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6 mm from Wash n InA, thai on
Sni1y I a t Prrsiilent Tyler transmitted Id
t Senate nf the Unlird Slates the TREA
UNITED STATES. The Senate immedi
Ttmv went nto accret session, and l id no
' ' ... ,l. I... - . -..1 MMlh lurmi
1IUI1 lis uuuia mi kHTrirtl iniiiia lit. ivnim "
0"A 1 . , . I I IT
t "i He iremv nave not vol ueoit inaue nuoiici
V -An important movement also transpired
i oS te mmc day in tho House of Reprcsen
ihiita lit rpunril to lbs Tnuff I ho new
Ifj-M t ! nf Mr M'Kay was taken up by
, VJte of 1 10 to 01; and in now under
rifisqrssiun, but it is generally believed that
ilft .'M rannni pass, and that the present
jMjfl T will remain as it is
Governor Shannon ofOln'o, having been
t a ipjunted by President Tyler Minister to
'Mysjco, has resigned the office of Govern
oso lhal Stale; and we presunm the Demo
TMid 'Duckeyea' aro not all sorry. T.W.
Ifhntoy, Speaker of the Senate ( Demo
'cai).has become Governor by virtue of the
t5tuiitii)n. anu lias entcreu upon tlie tils
fJrfcfge of his duties. Mr. Hartley i the
' sy Mordecai Hartley, the present Whip
irtarfOftiute for the same office.
Curious. Thero nro strong doubt
whether Mr. Harper, the Mayor elect of
New York, ran constitutionally discharge
the duties of his office 83 it is alleged that
lie arrived in this country from England
when about four years of age, and has nev.
rr taken out letters of naturalization.
A strange anomaly it would present, should
it be made to appear that the Native Jlmcr
icens had elevated to offico an unnalurali
zed foreigner
Infanticide in China. From the inves
tigation made by the Rev. David Abeel,
Missionary to China, it appears that pro
bably about one third or nno fourth nf nil
the female children of that country are slain
soon after birth.
A machine by which old woollen rag?
can be. converted into superfine cloth, nt a
.vine of money and labor, has been intio
duced into this country finm England.
The cloth made in this way is rotten, and
liable to tear very easily.
Manufacturing Artificial Marble.
The Fittsbiug Chrnnirle says an individual
lias a mode of manufacturing marble which
t pronounced superior to any oilier artifi
cial itona or marble in use, and will-super
cede the use nf lime mortar in the varied
processes of plastering, will be extensively
used for stucco work, mosaic, statuary,
mantle-pieces; tablo slabs, atmospheric and
hydraulic cement, rnnfing of houses, paving
of streets, &c. It will set or harden in six
hours wlion applied in plastering houses.
It will resist the action uf atmospheric heat,
damp, frost, &c , and is susceptible of a
high polish, and can be manufactured at a
cost little exceeding ordinary lime mortar.
The Magnetic V'elegraph. .The Nation
nl Intelligencer says; "Considerable pro.
tress has been made in the construction of
the Magnetic; Telegraph, the invention of
Professor S. F, B. Morse, upon which a
test experiment i3 being made under the
authority of an act of Congress. Tho line
of conductors is constructed as far on fiom
Washington as to a point on tho lino of thr
v railroad opposite lo the residence of C. H.
Jalvert, Esq (six miles) and the work is
making progrexs at tho rata of about n mill
a day. A trial of it was made on Tuesday
ss ihe cars pasaed Mr. Calveit's by commu
nicatir.g the fact of their passage lo the point
al which the line begins in Washington;
and an answer, acknowledging tho receipt
of tho in lelligence, was received back in
t wo or ihree seconds."
From a table in Hunt's Merchants' Mag
jizino, furnished from the Treasury Depari
ment, it appears tint tho amount of specif
imported into ihe United Statrs in the yeai
1843. was S23 7.I2 031. Of this am'fUH'
817,251.470 were in gold, and SO. 33. 075
in silver. This is greater by about $0,000
1)00 than the unpins of any year sinAe
181 1 'IVie amount exported in 1713 wu
,1111 uimaivauHH Fni"Cw
re twenty (m'ma
. tajWBWiaBHK -
seventeen millions passatrpet-dtttancpj
thin 250 miles. It is itn possible In
mate the number of letters which passed
side the mail.
rhe steamboat New I'liiladelplna, one
lie line between Philadelphia and N
k, hears a Fox on one paddle box, and a
on tho other, while a wooden Hoostci
plies on tho pilot house.
ere is an axe manufactory at Collins
vilLbotil fifteen Wtt:n from Hartford, Cl,
will trims out eight hundred a day, yet
cunt fill all its orders. There aro one
liunl and forty five men employed in it
Thetoisell for 13 3 ilc.en,
Tho reader will probably remember hnu
much capital tho WMl's made in lolO In
illuming t It u endorsement uf clergymen
for lluir candidate. I hey have already ut
tempted the same course in 1843. Rut
they do not find it quite so easy lo procure
tho lufititnce of the clergy in favor uf the
western duellist as they did fur tho moral
and amiable Ilairtson. Still Ihey feel the
importance of securing this influential and
weighty portion ol our citizens, and to pro
euro it has fallen on tho old gamp of pipe
aying, for winch they are so justly distiti
guished. Tho following letter jrom l)t
Gapers, n distinguished minister of the
iVmhodisl churuli i) Hie West will show to
what means they have rosnrled in older to
obtain tho voles of the religious community
for their candidate. It seems that n forged
letter, purporting to have been written by
l)r Capers, and glorifying Henry Clay, lies
been put in circulation Newark Morning
To the Editors of the Itichmond U'hi
ukntlumun: l am inueoieu to my
friend, the editor of the Richmond Christian
Ailio. ate; fot a copy uf the Richmond Daily
v iu: oi me om nisi, in wuicn i unii an
articlo copied from the Louisville Journal,
purporting lo be 'an eulogium on Jr. Clay
by the Rev Dr Gapcis of South Carolina.'
from a speech said to have been delivered
by Dr Gapers, 'before the whig convention
of Alabama last year 1 tic speech is high
ly applauded by the editors of the Louis
villc Journal, and; they say; by the Haiti
more Whig, ir. which latter paper, Icon
elude, it appears before its publication in
in c former
Now, of the merits of this speech as a
party t'lFusiun, 1 hive nothing to say; but I
im in tiuli concerned about the mutter of its
authorship; and the more, since in the dis
charge of my duties as secretary for miss
ions in the southern and southwestern divi
siunof the .lethodist conferences, I passed
everal months last earjin the quarter from
whence cqrnes tjip speuclj You vv ill,tliere
fore permit mo to say, that there it, and
there,has been, but one individual known
under the designation of 'Rev. Dr. Capers
of South Carolina, 'either in South Carolina
or elsewhere; and that iiiat individual (li.iv
ing now the honor io sddress ynu) was nev
it present nl a whig convention, or any
ther political meeting lit Alabama or else
where. laft year or at any time lie never in
his life imile a political speech, and so fur
from it, has refrained fiom voting fur anv
iyil officer since the time when, in a sirusr
le to put down Sunday marketing in Un
ity cl savannah, (some twenty lour years
go) the candidate whom he supported lor
this solo purpose, having been e.cctcd, went
against the measure
lam gentlemen; of South Carolina; and
thete is no peculiarity of this State more
congenial to mv lasto and feelings, or which
my understanding more entirely approves,
than that which makes it scandalous for
ministers, of the gospel to be bandying poli
tics 1 had the mortification to hear, some
nine months ago; that polnical speeches, nl
the same party character as the present and
from the same quarter, were imputed to me;
and 1 then exculpated myself (hs I hoped)
through the Southern Christian Advocate
uut it seems I could not gain the ear ol
political editors through the channel; and I
am therefore -ionslrained. at tlie nrcsnm
time, to roueai you to publish this dis
claimer, as an act of personal juhlice. And I
extend this request, through you. to In (laid
more 'Vlug, the Louisville Journal; and
other papers who have published the libel
wiierrul i complain.
1 am, gentlemen, very respectfully.
Chaiileston, March 18th; 1815.
S U 13 M Alt l NjTiTa T TE It Y.
An immense concourse of spectators.
not less, as we apprehend, than fifteen
thousand men, women and childrpn,wii
itemed the expeiimcnU on the Etiien
Hranch, which were made by Mr. Colt.
with his Suh-Mnrinc ll,ittory,lasi SiUn
day evening, about 5 u'oluck. Tin
contimioiii hillb', wharvcyhoi CK.biidgci
buildings and trees ivcr all fully
tied. Two sicamers well loaded with
passengers and a number of small boat,
were also seen keeping; liowevir, at
a respectful distance, in the Eastern
Branch. Two or three minor explo
sions were exhibited before thu scamer
on board the 'doomed .hip' made theii
exit, which they effected Jinid the deaf
ing cheers of the rauliitude,whose eyei
were all towards her. She moved
slowly, in sailing order, along the navy
yard channel, and in a few minutes af
ter leaving her mooring phco blew up
tith a crand exnlosion, which raised tin
Ktov of the vessel completely out of tin
water, and seallereu her fragments in.
i . . . - . -'
Vu ri flic ,1 i rl Jfino Tl tvnnlil iinnni llitl
" vviiuu.i ... u w w . . . ilia-
,e splosion was made a little too soon
is hail the batteiy struck the
vestel a
niiiiutelattr, she would have been com
pletely Nlestroyed 'leaving no wreck
The experiment, however, wo sup.
pose may be considered as eminently
Miccesiiful in itf result, showing as it did
most compIelcly,lhe tremendous power
of the Sub-Marine Hatlery, when appli
ed lo blow up ihe ships of an invading
enemy in their approach along rivers
and hatbors. Nat, Int.
The Legislature Inivo resolved lo adjourn
on Monday nexi(ie 20th,
Wo lind the the lollowine naracraon
in a Icttor of the foreign cortcspondeir
of Ihe New York Tribune, descriptive
uf the Arsenal nl Venice. Uuw many
if our modern inventions that Jiavi
ihntit tho same claims to oi iginalil) ?
'Tho modern inventions of repealiitg
nd revolving guns, such os Colt and
others have constructed among us, nn
here found anticipated by simo cen
turies. In one gun I hoi o arc (went)
barrels, which aio turned nroiinil by
nessing a spring, while a flint anil
Hammer, which icmaiu fixed on Ion, lire
off each in succession. In Iho other
form, there is only one harrol but five
call idges revolve, and are successively
lischargetl through the barrel. 1 his
curious anticipation of both the modus
of conflicting repeating fire arms seems
too remaikablc for a inert; coincidence,
and it would bo worth while to inquire
whether any of the modern invuntots
had ever prcviouily visited Venice.'
Storm. We had the severest storm
yesterday lhal we ever knew to occui
at lilts season. It most have been ex
iremelv dicasiroiM,if not absolutely f.dil
lo vessels on the Likes. Snow I' J I in
considerable quantities. I hero wer?
drifts this morning of a depth uf three
or four feet. Chicago Express, Match
Cost op an English King. Thr
Urand total of Ihe Iloyal expenditure
from the accession of George 111. to the
leath of Georgruhc fouith, was tin
normous sum 92,0D0,857, or foui
hundred million of dollars.
It is proverbial at VVashington, that tlu
people there, both citizens and members
f Congress, are in a great measure de
pendant upon Ihe Iclter-wi iters station
ed there by the more distant pi ess, for n
knowledge of most of Ihe local news &
lomestic gosip, as it returns in the
published coi respondencc. This fact?
reminds uj of another which may be
ited in apt illustration. A seruean'
serving under the Duke uf Cumbei I and.
in thu Lowlands in 17-15, wrote to hi.
wife in London 'Send me some news-
tpeis, that I m ly learn where we are
nd what we are doir.g.5
Three men are in jail at Schenectady
on a cnarne ol causing Hie death ol a
woman named Jane Oillespie, of Oswc-
i;o, on the LS I ult. I he lie Hector
ays, they took the woman from a wagon
nd compelled her to follow them to
this city, on foot through Ihe mud.
rriveil hero, ihey took her lo an un
occupied house in iiuvernoi a lane,
near the river, where they remained all
night, abusing her person. On Ihe
morning of the 23d, at about seven
'clock, screams of distress were heard
to is-fiie from the house and thoic who
arrived Iheie, witnessed an awful ?pec
'acle tho woman lying on ihe flooi,her
clothing entirely burnt from her, sod sh-
literally roasted alive! bhe was im
mediately taken to the alms-houe, where
she was propel ly cared for& she linger
ed till tho morning in great agony when
she expired.
Tieinenduus Explosion al Norwich,
CnnnCLticutund probably loss of Life.
On Satiuday afternoon, the citizens of
Nurw.ek wore thrown into consternation by
i tietnendnus concussion, which shook
their buildings with great violence, and oc
casioned considerable damage in the ties
ruction of cro. kery and window glass.
Wtrihuling it lo the explosion of powder
stored in a building erected for lhal purpnM
hunt three quaiters of a mile from the
tou n many persons repaired thither to a?
erlain tlie i;auu and consequence of the
-aiastrophp. They found the house. which
lad contained between eighty and a hundred
kegs of powder, a mass of ruins. In ilt
vicinity were the bodies of four bnys; and
'hough life was not oxtinci, they had lieen
dunned into a state of insensibility, and
were incapable of rendering any account of
dm disaster. Two of them, at least, are
probably fatally injured, nnd it is doubtful
whether more than one of the four can sur
vive. It is probable that playing "ith pow
lur in the neighborhood, ihey communicat
ed file accidentally to tho contents of the
milding. Rut this is only a surmise.
ew York Journal of Commerce,
To day is the first day of April. Yester
day morning the thermometer was down to
live degress above zero, this morning to
ten degrees. Wc observe that at Montreal
it is stated to have been below zero on
Friday. The snow in this vicinity is near
ly as deep as it any lime during the win
ter, and iho ice bridge on the Sl Lawrence
has got stronger by the freezing of the rain
which fell at different tunes last mouth
Wo may yet have a favorable spring, al
though it cannot be now what is usually call
ed an early one. ueuec Uaz.
Died, February 11 th, al tho residence of
his sin, in Norlh Wouubury township n.. i.r:r... t....i.
ii- ci--,. 1 11 .. 1 .1 'ol 10 n clovk A. M. wirh amis and acoutrements in
uiv soldirr of 1771, who had attained lhe:,i riP,ipr. ii .,if
ago 01 one uuuiircu anu luu j curs ami ri.
' r 1 1 I I ....
Wo l.avc montioned that Mr. Uuchanni.
lias presented to the Senate of die Uniiei
Stales, a memorial (ioui many rcspcclabh
niizens from (he township of Ephrala,Lan
faster county, Pennsylvania, iicting us h
ito'iiiuilleu in buhulfof a public meeting,
tl is slated in ll'e memorial, that in the an
tuniii nf 1777, after thu buttle of Brandy
iv i n o, five hundred soldiers were brought
from tho American army, smite of them
wounded and Others suffering with (lis camp
lever, and were placed in a hospital provirf
ed for them by the charily and patriotism
uf llit) rcligiovs society of Seventh Day
Uaptists, which tlion had a largo establish
in cut at bplirata. I hat afterwards two
hundred of ihein died, and were buried on
iho summit of n hill called Mount Zion,
about unc hundred feel in height, and com
mantling a rich and picturesque view of the
surrounding country. The spot has since
been neglected, and is now overgrown with
morns and brambles.
The effurt on foot is to endeavor to rear
monument over the remains of these sul
dicrs of American llborty. Tho memorial
asks ihu aid of Congress for that purpose.
Ii is title thai utir ''ounlrv bus paid too little
attention lo the spots where ri-posu the ti
iihiiis nf her patriot benefactors, The cili
zens nf Ephrala ai'id t is vicinity deserve all
praise in their exrtions lo rear a tnotiti
incut over the site where repose, thu remain:
of two hundred champions of American
The New York papers say that 5,000
persons have been naturalized in that ul ly
during the past two weeks.
The lion. Klienczer Kincslituy, of Honcfilale,
Wuy no county, died at lita residence on the even
ing uf tho I5lh just, after anhort iIncs.v.
Tho Democratic Nntionnl Convention will meet
in yalttmore, un Monday the U7lli of .Vay next.
Tho Will sellintr the Wain Line of tho Pennsyl
vania C'aiial.atnl levying n tax of three mills on lic
dollar has pushed llio Senate, with. amciidincnU.
The Whig National Uoneulion meets in ZJalli-
moro on Wednesday next.
Tho Cnmp Chest, utcd by Gen. Washington
.luring the Ito oiutioliary War, wns pncnled to
Coiijjrcfw, a fow days since, hy the direction of the
will of Gen. Winder, of Maryland.
Bloomsiiukg, April 27, ulS'M.
Wheal, U 85
Kyn, 50
Corn, 40
Cloversecd, G 00
Flaxseed, 1 25
Butter, 12 j
Oats, 2S
Eugn, 6
Tallow, 10
Lnil , 7
Dried Apples, 1 80
.WIvlle feans 1 00
Beeswax, 25
rOthc 'KIM'INO BUSINESS U wanted im
mediately at this Office. A smart active lad, Hi or
10 years olaRO will receive good encouragement.
April 27, 1811. . '
Till-! enrolled Militia icaiilfnc within thehoundf
of the 7th Keijiment, Jt Urigado 8th jOixision, J'.
M. will assemble for parado as follows:
.The first llultalion, win meet al uranrjcviue, on
Itedncsdav die 2Sd of Aloy inst. and the Volun
teer companies attached thereto will meet at the
same lime an J place.
Tho Hccnd Ilattalion, will mcrt nt Cattawi-a
on Thursday the 23d day of May inst, and the
Vohintcc'f'companics attcched thereto, wiil meet at
theiamo time und place.
iIHAM II KIiLVJ, Colonel.
April 27, le-TL
islooiuslnii' Artillery.
THE members of this company, together with
tho Hand, are hereby notified to meet at the house
of ENOCH Uloomsl.urs,on
Saturday May 1 1 , 18-14.
at ten n'clork in tho forcnonti,for compnnv'cxcrric
and diill, uniformed and cuipt uiconliuK lo law.
1'unctud altcndance is required by oil the mem
hers, as htuincss of importance will bo acted upon.
11. wisuu, uaptatn.
April 27, 18U.
ItOrOSALS will ho immediately received by
tho mbscribcr at the store ol the Ulonmsburu
Ituil Iload Iron Company, for mining from
tons of Iron Oie, on thonroporty owned by Fishc
& Morgan, late a part oft he Mclick faim, and dr
livcnng the tame at rspytown.
Utoomsburg, April 1 1, I S I 1 .
IJnOPOSAl.S will ho recived on Friday, thi
20th, on Saturday; the 7th, and until 2
o'clock, P. Al. on Monday, tho 20lh of April, inst
nf tho construction of several soslions of Canal
coiiiprisins about ouu uiilu in
Icimtll.iin tbepropcrty of the HLOOMSHUItO
tion rrspcctinchhoplariofrenstruction, &c. nnnb
to CHAHI.ES It. PAXTON, by whom propi.a
will be received, at tho citoro of the company, in
President B, It, 11. 1. Company
April 18 1811
ma liANGEUS, 3
iiieot for drill in UK
JLOOMSBUiUi KANGEHS.ynu aro hereby
comiiisiiu.u 111 int'oi lorurui 111 uiooniiljmg, on
Saturday, the 4th day of May next,
..v" '
Jly order of
April 13, J81-1,
rBIFE Comtnlstiotiprs of ('iiliinl)iii 'county lierchy
JH. give notice, to all concerned, that the Hoard
if Kaviaion (Assoclato Judgen ,V ComttiiHslonrr)
'tavo made tho following arrangement for holding
iho appeal fur Iho respective towinhlpat ill raid
Comiiy, viz. :
For the township of Mahoning, on Mond-iv, the
Gtlt dty of May pest, at tile Coiliililesibnora' offkt-,
For thv township of rianklln, on Tuesday the
7th, at Mensch'fl school house in bald township.
For the Inwnshin nf Caltnwissa. on WpiI ni-ail.n
the H1I1, at tho lluuto of BUcy Margaruni til
For the township of Koaring cifok. on Thursday
ihn Olh, at the otiso nf Adamu Cahlo in ,iald Ip.
For the township of Mifflin, on Friday, die 10th.
at Iho Home of John 'Keller, in said towm-hip.
I- or the township of llriercrcr k,ou A'attuday, the
1 the placo of holding tho Hinini E.'caion. in
slid township.
1- or tlie tov.'iislup of Hloom, on .Monday, Ihe lBlh
at the House of llobrrt Hagcnbuch, in said tp.
! or tltc tnwnstup ol JMonlrtir, on Tuesday, tin
14lh al the House uf Leonard ?,azarus, in said tp.
For iho township of Hemlock, on Wednesday.
tho 15th nt the Houso of John Mcltrviiolde, in
said twnnship.
For tlie township of Ml. Pleasant, on Thuimia
tho I Oth, at tho Homo Freilurick Miller, in said Ip,
l'.ir llio lownslrip o-Urang, on t ilday, the 17ln
nl iho House nf Gnorec Selplo, in Orangcville.
For the loxvnship of Fishing creel;, on Salua'av
llin Kith, at the Woum of Uaniol Peeler in said (p.
l oriito luwninip 01 augarin.ti, on AloniUy, the
20th, at tho llnure nf Ezekiel said tl).
1 or t'10 lowshin nf Jackson, on U'ucsdav, the
21 si, at tho House of Joshua Savage, in said tp.
For the lowiiKtitp ol urrruwuoiKon Wednesday.
tho 22d, nt lio llou-e of Jot-cph bemnn,ir) said tp.
For tho township of Madison, on Thursdny.'lhc
23th, at tho House nf John Wollivcr, in said tp.
For the township of Dcrry, pn Friday, the 24th,
at iho House of Jacob tieidlo, in said township.
For tho township of Limestone, 011 .Saturday, tho
26th, nt the place, of holding cl:etiou for said tp.
For the township of I.iberty.on Monday tho 27lh
at the House of Hugh McElrath, in said township
For tho township of Valley, on Tuesday tin
:Slh,ut the HoubC of John Mauw, in said Ip.
E. Mr.NDUNHALi,, Clerk.
C0.MMI8MONKU8 Okkicb, ?
Danville, April 20, 8 U. S
fiist ol Letters
REMAlMINt? in the Post OtUrc nt Callawis-
i.a for the quarfor ending March, 31, IR44.
Howrs ponaid
lion ne Milton
Hnyles William
Dunn George
Feierolf ilichacl
.17unroe jsaac
Puxton Joseph 5
Foter Thomas
Pursrl Liisanna
Hcitz John
Haver Elizabeth
(itiger Joseph
Harder Washington Kilter Davis 2
duplies hilts Hitler John
Johnson John Sohuk George
Kitchen Ebenezer 2 Shellhart John
Kunsa IVter
l.aiirenrc Samuel
Lilly Ahram
Milee John
Wcrntz Gyrus
Wullevrr Joln
Wilson E'milino
Waid John
Mils Levi
Zgar Alfted
Mi.Mii-M Alfrnd- Zarr Uenixmln
Persons calling lor letters in the above list wil
n!co6C nav thny anf atlverllsed.
REMAINING in the Post OfTico. a.
Orangoville, the quaitor endingsarch, 31,
lames Anthony
Jonas Ivissnrr
J. G. Hughes
Luther German
Wilarnina Everhart
SuiiupI Henry
la cob J. Kline
Reuben ParrNh
Elizabeth M'Cord
.1. Paiks
Ahram Robbins 2
A. Vallerchanip 2
Isaac Devoilt
Samuel l)ii(;arl
I'oinpson Dillr-y
Andrew Emmons
Jacob Good
Jonas Dayman
Roll!. I.oclihart
Rev. John I .ruler
Jonathan Miller
Samuel Kicharl
John Boycr
Russell Wit 1 to
Sarah A man
Persons calling for kttrra in the abovi
list will please say they nro advertised
THE suhferiher having established a 'ArER
Mil, I. at MIL), GliOVF,, near Hloomshur
Columbia county,whcrohe has the latest hirHovrp
Maciiinkiiv, and having followed tho business for
twenty years hu isconl'uent lie csn furnish as good
paper as any in the Country nnd on as reasonable
leims to printers, Merchants and an)
persons ulio may want the article. He nlso.Ueepf
.-onstantly on hand Attorney's Cap, Fool's Cap
Letter, writing, Printing and Wrapping paper ol
ill Kinds Also, an ansortmeut of Si-nuor. 001; s
Also, Ulank lionk, Extra hound. Full bound, and
halfbouud of all siet and, assortment of writing
hooks cr. lie is reauy to eichauge tho above foi
I'ancr or Uooks, for ItaRB of Sizing.
Sillgrove; February 20' 1811 -if.
IS hereby given to Iho Stockholders in tho Com.
.lany lor erecting a Wndgo over the north easl
irnrich of tho river Susiiuehauiia, between Iht-
town of Catawissa and the nioulh of FUhiilg creek,
nui n meeling 01 said fttockliohlcrs will bo held nl
tho houso now occupied hy Jacob Ilycr, in tho
town 01 uamwissa, on iuonuay, mo sixth day ol
vtoy next, between tho hours of I o'clock and 'u
o'clock, V. M, fof tho purpose of electing one Prei.
iieut six manogors, 0110 treasurer anu una .SVcre
iry fsiid Company, for tho cnsuir.g venr
EZHA S. MYHUUST.'Ha-r.tary
Mjrc h 30,1844.
TOTICE is hereby givcv to the Slncltlioldcrt
fi in tlie fur, u It.;. I.... ......
tho orlllEa!lt Wransh of tho river Huwiuelioua
between the town nf(!:iiini!-i -...,i o i. f
...... .......... ,vru UWU utuvili, Ul
V IMltnffPlr,)1r. KI ll.n ton,,nn l,. .1.! . .1-..
- ,.,ov,vv.., ,.,augi.ia uu.u una uuv yc-
dared a divi lend of Sevvntyfive Ccntapcr. b'liari
for thol am six months, (equal to 0 per cent, net
annum) which will bo paid sab stockholders or
their lecral rrnriAnt!ittva nl Uu. ,li.,l..',nir...
w - ..-V-, ,..v . Ibiauiui a
un ur unci inu, loin insi,
EZRA S. llAYIIL'ItST, Treasurer.
TrojMircr'sOfiicoCatlawiMa, Ajuil I, ISli,
New and Improved Scries.
To the Subscribers of the Philadelphia Sat
uidny Museum.
It Is with unfeiqn,cd satisfacllnn on the part of lh
fropilrlors, Editors and Itegnlar rurriliutorn uf
hn b'nturd.ty mikcuui that their piper in now o -ercd
to' iu nuineroi tubjcrihcrs, under such
angeinents ns'will placo It beyond all rivalship t
nong Amrrlcm Veekly Newspapvrs, Certain
eatuvs In tllo typography having heretofore hocii
idoptud in Ihe museum, which it is trow considered
'JtpdJIuut nd more consistent with good tajto to
ibandoii. Tim ncctions Inln which tho noner was
divided, decupled much valusllo 'space, which by
ino present ronuenieii urrangeinent ol tho matter,
mreagcj tno amoiuit of reading in ever number
marly four columns, cdiml in tho cnuno of a veir
to two duodecimo volumes of thrco hundred page
tt"ith Ihnchanfo in tho Museum we have (he,
pleasure of announcing nlso, a general improvement
in oil its departments, with additional nc?
vnntagen exclusively presented in this journal
1'hey arc brielly exhibited under tho follow!!;;
Tho MiHeim N sustained in its nlitond cohtnun
by the lalents and experience nf cenllenieti mmrie-
tent for every spi-cles of periodical wrilinrr. Thn
violence of political partizann'hip and the prejudico
of religious sectarianism will bo equally i-sencivcd.
It is hardly necessary to nttro ilia siiltscW'ii-rj in
the Museum that this dcpaitinent will bo tidily sup-
Under theso t'tlej tho MUum will cnnlnin ih
contributions of the ablest writers of our city.
1 hii grnernl head cmbrares nn endless vniptv nf
selections from the Kcviows and ragaj.incs and oth
er Periodieil publicalioiiH of Europe. This ad
vantage tho Museum boasts as peculiar, and of itself
sufficient to secure its universal p ipularly,
This hcid will intludo every species c' 'ter
propei ly belonging to a Newspaper,
An experienced editor is employed, exclusively
for tlie collection nnd reporting of tliq jinrkets, Iho
revision of the Uank Nolo and stock Tables, ami
die icgular correction of the prico cimcrd
An thcmot important of all arts, n portion of lha
iiuscnm will be regularly devoted to the suljec' cf
Wc might procecil lo enumerate under virion
other heads, the subjects which will conli'tut d
tinguishing featuic of Ihe riuscmn. Sufiice it (
say that nothing wiil be omitted necessary to prc
1C rvo its character as the grealt'tl slid best
in mcrica, 1
To Agents ami New Subscriber.
ti take l)lo Saturday Museum.
One copy for one vear - ?3
I hreo copies for one year, or one copjvfor
three years
Seven copies for one year
Twelve copies for one year
Seventeen copies do k
Two copies for one year, and one copy of
Godcy's Lady's IJook, or Graham's Mog
azinn '
Flvo copies, and two copies of Godey'i La
dy's UpoU or Giaham'a Magazino
The money must always bo sent in advance frco
if postage.
Tlbms Two dollars n year in advance Threo
lobars if not paid till the end of tho year.
To any person sending two dollars in advance,
.ve will send the 'jtusern for one year and one ot tho
new novels.
For Five dollars three conies nnd one of the new
For ten dollars 6even copies and either of tho
new novels.
r or twonty dollars sixteen copies and two new
fit B K "d
COISPJi h,r w'hieh the hiehest pric
m be paid in CASH or GOODS.
February 17.
A New Spinel.
THIS is one of the heat constructed Dec Hives
ever invented. It is en urrnncL-d. ihnt vm,
draw J'rpm the bees. honey at any tcisuu of thu
yeur,iinoui any injury to tiieni. It n'-.u prevents
tlie bees licinn in iured bv tho worms,. Tim cmI..-i.
ber is now prciared to dispoio of township or
uncle riclila in tho follow! III? lOWIkiilimu. nn tin
moat rcasQiialdo terms, lllonui, Hemlock, Liberty
jcuursnn, .tu. rieasnut, tireenvood, Oraugo,
Fiahing creek, "'ugarlo'af and Jacltsmi.
llo nlsn keens them on hund. n-.uU mn1r ivlnt.
ho will scl cheap.
lie lias in lus lieo houso, several Rwnrmsofbpja
in operation in bivca of tho abovo descriptions
which bo would invito llio public to call und ex.
iminc, for he believes dial nil who d o so, will nt
onco acknowledge that they aro the bets hives mw
ill UBU
Hloomsburg, Apill 13, Hit.
THE subscriber has nl oil timcion Innd.K'cflit,
Stuff to soli such as HI ND t-'llu
Will also have a full supply of NOVABCOTI V
and LAKE PLASTEU the coming stmng on
hand -ground.
v i n. ... , M- McDowell.
iVcJJouell's Mills, Janurry 2(5, 1B44.
ALL persons indebted, in il,n r.,t.n
please tako notice that the subscrib. r. hn. let,
Ur ous in tho handi nf .Voiumi,
. ri
co'lection. All poivoii, iiHiedw;i! ri
sctllo the same to savo cott and ftouMc.