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Dih leidy'S
fcjHOULD recciv d preference over all Pills riow
3 " existence:
i'irfct Beciuae they are combdseu oT Vegetable
oiUictf, tree From, minerals; and may lie taken at
Wl times with perfect safety by young and old; with
out restraint from occupation, temperate living, or
fcUf taking cold.
Second Bccadso tKey ftib composed of such
medicinal extracts, as have been employed by all
tie most celebrated aiid respectable Physicians for
uioro. than a century past, in purifying tho Wood
lild Animal fluid of the body.
Third Because they may bo employed as a
mild or activo purgative, according to the quantity
'taken, and their operation will not bo attended with
griping of tho bowels, sickness at the stomach,
prostration of the systtinl, ice, as are produced by
otlior pills.
f o'dr'tH Because they possess i combined aclloh,
hoi pdsscssed by dny other pills, mixture or prepar
ation whatever. Tlieir first effect is in correcting
all impurities with which (ho bldod and fluids of
Ihe body may be nflVctcd, and by their gently opera
tiTo effect, removing such impurities from the sys
tem! .
riftli DecAiiso they are tho terror of Quacks
and Irriptisters, for most persons are obliged to take
tho Sariaparilla Blood Pills, dftcr taking their vile
and destructive nostrums, to counteract and prevent
their mischievoiis and baneful effects.
Sixth Bccauso they are tho only pills in which
Physicians have sufficient confidence td recommend
to their patients, and employ in their practice, as
Ihcy know they are Anti Quack, Anti Mcrcural,
Anti Bullous as well as a good and safe purgative
and purifier of the Blood and Animal Fluids.
Seventh and last 11 lit not tho least important,
be bccauso they Ire prepared by a regular Apothe
cary arid Physician, attested oy Drs. Physic, Hor
ner, Chapman, Dewecs, James, Gibson, Jackson,
Uoxe, Haro, fee, etc., which alone is sufucicril to
entitle them to great confidence: .
. Certificates and Recommendations from Physi
Sirls and others accompany tho directions arduhd
each box:
VZrPriie fa'tAlij Pive t'iHls 8 Box jj
Prepared dnly and sold Wholesale and Retail at
Dr. LEIDY'S Health Emporium, No. 191 North
Second st,n few doors below Vino street, Philadel
phia, also, sold by
J. Gilbert & Coi, North Third street above Vino.
G. d. Clemens, do dd do do Wood Si
J. R. Smith tc Co. do 2d do next the Red
Lion, and all respectable. Wholesale and Retail
Druggist's in Philadelphia.
They oft) also sold by:
J. F. Ldng, Lancaster, Pennsylvania:
J. W. Rohrcr, do dd
W. Eberman Litiz.
J. W.Odkly, Reading.
J. B. Mo'zc'r, Allentown.
Ami th nnnrjnal Mftrrhantjl and Tlrilrisbi in the
tinliod States.
Fdr dale at the Health Emporium Bloomsburg
by D. S. TOBIAS) Agent.
uiocmsmirg jury; u, taavi w.
j happCn to be afflicted with Coughs or Colds
pay attention to thdni: How rdany ihousdnds from
uch rJeglc'ct shorten their days; arid hasten their G-
fiat dlawlit. JP-.m.t- ...sUl iLwi-Utr cllil-
clrin, and tltua fdrru tho fauridatioii for Consump
tion, trad hundreds of parents annually follow their
"on children lo tile grave, having died from some
.Sections of the Ureat and Lungs, which wcie neg-
ccted in their first stages.
Couuhsand Colds, whether existing among young
fer oldj oiight et rill times be attended td carlyj and
hot suffered to continue any length of time, for the
jLutgs once- affected.disease soon makes rapid strides,
ending in the fata! of all diseases, namely Con
VATIVE fdr Coughs, Colds, Catairhs, Influenzas,
Shortness of Breath, Whooping Cough, Pain in
the Breast or Side, all affoction of tho Breast and
Langs, and arrest of approachlnsg Consumption, is
tho most popular medicine used throughout all Ger
many is becoming equally popular in the United
States arid has established for itself a reputation
ifdi pdsses'scd by any other Medicine fdr tho Bame
elrias of .diseases'! (See certificate's and re'coinmcn
asticmsffoai raro'rits, Physicians, and other's, accom
jistniiig the dirc'ctionsi) It is" a preparation perfect
ly safd and liilrratos pleasdut (o the taste, and may
Id give'ri Id the" y&u'ng'est infant; It ii Warranted
frie'frdrri irfcfc'ifry a'nd the minerals, and Is a! prepar
atldn" of & regular Apothecary arid Physician, attes
led by Drs; Vhyilc, Chapmdti, Gibson, Jackson,
llorner, llew'ecs, Cdxe, JafnCi, &c. a clrcumitince
ilond stiflicient io induce a trial of it
Dr. N. if. Leldy, Proprietor of the dbo've m'edi
y5e; confidently recommends it to all, and assures
HI most positively that it is an invaluable medicine
arid would riot hiniself reco'mmend it, btit fdr if,
known efficacy;
Propared onl.y tlrid for saleWholcsale and Retail a't
Dr.-LEIDY'S Health Emporium; Nd. 10 j North
Socorid etreet a" few doors below Vino streei, Phila
delphia filsd, sold by
J. Glfgert & Ctf., North Thl-'d street abov oVine'
. O. S Clemens, clo 3d do do Woof a
J, It Smith & Co. do 3d do next the Red
lion, and by all respectable Wholesale and retail
Druggists in I'hiladdphia.
Thoy are sold byi 4
J.'V Long, Lancaster, Pinaylvanf
J. W. Rohrer, . dd do
J. W. Oakloy, Reading"' ,
For sale at tiro' Health Emporium Bioornebn'rg
ijf D, S. TOBIAS, Agent.
, Compound Tomato
Entirely Vegetable)
A Sow dflil Irrtafuablo Medicine for al dieseaifj
rising front impurities' 6f the blood morbid secre-
ilon of the liver and stomach. AUo, a substitute
ht ealonftlorifclrathaTtiem FetcrS and all bWi6ua"
These' ndnular nills' cdrabiniri a' riewlt dfscoV
'acJJ Afkfiiirie substanco oxtracied from the TOMA
TO PLANT, with other' vegetable substances
.which' Ka"vbetit found (rf modify and duTufO iW of
Yectv are believe'J to be the best Alteratire iid Ca
'ttartie Medicine cvft itecritti(
For ordinafy family plryaic' ifiif Sfo uiiT-
WrtoHy approved, as the best over offered
1 full account ofidis Medicix.tif and nu-
fiYer'oua certificaCes" frortl pliyflicianr and
Wicrs, acciimpany each box.
Just received and far ale at the? new
Stofe by J; MOYJBR, Jgent.
.DPBrtioifro Tiiy.IiriEiSRijbtiTu'i.EvArr',
k3l."huff PoritiAMvx, the Mitchlfsb (pricedj
SiKATtvE, or any other pills or compound before
ho public, at certified td by Physicians and others
Let nond cdndemH thenl unlit they hard tried
then!, and then wo aro certain they will not.
It is nriw A settled point with all Who have used
the Vegetable Persian Pills that they aro pre-eminently'
the besl arid most cfucacious Family Medi
cine tliat has yet been uscu in America. If every
family could become acquainted with their Sovcr
eigti power over disease, they would keep them Bnd
bo prepared with a sure remedy to apply on the firs
appearanco of disease, and then how much distress
vVould bo avoided and money saved, as well as tbo
lives of thousands who aro hurried out of time by
neglecting disease in its first stages, br by not beihg
in possession of a remedy which tltey can place de
pendence upon.
Tie Resurrection, or Persian Pills'.
The name of these pills orginatcd from the cir
cumstance of tho medicine being found only in the
ccmetarirs of Persia. This vegetable production
being of apcculidt kind, led td experiments as to
ita medicinal qualities and virtues. In half a cen
tury it became an-cstablished medicine for the dis
eases of that country; The extract of this singu
lar production was introduced Into grime parts of E u
rope in the year 1783, And used by many celebrated
Physicians in curing certain diseases, where all oth
er medicine has been Used in vain. Early in the
year 1702, tho extract was combined with a certain
vegetable medicine imported frdm Dura Baca, in
the East Indies, and fdrmcd inld Pills. The admir
able effect of this crimpourid upoh tho human sys
tem, led physiicans and families into iu general
use. Their long established character their univer
sal and healing virtues, tho detergent and cleansing
qualities of their specific action upon the glandular
part of iha systtm, are such as will sustain their re
putation and general use in the American Repub
lic) CERTIFidAf E8i
1 certify that I have, by way of experiment, used
the Hygcan, and most of tho various kinds ol Pills,
iri my practice, which have borno the highest repute
in tho public estimation, that have been offered for
salo in this vicinity for tho last five years, including
thoso called the Resurrection or Pcrsain Pills; and
tho public may rest assured that none among the
wholo catalogue has answered a better purpose, as
an easy and effectual remedy, than the Resurrection
or Persian Pills, in most cases of disease.
Cmntis Bicscs, M. D,
Rochester, Ni Yi Sept. 21, 1837t
Messrs. E. Chase & Co. Gents. Hearing
much said about the extraordinary effects of the
Resurrection or Persian Pills, upon those about to
become mothers, wo were induced to make a trial of
them. My wife was at that time tho mother of five
children, and had suffer bd the most tedious and ex
cruciating pains during and after her confinement
of each: Slid liid tried fcVery means and taken
much medicine, but found little or no relief. She
commenced taking the Perslah Pills aboht three
jnonths before her confinement (her health being ve-
ijr puvi uuuui ims icngiif ui iinra previous! ano irra
short timb the was enabled by their Use id attend to
the cares Cf a mother to lur family until her con
finement. At tho tims cho commenced taking the
Persian Pills, and for several weeks pi evious, she
was afflicted with a dry hard cough, and frequent
severe cramps, which the use of the Pills entirely
removed before using half a box. It is with the
grcritest confidence that we advise all those about to
become mothers to make uso of the Persian Pills.
All those that have taken thcirl in our neighbor
hood have got along in tho same easy manner, and
arc about the houso in a few days'. There docs not
appear to be half the danger of other dangers setting
in after confinement, where these Pills are taken.
Wo unitedly! say.lct none neglect taking them, for
they are in the reach of the poor as well as the rich.
Wo are truly thankful that there is a remedy which
fomalcs can easily procure which tends to lessen the
world of suffering, which many of them have to bear,
and perhaps save the lives of thousands which would
otherwise bo lost '
Rochester, May 14, 1838; corner of Callidonian
square, Edinburg street; for further particulars see
8. Rd BERTS,
Ana O. RonxnTS.
RocnxsTxn, Sept. 24, I830i
Messts. E. ulytse 8,- Co.
I think it myrjfy to let yoii know what a great
cure your Pills &e performed oti mo I had been
sick about 7 yeap-about 2 years and a half con
fined to my bed. I had been given over as incurable,
with Consumptif, by twelve physicians of the first
standing; my lungs were seriously affected; I had
3 ulcers' gather and break; my cough was dry and
harsh most of the tifrie; my liver was much swollen,
ond my stomach Very dySpeptlci I had chills, fever,
and night sweat, accompanied with extreme iriita
blcness of the nervoua system1, and other difficulties
which I forbCar to mention"! After I was given over,
I tried almost all medicines' which were advertised,
but to no advantage, Until I tried ydur Vegetable
Persian Pills; I began to gain iri s short time after
I commenced taking them; and, to be brief, before I
took 3 boxes, I was able to tide out and to take con
siderable exerclsd, and at this time I enjoy good
health, and am able' to do good day's worti If any
noo wishes a rnoro particular history of thy suffer
ings, he may call on me, at the comer of Maid and
Clinton-streets, Rochester
its Cbhkd The undersigned hereby certify,
that we are the Parents of two children who have
oeen afflicted with fits more or less from their infen
cy, and that wo have spared no pains or expense in
endeavoring to effect a cure, but without arty bene
ficial effect) unil hearing of the Resurrection dr Per
sian' Pills', vr hen four boxes were imm'miiiiMi,
procured, arid before three boxes were taken, the
fit had abated irt frequency, and eveiy sym
tdtn much Imp'fivedj and now we aro happy to
stato that our childicji by (he use of the Persian
Pills, with the blessing of Odd, are entirely' cured,
and have no' symfora of appearance- of fits, will find
IT the P ertrian Pills a sura and perfect cure.
Canton N Yi Dec. 10, 1837
The above' (ills may be had of the following a
gents Joh'ri Moyer, Bloomsburg; H. Miller, Ber
wick; J. Cooper & Sons, Hazclton; C. Hottman,
Espcyfown; Jdhrt' Sharpies?, Caltawbsa; Lyman
Shdles, Danville;
Ezra Taylor, agent for lio Staja of Pennsylva
nia residing at Rochester N. Y, to whom all order
cart b addressed
" Tkt mofcthtjl&k U.intht bloody
o tailh the cnpfurcii-Levhfcu8 Ok xvii
SO i
than scripture testimony can wo have of the
ile of the flesh depending upon the condition of
tho blood ) If impure, or diseased, the flesh must
of course be diseased thereby, and tho whole sys
tem partake of such disease; If the doclrinb bo true,
and thcro is hot a ddtlbl of it (for it is a fact accee
ded to by all, that tho scriptures, aro true beyond a
doubt,) then it behooves us to guard against the
consequences of such impurities, and thus preserve
the flesh healthy. If the flesh be healthy, censti
tutin,g as it docs the principal portion of tho human
vody then must the whole body be healthy.
In vegetables onl can we find the medicine where
by all impurities pf the bldod may bo removed.
Upwards of one hundred years cxperienco of the
most celebrated, the wisest and best physicians Iiavo
proved certain vegetables to possess purifying prop
erties. These vegetables will not here be named,
and Dr. Lcidy wishes to rcmuuerato himself, and
profit by tho long, laborious, and costly experiments'
necessary to be made, that the activo principles of
those vegetables might be retracted and reduced to
such form ds makes them easy, safe dhd pleasant to
bo taken.
These vegetables are contained in the justly cel
ebrated Blood Pil!s,.mariufanturod only by Dr. N.
Lcidy, a regular Druggist and Physician, attested
byDrs. Physic, Chapman, Jacksbi , Homer, Gibson
Dcwces, James, Hare, Coi, &c.
The above Pills may be employed fa a mild or
active purgative'. Their action is easy, and may bo
employed by all persons under all circumstances.
They will at all times be found serviceable, when
tho least sickness is present; They reqttiro no
change of die, restraint from occupation, or fear of
taking cold from their use. They are daily prescrib
ed by numerous physicians; certificates of the fact
accompany the directions. They are the most affec
tive purifier of the.bloodandother fluids of the hu
man body ever discovered. Persons having once
used, will ever alter, as decision may acquire, lidve
resource to them;
Price Twenty Pibe Cents a box.
Sold by all respectable Druggists and Mercnanst
throughout the Union, and in this city only at
Dr. Leidy'g Health Emporium, Second street be
low Vine.
J; R. Smith & Co.'s 2d st. near the Rod Lion.
J. Gilbert & Co.'s 3d pbove Vine.
C. Clemens' North 3d aboVb Wood.
V . Klett's 2d ond Callowhill.
For talc at iHb Health Emporium Bloomsburg
by D. 8. TOBIAS Agent.
Bloomsburg July, 13, 1833. 11.
Remaining in the Post Office at Bloomsburg
at the end of .the quarter ending on the
3lst day ot iuaich, 1U4U.
Bealiir Christian
liiddletnan Valentino
Uufncti Jolin
Baker Malauglon
Boon Ben.
Caby Jacob
Evert Peter
Echert Jacob
Fuliner Daniel
Fry, sen. John
Gilmbra Andrew
Giger Salomon
tifcnrie Polly
Henrie Mary
Hardy Mrs.
Herring Christ.
Harrcy Markers
Harlman Thomas
Ink Emry
Jacoby Joliri
Knlilnr Esq.
Kaffman Mosed
Lilly George
Meleck Andrew
jVackalvin John
iU'Lauelilin Charles
Meyvr Docl. M.
Afiller Peter
Moore John
M'Murtrie Margaret
Moyer Angeline
Kungesser Jacob
Newhard Solomon
Philips Rebecca
Philips Ann
Roan Samuel
Rccs Thomas
Statifer Joseph
Snyder Daniel 2
Slates William
Sutler Christind
Shannon Jesse
Springer Mdri
Squire Ebiri
Townscnd Sathp'sdh
Wren Thomas 2
Vahlfarth Ddct. T. R.
Wetzler Elizabeth
Webb Joshua 2
Wice Joserih
Wran Gorg
Welliver Jacob
Yoke Sebastian
Yost George
Robinson William1 i
Jan. 1. 1 8 10.
Thosfe inquiring for any of the above let
ters will please say it i3 advertised.
HE subscriber informs the public
that he has just aompleted anew es
tablishment, at the lllnnnishnrcr TlaAin.
Col. Co. P3. on the North Branch Canal
for BUILDING all kinds and descriptions,
Packet, Freight &ftd
Car Boats,
coveied or uncovered, of any lentrth dr size.
on the shortest notide and of the best of
C?lie is also ptepared fdr REPAIR
ING BOATS of all kinds.
All orders will bo thankfully retmved rind
punctually attended to on the shortest no
tice possible to complete them.
Feb. 22 1810 Gi43
-The Advocate. Wilkesbarre. and Snv
Columbia, will please publish tho above 0
umes anti torwaru tneir bills to this office
for paymerit.
Canal Sdats For Sale.
SEVERAL new Canal Boats, built tho last sea
son, lor sale, fcnqmre aa above.
FRCMi (ho Subscriber two last fall hoar
rigs. Who ever will gjvfe information
where they may be found shalf bo reasona
bly rewarded, DANIEL GROSS.
Bloomsburg, April 4, 1840
0! jlUHl lllt -,t UULFUD l til rjWV3
NLV BITTERS are excellent family Medicines.
Tho proprietor of thc&o Medicines cannot teo deep
. . 7 .i ii-.t .i.L i.t.i. f.i
ly impress upon iiie puunu juuiu iuo mgii impor
tance of An early or timely attention to sound health.
Thcro aro Very many in this community Who do
not appreciate good health, until attacked by come
violent disease, when they think they must immedi
ately send for a physician, and in consequence, they
aro perhaps cohllncd to their beds fot weeks, or even
months. Almosl overy orie is liabto to bo Unwell at
times, and by neglect of proper treatment of them
selves, on such occasions, it is very often the caso
that a sevfcro attack of disease is tho consequence.
Such results may lib easily avofded, and should bo;
and It is in a great measure the object of Mr. MOF
FAT, that his publication Should continually re
mind such persons of their dinger. The following
letters go td shdw that tho Lifo Pills and Phcnix
Bitters arc hot dnly excellent Tamily medicines, but
that they will, in very mahy instances, bupercedo
tho necessity of calling a phisiclan'. Tho principal
office is it 375 Broadway, whero thousands of sim
ilar letters to Mr. Moffat, may be examined.
Tho following letter was received from a Bcntlc-
mah who, a few ttionths since, purchased somo of
the Lifo Medicines for tile uso Of Ma family, and a
few of his friends i
, Napoli, N. Y., July 27, 1838.
Mr. W. B. Moffat Dear Sir The Life Pills and
Phcnix Bitters surpass every medicine I have been
acquainted with. In every instance where it has
been used, a benefit has been derived, and every
person Is satisfied. Oho hian, troubled tvithascrof
ulous humor, has been all but raised from the dead.
Another person, a femalo who has been urtable to
leave her room for tho last two vears. has been re
stored td health. Another troubled withsdr'e throat
for more than a year, and also a burning sensatian
in her stomach and bovrls,Was completely cured by
threo doses of your Pills. Another, troubled with
a severe nervous affection, attend with dyspepsia and
continued head-ache, and was so reduced as to be
unable to leave her bed, Was, by the use of one box
of Pills and bottlb bf Bitters, so far restored as to
be able to attend to her dorii'estic concerns. And
lastly, ah acquaintance of mine, hati by the use of
a bottle of timers dnu two boxes ot Puis, been made
a perfectly eound and healthy man. Ho had been
laboring under a complication of diseases for the
last five years. I could mention numerous other
instances, but these are sutllcient to show the effects
of the medicine upon a tew of my neighbors and
mends, i our obedient servant,
Tno following iri part of ft letter written by a gen
tleman in tno country to Mia brother in tins city,
from whom ho had received a box of Lifo Pills and
Phcnix Bitters i
Thompsdnvillc, Conn., June 26, 1833.
Dear Brother I embrace the present opportunity
of writing you a few lines. I received the Lifo
Pills and Phcnix Bitters you sent me, for which I
can never thank you enough, as tuey nave proved,
I hope, a perfect cure to me. I had for two years
been troubled with a severe pain in my side, I ap
plied to all the doctors in this neighborhood, but got
nd felicf until I took tho Pills nnd Bitters you sent
me. Since I have taken them I have been as well
as ever I was in my life:
Yours affectionately; Divm McGitx.
The following ia a cdpy bf a letter front Terre
Haute Indiana! . ,
Mr. W. B. Moffat Deaf Sir I wrote Votla feA
days since stating, briefly, the quantity of Life Pills
and menu Uitlers, I should want the coming sea.
son. When I accented the aeencv of this Meili'
cine in Juno list, (although your application was
accompanied by documents, attettine the reat ben.
em oi tms medicine.) l Hid no expectation that it
would equal the description given of it, or give such
general satisfaction as the cxpchmeiit of a few
months ha proved) I can only Bay that all who
have used it bear testimony of its greafc value and
efficiency. I know of no instance where It has
been thought in the slightest degree injurious, and,
even those who arc afflicted beyond hone of cure.
bear testimony of its salutary influence upon their
general ncaitn. I ne great and increasing ilemanu
for this article id the best assurance of its usefulness,
and I would not wish td be without it for a single
uay. ifcspcctluny, yours, J. r. Kino.
The following is u copy of a litter from a lidy in
Eaft Lyme, Connecticut, to Mr. Moffat's agent:
Ease Lyme, (Jonn., May Ctli, 1839,
Mr. Bradford Sir In recard to Dr. VV. B. Mof.
at'a Life Pills and Phenlx Bitters, I can truly sav
from experience, they are the best medicine I have
any knowledge of. Incredible as it may appear, I
havb for eight mouths scarcely been able to walk a
cross a room, one month could not feed myself, had
the attendance of the best of physicians for months.
once and twice a day have taken Patent Medicine
as far as directions would permit- Also, a celebra
ted Doctor's prescriptions, all of which has been a
course of the greatest perseverance I was capable
of. Yet I have received mi more thrin nrim-nt re
lief; to give a similitude bf my sufferinge is indes
cribable. 'Vet I will write the symtoms of my dis
ease. For ten years I Have suffered with a nervous
affection in my head and face; a place as large as a
hand in tho left side of my back, connecting tho
shoulder described; a sensation Of soreness, frequent
ly became as cold as if life had departed. In. July,
isj'j, in consequence ol overdoing, taking a hard
cold, I was seized with a numbness in the system,
laininess, natuicncy, pain in tne Head, voracious ap
petite, find at times deficient appetite, great lots of
muscular power,paimn the let, mde.also mthcslioul
der and arnt td the greatest extent, palpitation of
tho heart, great distress In tho back, cnanins in the
stomach when empty, prdssuro after meals, amount
ing almost to suffocation, stricture across tho breast
sore throat: also a tickling, attended with aconvul
sivecough, spitting of purulent matler.night sweats,
cold feet and hands, focted breath, co'stiveness. niles.
loss of memory, affection of sinht and hearitiir. diz.
iness, deafness, the mind becdmo desponding, other
disagreeables not mentioned, which Caused great
weakness, Sec. I happily, and can truly say, that by
tho blessinrr. of Heaven, and the restorative proper
ties of the Lifo Pills and Phe'nix Bitters, I am re
stored to health, which no other medicmo could do
Yours, &c,
Isabella A. Rogers, East Lyme, Conn.
For additional particulars of theabdvo medicines'
see iuollat a ' Uood (Samaritan, a copy of which
accompanies the medicines; a copy can be obtained
of tho' different Agents who have th6 mtdlcincs tot
French, German, and Spanish, directions' can ba
obtained on application at the oiliicc, 375 Broad
All post paid letters will receive immediate a'ttcn'
Prepared and sold by. William B. Moffat, 375
Broadway New York. A liberal redaction made 'o
those who' purchase to sell again
Agents. 1'he Lifo Medicines may also be had 6f
inc. principal duggisw in every town throughdut the
United States and the Canadas. Ask for Moffat'i
Life Pills and Phcnix Bitters; and be sure that a fac
simile ot John Moust a signature is upon the label
ef each bottlo of bitten or box of pills. For tola
lobta i itroitu binpcnum, Utootssburs.
T)11E lhajt six millions of boxes of theca
celebrated hills have been sold in iha TJrii.
tcd'StstM since January 1835. '
Hundreds and thousands bless the dav they bo.
came ncquaintcd with Peters' Vegetable pills, which,
in conseiiucuco ui uit'iruiiruuruinaiy goouncSB,u&vo
attained a popularity unprecedented in tho history
of mcdiciie. , ,
When taken accordinn to the directions swore.
pabylrj them, they arc highly benefiicial in the
prevention ana euro of bilious fover, fever and a-,
cue, dyspepsia, liver complaint sick head-acho. (
jaundice, asthma, rheumatism, enlargement of the
spleen, piles colic, lemale obstructions, hcartbunit
furred ton'guo, nausea, distension '6f the stomach
and bonds, incipient diarrhea, tldtUlchcc, habitual
costivctices, loss of appetite, blotched br shallow
compienon, ami, in an cases oi torpor oi the bow
el?, where a cathart:c or an nnericht is needed.
They are exceedingly mild ih their operation, pro
ducing'neither hausca, griping, nor .debility, and in.
censeqwnce of their ANTI-BILIOUS CJUALI
TIES, ire the best of all remedies iri scarlet fever,
fever arid ague, bilious fever, and all diseases widely
have their nrigin in accumulation of BILE : in aa
word Oi. Fctera pills arc tho great bilious antidote,"
and witli a supply of them all bilious.nffcctions caa
bo kept at a distance.
Throe who havA fsunVrednnd nrn tvearv nf finflfr
ing from Ihcso dcstioying complaints, will find id
Peters' Vegetable pills a remedy at once certain and
immediate., in Its cffectl In
They eland unrivalled. Many have been cured li
a few weeks, after having suffered under this drct
ful complaint for years.
1 ho world Is vastly out of tune,
And seems beyond correction
But I'vea , spell, that very soon
. Wllfynako it all perfection:
Will soon expel disease and pain,
So none shall bo afflicted;
And then shall cure all ills amain,
To which hicli arc addicted! ,
b wbuid;you knew this bc'o'urgo of illi;
Of PETERS, si victorious.
b yes, they are thoso pills of prido,
, Which all the world are praising,
For never did the gods piovida
A nied'eino to amazing.
Tho' Spleen or Chol'ra rack you through
With this you need not fear them; .
If Gout afflict, and Colic too,
A box or too will clear themi
Arid if your liver's but of tune;
If wild your head is aching;
If jaundice dies you like the raaonj
Ur ague sets you, ,
If grim dyspepsia thins your chyle;
If devils blue are grinding; I
If you aro plagued with gripe or biloj . ,
Or fevers looc or binding;
O tell no doctor of your ills,
Nor trust to baths or lancing; , i
But face the rogues with PETERS' PILL '
And titia you'll send them prancing. j
Theso valuabio bills are Supcrlct to Lec'B,Bran
drcth's, Molfett'i!, Evans, Hunts, the Persian or'in '
fact to any other pill ever brought.bcfore the public )
One 35 Cent Uox will prove their virtue In,
this county, as their Surprising virtues are establish
ed all over ihe United States', Canada's, Texas, Mex
ico and iho West Indies!
(CEnquire for Peter's Vegetable Anil BillioiU
pills.cTr) They can be obtained of D. S. Tobias
oild J. R. Moyer, Uloomehurg, Wm. Biddle & Co.
Danville, and at all die principle stores in the stats; i
8037 , I
THIS is to certify, that I have hired td
SilvantiB Stephens the following property: I
one bay Mare, and one white Horse, one
two IJorse W aggon, also one sett of har
ness and gearing for two Horses, during my
pleasure, of which the public will plera
take notice.
Sugarloaf, ilarch28, 1840.
ERY respectfully .informs his friends and th
public, that ho has always on hand, at the Li
very Stable in Woomsmife, for tho purpose of Hiro
or iixchange, a variety et
Horses, Sulkies, Gigs,-
wagons, And sleighs',
which Uk will feel gratified to keep in rradinesd furl
tho accommodation of customers. I
Hollas also made arrangements for carrying pas-l
tenners from Bloomsburc io Muncv. and from
Bloomsburg to Btickalqws 6ft the Owego turnpike!.
Leaves Blo'orrisbUrC; for Muncy every Saturday
at 7 o'clock in tho morning and arrivo at Muncy
tho tamo evening. Leave Muncy every Saturday
morning at 8 o'clock and arrive at Bloomsbufg tho
same evening.
Leaves Bloomnburg evfy Wednesday mornhlC
lor uucKatcws and return the. same day.
Personal application ran be made at bis rcsidempoi
when every means wtl( be used to render entire sat
isfaction to thoso who may give him a call.
Bloomsburg, March 28, 1810, 48.
WOULD respectfully inform his frisndil
and the public genSrally-.tlial he has remov-v
cd his shop into his dwelling a few doors'i
above theJHotel kfept by E. Howe!, ari$
nearly opposite the dwelling of Charl&J
Kalef wherfe he rriay altvaya be found rest
ily to make up alt garments Intrusted to hiii
care, with neatnee's and despatch. Thankful
for past favors, to such as have encouraged
hfra heretofore. And by strict attention tit
business, hopes still to meiit a larger shani
of public patronage. A good tit insured in
all pases';
N, U, All kinds of country produce taken;
in exchange for work. And the needful1
never refused,
Bloomsburg, Apr'i u, 1810