The Columbia Democrat. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1837-1850, November 12, 1842, Image 4

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.lkpV virtue of a writ of rendition! exponas, lo
MJPmo directed wilj be exposid to public sale, on
Monday, the'2tt day ofrNovcmber, 1842, at tlio
Court House in Danville, the following property ,to
wit: H
rtafS, tract hf fond 'situate in 'Cl
tawIsslbynehlp70ol. co. conlairiitig
MORE OR. LESS, adjo'lng lands of WidoyV Clca-'
ver 'and John U caver; andelbcrs, whereon is erec
ted a ( n( p
Beixcd, taken in execution, and lo bo sold as the
property. o'CDariiei'Mourer!, ' r,"'l
A'certatA lot of land in the town of
T '. T .. !,.... ,( c rt i i 'inn - ,
waiKT,fiu,oiuuip uii!(iiiuifriiuroi.wuurpu anixniru
street, and adjoining lots of George Swcney, on tho
north and west, being fifty feet, on Churche strcete
and, 'one:hundred and fifty feetlon Third.strect nd
numbered in the plan of said town, No. one hurl
drcdand fortr-six, whqrconlis.crcctcd, a,
Tvilha email SIJOJP attached lo llio
Bime, and" a s'mallTRA'ME STABLE.
.Scizedftalien-incjrccutionj'and to be sold as tho
property' 6f' Jonas jarring."1 ' " "
A certein tract of land.sluattt in Mad'
ison township, Columbia county, containing- -j
- - tiv '
more or less adjoining lands of Robert Laihard,'E.'
CrossIcy,tand olliersi whereon is creeled .
and about 60 AC iMiiS cleared land.
Seized, taken in execution, and to be sold as the
property of.Thona3 i'tackhouse. m
By virtue of sundry" 'wftts'of- venditioni expo
nas, to mo greeted, wjll be exposed to public
sale, at the "same lime" and place, the 'folloniug
property to wiu t.
, Two certainhls.of ground, situate 'in
the town of Catlavvissa, Columbia county',' and'
numbered Njj. 25 anjT26( injbe plan of said town,
andfronting"6n sccondWeel;, "adjoining lois"of Ja,
cob Dealer and Stephen Daldy, whereon is erected
pcbblo dashed out side, with a PAME K1TCH
ENtand STORE ItOOM, attaclicd lo the same
and oneFaiMi Wood Honsf.and F A'ME
lot, in tho same townshipadjoining lands of Geo.
Zerr, and Thoaia's Harlman. ' Also, one other ter
taitflot; situate iivthe'n'ew part of tho town of Cat'
tawtssa, bounded on the west by an alley, on tho
south by Walnut, street, , ? .
Seized, Ukeinn'exeiu'ion, and'to'be sold as the
prOpertyoPAlexa mien ,W. Ley bu'in. il
BY virtue of a writ of plu vendiu'oni exponas
to me directed, will be? exposed to public salo
at the. same, time and place the following property
to'wii:'M'i - V '' 1 '
A certain lot of land situate in the
township of ,'DrrarcfeTc;jand county of Columbia
containing VJltf& J?
10 AORE8,
more or less, adjoining lands of John Lotkardand
Jcremiah.'fairisand-.boundedon the, soplh west
by.lhe Susquehanna, and Tioga turnpike, whereon
are, erected 4
Seized taken in; execution) and lo be sold as'the
property of Joha'Bhaffcr, ' ('
BY virtuei;of;awrftiof1Leya; Facias, to mo di
cctedtwill bo exposed to public sale, at the same
time and place the following property, viz.:
All that certaiu Tiro Story
Situate in tlie'riorlhe'rh part of the' t6wiTbf Dan
ville, iu.s3id county, on the West side of J'ine
Street, being'biiLtecri feet iri frorit on said l'ine
8treet by twentysiiht feel back. And Ihe lot or
piece of ground, and curtilege appertenant thereto,
which lot is marked ond numbered in Montgomery's
addition to said town.' No and bounded on "East
u i mo oueei, oa.iuo norm oy lot oi J. u. iiann
on the West by an : ollcjCoh-tho South by other lot
of saTd II. Priuimer,aaid lot being forty .nine feet' in
front, on said Pine Etrpet bv one hnmlreil nnrt r.irfu.
two feet back.
Seized, taken in 'execution, and to be sold as the
property oi xienry rnmmef. ;
Jfeginning at a post, a corner of
;twenty degrees", one Jiuudred and sixteen
) perches to a posttbence by lands of Michael Wert-
.mvij South seventy degrees, West sixty-live per
ches to a jiost, thence by the same, ' twenty
degrees, Eat thirty perches, thence ;Soutn, sevr uty
uijiK,, i,rw inviKj'iO'ja'rcnts to a post, iitence
fSouth twenty degrees, Uarjpujrty.nipf perchei to a
lot.t, tneiR'e uv pow or uto vacant, land; iNoitn
iightyone degrees, East eighty-nine, perehfs'to tho
plate of beginning containing Filiy-oue Acre's and
1 i .it c . . - .
Hoaua, Cc.
Seized, taken m execution, and to be sold as. the
property of Charles Albright.
JOHN .FRuir, SheruT:
UcRirr'aOrncE, Danville, 7
; October 21, 112,-ita.," J
wnia n:..i r..i. .... i
in use. Bi)d to supercede the ne
iasity of killing lees to take from them their ho
py. It is simple, and can be made with little ex-
' The subscriber lias the tight to nil to indlaldu
v, I'M.llvgv Ul lliablllg lilVlll lur MlCiF UVTIi uhv.
i reauests all who are interested in lirrx. In rail
; his house, and see the hivei for themselves, as
tm mtt now worxing jn mem, A
AND j! . ' ' w r, ,
i . fdip ... ,
' Jons L. O'So'lttVAii, Editorl 'J " !
By an increase in tho number of pages, and anf
Quantity of maticr heretofore furninlied to the rco'
era of the Democratic Review, will bqlricreased'iii
its' futuro numbers about "' .!
jThe Ediiorexpeclsaluablea1df6hli6w"h'clTotls
durjng lho,coulse of the coming ypar,- from o. nuro
Jjer.ol.tboniost ablo pens of tho,'"grcaU Domocralii
Party -jlosclher with that of oh'ers.,!n'l(s','r)urc'lv
lUcfaryd'eparlmcnt, to which thoslitrie'rl'olilicanicsl
'Ignatiori is not to be applied. Amongtulicm rnaj
ue parncuiary namcu ; . , j
BaAcrofl, Parke Godwin J: Li Step hen's
Ji blUoopcr, Hawthorne, ' Tilileiu r
As Kendall, Davezac, H a'vt sVj,
H'liilliei; Paulding, "Jfrrtico, .
Sedwirfc, A II Jiocrelt, :JJr)anl,T A
Gilpin Jiroivnsoii, Ca3'
Bitllff, Cumbrtleng, G.rJl Ingersall1.
TlitTMonthly Financial and ' Commercial ' a'rtf
c!es, which hive fnqucnily been pjoiinunVcd by.the
jnoftt-iiitelligent criticisms duringjlho- jifcVt . year. fi
lljeaiiejvos alono worth the bub-criptioti. lolli.e work
Will bo continued from the same ablii-hnnu." , ..
An drrangement has betn mitde,bv ..which t5e
flotton, Quarleii Hcview, rditeJ'liy 'Mr.' jffKovJ
pos1, will tie merged in the Democratic "RciieW.thb
otter' being a frequent and icgulir1 contributor to
U pbge.C It is proper to slate. jhatMr. jltioiv'n
60ii 's articles will be marked by, hjs naincf ,tiiough
to most.ieadera thev would douinlcsD reveil them.
selves iiy'their internal. evjdfpfo; (ind Unit," if Ids
.beeii'agreed, under thei'cfrclufs(Sic'5" that' tlifcse
cnnlrinulions shall be independent bl the Usual ' lia
bility to editorial ravlsionfabd. '.ctfofrolr-theaulhor
.alono luv(iig a similar responsibility for jvhatevcr
peculiarity of views they may contain,' as tribd?h
njpeaniig in me original worK ' which nas ueen
herr'tbroio ediled with such distiiigufaheU ubilitv
byhlmtelf. '-,'' .
Among other attractive paper in preparation for
the forthcoming volume, will be found some person
al sketches, rciniimccnccs, and lneidi.lrs of the
prfvale life of General Jackson, fronlltie pen of an
intimate friend and member of his Cabinet.- '
The.Pr'rtraiH of which it i3intcilJeu'foillustral"o
the intimbcrs of the 'ensuing. year,. and which" will
bee'iequled in a line stylc.qfenjjmyjAg, byJ.
Dick of this city, arc those of
nr Col. R. M. Johnson, of Kentucky. j
lion. Silas WnioHT.of'Tse'w-Ybrk, "
'"' Sxnv.3 i?LCitixix, of'Pcnnsylvunia,
. " John 0. HiLiiotN, ol'Sbulh Carolina
, """ T. II, liKNTo.v, of Missouri, ' '
" R. J, Wjt'LKsn, of Mississippi,
i- ' TutoDoiiK Sedgwick, pfMflssachuselts
,j. , C. C. G'AMunKLENo, of;Ncw-York, w
1(,K,," Gov. Dor n, of Rhode Island,
. ,'l r; " " Pon riih, of Pennsylvania.
IJVjth two or three of tho most cmine'ntvmemf)br3
of ihegrcat Liberial Party of Europe, 'from the(drr.
fcfcnt countries; or else of others of "home produc
tion,''. according to the facility of procuring portrait
from' abroad. , -i iZ i
' tl
The subscribers having assumed.tho. publicalian
of tho above Magazine, pledge themselves that it
shall be promptly issued on the first of each month
in the cities of New-York, Philadelphia,! Boston,
Baltimore and Vishington. "It will 'rifso ,1)0 icnt
bythe ' most1 rapid conveyances to the 'lilferc'ni
towns'in.tlieiinteriqr'where subscribeis may reside.
Tho facilities aflbfjed by llie eitei)sivo, ublisliJrjg
business of the ndcrsigned enable theni ti make
ibis promise, wbich.shaH bo punctually .fulfilled.
To piomole the proper aijeclions in view, and,
relyina upon the united support oflhb Dcmm ratio1
.party, as well as others, tho price of sub-sciplion i
K!n.i ... . in... -.I- r E".4..i niir. '
ted States Magazine.nfiU'be placed on a par, at lea"
with tho, leading monhhes -of England. Each
number will contain one hundred and Iwclvii 'ijigex,
closely printed in double columns, ,froni boiifgcois
type, cast expressly for ihe. purpose, aud uponfyie
white. paper; thus giving to ihe, wori an .incrcaisO
in the ambuut of mailer of over seventy-fivo j)ert
cent. The Portraits for the coming ycai, one of
which will lo given to each numbcrwill bo execu
ted on steel in an effective and fininhcd s'tvle; by J.
L. Dick, which .will be accompanied with an oiigi-
nal biography; a feature jntlio pan, which it would
be impossible to givoin.a.woik of this kind.witlibut
all cases in advance,- whiiotn meclianicjl.arrjngej
iiient.ond in size, quantity of matter, &c, the Uni
the most liberal and extensive mppoit as they ' ' 0,,.maMe,'s tnrouahout Hie United fcutcs are au
could nptbe(furni3hed without an outlay of at least t',orizc'1 "veivo sulw.-riptionsfor the work. Any
S2.C0O. per annum."
Any'persons takijig our.cppics, or becoming re
sponsible for fourubscribcrs, ' , ,. ,
mil be entitled tod fth Copy Gratis,
Committees or Societies onremitting to the Pubjinh
ers current" Ne'w-Ydrk funds, can receive
thirteen copies 6f the work., ' ,
Persons he country who may -wish
lo receive the work by m til, caq have, it punctually
foiwerdcd, Ktrougly enveloiC(l,,hy icqiitling the a
mount of subscription lother puliilshcr.
RemUtaifcc mav be mate by enclosing the mo
ney and mailing tho same in tho presence of I'ost
niHtcr. Bank notes that pass curren in huiiicsi
generally in the Slate of New-York will be received.
,'.... m,' 1
The'Democratic Review Wi( bd punctually do
livcreo fiee of expense to eubfcribci's in the princi
pal cities of,the.Uuion, oiithe first of tlirmoiith'.iind .
forwardci to mail pubsculicrs olid agents on the
35lh of themen'th preceding publication. i!
All commu'.icationa fur the Editor td he address
ed (postpaid) to ; '1
J'. 11. G', liA'N.GLGY, Publishers, ,
' 67 Ohdtham-stretl, Keu York.
To thp Friends of the
Democratic Party.
The United States Magazine and Democratic
Review will require the energetic and eoidiat co
opeiation of every Individual who withca to the
pure and sound doctrines of American lledublican
ism advocated in such a manner na to exhibit- the
best possible examples' of American principles and.
Ame-iean Literature. The risk and expense attend
lng the publication is so great,' that-without a pro-:
port co-extensive with tlio Union it cannot bo us.
ina paii)ievifOrko a ttberol pcaltproposedibr,tli
cpmin'yjjar.wili excrcd .that of any other Periodical;
in tho cbqnlry;, it therefbre'' prcscils' 'Imperative
cloims upoh the support a'nd patronage of thepArty
whose political tenets it i designed to, aiKocatcg
and to thbso who aro friendly to tho advance of our
Periodical Literature, itwill bo considered no less
meritorious. "m
There iano sccti'ori 6f' the "country whero ihero
could not be found ono.or more who would desiro
to be supporlcm of such a works and. to brnm It to
the knowledge of such, your friendly assistance Js'
rcsprciiveiysoiicileu. '
Tho following means have been .odoptcd to pro
mole the great object of-this great Undertaking:
It has been put at Ihe lowest possiblo rale. Five
Dollais a.year for,BUch a wpfk, comprisiiig-nparly
1500, pages of45lnse)y printed fijatlor, in dnubjc
column 5, and including Iwcrvfl.fincfy. engraved t'or
trplts'br-'lheMehirlg, hienibcrs of tho, Deniocralic
party, it must be evident, is rribdt clieapc'r than
tho jsameamounofsuch mailer,, .wns. evqr befores
furnished at in tho United Xat'es; w.e're'pot ',hc.sys
tc'mdffttfiiaH'fe o;inrts.insistedoii',, .and,.
not expected thit every Republican In the couhtry,
able to afford -itWill dccmit a duty 'trf tako ihe"
work, and thus crea.o.a .vcry.largo subscription Jist,
it could not be published foi less than dou'blo the
sum. ' "' t
Tho very fir?t pom in (ho country arc cngpged
ir assistjnee and furtherance of tho project, ay will
l-o seed by our Prajpcctm,' - . rlCf TITC
Ih. literary mnter thall bo ie be4flf.-its kjnd-J
nni .canuu prqauccJ.anil it ii,Ilia..uctcrmiiiijon off j
niiD iunrium m inaKe mis worK unsurpasseu uy
any oilier pctiodicil dxtant. ' 'F ;flft-!' -Illypogiaph'al
et.ccutipn BhiI be,;;nfal rc
specls.'ihp bcauliijt tin- prefent state pfthe art wil
enable the publislierH to iimduce.' ' . . , "
, The Democralic Revfcvv is'got up" on ttlily nQtior.,
al pri mi pics, ind ilh a dijicaard 'of expenso never
hrrHplbr njlonmjcd ii .pCiodiclf,JitCptlir,e;,itliiji-
-n l,llM,1 1HCU ."1"" inn-linn ri-iuuicc oi opi
intf a vefy largiVli-.t'of;iViib'.crilicf;anuvn
lhis shall he accomplished. tlieefilcr'prLe wlU'er
rrrlHlll,1n tn ihi, , nrnntint.ira. u
Lery rent or the profit at the .'exnnc.tVd cjreuta'-,
tjon. will be required to sustain Ihc'wiirW'nt'itK pre'fiJ
cntimproveilstandaril. and'cnabls it 'trt'fuHill Mhe
dcijtiny wlhichianmc,d fqt it that of bciniaUqly
naiiojial fjcrndicjil (fieofgainnd n worthy' rcpre
tentalivr of thn liieradlre of'Ahitfrican Dimneinev'1
' The pnhliMiert fearlessly throw' f(he"mlcs.,'l5ii".'
thnjflcriocraj-y of, Ihp Unipii. fpr sujipqrt.- Upon
lhom$ill depend tn, a greatcjticnt ilioBiiecessof so,
great1 an' lindcrtakinir. The Publishers nhd Btlifoi-
can, and indeed wish, to do more than bring Hid'
plan ujvtjie. vo(I: famy. before, .be. public. Tina
they h'avd done tho numlersii1reXiy piibltTheiParb
ndniilted bn al) Iside jb be worthVW thd cause
k Poikoiw rcmliliiimg to the publishers a Ten Dol
lar Nolo in currelit N. Y. filnds, 'will receive a copy
of tho Dcinoccatio Review for tho ensuing two years.
And; a Set of'lh'e 11 Cxkjbr 1 841T42, Gratis.,
forming tho lwp.fist.voJu.nieg ofllieNev Sejics,
nhich comprise contiibulions from' many of tlio
Icading writers oflhb hounfry.fogetlier'wlth a scijj-s
or beniitifully-fngrat'cil Z'oittails" of "the- following
prominent members of the--Demoernlic party and
other, accompanied with biographical notices,viz:
Gen. Andrew -Jackson, Mar tin Van Buren,
Henry Hubbard
- Marrus "Afartdri;
fl'aithinston '
Georg'c'M Ballot.
Charles Dickens. '
v Alex. JI. Everett.
fflliam C. Bryant,
Franiis Thomas,
Garret J). flail,
New Subscribers will be entitled to. iprcive set
of the above Portraits grato,'in'addilionlo ihose or
tho coniiug year. - ,
Any person rorwarding Twpnt':j;Pollars in cur
rent N. Y. funds. fat-Pour yearly subscriptions.will
be entitled to rcc6ive ' - , !
A Fifth Copy of 'the Worhfvr the gifr.eiit'. year
anda.Setfor 1841-43 Gratit.
Any persons remitting tho-publkhers Fifteen"
Dollars in current N-jVv jjSndRjWiiriio ri'Vtled In re
ceive a iet pjf the ttemqcral'ic'Jl rviw for'the current
year, a copy ofW'Mbclixon 'Pa'peVS,- three large
volume octavo. puhlMied afTen Dollars, und also
De Tocqiievile',work, "Icmo'cni"c;viin America,"
Ujp volumes ocavo, published at Fo,ur Dollars.
Any person forwarding Thirty Dollats In current,
funds, will be entitled, lo rcccivo, Tnq S'c's' or the
above works, arf'd in addition? a'eopof
'ThrJ)cmocrai!c Review for1 1 84 1--42 Gratis.
, The Publishers carni";lv hone that the nlmtn
liberaljndticements on their paitwili haxolliecflcct
. .ri..L.'... it- - i,M ... i , .
i flinging jjiviij uixessions 10 incir ustoi BUUacn-
Active and re'ponplblo Agenl'lvrnld-or, the
aUov01n thedinerent States'ihronghqtit ihorounlry
whob) avery "J1ber.1l dNeount will bo'allowed.All
Po-tmatcr sendfns tho names of four Sub-riber
onu rcmillmg I venty Dollars in' advance, in cui
tent N. Yi riinda, will be entitled to
for rooie lhaniur TWf.,-r;T xifi, pE-r iiiscoct.
At Bloomsburg, Col. Co.
by :
THEV would infotm the citizens, of Columbia
County,-thauhey have commenced thebusi
nessal the,a(oveplpcc at the public jiuui-e of ,K.
HOWELL, uhpre thijy ap. pr.Cjurcd tq manufac
ture tn order, in the iiratL bb-i, and mo,t durulIo
manner, MONIiAl'FJX'rs, TOMli-''A Llis.
qBAD .and FOOT HToNESS, of nl Vizes Hod
ualities, MANTLES, WINDOW and .pOOK
Oriler3j"prtoiiocan J'MeJu.jtb D. pROS,who
wil act ns A,gcnt during bur absence.
'Thcyic6ni,tiuitly '-keep' oni'hand.a large Io( o
Verhiont.Egypmn and Italian. Marble at, theii
wholesale arolo, Ya'-dat- Selinn , Grove, .ynion
county, 'a.
Bloomsburg August 14',-1841. 10
LL persons indebted to, nie must make nav.
lament .by tie FIRST ;0F AUGUST" next
All who nealect (his notice,' wll find their ajco'uuu
inthe, hands qf a Jutice of the Peacbror' col' lcc
tlon after' that date. -'' "!
BJpoms!nirg; JurW,
THE f-ub-crincrfrinform the public, that they
fiavo entered into Partnership, under, ihe.lirm
nTZIltl 8c HBFPXi IT;
aiid.havo ust rcccied from, Philadelphia, and now
opeped,,at llieir N.E W S'l 'Q H IJ,.,.!V thicesl Cor-,
vcr orillarl;el and Maine SI,rcl's,ISloomiburg;
art entire new nnu cxlcnsivo aisormcnt ot
j' jvlilch lhiy offer for sale, on reasonable terrnn,' aft
Jlicir prices are thatinies., Ainong tlicir
assortment will tic found
'IT 1 1 - i . i -.' .. -
iBroadcolh, jCairnerfs. SaJjnictf 'i ar(d
lf ; Summer wear; Caticuci; Ging
hams; Cambrirsrt)jisHii.;
' -jr' tfiSilkiii AJuHn de.alfX -. ,,.,.5,
' , and vfir.iaus otherarlides
' j for JaditfH dresses; liipwtsSilk;.',
j and Collon IlrintUwrJiifty and Jlnsa-
; llleuchedj ajuliBr,qw.n Domestic tAltts(njJ'
"(and a variety of olherartictcssuitablo fnrthe seapq
anu relieved to oc as opu anUCiiinplc'e 1111 assoil
mcnt as is nsally foutnl in country storca.
ocjjcb'urJTiiY''pKrbucE wiiiboicc,
vcicliangccnnd KAnJt will nc-tibfi refused. ajJ;tt,o
' Uur Jiienils, aiiJ tho public genera ly, aro re-
quested to call and examine fur themselves'.
-liiiiuu iii KH.'in't 4SS-!
Juno 25, 1842. 9
ve punned in your blrirul.
IIPMlih'wiir ntlenil' 6i(.fi-
The life of thi"Flesh is in-'the Blood."
; JiUviTicus, c. xvii. xi,.
Thousands can ansiverfhi? question, who
j aiiow jrum ucuui experience mat
'dr. Leidvs BLOOD PIJLS,
Are the safest, best, aiitl most effectual Pills
'Oi '"'how irt existence. !-r
i 'DR.'fi if) Fj AJy z, 00 d PJU.S,
' " A COSirONANT PAllT OF' WIliO -
' ' sa'rsapaimli.a;
V is attempted by Quacks and Iriipo'storK- to in
irnuuco llieir vilo ami Uanccrous nostrums l.v
umiiming ipr incirnaine mat ot "Ul.UUU J'll.I.S '
kifo'wiiig that tho Blood Pills manufactured by Dr.
Lt-idy iave obtained (liggreu-teel reputation of any
pll in exiitcitce, ajid tjnnk by such trickery to
Impose u'po'if the public by selling' theirs upon the
pojfullrityJofDfi L'eidy.'a Blood Pills. '
. . Tle,luM'CBrctl-'fote I'articularly requesled to
hn rnnlinns vltiiCinv..l,,.n',ii.. rku 11. r Mr
-.1 hn.ipqlil.ic arq assured that nr. I.cldtfs Mood
Pills are the softst, b'el, aqd niWt ttlicactous
or any now In vsc, cohtalnlng 'neither Mcrcuiy or
,tho Minerals, and rriayib'ciempjdycd by young and
old, mqle pnd female at all links and under alt
ctrcimmat.ces without fear Irdin' taking cold,
Kiraiui irom met in livintr or., occupation.
- Tn all cases where a purgation, ipav, be necessary
thescPilK will be foupd both ellcclual' and easy in
their operation, pioducing no nausea, or Sickness
01 tite fetomach, griping or nny other umilcapanl
I Fill titer comment is deemed unnecessary" the
numerous certificates published from (iriie to time
1 fro in Physiciins and other individuals must have
convinced tho incredulous, and for tho further in
lotmatiqn of all others, J9r.Leidy refers ihcm to the
uuixMiius wmcn accompany cacn Uox.
They afo )irepjrei-nnd'solil.whnles.lo and retail,
No. 191 .VOltTf SEGO.W Street, below
Vine street, (sign of the Golden' Eaglo and Ser
perns.; Also sold at
Lulz'e HculthiEiitporium, Dloomtlurs.
Nov 20, 1841'. b
OlNTiMANT.Aiiinfnlh.l.lP remedy
VHnoiis alTcnions of the SKIN, removing
Pimples, PaHtuIesi Hiiil Eruption of the
SKIN, nml iariu:ulsirlv atlapted to tho cure
.ifri2T.TERa.itl ITCH.
Tins' oinunenl has been used in nunipr
tius schools lliroujihuiit the ritv and eoii'itv
as well H8 Faelories, emiloyin numerous
girls mid ho6,Hild aiiioiij; whom Tetter and
lieh, 11s well an other Affert-ons of the Skin,
prevailed, with ihe most tinexnmpleJ Sue
t eas. Names of School Teachers, as well
as supeiintendanis and Proprietors or Fac
toiies, eould ho giveiLeoiifirniing the above,
out fur the deliriiry ibey feel in having llieir
uameu published in connection with such
loulltHon.aud tl;sj)t;ri;fahlp affeelions.
tiitr TttiB I -. 1 1,1 ti
"ir, rtinil bUIII M - . , jjj. ;
Liitz'slJeatlh .tnporiw)t, Blodmsburs
! :WAnE:,cRrio'ftiRhfrtfn "
P.reparetl aiid t,ol(l at )r. leidv' Health M
Amporiiim. (Hiup oflhe (Joldeir E!t2fp and
Werp'ehtlft.J'Nlrl'IOI north
. r , w w
ftorkcrly owned by I). S. TOBIAS.
12iUfttAlJU tAiX
TfTB KSr'EOTFULIiY inforhis lilsfi.'enJ9. art-1
- ','ilhe aublio ncncrally. that he has iu.1- W
cd trorri Philadelphia, a now and extensive
assort I
mcnt oi
brugs, ITIcdicincS). Oils, Pnintv'
TariHshcs, mass, Dycstnfl'sr
onf'ccloin ai'irs, &c. fcc.
wheh, in addition to his fprmdr st6clr, compriseJlA
complete assortment of article's In )ils lincbf Iiulhcss7
All persoris wishing io purchasd 'nhy ofthoabovo
articles aro parlicularly invited to'call and, price the
articles in his Store before baying elsewhere as lio
is determined to sell as lowland by a litto Jewing, .lhan.cnn4bo Jj9ugl.1t any. wjicri else in iho
su rrou fidi ng neighborhood.
Tho Subscriber considers1 it hardly necssar'y fi
mentirtn tho aiticlcs'n'particular'ng'he is confident
that no orio can come amfssby enquiring forany.'altl
do belonging to a Drug Store. . $ -
N, B, Merchants and Physicians, will fjpd" i
lo their advantage to call and buy' such articles a
they .rnB stand, in need ofpshcysbUl'be.acCom
hio'datcdj at a very low jiefceritoge.' ' -
Ih few wordsiill 'are respectfully mvitcililtt"cajf,
sco'Sml jhdgVfof themselves. 1 1 - js
.'is . 'EPllRAIM LUTZ
1 Bloomsburg, JulylC, 184S. , , .ttf,S9;
Gt'.rorner'fif Walnut 4- ThmVstrctts.
'If l-V.ltli6r,-'ltly,a VAflirti llint ..In iUC.I. . . . .
A Or-K-thcir friends Jibcrallyibestow.
rd pn ,thoii and l,icgjrcavo.Jo. ajHure.thcm.tat,iio
j cbmiuarico of tliefr patriii(gb, botllnjcicrcliceto
-wortirinnu'liin and rfiej4ni?irwhf ru- ii.i',l 1I.A
11. lies. i 1 1. ,
it is'highly.oilvantageona to. Gentlemen and -In-siitutlorts
liaving.LIJiraries, to apply direct to tho
Binder, making;atilcast Braving of 10 to, 20 per
Cent, Anil soniqllines more
All 'description's 'if Binding, neatly executed.
Genlle'iiieii's Libraries filled up and repaired, Mu
sic and( Periodicals bound to pattern. Ladle's scrap
books. Albums and Portfolios, of oil descriptions
made to oidcr. Biqdiiigdone for Libraries,, Insti
tutions, Societies, &c. on advantageous Terms.
They are also prepared to pianiiYacturo '
of every de crlpiinn, uch as 1ocluis, tecprd.i
Decil tloolts. Itat;-lJoolit, ljrdgerej Journal
JHMr.rt..itun,a Y-,Kj-lnll. -r. .1.-" .
..... ,mu. ....o, UCU. 1I lllC-imCSV-
quallty of Paper,- (Hobjnsonls.-.I.vcry Surfaced) ,in'
a style equal to any inadein tho, Cities' ofuPhiladcl.'"
phia or New York, on ihq.most reasonable terms.
' Blink VbtiK Ruled Yo.ant PiVTEiiv. ; '
""'fit'.vnp. A,i.vUtr,i i AiLft!-
- N. B. Old Books rebound vith1 ricatnctg'""'atld
dospatch; also Files of Papers. ' i ,
; arnsburg, Marh 26..1842. Cmn. 48.
; A.lkorder for binding.or for blank books,
Ijefi at this offiiV,; will be' forWa'ru'; rarid
leni'meil as soon as' completed." '" ' 1
, " , ' 5il- WEBU, Agent.
HEREAS, tho Honorable Ellis Lrwis,
PrrsFdcntof tho Oourt of Over nml -Tit.
miner and (ienenl Jail Dclivcry,Court, of ljuatter
Seastoris of the Poace.nnd Court of Coniinnn Pleu
and Oiphans'.Courl in tho, eighth judicial .djsrict,
composed of the, enuntiw 'of .Nort'hu'mbcrlani'.
I'mon", Columbia ahd Lyc'omingv'arid the Hon.
,1V Ilium Donaldson and George Mad:, Es
quhes, Arsociatc Judges in Cpjumfia county.have
issued their precept beaming dato tho 25lh day of
August, in the year, of bur Lord one thousand
eight hundred and forty -two.aiid'to mo dircclcd,for
A Court of Oyer and Terminerand Gen
eral Jail Delivery,, General Quarter
Sessions of the Peace,, Common Pleas
and Orphan's Court. .
IN DANVILLE, in tho County of Columbia,
ontho,thirJ Monday of November next, (being tho
31st day), and to cojitir.ue.' two week's :
Njitlce is therefore herbyi given . to.
the Coroner, tho Justices of tho Peace. nJ,finn-.
stables or the said comity of Columbia, that they
ue men aim mere in their proper persons, at 10
o'clock lir tlio fbrenobn of' said day, with their
record-., inquisitions and' oilier remembrances, to
those ihings which to their offices
be done. And those that.aro bound by recogii'i, to prosecute against the prisoners that ate
'r,inay 09 ni.1110 jdi( 01 sanl. county of Columbia','
a'10 to Ue theii and there to prosecute1 against' Ihem1
as shall ho insl, Jurors aro rcauested to
tual in their attendance, agreeably-to their noticej.
ijimu, ui -uiyme, rue 11m uay or Ucl.,m
tho year, ofour ' Lord one thqusand' eight
hundred and forly-in'o, and In" thp' '07 year
of the Iiidopc'ndeilce of the' ' United' States'
'' .of America, ' p ' , ,u j
' - 1 JOHN FRUIT- shftr, , .
o t. n .
w".ni v.. rii;t;, .auynie,
Uct. 1-1 1812,
Broke ua thb e'linlnnira
of the subacri'
ber about 3 months since,
drnnpping a little in bis horna, and about
Imir years old. I he ownor is' requested lo
take him away anil pay charges.
Madison Oct 1st.
LL persons .knowing themselves Indebted to
tho lato firm of Rupert &. Harfnn. hu nolo a
book are requeued to inak." imrqediato payment 0'
Jia longer indulgence pan be given. Those who
neglect the call will alone bo responsible for'' conn
queuces that will certainly fallow. . . J , , .
,w RUl'ER'F&BAUTOil, ,
UlfiaBubursr f) 12 IlUa " '7.. '