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tk. "BET TxnsTiwrKT-Tr y. -kr . ...
I have sworn upon the Altai- of God, eternal ho&ltlity io oycry lorra of Tyiaiiuy over the lud ot aian. .ThomM ;crrcr80n.
Vofoisiic XV.
'oH'osiTt St. I'avL's Cnuncii, M;yin-st.
published every Saturday inorning, at
TlfO DOLLARS ptr annum, payable
half yearly in advance, or f'wd Dollars
. J'ij'ty Cents, if not paid within the year.
'JN'i) subscription will betaken for a shdrler
period than six m'onths; norVany discon
tinuance permitted, until all arrearages
arc discharged. t
ADVERTISEMENTS not exceeding a
square will be cohspicuouslyhiscrlcd at
One Dollar for itie fiHt fhrccnscriions)
and Twenl q-Jive coil's for every subse
quent nsertion. fCTV liberal discount
nude io those who advertise by the year.
LETTERS addressed on business, must
be post paid. ,
lVumbbr 9.
I a
" Written for the Ladies of Blaomsbitrgy
Look down from heaven, 0, God above,
, Willi kind compassion end with love;
Our lieari3 tpvivo with all true gra'ie;
For tliou an ail in every place.
,0 may wo at thy throno implead,
Through him fot us will intercede;
.'For'lhounrt holy, only love,
ihou Gud who art our joy above.
May v.'C thy goodness always fuel';
In joy, in hope, in woo or weal;
Our dins forsake, and always try,
To lotu thee Letter in tlie sky.
0 may wo all in heaven conic,
For Ilia, is our only home;
Thy righteousness and praise extol;
'n uu friend of ours, ot ever.v soul:
: V -
Thy spirit uulo s impart,
To rule in us, in usry heart; , Oh ii",tHcTiVATnm?r- i-m sei
" "1! litiUr " 1 (... I f. It urna u-p that ho
Ashton was a motchanf, and Frank May I road to wealth a straight, dull turnpike. I will
nmnlinnin 'IM,.. .... - .1.1... I .1 0 . . . . '. '!.."
'. " A II cjr 1VC1U UU11I WIIHl
tile world call ' very fino young mon.' Its
(yen Hover look down into the heart. It is
tlie prerogative ol one liyc alone to I
uunueu Willi dust. Whilo mv
i . . . .
ino iiiBiug.mvu i uiiuij u uiono io iook. trougit a green lane among
in uiu suurui siiringa oi ar.uon : 10 mat livo uiooKs anu sincinr: birds
the difference between the tvb characters 'Good bye, to you, F
was TCrV t?rPal. frifinrl .'rnii liW. unlrn,,,.
Both applied themselves with all diligonce
to their respective callings, and hoped to bo
.-. . . . ....
rranit may resoivi-d that every
should bo gained, not only .honestly but
honorably. As for Charles Aslitori, ho had
mh pHe purpose, and that was to acquire
woalth tintrahimelled by scruples about
ways and menu.
4 1 11 bu a rich man before I dio 1' said he
to himself 'one night, as ho was studying
his ledger (he onlv linn); in tlin wnrlil 1 1 1 -
lie tliotight cntctlaiiiing. lie was untiring
in Ins application to business; and if he
did not absolutely cllcat( ho made what aro
called ' pretty tight bargains.' Ihrd and
honest,' was, his maxim which somo think
means ' hardly honest.
He soon acquired the reputation of a
keen, moncy-nrakinu man. But niakir.t!
mtiney is not always making friends. At
iho end of len year, Mr. Ashtou was a
richer man than his fiicnd iMav. but ha
surprised to find himself not so mucii re
spected, or so happy. He began to think
there were tome things money would not
IJut I'll see if it won't buy me a wife.'
said ha. ' 1 bcliovp its livinr a bachelor thnt
makes me so blue I'
Now it never occurred to our friend that
wife who could be bought, might not bo
Li'tirlh tiHvincr. Hut it flwl npnnr infitfill.
enough, that whilo ho was about it, he might
as well try for a lich one. &) he wunt
peeping around among the heirCEses nolli
iiisdouut'rig that a young lady win wa3 an
heir to a fine fortune, would 'inherit o;ery
other fine quality. It was not Ions before
in lixfid his aflcctons ? no his thoughts !
on iMiss Jemima Wilkins. the youngest
daughter cf Esrjuire Wilkins. It was not
the color of Miss Jemima's hair, or the
snarklc of her eve. or ilir- r!imnln !h nr
enccus, nut attracted our heio's attertiiofl
friend.'you tie welcome to your books
birds and shady lado : I liko the turnpiko
best, and don't mind getting a litlie gold
dust in. mv evoa. nroviilinir itin met u,,a
in my pockets.
J riougu Uiarlco opokc so gaily
turned away, there was a still small
Mav wo in .honor of thy faon, ,
In spirit always all be one;
The same relationship- may in,
As he fo thco, and we to him.
The richness of thy love may all,
l'orrvur taste both great mid small;
And nove'r more thy word confound,
For graco shall more. than tin abouudi
The gospel enterprise1, it is,
That we may reach that heavenly
That nniitf shall eVer.bu undone,
That all shall bu in Christ made one.
, .r 's'"' luriijimc, i wuii a iittio gate lastenetl by a strinr. Bo
where tbeie lire so many driving by, and so ' Jiind the house, at som: distance, rolled the
...u... v ...i: IV wibiUAD UU. IE131 Vnil nifl nnnn.h.Hl . ... . iU Ii.. I .IT.. I
If I I ' , ...I. ' . ' ywiIUiKHUUt 11VUI, Willi 1,10 UL.1UUIUI
rtrr hnll. ;,l.f L. I. . I ' .
" J , .m.w uu? a Dim Dlljuil VOICO
which whispered to his heart and told him
Frank was right and ho was wron?. But
as mis monitor Had not been listened to
when its tones were low. was it to be
pocted that jl would bo heard now?
Among the poor neighlois who chared
Frank'3 kind attentions, was fans! whose
pcculiai lonely and desolate condition.gavo
her a strong claim to sympathy and kind
ness. Tin- widow she was com
monly nailed had seen better days; but she
had lust her husband, her children, and licr
properly. One, after, another, she had laid
her little ones in tho grave, till only two re
mained, a son and a daughter. All the
generous sympathies of Frank's naturi!
were moved, when, tho only son was cut
down just ns he had reached an age at
which his poor mother miglit begin to lean
nrinn him. II rncilimt .1... r..u
I w .wuwi.ww, in mu Lunulas
of his heart, to mako ihis widow his espe
cial, care, ana to ao all in Ins power to sup
ply the place of her lost son. He was un
wearied in his attention!-, and though time
was money with him, he gave it freely to
provide for her comfori. The widow
Oicun had, ds I have said, an only daugh
ter, this was all that had been saved from
tho wreck, of her earthly happiness. A
rich treasure was thi3 daughter at least
so thought the widow and so thought an
other. .
Now I beg the reader not lb call
tioa the disinterestedness of Frank'
Hons to thu widow; for I do assure
path is of interval hind on each side, ornamented
hero ind there with a solitary, Graceful
elm. Is there a river in the world whose
nath is marked with more beautv nml vnr.
duro than the Connecticut? Amour? all
dwellers on its banks, perhaps there liever
Was a lianmnr rniinlc thnn tlin .inn i,.l,
j j J- - , " i..u i.vf.
on May day, took possession of ilia new
'Atlft cn.'ilnM Mna .Tnmim l1.nt
i - " ,r Milium bliab
was, as she was returning with others from
I.- U! ..' .;. . l
uiu wcuumg vmii, -poor niary ureen is
Mrs. Francis Mav ! I snmmc din will
fc j - i ...
rnrrv npr hi!iil nrallv IiiitIi nrttt. '
rranii s a tool,
as he
in qii2s-
k atten-
vnll Ihnl
when ho resolved to be a son to her, ho had
no a liltral fulfillrngiit. But benev
olence sometimes meets with unexpected
. ivti..i n finn thiiiiT h is to be rich I' ex
claimed Charles Ashmn, as lie passed Ls-
mi rn Will.-ina' irreat llbuse.
i .: "... ... r....J
A tine thing, niuccu, ropiieu uia uihu
Frank May, provided
' Provided what I'
' Provided wo can have a few other good
;thing with it.'
' Other good things ! why man, money
'will buy all thu Good things in the world.'
isjoi quite,' replied Frank. ' To be sure,
'it will buy some small matters which arc
convenient, but there aro things essential
'that it will not buy.'
Snrh na vvlfal?' iiitBrruiiloil Ins friend
hliililhl liJDIHllfcss. Ulld C
!l Iri
ion for life.. Tt was well that ho. quite
v . (nr cm? ol mind or person
g.M ... .w -.,
or the voumr lady was scaniuy uuunwou.
it... dm iinil tnn thniisand charms in
the tihap'd of good round dollars, and that
was enough for Asltton. He was tho rich
est young man in the Village, and that was
enough for Jemima, oo me uargani was
struck up in a trice, and no time- lost
in moonlight walks and scrcneds, and no
money wasted in rides aiid ptcscnts.
i i I q ininrflstintj. coun e were marricii aim
Look possBssion ot a nieo now house, full of
nico now lurniture, anu scmou inoiuseivc
down, to got as much comfort as empty
heads arid empty hearts, with a full purse,
could give.
' Here wo will leave them ia ihc full gldry
of the honey moon, to look after our friend,
Frank May. Let us see what the lapse ol
(., fnr lid liim. Uu was not a whit be-
iiinit Asliinn iii activity and industry, and
ho reaped tho usual rewards oi prcsom
comforts and prospective plenty. Though,
as ho told his friend, he meant to acquire
Wealth, it was not for his own sake, but for
tlid benefit or others. It was good prorif
of his sincerity that he did not defer doing
godd till tho 'timo shoud arive when he
could call himself rich. He know that if
he did not form the habit now he would not
have tho heart hereafter. He knew, and
what ii better, ho felti that no one Miouid
live to himself tint even :i young man, just
,,, ;., ilio it-iirlil. who had his lor-
isirimijj ii '
:lcar ' lue to build up with hw own hnnun. lie
i..r i' n-imn iii l in roncniMim mm uu
' and Mary Oreen wai) at this Umpnlntttrl'vrP
Irj in teen, vears old. 1 sinsrtteS ;ir,oo
T. ' ' , V . fA' .tl t 11 i: 1. U LI II . 1
thoui'ht Mr. Aclilnn.
'to marry a ftirl who has'nt a cent in tlm
But two vcara wrnnirht n nlinnitn in ilu
. tj " "U"
condition of the parties. Frank and Mary
continued on in their, even tenor ho apply
ing himself with assiduity to his business,
and manairimr with econnmv. . whiln Mv
made every thing go like clock-work at
before, lintii becoming tired of the turnpike
with his father-in-law, Esq. Wilkins, enga-
gec. in a grand speculation which was
to make them both rnillionares. But it
failed, and involved both in irretrievable
And then, while mourning ono day on
his blighted prospects and tho wreck of his
property, he met Frank nut in hU wnrtiinir
dress, who had on also a cheerful connte"
nance; and when he saw how cteadily he
had won his way in public confidence, and
to the enjoyment of a respectable compe
tence, he said to him
Aye, Frank 1 youis was the right road to
wealth after all.'
people With its holy fire it illuminated tho
r f D 'tiuuiusicouagerin tne Union
it nuriiietl tlin nnlitirnl
, r;" ri '",D"UUU con'
sumed tlioso who would fain oxiiiigUish iiB
beacon light. , .
Agam it siumboreu till the war of 1812
- lllsnirpu llct nnnmtao ...III.
,. trampled
wii IiVjiiIi: I minniise U would not be i r.,,ir thiniM tn aiteiitlio ill this life, viz : his
. .i '...I.. r... .1 ....... i. ..nitntnc. i nP..l nnl aKiriinnl jvntftirn and the
.but I'll tell yod of on nice article which j temporal and spiritual welfare of others
. .:it i I r nil itm tiiiinnn fnmilv who came
19, W. Ml . ---j .
ii will buv.
' And what in that ?'
A wife 1'
'Ah !' replied Frank, that's tho only ar
"ticlo in the world which I should rather boj
under his influence, either directly or indi
rectly. Here was a noblo work; sufiicisnt it,.. WirrtHt hn:irt. and task the highest
'Phis was the crand outline of
his schemo of life, and left it, to the finger
of Providence to point out daily the partic
ular maimer in which it was to be tilled up.
Willi ilieB views he stood ready for every
!,.,. m.,'!,.. .-mi iliinK- i ,,.r,l .mil ivnrk. He was llbvcr b()
II II., IIIBllUll J ft .mi....- I,IIU l.Hll, MM- " - ' - ' .
... i i i;t, .mill ini.!,n in irt mv :!.,..; n innt hi mvn allairs. mat uu cnuiu
DU 1 I ll.t I.IWHV . , MM ...w-.. D - --- t """"" ' t k, .
Bharu. provided I can do it honestly. ' mil stop to do a good act. v hcit called
' Ah I von will ha ton um'ch hindered 1 upon to leave his work to dn something or
with Bcruplei, id nuke any headway) in ,-4 (,00r neighbor, or hand atouiid a siibsaip
tho world. My inottu is, Ou ahead, hit or ' (i paper in aid of some benevolent object,
... 11 .i..i. .... .nil f.itiiru. fir uiu 11
.1,,.., I.nv
....ill , t .
We.) I Frank, ynu are a man df ludnpeud
ent lecl'iuua. bui i'ni afraid you'll n.iur lie
a man of independent properly.
Wliv, utiurios,
jnj8$ y or u sometniug nr w i.iiuibt -
And I,' eaid Friink, ' should as lief have , i ,, ,0 did not call it an interruption, but
tiothimr to oat but mgiir, as to havu nothing considered it as a branch of his buMiiHSs.
" . ... I . . . I ... 1 1. ...I.'.... n.lll tll liim
kn ....I. iv I1.1t wealth
w villi.; -
Here tho friends parted, one to his work
Minn, and the other lu ins cntintinj'-room
These two young won lived in a till
Auiiimi mml m lauih at him. and toll him
he had chosen a str.ingo roail to wealth
'Never mind,
lieve one who had -a kinder heart, or more
sweet and gentle 1 innors. Though.while
her features were at womu uu.
she was handsome, but, if thoy were light
il feelin?. as they
UU UJJ ..II ...w-j,... c. -
always were in convcrsauon, yu ..uu...
acknowledge (lhero Was beauty theio.
And the very best kind of beauty, too-
thai which will not lane. 1 111s was ju!,.
the sort of beauty to take with Frank. Ho
found too, that her' views of duty, of the
great end of life, accorded with Ins own.
That the alllictions of her family had ma
tured her character.and produced a chasten
0.1 .i.wi oimmiPil xnirit. which eminently
Lll UllU V.W. - " - - " 7 , -
C1...I l.o.. fUr itin pninn.inlonshlD of'OnC
llllUU 11. w , .
whose great desire was to be good and do
Ono evening Frank and Mary had been
taking a long walk, (it was a bright .moon
light evening, of course,) and ihey reached
. " . ... 'II .1 .-I. iiitii
hnmn Hist na tna vuiapc wucu -uuw .i.w.
They stopped before the little gate; which
was fastened Willi a siring.
'Mary,' said Fradk, a3 he reached over to
undo the string,
'Well,' ,
'1 have been thinking, Mary hem,
here he stdpped.and worked away for sdrae
seconds on the siting. It had got into a
hnnl Unnt. 1 SUPPOSe.
. . , . . I . , , 1. , .. nrnin
M havo been iiutiaing, uo otau UBa...,
and then ho waited so long, that Mary
wondeted what he had boon thinking about,
dnd whothor ho would over be dotio think
I have been thinking, Mary, that,' as
ho had now advanced ohe word further, ho
would probably have got out tho wholo sen
tence, butjust then widow Green, who had
been dining at tho window, and seeing
Frank working so long Over tho gate, the
bi.i.i nntoiniw nld I.idv must need come
Ik I It V UIHUIUM- ' . ( .
mil tn son Mulmt tV:i i ho matter with that
Atf. nll-in rt ' TNI- M'ipv was left to finish the
i u.v s..iii. ...-. . e l
ani,lnn..o nffnrilinir lu the dictates Of ItBT
mum (Vflindo nr imarrinatious. But Frank
look the more satisfactoty method of finish
Inir it i n nnllPr
How the sentence really ended, may be
infHirfld from tho fact that iho next week
Frank was bustling about, with an ei.tra
glea-n of satisfaction on his fine counte
nance, making preparations fur building a
house- A light heart makes light work.
In an incredible short time lib had finished
ono of the prettiest little collages you ever
lan.v. Tl was nainted white. Willi "rsen
To the Fop!c bi" Feainsylvli
irk an n mil in vnu u unui oimr v"0 roan to weauu. -- i . ,
. .. . ... .'... h.tin.1. nmt nnrltuo all around. It stood
measures, principips mid candidate ot the
flnmnpralin and federal parties, on whiclj
you are to pass judgment, at tho apprtfach'
'n.r., nWtinn. This dntv is render
mi; kvii." - --- . .
,i ,nu,.inll npc.nssarv. bv the cross aiid
unprincipled attempts madp by the .federal
r .1 .1 .:n1...fl flirt nionnln.
arlV, 10 aeccive anu luniwim
ti..." i r liipntinn is not a new one. It
has always characterized tho. electioneering
manmnvres ot tlie leuerai party ,uuu
ever do so, while their meas(ires and.pnn-
i . urn! onoosed to the
CIPICB uiu uiiik,." ' t,
..i mi nf ill mihhc irood.
auvaiiucuiii. u ... i a .
Tho federal party has always sought to
;i. ncff.mlp.miv bv vauntini: and
inaiuiiini iv iww.. j j t v
ii ....... Tin viftnrinq ure all in anticipa
.!. :.n.'nn,.ta nf irinmnh before the battle
HUU 113 "i'UHW " " 1 . -
is fought its council and reflection, after
i-r...D,i .li.linnnrhave crowned its efforts
utauuv aii ,
i.-,l ila fnrrnt tn t !6 Winds. &0
anu Buatii-- ... . . ,. ,
wild it bo now: Thus will its idle and emp
IV ''lo cabin" and "hard elder cry, imu
in the wailings ol doieal and utter prosuu.
"on. r
But let not our over-conuuenco ot !.ui.i.i:b
prevent us from 'exhibiting to the pnblic.lhe
leal nature of the questions involved in the
contest. Even success would afford us lit
tle gratification, if we did not gain it in de
fence of itie ttUih, add of sound political vir
tue. We ask not to triumph . because we
..!.,mnu Ktit hnirausn all honest men
must desire to seo us triumph, rius ap-
noal has ever beart the- snieiu anu uui-mh
of democracy it seeks for iloiiung more.
What aro tho principles anu iumi"
veil in the pending election for Presidwt and
ir. .. u-i,inr ..r tlm United States i rre-
-:.t.. it,... .'nuiilipd in the election ot
UI9CI.) 111"." ...
- . T. n n.iieaiLil n
Thomas Jettcrson. it was t.....--
mire. uncontanunaieu cui amuuyi.
Strict accountability of public officers a
simple safe, economical governmu. h .
i I. .. .1.:.... ....... Truilprnligm
il is just tne same uuiif;
has changed its name, its guises, its strata
cems a thousand times, but its object has
been unchanging-io submit the people,
and make the many labor, fjr (he tspcsial
benefit of the few. .To tliis.end.have been
all its devices, including banks, framoJ ami
nut into execution. Its approaches were
' ., i-.ii iii npnnlo diacoveriii!r Hs design
hurled its leaders front powerjthey are now
covert, but not the less certain and effectu-
((rnicrn of terror" undor the
eldnr Adams. He was a bold patriot in
mm! U..I MncT r-.tei: nrmo n es aim mis-
J l I U,UUI iiiiu.u.i.o - i . .1.1
jtd by bad advisers.he almost subvetted I the
National Constitution in four year. I he
lilo giving principle, of democracy was call
...1 rVirtii - Tt warmed tho bosoms . of the
fla.f hauled ilnivn nml
(111 bv the Brittell. nml il 'l.t .
joicing.becauso the han,d ihat upheld it wa
the hand of a democrat. .Still democracy
triumphed ovbr both British and federal foes
and gloriously held on in its career.
x cucraiism.once more crept into obsciirir
IV and be can to invnnt iMrtllpp onh... -r
- - . mnuiw ut
Urattd, to accomplish what it could ncl ho.
by force.
Tl'.R rleiMinn nfilm VM.n.. u ...
V y Mgo ivuauis, in,
conformity to the letter, but in open defii
anco oi mo spirit of the coustitulion.aroused
me laiien spirits ol the Harlford rionrcntiori
tmilnrl. &lln.t .Hnn 1.nt- li mi
...v.. iuu .iicu iriumpu. ilia
people indignantly crushed their, hopes e-
Ipplnil llm iilitti..i.I. t.. i A" .
...v imiiuiuui rfuiittbuu; anu uxen a
bratid on thefoiehead of federalitm, that
will never bo efinneil whiln I
lMatl and wriilimrr Yd-n n mnnu.t a
pent, federalism continued to assail ihia
great and good man and his administration,-
With ill A mnat flririAfnlia A
mutiviuua uakct . iccoruinrr
thb representations ol hib nolitirnl rn.
- (uuiiiaku1 Mug uujeci was
destruction his measures fraught witk ru,
in and his friends a Imml nf rnlih. .f
... . -wwf. IIU
banditti. Tint ivlnl il, ...,.. ir,
" - ,ug 11U.11 1 JmtJI
eight years of unprecedented tqil ,and com
diet with the most unscrupulqU3 and talant-
cu u)ijjusiuuii ever encountereu, lie was corrt
pletely victorious he proslrated, wa trust;
forever, tho Bank of tho United States i
cleansed the governments of corruption,!
and left his power ocaceablv in tlm liimlri
of his friends.
President Van Btiren, " following iti his
confidence and support Of tho people, and
we (lmiht nnt. will rolnin ifinm 1. ha tn
F " wm t IS till kliv
democratic terms. .
n innl Ml. 11 f ri TfltM mHMMK.. ' t .1.
v.uiii,.ii ui a ..r ii4Uiiuiiu, iruiu uiu,
a!'PJ?.aUoJjln , state dominion, of federal
any body, , fiP0 ySa'tM,
ilastiseraentoi a thrc;eyara
federal reign. During that jlnfortunato
riod, the Bank of tho United States T?as tB;
chartered with- unheard oi privileges,
against the repeated and almost universal
remonstrances -oi ino peppio i.ui.u,....
no foul and rank, that it ' smelled to Heav
en," crept into all the departments oC-gov-
emment freemen were disiranciusea tot
opinions sake favorites .made torumos in
few niontlis.ov piunuenuj; wiu jmu..
tions became 'a mockery and a farce tho.
v f .1 . : f.t i.fia eifttirrnt In hfk
aocree oi iub naiuii w" 7
' . .1 . t . !; . .iA oimPfl
ked to
Willi UUWIWHW. - ... .
consumate the. downfall of our lerty.
For the first time in tne - History ot x -sylvania
since ihe revolution, was an armed
host seen in our streets, with flags flying.
. -iicinninn- swords ilashinEr. anil
cannons menacing, not only the safety of,
t :tr..ii lint . in which the re-
mo very ncgisum" .."-i
prescnlatlves of tho sovereign people vtero
assembled to legislate for . the public gopd.
The invincible spirtioi
forsake Pennsylvania, inlhiadar.k.and peril
ous crisis. Though Gov. Runer and hi.
advisers, were surrounded by a thsusaml
armed soldiers, and were seeking to pro
cure moro from the geueral government
.1 liotn,, tiH-it warm and lll2
courapo aim . . .
in thu hearts oi inoic, wuu n
to ntalntaiii lUeir rights. Tlieir b bod flow
ed witli a cool unrullted course . u
they stood firmly ami ieanc.j,
miillv waiting for tho isiue, while tho
Soy.n,rouded Governor Uitner'e coutuiL
board, were trembling with terror, in m
iidst of swords, bayonets, and cannons.
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pie So ri5hts they had basely trampled
on and betrayed. . -i -flia
Arain was demncracy viuiuuu.w.
affrighted federal usurpers skulked from I M
broad g... of Jay. They dared tm M
wionged una, uni Vy,--
U fuce. Tho calm fori . of hone -ly
rircd their very souls. Ihey )nra.w.
down their arms, and reureu
on tho heads of the neopw. - "
Mots to cheat anu ueirauu .... . ...
same nature, tnougn
bold, was tho recent attempt i ... -Governor
of New Jerspy, to foist into Oo-
.rress a whole delegation o. iu0u.-,
were not duly elected by tho peopP. He
wa merely profiting bj Secretary Bur
rowes' celebrated order to his politics ad
herents, to treat the e eetion B. if "it I ad
nnt taken place." no no
..u.n.t p,I" would covet tile iniquity,
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