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    siiiv:.v ittijisoA's iirv
DR." f.ElDY'S
&4H0UI.D rcccivo a preference over all Pills now
'n existence:
i'irt Because tllcy aro composed of Vegctal'l
fxtraela, free from minerals; and may bo taken at
till times with pcifcct safety by young and old, with
out restraint from occupation, temperate living, or
fenr of taking cold.
Second licciuen they ate composed of Buch
medicinal extracts, as have been employed by all
th ino-t celebrated and respectable Physicians for
more than a century past, in purifying the Ulood
urni Animal mud ot ttic body.
i turd Because they may be employed as a
In'tld or active purgative, according to tho quantity
'taken, and their operation will not bo attended with
Criping of tho bowels, sickness at tho stoiriach,
prostration of the system, etc., 83 arc produced by
other pills.
Fourth Because they possess a combined actioti,
not possessed by any other puis, mixture or prepar
ation whatever. Their first effect i3 in correcting
all impurities with which the blood and fluids of
the body may bo uilctcd, and by their gently opera
tive effect, removing such inipurltic! from the sys-
fifth Because they arc the terror of Quacks
and Impostors, for most persons are obliged to tuko
Hhe Sarsaparilla Blood Fills, after talcing their vilo
and destructive nostrums, to counteract and prevent
their mischievous and baneful cliccts.
Sixth Because they arc the only pills in which
Physicians have sufficient confidence to recommend
to their pntient3, and employ in their practice, as
they know they ure Anti Quack, Anti Mercural,
Anti Billious as well as a good and safe purgativo
and purifier of the Blood and Animal Fluids.
Seventh and last But not tho least important,
be because lliey aro prepared by a regular Apothe
cary and Physician, attested oy Drs. Physic, Hor
ner, Chapman, Dewcc3, James, Gibson, Jackson,
Coxe, Hare, etc., &c, which alone is sufficient to
entitle them to great confidence.
Certificates anil Recommendations from Physi
cians and others accompany tho directions around
each box.
$CJPrice Twenty Five Cents a IioxJl
Prepared only and sold Wholesale and Retail at
Dr. LEIDY'S Health Emporium, No. 191 North
'Second St., a few doors below Vine street, Philadel
phia, also, sold by
J. Gilbert & Co., North Third street above Vino.
G. S. Clemens, do 3d do do Woods't.
J. R. Smith & Co. do 2d do next tho Red
Lion, and all respectable Wholesale and Retail
Druggist's In Philadelphia.
They aro also sold by:
J. F. Long, Lancaster, Pennsylvania.
J. V. Rohrer, uo do
W. Eberman Litiz.
3. W. Oakly, Reading.
3. B. Mozcr, Allcntown.
P. Pomp, Easton.
And the principal Merchants and Drugist in the
'Uniicd States.
For salo at the Health Emporium Bloomsburg
by D. S. TOBIAS, Agent.
Bloomsburg July, 13, 1839. 11.
COMMUNICATION. How few they are that
happen to bo afflicted with Coughs or Cold3
pay attention to them, now many tnousnnus irom
uch neglect shorten their days, and hasten their fi
nal dissolution. Parents neglect them in their chil
dren, and thus form the foundation for Consump-
tion, and hundreds ol parenu annuauy iouow uicir
own children to the grave, having died from some
directions of the Breat and Lungs, which weie neg
lected in their first stages.
Coughs and Colds, whether existing among young
or old, ought at all times be attended to early, and
riot sufllrcd to continue any length of time, for tho
Lungs onco aficctcd,discase soon makes rapid ntrides,
ending in the most fatal of all diseases, namely Con
VATIVE for Coughs, Colds, Catairhs, Influenzas,
Shortness of Breath, Whooping Cough, Pain in
tho Breast or Side, all affection of tho Breast and
Lungs, and arrest of approacliinsg Consumption, is
the most popular medicine used throughout all Ger
many is becoming equally popular in tho United
States, and has established for itself a reputation
not possessed by any other medirine for tho samo
class of diseases. (Sco certificates and recommen
dations from Parents, Physicians, and others, accom
paning tho directions.) It is a preparation perfect
ly safe and harmloss, pleasant to the taste, and may
lia given to the youngest infant. It is warranted
free from mercury and tho mineral, and is a prepar
regular Artothocnrv and Physician, attes
ted by Drs. Physio, Chapman, Gibson, Jackson,
Horner, Dewecs, Coxe, James, &c. a circumstance
olone sufficient to induce a trial oi it
Dr. N. il. I.eidv. Proprietor of the above mcdi
wno. confidently recommends it to all, and assures
all most positively that it is an invaluable medicine
and would not himself recommend it, but for it,
l;nntvn ntfifticv.
Prepared only and forsalcWholesaloand Retail at
Dr. LEIDY'S Health Emporium, No. 191 North
Second street a few doors below Vino street, Phila-
mlrlnliia also, sold by
J. Gilgert & Co., North Thi-d street abovoVino
G. S Clcmenj, do 3d do do Wooi' st
J. R. Smith & Co. do 2d do next theltrJ
Lion, and by all respectable Wholesale and retail
Druggists in Philadelphia.
Thoy aro sold by:
J. F Long, Lancaster, Pennsylvania.
J. W. Rohrer, do do.
W. Eberman Litiz.
J. W. Oakley, Reading.
For sale at tho Health Emporium Bloomsburg
ky D. . TOBIAS, Agent
Compound Tomato
Entirely VegeiabU,
A new and invaluable Medicine for all dioseases
nising; from impurities of the blood morbid secre
tion of the liver and stomach. Also, a substituto
for calomel, sa achatharticin Fevers and oil Lilliouj
diseases. . , -
These popular pills combining a- newly discov
rrr.i Alkaline substance extracted from tho TOMA
TO PLANT, witli other vegetable mbttancoj
which havo bean found to modify and diffuM! its ef.
fecU, ere believed to be the best Alterative ana t;a
Ihartic Mndieina evr discovered.
For ordinary family physic they aro uui
yersally approved, as tho best ever offered.
A full amiunt of this Medicine, ami nu
merous certificates from physicians and
otherri.occornpany each box;
Just received and for sale at the new
Drug S toroty J MOYEll, Agent
i-ufj. 17.
HrsntonTo titr.ltioKAa.BhA.viiETii's.ErAJr''
ilsnuir PunoATivi, tho Matchless (priced)
Saxativk, or any other pills or compound before
he public, as certified to by Physicians and others
Let none condemn them until thoy liavo tried
them, and then wo are certain they will not.
It is now a settled point with all who have used
the Vegetablo Persian Pills that they aro pre-eminently
tho best and most efficacious Family Medi
cine that has yet been used in America. If every
family could becoino acquainted with their Socr
cigu power over disease, they would keep them and
bo prepared with a cure remedy to apply on tho firs
appearance of disease, and then how much distress
would be avoided and monoy saved, as well as tho
lives of thousands who aro hurried out of time by
neglecting diseaso in its lirst stages, or by not bcinj
in possession of a remedy which they can place de
pendence upon.
The Resurrection, or Persian rills.
Tho namo of these pills orginated from the cir
cumstanco of tho medicine being found only in the
ccmctarics of Persia. This vegetable production
being pf a peculiar kind, led to experiments as to
ita medicinal qualities and virtues. In half a cen
tury it became an established medicine for the dis
eases of that countrvi The extract of this singu
lar production was introduced into some parts of Eu
rope m the year 1783, and used by many celebrated
i'hysiclans in curing certain diseases, where ell oth
er medicine has been used in vain. Early in tho
year 1792, tho extract was combined with a certain
vegetable medicine imported from Dura Baca, in
the East Indies, and formed into Pillf. The admir
able effect of this compound upon the human sys
tem, led physiicans and families into its general
use. Their long established character their univer
sal and healing virtues, tho detergent and cleansing
qualities of their specific action upon the glandular
purt ol ttie system, aro Buch as will sustain their rc
putation and general use in the American Repub
I certify that I have, by way of experiment, used
lite Hygcan, and most of tho various kinds of Pills,
in my practice, which have borno the highest repute
in the public estimation, that have been offered for
nalo in this vicinity for tho last five ycats, including
those called tho Resurrection or I'crsam Pills; and
the public may rest assured that none among tho
whole cataloguo has answered a better purpose, as
an easy and cjlectual remedy, than tho Resurrection
or Persian Pills, in most cases of disease.
Ciiakles Backus, Mi D.
Rochester, N, Y. Sept. 21, 1837.
Messrs. E. Chao & Co. Gents. Hearing
much said about the extraordinary effects of the
Resurrection or Persian Pills, upon those about to
become mothers, wo were induced to mhko a trial of
them. Aly wifo was at that time tho mother of fiv o
children, and had suffcicd tho most tedious and ex
cruciating pains during and after her confinement
of each. Sho had tried every means and taken
much medicine, but found little or no relief. She
commenced taking the Persian Pills about three
months before her confinement (her health being vo
ry poor about this length of time previous) and inn
short time she was enabled by their Use to attend to
the cares of a mother to hjr family until her con
finement. At tho thus she commenced taking the
Persian Pills, and for several weeks pi evious, she
was afflicted with a diy hard cough, and frequent
sevcio cramps, which tho uso ot the .Fills entirely
removed before using half a box. It is with tho
greatest confidenco that wo adviso all those about to
becoroo mothers to hiako use of the Persian Pills.
All thoso that have taken them in our neighbor
hood have got along in tho samo easy manner, and
aro about the houso in a few days. I'hcro docs not
appear to bo half the danger of other dangers setting
in alter continement, where tlieso fills arc tuken.
We unitedly? say,lct nono neglect taking them, for
they aro in tho reach of tho poor as well as tho rich.
yu are truly thankful that there is a remedy which
females can easily procure which tends to lessen tho
world of cullering, which many of them havo to bear,
and perhaps savo tho lives of thousands which would
otherwise bo lojt.
Rochester, May 14, 1838; comer of Callidonian
square, Edinburg t trcct; for further particulars sco
S. Ro nam's,
Axs O. Roiizkts.
Rociiested, Sept. 24, 183(1.
Messrs. E. Chase & Co.
I think it my duty to let you know what a creat
euro your fills have pcrtormod on me I had been
sick about 7 years about 2 years and a half con
fined to ray bed. I had been given over ns incurable,
with Consumption, by twelve physicians of the first
standing; my lungs were seriously affected; I had
a ulcers gather and break; my cough was dry and
harsh most of tho time; my liver was much swollen,
and my stomach very dyspeptic. I had chills, fever.
and night sweat, accompanied with extreme inita-
Wcnoss ot tho nervous system, and other difficulties
which I.forbear to mention. After I was given over.
I tried almost all medicines which were advertised,
but to no advantage, until 1 tried your vrgetuble
l'crnan fills. I began to gain in a shor. time after
I commenced taking them; und, to bo brief, before I
took 3 boxes, I was a':lo to rido out and to tako eon-
eidcrablo oxorcisc, and at Inn tiino I enjoy good
health, and am able to do good day's work. If any
noo wishes a more particular history of my suffer
ings, ho may call on me, at tho corner of Alain and
Clinton-streets, Rochester.
Fits Cubed Tho undersigned hereby certify.
that we aro the Parents of two children who havo
peea afiiictod with fits more or less from their infan
cy, and that wo havo spared no pains or expense in
endo avoring to effect a cure, but without any bene-
ficial effect, unjil hearing of thn Resurrection or Per
sian Pills, when four boxes were immediately
procured, and before threo boxes were taken, tho
flu hail abated in Irequency, and ovciy sym-
lorn much improved, and now we ore happy to
stata that our chtldjcn by the uso of the Persian
Pills, with tho blessing ot Uod, aro entirely cured
nnd havo no symtom or appearance of fits, will find
n tho Persian Pills n sure and perfect cure.
Canton N. V. Dec. 10, 1837.
The above .pills may bo had of tho following a-
gents John Moyer, Bloonwburg; H. Miller, Ber
wick; J. Cooper &, Sons, Hazclton; C. Hortman
Ksncytown; John bharplcss, uattawisso; Lyman
Dholes, uanvillc.
Eira Taylor, ogent for :ho Stata of Pennsylva
nia residing at Rochester N, Y. to whora all orders
can bo addressed
The life of thtflesh ii in the blood,'
so taith scn'JMres.r-Leviticus c. xvii
vii. i . '
than sctitituro testimony can wo havo of tho
iieof thd flesh depending upon tho condition of
the blood 1 If nnpuro or diseased, the llcsli must
of course be diseased thereby, and the wholo sys
tem partake of such disease. If the doctrine bo true,
and thero is not a doubl of it (for il is a fact accce
ded to by all, that tho scriptures, aro true beyond a
dcufct,) then it behooves us to guard against tnc
' 1 , t .t
UUIJi:.,! mull lb uiuuuita ua w uutt.u - i
such linnurlties. and thus prcservo
ibn. hMlthv. If the flesh bo hcnlthv. consti
tutin,g as it does tho piincipal portion of the human
. . . . .- -
1 ody then must the whole body be healthy.
In ccctablcs onl can. we lind tho medicine where
by all impurities of the blood may bo removed.
Upwards ot ono hundred years experience oi me
nost celebrated, tho wisest and best physicians havo
proved certain vegetables to possess purifying prop
erties. Thoso vegetables will not hero bo named,
and Dr. Lcidy wishes to remunerate himself, and
profit by tho long, laberious, and costly experiments
necessary to bo made, that the active principles of
those vegetables might be retracted and reduced to
such form as makes them easy, safe and pleasant to
be taken.
These vegetables aro contained in the justly cel
ebrated Blood Pills, manufantured only by Dr. N.
Leidy, a regular Druggist and Physician, attested
by Drs. Physic, Chapman, Jacksoi ,Horner,Gibson
Dewecs, Jamcp, Hare, Cox, ccc.
The above Pills may bo employed as a mild or
active purgative. Their action is easy, and may bo
employed by all persons under all circumstances.
They will at all times bo found serviceable, when
the least sickness is present. They require no
change of diet, restraint from occupation, or fear of
taking cold from their use. They are daily prescrib
ed by numerous physicians; certificates of tho fact
accompany tho directions. 1 hey ore tho most atlcc
tivo purifier of the blood and other fluids of tho hu
man body ever discovered. Persons having once
used, will ever after, as occasion may acquire, have
resourse to them.
Price Ticcnttj Five Cents a box.
Sold by all respectable Druggists and Meichanst
throughout tho Union, and in this city only at
Dr. .eidy's Health Emporium, Second street be
low Vine.
J. R. Smith & Co.'s 2d st. near tho Red Lion.
J. Gilbert & Co.'s 3d above Vine.
C. Clemens' North 3d above- Wood.
V. Klett's 2d and Callowhill.
For cale at the Health Emporium Bloomsburg
by Jj; S. TU1S1AS Agent.
" Bloomsburg July, 13, 1839. 11.
5513 subscriber informs the public
that he has just completed anew cs
tablishruont, at the Bloomsburff Basin,
Co. Pa. on tiio North Brandt Canal
for BUILDING all kinds and descriptions,
Packet, freight
Gar Boats,
coveted or uncovered, of any length or size,
on the shortest notice and ol the bc3t of
tOHc is also piepared for REPAIR
ING BOATS of all kinds.
All orders will bo thankfully received and
punctually attended to on the shortest no
tice possible to complete them.
Feb. 22 1810 0143
Tho Advocate, "Wilkeabarrc, and Spy
Columbia, will pleaso publish tho above 0
times and forward their bills to this office
for payment.
CJanal Boats For Sale.
SEVERAL new Canal Boats, built tho last sea
son, lor sale. i.iifiuirc as above.
Remaining in the Post Office at Bloomsburg
at the end ot the quarter ending on the
30lh day of June, 1810.
Achmon Wilson
Ashton Julia
Manvillo Elias
Mnus Lewis II. 2
MWIallt Michael
Miller Georgo
Newhard Solomon
Newton A. E.
Ohl Sarah
Arther Robert
Beers George
Comelison Isaac
Clinton William
Doebler Charles
Driebellas Elias & Isaac Palmer Daniel
Emmons Andrew 2 Pursel John
Ebcrt John
Pine John W.
Pluratner Richard
Rouch John
Stetler Mary
Slroup Henty
Shipman Jacob
Smith Daniel
Shoemaker Edward
Siller Christiana
Thomas Charles
Tutton G. S.
Frederick Edward
Fry John
Urolz John
Gallagher James
Hamilton Rov. W.
Ililboin Thomas
Hilbert Lucetla
Holmes Charles
Harris Jacob
Hower John
HafTs John
Tarwilliger Abraham
Jacoby Gcorgo W.
Wells Israel sen.
Waller D. J.
Wright Mary
Young Abraham
Jacoby Oliver A,
Jackson M'Fadden
Konta iNIarcca
KolchnerNeomi 2
Leidy Jaeob
London James
Myers Jesse
Thoso inquiring for any of tho above let
tcrs will please say it is advertised.
FROil tho Subscriber two last fall boar
Pigs. Who ever will give Information
where they may be found shall be reasona
uly rewarded. UANIISL GROSS.
Blc-Qineburg, April 4, 1810.
NIX BITTER Rare excellent family Medicine,--The
proprietor of these Medicines cannot too deep
ly impres upon tho public mind tho high impor
tance of an early or timely attention to sound health.
There aro very many inl his community who do
not appreciate good health, until attached by
violent dUrwc, When lliey mum muy iuusi unmiin
ately send for a physician, and in consequence, they
ore perhaps confined to their beds fot weeks, or cvrti
months. Almost every one is liablo to be unwell at
times, and bv neglect of proper treatment of Ihbm-
- - , . .
"""Ives, on such occasions, n is vLrj oucn tho catii
that a severe attack of disease is lie conrcquence,
n.. l.
Such results may bo easily avoided, and should be;
and it Is in n nrcat mcusuro the object of Mr. MOF
FAT, that his publication suouiu continually re
mind such persons of their danger. Tho following
loiters i?o to show that the Life Pills and Phcnix
Bitters arc not only excellent family medicines, but
that they will, in very many instance?, supcrrcdo
Ibo necessity of calline a phislcian. The principal
office is at 37fi Broadway, where thousands of sim
ilar letters to Mr. Moffat, may bo examined.
The following letter was received from a gentle
man who, a few months since, purchad sonic of
tho Life Medicines for tho use oi hu family, and a
few of his fnends :
Napoli, N. Y., July 27, 1838,
Mf. W. B. Moffat Dear sir The Life Pills and
Phentx Bitters surpass every medicine I havebeen
acquainted with. In every instance where it ha
been used, a benefit has been derived, and every
person is satisfied. Olio man, troubled with a scrof
ulous humor, has been nit but raided from the dcadi
Another person, a female who has been unable to
leave her room for tho last two years, has been re
stored to health. Another troubled withsoro throat
for more than a year, and also a burning sensatian
in her stomach and bowb.waj completely cured by
three doses of your Pills. Another, troubled with
a sevcro nervous affection, attend with dyspepsia and
continued head-ache, and was so reduced as to be
unablo to leave her bed, wa3, by the Ubo of one box
of Pills and bottle of Bitters, so far reftored as to
be able to attend to her domestic concerns. And
lastly, an acquaintance of mine, lias by the uso of
a bottle of Bitters and two ooxcsof 1'illa, been made
a perfectly sound and healthy man. He had bieu
laboring under a complication of diseases for the
last five years. I could mention numerous other
instances, but these aro sufficient to show the effects
of tho mcdicino uponji few of. my neighbors aud
triends. i our obedient servant,
Cvnus TiiAcnr.n.
Tho following is part of n letter written by a gen
tlerimn m tho country to his brother in this city.
from whom he had received a box of Life Pills and
Phcnix Bitters:
Thompsonville, Conn., Juno 26, 1838
Dear Brother I emliracolhe present opportunity
of writing you a few lines. I received tho Life
Pills and Phenix. Bitters you sent me. for which
can never thank you enough, as they have proed,
I hope, a perfect euro to me. I had for two years
been troubled with a revere pain in my side, I ap
plied to all tho doctors in this neighborhood, but got
no relief until I took tho Pills and Bittcisyou sent
me. Sinco I have taken them I hare been as well
as ever I was in my life.
Yours aflectionatcly, Daviii McGili,
Tho following is u copy of a letter from Terro
Haute Indiana t
Mr.W. B. Moffat Dear Sir I wrote you a few
days since stating, briefly, tho quantity of Life Fills
and Phenix Bitters, I should want tho cofning sea
son. When I accepted tho agency of this Mcdi
cimi in Juno lust, (although your application was
accompanied by documents, nttcsting the great ben
efit of tins medicine,) I hid no oxpectaiion that it
...... 1.1 ....! ,l..l f. . : r .
nuuiu iijuui IUC uclljlliuil glcil Ul ll,orglVO SUCK
general satisfaction a- tho experiment of a few
mouths has proved. I can only say that all who
havo used it bear testimony of its great value and
efficiency. I know of no instance where it has
been thought in tho slightest degree injurious, and,
even those who aro allhcted beyond hopo ol cure,
bear testimony of its salutary influence upon their
general health. Tho great and increasing demand
for this article is tho best assurance of, its usefulness,
and 1 would not wish to bo without it for a singlo
day. Respectfully, yours, J. F. Ktjjo.
1 ho lollowmg is a copy of a letter from a lady in
East Lyme, Connecticut, to Mr. Moffat's ajrent:
Ease Lyme, Conn., May 6th, 1839.
Mr. Bradford Sir In regard to Dr. V. B. Mof-
at's Life Pills and Phcnix Bitters, I can truly say
from experience, they are tho best medicine I hao
any knowledge of. Incredible as it may appear, I
havo for eight mouths scarcely been ablo to walk a
cross a room, ono month could not feed myself, had
tho attendancoof tho best of physicians for months,
onco and twice a day havo taken Patent Medicino
as far as directions would permit. ;Uo, a celebra
ted Doctor's prescriptions, all of which has been a
courso of tho greatest perseverance I was capable
of. Yet I havo received m moro than present re
lief; to give a similitude of my suffering! is indes
cribable, Yci I will wrilo tho symtoms of my dis
ca.e. For ten years I havo sull'cicd with a nervous
affection in my head and face; a place as large as a
hand in tho left side of my back, connecting tho
ehouldcrdoecribcd; a sensation of soreness, ficquetit-
ly occamo as cold as it hie had departed, in July,
1839, in const quenco of overdoing, taking a hard
cold, I was seized with a numbness in tho" system,
faininoes, flatulency, pain in tho head, voracious ap
petite, and at times deficient appetite, great loss of
muscular powcr.painin tho left tide,also Intlio shoul
der and arm to tho greatest extent, palpitation of
tne Heart, great lustrous in tuo bacli, gnawing in tho
stomach when empty, pressure after meals, amount
ing almost to suffocation, ktricturc across tho breust,
soro throat; also a tickling, attended with a eonvul-
etvecough, spilling of purulent matter.nigbt sweats,
cold feet aud hands, foetid breath, costivenoss, piles,
joss of raomory, affection of sight and hcarin?, diz
inosf, deafness, tho mind becamo doponding, other
disagroeablos not mentioned, which caused creat
woakiiost), eVc. I happily, and can truly say, that by
the blessing of Heaven, anil tha reMorativo proper
ties of the Llf Pills and Phcnix Bitters. I am m.
stored to health, which no other niodicino could do.
xours, ice.
Isabella A. Rogers. East Lyme, Conn.
For additional particulars of theabovo medicines
sco Moffat's "Good Samaritan," a copy of which
accompanies the medicines: a conv can bo obtains!
of tho different Agents who have tho medicines for
French, German, and Spanish directions can bo
obtained on application at the ofliicc, 375 Broad
way. t All post paid letters will nccivo immediate atten
tion. f
rrcpared and sold by William B. Moffut, 375
utoauway icw i oric. a liberal reduction mado o
those who purchase to bell again.
Agents. 1'ho Life Medicines mnv nlcn tin nAn
tho principal duggists in every town throughout tho
United States and the Canadaj. Aik for Moffat's
Life Pills and Phcnix Bitters; and bo euro that a file
smile of John Moffat's signature is upon the label
of each bottle of bitters or box of pills. For nh
at Aouia s ileum Lmronum, Biaoiiuburg,
itk mr Adt V. .m! . ' '
tu u uiiii iiiun iiiiiiiniia ni iaa-i .r.t
Hundreds nlid thousands bless the dav fhey ht
came acquainted with Pflsrs' Vegetable pills, wku '
in consequence ol their extraordinary goodr.c.rlu,J
attained n popularity unprecedented in the uiitM,
I mcuicinc.
Whrli taken according to I to iVirrctinm
panying them, thoy are hiehly bencfuciul info
pr'-'vcnuon aim cure oi uiuous icvcr, lever tnj t-
gue, dyspepsia, nver compiainti, mk ica..A,
aundicc, asthma, rheumatism, enlargement of fl,
und bowels, incipient uiarilnca, tutulcncc, habittj
costUciiess, loss of appetite, blotched or shall
els, where a cathnrvc or an aperient is nca'ci-
i uey uri eAuccuuiyij uuiu in mcir uj i-raiion, frj
J It.U) tllv lilt Wkn.VI .... lu.lltu.ia ... DwuilL',
fever and ague, bilious fever, end nil ilisra&es tiiwV
nave uilir irngui in iiuiuiuum nun m jiij.l. 1Q f; ,b-
word lr. I ctcrs pills are inn preat liilious K.'L
nml with tt Kilnnlv nt thnm nil hllinus
be kept nt a
mm,. .,.!, i,., ,,ir..,.,.i ...1,1 r ..j.
mg irom tneso iicsuowng compmmw, nut M c
immediate in its effort. In
i nev stand unmnucu. many nave nern cumb
a few weeks, alter havnm suflcrcd under tins drill
ul do mplaint for years.
Tlio world Is vastly out of tune,
Ami seems beyond correction;
But 1'voa spell, that very soon
Will mako it all perfection:
Will foon expel disease rnd pain,
So nouo i-hall bo r-.fllictcd;
And then shall cure all ills amain,
To which men aro addicted.
O would you know this rcourgc of ill,
.So various and n glorious 1
They ore tho VEGETABLE i'lLLS
Of .PETERS, ko victorious.
0 yes, they arn thoso pills of pride,
Which all tho world are praising,
For never did the gods pwide
A incd'cinc to amaziug.
Tho' Spleen or Chorrarack you through,
With this you need net fear thorn;
If Gout ufilict, and Colic too,
A box or too will clear them:
And if your liver's out of tune-,
If wild your heed is aching;
If jaundice dies you like the moon;
Or aguo sets you 6hak ng;
If grim dyspepsia thins your chyle;
If devils bliio arc grinding;
If you aro plagued with gripe or bile,
Or fevers loose or binding;
O tell no doctor of your ills,
Nor trust to baths or laitcinp:
And soon you 11 send them prancing.
'I'hocrt vnlnliT.. ntlla KilllP 111- f ft I .Pf. (1. if
rlretlt7. ATnfTntt'a ITurifct flirt Vrtfifin Mil
fact to any other pill over brought before the pulV
One 25 Cent Box will pro vo their virtue i
llii rnnnlv. na llipir RiimriEintr virtues are -statlU
eu an ovcrtno uniieu suairs, iaiiuuus, it,wi
ico and tho West Indies.
QjEuquire for 'cter's Vegetablo Anti Dillio"-
uuit.i il i hl v can i.u uui.iunu i, . v
and J. R. Mover, Bloomsburg, Wm. Middle cc I'
Danvil e, and at all tho pnnciplo stores m uica- t
m'iiio i .i:r.. i,i i i,n..n i. m n
Oil C l r..ll.,..r, nnorlr
- . : . r 1 '
one bay 1are, and one white llort e, or.t
. Tl nr . ..... f (.,.
iicas uuii guaiiu lor iwu nuuni uuimn i;
pleasure, of which the public will plorsi
take notice.
Sugarloaf, Aarch 28, 1840.
YERY respectfully informs Ilia friends and J"
public, that ho has always on hand, at the li
very Stable in Bloomsburg, for the purpose of Hw
or exchange, u variety ol
EJorscs, SuJItsCSj Giig'S;
which he will feel gratified to keep in readiness U
tho accommodation of customers.
Ho has also made o'rrangcmcnts for carrying fl:'
sengers Irom IJloomsburg to Juuncy, o""
Leaves Bloomsburo- for Muncv every Satan..'
ot 7 o'clock hi tho morning and arrive at Mum)
IJILIllUU Ul O P U11U U. Hl.v -a
same cvenins.
..-tivn ..(uviiwui IV I itiuin.-;
for Buckalews and return tho tamo day.
visuiiui uiiuuiiuuii uuu uuiiiaiiuu. ... .
iiti! u.vij- tucnila mil I'D UPlHl iu IUIU-- - '
isfactioii to those who may give him a call.
Bloom.burg, March 28, 1840. 8-
it..-. .a.t..r. ...Ill I.a .in.l In t-n.1..F rnillS fit
WOIILD rpsnpclfnllv inform his fricnoi
and tho public cenorallv.tiiat lie has reniov
etl his shon into his dwellinp; a few upor
above tlicJUotol kept by E. Howel, ai
nearly opposito the dwelling of Cliar.
Knler, where he may always bo fotiinl i'
dy to make up all garments intrusted ''
care, with neatness and despatch. TlaKli:,
for past fnvors, to such as have eiieo""
linn lieretofotc. And by strict attention i
bnsinesB. hopes still to incut a larger slnj
of public patronage. A good fit insured
all cases. ,
N. B. All kinds of country produce W(
in exchango for work. And tlio nee'
never refused.
Uloomsburg, April 11, 1840,