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.....ti n anA Ttnnflr nlacfilof lha locnt'.nn nf
And tho very boundary lines of the couii
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.!:.iirtn in Hi trarfftaruinnft nfipaa.irv
Thuiincnt every circumeiance conneci-
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ihoold forover be put to rest, by tho lawful
ICt 01 WB iBgoiiuro, in graining iiiu lung
lotijjhl object of tho wishes of a majority
.film Inhabitants of llio conntv. a removal
of tho county seal from Danville to some
mors central position. And here let me add
site word, which may serve as a hint to
boih friends and foes of the removal. 1
have taken up my pen in favot of the remo
val and while health and strength and life
remains, it shall be kept up until a removal
ihall be effected. The cause is just, right
and honest, and I believe in justice, honesty
- 1 L I : -. iL.i ....
' Ontl UpngllinB5S,nu aisu uunevc, mai wcio
these principles more strictly auncreu to,
lliat we should scarcely need a court, house
and jatl in Utcstate. Then while theie is
a press thiTt will circulate the productions
of my pen, the public shall havo them, and
-.1 - . -I I . I.!
as ine auinor isunxnown, so ici nun it
main. Seek not to draw from the humble
abode that which will avail you nothing.
If the hasty productions of my pen aro a
means 6f pleasure, gratification or profit,
use tliem as such. I am at all timos amply
repaid fo r all seeming toil, if I can but sec
-Vhe cause of justice and honesty prosper in
the land.
Rohreburg, Nor. 3, 1842,
It seems to be a fact that Joe Smith has
actually been arrested, or has surrendered
himself into, custody. The Springfield
(illinios) Journal, however, suspects that
his surrender was not made until he was
tolerably well assured of a speedy release
by habeas corpus or some other trickery.
Ths same paper contains afnrmal renuncia
tions of Mormonism, signed, by ten late
members of the Mormon church, who de
elare.that they havo been'most scandalously
imposed upon in matters and thing of a
divine character.' ,
dn Thursday weeft, while .Mr. Win
chester House was working on the steeple
of the new church at Springfield, 111. he
was stunned by lightning and fell to the
ground, some 72 feet, and died in a few
George K. Budd, Esq. of St. Louis,
Mo. has issued a circulai, in which ho es
timates the aggregate production of wheat
Ifi' the U. States in the year 1842, at 110;
269, 000 bushels, or 20 percent more than
in 1841.
We have already mentioned tho recent
robbery of Mr. E.Russel.near the junction
of ihe Townnda Creek and the Erie canal,
New' York of about $4,000- The landlord
of the hotel at which he slopped has been
arrested, and all the money but 810 found
in his possession.
' The number of castles of which there are
known to bo existing remains.isin England
401: Wales 107, Scotland 152,Ireland 120,
total 843.
Tke iron war steamer for the Inkes is in
ranid progress at Pittsburg. Her frame
work is nearly all ut. and a eood deal of
her shsathing on her. Every
,thing is of iron plates of which her sheath
ine is composed are 7 Bths ol an uicli in
Bishop Hughes declares that ho did not
alluile to Uud rellows or rree mason
Societies in his denunciation o( secret, com
iinations. He thinks, and very properly,
lh at a man can-be a good Calholicifc a good
)dd Fellow at the same time.
"Grcal Firgcrics. Forgeries by a milk
man of Greenwich, (Jonn, have been
brought to lighfin New York, amounting
to the sum of 15 or 20.000 dollars. 1 hirty
ihree forged notes have' already beon dis
covered that he' had discounted by the
brqkes,. . le is among the missing.
Congreis. It will reassemble"' in four
weeks from Monday next, on the first
Mor.dnv of December, and continue in ses
fiion till tho 3d of March. What will it
John C. Spencer, Secretary of War, hav
published a lone letter in New York, 'do
fining his position.'He not only goes the
entire fineute for Captain Tyler, but he
abuses the Whigs and Henry Clay like
pick pocket.
., A Spanish paper speaks of a recent hai
storm jn that country, and says thr.t some of
ifliibouhl ' .boon ttie site for.
Mrs. ftile, wife of William Siftr. b
farmer, of Wllkin9-township,PennRylvania,
lately Brought lortll tlireo children, two boys
and n daughter, at one birth. This lady
has a right to be considered after this lather
more than a Sifer (cypher.)
The Decloratlon of Toxsn Independence
was signed on the 2nd of March 1836, by
06 persons, of whom SO were natives of
the United States one Yucatan, one of
England, and of Ireland, one of Scotland,
and two of Bexar.
Exlentitie Fire at Richmond.- On Sun
day morning last. 13 buildings destroyed.
The citizens of Springfield, Mo., were
somewhat elated the other dav, because of
the discovery of a silver mine in the wes
tern part of, Dado county, extending some
ten or fifteen miles in length It turned
out however, to be a copper mine, which
is said io be extensive.
The Hall of the House of Representa
tives, at Washington, is undergoing thoiOugh
repairs, as also many other parts of the
The annual product of income of real
estate, in England, is estimated at $295,000-
Immense Wings. Tbe Albelross has
perhaps the greatest spread wings of any
of the feathered tribe. They are commonly
eighteen feet from tip to tip, and some of
them have been caught, measuring twenty
four, Importance of one vote. The democratic
candidate for Prothonotary of Jefferson
county, was, defeated at the recent election
by one vote. -
fViscontin Election. Eight democrats
and & whig? are elected to tho Council, in
this territory; and 13 democrats and the
same number of whigs to the Assembly.
Wheat was selling at Zanesvillc, Ohio, a
few days since, at forty cents per bushel.
Tho Drookln Eagle says 'We have, in
this county,. a young man, now in his 18th
year, who weighs 245 pounds, and stands
six feet in his stockings.'
The editor of the Dath Enquirer.has seen
a squash which weighs one hundred and
three pounds measures six feel six inches
in circumferance. It was raised in the
own of Litchfield, in Maine.
Astono weiehiiiff half a ton, and com
posed of flint and basalt, recently fell at
Harrowffate.Entrtand. It was warm when
t first reached tho earth.
Ptnnsylvvnia's share of the Proceeds
ofthePublic Lands. We undertand, that
his Excellency, Governor Porek, has
received official information from the Treas.
ury Department at Washington, that the
accounting officers have adjusted the ao
counts of the several states and territories,
under the act of Congress entitled: 'An.
act to apporpriale the proceeds of the
sales of the public lands, and to grant
pre-emption rights,' approved, September
4, 1841. The amount found due tho state
Pennsylvania, we learn, is $00,313,
wh'ch will bo paid upon application1 Mr.
Mann, the State Treasurer, is the author
ized agent to receiue it.
No returns have been received of the election
held in the 8tate of New York, on Tuekduy last.
Tlw Weathers On Wednesday last', wo wcro
erected with a snow storm which continued tor
several hours. Tho snow mostly
melted as it
About 550,000 tons of coal havo been shipped
from t!io various outlets of the Scliuylsill ioat
Region. Of this near 35,000 is from Pinegrove.
Arkansas. General Cross, tho present aUo de
mocratic member of Congress from Arkansas, has
heen re-elected by a very largo majority. Both
branches of the legislature aro also decidedly de
mocratic. Over 230,000 tons of Coal havo been akipped
this crason from the Lehigh Region.
WiixtAM S' Jayne and Pkrrlk Ross,
Esqrs, to be Associate Judges of the court
of common pleas in arid for. the county of
of Wyoming, constituted by the last legis
lature,out of part of Luzerne
. 'ti' r
Tk WslaturM ofVermotit, Missouri and Tcnn-
eiftcd, havo pissed resolut 16119 in faiof of a repeal
of tho Oankuift Law, So (hat ptrsont who de
sire to go through "that mill,1' must bo niout It,
for its' narly repeal may be looked upon as cer
Two females were on iVday held to $100
each, at Philadelphia, to answer at the Sessions
for caves-droopingt
MARRIED In Liberty, on Tuesday
18th ulf Mr. SAMUEL SHANNON, of Mirs ANN A STRAW
BRIDGE, of the former place.
In Milton on Sunday 23d nit. by the
Rov. Mr. Williamson, Mr. SHERMAN
M. EDWARDS, of Columbia Co. to Miss
MARY L. GRAY, of Northumberland,
DIED In Limestone township, Co
lumbia cortnty, on the 12th ult, Mrs. ANN
FULTON, consort of Mr. Joseph Fulton,
of Limestone, aged about 07 years.
In Danville, on Monday last, ADE
James K. Mitchell, aged 2 years 7
In Danville.on Friday last, Mrs. CATH
ARINE RANK, wife of Mr. Isaac Rank,
aged about 27 years;
In Danville, on Saturday last, CHRIS
TIANA HOFFMAN, daughter or lato
Daniel Hoffman aged 4 years.
In Valley township, on tho
years, 1 month and 10 days.
On Tuesday evening last, in Mount
Pleasant,Mrs. MERCY FOX, aged about
60 years.
At Bloomsburg, Fa
(Corrected Weekly.)
Ftaxsced, Butter,
Dried Apples,-
A Rhooting Match will bo held at Rhoersburg,
at the house of G. W. Abbot, on Thursday, Nov.
17, at which a
weighing about gOO pounds will bo. shot for, sub
ject to tho usual regulations. Markcsmen aro gen
erally invited ;o attend.
List of Causes.
For November Term, 1842.
I Benjamin Haywood, ct nl vs. Edwajd R.
Biddle, et al.
Robert' Montgomery et al vs. John Cousin
3 William Dale vs. Chailcs. Craig.
4 Comt'h. of Pennsylvania vs William Colt.-
5 Charles Miller et al vs Samuel Iiwin.
0 ilason Crary vs Mary Hassler.
7 John Cuminings vs John C Leesig.
8 Samuel Miller vs John Autons Adm's.
0 John Mann ct al vs Moses Moyer.
10 Gc'oige K Gehrig vs Frederic Fridley et al.
11 Henry Coder et al vg John Driggs Kxr.
12 John Kresslcr vs Aaron llooiic.
13 Daniel Hoatz. vs Burd Patterson.
14 Thomas Loyd vs William Kitchen.
15 Enoch 8 Clark vs .Edward Y Farquhar.
1G John M Maus vs Thomas Brandon.
17 Christian A Brobst vs Simon P Kase ctal.
18 Elizabeth Prong vs Michael Guiger's Exr's,
19 .John F Mann vs John S C Martin.
20 Comt'h. of Pcnnsyluania vs Wm M'Kcvy.
21 John G Brenner etalvs Henry Fotlmorl.
22 Theadorc Wcls vs the little S&SU Road.
23 John Straup vs Ellis Hughes et al.
24 Francis Balls admr's, vs John iihoads.
25 Valentine Best vs Henry Dcifcnbacher.
20 J IC Mitchell vs James Holmes.
27 J.ohu C Boyd vs George Erivin.
28 Samuel Hackonbcrg vs Eber Cutler.
29 puiah i'human vs Abraham Gricsimcr.
30 Nathan Ooher vs David Petnkin et al.
31 Abraham Tcrwilliger vs Daniel Giot,"
32 Francis J Smith vs Thomas Chambers.
33 Henry Baum vs Philip Cotnei etal.
34 George Moycr vs George Mauset al.
35 Josiah Egbert ct al vs Cornelius Still.
36 Peter Aaldy vs Michael C Grier.
LOST, on Friday, the 21st.. day of Oct.
1842, somewhere in the towftship of Fish,
ingcreek, or Geenwood, a calfskin
containing about $535 'n ')an' noies.
One five on the Mineis Bank, Pottsville,
and other Relief Notes of different banks.
Any person finding said Pocftet Book, and
will deliver it, with its contents, to the
owner, shall receive the above reward,
Nor. , I84H-S8;
The following Is a llsfoT the Whojesalo
and retail dealers of Foreign Merchandize
in the county of Columbia. Classed as fol
lows for 1842 viz:
William Donaldson . paid;
Peter Baldy ,paid
William Biddle fe coj - ' . '.paid'
Willianf, M'Kelvy , . .paid.
John fc J. R. Sharpless paid
Abraham Miller paid
Derr it M 'Bride paid
John O. Grier paid
Leib ii Trego paid
E. ii C. Reynolds paid
J. ii J. .Bowman ii co. paid
Daniel L. Schmickt unpaid
Rupert ii Batton ' unpaid
Geoige Weaver unpaid
Cyrus Baiton . unpaid
Robert B. Snroul it co. nnnaiil
James Davidson Si co; unpaid
Andrew k Peler Miller paid
C. A. &. C. G. Brobst paid
Shuman it Rittenhouse unpaid
Leyerg it Nagle paid
Grim, Derr ic Dye unpaid
Robert M'Cay unpaid
Masters ii Mather unpaid
Samuel Hackcnborg unpaid
Eleazer Brothwell unpaid
Nathan Snyder paid
Brown & Creary ' unpaid
George Shuman 1 paid
Levi Beisel paid
Geoige Kaufman. unpaid
Kownover& Leibrick unpaid
Bullist Si M'Ninch unpaid
E. it J. Lazarus unpaid
Covanhovan St Steward unpaid
William W. Cook paid
Israel Wells unpaid
Christian Hartman unpaid
Stephen Baldy , paid
G. H. Fowler it co. paid
George Kelchner unpaid
Neal M'Cay unpaid
Vaniah Reese it co. unpaid
Eves Kester it co. unpaid
Hugh M' Williams unpaid
Marshall Shoemaker & co. unpaid
James & Hethnngton unpaid
John Lundy unpaid
George Kaufman paid
Coleman Si Miller unpaid
William it D. Fdux , unpaid
William M. Auton unpaid
Mosos Moyer unpaid
Joseph Sharpless unpaid
Dcngler Si YVertman unpaid
Russel P. Wclliver paid
Colt Si Rishel paid
O'Daniel's & co. unpaid
Silas Allen paid
George Stives, unpaid
Jonas Sperling unpaid
Moses Mav unpaid
rL. B. RUPERT, Treas' r.
Bloomsburg, Nov. 5, 184228.
Grand Jury for November Term 1842.
Briercrulc Mahlon Hicks, Frederick Nicely
Bloom Thomas Willits. Joseph Polio
Catlatvissa George Mears. Jacob Yetter
Fishingcreck John Albertson, Peter Valt, Cor
nclius Coleman
Greenwood- George McEwen
Hemlock Jacob Rishel
Liberty Andrew Billmcycr, James Madden
Andrew Cummings
Madison Henry Crawford
Mahoning William McMahon
Mifflin Stephen Michael, Gotleib Miller, Jacob
Hartzcll sen
Monteur John Richards
Orange Godfrey Klino '
Roarmzcreek Daniel Keller, Lloyd Thomas
ueorgo retterman.
Traverse Jury, 1st Week
BritrereeJi Luther Brown, Elislia Courtright
Bloom Robert Hacnbuch, Joseph Hendershot
Catawissa Stacy Marjaram, Jesse Cleaver, Ja
cob Hoover, Thomas Harder
Dory iSamuel Brittain, John Crawford
Greenwood Andrew Eves. James Eves
Hemlock Joshua Mcndenhall, James Emmctt,
Adam htroup, Cornelius vanhorn
Jackson Davd Remlcy
Liberty George Billmcycr, William Rishel
Madison William Hendershot
Mahoning Alexander Montgomery, Jacob iS
Lashells, John Potton, Peter Harder
MiJJlin John Gearhcart Jr. Isaiah Shuman
Monteur John II. Quick
Orange Jacob Good, James Patterson
Koartngcreek Joseph Sharpless, Peter Gear
hart, Isaac Rhodes, James Craig
SugarloafSohn Klino
Valley David Blue
Traverse Jury, 2d Week.
Briercrcck John Frcas, Peter Bason, Leonard
Sponeyberger, Isaiah Solomon
Bloom John Robison
Caivwissa Samuel Drum, Jacob Shuman,Solo
rnon Helwjg, George Hughes, Jacob Clay well
Derry-George Billmeyer
Fishmgcruk -John Ephlin
Greenwood John Coolj John Barret
Hemlock Henry Keller, B aids Appleman Jr.
Jackson Wra. Parks
Liberty--Wm. Dale
Limestone John Gouger
Madison-m Joseph Sheep. Robert Johnson Jesse
Mahoning John Spcrring, John nest, Jacob
Scchler, Michael Sanders
Miffi'm Henry Pettit, Henry Miller, Sr.
ilonr'our--Joh i Boyer, jr.
Mount Pleasant William J. lkelcr
Orange' Isaiah Kline, John Vance, Peter Hay
ma,!! Sugarloaf--John Hess, Isaiah Cole
vv., 'rsi fir
THE Subscribers are about receiving?
and will open in a few days the CHEAP-1
EST and BEST assortment of goods, eve
brought to this, market, which they ate de
termined to sell for CASH arid PRODUC&'
E. H. BIGGS, &,Co
Nov. 5, 184328.
Blooms1urg AaLUlefy.
THE members of tho BioomuhOro Anntia
nr ate hereby notified to meet at tfGXCKiSl
liUCK, on
Saturday, Nov 19 at II o'clock'. Jl. Sft
for tho purposo of making1 an excursion to1 Catts
The BAND arb required to attend.
A general attendance of the members Is earnestly
Uy order ot tno u.iptain.
Bloomsburg, Nov. 6, 1842.
TO bo told at public said, An tho premise, jttt
the 10th day of December. 1642. that valua'
bio and well improved farm, situated near Jersey
4...n. iu..i:.n (i..t.u ...
ing lauds of Jacob Zcisloft, John Hellei, and others
tho property of John Vastinc, dee'd, containm
150 ACRES.
About one hundred acres cleared land, a agO
quantity of'
well watered, a good Orchard, and in a good staM
of cultivation the, buildings are .
A Frame
A Frame Barn,
and o
Stone Spvinghonse.
The uncleared land well timbered.
Another tract, situated in th samir
township, adjoining, containing upwards of
part of which is cleared, the balance being excel j
Timber Land,
Adjoining lands of Wm. Wclliver, and.P.owell Bti y
dole. ,
'A certain tract of timber land situate fa
the same township j containing .
And Ninety-nine perches.
Adjoining lands of Peter Heller, Daniel Snyder
and others.
Sale to commence at '10 o'clock, A. M. 'wheri
.terms of sale will bo made known. Persons desi
rous of getting information relative to cither of tho
above named tracts, can obtain tho ,saroe by calling
on ROBERT CAMPBELL, who resides on ths
October, 21, 1842, 27 ts.
BROKE into the enclosures
about the first nf July last, a
of the subscribe
with some brendlo spots, short tail, and about four
years old. The owner is requested. to pay charges
and take him away.
Fishing Creek, Sept 10, 1843.
NOTICE is hereby given, that letters tcstamen
taty havo been granted to the subscribers, re
siding in Madison township, upon the late will ot
Wm. Wclliver, late ol Madison townshlp,araresai
dee'd. therefore, all persons indebted to said estate
are requested to make payment, and all havinj
claims to present them for settlement.
Jcreeytowh, Oot. SO, 1843. sr-Owt
A School for the Instruction of youth, i
the various branches of science' and liter
lure, will bo opened in the Academy ,
Bloomsburg, on
Monday, 3d of October.
Application for admission to be' madd
the School Committee, or to llie:Subscrlbi
when the terms of tuition will; be ma