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A iMillerito in Maine said Id his wife dur
ing harvest, 'I am resolved 10 work no more
I think it wrong to gather any moro of tlio
fruits ofitie earth,' Tho next morning ho
arose anil walked abroad to meditate. Ke
turiiiiiiif ho nsketHii. wife if she had break
pajiIv. Slio said No. 'But. lie asked
aro you noi going to gel anyl" She nl1
tiwered 'No,' for said she, 'you say it is
not your duly to work, and if it is not yours
h Is not mine: and if the fiuitsof the earn,
may not be gathered in, they may not bt
cooked after thov aro gathered in. I am
iMnlvefl to submit with you to tho will
God. am! abide by the consequences.
walked out again and after while lie return
fd and said to bis wife, If yon will g.
and get some breakfast, 1 will go
Marry not a woman who cannot make
a shirt, or cook a meals of victuals. Such m
woman would keen a man poor all the days
of his life.
Marry not a woman who is a lady anil
proud, '"because she will be eternally scold
ing if she does not get every thing she
Marry not a woman who- thinks liersell
betier than any body else because it shows
a want of sense, and she will Usve but few
friends. ,
Marry not a woman who is fond of spin
ning street-yarn because such a- woman
will not make a good wife, and will never
be contented at home.
Marry not a woman who is in tho daily
habit of slandering ner neighbors, and
nivinrr par tn nil the COSslntlinU 8fle
a - a , .
hear. Such women make the worst
Marry not a profane man, because tin
-depravity of his heart will corrupt yoni
children' and embitier your existence.
Marry not a gambler, a tippler, or a
frequenter of taverns because he who ha
no regard for himself will never have an
for his wife.
Marry not a man whose actions do n.
correspond with his sehti.nenis becaust
the passions have dethroned reason, am
'he is prepared to commit every crime in
which an evil nature, unrestrained can in
sligaie htm. The state of that man win
(regards not his own ideas of right am
wrong is deplorable and the less you havt
o do w'nh him the belter.
Marry not a man who is in tno habit ol
-running after all the girls in ihe counin
because his affections are continually wa
vering and therefore can never be peima
Marry not a man wno neglects his busi
mess if he docs so when single, he will i!
worse when married
.IHILDREN are moat subject to thom.but per-
sons ot all ages ura liable to ue nlllicttil with
tlicni. Bad breath, paleness about tho lips.flushed
-cheeks, picking at the nosc.vasting away.leanness
pain in the bowels, joints or limb, disturbed sleep
.frightful dreams, moaning and sometimes of vor
iaciom appetite, arc among the symptoms of worms
Jany am doctored lor months, lor some oilier tin
.aginary disease, when one box of Sherman's Warm
Lounges woulJ clTcct a cure. D. Ryan, corner
,of Prince street and the Bowery, cured o man of
.worms thai' was reduced to a skeleton, and by onlj
iono box of Sherman's Lozenges: fccis now as fat
.as an Alderman. 1 ho Hon. D. IS. Ueardsley
.has saved the life of ono of his children by them.
The sale of over 3,000,000 of boxes has fully test
cd them. They are the only infallible worm des
.troying medicine known. What family will be
-without theml
Gonsumplioti,Uoughs,Uoldi',Whooping Coughs
Asthma, and all aucctions ol tno lungs, willlind a
Jiealing value in Sh:rman s Lough Lozenges. 1 ie
vaved the Kev, Richard Do Forest; tho Hev. Mr,
Streeter, Jonathan Howarth, Esq. and that worhy
old hero, Leonard Rogers, fiom tho consumptive's
grave. They cured in ono day the Rev. Mr. Dun
bar, the Itev. Mr. Haudcock; Wm. H, Attrce
ofdlstessing coughs. They are tho pleasantcst
cough medicine and cure the soonest of any kuown
IIeadacho,Sca-sickness and Palpitat'ion.rclievcd in
Troni fivo to ten minutes by Sherman's Camphor
J.nzcnes Persons attrn.ling crowded -corns or
trawlling will find them to impart buoyancy of
spirits and renew their energies, J'hosc sulleiing
fiom loo fiee living will find a few of toentres
4o dispel tho lioraois and lowncss of spirits. Mr.
Kratli, ol'tlio Sunday Mercury, lias repeatedly cur
ctl hunsch of severe headacha by thorn aptaw
Chadwick, oftlie packet ship vvelhngton. lias wir
licssed their efficacy in a great many cases of sen
icknrs. They operate like a charm upon the
.agitated or shattered nerves, ps Sherman's Poor
Man s Plaster docs upon rheumatism, liimbaio
ipain or wcakuessln tho side, back: brci6t or any
part of tho body. Mr- H. Ci. Dagjers, 30 Ann
street; Henry It Wouldiug; 3oi (JliBihaii
eireat Moses J Henriques Esq. and a
multitude of Others have experienced llit
"wouaerliil ellecis ol these Plasters
l'riee unly l2i cents. Caution is necessan
to see thl you gel the genuine Sherman'
liiQZringes anil Piasters, as there are num
worthies arlii les attempted to he palmed
off in plarc of ibem. by those who would
tnlle wini y on i lite lor a slulling.
Dr. Sherman's warehouse u at 100 IS'as
rtsau street. For sale by
John R. Moyer Ulonmbiirg
Win L Waller & co-Berwick
J.rv fc Thompson Lime Ridgo
K fiJ. Lazirus Orangevitle
M, G. Shoemaker Buck Horn
L, St A L Bisel Jerseyiown
Dcrr .t NVIhida Whiie Hall
'.lohnMoprc Uan.ille,
fsitiphen Halily, UHiraAissa.
Jan, Ji'--18l5-:J7. Cm,
LADIES' fcfvD oc.M.sJMAls'Q
U A HAM'S MAGAZINE linn loni eiijovc1
TS" llio enviable repulatiou ot being the bent pe
riodical in the U. S. both in llio rjunlily and num
ber ul'ito embellishments, and In llio lonn of its lit
erary mailer II is llio choapest as well as tho best
rorlliayear lol l tho publisher Inn given ahoul
100 paces more original mailer llian any of his co-
lemporarie inoio original slrcl engravings, in ad-
lilion lo lurtiioii pistes anil colored llowors. J lie
choapnos and merit of a tlircc-dollarniugazinoovcr
all Hilars aro apparent, which has niado an outlay
of Seven Thousand Dollars grcutcr than ollirrs.ouu
in addition of engravings over other magazines that
would embellish ho costliest Annual. Tho pub
lisher is howctar satisfied that nothing but real ex
ccllence can maintain tho high position his periodi
cal has attained in the United slates,
The publisher does not hctitatc to say that lie
Jefies ail competition with Graham's magazine for
1815. His immense nihscriptiou list, tho merit
mil number of his contributors, tho high order ol
the encravcrs encased, the number and variety ol
elegant plates already puchascd and on hand, and
the immense lactlity which his capital ana positron
nUc to proscculo the work render any vflbits at li
val a matter of ridicule, hvery number nf thi
woikimuod, bears with it tho cidcnco ol its tri
umphant success, and establishes tho imposeitnlit
of succ ssful competition, improves and extends
for good works, that nothing ol a humbug order
will be tolerated.
Every numDcr of Graham's Magazine is issued
at n cost of nearly $4000 tho plates alono consist
!ni! nearly half the sum most of tho plates are t om
Original American Paintings, executed expressly
for the proprietor, for engravings for the magazine.
Among the pictures painted lor tho volume lor
t84S,aiatwo by Sully, the grcateat oitiet, scvcial
by Lcutzc. Chapman. Inman. Conarno, Kotherniel,
Thomson, and others of tho best artists of Amen-
ca. The cost ol getting up cmuclltsntnenis in tins
stylo may be estimated when wc state that some uf
theso pictures cost f 200 a piece, and will cost us
some of thorn three times that sum to havo them
engraved and worked offlorthc edition of 'Graham'
But no cost shall be BpareU to keep our prouii
position at tho head of die Periodicals ot the
The most splendid engravings of alt sorts lend
their charm to tho pages of Graham's magazine
tivcrythin- in tho wav of novelty and boauty lliut
has ever been invited is laid under contribution.
Nothing that cspilal and tasle can supply is min
ted. Firbt, as the most elegant and appropriate, as
well as ihe most popular embellishment, wc place
tiattaiu's Brilliant ilrzzotint Engraving.
We were the first to introduce Ibis beautiful st le
of work, as a regular embellishment of tho popular
monthlies. Its wulu spread reputation thro' the
nioar.s of our ampleliM, called forth a host of imita
tors, but up to this timo nothing has been produced
lo rival tho glorious pictures given in Graham.
'Ihe Shepherd s J.ove, and 'llio Loqutltc,
rhese with a host of others, done for us by Air
artain, stand 'unprecedented and alone' at the
head of American engraving. Wo havo several
of theso inimitable plates under way, and shall
gitc one in the January number.
Tho high merit of Graham's magazine consldeicd
the publisher flatters himself thut the following lib
eral terms will niduce.thousjnds to subsenbo.
The following proposals are madc:-2 copies foi
$5; 5 for $10; 8 for SID; 1 1 for 20.
To the Postmaster, or other persons forminu
a club, tho Pnblishrr will foiward a Novel fin eer
Subscriber sent, bo that by varying the books, n
complete library may bo obtained by' any peison in
a short time.
Single Copies, threo dollars per annum in ad-
vauco. lnd to tlio person hoiiding tho money, n
copy ot 'Uingwood tile ivover. lleriieiis priac
iNovel and nl-o a copy ot 1 ho Uenis ot Ait ami
lie.iutv.' a beaiiliful woik for a lady's t'enlei
Table, containing thiiteeii splendid Steel anil
mezzotint Engravings, will bo foiwardcd gratis,
No. 60 Chestnut Stiect I'ilai'elphia.
Brandreth's Pills.
EALT is (hate riff d in nn irdiviiMn'l
the absence of all pain, suffering, or nffectioi
in any paitof his body; by Ihe free and regular ex
crcisoofhis functions without any exception.
I'hey consist in having a good appetite at meal
times, nn easy digestion, free evacuations, without
looseness or cosliveness ot least once in every twen
ty-four hours, and without hcat.diyness, tfr burning
nt tho passage, the free issue of tho water without
acrimony or burning, and without a reddish bedi-
ment which is always a sign of a present or on op.
proacning pain; quiet sleep without agitation or
truoblesoine drenmv; no tuste of bilo or other bad
taste In the mouth upon rising in the morning; no
sourness or disagree able, rising ot tho stomach';
clean tongue; a sweet bieuth; nn itching, pimples or
spats on the sKin; no piles; no burning heal upm
uiijr purr oi mo uouy; no cicessivo inirsi wnen nil
exposed to labor or other known cause; no inter.
ruption to any natural evacuation, nor pain at their
periodical return.
Where the t.tate cf the system docs not
jze with Iheabovo biclurc of health, it is ol th
greatea iinpoitsnce that no timu be lost in sending
for a doctor, or in the use of foolish remedies too
often ihe result of speculation; instead of tklsrourte
tc a dose of HIIANDRETH'S PILLS le tak.n.
which will not deceive, but will at once rcsloie
health to tho organ or part th it requires it,
All who wish tn preserve llieir health, ell who
aro determined lo defend their life against the en
croacliments of disease which might send them nie
nuturely to the grate, will, without hesitation, have
iccoursu to tho tfiandieth i'llls, when the Mute ol
the system does not harmonise with llio above pic.
turn oi ncauu.
Thosr who live in a country where contagious or
other diseasffl prevtiil, should ofleu think of tlib
truo picture of health, and oWervc himself with par
ticular attentmn, In onler to net accoiilingly, 11
w ihe anil lightly diiected will follow this ruhicc
the unwise are left to their own destruction.
A C 11 N 'I' s.
Washington Itoltett M'Kuy.
.lerseytown I,. fc A. T. Wisrl.
Danville E. H. Reynolds iV Co,
Cattswissa C. (i. HrobH.
l)loomliurg J, R. Mover.
Limestone Rabbit & M'NInch. v,
Huckhorn M, O. Shoemaker.
Limn Ridge Andro cV jlliller
v 'lerwlck- J W .Stiles
May 4, 18-142.
JUSTICE 151..2FKS;;''
JPor Sale ui thin Office.
QB"AVH just received, mid aro now opening
JL largo anil extensive assortment of
New Coodi$
suitable to tho season-, consisting of all the varielics
ever kept in a country store Among their assort
ment may bo lound the lollowing.
Dry Goods.
Broadcloth, of all colors, qualities and prices,
Cafsimer8. Saltiiiotts. and various other kinds of
cloths, flannels Valencia, lurseillcs,6ilk and ollidi
vestings, French ind English Mcnnoes, Uoinoa-
zlnos, rasiuonalile falirocs, irisn iiinens, our,
Colton and Linen Handkerchiefs, a variety ofSilk
and Cotton Stockings, Gloves and iVils for Lades
and Genllemon, kid and leather gloves, Wcaclued
and unbleached Muslin, of almost every quality,
Picking and other cotton checks, Velvet caps, Da
lies and Children's shoes of all kinds, Men's thick
and thin boots and shoes India Rubber ovor shoes,
ootton yarn, carpcty am, candle wick, ciec.
Liauorsofall kinds, of the best ou-ility, Molasses
Sugai of various quality, Coffee, Tcas.Spices.Sperm
and Fish oil, coarse and line Aalt, Candles, rib.
Jl large assortment nf Earthen Queens
and Ga$,ioan',ioiidowgub!t
of all sizes, Looking
glasses, cj-c.
Hardiw are,
Case knives and J arks, shoe knives
Bulls and Screws t all sizes ,
Pad and diwr Locks, Saddle
Harness and Coach Trim
mings, Sato Mill and
Ilund$uws, round,
square, and fat lar iron
sheet iron, waggon tire, of
all sizes, in J act every thing
in the Hardware line front a
ea?nbric needle up lo a blaclesinilh's
an vil.
All of which will be sold !u exchange for CASH
kinds, on the most icasoiiuhlc terms, and wc invito
our friends to call and examine fiyr theuuclves.
Nov. 0, 181420.
MHbb ambus!
Ml!ROING the present opportunity ol
expin'sing his thankfulness to his fiirnds.aiid
ho public gcncially, for the liberal patronage he
tins heretofore iceeived, informs his fi lends and llio
public in general, that ho still continues to carry on
, he above business at his old ertabltshcd stand, on
he corner o! Mum and East slice's, where he
hopes, by ,trict attention to business, to receive
mil merit a sham of public patronage as herctolore
He deems it iiunecenarv logo into llie game ol
brag. or lo ue any soft ..odder about his SKILL in
is hi shop is of Inns standing, ami his work he
lliinks will speak for itself, and far moro loudei
than words. Hut, ho would merely sav that, he
warrants his w oik dwic with neatness, durability.
ind in the latest finhionablc manner, and will en.
sure a good lit in all cases.
N.U. Charccs moderate to suit tho times. All
kinds of country pi oduce taken in exchango foi
work, at market prices.
Uloomsburg, IS'ov. a, 1814. 20.
Scmi-JVcekly daring I he Session
Tho Democratic Union will, as usual, be nul
lisbed twice a week, during the coming session of
the Legislature, and wc embrace an early occasion
to comnieiul it to the favor of the leuding public.
miiucr pauiB or expense Mian ie spared to imparl
to Its rnlttmns additional zest and vlcor. Amnli
and correct teport of Iho proceedings of llio tun
ntanches, together with sketches ol ihe debates on
all public and important questions, will be furnish.
ed, competent Hlcnographer having been engaged
f. r.,,.,t I...... II...:.,.. . e
,u, m.o. .1,11 Itiri.iuiuu,,, ,ij IlL'W B(J,
ministrations, State and Natioual;and Iho de.elope.
mcnt of the measures ihev may propose to the
country, will render the coming winter one ofun-'
usual public interest, Poisons desirous of obtaining
true n nil eaily intelligence will always find in ibe
ueinoeialic Union a "true and honcbt cjironiclo."
To Attorneys, Judges, Justice of iho r'eace. and
public officers generally, it will be. invaluable, as
he rmon execute all tho STATU PRINTING'.
and tho LAWS ofa public and general nature arc
published in it Immediately after llieir passHage,.iiil
ully three mouths lieluie iiiomulealtd in liaiunlilct
To incrraec our facilities for the most prompt
execution of all (he public pilnling, wo are now
propelling our presse by he aid of A'tkan anion
impnitant mailer to tho legislative body.
A corps of able eorrespiindenls have been fin
ployed Ht Washington (,'ity, who will kiep our
readers constantly apprised ofevents transpiring at
ihe eat of tlKi'Nal'toiial Gnvermuriil.
For the whole year. S3 00
'or ihe session only, (twice a week,) 2 (JU.
KAay crsoie sending us five siibcribern for Iho
jcisiop, accmirjUMiifd by tm dollar,, hhnll tm-io
a copy gratis mt nis iiuuuie, raiments may be
(mnmillKd by mall, and the I'mi Mustiis are
perniitlc'da I'rai.k lallerscuntaing money for Jicwa
fnjcr KuVwriptionw. Addicts,-
j ISA4U U. W'JilSLER & rjo,
New Goods
Seasonable and Cheap.
AVE just rccolvcd from Phlladclpala,itid are
Mow opening n largo assotlmcnlof
which they offer to the public at tho most reduced
prices for
1 heir stock of goods conshts in part, )( Supcrfiinc
common and eoaiso cloths, cassimcrs, 8alinets,
Muslins, Silks, Satins, Mouselino do Laines,
Lawns, Mcrinocs,I.accs, American Nankins,
brown Hollands, Flannels, i'ill and cot
Ion Velvets, Silk ami colton Handker
chiefs, Lady's andGentlemen'sWIiilo
ft colored Hose Gloves and Mils
&(!., tf., &.C., &C,
Consisting in part of
nf assorted qualities.
Tobacco, Snuff, Spices, Sall,,Soap, Candles. cVc.&c
cw,-.i a LASS
Hifyt ttiecn8wnrc
nf every description that may bo required.
Hard ware, Cutlery tkc,
Mar, Polled, Ifonp and Hand Iron and
Waggon Tiretif every dtscfijition I hut
may tie cuuea or.
A large assortment of Piano bits, chisel, Files,
Shovels and Tongs, Knives ,V Forks, Pocket ami
Pen Knives, Table and Tea Spoons, coll'co jlills
Flax seed Oil, and spirits el' Turpentine; hweeninr
brushes, weavers brushes: shoe brushes, cloth biush
es, corn brooms, ivc.
J he public are requested to call and examine for
themselves before Ihey purchase elsewhere. We
sell cheap and no mistake.
UbMiiibburg, Kov.O, 1814. 20.
JslFXE'S 11 A Hi TONiC.
This Hair Tonic has produced bcmtiful Kpk
Hair in Iho heads of hundreds who had been bald
for years It also purifies the hetd from Dandruff
dues diseases of tho scalp Preserves iho hair
from falling oil or bscoimug permanently gray
IS a certain, safe and effectual remedy for Dys
enlcry, Diariluci or looseness, cholera niorbus.sum
mer complaint, colic; griping pains; sour stomach;
sick and nervous lieailucli heartburn, waterbrasb;
pain or sickners of Ihe stomach; vonuliug; spilling
up of food after eating and also whercit passes
through llio lioily unchanged ; want of appetite;
restlessness and inability to hlcei ; wiiud in the sto.
mach and bowels; cramp; nervous tremors nnd
iwilchiugs; seasickness; Tainting, melancholy and
lowncss of spirits, fretting nod cr incr of infants
ami fur all bowel alleclions mid urrvuus Jiseases.
Which in perfectly safe and so pleanant that
children win not rciuse to take if It (Hecluallv
destroys worms: neutralizes acidity or sourness nl
Ihe stomach; increases appelito and arts as a gene
ral and permanent Tonic and is therefore exceed-
iugly beneficial in iii'ermitlcutandltcniitleiit fevers
and indigestion; 4c and is a certain and permanent
euro lor the icverand ague.
l ney may ue taken at nil times anil in
must il'iMinses In Inflammatoi y, intermit
taut, Remittent, llilintis, anil every otliPr
Inrm nf rcver Jaunilice and Liver (Join
plaint. For Dyspepsia ihey are reajly an
invaluahle nriicle, cratlually chiineini; the
Ailiatnl sPcretiniiB nf ihe stomach ami liver,
and producing healthy telion in those im
piiriant organs. They aie very valuahli
for diseases uf Ihe Skin, ami fur what it
commonly called 'Impurity of the blood;'
also lor I'Viuale Oomiiliiiui, (Jnslivciiest.
0. ,:..,. .
(ve. , ami in laci every nisenso where tip
Aparieni, Almraiive, or I'urgiilive Medirinp
may lie required
It always cures Asthma two or llirre
large doses will cure the Ciotip or Hives I
Children, in from fi ft veil minutes to hi
hours time. It immediately subdues the
violence of Iloopinii Couch, and cffculs n
speedv cure. Hundreds who have been
given up by their physicians as incurralih
'illi 'UniiMiniplinn, Imvt been resiorcc. tn
peifei l health, by it.
In Inrt. as a remedy in Pulmonary Dip
eases, no medicine has evpr obtained n
hilihcr.or more deserved reputation.
tCT I he above Medicine are all for sale
allhe store of JOHN R. .MO Y Elf.
ItlcioiiiBbury. 30
Estate of Conrad Ilesn lute of SugarloaJ
taicnslitp, deccused,
WUTK'B is hereby given that letters of admin.
Utratiou.on tho nAnve ii!entimii,l i,ii,i livn
l.ecn granted to the siihscrihtr rcuiding in the
township of Suparloaf. All peuons ifdebted to iho
said lUtalo aro hereby notified to make iminodiale
paynieilt, and th(,o having claims are requested to
pietent them piopeily aulhenticaled to
i WILLIAM JlKbi), Ad 'r.
I November 10, 1811, 30, I
Ea'KOTFL'LLY Informs the citizens of
Columbia county, and llio public luiieiallv
hat hu has located himself in Ulbomshurg oil Mail
ttrect opposite St. Paul's Church, wheio ho has
opened shon, and is now ready and prepared to
trccclvc aud execute nil work in his lino of business,
with dispatch und in a workmanlike rummer,
locks & Watches
of tho best quality, can bo had at his establishment
uu very reasonable, term .
will be dnnu to the satisfaction of the eiit.lomer, as
well of Clocks and Watches as of Jcwelsy, nnd be
will, further, warrant his work tone exo-uleJ as
well as any in this section of the bla'c. lie will
also make to order
or pocket, and in short, will do all olheiwoik usu
ally done In a well legulated respectable csttiblith
mcnt. He hones by str'ct attention lo busiiKs
ami a desire to please, to icrcivc a lihtral rhnic n
patronage. Country Protluco laken in puyruen
tor wmk at tho market prices.
Uloomsburg, IVovcnibcr lu, 1844 -yu.t
Tho subscrihers havn eslahlished at thr
ahovo plaeo, a new MJHMI.E YARD
and will always bo ready, at the shortest
notice, to furnish to order,
or any other work in their line. They an
also prepared to lurnisi WINDOW CAPS
etc either of .Ma.ble, Lime or any kind ol
stone that can be procured in this vicmitv
JO Having bad :onsidorable rxperienei
in ihe business, tney pledge their work li
bo executed in :is handsome a sivle as cut
be furnished from miv yard either in llu
eiiy or e.ntintrv: and on as reasonable, terms.
Hloombbtirg, Nov. 3, 1843. ly S8
Chair iVFanufactory,
TH E subscriber continues lo carry i
business at the old stand of R- &. S- Hsgei
bueh, where ho will be ready at all time
lo furnish Fancy & Windsor Chairs, Set
tees, Rosion Hocking Chairs &c, of even
'lesuriptioii, winch may be called for, a
short notice and on the most reasonabli
terms. He will also execute House, SIlmi A
Oriiumeniul Panning, and Ilouae Papering
in n superior inaiiiier,
From his experience in the business, am
ins lacililit's ol mauulaeluriii!' the vnriour
articles of his line, he Halters himsel' thu
he shall bo able to furnish as good work
and upon as reasonable terms as can In
done in ihe country all of which he w il
dispose of for CASH or COUNTRY
N. IL Orders from a distance will b
strictly ai.d punctually attended to.
nioomsl urn, Due. 30, 1843
Ilrau's ii iiiind dnu,
Dm Holdi 'Si is belter.
rEniH" undesigned would return his sinccra am
H humblu thaulis to ibe citizens nf Dloomsburi
anu vicinity, loi the l.nots thus lar lestowed upoi
him, and would still further ask a cunliuuanec o
llio same, so long only as satisfaction is nndeicd
lie would not my, t ome one come all, hut eomi
as many as conveniently can. Neither would In
promise, (as others have,) to do his work bette
than can be done in any oilier shon in the nlace-
but in short, he would neither brag nor hauler, bul
ucly any ono who does brag lo do work neater thai
he does, in all cases, lie has also lately receiver
tno laio
with which he is prepared to do woik Kashlonabh
and neat, and wili guarantco a good fit at all tim
for anv ono who may favor mm with a call.
Ills shop is at the old stand occupied by hin
for a number of years And the latch siring will
bo found out at all limes. As to prices he wishct
to l'o uiukrslooil that he intends to do work as low
as any of his neighbors, aud as usual,, all kinds ol
country produco taken in exchango for work don
at his shop.
Dloomsburg, October 13, 1844 25.
To the Public.
THE subscriber desirous of quitinc bm
iness requests all those iudtbud lo him
inalie payment immedialely.
I lie fnllowini puces will be paid fo
PRODUCE in exchange for his
on hind.
GOOD WHEAT A'lper bushel.
RYE Si! eis.
OORN 45 and O eis.
OATS 25 ('9'
UT Goods sob! at cdst for the eash
Hut no credit given alter this dale,
E. 11. IIGGS.
Sept 01 8H.
Hr.HKAH, the undarslgned gave his note
to William Mcllcnry, dated Novciiibei
15, 1HM, fifty dollars payable six mouths from
dale, for Ihe improvement upon a certain picco oi
tract of land, and having since ascertained lliut said
McZenry had no title to the same, 1 therefore here
by caulum all persons not to purchase suid note as I
ewll refuse to puy it uiiltsa compelled by law.
pi:ti;k Li'wonii.
Pcccmb lU'ISIj
Nciitrul In Politics ami Kcllgi01lj
W is the very nkk of lime it xubtciibc
for the New Tear 1 S'lit
With the largest Subscription Lhl in
the World.
Por the purpose of facilitating the form, il"'
Clu s, ol mkw or old subscribers io in urr,.,.. ..
oirerblho following . "
'i'lircn f.nnJrsi f nf llin Knltirt1v Imh-iA i
Seven copies othe Saturday Courier, I year
1 wtivu UO
boventcen do
Two do .ml l
copy of either of the S3 Macaiinca
Five copies of the Saturday Courier, and 3 co
pies oi enner oi uio Magazines
Fivo copies ol the Saturday Courier.and 1 cn.
py oi rrosis new notorial Jli.tory of A.
incnca, a jo uook,
fTj'lii fact, whatever offer is made, bv nnv .i.
Family .Journal, at all approaching in worlli.beautv
or pretensions, to llio Saturday Courier, will be ur
I he Louiicr has become so well and f.nm.i.i.
known through a triumphantly txnmlar ...
fourteen years, that it Would be superfluous lo say
much.on that subject here. V e may rcmuik.liow
ever, that to the industry, talent and eiiteriiri.p
whlih havc lor years kept tins paper a bright e,m
lilar for alb its imitators, will eonslanllv Im ,i.i..i
the productions of every available writer, ami con.
uiiiieu jiuiieiuus anu iiueiai cxpenuiturcs will con
tinually bo made, as well in the I, in rary as the T.
pographical departments. Our means will nlun..
entblcus to be in advance of all others,und ho ,J
no so.
Histories of Modern Ihnublirs
A new anil iniititrlunl initiiiiiisnmin, ,... .I.- I
ing year, in addition to our oheady numerous pop.
uur icuiuius, win uo a series oi lyOliuclihid Ilisti).
rics of ,1odcrn Republics, by n fresh and vigrol
writer' who will impait u world of imtiortant in
sltuclion to tho rising generation, in this ncw'auj
entertaining Itomanco of History.
Biographies and not ices of Distin
guished Literary and Scientific Men.
Among the interesting essays and tkcttlits of
value, which wo shall continue to present in tha
Courier.will be a full and interesting account ol th.
rise. piogress. and present elevated standing of nil
iluliiiguishcd men, of the Past and Pre cut, (t
home or abroad,) in all ilepaitnicnts of Art.Seiiiuu
Literature, Statesmanship, Poelry, Mechniniy,
Planting, Agriculture, Printing, Merchandize.elr.
This will bo nvery inleicsliug feature lor the
Voting. It will ben department of the ('miner,
ivhich it has ever been our aim lo render of inesti
mable value lo those for whom wo feel so deep on
interest as we do for tho Young ,1cn of our
and glowing Countiy. The Jics of l)iiiiigui,heil
Men are ol inutli vjluo to those who arc yet fann
ing llieir own characters; for the purpose of enact
ing their parts, correctly, on the Gieat Stage of
Human Life.
Indofd, we hnpothat this Department of tho
Courier will bo worth more (each year) to every
.amily who have tons and daughters lo bo rc.vcd.
dian live times tin amount wo ask fur a gear's suti
icriplion lo tho Saturday Courier:
Incidents, Histories Scenrs, lhtllt
Grounds. iyc, of Ihe Jhnericun und all
other Revolutions.
Under ibis head, which is, by the way,nol at nil
,icw in the t'ouriei, wcsholl hereafter give graphic
ind i'lleusliiig accounts occasion.dlv beaniifully
llustrated of iho hrilling incidents, so pmlusily
.luddcu through iho deeply impoitant hUtury of
.ho American Revolution, and of all uthcr rcvnlu
ions that we may regard of Iho least interest or
.aluolbu readeis of llio Philadelphia Satuiday (mi
ier. 'J'liis wiil bo of deep consequence, also, Id
,ivcry member of nnj family of iho Ameiicuii re
public, who may choose lo do lhcmsel(cs and us
.ho favor of tccuring, regularly. Ihe visits of Iho
(Jouricr at llieir Family Fireside.
POPULAR TOPOURAPliy. To gralitylho
growing appetite for a betier knowledge of the im
uortant fealures of our great and glorious coiniliy,
our past exertions shall be redoubled in future to
prevent vivid pictures of American cities, towns,
mountains, lakes, livers, caves, scenery, etc.
Our original domestic lule, kssuys, I'oems,
kc, will continue regularly to bo fjrnishcd by tho
minds and pens in. tho country. These chaste
uroductions are acknowledged lo be the best, lor
useful instruction at the family fireside, that appear
ui any periodical.
Uun t; Non a vrisns comprise subjects in all bran
hes of Art aud Nature, suitable, for the family cir
cle, and appear in rapid succession. f
OUR TI(Vi:i,l,KII Is constantly traversing
ho world, In seaich of tho wonderful and intlrm
ive. Oun Atiniccr.TcniST occupies weekly en im
torant space, wih all matters of interest forj tho
'io4 til'ers of the toil;
Our European Correspondents, in Liverpool,
London, Ireland the East, Ve. keep us regularly
idvised of ull subjects of special interest.
Our Markets and Prices Current.cinbrace all tha
curliest advices m referenco to the prices of all kinds
if Grain, Produce, dec, (ho state of Stock s,Ilanks,
Money ,aiid Lam's, and our extensive arrangement?
will hereafter render ulir Prices Current of iuesti!
nablo value to iho Traveller, Farmer, and all Uu.
sincss Classes whatever.
Courier Building, 07 Chcsiiut street, Phila.
Ettale of Philip Dodder, late of Orang
lownslap, ueceaseu,
OTICK is hereby given that letters of admin
istration, on iho above mentioned fbtate.havQ
been granted to the subscriber residing in tha
lowiibhipof Orjnu'e. All peisons imlvblrd to llio
y,dd estate aro hereby notified to make immediate
iiaymeiit, mid those having claims are requested lo
resent then) piopeily uuttieutiialrd for scltlcmei'l
icforc the first of November next,
Orange tp.Sepl. 7, 181420.
fcrrJiistices Blank EXECUTIONS nnd
SUMMONS just primed and for sale al,g
his Ollieo