities, ami
we have cause lo regard New York
more fi iendly to os limn Philadelphia.
We Mured out lospfak of the North
Branch Canal, and gelling df 'he track
,ve have been tl Km t somi what at ran
dom, and can now only add, lhal by
resolution of the board a funher instal
of $9 per share has been diiected lo he
called in; the limo am, puce ol pay
ment we shall ntve Lnnly notice ol.
This will eniitla the company lo thi
oosx' ssion of Ihe cana' from the Pool li
he I.arkawnna. We hone the leliinn
will lake place this fj ; there can hi
oo reason lor delay , and Iher e are mar y
tut' haste.
We shall ever look back with pleas
ore lo our elfins in regared lo )his im
provement and il will be a happy day
indeed tj the people of our valley, when
our coal shall be travelling over Ihif
canal lo the North and Vi:s: maikcts
ihat cannot be slocked, and where we
shall go without rivals. As we have
said before we shall come back to this
subject again.
Luzerne Democrat.
A down east paper slates that, 'as a gen
deman was fishing between House Island
and the Cape, a large shark camo near hi
boat; and after looking wishfully at
die firshcrman for a few moments, irave a
spiing at ihe man, who quickly dodged
him, and the shark went completely over
die boat. More IrighlenrU than harmed (he
poor fisherman hurried his litile boat lo ihe
bore. Il is a wonder that the fish iliuu i
follow, and have another jump for him.
An expedition from the French Army in
Algiers, after succeeding in penning up six
hundred Arabs in an immense cavern, find
nig the natives would not submit, the
French rnasied them lo deaih by budding a
fire in the mouth of ihe cave. The is one
of the most horrible instances of barbarity
on record, and equals the Uiiiish system
of thinning off the natives in India by
lamina. ,
&.1TVIUUW JIl tilSTiQ, I1S,
Fee BSills
Primed on a sheet for the purpose of I'om
nig up in iheir unices.
i"ir7The Law reuuires Justice nnd Con
stable lo have his bill of fees poalod up in
in is otuce.
JVcw rMWice Law
Tho new I'ost-Oflk-e Law went into . neratnm
on ifee fiM of July. Having licielcllno aiseitcil
mat" 1 iik Columbia Dumciur" was the only
paper tint rould bo sunt FliEU uf poMuxn to imc-
ry IVit-OlhYe in tlio County of Columbia, anil it
Having been domed by iho Uanvillu papers, we
liavo curefully arranged a lublo of dutunces from
Uloorualiur! and Dunville, to the dill'erent oll'ii-os
in the County, by tlio neaiest mail routes, by
which it will be seen, that there are FlVlWost-
Distance from
Di.ilnnce from
I. iine Kidgc
Light Street
( Wilccreek
White .ill
OattuwiBsa Forgo
ucuvor alley
The friends of the Removal must all be
aware of the importance of the Oclobei
Eleciion, ihe result of which will be either
for weal or woe lu ihe future prosperity ol
the bounty of Columbia. As there is nc
loubi of the acceptance of ihe bill hv ihr
icople Ly an overwhelming majority, it
is necessaty thai we send to the Leg in 1 mure
i irue prevent our onnouecrs fron
pelting amendments which .nay be ealeu
ated lo embarrass ihe ruining up ihe pijh'ii
buildings. Ii j8 likewise as necessary tl.i.1
the bond of County Ciirnmisioners.slinuhl
iLL be friends lo llie quesiion. 'J'iie trim
of Mr. Edgar, expires, and some good anil
rue num should be elected in his plase L
IS rillW 111)011 l IK niPlllher X- (InnlmiiLlnnp.
1 V ln 1 1
hat Ihe Danvi'le fMiion will bring il.eir
iirceg to bear, :ia 'lieir onlv hone of sulva
'inn by gelling men elecifd who will nn
biirrass opeiaiinus under the bill, and ilii.s
pui off the final completion of the businc
I hcrefure, their old game of two opi.oHitioi
lickets or of volurrter candidatts, will b.
resorted lo, as usual, this fall. It
hen, upon Ihe actions of the frieiula nf Re
mnval. I hev can defeat ihemselvea. lu
livision in their ranks upon these can
hdaies, or by a union, rome out of the
struggle gloriously triunipharil, and forover
put at rest this exciiinir quesiion. From
ill we can gather, we are satisfied lha:
such is the deterininaiion, and that a vicion
awaits the Removal parly this fall by n
majority unprecedi ntcd in the county.
Has nearly reiovcred from the difficuhv
which has attended her in consequence ol
the breaking of one of ihejerank wheels.and
is now in a fair way of doing a uccesful
business. Our description of the work
and properly attached lo iheso furnaces, U
necessarily posiponed until next week
The Philadelphia North American says:
Enciiuiiaoement op American Skill.
We learn that ihe Bavarian Government
has sent to this c;ty, lo supply itself wiih
the kind of Fire Aims invented nnd patented
by Vm, W Hubbtll, Esq, a Member of
aur liar. The extent of die order we have
not learned, but it comes direct fiom the
Bavarian Minister of War. This gun is
loaded at the breach, will do execution a
mile, and can be loaded and fired by the
troops in the ranks whilst lyirg down, or
standing erect, twenty times in four ruin
In the list of delegalei lo the Cn i
Oomniiisioncai Convention, to be held m
llarrisburg, on 7'hnrsday, ihe 4thofX,-
lember.published in the llarrisburg Union,
ihe name of the Repiesentative deleim
from this county is omitled. Ii is ISAAC
Bickuell'y Repoiter, in noticing the fad
il the payment of llie State interest at ilia
Wink of Pennsylvania, on Friday lam, says
An ev deni cheerfulness pervaded nil classes
of our citizens, arid lha attendance at the
Hank was large certainly, but by no means
'rowded. Cofindeuce in the honor and
inicgrity of (ho Commonwealth appealed
to be thoroughly restored, and claiman's in
general exhibited no particular
feverish haste for llie receipt of iheir cfivi
(hinds, We congratulate our fellow citizens
on ihe maintenance of the now high rcpu
t a lion and fair fame of Pennsylvania.
f.lWHIIMJ., Wllj
F L E C T I t) N K E T U R,N S .
The Returns fimn this slate aie bin partial
iy received, iliotigh enough to show a large
dou.ocralic gain over the vole ol last hill.
Mr. Tibbatis dem. is re elected by
124 majority. It is saul that Mr. Martin
dem is elec'.ion in the G.h disuii-t, lately
represented by Mr John White, former
Speaker democratic gain. Mr. (iarreil
Davis Whij is probably re-elected over
I'hos. Marshall independent by some
400 voles. Nothing further, lu be depend
ed on,has reached us as yei from Kentucky
Returns for member! of Congress as far
is heard from.
First District. The contest between
linberi Dale Owen (Dern) and G. I', R.
Wilson, i3 said lo close. We have returns
from ihe following rounlies,
Harrison, Wilson's majority 140 City's
nifj. was 108.
Crawford, Wilson's majority 99 Clay's
av'y was 05.
Mr. I'olk's rrii-joiiiy in this district was
1,972, and Mr. Owen carried it by 002
naj. in 1843-
Second District. Thomas J. Henley
(dem) ii re-elecied over Roger Mailin
we) by aboul 1,000 majority.
Third District 'Vws. Smith (Jem J
is re elected over J. C. Egglcsion by a small
in jrity.
Vourth District Caleb 15. SiriiilwJiipj
is re-elected over John Funey ('ii.dej.i u
dent W'hij)hy 1 COO votes.
Fifth District. Wick ('Dem J is un
doubtedly elected over Foley (whig) in llns
The Ohio Statesman claims a demncritic.
Bain of 5 members lothe legts a'ure. 'i from
Union, 1 fioiirJeflersiMi, 1 Itoui F'ojd. I
Iroui Marion.
The Texan Unnveniion, now in session
it Austin, will probably make two Sntes
f ihe terriory east of llie Nueces, making
the Brazos river ihe dividing line, ('running
up the main fork ai d ilniice due iionb in
die Rul river,) leavir g the ti-.te of Texas
n the east nnd Ausiin on ibe west of lhal
iiver. 'I'lie population of both Tcxi s and
Aus'in, if the Bn-zos line be adopted, is
o ihe rnnsti uiioua! icqnireinents.
Gov. )-rr. afier some dwlav, nrrisi"!!
,ii,n his ill lienhh. has fnumi hiinself t b i!
d, from the same cause, lo defer mill f.r
her naming a day when he will accent die
invitation of ihe I'le.iior-raiic ( (.'nin
i.iueeol'Ne'v York, to visit that cjiy. He
las said in a letter to Messrs. i'entrv-Purdy
mil others of the General Committee, da
t d die I iiih instant:
You would have received a prompt an
:wtr had it been in my power to name any
lay on which I could promise myself the
pleasure of once more taking by ihe hand
if.e democrats of your ciiy, among whom I
mi luppy to recognise many personal
'riends. Hut I regret lo say that, on tho
lay that might be assigned, it is more than
.irobablo lhal I would r.ol be able lo fulfil
'y ei.gagement. Physical ii.firmatives
have been exasperated by the Inngjprotiact
d, malignant, and useless severities lo
which I have been subjected by the Alger-
nie despots of ibis slate, in order to extort
a recantation of fixed and unalterable polit-
al principles dearer than liff; and tome
nine must elapse before I can expect to
regain the ordinary healthful condition, to
which, by the aid of a naturally strong con
-motion, 1 may hope lobe restored. Al
ow me lo say that I shall not wait for un
invitation to teport myself et li e headquar
ters, where, as a representatives of the peo
pie of Rhode Island, I met with a reception
in 1812, never to be effaced from memory.
We quote from his letter.
'It would give me pleasure to dwell upon
the topics of your letter; and I khould be
unwil!irg U forego the orcasion no offer
ed, of recurring to several subjects connect
ed wiih the histoiy of the late struggle in
Rhode Uland, sod of ihe pet j tar, if 1 di ,
( iA