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    tititioftdT Co'pventCon anil Sidle Co'n
, vfrt(iortt -In bur last number we expressed
ou apptobolion of (he 'I'ennessce' prup'osi
tion thai lllo Democratic .Naiimial Conven
tion for nominating candidates' for the
letldrinoy ami Vice PrcsidenSy. be held
in Novcmber, 1843; and wo also suggested
the, policy ,anil propriety of holding a Slato
C'6iiven))ort itt this slate on U 4th of' July
next, Jbf the purpose of appointing dele
gate flo Ite National Convention Wo
etili'' incline o adhere lo the views then
expressed, niiwiihstandinr several of Our
Editorial brelhern whom we highly respect
JiavVadvance'd a difleronl opinion.
As regards the time for holding our Na
tional Convention, there is not, as has
been intimated in some papers, any estab
hshed 'Democratic usage;' for the Conven
tion which, nominated our Presidential
Candidate for 1836 was. held
.in May 183o, while that which,
nominated the cannidale for 1840, was held
in May of that year. The latter Conven
tion was Ui fact but a mere formality, for
it was-universally conceded Mr. Van Bur
en would and ought to be nominated; the
former Convention, however, was not of
audi a characteristic character; claims
und qualifications were 16 be subjected lo
the oldeal of public scrutiny; and, therefore
wep"r'es"urae, wis held at a time sufficiently
.preceding the election, .or that purpose.
Hence tho ussee of the party, so far as
there .can be said to be usage of the subject,
:.. u.o ia'AA ' i ' i
'But, a National Convention In Novem
ber,, is more desirable on many accounts,
than. in May; and princpally because the
delegates to it will be more likely to come
direct from the ranks of the people, and bo
the true representatives of tho popular
Voice- whereas a convention in May, and
especially jn , the May immediately prece
ding the Presidential election, would be.
mora or lesr-affected by the influence of
Congress politicians, and the Delegates to
it, Being chosen, in many, of the states; at
tho places where, and whilst the legisla
tures ire in session.would be selected more
or less, under the influenco of the politicians
in.lhoie. the, several sets
of Government!
For these reasons., toeether with those
Bucceated' last week, add ohers which
sntuht be urffed if we had space, we' shall
continue te advocate a Democratic National
Convention in November, 1823, and a
Democial'ic Stale Convention on the 4th
of July next, at being calculated to promote
the harmony .anu success ot tne pany,uowi
jn the Union and in this Slate.
Most Horrible. We find the following
Birratiye in the Cincinnati Sun of Tuesday
last. ' Can it be true! ' We can scarcely
regard-it any other light'tban as a horrible
fiction, Baltimore aim.
It has been a matter of considerable
inauirv with the priests of die day, whether
the spirit of.God, or tho devij, was .upper
most in the world; but generally conrteetieu
that the latter took the lead. In the follow
ine instance, wq shudder at the depravity
of. the human. heart wonder at its hard
ness, and sigh over its obduracy. Some
three-yeats since a family of the first
standing, in onr city was called to mourn
the loss of a father, who had toiled to
amass a fortune for his wife and children.
Scarcely had he been laid in the grave,
'vhen'a plan was fixed upon by the children
two sons and a daughter, too horrible to
thinY of, yet too true to slumber, to abduct
the mother who stood between them and
the property of the dead father. Accor
dfngly.the mother was prevailed upon to go
"to tho country; where some relation resided.
The-journey was comenced; but on, the
same evening, the old lady was teturned to
this city, aecretly taken to the garret of
their family, mansion, and confined in
room where no ere could reacfr her .hut
tl.aiofthe daughter, the usurper of her
mother's rights. Here in solitude, the old
woman lay, with just food sufficient lo
keep her live, beyond the reach of friends.a
muzzle otr htr mouth to keep her from
crying aloud for help.
'A story was raised some few weeks
nfte,rthaiithe old lady had died io the
country mourning was put on by the sis
ter and two brothers, as well as the rela
lions, who actually supposed that the old
lady ad'lawful. owner of the property was
ceau ana in ner grave.
,i 'Two years rolled awav and the dauvh
ier and sons are in quiet possession of their
ill gotten wealth, when a circumstance
Uansp.ired shocking to relate,, A, person
employed about the premises', who had of
ten heard or surmised he heard, away in
,lhB,.fartherest part of th,e upper garret.moan
n,o,fow, indeed,as to be scarcely thought
earthly' about two months ago heard the
groans more distinctly than ever, and be
came convinced that foul play had been Used
upon some body. He watched till well as
eujed that in the dar,k and ghostly rooms of
-this gsrret, a human form was sufferine the
pains of, confinement and villainy. He a
roused the household, the guilty daughter
being absent.rushed to the spot with a lihl
burst open the door, and there beheld the
miserable form of the poor pld woman in
thp last agony of death! Whata sight! No
pen can describe 'the scene. Language fails
,to give an adequate view of such a spertaelel
'On the return of the daughter her hus
band and friends, by bribery and threats,
succeeded in quelling the noise just bursting
' forth. and Jiad the body secretly buried, snd
fhm utylh jpparnate now sund up. in tb
fifti ftdblety la lift very clly' as. pure., and
healthy, patterns brail thai is good and vir
tuous. Steps are sniJn lo be taken we learn
to Investigate this foul afialr.antl bring those
concerned in i( to justice.'
Jot.-Smith, thb Mormon, grows more
audacious and impious withi Hie' apparent
Immunity frorn ariest, which. .He. enjnys,
He pteaced at JNmivno on a recent Sunday
to an Immense concourse of his 'bretherm'
lie said in one of his late discourses that
Governor Cariln was afraid he ("Sm'nli)
wanted, to bek Governor, bul no fears need
be'cnif.rtained on that, point as' hfl considered
himself even now in a belter situation than
ho would be if he, was Governor or Ptesi
dent being Lieutenant General for (ir,f,and
prophet for tlermly, either of which he,
rnnsidered preferable to being Governor or
Bankrupt in Kenluckv. The whole
Viutnber who had applied np to 1st October,
tor Hie benefit ot the bankrupt act in Ken
lucky was 1270. The highest individual
indebtedness was $010,000: next highest,
,$352,000: several of near 200,000: a great
number from $20,000 to $100,000; and
some (town a low as $70 $80. The Bssets
surrendered up amount m about a million
of dollars, while the debt liquidated by
these amount ten to millions!
An. Attached Friend. A correspondent
oi the Kichmond Vhig stated tha a gen
lleman by the name of Blanch, left Oairs,
in Cumberland county, tor Missouria, and
carried with him a hound dog. Soon after
Mr. U. reached Missouri; he died; anu
(strange to tell)the dog left Missouri, and,
reached pairs. iome short ' t'ine past,- in
search of his master the distance being one
thousand miles or more,
A western editor, giving a description of
a storm, says: 'It is utterly impossible to
describe the scene presented to the eye of
the beholder in. the vicinity of the dwelling
destroyed. We saw. as many as four hogs
killed by the timbers;
A man came 300 miles, from New Hamp
sliire, for the express purpose of witnessing
the execution of Colt; The officers very
properly icftiscd to gratify his brutal
appetite, and refused him permission lo
enter, ' '
'Yon are always in a bustle Kate.' said
a mother to her daughter.. 'It's the, fashion
An Erie, paper stales that Mr. John
Evans of Millcreek, raised the. present sea
son, on less than an acre of ground,, eight
hundred and fourteen hushels of, die sugar
oeei. . ,
In a circuit of three miles, around the
Southern-part of Bergen township, Hud
son county, .N. Jersey, there are 77s
acres of cabbages, containing 000,000
An eel measuring 3 feet 7 inches in
length, was speared at Northumberland
Pa-, last week, by Mr. Thomas Gaskins'.
It measured nine and a half inches round
the body.
A younn lady named Mary Ann, recently
went to a ball with a bladder tightly blown
tip for a bustle. A gentleman accidently
ran against her and burst the bladder, re
storing her chaotic form in its usual pro
portions. The report was heard all over
the town.
A child poiqiing on a find frosty evening
to the stars, said with great simplicity,
'Aunt', whit are hese? are they jittle 'ghh;
bltt holes to Jet the glory through!'
There is a man in Buckingham County
Va. who has a wife who weighs .370
poudda ! Thunder.
MARRIED In Danville, on Monday
the 21st till; by Wm. , Kitchen, Esq.' Mr.
JOHN HOWER. of Danville lo Miss
DEBORAH WARD, of Rush townshiPj
Norlhumderland county.)
On Sunday, (he I3lli ult; bv Joseph
of Mjfllui township, Columbia county.
DIED In Danville, no the ??th pit.,
JAMES HUC3JIEB, aged sbbut U years
son pf Mrs; Elizabeth Drown, widow 'of
the Jato Silas II; Browr, formerly .ef )his
THfc Suhsctibers aie about ieneivlhg
and 'will open ihia few days, lliei CIlUiAP-
EST and UISS.T Bssnrtmmtt bl goods ever
brought to' this market, which 'thVy nWde.
termined to sell fur CASH and PRODUCE
i E. H. BIGGS, & Co,'
Nnvi 6. 184228.
CHATtLE.S KAHI.EFt, thariklu! for past rVow
J resocctfullv annoo'ricos lo' Ills' numerous
Irlcndg, and tho publip gcfierally, lhat he still, con'
Unties to carry oti the above husinceslri all Its vari
ous branches, at his old stand on tho corner or
Maine & East "streets, where he hopes by his long
experience! in business, that no la prepared to attend
rind execute all orders In Ills line of business, with
the utmost punctuality and wormanlike manner, as
cannot tail to render satixlaction to all those Who
may favor liini with a call. Particular attention
paid to cutting, and good fits warranted..
N, O. All kinds of country produce token in
exchange for work, and cash will not be refused.
J3loonistiurff, Dec. 3, 1842. 32.
IS hereby given, that wc have this day bought at
Constabc gale, as the property oflnatc Uuss,
tho following property, to win one red Roane
Marc, one sett of harness and Collars, one bled,
twenty-seven acres of Hye on the ground, thrco
acres of Wheat on the ground, one Plough, and
one Harrow.and havo left.the earn in the posession
of tho said Buss, during our pleasure.and forbid any
person taking them from him, cither by pUrchase,or
otherwise; without our constnt.
Mi & J.;LAZARU8.
Orangovillc, Nov.28, 1812.
18 hereby give i, that I have bought, oh tho 10th
day of Nov. last, af Constable salc.the following
properly of Charles Albright, to win one whilo &
brown Coat, and one red & white Cow, and have
left the said pioperty in possession if tho said At
bnght, during my pleasure, ahd fotdid any person
taking theni from him, 'either by' purchase or other
wisewithout my consent.
SAMUEL LAZEU8. 3,-1.342. ,
"LTOTICE is hereby jyiven, that letters testamcn
XI'lary have 'been' granted to tlio subscribers, re
siding in Madison township, upon tho late will, of
Wm. Wcllivcr, late of Madison township.aforesafd
dee'd. therefore, all persons indebted to -said estate,
are requested to mako payment', and all having
claims to present them for. settlement.
Jcreeytown, Oct. 29, 1842.8T"-ilwU '
State, Capitol Gazette.
Two Dollars for the Settionin Ad
vance. '
The undersigned embraces the present- opportu
nity of convey ing to his friends and tho public, his
sincere acKnowieugcmcnis, ror uic very uucrai
putronage which they continue to extend to the
Stale Capitol Gazette; and in his future, course
he shall use every endeavor to, merit their approval
of which he has l ho beet evidence in their generous
support of the paper. The approaching ression of
tho Legislature wjll boonc;of deep, intercut and im
portance to tho people of .Pennsylvania.,, Tho elec
tion of a State .Treasurer, and a United States Sena
tor, and tho adoption of an Apportionment Kill, are
among the important acts to be performed by llic
Legislature; and they will engross much feeling and
delibciulion. With the hope of increasing' tlio use
fulness of our paper, we have made ample arrange-,
mcnts, as well for reporting the proceedings of both
branches, as.for presenting them to our readers at
the earliest possible period. Wo have engaged the
most competent Kcporters, an J our publication will
embracofull details' of what may transpire in either
branch during the session. In many instances vru
shall give a full report of the debates, and in every
instance we. shall produce such a syuojisis of the
discussions, as will convey to tho constituent, the
course and zeal of his roprecntativc. In addition
to this, we have employed an able: and attentive!
correspondent at the seat of general government;
and our readers may anticipate, not only tho ear
liest Congressional intelligence, but. also ,tho ear
liest, and most correct information in regard .to the
doings of the administration, and tlio plans and
operations upon tho political chess-board.
It may be well cnucgh to reiterate, what, we
.Stated on assuming tho. sole ownership, and control
of this paper, that political character will remain
unchanged. We. vmo educated in tjio school of
Jcfleruonian democracy we have always zealously
conlcndcd for tlio principles wo then hnoibed, and
under the brosd banner of eijual lights, we shall be
found rollyiug,faithfulfy defending our beloved doc
trines', and our hallowed institutions. As tui organ
of the democratic party, wo shall exert every zes
and ability to maintain its usages a'nd pri'nciples,and
secure the success of its candidates. A u. sentinel
upon frccpom'SiWatch-tower, 'wa shall, always bo
found vigilant and energetic in guarding the rights
and liberties of the people; and as a journalist, our
columns will contain that quantity and quality of
intelligence which cannot fail to please and instrdct
the general reader;
With these prolTera of enterprise and declara
tion of principles', and with renewed assurances of
our, gratefulness, for the libcVul support extended to
us. wo pledge oiir zcafoui. excrtibns to desirvu a
continuance of the palronago of an ehllgh'lcilcd
TlfBif'Sf.', ' ''
Thot?tato Capitol Gazette will bo published
twlco a week during the seueipn of tlio. Legislat,vre,
and once n weelc during tho remainder of the, ryear,
at , the, following prices: n
Tjiesessibl. only, (twice a week) ' '' $2 00
Thewholeyear, ' 3 00
Any person sending us five 'subscribers accom
panied by ten dollars, shall receive a copy for their
trpuble, gratis, Payments may bo transmitted
by mail posbigo paid, at pur risk. . JQy a rule of
the Ppst OfTiCfi'Departpient, Poattriiaiters are, per
mittcd t'p frank letters oonflping ipoheV for sub,
scfiptions. '
': ioattcntiqn will be pajd to any ordpr unless tlio;
money accompanies if, ' " '
HAVE just reivfd.a lSl?MpA , jtj
bf every variety, which they' are enabled to offer to
the public alittle lovrer than than thc.chcapcstfor
the REApV'Gd'DOWNj inch'Bg"' "v '
torn oSmv.VtiIlv jrnbvifce? 1
having bcin AD ANUONBU..' r, l
Among thcir'ae'sortmcnt of
Dry Goods
may be found all the varieties of English', French
and American Manufactuirs bfWool.. colt6n( silk,
flax and hempt among which is; ah elegant assort-,
mrnt of supt', firic and common' Broad. Clothes,
and CassimerestSattihets; Cotton and . Linen Drill
ing Irish Linens) brown Hollands) 'Marscilcs and
other Vestlngs, Silk Velvets; brown ond bleached
Shirtings and Bhcctings, Calicoes; printed Lawn
and Mushnsj Mousline de (alns; Challies'; plain and
figured Silks; a large variety of silk, rnonair. and
Alcrino Blmwls and handkerchiefs. Lady's and
Gctlemen's Gloves and Mitts, Hosiery) Ribbons;
Gentlemen and Children's
&c Ate'
5ic, dec.
Gentlemen's, uadies and Children's
Among, their
will be found ' " ' ' '
Sugar and Coffco of several kinds and quality,
Imperial, Young Hyson, Hyson skin, and
Shouschong Teas; Chocolate, Hpiccs of, all
kinds; Madeira, i'ort, Lisbon and .Malcga
'Wines, Brandy,' Holland Gin, Spirits,
Rum, and Whiskey West India, New
Orleans, Sugar House and Boston
Knives and Forks, Cullcry Saddlery, Caichand
Wagon, trimmings and mountings, Mill and "A cut
Saws, tenant saws, Saddler's, Shoemaker'sTailor's
and Carpenteis tools; Blacksmith's Anvils and
Vices; Swcoplng and a great variety of other brush
es; all kinds of Ropes and Cordage .&c. &c.
A large and elegant assortment of
Of all kindj by.the Ton or smaller quantity,
Spring Steel, Bnglfsh blister, Crowley,
Sheer and Cast steel, 'German stccl.and
American blister, Nails and Spikes, '
Large and smalt Copper Kettles,
It is impossible to mention separately in an 'ad
vcrfuemrnu all the articles which they havo'on
hand: but tbfa subscribers wish it to be understood
that their assortment lms been laid in .solely with at
view to supply the wants of, the 'country,vancl- there
fore few' will be disappointed who may dall 'upon
them to have their individual wants' supplied, pro
vided they offer in ex'chango iho
Bloomsburg, Nov. 191 S3. 30 tf. j
THE undersigned proposes' delivering a course
of lectures on E. Grammar; consisting of 3li
lectures for thobenelit of such young persous as,
havo not an 'opportunity of attending school In the;
day time; and Who are'desiroUa' 'of ' becoming ae-,
qnainted rrtli tho zrsmmaroftho Emrlish lancuaee.
Three lectures will be delivered each' week, on such
evenings as' may be most suitable.. 'Those desirous,
of uniting to form a class for the above pUrpose,will
please make early application and leave their names
at either of tho printing offices in Bloonuburg, or
the" subscriber, inbrdor to commence as early as
JIJHJSIti U. lilliGS.
Blbomiburg, Nov. 19i 181S-:30.
$5 REWARD. i
LOST, on Friday, the 21sl. day of Oct.
1812, somewhere in ihe township of Fish
ingoreek, or Gcenwood, a'calfskin
POCKET BOOK, . ,t,,. . ,
containing about $3S 'n "'" notes.
One five on the Slincts Bank, .Pottsvilh?'
and other Relief Notes of different banks. r
Any person finding said Pocket Book, and
will deliver it, with its contents, to. the
owner, shall receive the nhnve reward.
Nov. 5, 184228.
fVHIS Ilivo w one oUhebcst conttiucted now
I- in hcfl.and soarramred.asiosunerccdo the ns.
.ceSity of killinB'becs to' take from them their ho
uey . It is simple, anu can uo mauo wiut nine ex
pense. '
' Tha subscriber has tho riltU io tell toindiaidd,
flj.'tbo privilege of making them4 fori their ovfnune,
and rpquosta'UI who areMnterested in htea, to. call
at his house, and sea the hlvej for themselves,; as
be has becs now working in them. ' . .
and retail dealers, of Forelt-n. "Merchandill,
ii the coirfity)f dolutnbla.-dlaeMil-a (d-h,
lows for a t m ,
"Wni'rji .ir't'ts n F"l acT
William Donald.oli
nam i.
Peter Uahly
William Uii!illB.-Vc0i T 15
William MKevy
t at. ri
,Aoraian Miner
D'erf AiiMi
John CI. (Jr'iek '
r -,k A. T,;;!,
Ei K.C. Revnold . ...
J. & J, Bownar.s-eo.,,, ,Vi . . - rptli) )h
Daniel L. Schmick unpaid h ill
1 ... I. t ... . . .i!..! ; 1 .1
hii icii i uauuil - ' ( UllUHIDi f
ueorge weaver : 1 'iinpaiu,,,-
Cvrus Ballon -
Robert B. Snrotil co. w :.
James Davidson Ar- co.
A.ndrew c Peter Miller
C. A. h C. G. Brobst
Shuman ctt Riuenhouie -Lever
& Naale
Grim, Derr & Dye f'i'v
Robert M'Oa? -
unpaidf '
Unpaid 4
unoaid i
Masters A; Mather '. .
Samuel Hackcnberg'
Blearer Broth welt 'av
Nathan Snyder" .
Brown Sc Oreacy ' '
George Shiitaan ' - . '
Levi Beisel - .
Geoigo rtaufman, . ,
Kownoverct Leibriek
Ballist& M'NfncIt " 1 v
E. it J. Lafcarus
Covanhovan'c Siewird
William W. Cook ui ' v
in n said . '
"'i ".
unoait !
tanpaid I'
UBPSitl .
Unpaid Ml
I Wells ; HfipaidR!
Christian Hartman
Stephen Bafdy ''
G. H. Fowler & co."
George Kelchner
Neal M'Cay
Vaniah Reese ctf co.
Eves Kester it co.
Hugh M'Williamii rJ;.
Marshall Shoemaker & col
James & Heilitihgton; ' ,
Art naiifl
unpaid j i
unpaid ,i
George Kanfmari
Coleman & Miliar
William & D. Foax
William M. Auton' .'
Moses. Meyer
Joseph Sharpless
DenglerJc Wertman
Russel P. WMlivef '
Colt&fRishel ,
O'Daniel's fc co;
Silas Allen
George Stives
Jonas Sperring
' 'unpaid
'itt 'j'-.
(c . 'S. -
"s t r;.s
paiu. "
Alosea' May
L. B. RUPERT, Treatr K
Bloomsburg, ,Nov. 5, 184228.'
TO be, sold at- public sale, on the premises, "A
the 10th day of December, 18J2, that valua
hie and well Improved farm, situated near Jersey
town, Madison tojjfcsrilb, Columbia cburity,edjdin
ing lands of Jacob Zeisloft, John Hcllerj and .others
the toperty of John Vasline, dee'd. Contalnirig
150 ACRES.
About one hundred acred cleared land, lanrsj
quantity ot
well w stcred, a good Orchard, and in a good, statt
of cultivation the-buildings are
iimm. , A Frame -
WW . ."
A Frame BarriM
and a , ,
Stoxe SpHais:hatCi '
The uncleared land well Umbered.
.... . ALSO: .i
Another tract', situated in til samt
township, adjoining, containing upward of
part of which is cleared, the balanet' beine !
lent .
Timber Land,
Adjoinin'ff lands'of Wro. Wellivsr, and Pewell Jt
A iertain tract oftiriitier tAtd nUnalk in
the same township, containint
AkA friucty-itiuc perchd.
Adlninlntf Unda rf Prlnr Hc'lffr. T)hlM Rn.J.:
t ' " . vw
and others.
Sale to commence, at 10 o'clock. A; M. wH.d made known. I'erstms del
rous of getting information relative to tithe of tka
above named tracts, can obtain the same by calllntf
on ltOBBRTCAMPDELLho reside 4
. WM. VASTlNfcjj
. i .' xtutor.
r t.f
, ii