The Columbia Democrat. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1837-1850, December 14, 1844, Image 3

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s.iriinttJV, dec, ll iwii
?i:inciiihcr (he 1'i'intci.
W HEAT OATS or WOOD uill be re
ccived fur rtelils title us fur subscription.
AUn n few bushels of 1 OTA'I OKS if
delivnicd soon
From iIiuho who have promised Lumber
nch mill in cb rnl quartet pine burnt!
will bo received if delivered soon.
ANCE SOCIETY will hold in Annual Conven
jiou In the German Chutch, llloomsburg, on
Thursday, the 2d of January, 1815.
As mailers of somo moment will bo before the
Poiiciittcn, t is desjrablc that there should bo a
full dcloaiion.
Edftois in the county will ploaso publish the
above no'.lce.
The tmeieiy will Imlil n nerting on Sat
lirtl.iv, iilit day of December nlearly run
die hu'it. in the Preshy teriuii Church. Air
Mo-teller has been nppnintt'il by the soeien
lo cl e 1 1 v r a lecture ni that Urn"; anil olhci
speakers iimv likewise be expected, ll i
(liKir-il'lf that sill llie members should b
preitem as mmier of much consequence lo
the society will bu train icti-.l.
A. FO US IE it, Sect
llloomshtiri', Dec. M I8fl
Will meet ;it the AtheeaM'ti in Markei
Street on Thursday, h vent njr next, when the
following question will he discil sed;
Is Universal .luliraije as it extsig hi
Pennsylvania, ealeulatetl to perpetuate, out
free institutions,
Jlppnintmcnt by the Post muster
General- Paul R. Haw, Post-Mas
ler, al Catlawissa, in the place o Q. A
William C Wn.ON, E q. lo he Po
Master at Milton Not tlimnlft I mil
rotiniy, in ihe room of J-onaul Siough
AllTKUH'S LADIES' ,lAG55i:i:.
The Janr.ary number of this intnrc'tting month!)
pdbl'icatioii is now before ll"- mJ it fully c ust.ihis
)ti f irmei high character. It 'untains, besides two
licautilu spirited phlcs, Joan of Arc,' and the
Uiidgo of IJoon,' several interesting literary nrti
liuf a btcrltng character, equalled hut by few ol
Jillu mblicntioui of the day. c cannot toi
strongly recommend it to the notice of our friend
The terms are low oi.e ropy, two dollars - 3 co
pies, five dollar ! copies, fix dollais 7 copies
ten dollars U copies; fifteen dollars 17 eiipitv
twenty dollars. The January number commence,
a voluiiie.
Assembled on Mnndav of last week, a
quorum, lieinij prci-eui 13 both linii-e.
Rev Mr Daily, 01 Indiana, ol the M I'.
Church, was elected Chaplain, of the lower
House Mr Duncan t'avu notice of his in
teniion lo bring in a lull providing for tin
lliililins el Ihr I'residentuil hlccllon, oil the
fame (lav., in all the Slates, aim a hill to
10 extend the jut isdii'iiui of the United
i'laies over the Territory of Oregon On
the ti'xi day .Mr dainsoffereil n resolution
to rescind the 2oih (old ii I t) rule which
was adopted, 108 lo 80; Thus is reseind
ed, at last, the famous rule under whirl
petitions relative, o fcl.ivety were rejeut
The Governor of Vngiuia, in bis lale
mefsage, tayv: 'Tim eotirse of our Sena
tors at the but session require our Leijii
laiure to innlruet ihem Air. Rives puke
fur Texas nnd then voted aoiin-t it. Mr.
Archer fiippnrlcd ii neither b) h aijoinein
nor his vole. TIiih sovereign sutu i,
therefore ealled upon lo insruel her ervunti
in their dtitv -
Jhcrption cf the Prtsidrdt Elect al A'(
f)ille ; Vnt concnnriie of ciiizeim inei
Mr. Polk on the 28ih nit , n Nashville, on
Iih return from a ii:it lo General Jackson
The proreKcion was joined by seven milita
ry couipaoies. Mr. Polk was ' addiessed
in behalf of the citizens by the Don A. O.
P. Nicholxon, lo which tie responded in
few brief and appropriate remarks. Tin
carrinBO rnntainint; tho President eleci
pioteeded to ihe Nnshville Inn, where, foi
llie remninder. of the, day, he eoniinueii
''lo receive iho warm c.ongraulations of hi
personal and poliiical Triends. After night
fall the volunteers turned nut with torch
lights wid iiansparencics, nod paraded ihe
whole city over, all the ilemoeialic liouset-
, of which were elegantly illuminated,
", Uf-K'F. Uutiler if spoken of at
;,(Iiely')o fiildcce.d Mr. Evereli, it ll
Tltfl ofTieUl returns of ihe Prestdenilal
election, from nil the Sialtff, except Afkan-
have been receivaJ, ' Tho agirei.iled
olo ii over 2.700.000. Includioi; 25.000
Majority in South Candina, which ennilder
nil a fail estimate, at, uul of about 03,000
volen, ihn Whi(( party proper polled but
1.054 at the late election, I'o'.k lias 1,372.
104, Clay 1,310,011, Urney 01,000, mak
nig Polk's tiiHjutify over both candidalct-
184. In 1810, Ihe ngiregale vole of Ihe
Union was 2,402,500. The increase in
1844 ia over 311,000. We ehad pub
ish the official vote as soon as it is com
In twenty minutes after President'
Menage had been sent in lo the house, oj
y nnpsii of it was transmitted to lialiiinore
by Morse's Telegraph.
The LegUiaiure of Ohio, on the 5th ins',
elected Tliimma Corwin U. S. Senator.
lie leceiveil 00 voles. Ehenezer Lane
vas elected, al the same time, Judge of the
.Supreme Court of that stale.
Fifteen town eltrks in New Hunpshir(
ire cited lo appc jr before the l.-gisl iiure.
tu) show caure why ihey bloinlerfd- so
nuirageoiisly in their election returns.
The Globe says a gentleman in Tennes
see agreed, for twenty dollars, to give one
dollar for ihe first electoral vote Govenor
Polk should receive over Mr, Clay, nnd ti
double il in geometrical prngiession for ill e
naioriiy of 1 lie electoral eollece. The sun
lost amoiinls to 830 803,457.407,420,103
231. A knowledge of powers of fig
ores would have saved him from (lib
The Nnt'umal Monument Society oj
If'aihii'glon, have resolved 'thai 11 com
oittee ol three members he appointed U
procnie :i suitable design for the oionnnicii
ol Washington, with aiiihiirhy lo cuiifei
with ihe cummiiiee on Public I i x 1 1 1 1 i 1 1 tr
ami Ground'', 01 other periou. in relatioi
10 a proper MU lor s.ilil uioiiiiuleut, am
that said cominillee repot 1 10 the board
before any fund action ihefeon.' The fnniU
in blind amounted 10 $40,000.
Wllliin the la-l ten davs there have beer
importation-, ol p talons from Engl,nd am'
France into N. YurU iiinouniiu!! to sev'cra
thousand busliels, and still Inrer quaninie
ire expected by the par kets lo arrive duiint
this and the next month. The piiees in
Liverpool are foi ordinary about 22 els,
bushel and from llial for belter qualities ti
to 30 and 35 cents. Freight, duty .am1
ilher expenses increase the cost when land
ml lo about 45 cents, leaving, at prcsem
prices, a i.undtwme pndil 10 Ihe impnr
Mr. Polk made a speech at Nashvillo 01.
Iie28ih ult. on the occasion of his puhln
reception in thai ciiy. The following ex
ract from ll shows that expeelaimn o1
1 moderaie conriu to he puimnl by .Mr
lt I K is likely to tie realizeilr- llie s m
nenis eunlHiued in it bmathe inoderHiioi
and freedom fiom all clique and puriiet
III' hll 8,
In i'xchangiig muiial (ongratiilalioiip
uib t iien oilier upon llie result of the lalt
elci iimi, llie ileioocraliu parly should re , in calmiy reviewing ihe coniesi,
hal the pnrlion ofiuir (1 How ciuzens win.
nave differed with us in opinion h ,te equir
P' lined riglils wiib tiinsees, that minori
tit s ns ell as ill joillles are entitled to ihe
lull and free exercise of iben jmlgmenu,rniii
dial he rights ol nil, whether of unnoniiri
ir uii'joritits, us such, are entitled to equal
espeel ant) legard, In rejnieiug, ihcrelore
over the success of the demoeraiic party tV
if tlieir princijiles, in the election, it shoufo
ie in no spirit of exultation over Iho de
leal of our oppntieins: but it should lie be
.iiiihe,as we honestly believe, our pr'iuciplet
mil policy ere heller calculated than their
o promoie ihe true interest of the whoh
imntry In Ihe posnion in which I hiivt
ieen placed, by the volunury and iinHifiigh'
ufTrages pf'niy fellow citizens, it will bo
.nine my dii'y. s i will be my pleasures,
ailhfully ami trnely to icprestiil.fn the Ex
fcutivu tlepar1111e.1t of the governinenl. the
principles &policy of thn great pirlj ofjour
eotiniry who bine elevated me 10 ii; bin, s
iliu sumo lime, it iv proper llial I shall noi
regard mvself'as llie representatives ol i
parly only, but of the whole pedplo of the
union, and 1 trust; that iho. luiiure policy
of the Government may he such as In ee
cute the happiness and prosperity of all
viihout distinction of party'
It in rumored llial John V.m Rtifpn,
Esq., son of the ex-President, will lie
.1.- . . A. . .. rl .1 ..r .1.. L.i
or ur 1 Morocy uuocrai oi me omit:
if New Yorl. .
, , -.
A 'Texas paper answera tlin interior
lory by cIiowuip; llial it IS larii) as
nx Slates in ibis Union, vis;; Louisiana,
MiNjjsiimpi, AUbima. Gviirwia, Souih
Carol'na anil Vlreinia. Tliene Slal'ei
Hilled; contain ,311,000 rquaje
IVxis conlains 318,000.
Electoral Colk'e of I'mmulvania-r
Che llarrixhori' uuir.n uive llie full pro-
!eedini;s of llils body Wilson ilc(Jaiitjes
E'-q (d I'ltixbnrL', presided, and Col Me-
Cahen was aoooinled SecrelHry Isaac.
nkney of Somerset, eo., and Christian
Kneiifs of I'htliidelphin were nbseui, anil
Isaac Hughs ami Horn R Knea8 were ap
pointed to fill the vacancies James li l'olk
il I enn , and Georuu M Dallas vvuie unan-
imiuslv elected ,
Di Lehman, of the 1st Disiriet wire np
pointed.'.o lake lie ceriifioale to Washinu
ion The President delivered a valeiliciuty,
mil llie Co,ilveitinti adjourned The Dtmo
: r a 1 i a Union nays :
lu nddilion 10 their nfllniat duiies, we
learn Hut llie electors united in pruiinsin H
10 President Polk the distinguished
it jAines liue.liaiiau lor Ihe atipoiniiiieui ol
Secretary of Siaie his not known that
VIr liiiehanan would, under any cireuln
ilanees, consent lo relinquish the place, lie
so ably tills in ihe Untied Slates Senate
The eleeiors, however, seemed anxious 10
ilfer him a spontaneous lestiinniijal of their
illll regard, and the irlhlila referred lo was
deemed best suited 10 thai purpose
Gov. Seele.ol New II inpshire, who
I ike ground aniinst the- larllf, is riol
inly. a pianiicil ill inof.'lcUin r, hut N at
Ins dme lu'ly coi ceioed m tiiaimfair'
Mr. Sinuiel McAluter Ins a liuildinc.
in progress al Natchez, Miss, which h
intends for a coitoo facmi). (Ie i now
nanufacturioii a stipenor aiucle ot ci
On baggioe, fiom trash, cotton.
Mr. James Madison, of NewhurnJi,
has sum 10 anil sold, in New Yoik,9497
worth of hntte-r ihis season, the. produce
if ten cov'.
The Mobile Herald Males lliat Ihe nhir
lllllllisl .IllliatlHil Walker. uhn ri'.'inlt
jiole slaves Irum Pens.ic ola, an'd wtis caugV
ni tils way 'ii Na"ali, iiadlr-eu tried and
1111 inlTr il 11 M .is Krnleiiced' 10 he line'.
.1150; 10 stand m ihe pillur or. e fuitir,lii hr
' n jirn-iiucd liln'cu davs. 'and tu lie hraudeil
ne the uglil hand iVilh the leilers 'S 'S'
Ii ol wlm'li, except the liiipnronmeul, ha
'fen executed
A Cherokee lieu p p t, speaking of
Miller s pre'dlenons of ihe ilesiiticiiuu ol ihe
world, sat s lhal a Olicrnkt e cnujuriir anil
itlpaled ;lie prupliel 'ioe Uilut vt is aa,,
) piihiishiii p'eiln iioim. lit
iretlicied that the wmld witil he ilei'ro) eil
111 11 len.rin dij not then lir disiaui, hi
vinii and e lor in and Hit- laliine; ill haiUliiu
irge as the mortars 10 which was pounded
.he com lor making hominy. Tne ileMruc
100 was uul to lie c.oiiiplt'ie; one sma'l spin
f s tiiie lea areeij quare, w,i 10 he spare.,
uul in which, all hIhi lied, would tin'ii
'ecurliy ill the hnlir of Woe and ailiilllllatioi.
So Aiinly fixed was tins helicl'.in ihe mind
'il'mao); llial deserillig iheir negroes,, iheii
rchaids, &c. they loru iIiciiikivcw. am 0
nire'ines and tears,' from iheir uiilieljetiiit.
iiends and skirted lor the reservaituui'loe
ed in" thai enuinrv. now in Western Mnrih
iJarolina; when ihev lound the end did no
orno, ihey leiuined In their senses urn.
.vent 10 work again,
nevolutiouarii IienntnscenccS)
II, Ingalls is now living in MijukUii, who
vas ilespalelied uv Oo l'ickeriiiL' lo Hit
aid of Washington on the surrender oi
t'oruwallis at Yorklowu 10 cairy die lo
telhgence, and also 10 hasten 011 cloihine.
rom Uosion to West I'oint lor the arun .
which was to go 11H0 winter qtrariers.
Four French crowns were given him in
defray his expense? on this tedious jour
ney On his rcniniisirating that the sum
vas inadequate, he tvns'lolil ll Was all tin-
Colonel could ojvc him and he must makr
itdiisiver ihe purtiosu lu il'ie.ui piluic
lays of got einineiil palroiMiie, how Ui
would four crowiii? go iowrtls furiherint
such an enterprise? Supplies fur the army
mil government despatches are not luriiirh.
ed and forwarded lit quilu so low ii rale
now-a days,
In 1832 al the Piesiileulial eleclion
to New Yoik, iho counties of Snlliv.10
Jlsiei, , Dmelie., PiHnaril, 0'on,
Rocklaiiil, West Chester, New Yo''k,
Richmond, kni(s, Quee.ns and StilTilk,
lying, loneiher in the soiilhern corner! ' lu flloomsbttrs, nn Thursday last; CATHA R
t lite S'ate, gave a riiajuri'y of ,13. .000, LVKia?od 15 ifionths, daughtor of Air,, Ephraim
for llie democratic Kleelor. 7'h'iv tans Arni8troii(r.- tt
Ihe D.'thocnttic nwhritti in Jhe Stale
the tit her counties bent!,' cxucUy (nil.
accd. . ,
At thn I'sto election, these twelve
counties navu a nisjoiiiy for llie .Dem
ocralic ICIeclo'is ol 5,004,' udiicl) il 10
voles, oinro than the' Democratic majoii
iy in thn State; Iho 'cbuntie which were
balanced to 1832, now 'gi'ving'a VVhip
riajoiiy of 10, v;pte?, ' : '" '
The Hon. John Savage, the prritillne
officer of 1I10 New York Electoral Conven
linn, iravp an flr,lnrnl vnln fitriv t'(ut4 xirtt
w,... p.
fur nomas JefTeraoii. lie was the young
,est eieeuu in llie coliego 01 isiil, anil wan
iappoiqietf the Mekongei tu beat the vole ol
ihe State of New.Yok.
The present is t lie Iwontyfoiirtli yenr
t ft s Colonel Hoolon has ocriipltMl the
same chair in ihe Senate ClianibTj and
, , . , . 1 , 1 .. . 1 ..
niiuiiiu iiu iiinn ni c iiii'c omri Hie enr
for ilje nt w" r r m Ot wln'eli'lu -li jn'
heeii-eli'-'u'ii, Ins will o(r.ri,iire have licen
a Seo.ill.or' for ihicy yeari (neatly the
.ihird, of a ceiiHiry.
A VllFlTIOUS CITY. ' 1 .
N01 a riersii!) has been convicted of
crane for five years, io t he 5.00S inllnli
nance 01 ueverty, miss. lnis aruuec
either tireat .blindness in dime Jus'ici
or reut viriii aiiuni the people.
Il is staler! in llie public pres, thai
The New Jersey U11I1011I ami Trans
poriation Coiupaoy tuns no train "of cat
on lbs S 1ih.ii h, exe-pt in cnuoexioi
willi ili irjiiSpni 1 iiion of IheMii ,il a-i ir
prei'iif.- ami the eunip my sava ii will ru
1 .1.- ..... ...
.,r,,n "' p.oviile.l Ho
Ijoiied Stales will ilfpeiirt- with the
mail -eivice tin lift dav."
We learn 'hal on Wednesday last Mi
M'Duffi" of S iipli-l'-iioliiia nive nolle
. . . 1 r I r. . . . . . .
10 nie u. . Mi'iiaie inn lie wmiln v
he day IkIIowiih. , inirodiice j'lini imi
'ii"'ion ptovnlii'n for 1 hi: hnniedalv
Jlneocutinn of Tents.
Collector's Office. Berwick.
Detembrr I,' 1841
,'Thc foljowini; h,m' tbe i mIh. 11 us 0f
laital r."ilts. at this Ufhre, (nr ll.e r-r.
lealllll z:
Moiiih of A prtl
Mo n't n of May
lonlb of June ;
Month n'f Jlily
Mouiiriif-' Auiut 1
Monilrof September
)onlhy of Oi lobej
Month' if November
VYhnle amount
$2 8flts 0
. 7 020, 'If
5,217 5
)( 1,24 til
7 751 41
. 5 420 6
. 8 57!) 0
$40 0C7 T,
By former Coll'r. Nov 1 843.
231 5
I'ol'il fiVr lh" fiea! vear. ' -
Notk. I ast tear, the l Is
'.ithesi'ii' due.ivrre $2."i,l53 3fi
' JiVCRE VSE. io fivor of
preseni yesr. aver 1813, of S25.058 00
Ip Bicknell's Itepntler, pulilished ?e
Philadelphia, the follou iiijr opinion is rx
liressed, in relation to ihe - course of the
Oinvernor elect, on the tnhjert uf the Siaic
ih hi:
Mi.. Sliuijk:,ihe Governor elect, ij'jaiil
... u:'. : 1 it. 1 ' .1 . . .. . ..
i" in in, iii-i iiii-u in me opinion mat mi
credit of Ihe stair- should he sustained m
ihv and everv h z.rd We iri,i ilici in hi
' nr sum" Mileeqietit addrtJis In
not be able In ponii oiu",. adequate anil
.al.aeloi pi in. havi'ur'iiu ihiv die speeiK
no ai an o e 1 niilicallnn nl llie !mhor 1 I
"ie common we 1I1I1'
The Erie Railroad Cluiiplniv; will recent
eded proposals iimil ihe 20ih iiiManl; foi
he jrraduaiior. ami maonrv of ahotii If;
ndes of the line, between Miihllelown nii'
''ori Jcrvis, in the couety of Oranae, Nc's
York. Finns and e uill he exhibit
"it anil explanaii uid iiven, al the eflicV of
he Cu:iiiany, in Pieimon , slier the 12d
i- lion, joiio Nivme, who nusi-
io tlieEh'C'oril C'iIIho of ,pw
York no W'eilni ml ty, iav an
el plot 1
oti. ful yeais -mi) fin ThnmsM J ffei
-on. He it 'is i ho i, in gut !ecioi ii
lie Cule; o1 IS04 ami Was appoiete
'he mis"- i;ei iM h n 'lie vule of io
St .le ol AT- w Yoik '.i Va-hii (;lon
MAItRcl'.D Dn tho 5th i 1st. bv th Hov
Charles Williamson. Mni. MICHAEL C V VNCfc
to Alius IM.MIUA, daughter of Isaac Kline, Esq
01 urnujo toivnlnp.
(Jj'Wo take srrat pleasure in lelurning our
thanks lo the p.irlie. fur the splendid rsVe sccom-
panyins thn abme notne. To rrmrnibcr Ihe prin
ter in iheir hour nf Joy nil glailjiec-i is a sure evi-
lenco of a fcii dly feeling, nnd that they hay heartu
that will not only render,the,melves h ippy thrniigh
Ihej mrncy nf life, hut that their exertions will mil
be wanting to extend a liko b!einu to others.
PII.D Iii nionrnt'iuri,'on Tneil iv I st. 1(J.
QMKId.N K. daughtvh of I.. D. ftupeit; Cr-q. aped
15 inonlhs.
In Mmlinnn. on Friikv. the (1th Innl. Mr. JDHN
Attorney nl SiUir.
Office South 'side of Main-st. opposite
M.a 'W"""",
k... it) t f r t.p'icitTrt rirtiTi.po t rtr
H7iiii t 1 1 emu vytjiifviq 111
Hi.oomsul'uo, Dec. 11, IS I I.
Wliea', 75
. - : 43
.Corp, . " 40
Cloverseetl, 3 50
Flaxseed, . 1 25
' Bul'cr, .' . 12
OjIji, . Kb
'Pdll.rtV 10
Lull 7
Dneil Apples, fj6
While cans Al'
Bees, wax i!5
LAP -yilliVOffKS.
A few thousand LA' SHINGLE:!, und a
w ..
for rale; or cxrlinnRo for any kind of Country Pro
duce. Bnquire uf tho
! FUR !
lit) l.adics of Ilcrwkk "iIch r,n hpldinn n fair
on (thn V 5 1 1 1 inrtJiiD "t dio rn.
ilo.ny; the proceeds of which ore lobe applied t the
licnefit of ihe l'retiyieriaii Church in tins place.
A general assortment of Fanrv Arliclca wbl be
'ilfcrcd for sale; also a J'aUle of Knfreslmienls con-
intinc of
Uyt?rs, IcC'Creuws, lid CnJJcn, $c.
Fair will Open at 10 o'clock A. M.sud continue
Jufuij the day and rvenincr.
I lie public are rci)cctlully invited to attend-
Estate nM.ifir FORV.E. tale vf Hit.
rteasani township, LulumLia county.
(It ceased
mTO I K h is hereby eiven. lint the subscriber.
I M resilient in Mount l' Tiiwnr-hin. in
aiil cfliuity. has ndnii'dtaorcil on the estate of MA
UV rullCdeceascd. All persons luvini chin
LMiii't Iho estate arc bciebv tequclcd to make kiicwn 1 the Biil-Fctiliir without delay.
OKOJiGC KIIAM, Admini'trntor.
Mount l'leaant township.
Dec. 0,1611. Ck04
CJ1MF. into the cnclonurt
oi the subscriber, ntiont the last ol
Srpteinbcr. one ltKl) HinKIMi
and a RJI) STftEll. with wlnti
ficeii, hiippoM d to jl i: about two jcars lAd. Tie
i.vtcr is lequtMcil lo prove nroricrtv, nav chariru-
1'id .jko llinni away, or they will lie diapond 01
ijcu'cliti" 10 I.iw. JUlf.N A.NUI;.
Umugi; luwnaliip. Drirn.Ur C, lt4-). b-1
WHERKAS, the undiirsigntd grive bis noli'
to William Mcllcnry, dated Ncivcmbei
15; l-S-M, fifty dollars pnjablo six uionlhs fron
Jiile, for the iinprevcmrnt u a cerium piece 0.
tract ol land, and having sinco ascertained that san:
Mc7f nry had nu.title lo the same, I tlto reforc he.c.
bv caution nil pcrsous riot lo u cihb' uid nnte u
shall refute to pay it utiliEs c mi tllnl l y law.
' Occemlcr 13, ISH-
MI T we bate this dav purchased al ConftJ
blc sajc as the properly of I'etir Ktclati,
eniar; one clock oue beaureau ono iron kittle
-5 ho'si-2 tons of hiy u lie black cow urn
infer- nue sonel mare oml grey mare two sett
A harness one two horse wanon 500 shaves 1 1
1)1 a id one sled, anil hate left the same in In
..ojai'fcdiun during our pleasure.
1'1M'B. I.Vlil.AM) jr
Firhinge cek October 13 1844 iSi
ES'UCTFI.I.LY infnnns the cilitcns nf
Columbia county, ami the public (tcnemllv
liallichax locted hiiiin ll in Ulioiimburn on Mail
ticct uppome M funis Church, uhcro he Is
piniil u (.hup nnd is now itui'v nnd oupniid t
ccciiri audexccuic ad ttork 11 hii- lint ol buiihio.
viltli dispatch aiid in a uolkmai.hkc ii.uiii er. .
Clocks & Watches
if the beit quality, can be had at his ct.tublihinen
.n very reasonable term .
will be done lo lhcFntifactiiiii of the customer, in
.tell of Clinks and atehcsHn nf JewcNv, and l.i
ill, further, warrant Ids vtnrk lobe te'titeJ 0
.tell 31 any in this (-ection uf Ihe fclu'.o, lie.uil
do make to order
or pocket, nnd in.thnrt, t ill do nil otbctwutk 'n
illy none, in a well icgionlcd ttr cclnbln rvliillh1
ment. He hoinr. by eli'ct ollruiion In l.l.birc
Old a desire In plcan1, to nccite a lil rial ihnie ,
natmiiHKe. oniitiv Produce tekrii in linwiici
for woik at the 'market p;ii.
Uluoinkburg, iSoM'tnbcr 15, 18'H -30. t
Notice is herehv eiven, l!nt we v
ibis dav purchased at (loioiialde pale, as llo
oroperiy nl VVdliam Ctir.ninehain.ihn foi
low inn property In wii:cne,biy hori-e om
iirown mare, set ol liori.K (jears, unecnci,
mi) Calf, .three sheep, fie hnirs, ore wa
i..n nnd bed, two harrows, three ploticlo-.
.ne etiinii" box anil K ntre. one rradlii mid
c il c one urasn sey lb. one and a half inn
ofi.HV, fifi hushe.s of corn in the ours
111 101 oi ciover seeo nan ol feuniieiei.
frte in the uroiuul. hall of ix aeren .
ulii-Ht in lie ue urul Ittnide'iU. 001 f I , , I.
, , f . .
one lot 1 1 1 ve the r ' ' . 1 h 1 i 1 ;r
Ik PorsiHt. till f I Ml I,
huv lef. with said Cut.nii."htim: durice
' i ' r
our jiK'i'curr.
C. W Ji .I.AZAflUS,
j Orarjjf.vil'c Hov. 30, 13jH..
ra ... 3
IteY virtue eliimd'-y vend, eipunaiifi, tornoi.ii
recl.d. wiM be exposal 111 tiullii sale, nt Hoi
Uuurt llnnnr. In Jantllle. nu B-tuuint ibe iBSi
day cf Uwemi'ti, m I, at one oVIuiL, I', Al Its
irj)loviT)jt properly, to twi 1
(ei,111 l'lai t (nil, 1 f I txtoM mil
iltiidtod Iii Uiictrtesk tOwrti'hlji, Culumb t'(
more Or'lMjC' Jouildid rjirlliaiiiit by the mjl
'pieban a Jtivr; oirftfi.wifft fiy the rntuti rosJ
iVaOilitf fro 11 jtl.ujtll.litlrj to Utrwkk, m d iidjopK
1115 lau 'a .if John jiMHSii mid other Ulids 1,1 de.
!' ni'aol, all nl wtiifhls Iji ir hlgh-sliiti.-cidlUa'
e'll, wjicrtxj.ii u erected...,
' urtfr Ei time flumlling House, d large
iiiink' Harm
miiI ihor riut biitldiiiij.
Br'ij'cil and Liken Iii eycct.tion ahil L) be eoid os
the pitiperty of Gilbert FnwlYn
UV virtus, ef a nlil, Vclid. cxf. rt s torhK irerinl
will lie expotcJ' I') public nale a.:llhiWitiini siid
place, tho fellowinj property, to wit I
A errialti lot ju llie icWii of' HVN w lek.
dtuate on front utrrct nnd 1iilf ttfvslrfc'i! d sd-
j dniiig a lot ol Rol'trt .M'Curdy and othcis, ru tu
..1 ... i'..i.i i. . 1 .1.. .
I'lunuii.iu .v.,,,, vTiit-irtiu I,, vricieu u mgu
'SjMM DWIiLLl.Ni fR'US..fcf,
autl ,." ' '
and other out huiMings,
biifd taken in execution and to tcwld as tho
property of Gilbert Fowler.
BY virtue, nf u writ of icvari fttciay,
to me directed, will bt exposed tir
public sule, ul the same, tunc and
A cersin Lo or parcel of ground,
si'uitoiu IJIuom township, 111 the countv of Col-, and maructl m utciiaui plan, ol bus laid
out by the sdniieislrstera ef ihe cbIuih of Ludwiy
Kyer deccactd. eiljning the naiil town ol" hli.tlrih
urg, N. 1 (number one) beglmhlj st'e pn t tu
the bui(l now owntd by the iit'v, George C. Drake,
and Urat trectof nj'ld tuwn, uud rnunin; ilitmo
ilonkj the said utreet norlli sixty una degree L,
10 perches and three tenths of a 1 trtli lo poji:
dieuce by lot No. 2 in Ihe taid plan cvrniil by
uk'i) itar Ion, iu. J l Ui'gric.i, and a trail v, cbi
ifit'cn puclii'k lo a potl.uu 11 pine feil clley thitica
dons.naid alley soulh.MXty destiei vvctt'.O perjneu
0. d llirec truths lo n pnsl; thuicv alel'.i;; Ihe tut uf
aid llcv: U. U. uri'te . .1) deij rit 1.. lillrC 1
crclfcs and ti tcntliB to the plnce of Lerimutu
conninini; on acre ttrict tncaturt be the b.-.u.r
Upon the premises is a lr;.-"c Til O
i'titcd taken ill execulimi mid It, I c sold an the
iropcily of Jacob Giouel. v
1I!AM DKltlt Xhrff
Shtrff'i Office, Dcmliit.Lu. -1, 1841.
New Qiisy
Seasonable and Crheap.
W'Vj just received from Phikidclpaia.ttid ar
now opening a large assortment of
vhich they oiler to the public at. the inat reduced
jriccu for ' 4
! heir ftock of goods conits in pirUraf Sunerfiin,
cununon and luarsc cloths, t iihsiincra, 81'n.c .,
MiixliiiH, Si'ks, Satins, MuUM-lino dc I.noc,
Lawn's. Mcrinoes,I,ace!i,'Ainarican P'rciY. t
brown Hollands, Flannels, .Mil, and tot
Ion Velvets, bilk and colton Hnnilker
chiiifs.I.ady's audGcntlcinen's I 'u
ii colored Hose Gloves and A'tti
fee, c'&c. ,.&(;.,
Consisting in part of
nf assorted qualities.
Tobacco, Snuff, Spices, Salt,,Soap, Cuidlre.d: &
CJIIA.1 Gl.lSfi
Ouei'Siswtti c
if every description that may be ;cjuirr,l.
Hard ware, Cutlery &c,
Har, United. Hooj) ' and Hand Irrn nnd
Waggon Tire tf ivcry'dtscfiption that
may he called for. ,
A large assortment of Plane bits, chi-els. Filee,
hovels and Tongs, Knives & r'oiks, Prtket o'd
'en Knives, Table and Tea Spoons, coflee i!',
r'lax eeed Oil, and spirits cf Tuipentine; .necpmn
11 ushe, weavers brushes; shoo brushes, clnU biuilt
s. corn broonn, &c.
The public are tcquMcd to call and cxtin inc f '
hemselves bcfnrn they purchrto clsev,.cre. Ve
-ell cheap and 110 inirtske.
Hloanibburg, Nov. 9, 1614. CO,
nutate of Conrad cat late of af
tnivnuhip deceased.
Is hereby givrin that Iciiroi f.i -
Its 'i'ril' , niovomerli
1.' niovo merli'i. .
sid r.Ha'e'iTro hc-elly ii' make in mr lute
j a rnrw, an.d lliose. Dating rlairps are rec.uct'td to
prc-ei:t thTiu'ytejily ttithenticaird 'a
, WILLIAM iJES?, Adm'r.
.tovcmliT 16, 1044,-30.