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fHOULD rrccivd a preference over nil Pills now
In existence:
First Bccauso they are composed of Vegetable
extracts, frro from minerals; and may 1x3 taken at
al times with perfect safety ly young audfthl, with
out restraint from occupation, tomperato living, ot
fear of taking cold.
Second Because they arc composed of such
medicinal extracts, as have been employed hy all
the most celebrated and respcctablo Physicians for
more than a century past, in purifying the Ulood
rind Animal fluid of the body.
Third Because they may bo employed as a
rnild or active purgative, according to the quantity
taken, and their operation will not be attended with
griping of tho bowels, sickness at the stomach,
prostration of tho system, &c, as are produced by
other pills.
Four tli Because they possess a combined action,
not possessed by any other pills, mixture or prepar
ation whatever. Their first effect is in correcting
all impurities with which the blood and fluids of
tho body may bo allectcd, and by tticir gently opera
tive effect, removing such impurities from tho sys
tem. Fifth Because they aro the terror of Quacks
and Impostors, for most persons aro obliged to take
tho Sarsaparilla Ulood Pills, after taking their vilo
nd destruc.ive nostrums, to counteract and prevent
thci mischievous and baneful effects.
Sixth Because they are the only pills in which
Physicians have sufficient confidence to recommend
to their patients, and employ in their practice, as
they know they are Anti Quack, Anti Mercural,
Anti Billious as well as a good and safe purgative
and purifier of the Blood and Animal Fluids,
Seventh and last But not the least important,
be because they aro prepared by a regular Apothe
cary and Physician, attested ny Drs. Physic, Hor
ner, Chapman, DewCes, James, Gibson, Jackson,
Coxe, Hare, &c, &c, which alone is sufficient to
entitle them to great confidence.
Certificates and Recommendations from Physi
cians and others accompany the directions around
tach box,
tyJT'Prict Twtnty Five Cents a BoxJft
Prepared only and sold Wholesalo and Retail at
Dr. LEIDY'S Health Emporium, No. 191 North
Second st., a few doors below Vine street, Philadel
phia, also, gold by
J. Gilbert & Co., North Third street above Vino.
G.S. Clemens, do 3d do do Wood st.
J. R. Smith Sc. Co. do 2d do next the Red
Lion, and all respcctablo Wholesale and Retail
Druggist's in Philadelphia.
They are also sold by:
J. F. Long, Lancaster, Pcnnsylvonia.
J, W. Rohrer, do do
V. Eberman I.itiz.
J. W. Oakly, Reading.
J. B. Moxer, Allcntown.
P. Pomp, Easton.
Arid tho principal Merchants and Drugists in tho
Uniied States.
Fr sale at the Health Emporium .Bloomsburg
by D. S. TODIAS, Agent.
Bloomsburg July, 10, 1839. 11.
OMMONIC TION. How few they are that
happen to be afflicted with Coughs or Cold3
pay attention to them. How many thousands from
each ncclcct shorten their days, and hasten their h-
rial dissolution. Parents neglect them in their chil
dren, and thus form the foundation lor Uonsump-
.tion, and hundreds of parents annually follow their
own children to the grave, having died lrom some
affections of tho B rear and Lungs, which w we neg
lected in their first stages.
Coughs and Colds, whether existing among young
or old, ought at all times bo attended to early, and
not suffered to continue any length of time, for tho
Lungs once affected,disease soon makes rapid strides,
ending in the most fatal of all diseases, namely Con
VATIVE for Coughs, Colds, Catatrhs, Influenzas,
Shortness of Breath, Whooping Cough, Pain in
the Breast or Side, all affection of the Breast and
Lungs, and arrest of approachinsg Consumption, is
the most popular medieino used throughout all Ger
many is becoming equally popular in the United
States, and has established for itself a reputation
not possessed by any other medicine for the same
class of diseases. (See certificates and recommen
dations from Parents, Physicians, and others, accom
paning the directions.) It is a preparation perfect
ly safi and harmless, pleasant to tho taste, and may
be given to the youngest infant. It is warranted
free from mercury and tho minerals, and is a prepar
ation of a regular Apothecary and Physician, attcs
ted by Drs. Physic, Chapman, Gibson. Jackson,
Horner, Dcwccs, Coxe, James, &c. a circumstanco
alone sufficient to induce a trial of it
Dr. N. B- Lcidy, Proprietor of the abovo medi
cine, confidently recommends it to all, and assures
all most nositivclv that it is an invaluable medicine
and would not himself recommend it, but for it,
known efficacy.
Prepared only and for salo Wholesalo and Retail at
Dr. LEIDY'S Health Emporium, No. 191 North
Socond street a few doors below Vino street, Fhila-
adelnhia also, sold bv
J. Gilgert &Co., North Third street above Vino
G.S Clemens, do 3d do do voocst
J. R. Smith &. Co. do 2d do next the Red
Lion, and by all respectable Wholesale! and retail
Druggists in rniladeipliia.
They are sold by:
J. F. Long, Lancaster, Pennsylvania.
J. W. Rohrer, do do.
V. Ebennan Litiz.
J. W. Oakley, Reading.
For sale at tho Health Emporium Bloomsburg
fcy D. S. TOBIAS, Agent,
Compound Tomato
Entirely Vegeiabe,
A new and ipvaluable Medicine for all diescases
arising from impurities of the blood morbid secre
tion of the liver and stomach. Also, a substitute
for calomel, as a chatlurtic in Fevers and all billious
These popular pills combining a newly discov
ered Alkaline substance extracted from the TOMA
TO PLANT, with other vogetablo snlwtancee
which have been found to modify and diffuso its ef.
fecU, are believed to bo the best Alterative and Ca
thartic Madicine ever discovered.
For ordinary family physio they aro tint
voraaUV annroved. as the best over offered
A full account of this Medicine, and nu
merous certificates from physicians and
others, accompany ach box.
Just received and for sale at the new
Dug Slore by J- MOYEU, Agent,
Aug IT.
urr.nion to tnt. HTOEANjBnANniTii's, V.yxv
55glnniA! PimoATivr., the Matchless (priced)
SANATlyc, or any other pills or compound before
the public, as certified to by Physicians and others
Let nono condemn them until they havo tried
them, and then wo are certain they will not.
It is now a settled point with alt who have used
the Vcgctablo Persian Pills that they aro pre-eminently
tho best and most efficacious Family Medi
eino that has vet been used in America. If every
family could become acquainted with their Sovcr
cign power over disease, they would keep tlicm and
be prepared with a suro remedy to apply on the firs
appcarauco of disease, and then how much distress
would bo avoided and money saved, as well as the
lives of thousands who aro hurried out of time by
neglecting discaso in its first stages, or by not being
in possession of a remedy which they can place de
pendence upon..
The Resurrection, or Persian Pills.
The name of these pills orginated from the cir
cumstance of tho medicine being found only in tho
cemetaries of Persia. This vegetable production
being of a peculiar kind, led to experiments as to
ita medicinal qualities and virtues. In half a cen
tury it became an established medicine for the dis
eases of that country. The extract of this singu
lar production was introduced into some parts of 10 u
ropo in the year 1783, and used by many celebrated
Physicians in curing certain diseases, where all oth
er medieino has been used in vain. Early in the
year 1792, tho extract was combined with a certain
vegetable medicine imported from Dura Baca, in
tho East Indies, and formed into Pills. The admir
able effect of this compound upon the human sys
tem, led physiicans and families into its general
use. Their long established character their univer
sal and healing virtues, tho detergent and Cleansing
qualities of (heir specific action upon the glandular
part of tho system, arc such as will sustain their re
putation and general use in the American Repub
I certify that I have, by way of experiment, used
tho Hygcan, and most of the various kinds of Pills,
in my practice, which havo borno the highest repute
in the public estimation, that have been offered for
salo in this vicinity for tho last five years, including
those called the Resurrection or Persain Pills; and
the public may rest assured that nono among the
whole cataloguo has answered a better purpose, as
an easy and effectual remedy, than the Resurrection
or Persian Pills, in most cases of disease.
Chahles Backus, M. D.
Rochester, N. Y. Sept. 21, 1837.
Messrs. E. Chase & Co. Gents. Hearing
much said about the extraordinary effects of the
Resurrection or Persian Pills, upon thoso about to
become mothers, we were induced to make a trial of
them. My wife was at that time the mother of fivo
children, and had suffered the most tedious and ex
cruciating pains during and after her confinement
of each. She had tried every means and taken
much medicine, but found little or no relief. She
commenced taking tho Persian Pills about three
months before her confinement (her health being ve
ry poor about this length, of time previous) and in a
short time she 'was enabled by their uso to attend to
tho cares of a mother to hjr family until her con
finement. At tho time she commenced taking tho
Persian Pills, and for several weeks pi cvious, sho
was afflicted with a diy hard cough, and frequent
sevcie cramps, which tho use of the Pills entirely
removed bctore using halt a box. It is with the
greatest confidence that wo adviso all those about to
become mothers to make use of the Persian Pills.
All those that have taken them in our neighbor
hood havo got along in the same easy manner, and
are about tho house in a lew days. 1 here does not
appear to be half tho danger of other dangers setting
in after confinement, where these Pills aro taken.
Wo unitedly! say,lct none neglect taking them, for
they are in the reach of tho poor as well as the rich.
Wo are truly thanklul that there is a remedy which
females can easily procure which tends to lessen tho
world of suffering, which many of them have to bear,
and perhaps save the lives of thousands which would
otherwise bo lost.
Rochester, May 14, 1838: corner of Callidonian
square, Edinburg street; for further particulars see
S. Ron CUTS,
Ann O. Ron hits.
Rociiesteii, Sent. 21, 183C.
Messrs. E. Chase & Co.
I think it my duty to let you know what a great
cure your rills have pcrlormed on mc 1 had been
sick about 7 years about 2 years and a half con
fined to my bed. I had been given over as incurable,
with Consumption, by twelve physicians of the first
standing; my lungs wcro seriously affected; I had
3 ulcers gather and break; my couch was dry and
harsh most of tho time; my liver was much swollen,
and my stomach very dyspeptic. I had chills, fever,
and .night sweat, accompanied with oxtremo irnta
lioness of the nervous system, and other difficulties
which I forbear to mention. After I was given over,
I tried almost all medicines which were advertised,
but to no advantage, until I tried your Vegetable
Persian Pills. I began to gain in a short time after
I commenced taking them; and, to bo brief, beforo I
took 3 boios, I was able to ride out and to take con
6idcrablo exercise, and at this timo I enjoy good
health, and am ablo to do good day's work. If any
noo wishes a more particular history of my suffer
ings, he may call on mc, at tho corner of Alain and
Clinton-streets, Rochester.
Fits Cunm Tho undersigned hereby certify,
that wo aro the Parents of two children who have
ncen ainictod with fits more or less from their iufen
cy, and that wo havo spared no pains or expense in
ciMoavonng to enect a cure, out wttnout any bene
ficial effect, until hearing of the Itesurrcrtion or Per
sian Pills, when four boxes were immediately
procured, and before three boxes wcro taken, the
fits had abated in lrcquency, and evciy syin-
torn much improved, and now we aro happy to
state that our childicn by tho uso of tho Persian
Pills, with tho blessing of God, aro entirely cured.
and havo no symtom or appearance of fits, will find
n tho Persian nils u suro and perlect cure.
Canton N. Y. Dec. 10, 1837.
The above pills may be had of the following a
gents John Moycr, Bloomsburg; H. Miller, Ber-
wick; J. Cooper & Sons, Hazelton; C. Hortman
Espoytown; Jahn Sharplow, Cattawissa; Lyman
Shales. Danville.
Ezra Tavlor. auont for -ho Stata of Pcnnsvlva-
nia residing at Rochester N. Y, to whom all order
oan Ve addressed
" The life of the jlesh is in the blood,'
so sailh the scriptures,'-Lovilicus c. xvii.
than scripture testimony can we havo of tho
ito of tho llcsh depending upon the condition of
the blood 1 If impure or diseased, tho Jlesh must
of courso bo diseased thereby, and (ho whole sys
tem partako of such disease. If the doctrino be true,
and thcro Is not a doubt of it (for it is a fact accec
ded to by all, that the scriptures, ate true beyond a
doubt,) then it behooves us to guard against the
consequences of such impurities, and thus preserve
the flesh healthy. If tho fich be healthy, conoli
tiitin,g ai it does tho principal portion of tho human
fody then must tho whole body be healthy.
In vegetables onbj can we find the medieino where
by all impurities of tho blood may bo removed.
Upwards of ono hundred years experience of tho
most celebrated, the wisest and best physicians have
proved certain vegetables to possess purifying prop
erties. Thcso vegetables will not hero bo named,
and Dr. Lcidy wishes to remunerate himself, and
profit by the long, laborious, and costly experiments
necessary to be made, that the active principles of
those vegetables might bo retracted and reduced to
such form as makes them easy, safe and .pleasant to
bo taken.
These vegetables aro contained in the justly cel
ebrated Blood Pills, tnunufantured only by Dr. N.
Lcidy, a regular Druggist and Physician, attested
by Drs. Physic, Chapman, Jacksoi , Homer, Gibson
liewecs, James, Hare, Cox, &c.
The above Pills may bo employed as a mild or
active purgative. Their action is easy, and may bo
employed by all persons under nil circumstances.
They will at all times be found serviceable, when
the least sickness is present. They require no
change of diet, restraint from.occiipalion, or fear of
taking cold from their Use. They are daily prescrib
ed by numerous physicians; certificates of tho fact
accompany the directions. They arc the most affec
tive purifier of tho blood and other fluids of the hu
man body ever discovered. Persons having onco
used, will ever after, as occasion may acquire, havo
rcsourso to them.
Price Twenty Five Cents a box.
Sold by all respectable Druggists and Merchanst
throughout the Union, and in tins city only at
Dr. Lcidy's Health Emporium, Second street be
low Vine.
J. U. Smith & Co.'s 2d st. near the Red Lion.
J. Gilbert & Co.'s 3d ubovo Vine.
C. Clemens' North 3d abovo Wood.
F.Klett'a 2d and Callowhill.
For sale at tho Health Emporium Bloomsburg
by v. a. TUiilAS Agent.
Bloomsburg July, 13,1839. 11.
Remaining in the Post Oflico at Bloomsburg
at Hie end ol the quarter ending on tlio
30th day of June, 1840.
Achmon Wilson
Manville Elias
Maus Lewis II. 2
M'Math Michael
Miller George
Newhard Solomon
Nowton A. E.
Ohl Sarah
Ashton Julia
Arthcr Robert
Beers George
Comelison Isaac
Clinton William
Doebler Charles
Driebellas Elias & Isaac Palmer Daniel
Emmons Andrew 2 Pursel John
Ebert John
Pine John W.
Plummer Richard
Rouch John
Stetler Mary
Slroup Hcniy
Shipinan Jacob
Smith Daniel
Frederick Edward
Fry John
Urotz John
Gallagher James
Hamilton Rev. W.
Hilbom Thomas
Hilbert Lucella
Holmes Charles
Harris Jacob
Shoemaker Edward
Siller Christiana
Thomas Charles
Tuitou G. S.
Tarwilligcr Abraham
"Welts Israel sen.
Waller D. J.
Wright Mary
Young Abraham
Jacoby Oliver A.
Jackson M'Faddcn
Hower John
Halls John
Jacoby George W.
Konia Marcca
Kclchncr Neomi 2
Leidy Jacob
London James
Myers Jesse
Those inquiring for any of the above let
ters will please say it is advertised.
All Collectors who have not settled their
Duplicates for 1839 or for previous years,
must be prepared to ballauce them at Au
gust Court, as no longer lenity can be giv
The Collectors for 18-10, will also bear
in miml, that tnev arc requim by their
warrants to eppear at August Uourl, and
have such abatements made as is necessary,
By order of the Commissioners.
L. B. RUPERT, 'Procurer.
N. B, All persons owing taxes on un
seated land can pay them to John N. Wil
son, of Danville, who is authorized to re
ceiye them.
L. B. RUPERT, Treasurer
ALL porsons are cautioned against trust
ing or placing any confidence in JACOB
UKUbisLY, stage driver, alias, a cooper,
formerly of Norristown. Said Crossly
having left Danville without paying his
boarding, tailoring and all other bills for
which he could obtain credit, not forgetting
his washer woman, this notice is given, that
others may not be defrauded by mm.
Btoomsburg, Aug. 15, 1810.
Papers at Norristown and Pottsville
would subserve the causoof justice by pub
lishiug the above.
In the Bloomsburg Aondemy. Ono com
petcnS to take charge of the English de
partment of said School, will meet will
good eucouragemontupon application to the
bctiool Uommittee.
THOS. PAINTER, President.
J. Ramsey, Secretary,
XV IX BITTER Sare excellent family Medicines,
Tho proprietor Of these Medicines cannot too deep
ly impress upon tho public mind the high impor
tance of an early or timely attention to sound health.
Thcro aro very many hit his Community who do
not appreciate good health, until attacked by some
violent disease, when they think they must immedi
ately send for a physician, and in consequence, they
are perhaps confined to their beds for weeks, or even
months. Almost ovcry one is liablo to be unwell at
times, and by neglect of proper treatment of them
selves, on such occasions, it is very often the cusd
that a severe attack of disease is llio consequence.
Such results may bo easily avoided, and should be;
and it is in a great measure the object of Mr. MOF
FAT, that his publication should continually re
mind such persons of their danger. Tho following
lcttvrs go to show that tho Life Pilfe and Phenix
Bitters arc not only excellent family nipdicinos, but
that they will, in very many instances, supercede
tho necessity of calling a phisician. The principal
offico is at 375 Broadway, where thousands of sim
ilar letters to Mr. Moffat, may bo examined.
Tho following letter was received from a gentle
man who, a few mouths since, purchased some of
tho Life Medicines for tho use of his family, and a
few of his friends :
Napoli, N. Y., July 27, 1838.
Mr. W.B.Moffat Dcar Sir The Life Pills and
Phenix Bitters surpass every medicine I havo been
acquainted with. In every instance where it had
been used, a benefit has been derived, 'and every
person is satisfied. One man, troubled with n scrof
ulous humor, has been all but raised from the dead.
Another person, a female who has been unable to
leav e her room for tho last two years, has been re
stored to health. Another troubled withsoro throat
for more than a year, and also a burning tcneatian
in her stomach and bowls, was completely cured by
three doses of your Pills. Another, troubled with
a Kcvcro nervous affection, attend with dyspepsia and
continued head-ache, and was so reduced as to be
unablo to leavo her bed, was, by tho use of one box
of Tills and bottle of Bitters, ho far restored as to
be ablo to .attend to her domestic concerns. And
lastly, an acquaintance of mine, has by the uso of
a bottle ol Hitters and two boxes ot rills, been made
a perfectly sound and healthy man. He had been
laboring under a complication of diseases for the
last live years. I could mention numerous other
instances, but these are sufficient to show tho effects
of tho medieino uponn lev of my neighbors and
friends. Your obedient servant,
Crnus TilAcnin.
The following is part of a letter written by a gen
tleman in tho country to his brother in this city,
from whom ho had received a box of Lifo Pills and
Phenix .Bitters:
Thompsonvillc, Conn., Juno 20, 1838.
Dcar Brother I embrace the present opportunity
of writing you a few lines. I received tho Lifo
Pills and Phenix Bitters you sent ma for which I
can never thank you enough, as they have proved.
I hope, a perfect euro to me. I had for two years
been troubled with a severe pain in my side, ! ap
plied to all tho doctors in this neighborhood, butgot
no relief until I took tho Pills and Bitters you sent
mc. Since I have taken them I have been as well
as ever I wa3 in my life.
Yours affectionately, David McGill.
The following is a copy of a letter from Terrc
Haute Indiana:
Mr. W. B.Moffat Dear Sir I wrote you a Tcvv
days since stating, briefly, the quantity of Life Pills
and Thenix Bitters, I should want the coming sea
son. When I accepted the agency of this Medi
eino in Juno list, (although your application was
accompanied by documents, attesting the great ben
efit of this medieino,) 1 hid no expectaiion that it
would equal tho description given of it.oririve such
general satisfaction as tho experiment of a few
months has proved. I can only say that all who
have used it bear testimony of its great value and
efficiency. I know of no instance where it has
been thought in tho slightest degree injurious, ami,
even thoso who are afflicted beyond hope of cure,
bear testimony of its salutary influence upon their
general health. Tho great and increasing demand
for this article is the best assurance of its usefulness,
and I would not wUh to bo without it for a single
day. Respectfully, yours, J. F. Kino.
1 ho following is a copy of a letter from n lady in
East Lyme, Connecticut, to Mr, Moffat's agent:
Last Lyme, Conn., May 6th, 1839.
Mr. Bradford Sir - In regard to Dr. W. B. Mof-
at's Life Pills and Phenix Bitters, I can trulv sav
from experience, they are the bebt medicine I have
any knowledge of. Incredible as it may atmear. I
have for eight mouths fcarccly been able to walk a
cross a room, ono month could not feed mvsclf. had
we uuenuance oi mo best oi physicians lor months,
onco and twice a day have taken Patent .Medicine
as far as directions would permit. Also, a celebra
ted .Doctor's prescriptions, all of which has been a
course of tho greatest perseverance I was capable
of. Yet I havo received no more than nresent re
lief; to give a similitude of my sufferingt is indes
cribable. Yet I will wrilo tho svmtoins of mv dis
ease. For ten years I havo suffeted with a nervous
affection in my head and face; a place as large aa a
hand in tho left side of my back, connecting tho
shoulder describod; a sensation of soreness, frequent-
,.. 1 11 C 1 1 T 1 , . - ' . .
iy uucuuiu un to.u us u mc nau departed, in July,
1839, in consequence of overdoing, taking a hard
cold, I was seized with a numbness in tho" system.
laiiimuBs, uumiency, pain in tne noau. voracious an-
petite, and at times deficient appetite, great loss of
muscular power.paimn tho lelt side.also in tho shoul
der and arm to tho greatest extent, palpitation of
tho heart, great distress in tho back, cnawlnir in tho
Momacn wncn empty, pressure alter meals, amount
ing almost to suffocation, stricture across tho breast,
soro throat; also a tickling, attended with a comul
sivecough, spitting of puiulentmatter.uiglit sweats,
cold feet and hands, footed breath, costivencss. nilna.
I ,.r . .! : v. , ,
iiimiuiy, m.etuun ui signi nnu Hearing, diz
iness, deafness, the mind becamo desponding, other
disagreeables not mentioned, which caused irroat
weakness, &c. I happily, and can truly say, that by
tho blessing of Heaven, and the restorative proper
ties of tho Lifo Pills and Phenix Bitters, I am re
stored to health, which no other medieino could do.
yours, kc.
Isabella A. Rogers, East Lyme, Conn.
For additional particulars of the above medicines
sco Moffat's Good Samaritan," a copy of which
accompanies tho medicines; a conv can bo obtained
of the different Agents who havo the medicines for
French, Gcrrnan,and Spanish directions can bo
uuiunieu un application ai uio ounce, U70 JJroad
All post paid letters will riccive immediato atten
i-reparcd and sold by William B. Moffiit, 375
Uroadway fscw i ork. A liberal reduction made
thoso who purchase to sell again.
Agents. The Life Medicines may also bo ludo
the principal duggisU in every toyn throughout tho
lTnitd Statos nml the Canada. Ask for Moflit'g
Life Pills and Phenix Bitters: and bo sure that n fan
smile of John Moffat's kiirnature is unon the labo!
of each bottle of bitters or box of pills,
at Tobia's Health Emporium, Bloomsbu
For sole
"OftE than six millions of bones of tl,...
celebrated pills have been told in the Im,
ted States since January 183.
Hundreds and thousands bless the dav they 1
came acquainted With Peters' Vegetable pill.,, winch
in contcqucnco of their extraoidnuiy gooi'.ncssJiave
attained a popularily unprecedented in thohiktorv
of medicine,
AVhcn taken according to the directions nivm-
panying tliem, they are highly bencfiicial in the
prevention and euro of bilious fever, fever and tt.
gue, dyspepsia, liver complaints, sick licaj-ache"
aundice, asthma, rheumatism, enlargement of tlj
spleen, pilcB, colic, female obstructions, hcaitburn
luinu iuiiuv ituunuiif ui&iiif iuii ui UlC FlOniacll
i.u.-)i.i:jivi&, iub ui ujijitmu, u.uit'iieu or tlialloiy
complexion, and in all cases of torpor of the low.
els, where a cathart:e or an apcriuit ta rtcrdcil.-.
They aro exceedingly mild in tin ir operation, t'to.
duciiig.neither nausea, griping, nor debility, ami fa
coiiscqifcnco of their ANTI-BILIOt'S qi'ALI.
TIES, aro the best of all' rcmedi a in scarlet fever
lever anu ague, bilious lever, and all diseases vvlucW
have their origin in accumulation of BILE : in
word Dr. Peters" pills are tho great bilious anlidotr,
and with a supply,.of them all bilious affections carf
be kept at a distunce.
Those who havo Buffered and are we iry of aillcr.'
ing from thoso desUoying complaints, will find in
i'eters' Vcgctablo pills a remedy at once certain and
immediato in its effect. In
They stand unrivalled. Many have been cured in
a few weeks, after having suffered under tins dreaj
ul complaint for y&irs.
The world Is vastly out of tunc,
And seems beyond correction;
But I've a spell, that very soon
Will all perfection:
Will soon expel disease end pain,
So none shall l6. afflicted;
And then shall cure all ills amain,
To which men are addicted.
O would you know this scourge of ills,
So various and w glorious 1
They are tho VEGETABLE i'lLLS
Of J'ETERS, so victorious.
O yes, they ore those pills of pride,
Which all tho world are praising,
For never did the gods piovide
A med'einc to amazing.
Tho' Spleen or Chol'ra rack you through,
With thii you need not fear them;
If Gout afflict, and Colic too,
A box or too will clear them;
And if your liver's out of tune,
If wild your head is aching;
If jaundice dies you like the moon;
Or ague sets you shak ng;
If grim dj bpepsia thins your chyle;
If devils bine are grinding;
If you ore plagued with gripo or bile,
Or fevers loose or binding;
O tell no doctor of your lib,
Nor trust to baths or lanrinij;
But faco tho rogues with PETERS' PILLS
And soon you'll send them prancing.
These valuable pills arc Superior to Lco's,riran
dreth's, Moirctt', Kvans, Hunts, llio .Persian or in
fact to any other pill ever biuuqbt beforo the public.
One Sii Cent IJox will prove their virtue in
this county, as their surprising virtues aro establish
ed all over the United Stales, Canadas, Texas, Mex
ico and tho West Indies.
rXjf-Enquire for Peter's Vrgftablo Anti Billiouj
X'iU.S) They can bo obtained of 1). S. Tobus
and J. R. Mover, Bloomsburg, Win, Biddle &. Co.
Danville, and at all tho principle stores in the fctulr,
8m 17
ERY respectfully informs his friends and the
public, -that ho has alwayson hand, at the Li
very Stablo in Bloomsburg, forthc purpose of Hire
or Exchange, a variety of
Movscs, SicSEiies, Gigs,
which ho will feel gratified to keep in readiness for
the accommodation of customers.
He has also made arrangements for carrying pas
sengers from Bloomsburg to Muney, and from
uioomstmrg to Jiuckalcu-s on the Uwego turnpike.
licavcs Bloomsburc for Munev every Saturday
ot 7 o'clock in tho niomincr and arrive atMuncy
tho samo evening. Leave Muncy every Saturday
morning at 8 o'clock and arrive at Bloomsburg the
samo evening.
Leaves Bloomsburg every Wednesday mormns
for Buckalews and return the samo day.
I'crsonal application can bo mailo at Ins residence
when every means will be used to render entire sat
isfaction to thoso who may give him a call.
: -, ... NOAH S. PRliiMlS.
Bloomsburg, March 88, 1840. 48-
WOULD "rcsncctfnllv inform his friendi
and tho public generally.tliat lie lias remov
ed hid shop into his dwelling a few doors
above tliojtlotcl Kept by E. Howel, am.
nearly opposite tlio dwelling of Charles
Kalor, where lie may always he found rea
dy to make up all garments intrusted to his
care, with neatness uiul despatch. Thankful
for past favors, to such as have cneotiragf J
him heretofore. And by sltict attention w
business, hopes still to meiit a laiger share
of public patronage. A good fit insured in
all cases. l
II. All kinds of country produce taken
in, exchange for work. And the needful
never refused.
Dloomsburg, April 11, 1840.
1 I
1 ters of administration on tho above estate
havo been granted to tho subscriber, residing i"
Mount Pleasant township, Columbia county.
l'herefure all persons indebted to the estate of sM
dcceaod,aro wqucstod to mako immediate payme"1'
and all those having claims will present them.
Mount Pleasant, Aug. 82, 1840. (it.
tpa mm spisnsa iHisT