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Tho ) fnr (ha rollof of the heirs of
Hubert Fullnn, which hag pissed the
Nenatn, appropriates 970 300 fni tint pur
pone. It is in the same adapts as it pissed
In- Si-limp hi ill o hid spftinii.
IHILDilBN nrc mot subject to them.but nor,
80111 of n Mutton am Italiln (,. I, mli,.l ...i.i.
mem, Hnil hi-cat h. imln.'. Jmni 1 1... n...i...t
, ......... uiu iiiJsiuriicu
-..wu,.,, (mlkiiijj in mo iinm ,wasuiig away ,li amies
ham III tlio Sioivcls, jninlH or limbs, dislurbcd clean
(rightful dreams, nionmnt; and sometimes of vor'.
tciuus appcnio, aro among tlio symptoms of wortm
Miny am docturod for iimiiiIh. for somo nthr lm.
nginary dUedgu.whoii one b.ix of bhortnan'g Wu m
1.O.0II2M wolllJ tlnjct a rnrn. 11. II
lit I rince street anil Iho lluwcrv. 111 1 I'll n Inan nf
Tlicy aro llioonly infalhblo worm ties
vviut lamily will be
.... . , . . . thai was reduced to a kelrtoti, anil by only
I tn-H medicines have already performed '" liot of Mliorman's Loiengts; hcis now a f. t
many inmost increinuie cures. Tliey have "9 Aiucrnian 1 no lion. II. H. lleardsley
been used hy ministers of the Gosnel.somt Pi." sav,J tlle lifuoroiio fhis children by ihcm.
e . . i . I I lin and. f .vn Q nni. nin . r i t .
i wuom nave neon loitering upon the ven L, ,i ., " nas muy test
brink of the crave. ri.l liv r-,..l it,,.,,. ,n, .7' "7 1,1
., , , " ,, .. --...... -I iniying mcuicuie known.
they have been tiseil by all professions and without theml
oI.isoboI men, ill Cough, Colds. Consuiim Consumiilion.Cour!li..Cnt,1.,.V linn nl fir (
lion, Asthma, ami various discuses of the Asthma, nml nil affectum of the lung, wilinnd u
.Lungs, mid found to bo more eflVelual than llcalin vahio in Sherman's Cough Lozenges. Thoy
uny medicines ever used. Thev havo des lho,,ov' Mellaril Do Forest; die llov. Mr.
trovrd more Worms, mid uvn,l "..... '"nallian Howard,, Ksn. mid that .vorhy
r..,. rr.n ,.,!.. .i '. ... " ' """""o-. 'Oinard lSers. Iiom the consumptive's
.""v -i'"'. -' "y uiurr i?Mve. They cured in one day the llov. Mr. Dun-
(.irHidiiuni in uiir worm; aim iney have uar, me Utv. Mr. Handcock; Win. H. Attree Ksq
Trlleved more IlemU-ht's, I'dlpilalions of Jtewing coughs. 'J'hnv ta tho ))lea4aiUcjt
inervous jiieriions, lllieuinaitsm, J'ains &
ill in oilier preparation that was evei rncom
railVHr.'somy'fli MV'ML. T'e lesiimoi.y ol
rati iMsef.ha e been p-iblUhcil in pamphlei
fm in, which may bo lud Irom all Ayonth
ilio tell the I.ozeiifes nml I'oor Alan b
Plaster.' Were it ilevirable, m; overwhelm
iiiir m.iss of the like ipstiniony could be pit
(Juried, to show that lJr..Slierma.i's I.nztm
trcs are the very best medie'inc ii th'
world. They are gtnmelv eoia'entrJiril S;
sr prenarrd under the direction and uispec
lion of a skillful physician: and are offered
with perfect cniifiurnce, ns tliey nave ueeu
before the public lor more than five years
iinil have never been known to do any in
iorv, or produce the least dissatisfaction
with those who have used them nrxordinj!
to the accompanying direction
Attcncy at Law. .
Office South side of Main-at. opposite
Ihjer Iefltry'e Store,
MARRIED On ill- 12 h itni. by
(lie Rev. William J. EypV. Mr. It ihert I au
Stout, lo Mies CustIn.v Kisneu, boili
of Jerseylown.
' Hy Rev. D. S iTobias, on the 31-.
Dec. Mr. Isaac Hukv, to fMisi Maiiy
Dr.EACH, hot h of Roaringcrock.
DIED In liloomshuri, on Silurday
the 28lh ull. Mr. Da.viel Ruch, aged
81 years.
Hi.ooMsnvito, J in. -1, I S 11.
cougi incdicinoand cure tins Boonest ofany known
r m 'dy.
Uca lorho,bca.ncknrss and Pulpiiation.rclieved in
;ro:n live to ten ininulca by Sherman's Uamulivr
"I'll unu .v.- T, I
from too free living will find a few of luo lozcngrs
tu dispel tho honors and lowncss of sphils. Mr.
Wrnlh, ol the t-unday Mercury, lias repeatedly cur
rd hiuihcliuf tovero lleadaclio by them Japtaiii
(Jliadwiek, of the packet ship Wellington, hag wit'
neaped their t flicacy in a great rw nf c.isea of sea
ii-kiiegg. i hey hi crate hkeueliarm upon im
ngitated or shattered nerves, i s Sherman's I'oor
Man h l'l.nter does up mi rhciin.a'ii'm, lumliao,
p.iln or weakness in the side, bick: tiroiot or any
part of Ihc biJy. Mr. 11. U. Ui?'ers, 30 Ann
meet: Henry li H'liihtina; :i5i Chatham
treet Moses J Menrimi-s r.q ami a
illiil nude of rollers line I'xyei lenreil tin
O ilttM eff of I.csl' Plasters
Price only 121 cents. Caution H m cssarv
m see that vou Lel the unnnirio Sherman's
Loz lines and Plasier'', as there are mam
onbles ur;n les uttempled lo bo p-iliiied
ifl in ti ai e of them, by l hose who would
i n fie wifh voui life for a sbillin".
Dr. Sherman'. warehouse is ai 103 Nas
street. l?or sale by
John R. Moyer Uloomsburg
Win L WaHcr it co Ileiwick
Low & Thompson Lima Ridge
12. & J. liiizirus Oranifevide
M. U. Shoemaker Huck Horn
L. & A L Uisel Jerseylown
Derr &, M'llnde Whito Hall
John Moore Danville.
Stephen Raldy, Caiiawissa.
Jan. 4 1845-37. 0m.
Hy virtue of n vendiiidui exno.ias. in me
ditectftd, will ho exposed )ir puhlic s-de, ai
the cnnrl house in Danville, on Srnnltn
iho 18ili day of January next, al 10 o'olocl.
a iM. the following projieriy, lo wit,
A rerldin tract of land siiuated in Derr
township, Columbia eouMy, cnntalnini?
PROPOSELS will be leeeived by the
Commissioners of Oclumbia county, ni
the house of Jacob Domolt Esq., in Madi
son township, on Fnday the I7lh day ol
l.inuary next, between the Injurs of 10 A.
l. and 2 P. M. of said dty; for huildiin; n
llridjje, over L ille Fishing creek; neai
Robert Moiiigoinerv' saw mill; in said
Township, of the followinrr description.
Stuno Abutments 10 feet limit from low
water maik, 18 feel long; up and down tho
ne-ik, 4 feet thick al the lop and 0 fee
tihck at the bottom.
Wiiiij walls on the north side, lo be 20
feet long incuditi!! Abutments: and on the
souih sids to be 15 feel long, the superstruc
lion n. I,pft rSpfiffitflfthAlvA vfldinf."1.
OoiiMissiosr.its Offick.
Danville Dee. 25--1811
List of Jurors.
For January Term, 1845.
CU'aiid Jurors.
Wloom Caleb Uarloii, Toter Mensih George
Znercreek U. A Bowman
Cattawisa Joseph Urohit
jorry illiam IIei.derliolt, Thomas More.
head, Michael Snyder, Unos Miller, Hubert M
Franklin Jacob Shullz, Samuel block
Greenwood Daniel Fox
l.ihnrtv- John Homier
Mahoiiina Kdward Morrison, T. S Hubbard.
Suwell CJihliH, David Itoberta
Montour .Vtcphen I.azarus, John t ry
Madison Char es Carnahan, JohriMoor6
Itnarinrr creek IteUbco Fanncer, Amu Uiown
1 Acres
All persona indebted .to the .subscribers,
in note, book account or otherwise; of nvei
me jeHts standing, rre requested to call and
eltle the same In ChsIi or drain, on or lm
ore Ihe 1st day ol February in XI. TIiom
leglcoiing ihig nonce, may t xpeel to paj
osi as wu are determined lo have our oil
ousiiiess settled.
Uloomsburg, Dm-, 28 1811,
nore or less, adjoining I mils of Siephen
Urearly and Daniel Miisseliiian,
Seized and taken in muI to be sold as the
property of William lloyd.
A certain Iraet of land, situate in Derrv
t'Mvnship, Oolumbh couny, containing one
hundred and tweuiy-nino acres, more or
less, about one hundred acres of which is
cleared lahd, adjoining hnjdg of Stephen
hills, James Johnson. Charles M..K
Jiimu Olerm, whereon ig elected a
TWO 511 OPS,
AH the right title and inltrest of thn de
fpiidanl in ai'citain one story Frame House
Old lol ol (.'round, siluale in Roaring neek
lowimhip, Columbia eoiinty, boiiiidc-d b
lands of Jacob Harner, deceased, and the
main road leading I rum Catlawissa to Pottt-
Seized taken in rxecntion. and to be sold
h the proocnv of Moses Mav.
A ppiiain lot of ground situate in tlir
"wn of Uloomsbiirc, Columbia county
routing on third street of said town, ail
joining lot no. 71, on the noillrensl, pin
illey on the norik west, west street tin the
mulh west, and numbered in the plan ol
:iiu town no. r&, ueine one town lot.
Thero is elected on the premises a two m
ry Iramu
93 H S Mia
THE Faun on which the Inie (Jniir!
Hess resided sluaied on Fishini' ctpck
in Sugarloaf.will be rented, hit ONE YE U
Irom the lirsi ol April next. tinti F.w.r
contains a boo I
ibout 5Q under iinpioveinent, wnli a gum'
MiM and
upon the premises. Condiiions mailc
known upon applications t.;
W.M II ESS. ExHPiitnr-
Wheal, 7
Ryp, '15
Coin, ; 41'
Cloversceil, 3 50
Flaxseed, , . 1 25
Butler, - l
Oats, 25
E.,g, 8
Tallow 10
Diicd Apples, SO
While ieans SO
Beeswax 25
Black Smith Tools
For Sale9
HE subscribe! being desirous of quit
ing business, offers al private sale,
his Ulacksuiit!) Tools, consisting of a dou
l)lu sett of all-kinds of tools, usually used in
a country Blacksmith Shop,to wii :J2 pair
of bellows, 2 anvils, 2 vices, hammer , long
bo. and s wedges of all kinds. 1 he rbovi
tools, are all of '.he first quality and in good
order. This shop in which I now work
siiuated on main street, near the Episcopal
Chinch, can be rented at a fair rent. Termi-
unite easy upon application to the suhscn
her. and possession given the first day of
N. 11. All persons indebted lo the soli
Hcriber arc earnestly requested lo make
payment on or before the first day of April
ppxi as it is necessary
New Qmds
Seasonable and Cheap.
A VD just reeoived from l'hiladelpaia,ind urc
now opening a large ubsoitmeiil ol
which they offer to the public tU tho most reduced
prices lor
I heir stock of goods consuls in pirt, if Superfiim
common and coait.o cloths, cassimcrs, Satinets,
Muslins, Silks, Satins, Mouschnc ue I.aines,
Lawns, Merinues,Laccs, American Nankins,
brown Hollands, Flannels, -VilL and cot
ton Velvets, Silk and eolton Hnndker
chiefsjjady's diidGcnllvmen'sWhita
Si colored lloao Gloves and Mils
&C, C,, &.C., &L'.,
Consisting in pail of
of assorted qualities.
Tobacco, Snuff, Spices, Salt.Soap, Caudles, cVc.&c
cjits.i arisfi
of every description that may be required.
Hard ware, Cutlery &c,
Rar. Rolled. Hoop and Hand Iron and
Waggon Tire of ivcry description that
may lie called or.
Illoom Peter Hri, Peter Hintori.John Shumai
I,. U Uupert
Cvttawissa-Joseph Ilaitmau, 1 ctcr Lodino
Derrv-Thumas Toiler, Ksq
I'ishlncr creek-John Alhirer, John M. Duckalew,
Alexander Krtmcr. John lleniy
Greeiiwood-riiomas Davis, lonas Ilayman.Jonr.
Cool, Peter Girton
hilierlv-Danrel Coiner, jlichael Shives
Mahouinc-'I'homiis Dranden, James Gaskins,
Josenh iartman, Btephen Morse, Hiiron V. ICase,
i harn es I av or
Miluiii-Uviijamin llanch, reter xone. oiepncn
II. ,1iller
Madison-William liunyan
Munleur Geoicc KaniTman
Orange-William Whitmyer, John Achcnbach,
lfred Unwell
Koaring reck-'cter Ileibine, Anthony Deng
ler, Ltq
Sugarloaf-Wilham Kilo
Franklin-William Uird
Valley-James Uoudman
"lap szibwgITes., and a
A few thousand LAP
f,,r sale: or e.ichunie for any kind of Country Pro-
ilucc. Enquire of ttja
Estate of MAR V FORCE, late of Ml
Pleasant township, Loiumuia coumy
dec fa ted.
OTICH is hereby uiven. that the subscriber,
resident in Mount Pleasant Township, m
aid county, has adnit'iittered on the estate oi aia -ig
l!V FOI(C.',dcceaFed. All peHons having claims
sirainst the estate nro heicby requested to inahe
them known to the subscriber without delay.
GEOIJGE KKAM VAX, Adminitrator.
Mount Pleasant township.
a one storv
now occunid as a dwellinn home, will
the appurienancps.
Seized taken in execution, and to be soli
as the property of William Kelly.
A e.eriain lot of crnnud silualp, ill tl
uillaoft nf Orani'pville. contaiiMnc mm hall
in acre, whereon is erected two I'RAMb
Ivinsf on main street, numbered in the plan
of said town, and adjoining lands of lsa
Kline and others.
Seized taken in execution, and to be sold
as the property of Charles M'Pliprson..
KiV UUKit, aierij.
SiiEttlFF s Officb, Danville,
Dee 20, 1814
Rv virtue of a levari facia to mp directed
will he exposed lo public saleai the same
time and place.
A certain one story and a half plank
house, situate in the township of Hemlock.
Columbia county, o:i l lie southern side ol
the road lending from Bloom, to Jersey-
town, near the Uuekhorn tavern, containing
twenty lent in Iront, on tne road side alore
said, twenty live leel in depth, unu the lui
or piece of ground & curtiledgc apperlenam
io the said. building, hnundpd on the weti
hy a lot of Daniel INeighart.fon the south
oy lands o!" John McReynolds, and the eni
by laud or Vauiah Rees.
Seiztd taken in execution and to be sold
the properly of John Wilson
IRA M DERR, Sheijf.
Siiiirtivr's Oeficc, Danville,
Dec, 20, 1844.
This Hair Tonic has produced beautiful New
Hair in the head a of hundreds who had been bald
for years It also imrilies the hetd from Dandrull
Cuies diseases of the scalp Preserves the hair
from falling oil or Ucomiug pcimaucntly giay
IS a certain, safe and effectual remedy fur 75ys
cillery, Diarrhuia or looseness, cholera morbus.sum
intr complaint, colic; griping pains; sour stomach
lick and nervous headach, heartburn, wulcrbrasli
pain or sickners of the stomach; vomitiug; spiltirii;
up ot too J alter eating and also where it paisei
Ihrougli tho body unrhaiiged ; want of appetite
estlesenrss and inability to sleep; wimd in the sto-
uaih and bowels; cramp; ucrvoin tremors and
twitching' eeasicknes"; fainting, melancholy and
towness of spirits, fretting and crying of infanta
mo tu r all bowel sltccttons and nervous Jiscaes.
ItAlIAM't) MAGA2lNt:h..B ,rr,l
III enviable reputation of Imu u.
tiooical m the I'. &.t,h in thu nual.i. ...,i I.,,,.,.
ner otils i riiliellislimrnu, and in the (um ,. ,i, ,
fary in.,lier, it rs Iho id-oiit a. ui.lus ll. lt
.;m lliiur lau ihu publisher h jjneu,t
UI0 purs iimia original uialter than auv ul hn .....
I'Miourie. iiioiii original te engravrries. in au
iilion to liishlon plalcs and colored fidUum, Tho
capo. and mant of a thr.'e-dollarmj,;imiiii..v..i-
ol nun i. ui appaienl, which has made an outlay
j no.Bii Thousand Dollars irreulor than otln.M.nn.1
1 1 nddnioriol engravings orer other lu.siines luut
tuiiiu no coiiib!,i Annual. I'Lo pub--t-j
howeter ralieried (hit mah lll-f kill V, r.1
c&iiM can maintain the high posiuuu his pcrioJi.
jui n,u atiuinvu in me UniU'd btalcs,
1'lia uublither does lint lifmtfltr I,. ,l.n. I...
defies ull competition with Qiohain's uijl'uziuu fur
ills immense subscription list, tin) r.ifrit
nid immber of Ins contributors, tho high ordur of
tho engravers unpaged, the number nuJ VHtiely of
oleganl plates aheady purchased and on hand, arid
dio immense facility which his capita ,! po.ilioit
tjiyoto prosocuio the work render any rllbilH u a-
vu ,P0,lll;fo( ridicule, hrnrv numU -t .
ivill oe loloraled.
LWery number of Graham Magnimg is issued
it a cost of nearly J100D th pbles slono consist
ng neirly half tha sum most of the plates Hro f om
Original American I'uintliiys. autuhd xpru,tly
lor tho proprietor, for engravings for thr msaaiinu.
Among tho pictures painted lor Hid voiumu lor
IB15,uictwo by Sully, tlio grratcat utlist, tcvoiat
by Leutze,Chipman, Inman. Couaroc, Kothirmel,
Thomson, und others of tho bust arlits of Ame.i-
ci. 1 h cost of getting up ombelhehnieuts m this
style may be estimated when we clntolhat some tif
these pictures cost $200 a piece, and will Cusl in
ionic of them thiee times that sum to have ll.em
em;ravcd and worked offlortho edition of Gruhom'
out no cost shall be sparod to keep our proud
poiitiou lit thu Lead ul ths I'enodicals ot Iho
.vor Id.
Which is perfectly safo and so pleanant that
'hildreu will nut refuse to take it' It effectually
letroys wormbi neutralizes acidity or sourness of
the stomach increases appetite and arts as a gene
ral and permanent To nic and is therefore exceed
mgly bcnehrial m ln'crniitlcntuuillicuiittcnt fevers
and indigestion; and is a certain und permanent
curator tho lever and ague.
Dec. 9, 1844.
1 bey may be taken ut all times and in
most diseases In lufla miuuion , intermit
taut, Remittent, Bilious, and every other
lorm ol l'ever Jaundice and Mver worn
plaint. Tor Wyspepsia tliev ure really mi
invaluable article, graduully rhanemi: tin
Aitialcd eecrelious of the slnmach and livet.
and producing litslihy action in Ihose im
portant organs. They aie very valuable
for diseases of the Skin, mid for what is
commonly called Impurity of the blood;'
MHO lor I'eiiiiile Complaints, Cosiivenesr.
fie., and in fact every disease where an
Aiiarlent, Alterative, or Pingativo Medicine
may be requiied
It always cures Asthiun two or three
large doses 'A ill cure the Croup or Dives of
Children, in Irom filtvon minutes to nn
hours time. It immediately subdues thr
violence of Hooping Cough, and effects i
speedy cure. Hundreds who have been
given up by their physicians ns inctirrablt
with 'Consumption, havu been resioreu ti
peifei.t health, hy il.
In fact, as a remedy in Pulmonary Dis
eases, no uiedioino has ever obtained
higher, or more desorvrd reputation.
fC7The above Medicine are all for salt
at the store of JOHN R. MOVER.
Uloomsburg. SO
The most splendid engravings of all carts lend
their charm to the patg of Graham's magsziuc
tivcrjtbtni, in the way of novelty and beauty the;
has ever been iuvilod is laid under cnuiribulioii.
Nothing that capital cud laslo can supply is mol
ted. Fir.t, aa tlm most elegant und appropriate, aj
well as the moU popular embellishment, wo pben
Saitani's Brilliant .1czzotiut Engraving.
We were tho Gist to mtrodticcthh beauliful elvln
ofvvorK, as a regular onibcllishnienl of the populur
inonlhhes. Its wide spread rapulalion thro' thu
means of our amplclht, called forth a iiot of imita
tors, but up to this timonothiug has been produced
to rival tho glorious pictures given in urah.iui.
J ho Shepherd s Love, and ' I lie vJoqUclte,
Thcte with a host of others, done for us by Mr
Surtuiu, stand 'unprecedented and ulono' al Iho
head of American engraving. We h'avo several
of these inimitable, plates utidoi way, and bhall
give one in tho January number.
CAME into the enclosure
of the subsciibcr, about the last ol
September, one liP.D linUTi:
andu n:D STUUR, wilh whili
faces, supposed to ibe about two years od. The
owner is requested lo prove property, pny charge
RRAS, the Hon. Josktii D. A.ntiiovt
Presidentof the Court of Over and ler
and ake them away, or ihcy will he disposed f miner nml Genersl Jail Delivery, Court, of Quarter
according to law. JOHN VAN'CB,
Orungo township, Deceinler 0, 1814, !J4
TAKE fs OTIC 12,
"pnll K'V we have this day purchased nt C'onsta
K hie sale as the property ot 1'elrr hvelau,
eioor; one clock ouo licaurcau ono iron Uellli
o hoes - tons ol nay ono black cow one
lhat his accuunir
cfsmns ot the resrp.anu Lourt ol Lommon I'lias
and Orphans' Court in the eighth judicial disirict,
I'omposcd of tho counlles of Norlhumberlani'.
I'liion, Cnhimhiii und Lycoming; olid the Hot
W'lfiam Donaldson and George Hack, tin-
imiiea, Associate Judges in Columbia rnunty.hnvi
issued their pr-cept beaming dale the "0th il.iy ol
Nov. in the year of our Lord ono thousand
iaht hundred and fony-four .and to mo dirccted,for
bhould be closed hy thai limn.
Rlonmaburg, Jan. 4 1845
Pen Knives, Table and Tea Spoons, coffee Vills,
Flax seed Oil, and spirits cf Turpentine; swecninc
brushes, weavers blushes; sbca brushes, cloth biush
n - niri-, es, corn nronuis, vc.
ACfilb LtJl 'ti iMJ .plie .mi,ic nrc rc.quCBtci! ,0 ca aml CXI)niin- ror
NOTICE is hereby civen to all legatees themselves before ihcy purchaso elsewhere. Wc
crpi ilnrs and other persons iiiieresteu in on chuuji mm ii"n....m.-.
heifer- ouo sorrel mare- ond grey mare two scltc
A large assortment of Piano bits, chisels, Files, " harrow one two linrso wagon SOO shaves I hui-Jinc
bhovels nud Tongs, Knives A- Forks, Pocket and i aim one sieu, nnu nave leu ma samo in Ills l Cmrt pr q an(! Terminer, and Gftl
Fishingcicek October 13 1844 34
the slate of the rcr peclivc decedents and
minors, thai tlio administration and guardian
accounts of said estate, Invo been filed in
thu office of ibe cniniiv of Columbia, and
will he nrespnled for confirmation and al
low.mce l,i the Orphans' Court, to he held
at Danville, in and for the county oforpsaid,
on Thursday; the 23d day of January liexi
ol 2 u'elncL I. M.
1 The account of Ssmtifl Manges, admin
isratni of ihe estate of John Robenhold
luie of Limelone township; dee'd.
2 The final account of David Masters,
late guardian of Russel P.Arnisrong one of
. r I . . I ..,!
trie ruimiPn oi josepn Armsinmi;
Rr.Girvrnn Office D.invillo, )
Dec 21, 18M: $
Uloomsburg, Nov.9, 1844, S9.
is hereby given, lhat
Sessions of the Peace, Common Pleai
and Orphan's Court.
IN DANVILLE, in tho County of Columbia
on the (turd Alonday or Jan, text, i being Ih
Notice is hereby given, lhat we have 20ih Jay) and to contiruo one weeks :
this day purchased at Consiable tin Notice is inert-lore Hereby givrn to
nransriv nf William Cnr.ninnhMin.ihn fnl tno Coroner, the Justices of iho Peace, and Con-
,in,nn-,i ,.'.!. .!,:,. !, ,siablcs of tho said county of Columbia, tha' liey
ui. PMt, 'iw 'vim i "i.,viivui.i tss.frw uiii i .1. i . , i . 1, I
ri i i i I " t .. I yL i uc uivii aim utvic 111 1111:11 liruiicr imhuuiib, ai ill
untuiv vj uu nf icuc ly vugunwj nrowii niHru, ui m iiuiu yunrb, unu cww, oVlork in tho forenoon of said doy, uith their
towtv$!mu deceased, Mnc tiall, turuu flliuep, live hogs, ono v.i records, inquisition? and other remembrances, to
.. .1 I. - i I .11 ! ,. ,1. rtP .t
. . i (. iii lln "I'ti 1,1 l'i w iiiirriMVB, itireu niuugus. iinose uungs wiiien 10 wiejr oincca opncrtain to
J H h is hereby given that Iellors ol admin. P putting box nd knife, one cradle and b dne. And those that ore bound by rccogni
istration.on tho ntove mentioned cfctate.hovc ",c. UA "u """ "' I ., ,inc, , ,,,..b....
Ucngrautcl lo the guWrlbrr residing in ,ichr.yine oni. glass soy n, ono Ma.nun ;
township of Sugarloaf.. All persons indebtrd lolhc -il hay, illy bllbbelB o corn in Hip t0'w tliell ,na,er8 l0 IMecute' ogthem
saiu l.siaio nro nenipy iioomii 10 mato iniiiicuiuir niiv nil oi ciuvcr eccu, nun 01 teven iicirr as Bjm ufJ l8t Jurors aro rcaucstcd tube nunc
r.,.nma,it ,ml thnap lm int rlflimft nrn rrimpRtfil In I .f tlw. . I 1,.. I r r ... n..nn .f I ... , , , .. . . . .. . .
r-v"""'".- ..-....p ..... niuin ( uniiui dia .11110 'i iubi in ineirauenoance, ogrcfHiuy to iiicir notice
pieeont them propeily suthcntlcaled to
Novombcr 10, IBM. 30.
For Safe at thh Office,
wheat in the cround, two sleds, ono clock.
I one lot of tye in the sheaf, one lol offoder,
fifteen bushels Potatoes, all of which we
have loft with said Cunningham; during
our pleasure.
E. & it hAZi.UtUo.
Oranevil'c, Nov. 30, 1814.
Dated at Danville, the SOlh day of Dec aln
Tho high merit of Graham's maaazinc considered
thu publisbei flatters himself that iho following lib
eral tunas will inducOjthousauds to subscript,
The following proposals aro mada-2 copies for
S5; 5 forl0; 8 for SIC; U for 30.
To tho Posttnaitor, or othor persons formm?
a club, iho Publisher will forward d Novol for every
ubscribcr sent, so that by varying the books, u
cuinplctu library may bo obtatued by uny petsoii in
tbort time.
6ingle Copies, Uirco dollars per annum in ad
vance. .-1 ml to tno person tending tlio money, u
copy ol 'itmgwood tno itover. iieruons priao
.Novel and alto n copy ot J hu Liems ot Art ami
lieaulv.' a beautiful work for a ludy's Center
Fable, containing thirteen splendid Siccl and
mezzotint Engravings, will ho forwarded gratis.
No. 03 Chestnut Struct PilaJelphia.
CI UC (J Li Alt-
1 1 1 II. leinnerance Associations ol
Pennsylvani.i, of every di-scripiio'i, ari
hereby notified, lhat, in pursuance of tin
follow ing resolution, adopted at the Stall
Convention, held at ILmisburg. in Januan
hist, a Slate Temperance Convention will
U'.iiti bo held hi Harrisburg, on tin
liny of January next, 1615:
'Resolved, I hat we recommend to all
ihe Temperance Associations of this Com
monvvcaiiu, in nppmu iietegates, to meet
in Convention, in the Horoiili of Horns
hnrg. mi the second Wednesday of Jjiiua
ry, 1815, and lhat the said Societies forms'
Hie Chatiinan of their respective Delega
nous w nit a uepnn, cmnrapiiig tne n.inio
of theii Officers, and the number of Mem
tiers belonging to, the Association, togethei
with uny other information ihey may think
proper to lay before the Convention.
It is also earnestly requested lhat all As
"delations which do not send Delegates tr
ihe proposed Convention, address a Lptlei
To the President of toe State Teniperauri
i.onvention, at llairtntuirg,' eoiiiatiiinu th
infotmiilinn defined hy the rosolntioti bow
.. .1. . . ...
siaieu; so inai saiisi.iciory icinperaitri
iaianencs, oi ine wnoiu Uominoii wt.'dih
mav ilius He bad,
Note Owing io the nipoiing of ihp Leg
isiaiiiro on the day precedn.g ihe Second
wcnnesiiiiy oi Januiiry, (ihe tUv fixed h
tno last uonvpiinou lm- the next Annii.i
of tho IndeiTiideiice of Iho
ot America,
SiiKHirr's Orncr, Danville
Dee. SO, Iff 14
United States
Moolionl ll.o ro..,..l II
s eiiii.ii wiiiiiiiinie nave ntem
time to tin
Ihe I'vvtnU
tho year of our Lord one thousand eicht'
hundred and forty-four and!,, , tho 08 year' Fouril, Wc Ine , '
Second of said monih
Ry order of the Stale Ccniinl
1 Dec. 20. 1811.
IS hereby given to tho Auditors nf Co
luinhia county, that in accordance with tho
piovisions of an Act of tho General Absent
id v passed the 15ih day of April, A. D.
1831. they are hereby required io meet ut
t-io Commissioners' Office in Danville, on
the titsl Monday, to wit, the Gth day of.
,ur.uuty A. D. 1845, for the purpose, ol ad
justing and settling the public iiccounis nf
lie I reasurer and Commissioners of said
county for ihe Term 1811.
Uy order of ihe Commissioners,
Oojim'ks. Orncu, Damille,
Debcmber '20, 1811.
List of Causes,
For Trial al January Teun 1815.
1 John V Hart et ul is Samuel F Head
ley et al
2 Augustus P Willis rl al s D.invillo &
Polisnlle Hail Road Company
3 Jacob Leiseuring el al s Ileiny' Fish
er A dm. el al
Moees Moyer is Oenrgp Ilnrizrl el al
Uurloti W Waples is John F Mann
et nl
James Barters Adrti v Samuel Drug
Saminl Gediles cl al vs Josiah Gal
Chniles Barnes pi al vs John
et al
0 John J'ruit el ul vs illiam Diddle ci
10 David Berlins Atlm ts Henry Smith
11 Jacob Mnriz vs Jonas Kriint
12 Silas E Craio vs O P Pipfr
13 Stephen M Glltnoru ci n vs Samuel f
Headh y
Oliver P Piper el al vs S F. Cr .if
i nomas o I'.ms vb 'Jhnrleg (' l,i
U o Moiiigonicry Ex. vs (
Schniiek el al
Charles Corirll vs I
Pvltr Milkr vs Eih C R..I;, .-
1 1 i'V