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    Wo heard this story. Lady Melvil would
have been your good genius, she would
havo secretly enriched you beyond the
dreams of avarice, but the unhappy lady
would have sought out a home in another
land, there to end her days solitary and a
lone.' Frederick dropped the hand of his
Wife, he let fall the muslin robe, and taking
the piece of money in bath his hands, ho
earned it to his lips with almost reverential
solemnity You see,' said Madame de la
Tour, thai I am no fsiry, hut on the con
trary from you came the fairy's gift, and it
has indosd proved a talisman.
The Remains of Napoleon. A corres
pondent of the New York Jonmal of Com
merce, writing on the 13th of Oetober,from
St. Helena, says that the day appointed for
the removal of the lemains of Nanoleon.on
board the Belle Poule frigate, was the 15th;
'Pl.: ,L nr.l. r T
iu iym iiiu uid anniversary oi inbdo-
Icon's arrival at the Island. Tho English
authorities showed an anxiety to give all
possible solemnity to ' the ecene. The
Prince on landing was received by the au
thorities and a guard of honor, with silutcs
from the Battery and n British vessel of
wnr then lying in the Reads. He and his
retinno immediately after landing proceeded
to Government House; and after remaining
there about half an hour, they proceeded to
Napoleon's Tomb.and returned to the town
in about five hours.
The letter statosjthat the spot on which
Napoleon was buried belongs to a Mr.
Richard Torbett, Merchant. Napoleon
having frequently visited that ground during
is nie ume, on which was a beautilul
spring of water (with which water he was
daily supplied) and a cluster of weeping
willows, had frequently expressed a wish
to be interred nnder those trees in case he
should die at St. HoIena;vhich request was
immediately, and with great pleasure,
granted by Mr. Torbett when made known
to him. Consequently the interment took
placo these. Tho widow of Mr. Torbett,
now poor, has been promised the influence
ef Prince de Joinville, to procure her a
pension from tho French king.
The "Belle PouIe'Vontained a Sarcopha
gus of ebony for the purpose of holding the
coffin of Napoleon. On board tho "Belle
Poule" is a Chapel fitted up for its recep
tion, which is lined with black velvot, in
email pannels, sprinkled all over with sil
ver stars.festooned with silver cord and las
Bfc'e. There is an altar, with a crucifix over
it, &t one end of tho Chapel. This Sarco
phagus is supported at the corners iy four
Eagles. On the top of it is to be placed an
mbroidersc black velvet cushion, and en
the cushion a Crown. Suspended to the
ceiling immediately above the crown, a ball
with the cross on the top of it, and under
tho ball the emblem of Justice. In the
Chapel are also four pyramids to hold can
dles; suspended to the ceiling are four ves
sels to burn incense, thero is also a rich vel
vet pall, which is said to have cost 25,000
francs to cover the Sarcophagus. Spirit bf
tht Times.
Ii n few months our distinguished fellow
citizen, the only eon of New York who
ever filled the Presidential chair, will lay
aside tho robes of office, and once more,
and for the first timo in many years, return
to the walks of private life. Unpleasant
as it may be, do not look upOn his defeat
as a circumstance which is calculated to de
press his spirits to uake him feci either cha
grin or mortification. It is a proud honor
to have received tho warm and ardent sup
port of over a million of bis fellow citizens,
iv ho have gathered around him, as tiie rep
resentatives of their political opinions, and
as a man in whom they had perfect confi
dence. During his administration, ho has
done nothing with which his political oppo
nents oould find fanlt, with tho single ex
ception of the passage of the sob-treasury
law, for wo look upon tho standing army
and the Ogle speech as mere electioneering
tricka, This measure, it is insisted by some
of the Harrison prints, was passed on in
the late eontest, and the election amongst
others of Mr. Howard in Michigan, is one
of the proofs, ns Mr Urary, the present
member, voted for the Sub-Treasury Bill.
Mr. Crary was not the democratic cardidato.
And snppese, for the sake ef the argument,
that each charges do prove the opposite,
-what is to be done with Georgia, where the
whole Harrison delegation aro eloctsd, and
yet eveiy one it pledged to go against a Na
tional Bink and in favor of the Sub-Treas
urrBilli Bat wo do not proposo now to
review tho measures of Mr. Van Buren
administration, but simply to say, that they
hare without one sinrlo exception, met with
tho warm approbation of the democratic
party. Defeat, we are happy to learn from
those who have seen him, has not altered
tho calm serenity of his manners, nor has
it shaken for a moment tho firmness of his
political principles.
Retired from tho stormy held, wo are
convinced that Mr. Van Buren's opponents
will award him praise lor his firm, couste
tent, manly coursp. lhere has been no
truckling, no time (erring, no yielding to
expediency, even though it might have en
sured his re-election, and suth qualities
must and will command the respect of all
In his priyata relations, Mr. Van Buren
has withstood the severest scrutiny, and
eren the petty mind of Mr. Ogle, whilst it
' t.t .U. f .L.
was rumm&ginu araiu mo ikush ui uio
nantries and kitchen for material for a politi
cal speech, could not find ought in Mr. Van
Buren s Wo which would alloru a ejoax to;
bis contemptible attacks,
We are free to confess that, actuated by
these considerations, wo shall feci prond a
gain to welcome Mr. Van Buren lo his na
tive State, and we trust that he will be re
ceived by his political friends with the same
feeliugs which he would have been had he
been successful in (he late contest. He has
served the people for more than thirty years,
and has filled with credit, every office from
tlie lowest to tno highest. As a man, ns a
politician, as an ex-officer, ho is entitled to
our respectful attentions, and wc promise,
in the name of tho Democracy of New
York, n triumphal rocoption. iY. Y. Plan
tUITUIWaV, ItECEJtllEll 12, 1840.
We are requested to give notice, that tho
Bloom township Temperance Society will
meet in tho Methodist Meeting House, in
Bloomsbuig, on Saturday evening next, De
cember 19th 1840, at early candlo light.
We wore much pleased at seeing our ar
ticle, two weeks since, npon this subject,
met, with the right spirit, by the Editor of
tho Danville Democrat, in his reply. We
wore always desirous of treating the subject
with fairness and condor, and was theroforo
happy in finding one man in Danville ready
to do so. We never wished to detracl a
particle from tho ndvantcgea that Danville
possesses either by nature or by art, for
tho successful prosecution of the business,
nor did we ever wish to retard her prosper-
ty- Bat while we were willing to allow
them to puff themselves into notice, we
claimed tho right of showing tho advantago
that Bloomsburg and vicinity possesses,
without being accused of jealous feelings
towards others. All wo have contended for
was two things. Firstthat wo had abun
dance of water power, thai Danvilloihd not
possess, and that Iron could bo mauufactur-
d cheaper with that power, than by steam.
Secocdly that our ore had less dileteroua
matter among it when rained, than any oth
er ore yet discovered, and of course could
be manufactured with less expense. Have
we claimed too much, wo think not. And
it gives us pleasure, wo acknowledge, to
be able o introduce the calculation of the
Editor of tho Danville Democrat in support
of our position more especially so, as he
professes to have received it from men of
practioal experience." He says thai "pig
iron will probably cost per ton by the use
of anthracite coal, with a furnace capable of
producing 40 tons per week.
tons of ore, at 81, $2 00
14 tons of coal for ameltinz the ore. r
a $2 3 00
do. for using engine, 1 50
do. for heating blast, 0 25
1 ton of limestone, 0 70
Labor, 2 CO
Interest on investment, (320,000 0 00
$10 65
New then deduct from this expense the
item of ? ton of coal for using engine, tho
difference in the quality of our ore 20per
cent, which he allows, tho difference in la
bor batweon water and steam power, at least
CO cants per ton and the difference in the
capital invested which would be about 10.-
000 dollars and we have tho following re
sult: Ore for ton of iron
Coal for smelting
For heating blast
Interest or Investment
7 85
Miking n stving in favor of water power
connected with tho Bloomsburg ere, of
per ton of pig metal, or in the work of
DOLLARS and in one year of $5,824.
A pretty little saving surely on a cap
ital of only ten thousand dollars.
It will be seen that our calculation is bas
ed on that of tbe Danville Democrat, and
he cannot therefore, complain that ours is
too low, as wo have plainly shown wherein
the difference lies. But it is our belief, and
wo have formed it from information receiv
ed from men of " practical experience,'
that both calculations are too low, by from
three ioftue dollars per ton. Now, if this
be actually true, what is the use iu attempt
ing to disguise it by making paper calcula
tions that never can bo realized. It will
do more injury in tho end thai it can possi'
bly do good. It may induce, it is true some
to run headlong into the business", with ex
travagant outlays, and help to draw into the
meshes of the artful and designing specula
tor, who has nothing to loose, ihe unwary
and credulous, and bring destruction upon
them before they aro aware ef it, and in the
end bo more iniurous to the ' Iron busi
ness" and of course to the country, that
good can possibly grow out of it. On the
contrary, a prudent man will make hia cal
culations upon such a basis, as that in no
ovent, his expenses can be above it, and
thus commence his business under such ar
rangements as will ensure him accttata prof
it, though but small.
By the above remarks, we certaialy do
not wish to discourage ony capitalists from
entering cxtonsively into tho business, but
on the contrary, it is our aim, to encoursge
permanent and profitable concerns in the
county, such as will not inly be a blessing
to the owners but to tho people. The ago
for speculations upon mere paper calcula
tion, wc hopo and trust is gone to the comb
of tho capalits and that the " sober second
thought of the capitalists," will settle down
on u certain and permanent business that will
return them n suro annual profiS npon their
investments. That suoh can be done, in
tho iron business in Columbia county, there
canuot be a manner doubt. And in las lan
guage of the Danville Democrat.
To persons desirous of commenciag the
iron business we would uay, the sooner vou
come to Columbia county the botler;oro can
yet be had at Irom three quarters to one
mile from the canal. This will be taken by
those who come first; and (hnse who come
ator, must go amber from the navigation,
and thereby add to the expense of hauling
tho ore to the lurnaees, all of which will, ot
course, be located immediately at the banks
of the canal. Wc hail with pleasure the
not far distant period when not only thu
neighborhood, but that of Bloomsburg also,
shall tcc:n with iron establishments of all
kinds, which will vieltl thousands of thou
sands annunlly to tho wealth of our enter
prising citizens, and make Columbia county
equal if not superior fo tho celebrated iron
districts of Great Britain. Messrs. Biddle,
Chambers & Co. have set a noble exam
ple; let other capitalists ' follow in thsir foot-
steeps.' "
Winter has made her appearance, and
covered the earth with her snowy mantle,
to tho depth of about ten inches, and the
North Branch Canal is now cloood for the
season, it has been in operation about two
months since the completion of tho repiris,
the new locks having worked well. They
have been rebuilt on a stylo of plan sad
workmanship which does ciedit to the En
ginors and contractors.
The Presidential Electors of this State
met at Harrisburg en Wednesday, the 2d
inst. and cast their votes for Wrn. H. Har
rison and John Tyler. Bernard Connolly,
jr. one oi the oleotors, being absent, Thos.
H. Burrowes, wns uppointed by the board
in his stead.
Thaddues Stavens is making exertions to
be appointed Post Master General. Twen
ty of the Presidential Electors of this State
signed his recommendation.
Congress met at Washington City on
Monday last, but in consequence of there
not being a quorum present, it adjourned
until tho next day, Tuesday. The heavy
snow storm on Saturday and Sundiy pre
vented several members from reaching tho
seat of Government.
Ihe New York Journal of Comraerco
says: "A committee from the Philadelphia
Hanks; and a committee from the Boston
Banks, are expected to meet in New York
in a few days, to consult on the general
welfare." Query? Is tho welfare of the
Banks, as conducted for a few yesrs past,
compatible with the welfare ot tho Peo
By the following, from the Columbia
county JJemvcrat. we perceive thst our
pieal brother Wi:nn has received a " Pub'
he Document, "from our distinguished ren
resentativc. Wo have not hsd that honor,
during tbe iwo last Sessions of Congress,
from the Doctor, in his public cnoacitv
and never expect to in any other, for we
don't think that such an illiberal specimen
ui uuuiamiy cvuiu ue iioeuea,
Wilkesbarre Advocate.
J. Q. Adams. The Hon. John Quincy
AdaraB is now 74 years of g.
The fbllowins is a copy, of thi3
man's letter to the President of
the Boaid
ol Canal Commissioners, lesigning Ins of
fice into their hands. It will be seen that
the reasons alleged aro impcraltvo.aud that
he withdraws from the road under these
considerations. We havo seen the certifi
cate givon to Mr. C. by the Canal Commis
sioners, showing that his occounts are set1
Med, and that he has fulfilled all his obliga
tions to the Commonwealth a testimonial
that is never givon wheie it is undeserved:
and which is the best recommendation auy
man can desire. Lancaster Intel.
Supeiuntendkn't's Ofi ice, ?
Lancastor, Nov. 15, 1840,5
Edward B. Hubixy, Esq., President
Board Canal Commissioners You will
rscollecl, that, at the time of mv re-appointment,
in February last, I then expressed a
doubt whether my injurod health would not
compel me to rosigu the office which you
by a reappointrasut, had just conferred up
on me, bel'oro tho commencement of anoth
er winter. Fiem that time until the pres
ent, I havo been in doubt as to tho couise I
thuuld pursue. But tho cummonccmcnt of
cold anil chaugcablo weather has removed
all doubt or difficulty in relation to the
courso I must, injustice to myself adopt.
I find, which I hoped would not bo the case
my constitution very much injured, and to
risk the exposure which cannot bo avoided
in the proper management of a road so im
portant as this, would be a sacrifice which
1 caunot think of making. 1 therefore, ro
spectfully, resign tho ofiice of Superinten
dent of Motive Power.ou tho Columbia and
Philadelphia Rail Road to tho power which
gave it.
I will, howovor, with pleasure continue
to perform the duties of the office till such
lime as may suit the pleasure and conveni
ence of the Board to appoint n successor.
I will teo, most cheerfully remain a few
days after the appointment of a successor,
and giro him every information and assis
taneo in my power, be he who ho way.
Very respectfully your obedient servant,
That " bright p ennv" the Baltimore Sun,
has been curious in comparing the salaries
of the diOcirnt Governors, in the various
stales of tho Union. From the Sun's rays,
we are able to raise the following list of
compensations ;
Gov. Roman
New York
( Dedgo
Massachusetts' 3CG0
South Carolina 3500
Virginia 3333
Mississippi 3000
Kentucky 2500
Florida Ter. 2500
Wisconsin 2500
Iowa 2500
New Jersey 2000
North Carolina 2000
N. Hampshire 1200
Connecticut 1100
Vermont 750
Rhode Island 4C0
Census Return. The Census of Mis-
souri gives 137,750 as the population. In
crease in four years, about 51,000.
rennsyivauia Mas it appears, by the lain
census, a population of 1,318,233.
new Jersey has 373, 272 inhabitants.
rhis is an increase in ten years, of 52,493.
Population of the Citv and f!
i mnuoipnu oily, 03,783! . -,. ' ...j
bounty. 105,049
bhewmg n increase since last census of
i t Ml 11 ...
a. oiii nns ocen reported in tho Sonalo of
ueorgia, which requires the Banks of that
State le resume specio payments on or be
foro the first day of February, 1811, or
otherwise to forfeit their charters. A m.
newal of the question of immediate resump
tion of specie payments by the banks, has
ajsin become general thronghou'. the Union
The people are impatient, and it cannot be
otnsrwise man that Ihe banks will now be
compelled to do their duty. As far as Penn
sylvania is concerned, there is not the
.-l.. uuiiiitiuance oi tne sus
pension beyond the time fixed at tho last
session of onr Legislature, the 15th of next
month, it the banks of this Common
woann, are not men able to resume thev
.uill u. 11.1 .. .... ... .. ' . j
w. i-uiiijjoiiou ij nuumit to tno requisi
tinwa nf tUa l..u 'PI.- T.I
,u j. no ixecuuve wo are
informed, upon good authority, is fullv ,t.
jermined to show no further indulgence.
They must thereforo resume at that time
or abide the consequencss of a contrary
v.wwivi iiu luetic ttuui wuai ii arisos.
State Cap. Gaz,
JFculd'nt Met 'Hie Siamese
oaiu, am uuuiifc iu IHKO a WHS. WftllMu'
me unue oe inotcaoie lor "bigamy."
The Now Yorrk Journal of Ooinmtfpi
says: "Wc subjoin the ofhYml vote au
Clulne f.t nntiil Ii. nnliiBn 1 .1
kiiaivj iui a. ivMiuviiiioi uikLitiio, iinU 1(16 In Ki
i) ro vim ate riiatHrilicu in the
1 cept South Carolina,whoie electors nrc cho
sen bv the Legislature. In tho 10 Siatst
of wh'ch wo have full retnrns.tho ng-gregatj
numbsr of votes is greater by 037,510 tht
in 18.Ja,anu J'JS.'J 10 greater than tho wht.'.
number ol votes men pound lurouirhom it..
Union) which was 1,403,885, Ti'.e whoh'
number polled at the recent election is aUni
,4uu,uuu, snowing an increase in f
vcars, of about 000,000, or 00 per cent
!ti.. rtu: : ,i, tt..:L .
1 ric iiitijumv iu ma .J lilllll,f;XCIUSlVr
oi ctouin uaronna, is ddoui i4'J,uu(i;which Ii
liv a fair nllnwnncn for Rmiili f!. i. M
would bo reduced to 125,000. This m,
a "deomed and taken" as Harrison's mi.
jorily in the United Stares."
It is worthy oi notice.savs the Baltimcw
Republican, that by a change of 337 vutat,'
viz: UUo in Maino and 101 in I'onnsTlea.
itf, t an uuiuii iiij'tii iiiivt; nun 1VJU f. gn
loral votes, instead of GO, his present num
Pillgarticku.'l'ho N. Y. Tatilor shi.
that one nf the firm of a drug store in Mat.
ket street, in this citv has been taken m.
and held to bail in the amount of fivo thou.
nd dollars, lor counterfeiting Dr, icier,'
I .t-l.. n!!l- 1V .).. .
i egi'inum riiia. n u un nui iikb lo nivs
names, "cause vyf oven the truth is libs1
loirs under the righteous laws of out
A Royal Stockholder. Tho Prince of
Orange, who lias recently been advancad
to tho throne, by tho voluntary abdication
of his father, tho King of tho Netherlands,
is a holder ol BtocK in our United Stale
Band to the amount of one million of doll-
VZms&n'.'r' -A
rr 1 r-i , ,
si tramm?. an in"iBii psnar eavs,
that eight Peers of England, who were mar
ried to divorced women, died suddenly with-
n the last three years. "Bevare of the vid'
ers, aamivel, beraro of the viddersr
Gen. Atkinson. Brigadier General II,
Atkinson denies that he ha been stricken
with paralysis, as asserted in the St. Au
gustine News, and says he is on tho con-
trary, capable ol taking the field, and of
performing tho duties appertaining to hi
Exciting Trial. A man ia now under
(rial before the supreme Judicial Court of
Massachusetts, silting at Salem, fot violat-
ng tho person ot his own daughter. Ilu
name is Moses Goodhue; he is 50 years 0?
age, end has been imprisoned onco befom
for three years for a similar but less heinous
offenco. His daughter is an intelliirant ani
racdest looking girl, only sixteen rears cf
!- f. . . t , , . ' t
ngo. 1 uo oxtiiemoni causeu uy mis iriii
s intense, and has never been equalled
inco tho celebrated cases of the KnapnJ
were tried in the same place many years 3'
go. 1 he crime of which Goodhue is accu
sed is punishable by death in Massachu
setts. Fatal Coincidence. A vour.11 man nam
ed Daniel Polhemus was killed near Bound-
brook, N. J. a few days since, by beinj! il
run over by a wagon from which ho liai
ust jumped. What is the most romarkabfo
in the death of this vouni? man, is thut of
an elder brolher.after whom he was nameJ
was killed by a similar accident.
A Nurse Well Paid. Oueon Viclom
has engaged s nurse at tho rate of 300
for the first month and 1 per day thorsaf-
Novel Burking. A eoxton of one of
the chutches at Stockport, England, has
been arrested on tho charge of murdering
two childrenor the sole purpose of obtain
ing the burial fees! A similar case occur
ted in Switzerland in 178C,whero at a gen
eral communion held at the Cathedral
church of Zurich, the wino was poisoned by
the grave digger, by which means eiglit
persons were killed and hundrode more li
ken dangerously ill I
77ic Inauguration. The newopapM
of Ohio stale that the President elect is to
be accompanied to the scat of government
by "thirty thousand horseaien." We hav3
no doubt, there will be at least that number
in altrndaneo, who will be anxious to ride
into office.
A paper has been nut in circulation a-
mong the electors recommending to General
iiuiuauii uiu appointment il Thauueus aic
vens Postmaster General. Wo learn that
some havo signed it, and that others have
rciusod upon the gaound that he would not
appoint any whigs to office, but prefer ttie
""lies, we advise them not to quar
rel among themselves as they will have fj
nsugh to occupy their attention from now
until spring in settling tho difficulty be
tween the Strohra and Hiester parties.
Keystone. .
An exchange paper says; A "RnFOUJt
Convention" was recently held in Boston
to consider among other things, tho expedi
ency uf abolishing the Christian Sabbath,
Ihe priesthood, &o &c. Il adjourned after
a three days session, to re-assemblo on tho
last Wednesday iu March uext.