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I havo sworn upon tho. Altar of Cod, eternal Uostlllty to cvCry form of Tyranny over the Mlud of Man."--'fj,omas Jefferson.
IVniEiber SC.
lit i
ptositu fir, Paul's Ciiuncit, Main-st
mi mi n r
'published every Saturday morning, at
,tmtifVO DOLLARS per annum, payable
half yearly m advance, or l wo Hollars
rsi. ,r ..'it.;.. it..
frWiffiaubscriplion will be taken for a shorter
' JjeriW ian six months nor any discon
m'i'iinuance permitted, until all arrearages
Ware discharged.
'(' tyDVER TISEMENTS not exceeding a
V 'jf!7tM'rc be conspicuously inserted at
tit-Sync Dollar for the first three insertions,
mP11 Twenty-five cents for every subsc
$$Ment nserlion. ICT liberal discount
'jjjnadc to those, who advertise by the year.
W LETTERS addressed on btisiticss, must
-be post paid.
i5 aSBr H r au mailer uucp unu uuiiatiuua
4W"... . . . 1 . 1 I 44-
P'ull of peril and adventurous spirit."
i . mn in t vpnmrr nprinn irriiii mi: i:iim-
S. . . ... . l r .1.-
-Wf,"w b 1
roencement of tho year 1770 to tho close of
y dfi8f was an eventful time for the infant Re
SsLwTOiSlic. They had declared their indepond
once, nail iiuuwn uh mo juk ui uuium,
and tho time had now arrived when, in the
o'rds of a patriot, ' it was to be seen
whether America had virtue enough to he
free or not." The vear '78 was particular
Tytdistinguishcd for the evacuation of Phil
aueipuia uy lliu uriuaii, iui ecvcui uinuaui
engagements in the " tented field" which
ITfV . . i . .t - ;
. !- .1.- i-r.. i..;n:n..i
ane ana uncying msiro upon mo Amenrau
arms, and for the multifarious bands of pre
fatory ruffians who infested the forests in
Ahe vicinity of Now York, Philadelphia,
arid the "neutral ground." They were
composed of. renegade ..t0rie3f, and .yillaius'
&(t all descriptions, principally native Amer
icans. They wera tierce savages, alike in
tUc'r manner of living and mode of warfare,
and, indeed, verifying the assertion of the
poet, that
" He that loves not His country, loves nothing."
It was a balmy motning in Juno : the sun
BJlOne Wlltl intense uriiuani-y, unu ins umu-
HT ..i t ! 1 1 . i t.: i
jing rays reflected upon some parts of the
armor of a solitary equestrian, who was
wending his way from West Chester to
.Fjiiladclphia. His horso might have seen
better days as well as himself both appear
'$trjaded and worn with toil. Tho former
Cwas a black and noble-looking animal,
re the appearance of his, which stood
otft in bold relief, and " boro testimony am
ple" of his meagre and stinted fare. His
rider was a man whoso demeanor stamped
Sum at onco as one of tho " bravo sons of
Kberty." A certain expression about the
friouth, the bold and fearless glance of a
lack eye, and tho uoblo contour of his
form, spoke of one of tho " bravest of the
lavo" when deed of danger wa3 nigh.
His hostlers contained a pair of pistols
hich were the only arms visible. A mil
itary coat, rather worn, and a tough foraging
p, completed his warlike accoutrements
An air of determined bravery was blended
With a hutnorish expression which linger-
about his visage, and upon all this,
"middle use
Had slightly pressed her signet sage."
'Jove 1" exclaimed he, " hero is old 15a
Sker's they told mo of at Chester," and,
spurring his Rosinante, ho soon dismoun
,"lteU at the door of a miserable inn, and giv-
Kog his noble beast into the caro of an atteivl
faiU, he mado his way to the interior of the
The landlord was alone. Our adventnr-
griknew him for a staunch Whig and grcc
tied him accordingly. Well, Baker," said
he, " is there any news stirring ?"
xv one ot consequence, sir. Are vou
going to tho city J"
Yes. What is tho distance,?"
About five miles by tie district .'road,
' But what, pray ?"
(V Why, the Cow-Boys are as thick ns
dekberries. A band of twenty robbed two
men yesterday, andonly hat Monday there
was a man tnutdercd outright."
The man stepped to tho window and
mused anxiously. " Baker," observed he,
at last,' I have been told that you are hon
est, and 1 am pay-master in tho army, and
with mc I havo several thousand dollars.
To go through tho forest you speak of, as I
am now, were an act of consummate folly.
Can you rig mo with a poor horse, and a
countryman's dress, with a wig and Qua
Yes, Major, I have the vorv thines. If
you'll come this way, I'll show you."
In a few minutes Maj. Burton returned,
having undergone a complete metamorpho
sis. A pair of homespun breeches, drab
coat, and broad brimmed beaver, had super
ceded his military equipage, every trace of
which had disappeared, and his soldier-like
bearing had given place to the demure and
quiet deportment of the honest Quaker.
Albeit, his bold eye flashed occasionally
from under the broad brim of his upper in.
tegument, atid sadly belied the sad suffer
ing disposition which it became him to as
sume. The money as carefully deposited
i.i a pair of saddle bags, which were thrown
across the saddle, and Maj. Burton ruoun
" Good morning, Baker," said Burton,
" take good care of my beast."
" I will," shouted the worthy landlord,
" and luck bo with you."
Tho Major rode on in silence, am', thus
communed with himself : This is indeed
a virtue of necessity, to be compelled to
ride this sorry jade. It was a transforma
tion with a vengeance, and no ono would
then have recognized any but tho honest
lie had proceded into the forest about a
mile, and was turning a short angle in the,
road, ,w lien he, was commanded, in a sten
torian voice, to stand !" But two men
were near him, and theso two were as vil
lainous looking beings as one would wish
to look upon. Squalid wretchedness was
depicted upon every feature, and in a voice,
rendered hollow by misery, they demanded
his money.
Alas ! my friends," said our worthy
Quaker, "1 hate but litlc, which I will
bestow upon thee if thou demand it. But,
friend," (to the, ono who had his hand upon
the bridle) " release my beast, and fear not
that I shall attempt to escape thee. Why
dost thou pursue this course, ruining both
body and that immortal part which dicth
not 1 I would that vo cleavo upon tome
honest calling and if ye will imbrue thy
hands in the blood of thy fellow man, join
the forces of your country, and "
Look here '." shouted one of llism,
you infernal hypocrite ! stop your lingo
give us your money, andcurso your preach
Tho Quaker fumbled first in ono pocket,
and then the other, and producing soma
change, ho handed it out to them in silence.
They eyed the paltry sum with looks in
which sharao and wrath struggled for mas
tery. " Three fips and four coppers I begone!"
and bestowing two or three kicks upon the
old horso which meiely started him into a
gallop, they dashed through tho " tangled
waste of underwood," nnd wero soon be
yond the ken of the honest Quaker, alias
Mai. Button, of the Continental army.
He sobered his animal into a patient trot,
more benomin? his sarb, and " whistling as
ho went for want of thought," ho soon en
tered tho city in safety, and with his com
rades in arm3 had many a hearty laugh on
his adventure with tho Cow-Doys.
The Rochester Democrat says the crop
of wheat in western New York, is two
weeks more forward than it was last year,
and some days moro than for a number of
years past, and that tho prospect of an a-
bundant crop was never more haltering.
The wheat harvest of Wisconsin i3 unu
tfiiully promising.
From the Adventures of Valentin Vox.
Thero happened to be only four bed
rooms in tho liotucj the best of course was
occupied by Miss Madonna, tho second by
Plumplec, the third by Mr. Beagle, and the
fourth by' the servant, aud that iu which
Mr, Beiigle slept was a double bedded
room, and Valcntno had, therefore, to mako
his selection between tho spare bed and the
sofa. Of course the former was preferred,
and as preference seemed highly satisfacto
ry to Mr. Beagle himself they passed the
remainder of the evening very pleasantly
together, and in due time retired.
Valentine, on having the bed pointed out
to him, darted between the sheets in tho
space of a minute, for as Mr. Jonas Beagle
facetiously observed, he had but to shake
himself, and overy thing camo off! whsn as
he did not by any means feel drowsy at the
time ho fancied that he might as well amuse
his companion for an hour or so as not.
He therefore, turned the thing seriously
over in his mind, while Mr. Beaglo was
quietly undressing, being anxious for that
gentleman to extinguish the light before he
commenced operations.
Now for .t beautiful night's rest," obscr
ved Mr. Jonas Beagle to himself as ho nut
out tho light with a tranquil mind, and turn
ed in with great deal of comfort.
"Mew 1 mew !" cried Valentine softly
throwing his voice under the bed of Mr.
"Hish curse that cat I" cried Mr. Bea
gle,"wo must have you out at all events, my
lady." And Mr. Beaglo at once slipped
out of bed and having opened the doo
cried 'hish !' ajrain emphatically, and threw
his breeches towards the spot as an aduTt
onal inducement for the cat to "stand not
on the order of her going,' when Mr. Val
entitle repealed the cry, and made it appear
to proceed from tho stairs Mr. Beaglo than
ked heaven she was crone, closed tho door
and very carefully groped his way again in
to bed,
"Mew 1 mew ! mew !" cried Valon
tine, just as Mr. Beagle had again comfort
ably composed himself.
. "What I aro you there still madam!" en
quired that gontleman in a highly sarcastic
tone, "I tho't vou had been turned out ma
dam. Do you hear this witch of a cat ?'
ho continued, addressing Valentine witli the
view of conferring upon him the honorable
office of Tyler for the lime being; but Val
chtino replied with' a deep heavy snore, and
began to mew again with additional cmpha
" Well, I don't havo a treat every
is Irue; but if this isn't one, why I'm out o
my reckoning, that's all !" observed Mr,
Jonas Beagle, slipping again out of bed: I
don't much like to handle you my lady, bnt
if I did, I'd of courso give you physic I
and he "hished 1" again with consumato vi
olence and continued lo "hish" until Val
cntinc scratched the bod-post sharply, a feat
which inspired Mr. Beaglo with the con
viction of its being tho disturber of In
peace in tho net of decamping, when h
threw tho pillow very energetically towards
tho door which he closod, and then return
cd to his bed in triumph. I he moment
however, lie had comfortably tucked him
self up again he missed the pillow ho had
converted into an instrument of vengeance
and that was an article without which he
could not oven hope to go to sleep, he had
of course to turn out again to fetch it.
"How many moro times, I wonder," he
observed to himself, "shall I havo to ' got
out of this blessed bed to-night 1 Exerciso
is certainly a comfort, and very conducive
to health; but such exercise as this; why
where have you got V ho added, address
ing tho pillow.which with all the sweeping
action of his feet lie was some time unable
to find "Oh, here you aro, sir, aro you 1
and ho picked up tho object of his search
and gavo it several sovero blows in the bel
ly; when having reinstated himself between
the sheets, he exclaimed in a aubdued tone,
Well, let's try again 1"
Now, Mrs Jonas Beaglo was a man who1
prided himself especially upon the evenness
of his temper. His boust was that nothing
could put him tn a passion, md if he had
less than most of his co temporaries lo vex
him, he had certainly been able, in tho ab
senco of all cause for irritation, to preserve
his equanimity. As a perfect natural mat
ter, of course, ho invariably attributed the
absence of such cause to the innato amia
bility of his disposition; and marvelled that
men, men of sense and discernment, should
so far forget what was justly expected of
them, as reasonable beings, as lo sutler tiiem
selves to be lortuved by excitement, inas
much albeit as human nature and difficul
ties arc aro inseparable, human nature is
sufficiently potent not only to battle with
those difficulties, but overcome them, If
Mr. Jonas Beagle had to contend against
many of the ills flesh and blood is heir, lo
lie, in all probability, would Itavs acted like
the majority of his fellow men; but as he
had met with very fow, and those few had
not been of a very furious complexion, he
could afford to be deeply philosophical on
the subject, and felt himself competent, of
course, to frame laws by which tho tem
pers of men in tho aggiegate should be go
verned, Ho did, however, feel when he
violently smote the pillow, that tho little eb
ulition partook somewhat of the natuio of
passion, and just commenced reproaching
himself for having indulged in that little eb
ulition, when Valentine cried, "mcyow !
pit ! meyow
"Hallo," exclaimed Mr. Jonas Beagle"
"here again!"
"Mew 1" said Valetltinein a somewhat
higher key.
"What! another come to contiibuto to the
harmony of the !" v
4 ,;,'Mcyow mcyow !" cried 'Valentino a
key still higher.
"Well, how many more of you 1" en
quired Mr. Beagle, "you will bo able to get
up a concert by and-bye; and Valentine be
gan to spit and swear with great felicity.
"Swear away you beauties," cried Mr.
Jonas Beagle, as he listened to this voiley
of feline oaths; "I only wish that I was not
so much afiaid of you for your sakes. At
it arain 1 Well, this is a blessiiiff. Don't
you hear these devils of cats!" ha criad,
anxious not to have all the fun to himself;
but Valentine recommenced snoring very
loudly. "'.Veil, this is particularly pleas
ant," he continued, as he sat up in bed.
Don't you hear ? What a comfort it is to
be able to sleep soundly;" which remarka
bio observation was doubtless provoked by
the no less remarkable fact that tho spitting
and swearing became more and more despe
rate, "What's to be done 1" he enquired
very pointedly. "What's to bo done," my
breeches are right in tho midst of them all.
I can't get out now they'd tear the flesh
ofl" my legs; and that fellow there sleeps
liko a lop. Hallo ! do you mean to sa
you don't hear those cat3, how thcy'ro
f?oin? it!" Valentine certainly meant
to say no such thing, for tho whole
of the lime that he was not engaged in mc
yowing and spitting, ho was dcligently oc
cupied in snoring which had a very good
effect, and served to fill up tho intervals ex
ceedingly well,
At length the patience of Mr. Jonas Bea
glo began lo ovaporalc, for the hostile ani
mals continued to battle apparently with
great desperation; ho therefore throw a pil
low with grcst violenco into tho bed of his
companion, and shouted so loudly that Val
entine, finding that it would be perfect non
sense to pretend to sleep any longer, began
to yawn very naturally, and theu to cry out
"who's there?"
"'Tis I," shouted Jonas Beaglo. "Don't
you hear thoso witches of cats t"
"Hist," cried Valentino, "why there aro
two of thorn !"
"Two !" said Mr. Boagle, "moro liko
two-and-twenty ! I've turned out a dozen
myself. There's a swarm, a whole colony
of them here, and I know no more about
striking a light than a fool.1'
"Oh, never mind,' said Valentine: 'let'd
go lo sleep, they'll be quiet by and bye."
"It's all very fino to say.let's go to sleep
but whos to do it?" cried Beagle, emphati
cally. "Curse the cats I I wish there
watn't a cat under heaven, I do with all my
soul ! They're such spiteful vermin too,
when they happen lo be put out,and there'1
one of them in a passion. I know her by
her spitting,and confound hor ! I wish from
tho bottom of my heart it was the very last
spit she had in her."
While Mr. Jettas Beaglo was indulging"
in these highly appropriate observations.
Valentino was laboring with great energy
in the production of the various bitter cries
which are peculiarly characteristic to the
feline race; and for a man who possessed
but a slight knowledge of the grammatical
construction of the language of that race, it
it must, in justice be said, that ho develop'
cd a degree of that fluency, which did hint
great credit. Ho purred, and timed, and
cried and swore, and spit, until the perspU
ratiou oozed from every pore, and mads
the sheets as wet as if they had been'dampi
ed for tho mangle.'
"What on cailh are we to do inquir3
cd Plumplee, 'I myself have a horror for
"Tho samo lo mo, and many of e'm!'"1
observed Mr. .Beagle, 'let's wake thai
young fellow, perhaps he don t mind
"Hollo !' cticd Plumplee.
"Hallo !" shouted Beagle; but as neither
could make any impression upon Valentinej
and as both were afraid to get off the
shake him, thoy proceeded to roll up iho
blankets and sheets into balls and to pelt hihi
with infinite zeal.
"Who's there? What's the matter ?'
cried Valentine, at length, in tlm coolest
tone imaginable, although his exertions had
mado him sweat liko a tinker
"For hoaven's sake, my dear young
friend," said Mr. Plumplee, " do assist us
in turning these cats out.
"Cats! Where are they?
cried Valentine.
Hish 1"
" Oh, that's of no uso wiats"cr.
I havd
tried the hising business myself.
All the.
iiishing in the world won't do.- They must
bo beaten out; you're not afraid of thera ard
you ?"
" Afraid of them; afraid of a fow cats !"
exclaimed Valentino, with the assumption
of some considerable magnanimity, "Wherd
ate they?"
"Under my bed,' replied tieagle.
" There's a bravo fellow. Bread their bles
sed necks !" And Valentine leaped out of"
bed, and after striking at tho imaginary
animals very furiously with the bolster, hei
hissed with violence and scratched across
the grain of the boards in humblo imitation,
of those domestic creatures scampering out
of tho room when ho rushed to the door
and proceeded to make a very forlorn raey
owing die gradually away at thti bottom ot
the stairs.
" Thank heaven ! thCy are all gdnc at
last !" cried Mr. Beagle, " wo shall be abld
to get a little rest now, I suppose;" and af
ter very minutely surveying every cornet1
of tho room in which it was possible for
ono of them to havo lingered, ho lighted
his candle, bade Plumplee good night, and
begged him to go immediately to Miss Ma-
donna, who had been calling for an cxplan-1
ation very anxiously below
Twenty-six years ago, and only one
small building was to be seen in Buffaloi
whicli now contains moro than twenty
thousand inhabitants.
It is said that American bank stock and
canal and railway shares are held in Great
Britain to tho extent of nearly $300,00(V
lhwarc, Notes are about on the flank
of Maryland, ot Baltimore, and tho Susque
hanna Bridge Banking Company, Neither"
of thera ate worth any thing.