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    'Appotthnmuii i'Member'e Cvngrt st.
ms ooitci new ocoDniei tno atunnon
KeiTrha Houss of tfepresentatlYos at Woshin
I KJ- Amotion to fix Ilia ratio at 50,120
IRs been adopted' This will give a ho use
HTjns what largsi than the present
W' Considerable dogate has aricen concerning
J tho representation of large fraction. Tho
principle of representing them has nlvaye
Been selection m rennnylvania. It ti o;nc
what surprising that it Uas nererbacn adopt
d by Congrass: It seems manifestly un
just that a fraction in any elate amounting
to within n small nnmborof the ratio agreed
on, should eo entirely ttnrenreientad Tar inn
years. It would ba evidently rnoro fair
tint-any fraction exceeding half the ratio
Would be entitled to a raemW. It is dif
'ficult ro make the representation perfect
ly equal, but this mode would render it
intra ecfu, than that of leaving the frao
tion unrepiesented.
Another proposition which ap'paars per
fectly fair, is that if a state has n fraction cT
one-half the ratio, it shall be emitted to an
additioaal member for the last fivo years
ut of tho ten for which tho apportionment'
is made, and so in proportion for any grci
tcr on less fraction.
ETY. The annual election for officers of this
Society was held in Now York last week,
vken Bishop Roberts, was re-elected Preei
dent, Rev Georgs Lane, Treasurer, nnd
Francis Hall, Esq, Recording Secretary.
The managers remain pretty much as thay
wera last year. Tho operations of this Soci
ely from its commencement havo boen very
extensive and eminently successful. The
South Amorican Missions have been bus
peinJcuoiiU reductions have been made
.id numerous ollur Foreign Aiesions. The
appropi'ntions for lhotpast year, amounted
to SllZjOOO, as follows:
Domestic isiions,
Liberia Aissions.
Oregon da
Buenos Arris do
Rio Janeiro do
Montevideo do
Awful Causally. Ttoenty
Drownid. The Boston parurs
a melananehsly dialer which ocaored in
that oily on Friday kst, by which distress-
.ing eicumstance twenty persons in tho full
vigor and. baoyauce of youth were Sainted
ifily into eternity.
About 8 o'clock, A. M., on Fridsy, the
3sy bejnjr ne Iventy-four of tho Boys of
the "Far'm School"on Thompson's Island
oblsined permission oftheSuperindentto go
a fishing excursion down the outer harbor
in live &cooi boat, scomptmied by one of
the teacher, in whese judgment and discre
tion the utmost reliance could be placed
Thoy hr.d a fine lime of if, and romnincd
out until about threa" o'clock, when they
started for home, iu. the full glow af youth-
ful hilarity. At about 4 o'clock, when be
tween Thomson's Island and Fort Indcpcn-
.dencc, tho boat was struck by a flaw- of
wind, and uuddinlyupsot.
When the boat went, a bos rolled nut, and
four boys clung to it and kept np, until they
iWere. taken oF by the schooner H. li. Fos-
tor, Cupt. Foster, which happened to be
besting up, and fortunly descried tjiem.
Captain Foster landed them at TdplitFs
toot house about fenr o'clock io the afisr-
I By the arrival of theBrilishrn ailjstcamer
Medway, which arrived at new York on
friday, tho editors of the Now York Hor-'
nld have received tho following important
intelligence from Moxicotby private corrta
fcndeccc. 'Santa Anna las st length poetivolyg pro
cured a loan in London, to the amount of
3,000,000 sterling, fur n period of four
teen years, without tho payment of any an
.nual interest, until the period of reimburse,
flient, when the holder of the stosk will
receive 8140 for3100, out and out. The
agents for this loan are James Morrison k
3o., of London. The Biiffah Government
becomas the guarantee for its repayment
.to the English stockholders, and in consid
ntion thereof, nil English manufactures are
to be admitted into Yera Ortiz and other
forts of ilextco, at nominal duly, for lh
aaroo period at which the loan is tckeu.
We farther learn thai it is the intention
of the Mexican government, as eoon rs
they shall havo received eteatu liip5,mwe
kest, and other munitions of war from Eng.
JuaJ, widbtoBglit totbera ofldwlk Evg
hili flag; the proceeds of their losi tnat'5"
terrible invasion of Texas will bo ioth by
sea nnd landand thatn' number of Briliish
navy and array officers will bo engaged to
lend theit troops to battle.
It is stated in some nf the Baltimora pa
pcrs that one of ihe firemen of the Jedora
has confessed that he changed the weights
on. the 6sfoy valve of the order to
to show oft the power of the boat
The Steam Canal boat Black Hawk start
ed this morning for Lockporf This boat
is propelled by a paddle wheel fixed at the
stern; and from all appearance will un
doubtly answer tho purpose, there being
scarcely any more swell occasioned, than
by tho usualmanncr of towing by horses.
Bufrulo deru. Economist April 22
At a down-csl tec-total-ssciety, compos
ed f young ladies of 'certain agrs,' it ha3
been decided that kissing is inloxicating.and
the members uf that society are not allowed
to 'indulge in that delicious amusement.
Up to the first uf April, the number of ap
applicants fut the bankiupt lav, in the I).
States, was 6, 530, sis of whom wore fern
:ds. The hitter are said to nnsscsa five
personal estates;"
Hard JitiiC. Boston and Fasliton are
to run for $20,000 at the Long Island race
corpse, ou the lOih uf May.
yr 7
A fire occuurred in Louisville, Kentucky
on the l(3i! inst by which a number of
houses wero destroyed, and one man bunt
ed to dcntli. A man namod Pattott wan
stabbed by another named Ai'LuughliiMvlio
wua in liquor, and vvs supposed to be tho
In Albany, en Monday, a man numcd
Burl:, chopped his wife to pieces with an
axe, while under the iiifluonco of rum.
The Ohio Old School Republican states
that Bear the, Buckeys Blacksmith, is a
bout to resign his Indian agency, and com
incncc stumping it for Clay.
A petition for the pardon of Bscjamin
Rnthbun now confined in the State Prison at
Sing.sigited by the mott ribpcotablo citizens
of western New York, and muj.miy of the
members of the New York Ltiginlature has
been presented to Gov. Seward.
The amount of British manufactures
uually imported from 2?nglamt, amount to
$50,000,000, and all of this is paid in
IIighii'ayllobbery. A. F.Clark Esq,,
was knocked down in oneofthu streets of
Ssston a day or two since, and robbed of a
gold watch
Ius Been Rendered. By a jury Nnw
York, a vortiict against Win. M Price, for
83,000, as the amount of his defalcation to
tho Ucited Stales-
The Arena gives the following as lii"aTf o-r-
York fashion: Brides walk on the Battery
in the morning those who wish to be, in
the aficrnoon Iho'so who ought to he in the
.70 be I!xccutcd--Jzmo2 Rice has re
ceived his death warrant, and will be execu
ted within the walls of the jail, in Bedford,
Pa; on the 17th of June next,
Columbia lluilrcad.l is staled that
tho expenses on ihe Philadelphia audOoluiii
bii Railroad, this year, will as one half less
than laetyear.
A horse, cart and man, with thirty bus
hels el pnlateE, wont off of a war fin Balti
more, last week, iKlo tlui b3V. The hoise,
cart and man got out, but the potatoes.poor
things! sunk,
A house in Clements, N.S.wai destroyed
ti- firo on the lOih inst. and ibrca children
ihe cldeet II and the youngest 2 years of
ego perished in the Homes. Tho owner
of the house was abicnl on business, and
hisife. had -gojie to ineeling two miles
Holtes, oiv) of crew of tho ill-fnted
William Browm, has been found guil
ty of inan-slaughter on the higo seas, by a
jury oud rccommendtd to msrey.
The CoMncil of W'lieeing, Vu, have do-
clared against licensing housss or lUo ealo
ardent Bpixjis;
' .Th National Inlelligcncer says": llut an
offer had been mads to the Government, at
pr.r, andolherwise favorablcj lorms, for a
coneidersblo psrt of the TJ 6; ILotn lately
authorized by an ect of Congress.
The An-oiiAN Wah. Upto 1830, this
war had cosl the British Government SG0,
000,000. Sinco then, it has cost $15,000,
000 annually-
, . The Mississippi Legislature have passed
a law repealiug vcy part of law which
gives lo towns and villages the power to
license drinking-.
Iiebcllion.Vi copy ihe following from an
article in the Morgan town (Va.)Republican
H shows a bad state of things.
Wc are told that in the adjoining eountv
of Harrison, the deputy sheriffs have
thrown up, and gavo uo'iice to the High
Sheriff that they will no longer act and that
in the lower tmd of tho came county, the
people met to the number of four hundred
or more, and passed rcsluilions lhalfdnring
the present statu of affairs, thoy ivotthl rii
sist the collection of all debis by the officer
of the l.iw. They entered inlo an nrrange
mcnt io chastise and ride upon a tail, any
man who would aitend a sale of executed
property for the ptirpnso of bidding for it,
and a number of other resolutions of tho
same iuipert & bearing-'
About lobe Scllhd' Tho Maine Bonn
dary Question, li is prij)Dud by the
British Government to purchase the whole
trad in diip'ute, and lo pay for it according
to an apprsii'cinsnt by competont Ctlmmis
sioners appointed fur such a purpose. From
SI, 000,000 to 02,500,000 are named, or
Biime sum between these, s tho probable
amouut. Thin, proposition has been sub
milted by tho Secatary of i.ts to tho Gov
ernors of Main and Massehusctis, und the vvaiiungion arc only waiting
lor action of the Stale authorities.
The Crtole Negroes Set at Liberty.
By an arrival at Wilmington, N- C, wo
have been favored with tho perusal of the
following loiter;
Nassau, N. P. April 10, 1842.
A special session of ths Admiralty
Court convened litis djy to hear the charre
of Piracy against the 17 negroes imprisoni d 1
irom me 'Creole.' J lie Atorney General
made his -iinlion for delay of trial on the
ground that it was impossible to obtain tho
necessary evidence- hero, end offered for
the perusal of tho Court a number of aflida
vits ol'tha captain, maty and crew and
passengero of tlie Creole shovinf' that
ullinient evidence could ho procured from
the United Stales, if lime was allowed. Af
ter examination ol ihe testimony ofi'eicd.the
Court replied, thftt were the captain crow
and passengers, as act forth in thu affidavits
hero present to tejiity in this c.ise, they
should consider them &s njt eniiilotl to be
lief or credit and should chaigo the jury to
thai effed; mil thct no evidence could" be
procured to convict the prisnnors, for
they wero perfectly jnsiified in the course
pursued onboard the Creole and were now
nbnr.t be to set free.
The Chief JusticH then abdrassed tho no
groes something in this stylo. It has pleased
God ) set you free from the bonds ofslave
ry, may you hereafter live ihe life of good
and faiihfu' subjects of her ll.iji-siy'a Gov
ernmcnt. 'i'hey were then tct at liberty by
Tho seln -James Power' arrived hero
from Baltimore an the 11th inst- The
0 (11.
trion reTiaino m first re-
poricn; sou noiiers antr-tisrt.j
as yet been eavod. N- Y. Esptes
V'e find ihe follcviiig in the Philadel
phia -Ledger.' How amusing it must have
been lo sec the goulioman pick his teeth after
his delicious dessert:
A gentleman iu New Orleans, having
played an April trick upon his wife in tho
morning, was setved up in fine stylo at
dincer- 'Ho is noted f.o his partiality for
'fritters' as lighV desert,' and on this occaa
ion, after he had tried for ten tminules to
chewjone, nicely 'sauced over' and 'fried
brown,' lio fouud ihey were made of ibo
layesi of cotton that had been dipped in
butler'' Wc call that doing htm brown'
Tho Grain crops, all the county over are.
described as foretokening an ubundant liar
The TFcathcrl Vi'.hin a weak past wo
havehad nil sorts of weather that canbo found
between the torrid and frigid zones. Rain,
hail, snow, heat, cold and frosts, havo each
paid us a visit in turn. It is feared that
the fruit has been injured.
The National Intelligencer of tho
inst, ot-.tss that, nn offer has been mat! a
tho govrnmcnl, at par, and on otherwise
favorably terms, for n considerably part of
ihe United States Joaa hlely outhwjzed by
vJ Numerous Force'. The kpaeite of
London numbered; on tho 1st of January,
1C42, four thousand,. fourhundred and fourteen.'
Large Exgt An eastern paper tells of
nn egg laid by a species of hen imporicd
from France, and dascibea the egg as nine
inches round it the longest way, und sovrti
the olhor.
Wo arc gratified lo learn that our friend
Lt.Col. KEAL .1oOAY, is a candidale
for tho office of COLONEL in the 4Gili
Regiment- He is a good officii, nnd v?o
hops ho will be elected, ns he well deserves
to bo hoisted a peg higher.
T)IED- At the rcjidcnce of hjs son in
Woodvjlle, Luzerne county, on the 22d
ult, RUFUB BENNETT, an old soldier
r.f ihe Revolulion and one of the r!irs of
the fatal bloody battle that resuUted so disis
ttrously to the' Wyoming colony. At tho
timo of the massni-re Mt. Uenunl was ID, at
hi-) death about C2 years old. His remain
wcre buried with military honors by the
ctuzans soiUi?rs ot f'yuunng.
... . . . - .
Tho mciilLcrj nf thta rjniTinnv rril! mnrt f it
uouseoi unirics iJacblcra in JJIconiswrs cu
Saturdau .'he 7th uuu ofAfau inst.
at 2 oVlock in the afternoon, In complete uniform
i, mimary oicrci:o anu Unit.
II. V72BB, Captain
Wo Imvo bc!i,r;rfaf3!e'.l to
is n cnm'i Jata ot thn election in Jun, for the office
ei UUIilttUL of the 'dct JRcgiment i M.
Wo are rsqucstrd to annouuci, that
will baa can Male for tho office of UOI.ONKIi of
tho 71 it Kegimei.vt, P. M. ot tks 0U3uiri!; lunc
We ore requested to tnncunce that
will be aenididitefor the office ofLIEOTENAKT
UOI.OMEI, of ItitJ not KegiKcnt, l W. at iwe
ensuing Jii'io election.
ERIGjBDE inspector.
We mo authorised to anr.cunce.
of tJnlon County, us a CandiJato for the cfiico of
USSUSDH XSl'i:CTUItc at tho June etc
pfpY vixtu? of a writ of olias fiore f.icias to me
jjj dijected, will Hi cidosid to public silo at tho
Ucuri liouFcm DaiKillc, ou rlo;iiliy, trie .'-Jta il;j
of May next, at 10 o'clock, Ai M. the follo-.vius j:io
peity, viz :
One Ff:h Pait of len acres of land, sit
uata in Derry townbip,'n Cclurubia county ,bounil
cd by by laudii of liobcrt .ilcCoy,.Mc;cr and others.
Tho nndivided One Fifth Tart of two
and a half acres ofUnd io tho same township, and
adjoining lande of John 3id!c, FreJcuck Swilzsi-,
end c'.hcrd, clcaicd and in miaJd-.y.
JJoiied, lakn in execution, and lo U sold as tie
propeity ef Andrew H. Cuiumings,
Kurnirr'a Omcr, ) '
Uvi!l, April 9, 1842. 5
."Efipursuanca ofn order of tho Orphans' Court
Thundtiy the 80;aaw-ty-,.v.,
at tcn'o'cloek in tl.o fsrcneoi, William J. lhek:'
r.dmir.istrstof, ifv.of JAC'OU AI.G, lau of
Pleasant towncotp, in said county, ucccascd, will
cipose to calo by public vendue, upsn tho premises
Forty Acres
ofthcnoith end of n certain tract of land dtuatoin
.Mount i'leasant aljoining Daniel Torcc, Daniel
.McCaity, Edward Cavence and William IUslcr,
contiiuiug 50 acres, about 40 acres cf cleared land
on th( premises but no buildings, lute tho estate i(
said deceased, eitustc iu thn township of Mount
I'leasant and coir.-.Iy otare&anl.
U3nilIa,Map4, tC-13, S
Tho 71st Uegiaient, lot Uiigade, 8th- Divuion
Pcnmylvania Militia, will rscst as follows for pa
lado and hicpeclien.
Tho Volunteer Itiflo Cosipany, cominsnded by
Oajitain Gtalay, tho militia companies coKtiinr.ded
by Captains Patterson, iSiucker cad Cainjibell, will
meat at Rhoertihurg. cn Friday, tho SOlIi day of
May nost, at 10 o'clook, A. M., cquJpt njecrding to
Tho other companies of tho let H&ltal.'ion, to
wit : Volunteers, Captoiii3 Swcby, Webb ai.d
Ifc7.1et, and militia, Captalna YnsDc Aritt, Bcidlo
tr.c:i and Stuuplier, wilb their nepccilvo compa
nies, iv ill mcnt at Uloomtburg, ott Saturday, tho
Tho ltd Bailallion will meet at Cattawisja, cn !
Monday, Iho 23J day of Hay, enj tho Volunteer
companies attached thereto, to meet at tho rains
timo and place.
m, Mcdowell, c.
Ail ll 1842.
O? Til 5
.ft. vfllilmn r.f tir r!ils- nnM.irui
Sa'.urdkV Evening will bj cortuunccd
ciith? Snt nfjtlay, 1340, .be."!fjll- pr'itrd o'o
the fir,pi.t white linen pijr. The Pott it ilia bid-
eat and belt esUblbhed piper in t'u t'nicn, having
already got to ths roinmcnccment of tho
While rcstej of yiap'M which lmvo been tttriej
in ihr hit tivrnty-thTco years, aa patscd away
Pjrevcr.tHo Pest still mai"nhw its proud position
in point of ciiculitljli v.ud piou, at :ha head of t'uo
family ncwspa-t-ors of tho day.
The great mo nftlio paper inaMca tho proprie
tors to giv? c grtu'er vurilv cf orijin j a, id selected
matt?r than can bo f.iuaJ m cuteapsrary eU::ls.
Tho paper has bc:u greatly
Edhtrgcd aud Imprtved,
And nivt sp;.nii in licndtowo new typo, chi has
received ;1vj pmis of many editsr u; Ifsto, os tUa
' handsaw ' faoniv shtst it; fie Un'onf Ouref
far.s have bcus directed to the Cjaibluhu of beauty
an fintplicity, with ut:!i'.v iin.t Tho Po.r is
printed on clout wiiite paper, rurjciinj; it licet and
durdMcyfor filing; wliilo in the it rurpotccs every
other we liy nf.vsoapct in l'l i'.i.dcijn'fi, ftiid luia
received from it3 CetctHporaries th? lila'of
Tht Philadelphia Mammoth.
Tha ureal s'-ze of the jMpcreniKcj us to givs all
hr.poitant Congressional procrrdingft at lcpgth, tad
all reporta and other ir.ipjttanl public do(.mcnt
ia full, together wilh occational Coujreciijntl
Speeches iu full.
, Literary Dtpsrtmcnt.
Tho Po:t ia acknowledged to le tha hrst newli
paper in the country in ihe qrianliiy nnd quality of
Its oiigiu-jl liilca. cs.wD, piclry, and other
Tho following contfiliutora arj a warrant of iu
T. H. Arthur, author of Thoeiss J. Bench
I.s.nperancc PlaJdr,' J. SlilCou Suidsrs, autlor
The Br.i'-.ijiMcr'hart, .t.f'l'h AbanVallej
ar.d other Tc.'iipjfa.icoS D Vuclo s-i
Otoriea.. tjydiu li Gijourney
Professor J. H. InjmhamE IV Thomas, authsr of
author of 'LBlte.'iCU,' Ci:nt'jn JlraJihawe,
&c. A;c. J "Toward Pinikney
Jejio E. Dow. oaliuroi 0 Theresa Clmio
iho 'Lo? cf Ola Iran- Mica J lMrlfo
GilcSf wCwC . Jtrmi G VYhi'tier
I,o iiiI'1iir.ieratit Fcsiitro, M"i. H Y Eciling
1!. nl. v. nlsli,
Miai E. Leslie,
W. P. Will.
Mr;. Eauna O, Embury
Mu. A. F. Annan
Jfrs. Latibsrt
James H, Dam
Lcwih J. Cist
Lydii ana l'iersoa
I'hec. S. Vny
Gcorije 1. Morria
Pr.incia S. Os-joud
Ali'red 22. Utrcct
111, It I XN.ctlOlJ
lit s Arr.clte D Welby
;J ToitVu
J Ilocb E-swno
,IjU; Ecymiur
!Mrs Mary H Parscni
'Wrj Ca.oline V Orno
Mr Jii Ft icon Loud
.Mrs Ann 3 Stephens
J T a Sullivan
jMra E C Stfdnssn
Mrs Caro'ire Tea JlontC
HVillifm Wallaro
o rsado ta amuecincnt, in ad
The pub!ihei
dition fir a n
Original Novel,
from tho p.-n of 11. V. Hctbcrt, Ps. author of
Cromwcl!,' E. o'hcrs,' &c. whitij they have
been puyiflihiif for jTuctimo pa3t. 'liii of
this novel is 'aid in America thj cuig.'ct ia tha
Hxccam'erj. Kuch an cpporluru'ly to sulac-iba
f-'ioiibi not bj lo:,t.
Od'sinnl Stories r.p.pjjr in every number of tho
paper, with ciijinal j-IIlIcs jpon all cnbjxto.
'J'fic iJ03t cvntain3 ths greatest variety of Origl
nr.i Talfu, S-.a h;etchk3, Ei,s.-ys, Paetryi 0:153,
Charade;, bit ido th- latt-ct nni best sidection' from
the Ameiican and EnglWi, and all tho
other fountains cf choice Original Literature.
r2SS TiX.US.
It U issued at the old cstabijshnd rata of jTwo)
Rv'.l'irr. per lanuci, Cash in cvance, end .may ha
truly caid, no that it i3 enlargoJ, lo be the
(cheapest petptt in the Union.
As friends niut r.cichhers oitcs vish to clvh to
gcther to fac'jlute icni tlirces, wo offer (o such, or ,
o uity tcreen who will secure us tha ilaiacj and
money, the following
Induceman's to Clubs..
3 copies for 5 dollars in advance port pa?d.
1 --- 10
to ihe MiVfiWCKjccu, 10 eutitlo any person to first paI37arfrif-Xuflj. all erraur-
bo remitted in post pjUi. ""
Wo adhere (0 iho Cp-h vntcra.
Third and Cemut streets, Philadelphia'
PJJUEy would inform t1"! citizens of Ctimiibia
jjj. County, tin. thv have co.i-...;n:ed tltebusi
ffs : ih! sieve place at iht public house cf E.
IiOV.'ELIi, where they an-prepared lo uunafiiC'
ture to o.der, in th? ueutejt, lejt, and -nctt duial Io
(jSAl) and FOOT STO.VHis, cf all
ualitics .MANTLES, vVIN'DOY und COOK
Ordcra f..r Stone can Lolefi with D.GKOSS.who
wii art us Agent d irin; our I!seco.
They cnnjiantly k:? on hand n larije lot of
Vermont, t!ryptia.i and Italian Msrtilo at (heir
who'.ciiaia MarLla T'ml at Selius Grovo, Union
county, Pa.
Bboinslm.-ff Aujant 14, 1511.. ,16
. NOTffCE.
NO'lTOK i.-" hurrhy yiven to M, ihosa
indrnp't 10 the' R;Vo of H'lhuiit Hi iff de
ceased, eiitier i noli or bu-' i" m,,., or
Vendue notes due, pumj.ti must bo
immuuiait'l nide, otherwise iho account
Will be loft w"(i e coiico'or.,