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    The Columbia Demneraf.
"I have sworn upon the Altar of God, eternal hostility to ovory form of Tyranny over the Mind of Man." Thomas Jelforaon
U Volume VIBI.
M i
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t i ii '
From Graham's Mtignzine.
Dear cnusiu, I've gazed un litis image
Of meekness and lioiuiy so long,
Thai its spells has e nrapiuieil my spirit!
And awakened my lyre to sung.
I would that some fairy would furnish
The words to be woven in verse,
For my language is week and unfilled
The chaims of that ftuo to rehearse.
That lirow has the brightness of mottling
Those iresses ihe sable of night,
Saie just where the day looks upon them
There gloams a soft trark of moonlight;
That oheek sharnos the lip of the sea shell
So warn and so s ift in its glow
While those fingers just fall on the bosom,
Liko snow (lakes descending on snow.
The blue and the brightness of heaven
Have met in ihoseiioll beaming ej es ,
Tlmy re.nind us of violets nursing
The sunbeams just caught from the skie
Their glances of gentleness, cousin;
Have thrown an enchantment lound ynu
And I f"ar if I gaze on them longer,
My heart will urn worshipper loo.
Take back, and rhrrish the semblance
Of hei you have won for your bride
Whose goutiness n chains your affection,
While her loveliness wakens your pride.
And lake with it many kind wishes
Thai Heaven may prosper youi lovp,
Whose bunny, though of thu earth earth'
Shall beam wilh new glory above.
To Mr. ami Mr. IS. on the Duatli
of a lovely oliiUl.
With anguish does the bosom swell,
With innocents expiring lay,
When all the parents tender love
Is brought lo ie.v, life's swift decay.
And as the pulses fainter grew,
And paleness on the features dwell;
'Tig then alone, a parent can
The anguish of a parent tell.
I saw the parents only child,
A lovely cherub to behold,
Its years were of the number few,
When inanimma's names is often told.
Death seized upon the infant bud
Life's tender thread was.cut away;
And there the pirents hope and joy,
In death's embrace -all silent lay.
But whv should sorrow wrino llie heart,
When tender childhood yields its breath?
Shall not that lovely fiiim, again,
Renew il beauty after death?
Yes, these featutes so cold and pale,
Shall be renewed in greater light,
'In heav'ts their angels,' ever dwell,
And in the saviours praise unite.
Cease then fond parents complain,
And smiling kiss your Fathet'8 rod1,
Your tiltlo one is called away.
To dwell forever Willi lis God
Come, tell mo wheielhe maid is found
Whose heart can love without deceit,
nd I will range tlio world around,
To sigh one moment nt her (cel.
Oli! tell me whete's her sainted homo;
Whal air receive her blessed sifh;
A pilgrimage of years I'll roam
To catch one spaikln of her eye!
And. if her check bo rosy bright;
While truth within her bosom lie.",
I'll gaze upon her, morn and night,
Till my heart leaves me through my eyes'
Show rneon earth a think -n rare,
I'll own all miracles art: true;
To make one maid sincere and lair,
Oh! 'lis the utmost lleavei ran Jo!
A writer in Blak Hood's Mag-wine write.'
in the follownig strain:
Great, indeed, is the task assigned to
woman. Who can "lovate its dignity? Not
10 make laws, not '.o lead armies, not W
overn empires, but lo form those b
whom the laws are madu, and jannies led.
ind empires governed; to guard Jfioin the
slightest lain t of possible infirmity the frai
ind yd spotless creatine, whose moral, m
less than his physical being must be derived
from her; to inspire th'se principles, tr
inculcate those doctrines, to animate those
tetitimcnls which generations yel unborn
ind nations yel uncivilized, shall learn t
Mess: lo soften firmness in to mercy, ant
chasten honour into refinement, lo exali
,'enernsily into virlue, by her soothitu
cares lo allay the anguish of Ihe body, am
the far worse anguish ol the mind; by hei
tcntlernes3 to disarm passion; by her puritj
io triumph over sense; to cheer the scholar
-linking under his toil; to console the stales
nan for the ingratitude of a rnistukei
people; to be the compensation for tin
inpes that are blighted, for friends that art
perfidious, for happiness that has passei
rway. Such is her vocation the couch oi
the tortured sufferer, the prison of the thser
,ed friend, the cross of a rejected Saviour,
these are the scenes of woman's excellencr
these aro the theatres on which her greates
triumphs have been -achieved. Such is lift
leMiiiv. i i ''i-iii the forsaken, lo attend t'
ilie neglected, when motmr.hs ab-indni
vhen brethert'ii and disciples fly, to remain
uushiken anil uueli'iiiged; and to exhibi
on this lower world, a type of that lovp
puic, consunt and ineffable, which, in an
ilher world, we aie taught lo believe tin
'icst o( virlue.
Agoodstoiy iB toltl of Hitler Iiu', an
eccentric travelling preaclior in Ohio.
I'ho elder, in his travels, always lode on
horseback, and remarkable for having the
best piece of horse flesh in the neighbor
hood justly priding himself on his taste in
this matter. One day while riding the
round of his parish, ho was met by a law
vrr, who accosted him with, 'Rider Ua
V o u iniuisteis do not follow the example ol
vour master he was content to rule upon
i j ickass.' The elder. "'iili ready wit re
plied, 'The fact is the whole country hat
been si.ouret! for Jackassess lo make law.
era of, so that there is not one left lo in-
poor ministers. J he knight ol the green
bag cut dirt.
At one of the county courts, where an
Indictment for an iissuli had been preferred
4Uainst a woman for the ill usage of her
tiushand, vihu was superantiated, his coun
sel, in the Imat of ueelamation happened to
ay, that half the women were devils
Hut seeing a number of gentee' females in
the court, after a short pause, he went on
but tho oilier half are angels; and soveral ol
them are now present."
Wo know a chap whose nose is so fiery
that his wifo uses it (o heat tho oven, boil
the kctle, and light the candle in llio nielli
when lite baby cries.
Prom llio Dollar Newspaper.
Flic island of Uaralhria is associated
in history with the name of Lifiiic. 1
v is tho scene of mmy iil'lus murders,
nil the rendezvous for his det-perate
crow and their wtmtWrful chiet. It wa.
ilsu Ihe mail for the sale of negroes,
vhoin he hail kitlnw pj-tl from plinla
ions . or wrested frnrn clave ships by llw
tlronii arm of power. I's distance front
Nt-w Ot leans it,' aboul (iliy miles, which
ave Lift le numerous facilities, nui oul
for ihe ptirptises ol 'ride, hut the meanc
hi cjso ol djiiner, of KiCiipe. From
his poinl he directed his men; it va
nere he issued his orders vhich carried
leaih and deslrticiion with I hem, ami
lure he organized his pliiis and tliscip
lined his numerous snies. Nol a vessel
iVer left ihe levee of New Uileao? bur
wa silt) i"Cl lo ihe clossest scrutiov ol
'iN emtssji ies, who HVt-r bold and Husi
worthy stibium, ifeverftiled in their
means of obtaining inform niou. It i
ttitl, (mil fi u m ihe writer's kiiowletli
rust I y too, that there am those still liv
ma who amassutl lordly wealth Ihrounl
ihe agency ol L litle; Ihey are poioteil
itil lo the s'raner as ihey roll through
he slreeia of NowOidtMUij in their spleo
lid equipages, attend d hy their livcrictl
ildvctf, c-tim hull' for ihe way in which
it was obi.nneil our Ihe qu.nlity of iniio
'cut blood s'kmI in lis lealizition ! 1
will be rem inhered hy many, lliat tint
ng Ihe yeais 1810-11 J ml 12, a numiVt
if Vfiels were missiot!, particularly
hoy j which snlet! rich laden from New
0: leans anil Ihe Ws' Imlia I-land-'.ove t
vVIkxq tlaik ami feat fill fate many a lali
f lilootl llJii been told. These laic
live linen accompanied with ihe report
it the bright red hitiiifi henii seen ot
He high seas, ami were not without ihci
fo'intlai ion in ini'li.
1 he los ol a Vi-Siiel antl us cargi
wniihl have been hut hide Ihoughi ot
iy men whose active commercial put
mils ami wihl .-peculations have laugh
hem to bear nobly up against reverses,
nut when to such losses was added Ilia
.if human life, it was a mailer of mon
ierious consideratioo; nor was the go
veromenl idle in is attempts to siibdui
he scourge of the sea, but, as il is wel
known, the desperate character of Li
fit'c, his genius, tact and io-al advanla
gfR, kepi his enemies at biy, and, ot
occasions when brought nearly into
oniacl, latighetl at them. To show hi
recklesgnetis and total disregud of law
mil its auihoriiy, when Governor Cui
borne of Louisiana olfered a reward of
five hundred dollars for ihe Pirate'?
head, that bold btiekanecr in his tun
offered a thousand for that of ihe Go-
vcrnor, and these placards offering such
i reward wore actually posterl up ihro'
oul Ihe city ot iew urieans &ucn wan
he man who ws justly called the "ler-
tor of the sea?."
Bo aiding houses in New Oi lcans an
condtinted upon principles differing ma
lerially froii Ihose of oilier cities in tin
Union. This arises as much from llu
fad of the lanlady'j assuming the char
ictrr of a mother to her boarders, nu tha1
if a nurse, and in mmy caaes physician;
0 such kindness and alloulion has main
1 slranger been indebted for his life wher
he feat ful scourge which annually visiu
that city makes IU appearance. Henct
it is thai in large boarding houses then
exiKlti a sympathy ol leeling which i.
eveiy way calculated lo make one m
home, ihuugh he be among strangers.
They seem, as it were, united ii om
vast fmtly,and the various amusement,
in which the buanleru indulge, the good
landlady and Ihe children are not over
looked balls, parlies, soiiees, and tin
theatre, in all of which the relative post
lion of each in the great scale of soclely
is sunk, and all are considered equal.
Many keepers of boarding houses are,
however; of the most respectable char
acter, and of course it is of such we
For a very correct account of this place, and
lite numerous bayous and crocki which surround
it, sec Professor Ingraliaiu'd novel of Lafltte.
speak. Widows of eminent men have
been known lo recoil to this mode of
up.jorlhig themselves and families; the
extrayagince of Ihe husbjinl having left
"he wife destitute of everything bul
pride and high notions, which as I take
it, ate the poorest kind of legacies.
Hoarding houses being looked upon a
respectable, when respectable peopb
Keep ir.em, pi me loses noiiung in rev
sorting to such means to support its dig
nity anil ihe more ignoble ptnpose ol
put jug bread into the moulh of lis vota.
lett Many keepers ol boardinii house-
in New Orleans have made fortunes ami
reined. I'ho widow and daughter of
ihe laie Gen. W kepi a boanlini;
house in Ca.ii u I sticet in that city for
many yeais.
in me vear isii me nouse 0t iir.
.a... i. r
Dtvidg , a willow lady originally fro-n
Uillimore, was the centre of ailraclioti
imong ihi- young men of New Orlean-
intl slrangt-rs who visit in Ihe heailln
-.eason. Uiirtnc the winter it was crow
leu, larne parties were frequently a i vpt
by her boarders, and Ihe lighletl h ill
lesoundeil lo mi riy music, while th
joyous laugh of many a happy heal
awoke ihe echo of the noiseless slieei.
Much of the atlrac.iive power of Mr
D ivitlge's house mifht have been, an
vi'iy jnsily, aitrihuted lo her ch inning
daughter, Amelia win in the eiliieentl
year of her age. She was poetic
anil truly beautiful; her bejuty as ol
tliJl kind l'ie bi'st calculated for a Sot.ll
et n clime, and for Soulhrons'to atlmtr
i I . i i
ivrsuinwas ncariv wnne, in r fVf
lark and flishing, her hair like ihf ri
ven'. , which , floating o'er her l iveU
neck, fit for a sculploi's model, seemed
as if naluie had set il up as a Mjudaiil
of perfection. She was beaulliil, ami
possessed withal a mind every way wot
thy go pure, holy, and classic a lemple.
She stemed, indeed, as the poet happil)
expresses it,
" A b eauteous ripple of the brilliant stream."
Her Suii'hern hie, short as it was, for
her mother had only resided in New
Orleans tome eight or nine years, ap
peared as a dream. The bright moon
light of iIip clime had mule her roman-
ir. I he It ishing eye of Ihe Creoles,
and the lightsome notes of flattery, bar
warmed her heart into a ci quelle.
Coquettes arc nol always cold. Shi
was a creature of fancy; her action.
were the impulses of the moment jhence
lioujii.s anil words Aimed on like ihe
nnunlaiu lot rent, fearless nhlc of iock
tr iheir consequences. Ahjut the pri
od of which we arc cpeaking,aiid whih
ier moiher was making arrangement
io reiurri to her naiive city, to live upon
he fruits of her industry, Amelia hail
'wo suitors; one was a Spanish youlh ol
noble family, rich in his own right,
ind heir lo the title and estates of hit
incesiry. Adolphus Fernandez came
o New Orleans on a visit, boarded with
Mrs. D i vitlne, and, as might have been
expected, fell in love wilh ihe daiightei
I he other was a dark, myslerious man.
who called himself Gomez. He was a
man of Herculean proportions, and ap
parenlly about fmty years of age; hie
ealures were not what might be termed
ugly, but were of a peculiar formatior,
having more of the fill ing up of ihe lira
vo than .the outline of bonesl v aboir
them; his conduct was strange, alihougi
his manners were lhoe of a gentleman;
he mysiriy that surrounded In fit wp.
fearfu1; his appearance always crealrr
inpieasanl sensation.1), as if he possesser
the fibled "evil eye," he was wealth
j ml libtral, and if a suspicion was cran
ed In day iamsl him, It wag rhspeller'
in the morrow, for he was firqiiemK
een in compiny wilh ihe most populai
men of ihe rity. Mrs Divulge, luviiii
irranged her business had fixed upon
time le. slarl. JNow it was thai Arneh
'ound it necessary to decide beltvee
ner two lovers, tho young Spaniard, A
lolpl us, or the nail; Uomiz.
V W ft u
"Say, dearest Amelia, will you In
niine?" whispered the fust while lit
stood beside the objects of his affecliom
on tho balcony of her mother' house.
Say. deareit, will you be mine.tnd on
tho wings of love I will follow you u
your new home. Yon know I mu.t re
turn lo Spain, and then-"
I orgel me,"
"Never," exclaimed Ihe impassioned
youth. '0i, Amelia, if you knew
much I love you, if you could feel tin
pangs which hope and iear have inflict
ed upon this heart, in fear of losing yot'
the word forger would never have csn
perl these lips."
there was a inurt. Silence reiijnei!
the silvery moon wiiUd on ihe lireezi
swept down the street it was a lovelv
light. The h inds of the love r wit
clasped in each oilier'.. The maid
tiglietl her fate was sealed.
" Wear this, dearest, for thv Adnl
lihtls' sake," and he placed upon hei
leeit a costly chain op oot,D
She stood alone, her thotiuhis brieh'
rid glowing;lte loved and was beloved:
ihe nlghl air fumed hrtr burning cheek ;
sue was nappy.
"Moments there nre.nnJ this was one,
Snatch il like a minute's gleam ofaun
Amid ihe black simoon'i eclipse"
" Si, Miss," hised s deep Voice ir
her ear, 'you have pletlgMil faith to tin
Spaniard, heware of the Frenchman -
Mie started, Gomez stood beside hr !
"Lnok lo il, proud one, and remember
when on Ihe broad waters of llio xicear.
remember me Lafiite !" She. utter
et! a wild ami fearful shriek, which wa.
mocueii ay the heuilish laugh of .tin
Piralr, forstich indeed he was, asV Ik
carried her senseless into the house.
On a bright morning in June, the le
vee of JVew Orleans, or rather that por
linn of it opposite Esplanade street, pr-
"nieil a lively appearance. Several
vh.mhIs were about to drpart down th
Mi-sissippi, among them was the hriii
Dolphin, bound for Haltimore.on board
of which was Mis. Davidne and hn
family. N umerous fiientls were then
leave-taking, as it is called; hands wrn
clasped, and tears were thed. 'God
blecs you,' was uttered a hundred times
by as many different voices, hut the sof'
murmur of one voice in the earof A-
nelia 'remember me' waslcif all oth
ers the most pleasing. The word wa
tjiven and ihe fleet of vei-sels were ot
heir 'winding way.' Fiom that bright
moment when all was joyous and happv
when the future looked like a Mainlr.
mirtor in which was n fleeted all tin
youthful aspirations of one lovely cron
ture from that bright hour when ill
heart of the young Spaniard beat higher
io this peiiotlj the Dolphin, it pwen
eis,and its crew have never been heart
of; darkness rrsls upon Iheir fate, bo
fearful Mirmises, corrohoiBlrd by orn
chain of evidence, crc-ate a belief tha
heir rnrl was a nature too hoirible t
dwell upon.
ciur-Tcn iv. the ball room.
T vrlve months after the lot,s of tlv
brig Ditlpbin. on a gala night, a hi'
oom in New Oilcans, whore niasken
tnosl did congregate, was the kcene ol
much giyety. There is not a people in
he world who en joy themselves more
dining the winiei season than do lh
den zeus of that city; thai portion of the
year more particularly however, tV
line ol the Carnival, is one continued
cene of excitement, and the hall room
are llio temples at whose shrine Ihe gi
vnlaties of fashion delight to worship.
There are in New Oileans several bah
moms of distinct and marked chantclcrr
Si me few are so belect that su.picior
dare mil enter; o'hera are open to all
except Ihe quaroon; but the quaroon
hall room is open to all without distinc
tion or classification of shades of color
or chaiacter in fact, the latter was, at
he priiod ol which we speak, the most
I'requenti'd. The quarooiis are a dis
'mci el4, yet so wild and torn intic in
their attachments, sti passionate, withal.
hat Ihe see cm of their amusements in
the centre of attraction to all, nor is Iht
ctunjexhn of their beauty lessened by
he tinciurn of blood, which, alihutiah n
l. bats their marriage with the Creoles,
reriutheuB the lies of love. This por
tion of the history of the place would
fluid us materials for a voiuuio. liut
ii our ktoiy.
Th" place to which wc invite the nl
lonofour readers on this particular
titihl was what t called the Quaroon
Hall Room." Ii was, and is to tin,.- day.
ho most splendid in ilie place. YoipI.
od beauty, love and pleasure, reignet
hroUihoili, all wre happy, for all wen
.leased. In a corner of the vast saloon
unknown and uiirioiicerl,s tood Adolphtif
Fernandez The metntiiy of ihe lost
ine, so wildly loved, had cast a shade
ul sonow over hu nunly brow, II
was drawn lo Hi's pr,i) (Mls scl,,K. 0(
festivity and joy, in ihe vain hope thai
ixcitcment would drown recollection,
hut alas !
'Through tho shadowy past,
Like a lomli-ear titer, Memory itn,
Lifting lack all cAltl that timo had cast
O'er boricd h,pe9.''
His ryes were fixed on the waliers,
ul his thoughts Were on the ocean, link
ng in imagination that chaia" ele-
nenl to the memory of her he had loved
nd whom he now mourned. Mechani
cally h'.9 eyes followed the figure of otifl
simply because there was in her every
movement gjace and action; the mask.
oo, was so placed as lo show more ol
the brunette than the quaioot Horror!
what meets his eye, what batihsk charm
has she about her lo came such a glare
n those eyes he stood petrified, unit
lot a moment the whole scene ppsscci
hefore him like a fabled vision What,
was it ?
As soon ag the dance was over, ho
ought the fiure.and prasping it by tho
tini with nervous power, he diow into
ice of the recesses. 'Speak, on your
life, speak the truth; if j on prevaricate,
r attempt lo scream death; ay, tteaiti
-heie,amid Dishing lights and brighter
-yes, will be your inevitable doom; this
dagger I will sheathe in yojir heart
.cream it will be your knell for elernily
I am mad crazed but one word
peak before reason quits its 6cal
where where did you get that chain?'
"This chain?"
"Ay, this chain that I now grasp, and
hav grasped oft before speak, woman,
ho.v came you by it, and who are you?
Not a moment s delay."
"Hush, sir are Inere no listeners,
thw chain is linked with the name of
one it would be dangerous to repeal
herp. "
Woman, fiend, torture mc not; how
came you by this chain?'
The masker gazed around, there was
no one near them, the dagger was still
n the hand of the Spaniard, and was
,o held as lo be only seen by herself
lis eyes glared wi'dly upon her with a
eaiful biightness. 'Draw nearer,sir, let
ne whisper in your car. This chain be
'onged to one '
'Speak whal of her tell mo her
'Death the fate of the passengers &
lew ot the brie Dolphin.'
Gracious Heavens, murdered, and
vou; who are you, and how came this
hain into your possession?'
'It was a present am ihe mislrcss
f La filte, the Pirate of the GulP
One groan of anguish, and the unforlu
iaie youlh fell prostrate at her ftet. 'Fool,'
nttitered a dark figure wilh a strange mask,
he recocnized the chain on your neck, n
telonged to one he fondly loved; poor
ml, hal ha! ha! But I forbid you wearing
it; out of rny sight,- if he recovers, and it
is a pity he should, we aro lost.' It was
The music ceased, r.oisless feet passed
o'er the floor, the lights were extinguished
w-alf was hushed Adolphus Fernandez
oas a corpse!
Talk about your noiihren steamboat' said
a Mississippi fireman the other day, jou
hainl had a bilcr burst for five years. 1t
dou'i require any spunk lo navigate ihem
waters; any tool can do it; but it takes
man stranger, to ride in one of these here
alligator boats, head on a swayer, Inurr
iiressuro and the valve soldered down.
000 passengers on board and eviry soul oa
board betting on you.
Describing his heroine, a writer says that
she pmsessed in a gteat degreo tho straw
heiry of modesty and the hot com of af
'Sir, am I not a little patcV
1 don't know, sir, you may he n tub, or
keg, a firkin, or a bucket, for ought I
'What is supposed to cause the rodnefs-
of MatsV
'Spreeing it hard and living high.
A captain of a ship said to- a sailor who
fell overboard one morning 'you have had
htu an indifferent breakfast.' 'Not so
dad.' replied ihe tar;
for I had a good
'I I e la uiiii - fiance' , is that of ti
'i i iinini u ,i; wi,' . . tu Murkct, "hn
.In d liii. hint initi .i.u w.jgun. ii nd tackled
lnnit-el up in tho truces, and h? ditl not
diftover his ciror until he endeavored-lo