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I liavo sworn upon the Altar of Cod, eternal hostility to every form of Tyranny over the Mlud of Man." Thomas Jefferson
Volume VB.
umbo S
0 prosiTK Sr. Paul's Cnuncii, Main-bt
The Cm. UMDM DEMOCRAT will be.
published every Saturday morning, at
TWO DOLLARS per annum, payable
half yearly in advance, or Two Dollars
Fifty Cents, if not paid within the year,
IN) subscription will be taken for a shorter
period than six months; nor any discon
tinuance permitted, until all arrearages
are discharged.
Jll) VERTISEMENTS. not exceeding a
square will be conspicuously inserted at
iOne Dollar for the first three insertions,
and Twenixj-fivc cents for every subsc
qucnt nscrdon. .2 liberal discount
made to those, viho advertise by the year,
LETTERS addressed on business, must
be post paid.
I havo witnessed many duels, but we
usually ietiled lliese matters with a word-je-belter
method, by the way, and more worthy
eodtier than jou could pistols fiiiug.'Any
pahroon may pull a trigger, but it requires
the firm hand and steady eyetof a man to
Manage tho steel. However us I was say
ng, when I was at Jena they called each
other out as merrily i beaux and belles to
a dance. It was but (reading on a toe
the crush of an elbow iiey, an acciden
tal look that fell on them when they wish
ed uol observation, and the next day,
St. Andrew, the next hour there was the
Chili of steel, and the stamping of foot on
the green sward the kindling and flashing
.of fiery eyas aud pluuge 'and parry, and
cut ahd ifyust, till outs or both lay stretched
ttlongth a pass through the body a gash
open in tho chek--thu skull ideft down;ol
ahand offv.nd the blood bubbling and gush
ing forth like a rill of vnouuviin water.There
were more than on these fellow, devils, 1
should say, who, wtitu tncy lounu among
them some strange student, timid or retiied
whose character they wero unacquainted
with, or who;o courage they doubted
wpuld.f ass the hint out of mere sport, briuli
his shirt; charge tho offence upon him
demand an, opolojy too humble for a hare
and dismiss, him from the adventure with
nn opened shoulder or day-light through
his body.
There wa among its ono fellow named
ilenlz, who assumed, and wore with im
punity, the charactar of the dead bully. Ho
was foremesl in-all the deviltry. His pistol
was death, and his broad sword cut like the
Fcissors of fate. Ii was curious to sen the
fellow fire. Gno.two, and three and good
tyn to his antagonist. II is friendship was
courted by all for to be his cneiry, was to
be in a bloudy grate At length grown fear
loss of bcteg called to account, he took
pride in insulting strangers and even wo
men. His appearance was formidable. A
.great curly giant, with shaggy black hair,
Lugo whiskers and grim mustachios, hree
inches long, twirled under his nose A
sort of beauty ha was, too and among the
woman Lord help us wherever those"
mustachios showed themselves, every op
Tionent abandoned the inound It was nl
lan ically dangerous to have a sweetheart
for out of nuro bravado, Menz would
push forward, uifke love to the lady, fright
en her swain, and either terrify or fascinate
lierself. Should the doomed lover offer
resistance he had no mote. to do but calf a
surgeon, and happy enong-h he considered
himself if he escaped with the loss of an
arm or an eye. He liaH killau lour men
who had never injured him, wounded seven
.teen, nnd fouaht twenty duels: Ho once
challenged a wholo club, who had blank
balled him anonymous, and was pacified
fmly by being rc-admittod, though nil the
members immediately resigned,' and the
elub was broke up.
At last there en mo a.ynulh jWp. the uni
versityslender, quiet and boyish-looking,
with a handsome face, though somewhat
pale and his demeans, though generaly
ehy, was noble and' j!fpoinsil' He
had been but a short time nmong'us, how
ever, bsforo fie was set down as a coward
ly creature, and prime game for the 'devils
broke loose' as tho gang of (be Mentz
termed themselves. The coy youth shun
ned alt the riots and revels of the university
insulted no ore, and if his mantle brushed
ains( that of another, apologised so iminc
diately, so gracefully, and so gently, that
the devil himself could not havo fixed a
quarrel upon him. It soon appeared, that
the lovely girl loved this young stranger.
Now Menu had singled Gertrude out for
himself and avowed his perlerence publicly.
Arnold, for thus was tho new student cal
led, was rarely if ever tempted to our feasts
but ones he came unexpectedly on casual
invitation. To tho great surprise and inter
est of the companyMentz himself was there,
and eeatod himself, unabashed, at tho table
though an unbidden guest. The strongest
cutiosity at jnee arose to witness the result
fojx Mentz had sworn that he would compel
A nold on thier first meeting, to leg pardon
on hie knees foflhelBdaciiy of haviuir ad
dressed his mistress. It had not appeared
Arnold knew ady" tVing of Mentz'a
charcater, for he sat cheerfully and gaily at
the board, with so much the mannru of
a high-born gentleman that every one admit
ted at once his intelligence, his grace and
his boauly, and regretted the abyss on, the
brink of which ho stood.
"f hat hoi" at length shouted Ments, an
the evening had advanced, and the wtrie
began to mount, 'a toast, come, drink it
all; and ho who refuses it is a poltraon and
a coward, I quaff this goblet, full to the
brim, to the health and happiness of Ger
trude de Saale, the faires't of tho fair;
who says he knows a fairer, is a black liar,
and I will wrlo it on his forehead with a red
hot brand.'
Never befote hid Mentz betrayed ,his
brutal soul so openly iu words, but the
guests who knew tha, he was healsd with
wine, passed over his course insult with
snouts of laughter, and drank 'with riotous
confusion loGertrude, fairest of the fair. As
the cleamiKir goblets were omntied. ami
dashed rattled down again upon the table,
3entz arose, and with the bloated impor
lance of a despot, gazed around to see that
all present had fulfilled his orders. Every
iroblcl was emptied but one, which stood
untasled untouched. On perceiving this,
tho ttifiian leaned forwaid, fixed his eyo on
the cup. struck his brawny hsnd down
fiercely on the table, which returned a thu u
tiering clash and rattle, and then repeated
with a voice husky with rage
There is a cup full. By Sf Anthony
I will make the owner swallow its measure
of molten lead if it remains thus ono in
stant longer.'
Drink it, Arnold drink it boy, Keep
thy hands out of uselets broils,' wins
pcrcd a student noar him, rather ad van
ccd in age.
'Drink, friend,' muttered another drily
'or he will not be slow in doinsr his lhreat,l
promise thev.'
'Empty the cup, man,' cried alhird.nev
er frown and tuin pole, or thy young head
will lie lower than thy feet ero to-morrow's
,lt is Ments, the duelli3t.' said a fourth,
dost thou not know his wondrous stcill. He
will kill lime, as if thou were a deer,'1 if
thou opposa him, lis is more merciless than
a ild boar Drink, man drink
Theso good natured suggestions wero
uttered in hasty and vehement whispers,
cud while the students wero thus endeavor
ing to avert tho bloody castastrophe, the
tioHstacain struck his eiant hand
down violently on (he (able, without apeak
ing as if words were to feeble for his,
During this, interesting cene, the youth
had remained motionless, cool, and silent.
A slight pallor, but evidently more oHndig
nation than fear, came over his handsomo
features, and his eyes dilated with emotion
rested full and firm upon ilenlz.
'Uy the mais, goutleraaHJ, said he at
length 'I am a strangor here, and ignorant
of the inanhers prevalent in universities,
but if yonder person bo sane, nnd this no
'Jokcl' thundered Mcnfs, foaming at the
I must tell you that Icamo from & part
of the country whore we nctiher give nor
take such jokes or such insults.'
'Hast thou taken leave of thy friends, said
3entz, partly hushed by astomshmcnt.and
art thoU tired oflile, that thou hurriest on
so blindly to a bloody pillow, boy? Drink
as I have told thee, to Gertrude the faitest
of tho fair!' and his huge round eyes open
ed like tho:o of a bull upon a daring vie
iThat Gortrudc do Saale is fair and love
ly, cried the youth rising, 'may not be
denied by me, .But I demand by what
mischance I and her uamo this night
coineaon'af a board of rioters, and pollu
led by the lips of a drunkard and a rufii
By the bones of my father,' said Mentz
in atone of deep a'nddiro anger, whiuh had
ere then appalled my father, your doom is
ealcd. lie your blood on your own head;
buj? said he observing that the youth, in
stead of cowering, bore himself more loftily
wiiai lony is uiisi nririK, inu urinx, aun
I hurt thee tint. I love thy gallant bearing,
and my game is not such asthou.'
He added this with a wavering of man
ner, wlucli turn never before been wttnesseu
in him, foruevei before had he1 been oppo3
cd so calmly anil so fiercely; and for a trio
mcnt he quailed beneath the fiery glances
darted V. Vim ndm tne whom he supposed
meeker than n dove: but ashamed of his
transient fear ho added:
'Gome to me,',poor child bring with thee
thy goblet bend at iny foot quaff it, as I
have said, and out of pity I spate thy younr
What was tho astoniidiment of the com-
pany, on betioluingArnolil, as it ctlectuaiy
awed by a moment's reflection, and tho
ferocious enmity of so celebrated and dead
ly a foe; actually do as ha way commanded.
He rose took the cup slowly approached
the coat of his insuitcr, knelt nnd
raised the cup to his lips. Murmurs of
'shame!' ,shamo 'poltroon!' 'coward!'
came hot. and thick from tho group of
spectators, who had arisen in tho
excitement of their curiosity, anu
stood eagorly bending forward with every
eye fixed upon the object of their contempt.
A grim smile of sivago triumph distorted
the features of Mentz, who shouted with
a hoarse sud drunken laugh: 'Drink deep
down with it to the dregsl'
Arnold, however, touched the rim to
his lips, and wailed a moment's silence
with nn cxpresion so scoruful and com
posed, that tho hisses and exclamations
were again quelled' When every sound had
ceoacd to a dead silence.
Never,' he said, 'shall I refuso to drink
to the glory of a namo 1 once loved and
honored: Gertrude, fairest of tho fair! Hut
he added suddeuly rising and drawing up
his figure with dignity that silcnceit every
breath, 'for thee thou drunken, bragging,
foolish beast I scorn I spit upon I do
fy thee and Uiub lo punished thy base
brutal insolence and thy stupid presump
As ha spoke he dashed tho contents of the
ample goblet full in the face offMentz, and
then with all Ins strength, hurled the massy
goblet' at the same mark. The giant reeled
and staggered a few paces back, aud amid
the shining liqnor on his drenched clothes
and drinnin? featuers, a strsam of blood
was observed to trickle down his for
1 o
Never before was popular feeling rnoro
suddenly and violently reversed. The ob-
jeet of their vilest execration Vdashed upon
them with tho immediate brightness ol
supsiior being. A lotd and irrepressible
burst of appUuio broke from svery lip,
till tho broad and heavy rafters above
their head, and very foundations of the
floor shook od ttojnbjeiv ul tho rrpeasJull he no distance.
of joy and approbation ceased, for although
this inspiraiug drama had 'o nobly'tforu
raenccd, it was uncertain how it might ter
minate. Before tho tyrant recovered from
the stoned and bewildered trance into
which the blow, combined with the shame,
pain, astonishment ami drunkenness had
thrown him, several voices, after tho ob
streperous calls for silenct!, usual on such
occasions, addressed the youth, who stood
cool and erect, with folded arms waiting
thu course of events'
Brave Arnold noble Arnold a gallant
deed! the blood of a true gentleman in his
But can'st thou fightl' cried dne'
i am a simple student and an artist by
piofession.I havo devoted myself to the
pencil, not (he sword.
'But thou can'si use it a little, can'st not?'
asked another.
But indifferently,' answered the youth
'And how art thou with the pistol?' dc
manded a third.
'My hand is upractised; replied Arnold
1 hare no ktll in sliedutKtiuman blood.
'Fore gad, then, rasifiooy, what has
tempted ihse to this fatal extremity?'
'Hatred of onoression.' renliedtho vnuth
'in all its forms; and williuguT to dietather
than submit to insult'
'Die die then thon shall, and ere to-radc-
row's'sun shall set,' thundered Menlz, start
inK up in a frenzy, and with a hoarse. and.
broken voice that made the hearts of the !
hearers shudder as if it wero the howl of a
dog or demon, 'I challenge thee (o mor
tal combat.'
VAud I accept the challenge'
'It is for thee to name lime, place, and
weapon; but, us thou lovest me, let it not
be longer than to-morrow night, or I shall
burst with rage and impatience'1
'I lovo Ihco not, ba9o dog,' replied Ar
nold, 'but thou shall not die so inglorious
a death. Will fight lliec. therefore, to
night. .
Dy the mother of heavon, boy, cried
Mentz, more surprized, "thou art in haste
to sup in hell;' and the rulfian lowered his
voice, 'art thou madl'
'Bo thai my uhancc,' answered Arnold.
I shall not be likely to meet, even in lull
a companion so brutal as thou, unless,
which I. mean shall be tho cue, rliou bear
me company.
'To-night then uo it, saia Mentz,
though lo-nighl my hand is not steady,
for wine, and anger aro no friend to the
'Dost thou refuse me, thenf domanded
the youth with a sneer.
By the mass, no; but to-night is dark
the- moon is down, the stars are clouded,
and tho wind goes by in heavy puffs and
gusts. Hear it even nowl'
'Therefore,' said the youth apparently
inoro coldly as his iierte rival grew more
perccpitbly agitated 'therefore will we lay
down our lives here, in this hall, on this
not. on this instant, even us thou standest
There h no one hsre who will bo my
friend.' said Mentz. eo evidently sobered
and subdued by the singular composure and
self-possession of his antagonist, that all
pietont held him in. contempt and no one
'No matter,' cried Arnold; 'I will myself
forego the same privilege.'
'And your weapon!' said Menlz,
Are -here,' cried Arnold, drawing them
from his bosom 'A enter pair never drew
blood. The choice is yours.'
Tho company now began to fancy that
Arnold had equivocated in disdaining his
skill as a duellist, and from hu invincible
composure thought him a more fatal master
of the weapon than the bully himself.
The latter himself also partook ef this
'Young man,' he cried in a voioe clouded
and broken but stopped and said no farther'
'Your choice exclaimod Arnold, pre
sentingtho pistol. Mentz seized one despa
rcte!y(aud scidj'Now, namo y cur distance.'
Blood thirsty wolf,' said Arnold, 'there
Ho' iheiitprned and addressed the' com'
Gentlemen, ho said, 'deem fho hot eilli
er savage nor insane", that I sacrifice myself
and this brutal wretch (hut before your
oyce, arid to certain and instant destructlom .
For me, I confess I hasp no value irr life
She whom I loved, liavo swdrn 10 forgelf
and if I existed a lUouSund vcars. should
probaly never seo again. Tnis'rnfliaui3 a
coward, and fears to die, though he docs
not fear daily to merit death. I have long
heard of his baseness, and regarded him aa
an assBiuim Tho enemy of the ..human
race, and of God adancerous beasdwhofrf
it will be n mercy and 'a virluo to d'eitroy.
My own life I would be well 'rid of, but
would not fling it away idly when its lossr
may be made subs:rvient to the destruction
of vice, and tho relief of humanity. Here,
then, I yield my breath, aud litre, tco, this
trembling and ahrikng caravan shall closo
his course of debauchery and murder. My
companions, farewell; should any one hora
after chance to meet Gertrude ds Saale, tell
her I luve flung away a life which her false
hood mde me despise; and now, recreant,'
lie said in a fierce tone, turning towards
ilenlz, 'plant thy pistol to my bosom, I
will plar.t mine to Ihinr.Lst one of tho com
pany tell three, nnd the third number
be the signal to firu-'
With an increased paleness in hiftdonnie
nance, but wim even tnoro terocity and
firmness, Arnold threw off his cap, display
ing his high brow and glossy, ringlets hie
lips wero clospd' and firm anu his eyeV,
which glisoned with a deadly glare, wero
fixed on Mentz. Ho then placed himself
in an .ittituds of firing, broadened his expos
ed chest full befurc his fice, and, with a
stamp of fury nud Impatience raised (he-
weapon The brow-beaten bully altempl"
yd to do the same; but tho pistol held loos
ely in his grasp wet her by accident or in
teuiiun, went off btfurf; the signal. lis
contents, passed through tha garments of
Arnold'Who levelled the muzzle of his ova
and siid calmly 'On your kuees baso
slave vile dog. or you diel"
Unable any longer to support his f;arae
the unmasked coward sunk on both knees
and prayed for life with right earnest ve
hemence. Again, wild shouts of applause
and delight and peal of 'riotous laugher
sluncd his ears' As he rose from his hum
bling pasture Arnlod touched him contqm-
ptuously with his foot. Groans and hisses
no-.v began to be mingled with divers rrit2-
ives. Mentz covered his face with his
hands, and rushed from tho room Ho
was never subsequently scon among us.
We find in Whitney's History of the
town of Quinoy, Mass, the following' anec
dote of the boyhood of tho elder Adams,
which may provoke a smile, as well as il
lustrate the economy and simpliciy of those
easy times in New England. The publio
school in Quincy was taught for many
yean by a Mrs Belcher. 'It was n cus
torn witli her to carry her corn to mill hsr
self, except when somo of her scholars lent
her a helping baud' John Adams, (ono of
tho iiumberjfierwards President of the
Unites, was a favorite among iho rest, and
when he carried the corn, eho give him
as a reward three cuppers, and charged him
nl the same time to keep his money to buy
land with. It is unnecessary to add hov
well he profiled by early instruction,'
'Pa,' said a little white haired urchin a
he was eyeing some bank notes his father
was counting, 'why do they put the pio
ture of faimers, mechanics, and working
men on bank bills!'
'I doni know', my son.'
Well I do pa, I've' just found out, It's
because the, have to snffer more than other
people when tho bauku fails,'
tt should seem that indolence itself would
incline a person to bo honest, as it requires
infinitely creator paint and contrivance to
be a Vnavs.