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An old gentleman, one of ilio few sur
vivors nf Lee's celebrated parlizau legion,
gave me the following account tif a charge 10 mn, .... ... ... u - .
made by that gollantrmp.. whirl, he pro- jectci! by the hazardous nature of their ob npaiinn. On Tuesday last, an explosion
We were lying near Fort Gr.mby. ..hi,-' ""P l,,e m!M
... . .:.:.x.'v , PMr. , ler & Haeeerly, at the
tie watching the innvemrnm mine mnisn
Army, and seeking daily for opportunities
10 cut off its supplies, or any detached par
ties that might be pushed out. Early one
morning, Captain Arm-strong, 'he ino.ldssb
ing, headlong and gallant fellow of our
corps, was detached with twelve men, on a
irconnoitering expedition, and during the
afternoon of the same day. Capt Eggleaton
was sent out with a party of eighteen in a
different direction. Towards evening the
parties met; and having formed a junction
.... I
nl Af ..,n, wh n . sk rift
....i ...1.1.1. .i,n,.,h nrA.t,ai.l nn
. . n ...
parcntly by a toriauo,yet anoruru suiiiciem
cover to hide us from casual observation,
wlion dismounted; while at the samo time,
it enabled us to see every thing passing on
the road. Wo thiew ourselves on the
ground, under the broad canopy of heaven,
as was our usual custom, not being possessed
of tents and slpet soundly .having first fasten
ed the bridles of our horses to our hands. At
lireak of day, having aroused ourselves from
slecp.while some were idly lounging about,
and others standing chatting, in groups, a
woman, wrapped in a red cloak, and mount
cd on horseback, passed by. Some of the
men, for want of bctte.r employment, kept
following her with their oyes as she rode
along. Presently s,he turned a road
intersected the one that ran in front of our
position, and led to tho British camp. It
was skirted by high fences on either side
that terminated at the wood we were. As
thoy continued watching her progress' their
eyes fel suddenly upon a party of sixty
British dragoons, who were approaching
her from their camp, on a foraging oxpedi
tion. They rode up to her, and during
their conversation, her pointing frequent!
towards the spot where we were stationed,
soon conivneed us that she had discovered
-iir nosilion and was imparling her kaowl
edge to them. Well aware of what was
likely to ensue, wo all, without waiting for
orders, mounted our horses, and sat in silent
expectation. 'What shall wo do?' said
Eggleslon, turning to Armstrong, 'Charge!
charge them!' replied the latter, nnd at the
-flame time mounting his horse called out
twelve men follow me,' and dashed down
the road towards them at full speed, without
ever stopping to weigh the hazard of an
cnrounter,wilh a foice so vastly his superior
The enemy seeing two bodies of cavalry
,ssjp from the road, drew up his line face
i,?g us, and sat firmly, pistol in hand, wait
rg our approach. As Armstrong rode up
they fired al his patty, but so hurridly that
not a shot took effect, and before they had
time to draw their sabres, he burst in upon
Ihem like a thunder clap, overturning whole
rinks, and cutting them down in every di
,ection, ,
Eggleston now joined, and the slaughter
became terrible, for they the first
instance, that the fire of their pistols would
either check or repulse us, had made no at
tempt to draw their swords, until we came
hand to hand with them. Such attempt
vhen made was in the most cases rendered
of no avail by the ardor snd gallantry of our
men, who unhorsed them beforo the sabre
had left its sheath, or dealt a blow in defenec
of its wearer. Resistance was now cl)3ng
cd to flight, aad while pressing their flying
flank, in the chase, we were forced to cut
down many who had ceased to resist, as a
regard to our own safely, and theii niiweri
cal strength, foibude their being left un
harmed & capable of doing us injury in the
rear. Hemmed in on both sidew by furices.
ni'ri mounted on sorry horses, this last re
course availed them so little, that hut one
of the whole parly escaped capture or death
and so hotly did we pursue him thatt'.io out
r line of sentinels was passed, and one of
lliem captured, before we reined in. The
ilteachment captured, formed part of the
army,ur.der tho command of Lord Rnwden,
General Lee uas mentioned the circumstance
in Ins Memoir, but is inrorr6ci in the tnin
or details, He says Eggleston was detach
ed willi 3P dragoons, to join Armstrong,
who had been previously sent out with t
party and that 46 only of the enemies dra
groons were taken. The fact is we num
hered in pit but thirty men, anil captured or
hilled GO of the enemy, including the sen
linel (Japt. kgglcston was thanked iu
general orders; but the glory of the achieve
merit belongs manifestly to Armstrong. The
former was uf a cautious disposition, and
jtrobsbly never would have hazarded liU
command iu such an attack, unless coinpcll
eil,Wfn lliq, preecn't (lib nccee
shy orstliiorllng las Oaring comrade'
We have to record nnotlier ileplornblp
occurrence bb one among many uceiuonis
northern end of our which five
persons were burned. We aro pleased to
learn tint the injury, although severe, is
not great enough to cause any fatal results
to cither of tho sufferers. I heso explosions
were foimcrly much mora frequent in
our mines thm they aro the present day,
in conseqnence of the many careful
precautions which miners now use by
means of safety lamps, fcc. Ilowcver.long
security from imminent dang cr (even by
.:. . ....I.Aa tmt doroln.a fir
airccHiiiiuni "I-""
eanllcM ol its presence, & European
m hiKra am nrnverbia v fearless in tins
miner are nrovero auv leuiiuea ...
respect. Many lives have already been
lost in this region through recklessness; K
workers in veins where even tho slightest
portion nf this gas in disccrnable.cannot use
too much cautten Wo learn that tins ac
cident was caused by the intentional ignition
ol the gas, a course which; although dan
serous, is frequently practised in our mines.
I'he miners on Tuesday, having discovered
that tl'cre was sonic-fire-damp in the breast
ing they were about to work, allowed i
small boy to fiie it.lhinkinj that theio would
be but a slight explosion but it appears
that there was a hole or offset in a working
adjacent to thespot, in which a large body
of the inflamable matter had collected and
when the lamp was applied, this mass of
air exploded and rushed out over then
bodies. The men being accustomed to
such scenes, threw themselvpg upon thoir
faces and the volume rolled over them
without injuring them very seriously: but
the boy was severely burned. Anthracite
Take ono bushel of unslacked limo. and
ilack it with cold walerjwhen slacked, add
to it 12 lbs. of Spanish whiting. 17 lbs
)fsalt, and 12lbs, of sugar. Strain tins
mixture through a wire sieve, and it will be
tit for use after reducing with cold water.
This is intended for the out side of buildings
or where it is exposed to the wealhen In
order to give a good color, three roats are
necessary on brick, and two on wood. Il
may be laid on" with a brush similar to
whitewash1 Each coat must have suf
cicnt time to dry before the nexl is appli
For painting inside walls, as before, 1
bushel of unslacked lime, 3lbs, of stigsr,
5 lbs. salt, nnd prepare as above, and apply
with a brush.
I have used it on brick, and find it well
calculated to preserve them it is far prefer
able to oil point. 1 have also used it on
wood, assure you thai it will last longer on
rough siding than oil paint will on planed
tidings or boards.
Yo5i can make any color you please.
If j on wish straw color, use Yollow Ochrt
instead of whiting; for lemon oolor, Ochre
and Chrome "Velio w; for lead color Lamp
black, for blue, Indigo, for Green Chrome
Green. The different kiudrf of paint will
not cost more than one fourth as much at
oil paints, including the labor of putting
Dn. Franklin. The Rov. Mr. Clapp,
of iYew Orleans, reronl'.y preached t net
mon on the religious character of Dr. Frank
lin, From the closing paragraph of a short
report wo copy the following:'' Il is both
faho noil unphi'oHopbical to churye an
man with a want of piety, because he dif
fers from u: in his mode of manifesting his
faith in God, Ills actions are the best lest
of his opinions. As eloquent a moral may
bo incu.catcd by tho self-denying virtue ol
ihe hero, as by the teachings of Paul
Such virtue can only be the result of a right
culture ofchnstain duly, and of an humble
reliance on the devino assistance; for it is
manifest the human ambition is lo short
sighted to attain this eminence. It would be
well for our country if tho example of these
extraordinary men were more felt and ac
knowledged if their voices were still
present to our view it the same spirit
which actuated their lives wero felt in tit t'
breast of the statesman of our own day, and
ihe sneering tune of this 'ago of reason'
were changed for a feeling of veneration of
ihe wise and good, who adorn the pages of
our hiMory.
A new way to open oysters is to nprin
kin a handful of sn tiff over a hesp of them
& In a few moments they will sneeze them
selves out of their shell.
Brandrcth's Pills.
II A 117 is characterised in an individuality
(lit! absence of nil ruin, Buffering, or nlTccliou
in uny paitof his by tho Tree and regular ex
ercise of his functions without any exception.
They consist in having n good uppclitu nt tncal
time, an cosy tllgcttiou, fren evacuation, without
looseness or costivencas nt least ouro In every twen
ty-four lipure, and without hcaUliyncss, or burning
nl tho passive, the frco issiio of tho water without
acrimony or burning, and without n rcddUh ocdi
incut which is ulwuys a sign of u present or un up
preaching pain; ijuict sleep without agitation or
truoblcsomo dream; no taMo of bilo or other had
Lisle In tho mouth upon rising In tho morning; no
sourness or disagreeable rising of the stomach; a
clean tongue; n sweet bicath; no itching, pimpled or
ppots on tho ekin; no piles; no burning heal upon
any part of the body; no excessive thirst when un
exposed to labor or other known cause; no inter-
periodical return.
Wlicrc me state oi mo system uoes not Harmon
ize with the abov.1 picture of health, it id of tho
a-reatcst Importance that no timu he lott in sending
for n doctor, or In the uso of foolish remedies too
often tho result of speculation; instead of ihiscourso
to o dosnof llltAKUItlJTII'S HI.I.S bo token,
which will not deceive, but will nt once rcatoic
hcullh to llvo organ or part that requires it.
All who wiuh In prmcrvi) their health, ell who
arc determined to defend their life against tho cu-
eronchments of disease which might send them pre
maturely to the grave, will, without ncsitutiou, have
recourse to the Vfrandrelh 1'ills, when the state of
the system docs not harmonise with the above pic
luio of hcultli.
Those who live in n country wlicro contagious or
other diseases prevail, should often think of this
true nicturo of hcnltli, nnd observe liltimcll witn par-
ticular uttcnlion, iu order to act accordingly. The
wiso nnd rightly directed will foliow this advice
the unwise nro leu to tlicir own destruction.
Washington Ilobert M'Kuy.
Jersey town L. & A. 'J'. .Wiscl.
Danville K. D.lioynolds & Uo.
Unttawissa 0. C5. 1) roust.
Uloomshurg J. II. Moycr.
Limestone Habbit & M'Ninch.
Huckhoru M. O. Shoemaker.
Limo Kidge. Andre & MWUr
erwtck J W Stilca
May 4, 1811 g.
II R subscriber having established n PAVEU
MILL at MILL GKUVU, near flloomsbiirA',
Columbia county, where ho has tho latest Imi'Iiovmi
.maciii.nkht, ond having followed tho business fol
twenty years he is confident ho can furnish as good
paper asnny in iho Country and on as reasonable
icnnti to printers, Merchants ond l.nwycrs.or any
persons who may want tho article. He ulso, keeps
constantly on hand Attorney's Cap, Fool's Cap,
Letter, writing, Trliiling nnd Wrapping paper of
alt kinds Also, an assortment of hcnooi. ookh
Also.lilank Bonk, Lxtra bound. Full bound, and
half bound of all sizes and, assortment of writing
books ike. Ho is ready to exchange tho above for
I'apcr or. Hooks, lor lints ol sizing.
Mllgrove; February 20' 1811 tf.
JZ&Zskp. ElU. informs his friends
dS'flSIthe above Hold situate in
tfflil ? ' 'IM the centre of tho tow n of
lJlllT IhsBBsaffiSlin Catawissa.Uolumbia coun
5ESi&iiSt5S..'-.-- ty Pa. and forifiely oceuni
ed by D. Clark. Where he will bo happy to wait
upon those who will favor him wjih Iheir custom.
ThoZotclis largo and commodious nnd well
furnished throughout, nnd no pains will bo spared
to render general satisfaction,
collis table will be furnished with iho best the
untry can nflord.
His Ilur is well stored with tho best of liquors.
Excellent stabling is attached to the establish
ment and careful and attentive hostlers are ulway
in attendance.
Cattawissa, May 13, 18433.
lAst of Letters
REMAINING in the Post Oillco nt Cattawis.
for tho quarter ending March, 31, 1R-14.
Howrs Cnnaid
.1uiiroe Isnnc.
Paxlon Joseph 5
Poter Thomas
Pursel Lusauna
Roitz John
Raver Elizabeth
lloono Milton
Boy lea William
I) mm George
Fclcrolf 1icliacl
Gugcr Joseph
Harder Washington Ritlcr Davis ti
Hughes Ellis Ritlcr John
Johnson John Schuk Genrgn
Kitchen 2 Shellhart John
ICunso Peter Wcrniz Cyrus
Laurence Samuel Wollcver John
Lilly Abram Wilson Einilino
Millets John Ward John
ilills Levi Atgar Alfred
.1cilicliacl Alfrml Zarr Heninmin
I'crsons calling lor letters in tho above lil nil
please say thoy nro advertised,
U. A UKUIJST, 1'. Al;
REMAINING iu the Post Office
Orangoville, the quarlcr ending Mitch, 31
James Anthony
Samuel Uognrl
Jonas Kissncr
J. C. Hughes
Luther German
Wilamina Evcrhart
Sainuol Henry
Jacob J, Kliuo
Reuben Parrish
Elizabeth M'Cord
J. Paiks
Abram Rubbins 2
A. Vnllercliainp 2
Isaac Devoid
I'ompson Dilloy
Andrew Emmons
Jacob Good
Jonas Hay man
Itout. LocUhart
Rev. John Lodcr
Jonathan Miller
Samuel Richart
John IJoyer
Russell Wliito
Sarah Aman
Persons calling for loiters in the above
list will plcaso say they aro advertised
IS hereby given to all concerned, thatlhavo pur
chasd at Constable sale, as iho pmpcrty of
James Vulk, tho (olluwing propcity, and have left
tho samuin his possesion during my pleasure, and
forbid any person taking it from liiiu, either by pur
chase or othcrvvho without my consent, viz:
Ono grey home; one brown mate; imu two horse
wagon; twelve ueres of I!yo in Iho grouod, and half
of live acres ntw ground wheal,
May 18, IBM-4.
.iVetti and Improved Series.
To the Subscribers of the Philadelphia Sal
tirdny Museum.
Il Is with unfeigned satisfaction On llie part of Iht
Proprietors,- L'ditors nnd Itcgiilar contributors ol
the .YuUirduy musciiiii that (heir paper Is now of
fered to its numerous subscribers, under such u.
rangciuents as will place it beyond all rivulehip u
inonc American Weekly JN'cwspuptrs. Certain
features In iho typography having heretofore been
adopted in tho miscum, which it is now considered
oxpedicnt nnd more consistent with good taste to
abandon. Tho Mictions into which the paper war
diiideJ, occupied much valuable space, which h)
the present condensed arrangement of tho matter
increase tho amount ol reading in ever numtiei
nenrly four columns, e.pial in Iho conrsn of a year
to two duodecimo volumes oflluco hundred pages
U1lh this chance in the Museum wo havo the
pleasure of announcing also, a general irnpro'TUicnt
in all its departments, with additional ad
vantages exclusively presented iu this journal.
They arc briefly exhibited under the following
The Museum is sustained iu its cdiloral columns
by tho talents nnd expericuco of gentlemen compe
tent for every species of periodical writing. The
violence of political partisanship nnd the prejudice
of religious sectarianism will bo npjally eschewed.
It is hardly necessary to assure tho subscribers to
the .Mtiscum that this department will bo richly tup-
Under these t tics tho ?i use um will contain the
contributions of the ablest writers of our city.
1 his general head embraces nn endless variety ol
selections from tho llcyiews and Magazines nnd oth
er Periodical publications of Luropc. This ad-
antago the iuscuin boasts as peculiar, and of itscll
sufficient to secure its universal p ipularty.
This head will includo every species of matli'i
propel ly belonging to a .Newspaper,
An experienced editor is employed exclusively
for the collection and reporting of the jiarkcts, the
revision of Uic Hank ISolc nnd stock rabies, and
the regular correction ofthc price current.
As tho most important of nil arts, n portion of the
Museum will bo regularly devoted to tho subject of
Wc might proceed to enumcrntc under v.iriou
other heads, the subjects which will constitute (lis
tinguishing fealiucs of tho ?iuscuin. Suflito it lo
say that nothing will be omitted necessary lo pre
servo its character as the greatest and best
in mericn.
To Agents and Nciv Subscribers.
to take tho Saturday Museum.
Uno copy tor ono vcar
i hrco copies for ono year, or ono copy Tor
three years
Seven copies for ono year
I welve copies lor one year
Seventeen copies do
1 tvo copies for ono year, and one copy of
Godcy's Lady's Hook, or Graham's .Mag
Five copies, and two copies of Godey's La
dy s nook or Uinhnm s .Magazine
Tho money must always lie tent in advance free
of postage.
Tmims I ivo dollars n year in advance J luce
dollars if not paid till the end of tho year.
To any person sending two dollars iu advance
wo will send tho iiuscm for ono year uud ono ol the
now novels.
For Five dollats thrco copies nnd one of tho new
For ten dollars seven copies and cither of the
new novels.
For twenty dollars sixteen copies and two new
Chair BTaimfactory,
1 11 li, subscriber continues to carry on
husiucsH nl the old stand of !i & S- Hsget
buch, where lie will bo ready al all timet
to furnish Fanny & Windsor Chairs, Set
tecs, Uoston Rocking Chairs .Sic, of ever
description, which inav lie called for, ni
short notice ami on the must reasonable
terms. Ilq will also execute House, Sign fi
Ornamental Painting, uuil lluuso Papering
in a superior maimer,
From his experience in (tit; business, and
Ins fnciliiics (if manufacturing the. variout
irtich's of bis linn, he flaiiers himselC thai
lie shall bo able to furnish as good work
and upon as reasonable terms as can hi
done in the country, all of which he wilt
dispose of fur CASH or COUNTRY
N. IL Orders from :i disl ineo will bi
strictly ai.d punctually aiti'iiiled to.
Ulooinsl urg, Dec HO, 1813.
f BR CopartnerKhiphrreloforooxisliiiR between
H Oueii I), l.eili ,v l.eorgo I rr.leiiek, at III
Catlawiuea Foundry was dissolved on Iho lfith ol
March lust by mutual roiisent. All persons know
iug themselves indebted, will plcaso mukcjpnvincul
anil lliom having claims will present then toUvvci
J), l.cib who is duly authorised to settle.
OWEN ). Llillt,
N. 11. Tho business will in future bo eoiilucled
by Georgo Frcdcrick,who respectfully solicits aeon
linuuuco il patronage.
May 85, 18-14 8.
Ettatc of George Zcrr, late of Caltuwisso
township, deceased.
TSJOTICK is hereby given thnt letters of admin
J iftration, on the abovo mentlaiiCil Ofctate,wcri
this day granted lo the fciibscriher retiding In tin
town of Oattswltu. All peiKins Indublid to the
uid Cktato ore hereby notified to nioko immediate
pnyiucnt, and lliote having claims aro requested lo
nretcnt them piopcrir auiiiciiiiiated to
F.ltAK. IIAVI1UI1ST, Adm'r.
Calluwlaa, Muy Ti, mil S,
Tailor, :
OULD respectfully inform tin
citizens of lllofinisbnrg, and llf
vicinity, thai ho Mil! continues to carry on
tho above business, at his old established
4tand on the comer of Main and Last
itrecls. Having received tho l.ATHS'I
FASHIONS, in connection with Scott A
Willson's Hinhlv Improvrd patent for cut
nig garments in the most fashionable man
tier, warranted to fit without nnv possibility
of failure, and feeling assured from his lonp
"xpcricnco in too business, that work cxe
cutPil at Iiia shop, will never be complained
of, he hopes, by strict intention to businesc
to rcrcivo n share of public patronage a
IC7N. IL CASH, nnd all kinds of
COUNTRY PRODUCE; only taken in
payment for work done, at the market pri
ps, Chargrs for work moderate to sun
the titties.
Uloomshurg, Nov. fl, 18-1.1. 28
e. tin si m.H.
50.000 feel Inch Pino Hoards.
50-000 fcel Wcathei Hoards.
IttO.OOU Iap Bliingles.
30.000 feet Pine and Hemlock Plank
2'000 fect lilea' Round Timber, from
hmo i i inciics iu iiiaiiicicr.
And a quantilv of Oak and Pino Timber
for Mill Right work.
pply to
Piesidcnt of the Uloomshurg Rail Road
Iron Company.
March 23, 1814. 4b
A Valuable
Tin: SunsciiiKn or fi:i:s to si:ll his 11 i.k
T I'ltlVATC SAI.K. situated in Greenwood
towushin, Columbia County,'!'!!., upon the
Ieadinir from Iihocrsbara to Jerceytow I, about
Wi miles from llhoeruburg, and ten from Ulooms
buig, containing
IIS Aeres
most of which is improved, ond upon which arc
erected a
ggpp CI.TC1- Mill.
and other out buildings. Th:ro aro also on
Tho land is in a good etsto of cultivation, and that
which remains uncleared is covered with good tim
ber. Ho considers it unnecessary to give any fur
ther description, as nil who wnh to purchasn will
view for themselves. It will bo fold on reasonable
terms, and possession given on Ihe fiat of April.
Greenwood, January D, I Q44. Um37
Wo to day commence a New Volume nf Cham
hers Journal, and we avail ourselves of tho occusioi
to remind those- who dc.'tro to subscribe for it,tlnl it
is the proper time to do so. A wotk that bus risen
to a circulation of 75,000 copies wed ly in Great
Dritian, cannot bo one of mean pietciielons. Tor
moral tendency .information insliuetion, and ehoap has no equal in the ntioXuh' language. Il
can. therefore, bo recommended to families iu
every rank of society, without stint or rerervc, and
if it be desitahlo to put into (lie hands ol the name
scneralson agreeable uud iiikliuetivo reading, uso tho English and Trench novels circulating
iu cud i piofiiksiiin, Chambers' Journal U a nuik
einiiiciitly adapted lo that purpose
In older ti put thL woilc witliiu theieach of all
classcn of Iht public, we have detennlncd to issue
il at Iho very low prn o uVaiirdulliir una a halj per
rimtum;aud aUo 'ofuruiidi it lo ai'iiUnta dl.counl
from this mice ol lttrtti-lhicc onil a third per cent
And in order to ilUscmhiato Iho publication Mill
morocxleiifiively wo have determined lo give in
dividual or companies of individuals who may or
dor five, conic the advantages poiwesbcd by ogenls
and lucxteiul to them ulso tho benefit of the dis
count. A remittance of Jive dollars thcii,iroviiled
it bo in fund at par in tho city of New York, or
notmoro llian live per cent discount, will command
live annual coiiles. J ha pulilieullnn H weeKlv
coutuiiis right pugep, and i piinlrd iu llin quarto
lurui, wuii neai typo mtu on iuu hh-i. ii ib
scarcely necessary to state tha tho low price nl
which tvo oiler this woik, will olilice us lo lunieri
to lhocabh bystcm without nny deviulinn whatever
L'ditors throughout tho Country imcrlinij this
i'rospectus four succes'iivu weeks, uud bending u
.!..! !. All.!-.. IIO! ..III 1.
oopy routuiuuiK u in uiu iiunui luini;, vjii
entitled lo .1 Irco copy for ono year,
ALL persons indebted, lo the mliM-rihcr, will
plciibo tukit untico (hat iho Mihscrlhcr, has left lu
Hooks in Iho hands of .Voloinon New hint Lfo.loi
collecltou. All perbOns iudchled will please call and
fettle (hosnmo to save cost unit trounio,
March Si.'-18 11.
Now is the very nick of time to Sub
scribe, (11,011 the Gthof March,
lfed-l, will commence the fourteenth
I o I utnc of
The Family Kcwspaicra
With the Ini-tft'sl SHDscriiuion usi
in Ui WorhU
of facilitnting the form.itiori of
fir it u a nf v!i irlmiiv old subscriber olliciatina will Is
CJiisidcrcd as one, we oiler the following
lixtraordinnry Imlnccmints
I'hrco copirs of the Saturday Councr.l ycar.or
Seven copies of the Saturday Courier, 1 year
i wclvo
Seventeen . ,
I'wo nn(l 1
copy of Godcy's Lady's Dook, or Graliam'n
Five copies of the Saturday Courier.and 2!coricJ
ol Godcy's Lady's Hook, or Gruham's Muga
zilio Two copies of Iho Saturday Courier, 1 copy
of tho Ladies' intiomu agHiioo
Five copies of tho Saturday Courier, 1 copy of
Godcy's Lady's Hook, or Graham's .Mug.i
zinc, and one ccpy of the Ladies' National
Five copies of the Saturday Courier, nd I
copy nf Front's new 7'ictorial History of
America, a S.ri book
rrVIn fact. whatever oiler i i any oilier
Family .lournal.atiiil oppro.ichins in worth) .bcoiity
or pretensions, to ihe bi'ruliliAr Cocmr.ii.will bo
furnished py us
Tho bATiinnAr t-oiiiur.u has become so well
and favorably known through a triumphantly popu
lar courno of thirteen years, that it vvuuld be i,iiper
lluohs lo say much on that subject here. Wo
may remark, 'however; that to the industry, talent
nnd cnterprisc.-which havo for years kept this paper
a bright exemplar: for all its imltators.will contlant
y be added tho productions of every uvsil.iblo
writer, and continued judicious and liberal llxpcn-
ditures will constantly bo made, as will in tho
Literary as tho Typographical department. Our
meam will cnoblo us to bo iu udvauco of all
Original Domculic Tales, Essays kc.
F.vctv number contains several prariica
Domestic Tulcs, Iiusavs. nr Skotchcs, from
such pens as T S AKTIIUR 12mj. one nil
mnsl popular I aio-wr.icrs in America
Henry W Herbert l''srj. 4Jr. .lanics M
Henry, Professor Ingraliam, John Frnsl, L
L. I)., Mrs. Caroline Lee llemz. .Mrs.
,L St. Leon Loup, anil iuilced mom of ihe
writers in this country or Huropc.
Scarce a number is ifsued without one or inorr
instructive and explanatory engraving or copy of
romo gem of Iho old masters, with a descriptive
rule, hssay, or sketch
In this denartmcnt constantly nppear Original nr
Selected IjETTkus from our special correspondents
or transient travellers, in England, Francc.Irclaud,
and Germany
To Farmers, Gnrtlcncrs, &c.
Our increased size oives us much moro space to
indulge in our favorite subject of tilling tho bounle
ous earth, and especial attention ii paid to Agricul
ture, Horticulture, Floriculture, and the culture of
every thing calculated to improve ami iienem man
kand, make them independent ofTcrcgu Mono
polist, pernicious Legislature, V'e
Our European Correspondent.
Our especial European Correspondent, resident
in London.kecps us supplied with the earliest L Ucfi
and materials for enriching our dcpailmcnU with
choice Literature and Variety, and giving lo L'mi
grants, as well as others, a correct nnd connected
account of whatever occuis ofintcreit, either al
homo or abroad.
Paiticular care is taken to procure the carliot
advices in rcferenco to thu prices of all kinds of
Grains, 1'iovisions, Produce, iVc. tha state .S'locL,
Itanks, Money, and Lands; nnd our cxtensivo ar
rangements will hereafter render our l'iice current
of incslimablo vilue to iho Traveller, l'aimtr, and
all Uusincss classes whalovcr
Tho subscribers havo rslaJilislicd at tho
abovo place, a new MARBLE YARD,
anil will always bo ready, at the shortest
notice, to furnish to order,
or any otlior work in their line. They nro
also prepared to lurnia'i WINDOW OAI'Q
&c, cither of .Mn. hie, Limn or any kind of
stoun that can be procured in this vicinity.
iryHaving had 'jonsidcrable experience!
in the business, Incy pledge their woili to
bo executed in an handsome n ntyle as can
ho furnished from r.ny yard either in llm
ciiy or country; and on as reasonable terms,
IJIoouibbutg, Nov. 3, 1813. ly 28
luM of L'utlcrs
REMAINING in the lWOfiiee at lllouiiisburg
tho quarter ending' inureh, UI, 1811.
John Hutchison Joseph 1urry
,rs. Mamh Hall Ransom L I'orter
Ohuistion Hoist Norinnn A Sm itli
John Lot
7'erson colling for letters in tho above list will
plcubO siy thoy uro udtcrtLed,
J. R. MOYIiR, l. M'
0 f a superior quality nr Salf. hy