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TVie iVauy is" composed of Go Vessels of
wot, b wiiowb: 11 0f the tine, from
yt 10 isu guns, and onu razpe Bl guns M
frigates first class 41 guns, 2 fiigates 2d
claes 30 guns 21 sloops of war from 10 lo
tuii8 ia oiigs anu schooners from
.... juhb ; sreara snips, and 1 storo
The order of preccdcnco and command
in a ship i? aB follows, 1, Captain or Cam-
manuor, v, .Lieutenants, according to the
numeet or dato of their commissions, a
Masters. 4, Master's mate. 5, Boat-
uu"c'-' Carpenter. 8,
vnen the President shall visit a shin of
mo u. o. navy, ne is to ue saluted with 21
guns. Heads of Departments, Governors,
of States and Territories, and Foreign Min
isters 17 runs.
The Army contains of officers and men
12,577 in all, as follows ; General Staff
57, Medical Department 83, Pay Deprt
ment 19, Purchasing Department, Corps of
Engineers 433, Corps of Topographical
J'-nginecrs, 30, Ordnance Department 322,
Two Kejjtincnts of Dragoons 1,498, Four
Regiments of Artillerv 3,020, eight rern
ments of Infantry, 7,490. The total num
ber of militia or the United States is about
Post Office. There were in 1839 in the
U. States 12,780 Post-Offices Receipts
for postage $4,470,038; expenditures $4,
021,117 Extent of post roads 133,000
miles annual transportation of the mails
34,406,878 miles. .
The Press. There are in tho United
States 1555 newspapers, magazines and pe
riodicals. Of these 274 are nublishcd in
the Stale of New York, and 71 in tho city
of Now York. 11G are published daily;
14 tri-wcakly; 39 scmiweekly; 991 once a
week. The rcmninder arc periodicals
senii-monllily, monthly or quarterly.
Our readers will, we arc sure, feel grati
fied with tho prospect that is at length o
pened.of a paciffc and amicable termination
of the difficulties arising out of the disputed
N. E. Boundary Line. We arc happy to
observe that on Monday, in Congress the
negotiation proposed by Great Britain to this
Government was read by the Secretary of
mu oenaie, ai me call ot tho Maino Sena
tors. The President of the United Slates,
states lie had accepted tho proposed negoti
ations from tho British Government, or ra
ther that tho British had concurred in the
egoliations proposed by.thc United States
a year since. The President in his mes
sage, also strongly recommended an imme
diate provision by Congress, for a conten
tion Jo survey tho disputed territory ou the
part of the United States.
The two propositions concurred in by
Great Britain are to tho following effect :
First to explore and survey the disputed
territory under a joint commission, and
Secondly to submit the arbitration of
any difficulties growing out of a survey and
The despatches, however, furher stales
that there aro many of the details which
cannot be concurred in.
The President, in submitting his mes
sage, recommends a special survey prior to
the joint commission.
All the documents and papers sent by the
President to tho Senate were, on motion of
Mr. Buchanan, ordered to bo printed, and
referred to the Committee on Foreign Rela
tions. Sincerely do wo trust, that no new
difficulty will bo started to interfere with
such a progress of tho negociations, as will
lead to the only "consumation devoutly to
bo wished."
There is no disease that has claimed and
received a greater share of attention than
Pulmonary Consumption, and with what
euecess, the public is but too well aware;
and remedy therefoie that may offer but par
tial advantages in this fatal malady should
be received with favor.
TVe understand an operation was ner-
formed upon Mr. John Beitzel, of Kensinc-
ton, on the 15th or May last, which prom
ises entire success.
Tho disease was in the right sido, a ercat
jiuiuuii vi uiu iung oBing occupicu uy an
ausccas wuien communicated with tho cav
ity ol the chest the diagnosis being baed
upon physical exploration.
Tho operation was performed by Dr. J
P. Balhell, in the presence of Drs. J. E
Taylor, J. K. Kuorr, C. Baker, G. W. Pat
tcnou, and T. A. Reilly.
An incision was made about thrco inch
es long between the -sixth and sevonth ribs;
a gum elastie tube was introduced hit tho
cavity of the abscess, and the pus
drawn off by means of a pump. The orU
fico was kept open, and the tube applied,
ujiiii me pus (wntou amounted to twenty
four ounce) was entirely removed.
Tho yatient immediately after the opera
tion became entirely relieved; his couuh
subsided, ami hU respiration became easy.
Ho is now convalescent, having had no
bad symiQin the operation, and re
mains uuuer met uare ot ut3, JJcluell and
Talor, Inquirer.
fixlraordinary Murder. As a young
girl, of the canton of Mcufchatel, was pro
ceeding to u neighboring village, she was
accosted by an old soldier who entered into
conversation with her, and thoy jogged on
amicably together. The young girl inform
ed her companion, that she was proceeding
to the next village for the purpose of receiv
ing 400 francs for her paronts, and that she
would sleep in tho village " For my part,"
said the voteran, 1 am a poor devil, and
cannot afford to pay for a bed at an inn; but
I shall find a bundle of straw somewhere
or other; however, let mo tell you, my pret
ty maiden, that it is very imprudent on
your part to travel alono w'ilh so much mo
cy about you. My road lies the same way
as yours. Shall I accompany J" They
partod, and it was agreed that the soldier
should call in the morning. The following
day, as tho appointed hour drew near, llm
yong girl began to consider that' she had
been very imprudent in placing so much
confidence in a man she know nothing of,
Jim expressed nor alarm on the subject to
tho landlady. The latter eoen trnnnnilized
nur, oy saying, " l will hide you in a room,
and when the soldier comes, 1 will teh him
i i . . . l
that you are gone." This was agreed on.
anu wuon the old lellow came, ho was in
lormcu that tho maiden had left. Tins
oxciicd some discontent on his part, but ho
hastened aficr her, and inquired of all he
met il they had seen a vounc rnrl of such
a ucacnpuon, anu constantly received a ncg.
alive answer. This made him uneasv.-nnd
I . . f 9 O
he relumed to the inn, and earnestly, but in
vam, inquired for the girl. " She is slill
here, 1 am sure," cried he. " for there is
ner DasKet." The land ad v crrew na e. A
gendaiine.whn was present, asked her what
nau stained her gown with blood. She
faintly replied that she had killed two rab
hits for dinner. A search was made all over
the house, when lo ! a corpso was found in
uie cenar. i no wretched woman had as
sassinated and robbed the poor girl.
bWiss Paper,
This extraordinary apparatus, which has
excited so much attention in Europe and in
New York, as wo learn, soon ba expected
in this city. It discharges from GO lo 120
balls per minute: and is likclv to make no
little noise in tho world. It is tho produc
tion of Mr. A. M. Porkms, who has inven
ted an entirely new method of ueneratine
steam, which has beon successfully applied
to steam-engines, and is at once so simple,
safe and economical, as to leave little doubt
that tho steam gun will ere long rank among
tho first implements of warfare. It has
been found by experiment, that the regen
erator is capable of furnishiher a constant
supply of 6team for discharge of balls at tho
rate of 00 per Canute, and that one pound
of anthracite coal will f'enerate steam suffi
cient to discharge four pounds of balls: the
steam has often been raised lo a piessuro of
700 pounds per squarojincJi, but ono third,
of this ptes6ufo is sufficient to' completely
flatten tho balls when discharged against an
iron target 100 feet distant fiom the gun,
and a pressure of 400 pound ner soiiura
inch, at the same distance shivers tins balls
to atoms. It is, no doubt, a curious and ex
traordinary specimen of human inirenuilv.
and will attract crowds of observeu in this
Ingenious device. 7'he following curi
ous story is of an old lady in Buckingham
shire, (Enghnd.) Her husband had died
without making his will; in consequence of
which neglecl.his estato would have passed
away from his widow, had she not resoiled
to uo'mo expedient to secure it. She hit up
on llie following. Sho concealed tho death
flier husband and prevailed upon an old
cobler, her neighbor, who was in person
somowhai liko tho deceased, to go to bed at
her house, and personate him; in which
character it was agreed that ho should dedi
cate a will, leaving the estate to Ins wife.
An attorney was sent for to draw up the
writing. 1 ho widow, who, on hio arrival
appeared in great afiliction at the good
man's danger.began to ask questions of Iter
pretended husband, calculated to elicit the
answers she expected and desired. 7'he
cobler groaned aloud, and looking as inucl
like a person about to give up tho ghost as
possible, leebly answered,4! intend to leave
you half my estate, and I !tl:ink the poor
shoemaker who lives opposite is deserving
the other half for ho has always been a good
neighbor.' The widow was thunderstruck
at receiving a reply so different to that
which she expected, but dared not negutivo
the will, for fear the pretended husband
would expose her. and sho loae ull, so al
lowed the attorney to record it.
Churches in Philadelphia. According
Tanner's Philadelphia City Guide, for
the current year, the following is the num
ber of Churches in this cily, as set forth al-
phaketically in detail : African 7, Baptist
1 i, uainouc o, congressional i, Hutch
Reformed 2, Episcopal 14, Friends' Meet
mg Houses 3, German Reformed 1, Inde-
pendent l, Jews' synagogue 1, Lutltoran
4, Methodist IS, Moravian 1. Mariners' 3.
New Jerusalem 1, Presbyterian 20, Unita
rian l, universalis! 2, Total 100.
Stale Capitol Gazette. M, Holbrook,
heq. ssnjor editor of the Democratic Joui
nal, has withdrawn from the establishment.
Mossrs, Ilenhck J3ra((on continue the
That Gen. HARRISON, instadofbo
ihg "fresh from the ranks of the people,'
has held office cither civil or military for
moro than 45 years, for which ho has re
ceiyed moro money than any six horso team
could draw m silver dollatsi
I hat he himself says he "was friendly
to uie Auinimsirntion oi me ciucr auams;'
was ihrico commissioned by Inni.and marc
ud into Cincinnatti in 1798, with a black
cockade in his hat,
That ho resigned his commission as Ma
jor General, in the middle of lite laletvar.
and was succeeded by UISWISKAL JACK
SON, who won immortal honors and ter
initiated the campaign of 1815, hv an un
paralleled overthrow of tho British forceB
on tho plains of New Orleans.
That his subordinate officers licked cop
fidenco in his'military qualifications, declar
ing tho conduct ol their chief to bo "shrou
ded in inexplicable mystery, and on one
occasion refused to obey his orders to"blow
up the fort and abandon their posts on the
appearance of tho British forces."
That tho Senate of the United States ro
fueod to grant him a medal in honor of his
military services, and actually struck his
name from the lint of those thus honored,
LACOCK, Senators from Pennsylvania,
voung to uavo ins name 6tricl:cn out
That while "Governor of the territory of
Indiana ' he approved of a lawselltngfree
while men and women into slaverv" for
tho fines and costs of court, if they were too
poor to pay the debt.
1 hat ho voted for a similar law while
member of the Senate of Ohio in 1820.
That on tho 17th of September 1807,ho
as Governor of Indiana, approved of a law
requiring a FREEHOLD ESTATE ol
hlty acres ol land to cninlo a citizen to
vole for any officers at' tho general elec
That when Indiana became a Slate, he
ran for Governor and was "shamefully bea
ten" by his opponent, Mr. Jennings.
1 hat ho afterwards .removed to Ohio,
where ho ajrain ran for Governor and was
completely distanced, receiving only about
luuu votes, or onc-tcntli el Ilia more than
40,000 polled.
1 hat lie opposed the election of Mr.
That he supported the claims of John
Quincy Adams, in oppos'tion to General
JACKSON; was appointed Minister to Co
lumbia bv Mr. Adams and recalled by
JACKSON, for unwarranted interference
in the affairs of that republic, and since his
return has been a county Clerk with a sal
ary of some $7,000.
J hat m 1830 he became tho candidate of
tho federal opposition for tho Presidency
and received 73 elcctorial votes all told; the
democratic candidate Martin Van Burcn,
receiving 170 elcctorial votes, of 97 of a
majority over of his federal opponent a
majority exceedin2AllAniusN 8 lohols Dotei
"by 14 electorial votes. '
1 hat tho federal whitts, abolitionists.and
anlimasoni, blustered and bragged in 1830
more, u possioic.iuan inoy are now doin"
in 1810.
That the "Hero of Tippecanoe," of
log cabins," of "hard cider," of "horn
flints," and "coon skins," is in charge of a
'iniiiKioir committee" whose POLICY
will not permit their ward "to raako any
further declarations of principle for the pub
lic eye."
I hat wo the people are"sucli old 'una."
that wo can't be tempted to buv "a vh in
a pnke," no how the feds and quids can
lix it.
Pile following addross, so characteristic
of the Chinese, by its lgnoranco of geogra-
pny, anu us soundness ol logic, will amuse
our readers:
Opium War Documents. Van of a
'Public Despatch to the Queen of Eng
land" from tho Chinese Functionarier at
Canton :
" We find that your country is distant
from us about sixty or seventy thousand
miles; that your foreign ships come hither
striving tho ono with the other for our trade
and for tho simple reason of thpir strong do-.
aire 10 reap a nroiu. now. out ol the
wealth of our inner land, if wo tako a part
to bestow upen foreigners from afar, it fol-
ows, that the immense wealth which the
said foreigners amass ought properly speak
ing to be portion of our own native Chinese
people. By whut principle, of reasoiUhen.
should these foreigners send in return a poi-
SIIUVU9 unijj! lilU I1IVU1VCU in uuBiruciion
those very natives of China? Without
meaning to say that iho foreigners harbor
any such destructive intentions in their
hearts, wo yet positively assert, that from
their inordinate thirst after gain thev arc
perfectly careless about the injuries tliey in-
uici upon v: ana sucn oeing tne case, wo
should like to ask what has become of that
conscience wlnsh Heaven has implanted in
the breasts ef all men?"
"Moreover, wo have hoard that in T.nn.
don, tho metropolis where you dwell, also
in Scotland, Ireland, and other such places,
nu ujuuin niimuriT ia preauceu. it la only
in sundry parts of your subject kingdom of
Hindostan, eilch as Bengal, Madras, Bom
bay, Patna, Malwa, Benares, Malacca, and
other places, where tho vory hills aro cov
ered with the opium plant, where the tanks
aro made for the preparing of the drug.
Month by month and yer by year the vol
urne of the poison increases; its unclean
slciicb nncends upwards, until Heaven, its
elf grows angry, and tho vory gndsj thoro.
at get indignant 1 1 You, the Qncen of tho
sad honorablft nation, .ottght immediately
to have tho plnnts in dieso pirls plucked up
by the very roos. Cause ibo land there to
bo used up afresh; sow in its 6tcad the live
plants ; and if any man dare again to plant
iiuheso grounds a single poppy, visit' his
criminal with the most severe punishment.
By a very benevolent system of govern
ment such as this will you indeed reap ad
vantage and do away with a source of evil
Heaven must support you, and tho gods
will crown you with felicity. This will gel
for youtseir tho blessings of long life, and
from this will proceed the security and buj
bility of your descendants."
"Let your Highness immediately npon
the receipt of this communication Inform
us promptly of the state of matters, and of
tho measures you are pursuing utterly to put
a stop to the opiu:n'cyil( Please let your
reply bo speedy. Do not on any account
make excuses or procrastinate.' '
Fon PnnsiDKNT,
Fon Vici: Phgsident,
AND the
James Clarke, of Indiana, ? . . .
Geo. G. Linr-En, of Delaware, S
Col. John Thompson
Benjamin Milllin
Frederick Sloovcr
11 m. II. Smith
John F. Bteimnan
John Dowlin
Henry Myers
Daniel Jncoby
Jesse Johnson
Jacoli Ablo
IS Frederick Slnith
13 Chnrlw M'CIurc
H J. M.Gcmmrll
15 G. M. Hollonback
10 Leonard Pfoutz
17 John llorlonjr.
18 William i'liilson
18 John Morrison
20 Wesdy Frost
21 Hcnj, Anderson
22 William Wilkins
8 Geo. ChrUtman
0 AVm. Shocncr
23 A. K. Wright
24 John. Fit) ley
25 Stephen Barlow
i Jlcnryl.ogan
Notwithstanding tho opposition that was
attempted to bo raised from certain quarters,
the democratic county celebration in this
place on Saturday last, was an immense
athering.of the hard fieted 'yeomanry of
tho county. It was indeed a cheering sight,
to seo so many democrats assembled to keep
remembrance tho natal day of thcirJje-
lovod country. It augured well for the suc
cess of tho democratic party, and for the
continuance of our liberties.
Thelndependent Treasury Bill passed
on the 30th ult. by a voto of 125 to 107.
nil on tio 4th mst. received tho sigpaturo
of tho President, and hus became a law of
the land.
We have neglected to notice that the
Poltsville Emporium, published bv our old
friend Ingrain, came to us some two weeks
go much improved in sizd and in appear
ance. A sure evidence of ueinrr well mm.
ported by a goodly number of paying sub
scribers. Wc have received the first number of the
' Rolling Ball," a small new and cheap de
mocratic paper published at Ilarriahnnr.
ICr-What next the little man com
plains of being called names. Wory sen-
sative, wery. Oh, dear what can the mat
ter be 1
n i m mm
Pray, in what resnect is General TTnni.
son like hard eider ? Globe.
All we know is, that he runs well.
No; its because le s 60 muoi, morQ tHk.
cd about than admired. Spirit of the
Times. J
Is'nt it because his friends think he should
be kept tight to bo of any sorvico, and the
pcoplo don't want to swallow him even at
that ?
Not exactly but because he lacks the
good qualities to make him palitablo.
What a long procmion we make as
a few whigs said when walking the itrett
about twenty feet apart.
, , NATIONAL Fniivrnn
Tltfe subject of a National IW
1 . UV 1
"bii annn .
... ..aviMjj yei reported, wo ni.i:.i
..winS-uiraci irom the report of i
Totten. Col.inr.l r il, i ' J'
l,i -..j . n . ii
.. . . . "Klll!.
, -''- g wit; iiiiiirfi n ii-
"Tho United States
foundry. Although possessing Sl)
beds, from which iron of approved o
for casting cannon has long bee,, mX
from private foundries. This sb ,
been so recently before Congress n, J
ably heate.', that nothing will be sai ,
cr than to stale tho probable cost of
an cstnb is huient: and Morn Aw..:
ucpenus upon tho location, that cnl
wrt iilliiuiii (V I 11 'HIfmt-ltA.I A
... 3OBSI0U, JL0C, SQ. 100 J.
..... ui a junnury, to he locatM .
- --- .... ... iianitl 1)1 (Jo IllmV
212,000. If tbis
it is Known that great care was bestowedt
ti3 l'juiiaiuiiuii.i ii mil iin nomim,.. .i .
uum cTouu.uuu w lie mnturivi r- .
AOAft u.a' Ml , . mm
dry when favorably located fnr n, ....
,.,.... minium aicam-powcr I
adopted, the first cost of the establish
would bo less, whilo the niniwl ct
diture would be greater than for water-po
" As regards a suitable location fa
foundry, the great weight and bulk or r
rawmatorial used in the manufacture ofc
non, and tho weight of h.;.
aro inr nci. .i .
i ui, ulu sca-uo,.k
would seem to dammul tlmi
tontion should bo riven to ibn m,..
-.'-..-..v.. wu.ii iw UliU IIUII1 mn Inn-
uiy i
" Total amount required for a foimdrv
it will be seen by the above report ttati'
... 1
prcicrence 13 given to " Water Power" m,1
Steam, when
wnat more " favorable loration" can the-
. .. ..... c
...... " il
...ui. u.ivij i loillll!! Lrpnir I a lronn
Ihn. ... II.. 1: .... . '..
in mi! nmc 01 uie iovest water. Ihci
Ik n nnittnn n,n,l t .. I . 1
uuiJiiir. Willi n n 1 iiir finoA n H, n...
.muhuiuviuiu III V till II Ull. I.I.
mj ... w niKiitfiuuuu, uuu w a
,.,;n 1 1
iiiumiihm wiiii an nans 01 1 10 Un ted Hi:,im
. : . . z.i 11 n . .
and its location, loo. in a feniU uml i--'
I'llllivilnil nf.iiitl... In .l.l!i: ....
liicniitii in inn in nnn. .r n.A cniA
,.r W. r!.. . ..
. . . . u . w I .U VJlil.L. ill I . l .
" " 1 "u loruiii nauon cou 1 rvnr
wi:.. .1 1 .
iiu i.iesc auvauiafres. we con idem 1
..i.uij,i,iimi no uu9iinn in uie united tstais
i, c Ll. , . . .. .
V..11 uc luuiciuuiL-, aim wo nope, mat tf.s
nnmmilliiii UnCm it. .. 1 . .
w......,.vi., ul-.uiu uiuv iikikb a rcnort. ivii
AlOl noel o.. .. .. .1 f ,ii
4 '
wu. .ii Kit ui.uh una llLliillunrnnna.
w e take pleasure in publishincr the fol
lowing- extract, from tho .Missouri Arug,-
It is a high and deservinn romnliment. lo
an intelligent, industrious and worthy oeo.
Attentions to the. f2rvmn,io ne Ci
Charles. Tho Germans r Si tt
county havo formed a Democratic associa
tion tho articles of which 100 voleu nut
their names on thnsnnt. Rnmnt;
I.l!.l.. l , , "5
wo luuiianeu an auuress in minniri
citizons written with admimbln rU
...... .U I ...
v'hAi. ,. n . n : .. i. . i
hr.nvn mnn imml oiilci.n ii(..i x
null uiljuccuiiiiih mi nw I mm rn in
fauwu ..ibuo, iiiuiigiiii;i
SCriltinizillL'. Consistent and firm m nnlili.f
.... ,.,...,1. i, luiaisiiuris who cuam v.'
10 auu uiemtoivos to our population ar'
inuru vninnn n mnn iiia i:a.n...u. n...i ...n f
sincerely rejoice to seo from the foreipi
I'dpcre, wiai ninny tnousands will leave t".e
continent of Eurono durintr llm camw.o
summer, yiiev are worthy to bo frco W
i ". . . 'J
...iu iiiucjiuuuBiii American?, tliey unow
l.n... 4rt I. 1 . . Ml '
ui.v iu wu irt'U anil in nur nnnnlrw w 1
find the freedom that is their binh x'v-him V
men. .
We are sorry to learn that at tho WIiL'
celebration in the village of Kin? in-
dividual named Morris Gibltr was very se
verely wounded by the premature
of the cannon his loft hand being torn en
tirely off. togethor with the third and fouilb
lingers ol. his right hand.
At tho Whig celebration at n; '
individual by tho name of Jacob Mucrs hi 1
llirpn finirara nf I... -:l.i I 1 I r.".
...iw.m t i llUflfc llHUtL VIIMVll ',
and at a celebration in Blakely, Thome Sj
.- llllbU Ui VI1U IllJWlO U I . M
right hand torn off. All of tho individuals Wk
WCrO tnnrc nr IncaintiirAil fivi V
and various parts of their bodies, by splin
ters lrom the ramrods and the charges m
the cannons; Our last accounts represent
them all as in a fair way of recovery.
Wo havo not heard o.f any further acci
dents and sincerely hope these may be all.
We learn that tliey ore all men of fami
lies, doponding on their daily labor for tt-'f
port. TfVktbarrt Adv