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1 have sworn upon tho Altar of God, eternal hostility to every form of Tyranny over the Mind of Man." Thomas Jefferson
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Li 1 ' ' Ssisss ' ' g, , ; , r i inj
OrrosiTE St. Paul's Oiiuuch, Main-st
published every Saturday morning, re
TWO DOLLARS per annum, payabsl
half yearly in advance, or Tivo Dollaat
Fifty Cents, if not paid within the year,
No subscription will be taken for a shorter
period than six months ; nor any discon
tinuance permitted, until all arrearages
are discharged.
ADVERTISEMENTS not exceeding a
square will be conspicuously inserted at
One Dollar for the first three insertions
and Twenlij-five cents for every subsc.
quent nserllon. CF"A liberal discount
made to those who advertise by the year,
LETTERS addressed on business, must
be post paid.
The entily answering to the above name
is now being exhibited, at the comer or
Baltimore and Light streets, whither the
learned aro thronging lo learn more, llic ig
norant to mafie big eyes and stare. Amid
the multiplicity of opinions as to what this
singular creature is we cannot be expected
to decido whether il is defucto 'fish, flesh, or
The following description of its cap'.ure(
has been kindly furnished us by Mn. al
ters the proprietor. It is pe rfectly unique
and in good character with the outlandish
appearance of the animal. "On the 20th
of April, 1842, two negroes belonging to
Charleston, were anchored in their boats
about two miles above the city, in Cooper
River. enga'ged in fishing. While thus
quietly pursuing their avocation, hey found
to ilielrgreat terror and'eurpriao, that 'some
unseen power was carrying them rapidly
donn stream, 'occasionally stopping: and
rl whirling their little ban: suddenly rounu
itihen enroling rapidly through the channe
towaid the bar.
I This course not altogether meeting the
views of those who before had command o
the boat, induced them to call out most
briskly for help, when six other boats came
to the assistance of the first, which contiu
ued to be hurried thiough the this
invisible power, with a rapidity quite new
to its astonished navigators.
The crews of seven well manned boats
with a full supply of oars, were now enga
god in opposition to this single moving
power. For a considerable time the con
lest was doubtful, but numbers at length
prevailed, so far ae to get their adversary
into shoal water, when an attack was made
Yillt harpoons, knives, clubs, &c. and th
fishermen triumphed in victory."
If this whole story wero not placed be
vond the possibility of a doubt; by the fact
that the immense concourse of people wit
nessed these, 'fantastic freaks' from the
shore, it would be loo fishy for us to b
lleve. If anv one. however doubts the
bility of this animal, to walk off with some
half dozen boats, one glance ai its loco
motive aparalus would dispel them in a mo'
This enormous animal weighs 3,780
pounds; extreme length from mouth lo end
of tail, 10 feet fl inches; width, 18 feet;
length of mouth, 2 feet 10 inches; depth of
.mouth 1 foot 8 inches; distance between
the eves. 5 feet. If it were possible lo
rf -
give a description which would convey any
idea of its appearance, wo would make the
attempt. We have looked around for some
object in nature with which lo compare it,
but t'jeie is nothing in the air, on the earth'
or in the waters under the earth, which il
resembles. Indeed it is a perfect nonde
sciint. both as to shape and habits. Dr.
Baclnwn of Charleston, South Carolina,
and other distinguished natutalists agree in
the opinion that this animal has hitherto
been unknown lo the scientific. We believe
it is closely allied to the genius Chepliolop
tera (winged head) of Dumcriel: The an
terior pari of the head of which is truncated
and the pectoral fins instead of clasping it,
have each of their anterior extremities ex
tended into a salient point, which gives it
the appearance of 1'aving horns. A gigan
tic species if occasionally captured in the
It is properly a cartilaginous animal; the
only thins found in il resembling a bone
was a strong piece of carlilege in the shape
ol a half moon. It was thought by some
to be a monster, but this opinion is contra
cted by the fact that a calf is also exhibit.
The young "devil" was bom after ihe
capture of the mother, and is a perfect spe.
men of the kind.
Wo would suggest tho proprioty of giv.
iug this inhabitant of the "salt, salt sea" a
more respectable and scientific name. Let
the learned who understand the science of
compounding names, supply this interesting
animal with one. We trust all who make
the least pretensions to science, and others,
will pay their respects to this singular crea
ture, be it fish or flesh, or what not before
it loaves the city. P.
It is interesting to look back upon the Mr. Wore of London, who has been for
political times of '7C, and glanco at the more than thirty years engaged in the but
progress of this country from separate and ler traue ot mat city, has iurmshed a paper
independent colonies to its condition of a to tho New Farmer's Journal, on the best
free and united nation. Wo aro indobted methods of preparing and keeping bulter,
to the industrious editor of Savanah Geor- from, which we extract ihe following.
gian for tho folkiwincr items which he has 'Solidity and firmness, is I think, of
put together, and with which it is well lo more consequence than is generally
refresh our memories on tho Fourth of allowed, tho nearer bulter can bo made of
forward at a steady pace. But just ap the'
Southerner had run forward some rods.and
was about to 'jump up behind,' to his infi
nite chagrin he saw tho Yankee face about
on his horse's back riding with his back to
the beast's head 1 The Southerner looked
firebrands and daggers 1 And ho continued
look until tho Yaukee and his horse wore
out of sight. And he has never seen cither
them lo this day.
the consistency of wax, tho longer will it
retain its flavor.
To accomplish this object I
recommend salting the cream, by putting
n rather more fine table salt than is used
when applied after churning, because a part
will bo left with buttermilk: or instead of
Tho following interesting facts ate detail
d by the Vicksburg Whig:
Near the iron mountains in Missouri
there is a ledge of stone extending for a half
mile in length, and several hundred yards
m width. This stone is very strongly im
pregnated with magnetic properties, so
strongly so indeed, that it is impossible to
rido a well shod horse over it. A gentle
man having his horse newly shod once
attempted it, but before he had made two
.revolutions ' his horse "was brought up
standing' perfectly s'lll. In vain our tra
veller urged his gallant steed forward; per
suasions and force proved equally futile,
until Iris pat Mice became exhausted and he
sent for a blacksmith. The son of Vulcan
soon arrived and fouud the horse "standing
stock still, and to all appearance as immov
able as the rock of Gibraltar. Various ex
pedients were resorted to, to relieve the
horse, but all failed. There he stood, and
to all appearances, was likely to stand, with
his feet literally glued to the solid and im
pervious rock. At last the blacksmith's
eyes glistened, he had it sure. He sent oil'
to his smithy for his shoeing tools, which
were soon forthcoming, when he proceeded
with all possible despatch to unclinch the
nails which bound the horses shoes to his
hoofs! One by one the nails were unclinch-
ed, the whip was applied to the horse,
and as the last nail gave way, ho escaped
wall a sound, but left his shoes welded to
the rock.
Tho estimated expense of the Revolution'
ary war, in specie is over one hundred and
thirly-fivo millions of dollars.
To meet this immense charge, Congress
issued from 1770 to 1781, S357.470.541;
of continental or paper mor.ev, which,
during that time, denleeiated nearlv two sa,t se strong clear brine to mix with the
thirds of its value; In addition to this.Con- crea,n or ullUer'
cress obtained loans from F-anre and Hoi- Rrine is preferable lo salt,
land, from the former, nf tiventv.onn tlinn. as the butter is smoother and belter flavor
sand livres or. 2.878,870 dollars; and from otl- I" salt be used, it may be in the pro
the latter 22 millions of livres or 4,074.073 portion of half an ounce of fine dry table
dollars. The'first loan was in 1779 and sa,t mixed with two drachms of saltpetre,
the lasi in 1778 and in 1783. and two drachms of sugar, bolh made fine,
The first President of the old Congress to every pound of butler. If the bulter be
was Peyton Randolph, of Virginia, chosen mau"e inl lumPs f,,r the market, I should
September Qtli; 1774. recommend that each lump bo wrapped
Tho last, Was also a Virginian, Cyrus rounu wnn a piece ot calico, soauca in
Griffiin. elected Jannarv 22. 1788- brine made from fine dry salt, lhat will
The oldest of the signers of the Declara- carry an egg- for '''the orinc is weak,
tion of Independence, was Beni- Franklin, wi bo injurious. If the butter is put into
who was then seventy. The youngest a firkin, the cask should be made of
signer was Edward Rntledge, of South wnlle oaK as sycamore, or beach, well
Carolina, who was but twenty-seven, seasoned by scalding out several limes with
Thomas Lynch from South Carolina, was 1,01 rinc, made from pure and clean
also but twentv-Jseven. The average age sa,t- If very cll0'ce btter, I would
of the signers, leaving out three whoso ages recommend a sa.t cloth a round the
are not known, is a fraction short of 44 J D"ltr. a'so on the top and botlom; the
showing thai as a body, they were not so clotu t0 b'e kePl in ils P'ac0 W a hooP
young as lobe impetuous.and carried away which can be removed .as -the cask fills
bv ihe ardent feelings of voulh. nor yet s Mr. Were deprecates tho use of the hand
nlil n in he nhstinate and inert. Inn in that m mauing Duller, ami recommends uie
pr'iilio and vigorous manhood' 'when the use i woollen.pats, not unlike our farmer'
bnlalieeV thephysical and mental powers five's butter ladjes, for beating out the
is best siJMtrvnf d, and when tho mind is b"Her milk or packing in casks- 'These
fully matured by experience, and'discinlin. Pats must bo always(uxcept when in the
.,iw.nii T.unntw.nnn n? It.B .fifi.fci'v hand for use) kept in a tub of cold fresh
lino,! n nmrior f n fpninrv nfi,.r ilm 4tli nf "Uiter, which will prevent the adhering o
r70, Threo of them surf ive'dYo--a the butter, and them cool.'
A travelling menagerie down east, not
ong since posted up the terms of admission
two shillings poisons under eleven
cars of ago at half price A young chap
about a dozen years old wishing to save
shilling in an honest way, wroU on a
iece of paper -ten' and put it in his hat,
and on another piece of paper, 'eleven' and
put it in his shoe, then with a shilling in
land and a bold front approachei the door
cepcr and demanded entrance. Tho door
eeper, opening both eyes, and looking
sternly on the youth demanded
'How old are you boy?'
'I am between ten and eleven sir,' was
ihe reply.
Accordingly the door was thrown open lo
Irish Fun A New Idea. 'Haho,
Michael, is it yourself I see before mel'said
one Irishman to another, on the evening of
tho Fourth.
'Troth, then, and it's meself.'
'And how are you now? and h'ow have
jou spinl our national birth-day?'
'Haven't I been dhrinkin' and rejoicing
the intire day, and marching about in a sun
hot enough to roast potatoes, Have you
been doing tho same, Jimmy?'
'Well, 1 have. The remimbrance of what
our forefathers those gentlemen lhats gneil
ihe declaration have done fur us, Michael,
combined with a few dhrops of the'erecter,'
has kept mo as drunk and as joyful as a pi
per i'io day long, I say, Michael, isn't it a
remarkable fact they don't have any of
these Fourth of July celebrations in ould
'But they do, to be sure.'
'D -1 the bit. When does the Fourth of
July come in Tipperary? Tell me that
with your ugly mouth.'
'Why; on the twenty-fourth of
spalpeen. J)on't you recollect the Irolica,
bonfires, and rejoicings, we used to havu on
lhat day. The twenty-fourth of June is tho
Fourth of Julv in Ireland, to besure.'
July 1770
full half reiuury from that date. Fout
were upwards of 90 il their death. Button
Gwinnett, of Georgia, was the first who
died after the declaration, at the age of 45
Charles Carrol was the last of that illustri
ous band, and died in-1833, we believe,
aged 90-
The first State Constitutions were adop
ted bv the following Colonics, before Ihe
Declaration of Independence.
New Hampshire, South Carolina. Vir
ginia. New Jersoy, in 1770.
Tho remainder of the 'Old Thirteen,'
adopted their Constitutions as follows, af
ter the Declaration;
Maryland, Pennsylvania, Uelaware
Georgia, 1770, New York, 1777; Massa
chusetts, 1780 Vermont, i780.
The Conslitutiun of the United States
A YanRce, travelling in one of the South
em States, stopped at an inn for tho night
He saw his horse well lodged in a barn, an
entered the house where he found a party
of Southern gentlemen assembled on tliei
ivturn from a horso race. The Yankeo
during the evening amused the company
with jokes.
In the morning, on preparing to mount
his horse, to resume his journey, he found
him too lamo to proceed further. In this
dilemma, the Southerners met turn in th
yard, where they were preparing to moun
some of their fine racers, Savs on? of the
Southerners to the Yankee;
'My friend, we have heard much of Yan
'.Pat,' said tho captain of a ship to ,an
Irishman who was a passenger on board,
and who sometimes used to sleep twenty'
four hours in succession, 'how do you con
trive to sleep so long?'
How?' said Pat. 'whv I pay attention
to il.'
How do you feel?' said a high pressure
field preacher, a short time since, at'a camp
meetiug in Mississippi, to a dry wag of a
chap who had located himself upon tho
anxious seal' by mistake.
'Quite well, I thank you, how do you
come or; yourself!' retorted the wag.
'We've rescued thirty-seven to-day.'
'Have you?'
'Yes.' .
'Well, I suppose youtfunk you've done
pretty d -d well, don't y6u'
J hat last 'brick'-bat'-'terminafed the con-
versation instanter. ' '
enjoy the rewards of their lobor, in abun
dant havests.flowing vintage, full granaries,
crowded barns, large dairies, teeming herds,
usty bullocks, gluttcn stalls, stout horses,
fine fleeces, fat hogs, great potatoes, huge
pumpkins, a good market, fair prices, no
cheating no visits by tho worm, tho fly,
the grass-hopper, the mildew, by early
frosts, by direct taxes, by needless sub
scriptions, by sheriffs or constables and
beware of being overreached by merchants,
wheedled by lawyears, cajoled by butchers
swindled by gamblers, beset by pick-pock-.,
els, dunned by tavern keepers, 'jilted by"
jilts or deceived by one another.
kco wits and tricks:do show us such a trick
was adopted by the L-onvcntion ot which tjerore you eave MS,
ucorge tvnsningion was rres.oem The Yankee attempted to assure them
on theiTtn o) oepiemuer, ivov
It was ratified by Congress July 14th,
1788, and went into operation on the first
Wednesday of March, 1789. It was
adopted by Jhe several States in tho follow
order and time; the assent of nine States
was requireil before the adoption by Con
Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jorsey,tn
1787, Georgia. Connecticut, Massachusetts
Maryland, South Carolina, New Hamp
shire, Virginia. New York, in 1788:North
Carolina, 1789, Rhode Island, 1790:
Vermont, 1791.
On a notorious and feeling Usurer of
A Silver store his grizzled pate reveals;
A mine of yellow Gold his chest conceals;
His noise if shining Copper: and hix head
A solid lump of undiluted Lead;
His forehead beams a plate of triple Brass;
His heart is forged of Iron's toughest mass;
In short, Tom's carcass (may't be flayed
with net'.lesl)
Salan'shoicest Cabinet of Metals;
that he was not witty, nor had any tricks
exhibit, but in vain.
Whereupon, says he, 'woll, gentlemen,
you insist upon it, I will just show you
trick. Let any of you start his horse as
fast as he pleases, and I will bel you a
five spot' that I will run and jump up
'Done '.'cried several voices at once.
One rider immediately set forward at
full speed. He found no yankee on the
ctupper behind him. He stopped to claim
the bel; but then, ho discovered thai the
Yankee had rim after him, (on his slatting,)
for a few rods.and had afterwards continued
jumping up in the air ho had jumped up
behind! It was decided that the Yankee
hbd won the bet.
Who could not do that!' exclaimed the
mortified Southerner, as he forked over the
'Yon ctn'tl' said the Yankee,
'I will bet you my horse of that, ray
lad! here mount him. mere start a-
, The Yankeo mounted. the horse, and so
I rise,Mr.President,to argue the case cf tho
rich man against the poor man, &I believe
that before I shall have concluded, you
will allow that it admits of no argument.
Tho rich man, Mr President, declines his
emaciated form on a mahogany sofa, cut
down, hewed out, surveyed and manufac
tured from the tall cedar of Lebanon, which
grew upon the lofty and cloud capl summits
of the ever memorable mountain of Jehosa
phet. Then, Mr President, ho lifts up to
his cavaderous lip, the gulden china cup
manufactured, as is well known; Mr. Presi
dent; in Chili, Peru and odier unknown
and uninhabitable parts of the universe.
Whilo ou the other hand, Mr President,
the poor man declines his expectation in a
cotl&go, from which he retires to the shade
of some umbrageous steam there to con
template the incomprehensibility of tho
vast constellation and other fixed and im
moveable salelitea thai devolve around the
celestial axlelree of this tenequarious firm
ament on high. Then, Mr President,
after calling around him his tvifo and tho
rest of his little children, he teaches them
to perspire to scenes of immortality beyond
the grave.
Look only to your own interests; enter
not into tho cabals, disputes or quarrels of