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    iHWtngiii'mMMti J" au ia i-ti 1 -
When Hie Declaration of Independenri
was under (lie consideration of Congress
there were two or ihife iinliicky rxprespioiu
in it. which i;nve ofTen'-e. to some of tin
members. The wnrds -Scouli ami oihc
auxiliaries,' excittd the ire of a (retitlctnai.
or twn of thai coun'ry Severn strictures in
tlm conduct of the Hiiliah King in negntiv
ing our repealed repeals of the law whirl
pcrmiled the importation of slaves, wen
disapproved by some southern genilernei
whoso reflections were not yet inatiired ti
1he full abhorrence of that traffic, Allimug).
tli c offensive expressions were fmmetli.itc!
yielded, those gentlemen continued their dr.
predaiinns nn other pails of the instrument.
1 was sitting by Dr. Franklin, rvlio per
reived that I wast not insensible to llio mu
illations. 'I have made it a rule,' said he.
whenever it is in my power, to avoid be
coming the draughtsman of papers to be
reviewed by a public body. I took on
lesson from an incident w hieli I will relatr
you. When t was a journeyman ptinter.
one of my companions, an apprentice hat
ler, having served his time was about to
open a shop for himself. Ilia first conceri
was to have a handsome sign board with a
proper inscription' He composed it in these
words: 'John Thompson, Hatter, makts
tnd stilt halt for ready money" with the
figure of a hat subjoined, liut lie thought
he would submit it to his frinedi for their
amendment. The first lie showed it to,
thought the woid 'hatter' (autologous be
cause followed by the words 'makes hall,'
which shewed that he was a hatter. I
was struck out The next observed that the
word 'makes' might be as well omited.
because his cvstomeis would not care who
made hats; if made to their mind, the)
would buy by whomsoever made. He
struck it out. A third said ha thought the
words 'for ready money' were useless, at
it was nut the -custom of the place to sell
on credit every one who purchased
expected to pay; They were parted with.
and the inscription now stood 'John
Thompson sells hats. Sells hats.' say his
next friend, why no body would expect
you to give away. What then is the use
of that wordl It was stricken out and 'hats,
following it as there was one painted on
the board; so the inscription was reduced
ultimately to 'John Thompson, with the
'.figure of a fiat subjoined, American
irliclcs (Pat may be obtained to tht hands
f the citizens of the United Slate. In
me uaie it is lost to the village, in the oilij
r to the cmintiy and in both his the
uno effect on the community which is
'In cairyiug ulf even the small thing of a
itMtiier bed, Jack Tale, the bnwld burglar.
He skill of high prac.tinner.for he descend-!
ml lh stair backwalda.
Hickw ards!' laid Larry Hogan, 'what's
hat furl'
'You'll see by and by said Groggius;
me desceudhrred batik wards, when sudden
ly he heard a door opening, and a feyinale
voice exclaiming.
'Where are you going with that bed!'
'I'm gninjf, up suiri with it ma'am, 'said
Jtck, whose backward position favored his
lie; and he began to walk up again.
Come down,' said the lady, 'we want no
beds here, man.'
'Mr. Sullivan, ma'am, sent me home
with it himslf,' said Jack, still mounting
the stairs.
Come down, I tell you,' said the lady in
a great rage, 'there's no .Mr. Hullivan livea
'I beg your pirdon, ma'am,' said J ick.
turning roiii'1, nd inucliing off with Ihe
bed fair and amy.'
Well, there was a regular chilloo, in the
house when I he thing was found oiit,& cart
ropes would'nthotvld the lady for the rage
she was in. Lover's 'Handy Andy-'
untrue bv all who will be satisfied on that
point, hut as my mind is perfrcily collect
il, I will (according to the gentleman's re
). . . , 'iinu ucnii biiu win KUiiitiuirv u Kiii'n III ui ill
. ?.??'n 'Z '?",!,m "? r.!?.".rtl '"Ifbranvoiie who mar favor Mm with a call.
the IjA I I'. Ifc.W MiHK. and I'MIIjA His shop is at tho old stand occupied by him
for a number of years And the latch etriii" will
lie found out at all limes. As to prices bo wishes
to I'd understood tliul he intends to do work a low
The ITlecliniiic.
Let tit support them who support us.
The principles of political economy
-which would lead the inlnbitanls of a na
tion to support its own industry, in prefer
ence to the adventitious industry of foreign
rers, may with the sa me propriety be ap
plied to smaller communities. The inhab
ilanti of a city, n town or village, are in
tereaisd in supporting the industry of tieir
own particular section of country. A village
halter will find-it to his advantage to buy
his village shoemaker, even if he is com
pelted to pay a trifle moie than he would
havo to elsewhere because he is pulling
into the hands of the shoemaker, llie where
withal to buy a hal; he is leaving his money
near home; it will Aud its way back to hi
own drawer, which would not be the case
if he had sent it away, ard bought his
shoes at a distance. -Suppose the united
body of mechanics 'in a borough should
resolve to purchase all their wearinf nppar
el in the rity, -would not the merchants &
tailors be compelled to teek another place
of residence! Now it is a ifact that mer
chtnts and tailors liveiike other jpenple
eat as much and wear as much are as
good citizens as any other clsss of inen;:nd
were they compelled to seek another .place
of livelihood, every class of mechanics who
heln to clothe, the farmer who help to
clothe, and the farmer who feeds them
would sensibly fael their loss, lit It even
no with every wotking member-of thc'com
munity. No one can live witbout'the help
of hu neighbor, but all thrive by .mutual
encouragement' And funhermore there
as much need-of looking-to the exportation
and importation nf a village its of a nation
'Why does one town ihrhe and ils -inhabi
lants grow rich, while another of the same
size is poorer this year than il was last!
.'Bimply because it impoiis more thanit ex
,ports or, in -other words, tt lias -every
tthing to buy and nothing to --sell.
To this important -subject 'there is too
Jlitt!e uttenltoiupaid-by the penple.generally
The advantage of encouragement to home
mechanics-ami lebureis is overlooked; nd
the result Of sending away the circulating
Itiedium is considered. Money benl to any
rdjplanl place to purchase any articles thai
A friend who never mado a joke in hs
life, but enjoyed the arliule hugely, when
manufactured by others, condescended in
give us the following at second-hand;
('ravelling lately on the North Hirer, I e
overheard two ladies in sn adjoining stale-
room, who kept incessantly calling tipoi
that indispensable Figaro, the "slew
'Steward,' called one, in smothered
voice, as if of intense suiTering,' do conn
and open this window, or I shall die!'
The window was accordingly opened,
but directly the other lady exclaim
Steward, do come and shut this window
or I shall diet'
'This ton, was obeyed, when the firs
ntdet was repeated, followed by the olboi
the same terms and this continued until
things began In grow serious, and the poor
Steward commenced turning very red and
perspiring with vexation At this moment
gentleman, who had been a quiet obser
ver of the scene, cried out in a lo ud
'Steward, why don't you wait upon the
ladies! Shut tl.s window till one of them
dead, and then open it an finish the
icrEYES KlCHT.rt
Drug's a pond dog,
lltit'Holdfust is better.
Left Wheel-
II H undersigned would return his sincers kmc
limntiti, llifliilt t. ill rttlii'lm nf Itlnrii.iililtrii
BUT THE TRUTH WITHOUT FEAH. .ml vicinity, foi the favors thus far lHtocd upon
. him, hii il would still further ask a cotiUiiuaiu-o ol
llio same, so long only as satisfaction in rendi-icd
DtttiiiP the course of human events, it He would not say, Come out tvme all, out come
r..llv lippoMinn nMiirv in rmlnr m nxtiutv as many 9 conveniently call. Neither would III
our worthy friend and brother chip, who fromlso, other, have,) " ' work better
.l i . .n ., i . than can lie ilono ill ny olher ulion In the place
annsars in the last 'Democrat.' that mv ,...!.. ,. ... ' .-.i i . . ' i ...
feelings, lender Spots, kc, arc not llanef r ,Utv .nv one who ilm lime In il wmk nrnter thou
ously wounded, and are considered by my .he does, in all cakea. lie has alto luly rccc'ned
elf, above being wounded in the least, by
ny isserlion thai is known to be utterly
the lute
with which he it prepared to do woik Fnsblonublc
nnJ neat, and will guarantee a good fit at all times
)ELI'HIA FASHIONS; and in order to
do so, I would only say to him. as before,
that I luve them of the LATEST STYLE,
and if lie will only take the Double nf call
ing at my shop, I will willingly ahov ihem
to him. Or if thai is tun much double for
the genteel, and he will say so, I will carry
them to him, and furnish him with a pair
of spectacles, so that he may bo fully cna
bled to see them, and naiislv his curiosity
to his souls content. I would not dispute
its being his business to know I have, or
have not the fashions above named later
than last spring. or even later, as (lit) says
than i I or VI. But it is also my business
to know that I am prepared to show them
-tt before stated, of as lata a date, as lor
the Fall and Winter of 44 and 5, and in bo
much neater style than can be showed bi
him at this time. They are advertised as
being had by mo, and by me can and arc
rhowed to all who with to see ihem.
He has now a right lo think what he
pleases with regard to the above. And he
my also brag and defv if he wishes; if he
will only for once slick to the truth.
As to backing his opinion wuh a trial ol
purse and skill. 1 would say at once, I liavi
lot the least doubts in the world, as to liii
villingners lo do thai, as the loss of an
-mpty PURSE would do him but liillo in
jury, and be ol but nine (or nnj
value to the gainer. 1 would sav;
VI v Dear Sir. Keep doing. but donl sire 1 1
the woollen siting too hard for tear of pull
ing il in two.
Bloomsburg, Oct, 28th 1844.
feranrlroLU's Pills.
IMUTIJKU 01" llliAl.Tlt.
HALT in elnlerUi!.! in an Individual by
the alienee of ill tuiii. HlilVerlliR, or nlfeclbm
in any naitoriiH lioih-, by tUo lice anU n-KUiar ex.
ereisv ol Ins function without any exception,
The subset ibcrs havp
established at the
ereuv ol ins luiu-uun wiijioiu any cjuri'iiun, rninrv I'JWl
They coimlxt ill hating good appetite nl meul Liliovo place, a Unw M.'UUil.K. 1JIHU,
mil will Hlwnys be rciidy, at the hnrleet
Mtiice, In furnish to order,
ir any other work in their line-, Tltrv nro
,lso nrepnrcd In Inrnisi WINDOW CATS
tttmH,auruy dlirentlou, free ctoeuiitioiiii, without
loo4Ci:es or cutliteucva at Icnnt ouec in every twenty-four
hours, and without beat.thyncM, or liurniii(!
.it the pavsigp, the I'rcc ihue of the ttuler wilbotil
ncriiuony or buriiilid, and without a reddish will
ment which i alwajs hikii rif a present or imtip
projcbiuij paint quiet xliep without ogitnticm n
tnioblciioiiic dreiimv, no taKle of bile or other
taste hi the mouth upon rising in the morning; in
fotiniesa or disngrce.iblo riniii(; of the kt niarli; u
(Lin lnviin. jt uiu...i 1ii....i1i ii.i !tihiii(f. iiinilitnrf ill
snots nn llin akin: no nlles: no blirnilii! beat UI illdSll.l.S, DOOU SILLS and STEPS,
any part of ibe body; no excessito tbiml when uii- &, I'lllliT of .Mn.hlc, LilliK or any kind of
i ... I .1 ...I I . .... I . . , I !.. .1... ..:-!. !...
i-xposcu lo moor ur oiot-r iiiion tuuM, nu " ' I lull(; lllilt call UC prociircu III HUH viruuiy.
riiption to any natural evacuation, nor pain atibeir g.-jHavinc hud .onyidcrablc experience
P,U7rH,a.cof,besy(,emdoe, no, ba.iuo,,. iu bu.lnc... ih.y PMB. their work to
izc with thcabovj picture of health, it U of the be executed in as handsome a eljlo as ran
greatest that no titnn bo lost to sendinn be fliriliblied friim MIV yard Cllhrr III the
for a doctor, or in the uso nf teinedien too city or cotintrj ; iind on as reascnuhln lerms.
illation; umleail of this coium- ARiMSTKONO & HUGHES.
often llio result of Rpecul
a any of his neighbors, and on uual, nil khid of lo a ilosc of lllAi DUU 1 11 & J'll.l be taken loombUuiR, Nov. 3, 18-10. ly '28
country nroduee taken in exchanco for woik done which will not deceive, but will lit once restoie
at bin shop. health to the nrBaii or part that requires It. Chair ITailUfaCtOrV,
llr.tlll AKf itUl r.ii J nil wuu "liii u .i..-ii,u mm ..i.ii.... i ii ..... 'I'll I.' iihpriluir PiililililieB III riirrv nn
Hl..n,.1...rp. nnl,n, 12. IRi JJS. arc determined lo defend the r ifc auuiiift the ill- subscriber tbllllliueb 10 Carry on
. - .- - . rrii.-ir iiiii-iiLi nl i iki-nsi! w neli mu-it Kent tneui lire- UIU
ReSlSter'S NOtlCe. maturely to the grave, will, without hesitation, hate CHAIR ilfAN UFACTOIH NG
TO all legateen creditom, mid other persons in- recourse lo llie iiramlrctli rills, wiuii me huincsn at till' old Stand of IJ- fc S. Hacen
terebteil in llio em ales of the rcsnc. it to ilccen Mho system doen not harinoiiibc with the abotc pic , . .
...'.Il 1... ..,.!.. nil
, , . , . ... ! . I,. '.. ,K I'lllOII. MIIIM III- ..III lie itimv ... uii 111,1.0
dent ntiu minors that I no adiniiiisiralton ui:U guar-l1"11-ul utiuiiu. i . . . I? . t. . . , m.,.:,- jy,
i! -f.i !...... .. .... r.,.i !.. Tl,0n uli,i tin. i. n rnnnlrv i.TP rniilnir nusni 10 lllllllsll I'nllcV lit IlltlbOr tll!UI8, Csel
uioiis nuuiiuiiia ui inc caiu ruiiiiLB linvo nurii iiit-u in i ... - j . " I , i p f
the Office cf the Kcatati-r of the coutilv of Columbia oilier discaie prevail, r-lumlU olten Hunk ol tln- Mccs, liosinn Itochilii,' tnnirt. tv,e, in i:n-rj
ml will In. iirn.rntpil fnr ilip rnnfnm-iiinii unit ul. true picluro of health, and obicrvo himself with par. Mescrmtinn. which mav he calletl lor, at
.'..... .... 1.' ..l" ......!... ... !!....!.. .I-I...I . ' . .
numirp In tin llrnlinn'a IJnlltl. In lip hp i t Jan. UCUiar aiirnuun, ill oruir lo oil iiitniuiiiKM . i in.-
Mile, in and for the county aforesaid, on Wcdnet:- wise and rightly directed will follow this udtice
day the 20th day ofrtov. next, at 2 o'clock, P. M. the unwise arc left to their own destruction.
1 The account of Philip Chrislman, nil A C E i I S.
initiH'.iatiir of the estate of Casper Christ Washington Uobcit M'Kay.
man, late of Bloom township, deceased Jeracytuwn 1.. fe A.T. UkA.
... ' . . .1 tit i. it I.I. r. ' -
unnvinc 1. i. iii-yiMHUB
iAME into my cncIourc, the
aept., Iat.
fore part ol
J vo two year old, anil one yearl
ing Hciffer. One He , ami one of them Ited and
hue, and one a dnrk briudle, with a white atreak
length wy'of her back. The owner it requested
prove property, pay
Hemlock. Oct. 21 1841.
Nn peop'e so soon get tired of an)
particular diet ai Indians ; and their
longings for change, even amidst tht ben
r.Xser, are often truly ridiculous, 'The flex
ibilily of their stomachs is no less surprising
At one time they will corzo themselves
with food, and are thea prepared lo go
without for several days, if necessary
Enter their lents, sit thete, if you can,
for a single day, and not for an instant will
you find the fire unoccupied by persons ol
II ages eooking. When not hunting or tarv
lling, they are, in fact, always eating
Now it is a title roast, a partridge or rabbit
pvrhape; now, a lid bit broiled ; anon,
portly Kettle, well tilled with venison
wings over the fit e ; then comes a choic
lish of curdled blood, followed by the sinew
and marrow bones of deer's legs singed oi
the ember. And so the grand business of lift
goes unceasingly round, interrupted only b)
leep. Another physical singularity ofthf
northern tribes is, that though capable of
resisting, with gieat fortitude, the most
intense cold, they are wondeifully fond ol
fire. At an establishment, sven when the
weather is mild and pleasant out of doors
they are lo be seen lueping on fuel in tin
house, urf actually sitting cruis legged on
i hearth where a white man would speedi
ly be roisted. Discoveries on the Nurlh
Come one, come nil, give mc a call !
rTTtHE subscriber ruturus his sincere thank
I for the liberal patronacu heretofore bestowed
upon him, and hopes fur a continuance of the same,
with an i icrease unu the merit ol his shop, lie in
tends sparing neither pain or biLour to rende
ftlifflaclinii to uny cum-;hiiu will wiirient ln work
lone with taste and duiubililt.ANI) Ai.lTTI.E
just reieivrd Miiham, late repoit of i'asbiniis, fmni
rhilJuelphia. which can be seen at his shop at any
time, by which he is enabled to cut acconling to
the la'est style, or to order. HU prices me in
aieordance to the times. All kinds of countrt
produce taken in payment for work at market price
a very reasonaote uiscouni lor case.
N. D. Cutting done with the greatest care, and
at the shortest notics.
P. H L.
Bloomsburg, Oct.. 6. 1 844.
Some wag wrote en iheile-or of a house
which had nut been rented fur several years
the word 'Gibraltar;1 which puuled the
neighbors (or awhile,t, at was found
out lhat-it. meant 'nol 10 tie uksn:'
'Aontltous 'A fNaihville'paper'lells.of
man in thai city who-morei imloud 'that he
trniy be manufactured at home, is like is obliged lo-slfijp ul a ihnuse tin the next
money m lo foreign pons 10 urrhate (r tl lo avoidvivakingiliiniielf. iQlr!
charges and take them
hurl notice and nn the. rnoel rcasurmhlH
terms. He, will also rxecuir Houhp, Sign &
Oriiuuiciiiiil PiiitilitiL', null Huti-ii- PiitieriiiL',
'i 'I he accounts of Reuben I'.il:ringer and
George hiir.p.ailininistralnrg of the estate o!
Jacob Sune, late of Koaiingcreek township
3 The account of Charles Ciossloy, aft
ministrator of the estate of Elizabeth (Jrus
' v , late of Hemlock lowiiship, deceated
4 The account of Oonrge Ki Icliuer and
William Kelchuer.execuliiis nf the last wil
and tciitainent nf Henry Kelchui'i, late ul
llrinrcreek township, deceased
5 'The account of Murv Iln.'lcr, atltnin
islratni nf the estale. of Frederick Hosier ii
Ule ofMifllin township, deceased
0 I ho account of . I. P. Siiiiutlrrsnn am'
Richard Wison, siirvivinj; executorH of tin
.11 will anilJtcHtntuetit nf Samuel lSoiiil.Uti
if Liberty township, deceased
7 The final account of Abraham H
line of the execulurs of Duwalt Hnlin, I.1I1
of Milflin townshin, deceased
a l ho supplementary account nl
VyitA zs llavluirst, iidininiKlralor ol the es
uie of Jacob Ko.lenb idcr, late of iMifilii
inwnsliip, decrasrd
9 'Tlie accounts of William Idilincs, tin
guardian of Mary Cathurii v Krci.sher and
uf Rachacl Krvishcr, two of the childien
,ind hcira ol CSeorge Knislier, ileceaspil
IU Hie accnuni.i nl David
CnUiiwissa C G. Urobst.
lllooinsburg J. It. Moy er.
I.nnrfctonc IinlibiliV AI ftinch.
Iluckiiorn M. (!. Shoemaker.
I.ime Kidge Andre A: .Viller
Berwick- J W .Slilea
May 4, 18142.
The Klooiiislnirg It. EE. B- C
JTII.l. keep constantly on hand, a large a-
Korimeiii 01
which thev will sell by WI10I.ESAI V! and HE-
I AIL, a us good mil an the arttclrn
can he rtrtrlicrr ntirehnmil. jMi ichanla anil
ilbers, inav Iind il to their interest to cull. .Ml
kinds of grain received in payment.
JOSEl'H I'AXTON, I'iiisiuknt
Chair iyiaiaiitacfory.
established a .VA'll'
in a superior untune r,
rrom Ins i-xpcrtcnce 111 tht- husinrss.nnil
his facilities of manufacturing the. various
irliclrB of his line, he Mailers hiriiscl that
he shall he Me lo furnish ur good work,
1 ml upon ns reasonable inrins as nan hu
lone in the country, all of which lie will
dispone of for CASH or COUNTRY
N. 11- Orders from n distance will bo
Iricily ui.d punctually ntlended to.
HloomsLurg, Dec. 30, 18-13.
.1. D V1SR.
, iiiforius his- friends
iv. mill I hp t r.i vpl 1 1 11 p till 111 11 ill
rj'-k: i " 1 general, inai ne lias laKi n
IW-ilS'TlS the nl iivc Holi-1 situate in
ic centipiif the tovtn of
IViliauji.uj I 'nliitiil.lrt mt
J-rW-WisW-l. --- ;
fi?-35- - ty l a. and forinely occupi-
led by I). Clarn. Where be will he happy lo wait
upon those who will lavor Willi tinir enctnin.
l lie Vote! is Inrcc and con nioiliutis aim mil
mm ffliH--irfhtii
mm ITT 1 il "1 tii
Right Faee !
P. 8. Having been censured in the last
paper fni BOASTING of my ability and
.1 til ..r r- 1 r J
imii ui uarineni cuiung,uy one 01 my own
profession, 1 deem il neiefsarj lo reply 10
the same, in order that all may he made ac
quainleil with the true object which I ha-J
in view, It was hoi my intention to wiinml
the leelings of any one; but lo adhere siiicl
ly to the truth, and speak alone such things
as could.or can be provtr. beyond all doubt.
iei, wiin all (tie care which was taken, il
appears lo hit some one on a lender spot,
nd made him speak, who had long been
still. Il appears lo have taken him on
surprise, and cslled forth ideas faster than
Samuel Iluiiiluiati, exccui'irs uf the last will
and testament of James P. Itouiluiiiu, lab
of Vallev low ttsliip, deceased
II I lie ai-criuiils nl iMtc'iai-l Sanders anil
Michael 'erlin-.iii,exeeuiiT ol the lasl will
mil lest- iiieni of Michael Hamlers scn'r, lati
of iMnntoiir township, deceased
Kegistkr Omen D-nmllt-, )
Oct1 10, 18-1-1: S
N(J'TICE is lierchy guru, 10 the f nek
'iiililerf in lite t iiiiipaiv. Inr eri-i-tiin?
Urnlm over the North Ik.iticli of the Sus
quehaiiiiii, helween ll.e low 11 nf O.ilinwiss
mil the iiioutli of I- irhinocrei k, that thi
Hoard of Managers have this day ('eclareil
1 dividend. nf seventy fn ecenis per vhare
fot tin; last six inunllis fequnl lo 0 pel cent
per iiniuiin) which will be paid lo the stoi k
holdeis or iheir legal lepresenlaiives.on and
alter the 25ih inMant, by
Callavvissa, October 12. 1844.
Iit ofLititlcra
REMAINING in the Post Office at Caltawitso
the quarter ending soul. 30, 1811.
rVHE subscriber liming
Ifl 11 .V.I.'l!lICTtHtV 011 iV.iin.
street, near the residence oi l,. II. M.iu, he is now furnished throughout, and no pains will he spand
nrpn.m-.l in finiiUli Ch.iiia ofcverv ilesc-rinlion. on lo render general satisfaction.
na pi.iiiI iprins i. iln-v .an le niirtliasad tlsiwheii collis table will lie furnished with the best the
i ... tv . i
ii t iu counlv. nniry can ninnu.
rnnn wiit'ivn Hl liar It well stored Willi the lies! nl liquor.
tt wwu luiwtutu, Evrclleiit Htablitis is attached to Ihe fslablislt-
D.ivs null Ufwci US lied Posts, U'aggon Hubs, Incm ond careful mid utlenlitc hostlers are always
ill attendance.
Cattaiiis-a, May 1.1. 18-13 .1.
iVnc Block's, c
This latter branch, from his cx ciiince, he bilietc
lie can (In u little beller than any other person
Una sii-llnn.
(rt'POPl.AR PLANK will be taken in pat ItlooniIliir:
ment ol the highest muiM't price
11 USE
C'oliiialiia Co.
lllooinsbuig, July 4, 1H1.
August 17.
sale ur
Arthur Hubert Ureesler Jonathan
iow'tnati K. I,. Brock Silah H.
Ilenjamin Frederick Denglar Ainhony
Irieebaeh Yost Ucrr John
Kederolph Adam Prey John
tioarharl Win. 2 lleiiuiiigcr Daniel
Howard jliehael ft. Katsotei John
Knccht Jacob Kimplo William
Kern Peter Mears George
Paxbiii J. D. Prince f.ycaudtr
(titter ilenjamin Kohrback Win.
Keler m. Bharjiles.i Jos. or John
tjingley John Kcbtucck Daniel
Taiideiison Rachel ThnmusA.l).
Ward John Wilson Alexander
Wall Philip Wanamancher Jacob
Waplea Denton W. Yctter IJarbarvann
Person calline for tetttri in the above list will ,,,.,,,, ,
ii,... ... .,i..rii...i nereiiiiore.
c. a.'drobst, p. m
Oct 19, 1834.
WW OULD rcspecifuily inform ll
citizens of Uloomsburg, and ii
vicinity, thai he still continues in eairv nn
the above business, at his old eHiablislied
iand on the corner of Alain and luu&t
streets. Having received the I.JlTES'l
FASHIONS, in connection with Keoti ii
Willeon's Highly Improved paient fur cul
ing garments in Hit iiiohI fashionable iiinu
uer, warranted lo fit without any possibility
ol lailure, and leeling assurer! from ins Imif
experience in the business, that work e.e
cuied at liia shop, will never he complained
nl, lie hopes, by strict attention to Imsincsi
to receive a share of public patronage a
BY virtue of a writ of venditioni exponas to mc ,,,.,.
directed hi , n,
IC7-N. R. CASH, and all kinds ol
COUNTHY PRODUCE; only taken ii
payment lor work done, at ibe market pri
ces. iiiargfs lor work moderate lo Mil
he was aware of. I nreaurne Hm I linn, -a-"""1 ne exposeo to putmc sale.nt hi m . M ,.
he will rullec.his mnil again", ,1,1 nex 26l,,dfl- of 0ct m'"""6h"rg' NoV' 3' 18a-
..uiG no wnn-B, anu nay some rfuartl lo 'I'm,, ...,i3i,. li. r . i .-. i i.
iKhal .r,UI,l ... .!!., . 1... ... ," ... .' - r I" rmidliu III
... ...,B. ...igu, , o c bo j ei It is JNoilh Wanville.UoIumbia counlv. the first
I a " - ' s mi i,uill uilli'ia VUUIIIJ
... ...j . ...inrnp ... iviiuw iiiri ...gcigiuy lour eel in iroril, anil one bundled SldlrBIlR sutiipriher tiHviiip r.l1,l!tl,r n 'APF-.r.
ne nail iwii irip imu. v.if r.1.. -1.: .. . . i 'kiiv ion. ... r.ii. i.. i.i i... ,i:ii ...... .. i - . . ...
:. I'" "' lamr.-v "... -I-.. "U..u. 7pi iii sireei on me l , , MILL Glt() E. near II oomslurz-
than '41 or 42, or the Philadelnhia Fash
ions since last spring;, but it ia evident that
both are advertised as being had by linn nf
the latest style. Such may be ihe fact, but
I have a ijghi io think when I know beti.r
Think'nnMhal I boaii or defy, but epeak
ihe'truih and am willinp in hack mv opin
ion .with a trial nf Purse h Skill, 'm any
amonnl, which siny be mentioned by the
I say 'come again, but ihm'i brar.'
October 10, I641-S5j
.... l... fc.i. l .i . . i .i . ; JL niiui Bl ,
" I "1 , " u'm,""n.a ,(oa" on. 'lh, Columbia coimtv.wberc be bus Ihe latrtt iMraovn
"..r U) ' Ui """n Jonatnan Huhel. Maciumut, and hatinc follcwed the fui
. ... .... ..... ..j ... mT,nn is erecieiiitwentv Years he !s eoiituent lie can furnish an eooC
a frame Carpenter shop. The second containing
nity leet in Iront and one hundred and fifty feci in
lUpth.more or less.bounded In front by the fllooms.
..uiB nnao, on me easi ny r erry sfeet on Uie r-oulh
by an alley, ar.d on the wist by land of Alexander
M IVMln...... ...I I- - . 1 m . ... I " - - - - , CJ - r
hniikr. n i i- , 1 1 e dwelling H Kind, attortmrnt of fciciiooi
-, .... II.UIV .ll.iqc, A It. 111,1, lln..U W wtrt
pof-er as any in the Country and en as rrasotiabli
teiins lo printers, Mrrcbsiita mid Law vets, or ant
persons who may want the article, lie alfu,kfcp(
constantly on hand Attorney 'a Cap, Fool' Can. .L-riltnn- l,!nl!.w. nA V. .
.....v., ..,.....b mi'n ...iw'i'uiK IJIIIitf 01
.11 ..!...! ... . .... . t t. ' ' ' ,i
I.. . . 1 1 1
tak.,1 In ,,ril .1, '."r;: ?K .l "".'". un ...,nnu, anil
PetcrHoats 1 i " "" oi an sizes auo, assortnieiit ol writinp
iRA.M nuiiH. si,. Ir.J'r.
nB!rri.r0,rcr'?B' l)anville THOMAS TfUJNCH.
'1 Ulil, 4QU,
Villfjravci ribtuary '.'O' J811if,
THE subscriber lespi-cifully informs li:s
friends, and the public yeueriill) ;ihat ho hai
itikcn that well known eland, in HlunitiK
'mill, fiirmerh l.ept by Roliunr.,
mil tin- Ilniiat' and Siables aic iitidei
nine a lliorouuh repair A his bur will
ilwat f. ne inriiisiieii ivn;i un: ciion-esi in
iniinri, nuil his Larder with the best thu
narket affords-, and having i'ind Sinlilinij
ind attentive luifllere, his wiilt ennfiduico
invites nil to call and lest his ability ns a
caterer fur the pnlato and s'omach, and flat
icrs himself thai none will leave uissutifli
ed with their Irualment,
The worth of the pudding is told in the eating,
omc give il a trial, there will be no cheating;
Ilcast and Man shall always go away rejoicing.
Swearing by the pott ers.tbey'l call on returning.
June 8, 18447, Sin.
. (
To ltc Public.
THE subscriber desirous of quiiinp bus
iness requests- nil these iiiilt-lili-d In I. nn lo
make payment immediately.
1 he fnllnwinL' prices will ho paid lor
PRODUCE in exi hange fur his
on hand.
GOOD WHEAT $1 per hubhel.
RYE 55 els.
(,'ORN 45 and 50 cis.
OATS 25 .
FLAX Slilil) $1 25 CIS.
(CJ" Goods oli! at cum for the rath.
liut no credit uiveu alior this date.
Sopl C 1844.
Est mc of JOHN SOIVYER, lute of
Mouteur toionship, Culumbut co.
NOTICE is hereby given that letters of Ad
ministration on the above mentioned EUt
have feen vented to the subscriber residing in
Mouteur AW persons indebted to the said ins
tate are hereby notified to make immediate payment
and those hiving claims are requested to p'icten
Ihem, properly authenticatedto
JOHN D1ETERICH, Administrator.
Augnst 16, 1844. Cwl7
rcyJiislir.esHlank EXECUTIONS an,
SUMMONS jtifi primed and for sale at
ti ie OHicc