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The recent lorious tiiumph of prin
ciple in Uhode Hand will gie liberi)
to (he patnol 1))R. Thin object har
ried! consummated after long and
dent contest on ihe put of ihe friend'
of liberal principles ihroughout Iht
Union. Who does not recoiled, du i jl
Ihe Lie political campaign, tho denun
ciaiioni hurled at the whig, by lh
tlemoiiaiic press, for their iniietroleii'
sympathy with the oppressors of Gov.
Doir, id iti eflect upon their ensi
bililiec? Although their hypocritical
benevolence, and seaied consciences
might not have been effected, still their
neicenlions were alive to ihetiutha thai
ihf hiitorv of the Rhode Island affju
were beinii made familiar lo the woilo
nd that the popular mind was receiving
lesson in the workings ol the Amen
can whig principle which must result
in instilling permanent prejudice a
gainst their general cause. But tin
stripe so freely inflicted by the dem
uciaiic press did not heal thoe to whom
they were applied. iMaddenecl by con
' tinued, they forgot that th
impulses of humanly sui vive the ex
citeuient of a day to pay n unwelcom
viail to oppressor; and they retorted
uoon their accusers the same want o'
benevolence which constituted a void in
their own hearts. They proclaimed ii
idle taunt, 'you will hear no more abou
I)nrr after ihe e ectton.' How etreai-
ously have they been mistaken!
'Truth ciush'd to eaith will nra again.'
The true friends of domocratic prin
ciples have other great objects in view
than the mere elevation of men lo office.
They seek to establish & maintain good
government among men; and lo uestro)
ereiv form of tyranny over ihe human
mind; and while, these objects are un
accomplished, they will have a work lo
do. The election of president Polk
did not end the mention of Dorr. But
hii wrongs have daily rune in the ears
of the people, until liberty is proclaimed
to the capitve. Dem. Union.
The April number of ihe American
Journal of the Medical Sciences records
an interesting case of a man who lived
twenly-five years with a thick linen
patch, in which a bullet had been envel
oped, remaining in his left lung. He
had been wounded on a hunting expedi
tion, and Ihe ball had been extracted.
The patch, however, remained , un
known to Ihe physician, and was not
discovered till the man's death, twenty
five years after.
Ii is stated that some eminent capitalism
ol Boston, are now building in ilut city, a
Lrre ocean fteimer, lo run between New
York and Liverpool.
The Dublin Evening mail asserts that Sir
Robert Peel has a million sterling embark
ed in trade, and thus accounts for his free
trade movements.
Shad was selling at ihe wharves in Wash
ington City, on Saturday last, at seven dol
lars per hundred, and herrings al four dol
Urs pet thousand,
James K. Camp, Esq , a retired merchant
of f armington, Conn.; committed suicide
in that place, on Saturday last by hanging
Mr. Chiles of llarrodshure Ky, lost 70
wool breading ewes recently in one night
by dogs.
A valuable species of maible has been
discovered in Roxbury in Vermont, on tin
line of the Central Railroad.
II I l Lit
The expense of the Slate Government in
Florida, is $22,509 per annum.
The Harrisbure Pa Mililaiy Insiitutt
will be opened on the 15th of the presen
month, under the most favorable auspi
Al georgetown, D. C on Saturday
last, shad were selling al six dollars pe
Mrs. Thomson of Troy New York the
wife of a laboring man, was delivered of
three fine childiea on Thursday week
On luesilay morning. Mr. Wilcox, re
signed the Speakershtp.snd upon the eighth
ballot, Mr. fciengeie, was elected,
The latest accounts from Pittsburg, rend
er it almost certain, that al least seven per
ons were fumed during ihe late fire. Fivt
women and two men.
Governor Shunk has vetoed a bill, grant
ing a charier to the North Branch Rail
Itoad mid Coal Company, of liradford
County. His reasons ate soundj and con
vineinir. and we hone have nul a stop lo
- - - - O ' , .
this universal chartering of companies for
mere speiulalion puiposes.
Mr. Jackson the newly elected Gover
nor of Rhode Island, says in a letter that
until Dorr is released neither party nor ihe
State itself, will be tranquilized.
Afoordinjf lo the recent census there are
4,793 negroes in St. Louis, Mo., 1,070 of
whom are slaves.
The New York Canal Commissioners,
have reaolved not lo luake any change in
he ralet u( lolls as established for 1814, i
until the 1st of July ncxi.
A Chinese conjuror named Ye-Wang,
tins recently arrived in this country,
I'll ROUGH. -Ii is Sherman's Medicated
Lozenges, the fame of which has spread
from Main lo Georgia, and from the Allan
do to the Rocky Mountains all over the
land wherever a mother has a noisy and
troublesome child Dr. Sherman's Worm
Destroyei is enquired alter and resorted lo
the trouble is lemoved.the child becomes
endurable, and whenever a child is sutler
ing from worms when it gels a taste of the
Lozenge, and feels the relief it produces
i begins to ciy for more. The very worms
themselves kick up a dust about ihem when
ever they are used, whenever Sherman s
Cougn Lozenges are known, no medcine
s sj earnestly sought after, because it costs
ml little money and gives great relief even
in the most inveterate lasses. Rev. Mr.
l)e Fasimond, Rev. Mr. Steeter, and a
host of persons of the first respectability
have given in their testimony concerning
ihem, and they say there is no medicine
ike them, and the Camphor Lszengea are
equally surprising! who ever heard of iht
most severe canes of headache being cured
in a few minutes. Yel such is the fact
when Sherman's Camphor Lozenges are
tided. Palpitations also ate quieted nervous
diseases and depressions of spirits removed
4 nd affections of the bowels permanent!)
cured, and Itheumaiiistn. Pain and weak
less in the back, chest! side, lejja. arms,
and various parts of the body is cuied by
Sherman's Poor Man's Piaster which i
not only a friend lo the poor but also to the
rich, and as it ia only Vl els is width
the reach of all.
For sale by JOHN R. MOYER.RIooms
.VARRIEDTn Fishingcreek, on the 6th hint.
by A. W. Kline, Esq. Mr JOSEPH O. HEMS t
Miss ELIZA A.N.N SHULTZ, both of Sugarloul
Bv the same, on the lOtb insr. Mr. Jl'ySE B
LANCE, uf Briercrcek, lo Miss NANCY RUN-
VA.N, of Sugarloul" township.
Wheat, 75
Rye, 50
Corn, 40
Cloverseed, 3 25
Flaxseed, 1 25
Butter, 12J
Oats, 25
Ean, 8
Tallow 10
Lird 7
Dried Apples, 50
White .'eans 50
Beeswax 25
HE subscriber informs the citizens of Blooms-
bur), anil vicinity, that in consequence if the
indisposition of Mr. Phillips, he has coiiiiiigncud
running a waggon to the several Mills in the
neighborhood, and intends continuing until Mr.
Phillips is able lo resume his business, and will
arry and brimi Crista to or troin any Mill that Ills
ustomers may select, upon the same, terms it has
heretofore been done, and he hnpts with Ihe same
punctuality. 11 1 HAM THO KN TON.
pril 19.
TO T A X A 1$ L E S
fWHE County Coininigsioncia hereby give no
tice, that in accordance with the nrovisions ot
an act of the Uenerul Assembly of the Common
wealth of Pennsylvania, passed the 15th day of
pril, A. U. 1834.
An appeal will be held al their office in Danville,
in Monday, the 6th day of May next, when and
where all may aftend if they think proper.
By order of Ihe commissioners
Dauville.April 9, 845
riHE subscril)cr disirous of quilting business
JL on account ol big healtli, will
property to any person on favourable terms, who
remaining on hand. His situation fordoing business
be considers, the best in the county.
QjHe also iciuegtes all those indebted to him
to come aud make payniei t before the 1st, of
April, after that time, every account nut paid, will
be sued without respect to person.
Jan. 261845.
About two weeks sito between Blooms
burg and Northumberland, a large leather
rOCKET nooK,
containing promisorv INntes lo the amount
of about two hundred dollars, and other pa
pers of no value to any person but the own
er. The finder will be liberally rewarded
by handing il lo ihe subscriber, or giving
him information where it may be had.
B'.oomsburg, March 14, 1845.
EMPLOYMEN T will be given by ihe
luhacribers lo JO Minera.during the season
All those wishing lo lake a Job;will please
call is we will iei it out by the Job or b)
ihe ton
Alio, .10 LABOURING hands wanted
by the subscribers.
Light Street March 4 1845
Come one, come all, give me a ittlt !
THE luWrilver returns hig sincere tlianki
for IIh) liberal patronage, heretofore bestowei
upon him, and hopes for a continuance of the same,
with an i.icrease dua the merit of bis shop. H in
tcnilg sparing neither pain or labour to rendei
satisfaction in any case-and will warrcnt big worl
dona with taute and dniahiliiy.AND AUTT1.E
just received Mabang, late repeat of Partition, from
Philadelphia, which can be seen at his ahop at any
time, by which ha ia enabled to cut according u
die U'est style, or lo order. Hia prices are in
accordance to the times. All kinda of country
produce taken in payment fur work at market price
A very reasonable discount for cash.
N. B. Cutting done with the greutcvt caie.onc'
at tht thortcst notice.
P. S. L.
Bloomsburg, Oct.. 184 .8
9 hereby given to the .Stockholders in the com
puny for erecting a bridge over the Northeast
branch of the river Susquehanna, between the,
town of Cattawissa and the mouth of Fis hingcicek
that the Managers have bis day declared a dividend
of THREE PER CENT, on the Stock of aid
Company, for the Inst mix months, which will be
paid said stockholder or their legal representatives,
at the Treasurer's ofllcc, Cattawissa, on or after
the 15th iiist.
Treasurer's Office, Cattawissa, April 1, 1845.
List of Lctlrrs.
REMAINING in the Post
Oflioe at
Cattawisea on ihe quarter
31 si. 1945.
Win William M'.llcr Thomas
Clark David Oviderf Elizabeth
Campbell Isaac Overseers of the pool of'cmlock
Davis Jonathan Pfchler John
Meiiuer It. Samuel Hitter David
Finchcr '. Thomas Kiiigor P. Reuben
Hale Joseph Stoker Alexander
Hughes Ellis (.'instead Jacob
Hower Cuin 2 Warntz Cyrus
Iredell It. Wood II. iSamuel 5
John Maryamt Yocurn Joseph
John Karuh Zeudcr George
l'ersona calling tor letters in the above list wil
please guy they aro advertised.
List ofLcttcrs
RGMAININU in the Post Olllce, m
ooinsburg, on the quaitcr ending Match.
3 1 at. 1844
Samuel Beeeh, Patrick Ilann, George
Hieely, J. B. Mllard.Juhn JdSun, George
.lA Dowell, John Rauch, George beutmaii
. S, 'I ailor, in, Varna
i'erson calling for letters in the above list will
please siy they are advertised.
ESPECFTL'LLY informs the imblic tint
be has located himself in the Shop latel
occupied by 7.1 i. KLViiil.Eo, m MAKKE I
TKEET, where he intends carrying on the abovi
business in all its various branches'.
built and repaired, as well as one horso
of every dascription, and all kinds uf Country
Work, m his line, doneatshoit lioiicc, and on tin
most reasonable terms.
(rj'Oood Lumber and all kinds ot Country Pro-
luce taken in payment for work, but Cash will noi
be refused.
April 5, 18 1. Gm5o
THE subscriber respectfully informs the citi
zens of filooniahurg and vicicinitv, that he
has taken tho shop formerly occupied by H, C.
SIIIVES, sii?n of the GOLDEN BOOT, in tlx
uppei end of Bloomsburg, where he will be read)
at all time to wait uau those who may favor him
with their custom. His prices will be moderate.
(Tr'Country Produce and Sure Orders of all
kinds, will be taken in exchange for work.
April 5, 18-15 Gin5
For Trial at Jipril Tenn, 1845.
1 Jacob I.eisenring vs William Kase Adm'i of
Henry Fisher.
2 Moses iVoyer vs (ieojiic llatcl rt al
3 Uurton It- VVapples vs John F. Mann
4 JSlephcu M. Gibnuia e( al vs ainucl F, Haillev
5 Dr. Win. II. Mazill et al vs Clarissa Scheuck
6 Charles Carrol vs Lewis Johnson
7 Caleb Thomas adiu'r of Elisha iSinith Hugh
8 Archibald McCall et al vs Joseph Lemon
9 Hubert Montgomery vs Daniel S. Montgomery,
0 Berrard Seibcrt et al vs Thomas McNair A
Stephen Huhes vs George Vansickle
Lionard Stineinan vs John McWilliams
Ilnbert Moore vs John Chester
Robert Chester vs John Chester
Jacob Z)ielerich vs George Dieteiich adm'r
Jacob Hoter vs John Gclkin
John Doughty vs Paul iSnnbls rt al
Charles IS. Ilowman vs i'ihis E. Craig
H'nry Smith et al vs Joseph Keifer ndm'r
David R, Urim vs John S. Dye
Hnry .Smith et al vs Joseph admr.
Charles D. Shoemaker vi E. H. B!dy et al.
fcarah Cnrhran vs (itnf Miller et al.
larnrt Child vs Su-an l'hilil.
bainutl 'i'rple i Jeremiah Flinch ft al.
Dissolution Of Partnership.
NOTICE is hereby given tliM the Pari
nership, heretofore existing between the
subscribers, under the the firm of Eyer ii
lledey, i this day dissolved by mutual
mnsent', and the Hooks and accounts may
'i found with Charles lledey, al the old
sldtid.who is atilhonzru to settleall accounts
ol the firm, and will be happy lo wail on
their friends in settling the same" Those
having accounts of long standing are panic
tlarly requested lo call.
Bloomsburg, March 181845.
New Arrangement.
THE auhscribers would respectfully in
form their friends, and ihe public generally
dial have they have entered into Partnership
under ihe firm of llefley L Mendenhall, in
the mercantile toe stand former
ly occupied by Eyer Si Hefley, and have
taken their entire
to which they inletd making such adJ'uions
a will suit '.he seasons and make their
assortment eeneral, all of which ihey are
anxious lo exchange for cash, oi country
produce generally, upon very libenl term.
I'hev resneetfullv no.-M the patronage ol
their friends and the public renerally.
Bloomsburg, March 18 1845
Orangeville, Columbia county, Pa.
THE subscriber respectfully informs ihe
nolllir tbiit he has leased this lartie three
story Tavern, now in the occupancy of Mr
Onrue Seiole. in Oranueville. Columbia
couniy, Pa., and intends moving into il on
the first pf April next, where he will be
pleased to see his old menus and customers
As his
will alwavs be furnished with ihe best ihe
market affords, His BAH with the rhniecst
of Liquors And his STA RLE, attended by
faiihtul Hostlers, he Hatters luinseii thai lie
will be able to give general saiislaclion
will always be ready lo transport watermen
on their route,
ilaroh 15, 1845 tf '
The subscribers have established at the
above place, a new MJllllil.E YJilU),
tn J will always be ready, at the iliorlcst
notice, to furnish to order,
r any oilier work in iheir line. They are
also prepared to luruisi WINDOW CATS
&c either of Ma.ble, Lime or any kind ol
tone that can be procured in this vicinity.
ll'TMlavine had considerable experience
in the business, they pledge their work lo
be executed in as handsome a style as ran
be furnished from fin y yard either in the
iiiy or country; and on as reasonable terms.
BlooniKbuig, Nov. 3, 1843. ly '28
IS hereby given, thai Thomas Shore.'
will not be tonduetor in the .1illcreek Fur
lory after the fiisl of April next, and thai
the Rooks will be left in the hands of Gen
tii! Thomas whom all settlement:
Hid payments must be made
AAmnt PleasaM, Aarch 12, 1845
THE North llranch Canal from Lack
awana, to Northumberland, will be opened
for navigation on, or before Saturday ihe
5th day ol April.
W. U. iMAl'l l supervisor.
Wilkesbarre March 21-1815.
IS hereby given, ihri on ihe 3lM
if Mav. last, I gave my Note to Walter W
Beach; for l!ie sum of eighteen dullard
payable one year after date and as the said
Note wan ootained through deception aim
fraud, 1 hereby caution all persons not tf
purchase il. I shall refuse to pay liie sain
until compelled nv law.
Mtdtson, Marc'j 251845.
Trie Copartnership heretofore existing
under ihe fii in uf SILVERTUOHN A
HOUSE, in the Hlacksmithing Business,
i Dissolved by mutual consent. I lo
Hooks ate in the hands of M&rshaf Silver
thorn, to whom all having claims on, or
ire indebted to. said firm, are requrstcd to
ipply immediately for settlement.
nioomsbiirg, March 28, IS45. 40
rj The Business, in fiiiuie, will be car
ri-d on at the old stand, by the eubsenber
who solicits a continuance of the custom
of old friends, and of as many new nuts.
is may rleara call
Marrh 28.-49
Cuncerninq the Hemnval of the Seal
if Justice of Columbia County,
from Danville to Itlnmnshun.
Section 1. He it enacted by the Senate am!
ouse ol Representatives uf the Commonwealth ol
k'emisylvaniu in (.tmeral Assembly met, ami it I
hereby o1 acted by the authority of the saum, Th.i'
it shall and may be lawful foi the lua!i(lc(l Vo
ters who have Kesldcd In Columbia. Coun
ty for at isEJlST SIX V.I I.K.YO.t li
UOJYTIIS immrUtuttli preuuiiv' the next Oti-
cral Election, to vote at such election upon the
question ol the removal of ol Justice from
Danville lo Uloomsbuig.iu said county, in the man
ner following.lo wit.- Those in favor of a liemovitl
shall vote a written or printed ticket hbclleil,
" SEAT OF JUSTICE," nnd containing the
words 'FOIl Ul.OOMSiUKU," and I hoso op
posed tii a Kemovtil, shall vole a wiitten or print
ed ticket labelled as aforesaid, and containing the
words " FOIl DANVILLE;" the said tickets to Ik;
lepositcd in a box which shall be provided for that
purpose at each and every of the election polls of
ssid couuty, and the returns of said election shall
be made in the same manner by the Return Judges
as in tho case of tho election of Membcia of the
Assemtily, and if on the meeting of thu Keturn
Judges it shall appear that a majority of the voles
have ben given in lavor ot liloomstiurg, then the
following sections of this act shall lieof full force
and ell'ecl; but if il shall apar that a majority ol
votes have been given against Uioomsburg, then
the following sections of this act shall be null Y void.
Skc. 2. That if a majority of the voters of said
county of Columbia, qualified as aforesaid, voting
on said question of Uenioval, shall decido in the
manner provided in the flist section of this act in
favor of tl;c Removal of the Seat of Justice of said
county to the town of bloomsburg, the citizens of
liloomsburg in said county shall erect, or cause to
Ire erected, .IT 1 HH I It OUW PltOfElt
EXl'EASE, within three years from and after
such election, in the town of Jloomsburg, suitable
buildings of liaiCK or SflJNE, of the MOST
AITKOVED PLAN, for a Court House and
1'iison, and difl'orent for the safe keeping ol
the county records, under the direction of the
County Commissioners, who are authorised lo re
ceive a conveyance for such lot or lots of croinid
for the usi! of such County buildings, not I.i)x
than OX E A CUE, in fee simple clear of all in
cumbrances, for the use of the county of Columbia,
i he said building to be erected on such lot oi Ion
of ground thus conveyed. And tho Court House
and other public buildings and real estate on which
they aro erected or is. appurtenant thereto, at tin
town of Danville, are hereby giaulcd ui.d confirm
ed to he inhabitants of Mahoning township, will
full authority to sell and dispose of the same lo tin
best advautuge.and that so much o'' tho proceeds ot
said is necessary to refund to the citizens ol
Danville whatever amount of money they may have
given for the original construction of the public
buildings ot said town, and tho purchase of the lot--of
ground on which they are erected, shall be ie
funded ti the said citizens, and the balance to la
paid into the Couny Treasury for county purposes.
I run ilea .No disposition or sale ol sucli pumic
buildings shall be made until the court house ami
pub lit buildings a, bloomsl-urg shall be completed,
and the public records and ollicfs be removed there-
Sue, 3. That so soon as the public buildings
are completed uccording to the provisions of ibis
act, the Commissioners aforesaid shall file a report
of the same in ihe ('ou't of Common l' of i-jic
enuntv and said Court bcilit: satisfied said
buildings are fully completed according to the tun
intent and meaning of this act, ami n record there
of being made by endorsement on said report, tin
Commissioners iVhcriff of said county .vhall there
upon cause the prisoners, if any there confined in
the old prison, to be safely removed to the new.
and tho public papers and records then remuitniiu
in the public ollices at Danville, to tie salely ilepo
sited in the new buildings so as aforesaid built .im'
prepaied for the reception thereof, and fioin thence
forth Ihe Seat of Justice in and for the county ot
Columbia shall cease to be at Danville, ai.d tin
same shall be removed and fixed at the town o
liloomsburg, in the said county, ami the public of
lives heretofore kept .and the courts ofjiistVc hereto
fire held atMnville.iocifor'saidi-oiinl y off 'olumbia
hall be kept and held al llloomsbuig in the build
ings ercclcil lor llieir accoinmouaiion as aioicsaio.
Si:c. I. It shall be lawful for the citizens ol
lllooml)urg to obtain subscriptions from any per
son or persons willing to subscribe, any inonev oi
materials lor the erection ol such politic huilcling'
is are provided for in the second section of this nci
mil in default of the payment of ihe same, tin
rouuly Commissioners are hereby i inpoweied h
musc suits to he brought in tho name of the counh
to enforce the recovery of the same, and when col
lected to be applied towards defraying the expense
of such builoings.
Si.c. 5. It auv i'erson or persons shall vote on
the question of removal of the seat of justice ot said
ouutv ol Columbia, at the electlou authcrizi d ti.
be held by virtue of this act not duly qualified to
vole in ac:ordainc with the first section of this act
or sh dl vole out of his or their proper distiict, oi
shall vote more than once on said question, lie oi
they so oll'emliiig upon conviction thereof befori
the proper court of qnartcM-essions of said county,
shull be subject to the penalty provided for in the
general election laws of this Commonwealth.
Skc. fi. If any judge or inspector of the election
authorised to ie field by virlcc of this act, sl-;.l
knowingly or wilfully reject the vole of a
qualified to vote on the question uf Removal of lln of justice in said county in accordance the will
first section of this act, or shall receive the vole oi
a peison not qualified to vote us aforesaid on sail
question, ho or they so ofl'cndiug, upon convietioi
ibereol beloie Ihe inopcrV-nurt of quarter sessiot.i
of said county, thai! forfeit and pay for the u.-o ot
said county lor every sucli ollence, a sum not les
(l).in three hundred or mure than ix hundred dol
tarsal the discretion of the com I, and shall undcrgi
in imprisonment in the jail of said county lor i
period of not hes than twelve months or mme thai,
two years.
S.c. 7 If any judge, inspector or clerk of thr
election authorized to be held by virtue of this to '
shall wilfully miscount, or shall falsely and fraudu
lently add up and return the votes received upon tlx
question aforesaid, or shall keep a false tally papor.
or shall be guilty of any fraud in the disebaige ot
his duties, every person so ofit-i'idmg upon couvic
Hon tlu rcol in the proper court ot quartet serMom
of said county, shall be sul-ject to the i-anie fine and
penalty as are imposed upon (e!iiiqut nt )ni!.cs o.
inspectors by the general election laws ol thia Com
monwealth. rEc. 8. It hall be Ihe duly of the judges and
inspectors r onduciing the election authorized to be
heMy virne of ibis sc t to eauso tlm letter to
be tepibly and distinctly set opposite the name ot
very citizen hofchall vole on the question of Ihe
Removtlof the seat of justice as iiforci . lid, on the
tally paper on which bis name (-ball lie rrti&leir-l.
and nny wilful omission r-o In do -hall 1 e do mi d a
f. .-.ud. trd ha!l re p-:tii,hd nr. rm-h i-i an-r-'djio-o
wuh the f cn. isi- ;;s of the.'t cnth tctticiicf th.savt.
Sr.c. 9. Il ahull be (ha duly of ever juJ-;e, in
spector arid clerk conducting lha election aullm,
ed to liu held by virtuu of Ibis act, to take (in u, I 1 -ion
to the oath or aH'uoialiou ho is now -equircd by
aw to lake.) ait nulh or alllrmation thai ha wnl
iionestly and faithfully comply in every respect
villi the provisions and requireinenls of this act.
Sku 10. It shall bo ihe duly of there
urn judea of said county, at ihe time and
dace of their meeting locust up all i!.o
votes received in the dtlTerenl election (lis
ricisoii ;he question of ill e Removal of Hie
eat of justice aforesaid, am! shall make out
wo certificates showing the result, one of
vhich shall be filed in the office of the cleric
if ihe court of quarter sessions and the other
hi the office of the Commissioners of sail
'ounty of Columbia.
Sec. 1 1. It shall be ihe duty nf the Sher
ilf of ihe said founiy of Columbia, lo cause
'iris act lo be published in al least three
newspapers published in saidcouniy; forat
east once in every week for sixty days im
mediately preceding ihe ncxi general tlec
don, and shall on ihe dav of ilw flection
cause at leist two printed topins, one of
which sMail ue in the Carman language, ft
said aci tu be posted in handbill form, in ilu
most public place nearest the election poll
in every election district in said r-ouniv and
the reasonable expense of such publication
nail be paid by ihe said county of Colum
bia by orders drawn in the usual way.
ckc. 12. bo much of the fxisiinu laws
nf this Commonwealth as are altered or
supplied by this act, be and the same ire
hereby repelled; and also the nc.lof Assem
bly passed lOihJune 18.'I(i entitled nr. act
relating lo the lien of Mechanics at.d others.
upon buildings, ia hereby repealed so far as
it relalea lo the buildings lo be erected in
pursuance of this act.
Appioved of and signed by theCovprnor.
C "CHILDREN are most subject to them.but per
J sons of all ages are liable to be al.licltdwiih
them. Bad breath, paleness about the lies. flushed
cheeks, picking at the nose.wasling away, leanness
pain in the bowels, joints or limbs, disturbed sleep
(rightful dreams, moaning and sometimes of or
icious appetite, are mining the symptoms of worms
lany are doctored lor months, for some other im
igi'nary disease, when one hm of Sherman's Worm
Lozenges would clfc-cl a cure. D. liyan, corner
if Prince street and the Bowery, cured a inun nf
worms tha was reduced to a skeleton, and by' only
mo box of Sherman's Lozenges: teis now in f..t
is an Alderman. Th Hon, I!. II. IJcuds-liy
unsaved the life of ou of hi j children by them.
The sale of over 3,000,000 uf boxes ha.-, fully lent
-d Ihem. They are the only infallible w ormdn
roying medicino kl.cwn. What family will lo
.vithout them!
Consuinpi ion, Conglis-,Colds, Whooping Coiifcl s
Asthma, ami ail alli-ctions of the lungs, w ill find u
healing value in Sh.rnian's Couch Lo.encer. They
saved the Uev, h'ichaid De Forest; the Huv, Mr.
ntreeier, Jonathan Howarth, Esq. arid that orby
old hero, Leonard Kogerg. Mom the consumptive's
grave. I hey cured in one day the I'cv. Mr. I.'dii-
bar, the Uev. Mr. llandcock; Win. H. Attrce Esq
ofdiate.sing coughs. They aro the pleasan'c-t
coiigh medicine nod enru Uio aoancst ofany k:.own
Headache.Sen-sicknrss and Palpitation, relieved or
from live town minutes by Shciinan's Camphor
i.o.enm's Persons unending crowded -corns in
ravelling will find ihem to impart buoyancy (.f
-piriis and renew-their energies, J'hoso
from too fiee living w ill find a few of the Ioz"ii';cg
to dispel the horiois and lowness of spii-ils. Mr.
Krulh, uf the Sunday Mercury, bus repeatedly cur
d himseli uf severe lleadacho by them Ji'qitaiii
Chadw ick, of the packet ship Wellington, basw:--oessed
their ell'icacy in a great mny cases of sen-
.ickni'Ng. Thev operate like a charm uoon l! o
igilated or shattered nerves, lis Sherman's I'm r
Mans Plaster does- upon ihcimroi.-m, li.nib.ii.-i ,
mill or weakness in the side, b.u k: I n-nt. or any
art of the body, Mr. II. (J. Ibw-i.-, :it) Ann
itieet; Henry H (Joulding; IL)." Chatham
meel Moses J Ilenriqucs I'ltq. nnd a
nultitude of others have rxyeriencnl tho
vonderlul cflects of ihese I'lastcrs.
I'riee only 12 ! cents. Caution is roeessarv
o see thai you not ihe genuine Sherman'!
lifizenges and I'laaiers, as there arc many
iinhh-ss ar;i( les atlenipled to ho palmed
dl' in plaie ofthcin, by those who would
ride wiili join life for a thilling.
Dr. Sherman's warehouse usi -00 Nas
an street. For sale by
John K. Moyer IJIoomRlntrg
Win . WaHer &. co Iter wirk
Low et Thompson Lime Kiilgo
K. t J. Lazarus Orangeviilu
M. (J. Shoeiniiker Htick Horn
L. & A L I'isel Jcrseytown
Detr & M'liiido White Hall
John Moore Danville.
Stephen l'aldv, Caitnwissa.
Jan. 4-8 13 U7. Om.
c I r Alt LES II.
a I Law.
CJJice South side nf Main-si. ajfosite
I:yrr Ilijfflrij'e Store,
yrr WMI, ATTUNI) CfllJ.'nsiN
AND lifum:.
(hair .TZ a it ti la lory
iM K subscriber h x im: c-l ln-.l n .V.'ll
t i.iiu i.i rim' on
-ire.-l, near the r.'-iden. e i-l I.. II. .dan--, b i- rn-w
prepiiied In furnish ("iiaiis ot e-.eiv de.-. i i . I i 1 1 . mi
,i.s good lerms as they call le pto. . L-rc. I.ciu
ii the county.
Such as lied Pasts, If'imsion "', HucA'f, fyc.
This I ifli r l-raii. b, finoi ev erieme, lie beli. vc
he do a little better ban any olhei puson in
this m clion
rl'7 I'tll'I.M! PI.A.VK will be taken in piy
lui'iil al the bipht t i" . k i price
r-AVl 1.1. liAOT.VLl t li
L'iccmtiuig .'ii!; ,'.Stp