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    'mntii vituovt jEin "
SJITVnilJIV, .1UGVST 13, 1812,
(Subject to the decision of the Naliona
Our remarks of last week rccommentlintr
the sustaining of no man for iho Legislature
who would not unreservedly pledge himself
opposed to division and in favor of removal,
ato favorably received by all opposed to
division with whom wo havo conversed, or
from whom wo havo heard; They havo
however struck terror & consternation into
the ranks of tho division men. Although
they boasted last winter at Harrisburg, of
their ability to elect a mar. in tho county
opposed to removal and in favor of division,
yui niiun "i mwi vuniiuss, u uii'iu can
be a fair test in tho county, they have sent
their runners out through tho removal dis
tiicts, with anxious hearts and hipocritical
faces, advocating the abandonment of the
local question, and to place the election up
on political grounds only. This is an old
gamo oi uio wanvuio junto, it wastrieu,antf
uiai iuu, oih-vubbivciy ii uiu uiuuiiun OI
Frailv and Jackson in 183G. All will ro.
member how anxious the Danville demo
crats wero for tho success nf tvlmt il.n,,
i .1 . . T . I
posed they were to the local question being
agitated. All will remember, too. their oft
icibmEu ubbiuiuuuus. uuiiuir uiai eieoi on.
1 ---- - . - ....v..., UUU
t the result would not, or could not. have
r bearing upon the removal question.
n cis anu wera eip.cwai. i-cti t mrr u
(, . VVS1, . jw j nun uim
I - I . . .
4-1 -w ... w Mviamiuiu an
49 il lil it: IT L Hiiii II npn ii l vnpq fivnrnoomn stt
111) flll7nno nMninat nmnttnl f r
b..av. .viwwiut uuu nt juvui ut
nfllTnupfa rnmnitiinn : Tl -'It- rill
. m uiniuvi Alloy
ro now ntiempimg to play tho samo gamo
vcr uirain. ii iriRV rnn cnnno.r ji.;-
' D " "J muui-v-u u- una
' -fa"M"'o hvjuuiii in uciual"
ng tho removal candidate, tho stale will
mg wim "victory, Victory," over tho ami
. . uU MIU IU1UU
m iuusnon win oo settieu by a division of
he county. But wo have no fears of the
esult -a burnt child dreads tho fire"'
nrt t ll n nnAnln I....! I I i
...u ujiiu uaniig uuen once ucceivcu
i not bo again cheated and duned into
io division of tho county. The friends of
..... uiii.m vijiwu u lUdll ill WI1UII1
liy havo confidence, in despite of all the
ingue anu deception that may bo used.and
lliey aro bo united, victory is as suro as
is day of election arrives.
Gentlemen both in Danvillo and Berwick
vn declared, vilhin tho past week that
ey would sustain no man for the Legisla-
F. Illhn . . . I
- uui 1MIWH3CU iu lumuvai even
lie was nominated, and yet within that
wo they have had their emisaries in sv-
ai removal townships trying to persuade
e people not to agitato tho local question.
Ms is the samo gamo they havo played in
a pasi. ujviuo tno inends or removal,
1 he united to a man among themselves,
d thus secure their object: They aro
oaler cowards nt homo than they wero at
wisburg last winter, when they boldly
oclaimed to members of tho Legislature,
lien Urcinir llinm nnl In nica llin mm..,.,!
1 !. bill In mil il nIT In mull... 1 1I..1
. .u iMh i vil iu uiiuiiici bUOE)IUll,lllUt
6.v might have a chanco to defeat it in tho
mty, that -they would make it a question
'"o pons tins fall, and elect a man op-
(CO to remnvnl Tlni il.-i ..nn i T...;s
and it was moro ansv to mnkn tlm
v... uiui mull uj iuiiu uieir picago ai
ule. J P.V Ifllnw lhntr lnrMn. .1..
- ..- ....w.. ...w kuiiiiui UUICUI MIC
In.. 1 :r .1 . .
Wherefore attempt to gain by deception,
"giie and misrepresentation what they
"ui euect by lair play. But tho oppo
118 of division knowing their gamo will
bo deceived by them.
iron war sloamer has been sent from
8land, in detached pieces, for servico on
Tho Danvillo parly are now industriously
' 0
denying that thoy were in favor of the
passarre of Mr. Headlev's bill' for a new
- . , , "
rnllnlV. in lhpil ilortlin.ian.lnM I
"--' ..w..,. B ul0IUD
-u uunv, iuu, uiai
David 1). Montgomery, tho representative
from Northumberland county, broker of reported a preamble and a series of resolu
JohnG Montgomery.of Danville, voted for tions which sneak thr. finmimPni9 nf n,
tho new county of Madison. That ho did
6 "in uc
sufficient ovidence.
Extract from the minutes of the house
Tho House resumed the socond readine
of tho Bill from UieSenate.No. 308,entitlcd
An Act electing parts or Columbia and
Luzerno counties, into a new nmintv. in lm
called 'Madison.'
And on the question.
Will the House agree to tho Bill?
Tho veas and nava worn rennirni! hv Mr
Bonsall and Mr.Cortright,and are as follow,
viz :
Yeas. Messrs. Andrews, Banks, Barr,
Bcelcr. Beers. Brnttliend. Cnnlt. Pntirinhi
Feliun.Futhey,Garre!son,Ilolder(iaum, Loo,
Lightner, Lowrv, M'Clure, M'Orum,Mar
chand, Martin, MONTGOiMERY, Moore
of Huntingdon, Murray, Picking, Ross, Stc-
If I I IT . 1 . . . . .
vcus, vanvaizan, vesionanu Wilson 2U.
Nails Messrs. Annln. Rarrnt.Tt.-,iiilimnii
Bean.Brawley, Brunner, Bugher.Cummine,
Dunham. Dunlan. Elmnnli. Klinn. T.1 1-
Ferguson, Gamble, Griffiths, Haas, Halm,
IT tl - I vi J .
nauna, iieciiman, jonnsion, ncnneily.
Lane. Lavertv. Loot. M'Fnrrnn. M'Wiil.
iams, Moore of Berks, Morris, Musscr,
Pennell, Pollock, Pottieger.Uoumfort.Riish,
Scott. Shenk. Slmrvnnil. Rnivrl
Slraub, Thomas, Trego.Von Neida, Wcisel,
wngiu ana onowuen, Speaker 40.
Will any one believe that Mr. ftlontcom
cry voted contrary to the wishes of his
brother in this matter? Or is it not fair to
presume that ho voted by order? or in
plain language, does it not prove conclu
sively, that tho Danvillo party aro in favor
of a division? Nono can doubt it.
The Harrisburg papers say that the
apportionment bill will not be signed by
llio governor, therefore, thoro will be no
election of member of Congress thU fall.
In this county, wo elect a member of As
sembly, Commissioner, Auditor, Prothona-
tor, and Register and Recorder. As there
is no political question to excite the feelings
of the community at tho election, there never
was a belter time than this, to test , the
strength of the two local parties in the coun
ty, upon a representative. There will be
but two candidates in the field. One in
favor of division, and opposed to removal,
and the other opposed to division, and in .
favor of Removal. This should be the test,
and tho only test, and if mado.thero cannot
be any doubt of the result.
The democrats of Northumberland countv
have formed their ticket, William Forsyth
Esq. is nominated for tho Ssnntn. nml
Jacob GeaiuiCart for the House of Rep
sentatives. Fiom what wo know of the
gentlemen above named, we aro enabled to
say that they aro both "good men & true,"
wtioso democracy has never been question
ed, and whoso characters as men aro unim
peachable. We aro pleased to learn that
the ticket gives general satisfaction, and tho
entire party will unite, heart and hand, in
electing it. Mr. Forsyth will be elected, if
the other counties in tho district concur in
his nomination, in tho place of Mr Flem
ming.whose term has expired. Mr. Gear
heart takes tho place of David B.Montgom
ery who so kindly volunteered not only to
vote against the removal question in this
county, but barteied his own vote to obtain
others to voto with him, and who so nobly
followed the dictates of his Danvillo friends
to procure a division of the county by his
. . 1 t HAT
vote anu inuuencc. iir. uearneart is an
honorable high minded, firm
and consistant
democrat, and if elected, which he will be
will do honor to the county which he rep
Tho dolegatcs representing tho democra
oy of Greene county; met in county Con
vention, at Waynesburg, on the 18th ult
and placed in nomination
For Senator (jiiks. A. Black.
For House Maj. M, M'Caslin.
A man, supposed to bo insane,has recent
ly been seen wandering about naked, on
the skins of the fores,, near Albion, Maine.
Tho jnl)abitaq(fi,iir9 Raking efforts to secure
A correspondent of tho Albany Evening
m.n-i , 1 1. . i .i.,.: . i
Journal asSCrlS. itmt llnrtnrr etinumr
------ , ... --....b .
that city on SandayJ afternpon, several
il'imfl fall In i I a ' 1
A largo meeting of the Democracy of
si imii t..i.t t ;.L...-. ...
Ji.iiujriiiii wa uuiu in ui wiRsourir, on mo
. .
ZHltl ull( ilon,BxRANOK N( Palmer, presid
nrr. A Cnmm linn nf twonl.l,Bn
democrats of that region in plain and forei-
uio terms. Ve aro clad to sco by tho fol
lowing Resolution, that tho course of our
talented and firm democratic friend, Col.
Slraub, is duly appreciated by his constitu
Resolved That the course pursued by
our Representative in Congress, PETER
NEWHARD, Esq. and by our Ropresen
lative in the Slate Legislature, Col. C. M.
STRAUB, merits our entire approbation.
A Great Gun. Captain Stockton has
had constructed a wrought iron cannon, that
will throw a ball weighing ono hundred
twelve pounds. It was tested a few dav.aeo
at.tho Philadelphia Navy Yard. The largest
cnarge ot powder used was forty-fivo
A friend who is found of poring over tho
recortis ol 'omen times;' informs us that
twenty ships arrived at Coik. Ireland in
one day; in 1739; from tho port of Phila
ueipnia; an laucn with Hour. So says an
Exchange paper.
The Texians have had a fight with the
Mexicans and flogged them. The Congress
of the ono starred Republic is making pro
visions for carrying on a war against Mexi
co, and the probability is that Houston will
yet bo seated upon the seat of the Moute-
The Philadelphia Times or Monday,
states that Judge Barton, President of the
Court cf General Sessions, of Philadelphia,
has tendered his resignation to tho Governor
to take effect on tho 1st of January
About two thousand steamboats arrived
and departed from Sf Louis, from tho
1st of January to tho 1st ol July.
Lieu. General Baron Marulry ono of
the most distinguished officers under
Napoleon, died a short time since In tho
course of his campaigns he was wounded
nineteen iimes, and had twenty-six horses
shot under him.
The corner stono of tho Bunker Hill
Monument, just now completed, was laid
seventeen years ago, in the presence of
The men discharged from tbe Now York
navy Yard, have nol been nniiL nnil snmn
of them are in great distress-
The Lowell Courier states that a man in
that vicinity once sent a barrel of cranberries
to a friend in fnre;im nnrts. wlm hml
seen any fruit of the kind. In a few months
no receiveu a louer, in wincti Ins netiit
expressed great regret that on account of
the length of the voyage, the fruit were sour
when they arrived and he was consequently
obliged to throw them away.
A writer in the Bedford Gazette, who in
1835 wis a 'warm supporter of Governor
Wolf.'recommonds in strong terms the nom
the favorite 6on of 'Old Berks.'as the Dera
ocratie candidate for Govornor in 1844.
Tho Lancaster TntelllcrnnrMir mmnrlci
Gun. PRRnRTHOKr HAMnnifiU'H f
tm'8 c'ly ono 0l" Naturo's noblemen as tho
riimn...i:. n.n.i:.Ul f n .1
vuiuuuidiib ijuuuiuuiu iui viuvcniur, ai wo
elecfion, in 184-1, in tho Democratic papers
oi yuniueriann anu f ranklin.' Tho In
tcllieenccr adds: 'He is a man helnvert hv
all who know him, and we could fight
for him with a warn heart and a ready
A correspondent of tho Carlisle Volun
teer zealously, urges Gen. THOMAS C.
MILLER, lato Senator from that district.for
the samo station.
Hon. ARNOLD PLUMER; ol Venan
. - -wT wi W
I t T fit If IT -Vlri-nvmra
go, anu lion. JUlli UAltillKAI i li. Of
Erie, are among the 'Richmonds heretoforo
nameu in connecuon Willi tins otnee.
A meeting of German citizens of tho county of
r,..n. ..uniii,.i.i:. u'!n...i i
i connection with this office.
nated JACOB SALLADE, present Surveyor Gen
ZtTJlTlZ fn ST'.fT.ftrS
F. PALKER, present Auditor Goncral.
foumo of the Democratic papers, wo pcrccivo re-
commend Judge THOMAS S. BELL, of Chester
From these early indications, it is manifest, that
thcro will bo no lack of aspirants, who will be
worthy to "tr
1 !.
worthy to"troad In the footsteps of their illustilous
' Keyitont.
Mb. Wsmi! " ' .' ,
Sir 'Plcaso announce v
nga lJcmovol and Anti-Division candidate for tho
Legislature, and obligo a
liMovaland Anti-Division Man.
August 12, 1842.
Mb WEnm
Catlawissa .lug. 8, 1842.
Sir You will plcaso nnr.ounco
of Mifllin township, an a sultablo person to represent
Columbia county in tho next Legislature, and
obligo many democrats,
Of the East side of the River.
Wo aro authorised to announce
of Orangeville, as a candidatofor Commis,
sioner at the October election.
Mu. Webb;
Sir You will plcaso announce tho name of
of Madison township, a a suitable person to bo
supported at tho next election for tho Legislature.
Aug. 0, 1842.
At Bloomsburg, Pa.
(Corrected WccktyT)1
Wheat, SI 10
Rye-- 05
Corn, 00
Flaxseed, Butter,
-5 00
1 25
- 10
- 37
- 11
- 8
-1 50
Dried Apples,-
Military Elections
ijjLi uo ncld in tho bounds of tho several
nnmnnnlnd rnmnriclnf-llin lal Tie Pmr
w v j...... .,.v . uuv..e. ey'
8th D. P.M., on Monday tho 15th day of August
nei, ueiwccn mo nours or iu A. M. nnu U f. AI.
for tho purpose of electing by ballot,
One person for Captain, one person for
First and one person for Second Lieu
tenant for each comp.rcspeclivcly.
1st company at the house of D. Giggcr, Montcnr.
2d company at the houso of J. Lemon, Greenwood.
3d comp. at tho houso of D. Pcalcr, Fishing Creek.
5th comp. at tho house of E. Howel, Bloomsburg.
9th company militia, and Bloomsburg Rangers at
R. Hagcnbuch's, Scidlctown.
10th company at F. Miller's, Mt. Pleasant.
1 1 Ih company at Sugarloaf.
The Independent Troop and Artillery, at C. Docb-
Iprfl. T?lnnmlinrtT.
Tho Orangeville and Rhoersburg Rifllo
r. MT T.I 1.
ijr, y , iiuuui a, jinocrBuurg.
All commanding Officers of companies and other
persons holding Legal rolls, aro notified that it is
ll. ...... 1 .t. - I 1 .. ...
uiuir uuiv to uiLtriiu iiiu iiruuur uiuccs ni cicciinnR
with their rolls.
Maj. lst.Bat.7Ut Reg.
Orange July 2G, 1842.
Tcsiipci'aiacc Mass Meeting,
BeinfT dcsirmin of nrnmntinr. hv nrrrv linnnrnliln
a I o J ' J
mpnna in nnr nnirrr thn lilpucoil cniiin nf limna..
anco throughout our Country, wo do tliereforo
niviie, ouu most carnesiiy request 1110 memucri ot
Tcmperanco Societies, throughout tho county of
f i!nm1ii'l- nnrl tliA mlinininry Pfinnlin. nn.l ll
others friendly to tho cause, to meet at JERSEY-
rnmiiM .nr . nv . . - .
j uwii, on M-nur.aay, auocst o, anuoclock,
A. Af. fnr llin nnrnnen nfiulvnninr. llirt nnn.n 1...
public addresses, and otherwise; we havo tho prom
ise of several able and talented gentlemen to deliver
addresses on tho occasion.
N.B. Tho procession will format 10 o'clock.
A. M.
Committee of Invitation.
July 30, 1842.
Tim ninnmclnirir Arllllnrv will hnlrl nit rilli'n
for commissioned and non commissioned officers for
said company, at tho houso of Charles Doebler in
Bloomsburg, on Monday the I5th day of August
nofl liMwpnn Ihn hntird nf 10 nVlnk A TVf m.I fi
o'clock 1'. M. at which time and place will bo dec
tcd, ono person to servo as Captain, ono person
as First Lieutenant, and ono person as Second
t :,,i.,,. ,;,i ,,,.. .
A.lU..ja.ll., Bju Luiuj.iyi lllu I1U11-UU1J4-
missioned officers required by tho Constitution and
uye laws or saiu company.
11. HISUB, uapt.
July 30. 1842.
Tn tlin rnnnl !if!niv PlnnmialiiiriT Uum n
The owner must take immediate care of
her, or sho will bo dealt with accordinc to
July 30, 1842.
Remaining at the Post OJlice Blooms
burg, Juy 1st, 1812.
Andrew Crovlin, Camilo Carrado, John
wiwnnt wtimiiu vauiiuu, duun
C Gei5er. I-awronce Garvey, Jacob Hog
(Elizabeth Jfagner
ei8. Jo,m wzkwU Welles l elder, Jesse
Escaped from the custody of the sub
scriber, ADAM LANE, a colored man.
who had been arrested for a breach of tho
peace. Tho above reward will bo paid for
his delivery to mo, or upon his committal
to tho goal in Danvillo.
CALEB FOX, Doputiscd Cons'l.
xr . m - . . . . .
iu,t 1 icaeuui, Aug. 1, lou.
Is Hereby Given,
TO all legatees creditors, and other persons in
terestcd in tho estates of Uio respective dece
dent and minors that tho administration and guar
diansaccountsof tho said eatatcs have been filed in
tho Office of tho Register of tho county of Columbia
and will bo presented for tho confirmation and al
lowance to the Orphans' Court, to bo held at Dan
ville, in and for the county aforesaid, on Tuesday
the ICth day of August next, at 2 o'clock, P.M.
t. The account of John Shivcly, administrator
of tho estate of Isaac Lemon, lato of Greenwood
township, dee'd.
2. Tho supplementary account of John Shively,
administrator of the cftato of Robert Lockhart, lato
of Dcrry township, dco'd.
3. Tho account of Isaiah Salmon, administrator
of the estate of William Crcvcling, late of Woora
township, dee'd.
4. Tho second supplementary account of Daniel
and Henry Giggcr, administrators of (ho estate of
Henry Digger, latool Montour township dee'd.
5. Tho account of James Strawbridge, surviving
executor of the last will and testament of John
Wilson, late of Liberty township, dee'd-
C. The account of John Rcitz, guardian ofWm.
RcitZ. a minor rllilrl nf .fnsnnh VMl-r lnln nf f!nll.
wissa township, dcc'jd.
. 1 ne supplementary account of Gcorgo and
Isaac Hartman, executors of the last will and tes
tament of Michael Hartmnn. U In nf RilrrorlrtaF
township, dee'd.
y. 1110 linal account of John Israel and Philip
Biddlo executors of tho last will and testament of
Gcrsham Biddlc, late or Deny township, dee'd.
0. Thn acrnnnl nf Jnmpn TTnlipi nitmmt.(mi.
- vw.v., uuiuiuiguiivi
do bonis non, of the estate of Thomas Canley, late
ui iiriar urceK townsnip, dee'd.
PHILIP uir.T.MRvrn. n,!,tpr.
n . .7. "-a
jituisTEiia uitice, uanviuc,
July 15, 1842.
BY virtue of a writ of venditioni exponas to
mo directed, will be exposed to public
tho Court Houso, in Danville, on Monday, tho 15th
day of August 1842, at 10 o'clock, A. M. the fol-'
lowing, viz:
ji CEnT.ii?? i,ov of anovjvjo
situato in Danville, Columbia county containing
adjoining lot of William Hartman, Charles White",
mm um vmmi, anu ironung on ivim street, where
on is erected
Weather boarded, no llm rifrht lltfn'nn.l initio
tho defendant,
Seucd. taken
"' w ww.v no HIV
property of NoahM'ICcan and Robert Adams.
Inuv riOTTT-n ot :jr
Suemfs's Orrrcc, Danville, i
July 15, 1842. 5
Y virtue ofa writ of alias venditioni exponas
I tn mn Aire rip A will Kn nrnnMil tn
at tho Court House, in Danville, on Monday, the)
loin uay oi August, mas, at 10 o'clock, A. M.tho
following property, viz :
A ccrlaint lot of land Sit
uate in tho' township of Briarcrcck, and county of
Columbia, containing TEN ACRES, moro or less,
adjoining lands of John Lockard and Jeremiah
Harris, and bounded on the Southwest by tho
Susquehanna and Tioga Turnpiko, whereon aro
Seized, taken in nrnrntinn. nnrl fn IfcnL1 o tV.
i j v VUW
property of John Shaffer.
JOHN FRUIT, Sheriff:
Sheriff's Offici, Danville, ?
July 15, 1842. $
Y vutuo of a writ of venditioni mo
directed, will lm nTnncnrl in mil.lin ..(.
the Court Houso in Danville, on Monday,- the 15th
day of At-gust 1812, at 10 o'clock, A. M. Uio fol
lowing property, viz:
interest of a certain lot of gronnd.situato in Bloom
township., rnlnmliln rnnntv Mnhinlm. OKTP
. 1 1 . ... -' J WHUumug UIIU
HALF ACRE, more or less, adjoining John Ro-
uison anu ouicrs, wnereon 13 erectcu
Seized, iok.x
-bwu..u.(, wiy BUIU U IUU
property of John Hazelct,jr."
juiiin FJtUlT, Sheriff,
Suehiit's Offici, Danvillo, J
July 15, 1843. $
THE subscribers, trading under the funi of
give notice, that they havo this day dissolved part
nership by mutual consent. All those having ao
counts with the firm, are requested to call and set
tle before tho 15th of August next, as thoy aro
desirous of closm? tho firm nrrnnnla t.o
... " -UV4I II
Bloomsburg, July 4, 1842.
The hllfiinnai will lm mnlinnn.1 nt iI.a M.l i ,
i i ; ; ... . ., . ... uiu oiaim
by tho subscriber whero he will bo happy to attend
ujiuu incims mm uio puuuc generally, and
supply them with Good very low for cash or
country produce.
h. a. IIUPERT.
Bloomsburg July 4. 1812,
IS hereby given to all concerned, that I havo
purchased of Joseph Grimm, ono Mantle clock,
one LIcaureau, one Heifer two Hogs, ono Bed, ono
wino-Table, and havo leftthrm in
during my pleasure. I forbid any person purchas
ing, or taking thein away, without my consent.
Trior. .... w .......
Hemlock, July 2, 1S42.
THOSE indebted to the estate of tho lato Doct.
by Note, Moolr. Account or Vendue Notesa
are hereby notified that tho Notes and Account,
morula me nanus oi luuuU3 IJAJCKLEV,
Esq. for collection, whero thoy are requestedto call
and pay the tarns on or before the ISthdr.yof
A i. . .1 ...;ii i . . -
.ujjuoi iiuii, ur vuv win uu proceeded against ac
coiding to law.
L. B. RUPERT, Administrator.
DUoviislwg, July 15, 1812 4w 13