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(2OI0ULD receive u prcferenco over all Pill novf
3 in existence:
t hit Because lliejr arc- composed of Vegetable
extracts, free from lilincrats; und may lie taken at
nil times with perfect safety by young and old, with
out retraint from Occupation, temperate living, or
irm ui tatting com,
Socoml Uccause tlioy are composed of such
medicinal extracts, as havn Wn
Hho most celebrated and respectable rhvuiciana for
Worn than a century paM, in purifying the Wood
rind Animal fluid of the body.
nn,i-i 11 .1 J . . .
Third BccaUao tlinv tin rmnlnvnl n n
'tn .... ... . ... .. -
iiiiu ur active purgative, according to tho quantity
'taken, and their operation will not be attended with
griping of tho bowels, sickness nt tho stomach,
prostration 01 mo system, 3cc. as aro produced by
other pills. v : 3
Fourth Bccnuso they possess a combined action.
not possessed by any other pills, mixtuio or prepar
ation Whatever. Their first effect is in correcting
all impurities with which tho blood and fluids of
the body may bo afrctcd, and by their gently opera
tive effect, removing such impurities from tho sys
i'lftrt 'Because they aro tho terror of Quacks
and Imposters, for most persons are obliged to take
tho Sarsaparilla Blood Pills, after taking their vile
and destructive nostrums, to counteract and prevent
mcir iuiscmcvons anu uanciui cuectSi
Sixth Bocauso they aro tho only pills in which
Physicians have sufficient oonfidenco to recommend
to their patients, and employ in their practice, as
they know they are Anti Quack, Anti Mcrcural,
Anti BlUious as well as a good and safe purgative
and punuer or the Ulflod and Animal Fluids.
Seventh and last But not the least important,
lie because they aro prepared by a regular Apothe,
cory and Physician, attested oy Drs. Physic, Hor
ner, Chapman, Dcwccs, James, Gibson, Jackson,
'Coxe, Haro, &c, &c, which alono is sufficient to
entitle thorn to great confidence.
Certificates and Recommendations from Phvei
clans and others accompany the directions around
cacn box,
$CJ Price Twenty Five Cents a Boxjrji
Prepared only and sold Wholesale and Retail at
AJr. JiElDX'S Health Emporium, No. 191 North
oocond et, a lew doors below Vino street, Fhiladel
f)hia, also, sold by
J. Gilbert & Co., North Third street above Vino,
O. 8. Clomcns, do 3d do do Woodst
J. Hi Smith & Co. do 2d do next tho Red
I.ion, and all respectable Wholesale and Retail
Druggist s in Philadelphia.
They are also sold by:
J. F. Long, Lancaster, Pennsylvania,
J. W. Rohrcr, do do
W. Eberman Iiitiz.
3. W. Oakly, Reading.
J. B. Mozcr, AUcntown.
P. Pomp, Etston.
And tho principal Merchants apd SrUgisls in the
Uniied States.
Per Sale st the Health Emporium Bloomsburg
y U. S. TUIJIAS, Agent.
uioomsmrrg Jtuy, ia, iB3ti. 11
Ca,MMUNIC VPION. How few they are that
Happen to bo afflicted with Coughs or Colds
i'v uucuuou 10 mem. jiow many inousanus irom
such nogtcct shorten their days, and hasten their fi-
nal dissolution.. Parents neglect them in their chil
dren, and thus form tho foundation for Consump
'i: 11 r . it j. .. ..
lion, auu uunureas 01 parents annually louow their
wn children to the grave, having died from somo
'affections of the Brest and Lungs, which weioncg-
tccieu 111 tneir urst stages.
Coughs and Colds, whether existing among young
er old, ought at all times bo attended to early, and
fiot suffered to continue any length of time, for the
I ,.n. .(T.i-.1 .1: - -i : 1 . , .
u mi.o wiimi nubUCUiUUCUno DUU11 luunua rttuiu DiriuCS,
.-.n.lln,. .1 .1 T..1-I C ll .1! . l r.
.,.uig iu vuuuiuatiuiaj ui uu uiAcuses, namely uon
VATIVE for Coughs, Colds, Catairhs, Inrluonzas,
Diiortnessoi uream, vvnooping Uough, Fain in
Hhe Breast or Side, all oiTcction of tho Breast and
JLungs, and nrrcst of approachinsg Consumption, is
uiuai jiuiuiar nieuicino useu tnrougnout all uer
Iruny is becoming equally popular in the United
States, and has established liof itself a reputation
iiot possessed by any other medicine for the same
wass 01 diseases. (Bee certificates and recommen
dations from Parents, Physicians, and others, accom-
Jianing tne directions. it is a preparation perfect
y safe and harmless, pleasant to tho taste, and may
ho given to the youngest infant. It is warranted
free from mercury and tho minerals, and is a prepar
ation of a regular Apothecary and Physician, attes
ted by Drs. Physic, Chapman, Gibson. Jackson,
Horner, Dcwocs, Coxe, James, &c. a circumstance
alono sufficient to induce n trial of it
Dr. N. II. Lcidy, Proprietor of the above medi
cine, confidently recommends it to nil, and assures
til most positively that it is an invaluable medicine
and w&ulJ not himself recommend it, but for it,
known efficacy.
Prepared only and for saleWholcsalo and Retail at
Dr. IiKIOY'S Health Emporium, No. 101 North
Uocond street a few doors below Vino street, PhiJa
sdelphia also, sold by
J. Gilgert & Co., North Thl-d street obov oVino
G. S Clemens, do 3d do doWooi'st
J. K. Bmitn ac no. do 2d do noxt the Hn
JJon, and by all respectable Wholesale In! relail
irruggists in I'luladelphia.
Thoy aro sold by:
J. F Long, Lancaster, Pennsylvania,
J. W. Rohrcr, do do.
W. Eberman Litiz.
J. W. Oakley, Readinc
Tor sale at the Health Emporium Rtoomsbuhi.
h D. S. TOBIAS, Agent.
Compound Tomato
Entirely VegeiabU,
A new and invaluable Medicino for all dfescascs
arming irom impurities ot tho blood' morbid secre
Hon of tho liver and stomach. Also, a substitute
for calomol, as a cluthartic in Fevers and all billious
These popular, pil(s combining a newly diseov
ore! Alkaline substance extracted from tho TOMA-
lv ruAii i , wlta other vegetable snbstance3
wiucn nave- been linind to modify and diffuse its ef
fects, aro buJieved to be the brat Alterative and Ca
thartic Modicine ever discovered
For ordinary family nlivslc thev am nni.
veraally approved, as the best ever offered.
A roil aeponnt of this Medrcko, and nu
'mefous certificates from physicians and
'Others, accompany eacli box.
Just received and for salo at the new
Drug Siore by J; MOVER, Agent. ,
Avg. IT.
the nfisunitecTioN on,
PERSIAN P 1 1, 1, S
cfsnion to Tiir.Hror.As,BnA!tDKTU,8,ETAa,B
isuiAK 1'onoATiTi. tho Mi-rciiLtss fnr ccdi
nr., . .1 ... v. - '
or any omcr puis or compound ticlor,
the public, 03 certified to bv Plivslrisns nnd others
I.ct none condemn them until they have tried
them, and then wo oto certain they will not.
It is now n settled point with nil who have used
tlio Vcgctablo Persian. Pills that they nro pre-emi
nently the best nnd most efficacious Family Medi
"no tliat lias yet been used In America. If every
iarmly could becomo acquainted with their Sover
eirm Tmwir nvor Ainnr. it.nM ..m 1 .. .1.' 1
bo prepared with a suro remedy to apply on tho lirs
appcaranco of disease; and then how much distress
woum bo avoided and money saved, as well as tho
lives of thousands who are hurried out of timo by
J ncglccting disease in its first stages, or by not being
in possession of a remedy which they can place dc-
fuiiuuiice upon.
77e Jiesurreclion, or Persian Pills.
The name of theso pills orginated from tho cir
cumstance of tho medicine being found only in tho
.uiiicuuirn ui j ersin. inis vegetable production
being of a peculiar kind, led to experiments as to
iui uitHiiunui qualities and virtues. Jn half a ccn
tury it becamo an established medicine for tho di.
cases of that country. Tho extract of this singu
larprodnction was introduced into somo parts of Eu
rope in the year 1783, and used by many celebrated
1 nv6icians in curing certain diseases, wliern n nth
cr raedicino lias been used in vain. Early in tho
.inn .1 . . J
J mu extract was combined with a certain
vcgctablo incdicino imported from Dura Baca, in
uiu iiust uiuics, anu iormcd into Pi s. "hn n,lm r.
able effect of this compound unon tho biinmn cv.
tem, led physiicans and families into its general
use. Their long established character their univer
sal and healing virtues, tho detergent and cleansing
qualities of their specific action upon the glandular
oi.rau. uiu bucu as win sustain tneir re
putation and general use in the American Kepub-
I certify that I havn. hv n-otr nt r,vrl,t
. - f -J ,1,111.111, U31U
tho Hygean, and most of the various kinds of Pills,
in my practice, which havo borne tho highest repute
tl ttm l! a .1.1
sale in this vicinity for tho last fiveycais, including
those called tho Resurrection or Persain Pills; and
the public may rest assured that
...u uuunu usiiuianon. tnnt nnvn hpnn nitm-n.1 fx
whole catalogue has answered n better purpose, as
OH n-.air nn.l -T. -, 1 1 .1 ., 1 .
..u t.ittiuui remcuy, man tne Ke3urrectioii
or Persian Pills, in most cases of discaso.
, Ciunos Backus, M. D,
Rochester, N. Y. Sept. 21, 1837.
Messrs. E. Chase & Co GeniiTWin,,
much said about tho extraordinary effect nf tlm
Resurrection or Persian Pills. Unon liinan oltAiit fi
become mothers, wo were induced to make a trial of
mem. juy wile was at that time tho mother of five
children, and had suffered tho most tedious and ex
cruciating pains durinir and after b
of each, bho had tried cvory means and taken
much medicine, but found little or no relief. She
commenced taking tho Persian J'ills about thrco
months octoro Her conuncracnt (her health being ve
ry poor about this length of time previous) and in a
short time she was enabled by their uso to attend to
the cares of a mother to hjr family until her con
finement. At the time she commenced taking the
Persian Pills, and for several weeks mpvini.i '.lio
was afflicted with a dty hard cough, and frequent
scveio cramps, which the use of the Pills pntlmitr
removed before using half a box. It is with tho
greatest confidence that we advise all those about to
become mothers to mako uso of tho Persian Pills.
All those that have taken them in bur nrio-t.W
hood havo got along in tho same easy manner, and
are about the house in a few day rhcre docs not
appear to bo half tljp danger of cijlir dangers setting
... aitci uuuuwiucm, wiicro tneso fills arc taken.
Wo unitedlyl say.lct nono ncclect takinr? thum r.r
uicj mum mo rcacu 01 mo poor ns well ns tho rich.
We are truly thankful that there U a remedy which
females can easily procure which tends to les-sen tho
.1 : .1 -'i ... " --..-., .
nuuuui nuiimilff.wilicnmanv 01 llicm Imvi- In ,cf.r
and perhaps save the lives of tlnmand nhM' u..,u
oinerwiso oo lose m
Rochester, May 14, 1838: cier of C.illi.lm.;
square, Edinburg street; for further particulars sco
8. RullKIlTS,
iAss 0, Roukbts.
'RocnisTsn. 8n. loan
Messrs. E. Chase & Co. '
minic it my niyy to let you know jvhat a great
cure.your Pills haveSnerformcd on me-i-I had been
uuuut years-.ioout a ycnjsnifd a half con
fined to my bd. I htil been gi
r as incurable.
witn uonsumptinn,bV twelve.
ins of the first
standing; my lungs ycre se;
fleeted;,! had
d ulcers gather and break;
harslumost of the timt: mv
gli was dry nnd
is much swollen,
had chills, fever
anu my stomach vciy d;
and night sweat, accoi
hlencss of tho nervous
th extreme iriita.
nd other difficulties
which I forbear to mentb
rlwa3given over,
I tried almost all ruedici
were advertised,
hut to no advantage urr
Persian Pills. I began to
I commenced taking them
pr. time after
before I
took J boxes, I was abjo ti
take con-
siderablo -oxercise. and t
ioy good
iieaiui, anuaiii amo to uo good day's work. If any
noo wishes a more particular liUtnro nv.
i i.i. i ... .
, . , ;- v " uuvr-
nr . 3 t. t. ' ,no corncr of AIa'n wd
iiuivii-aiiL-via, ivucilcbter.
Fits Conr.n The. undersigned hereby ccriifV
mat wo aro tho Parents of two children who have
ui;ii miuticu wiui j us inoro or inufrom
cy, and that wo have spared no pains or expense in
umvaiuuuL w CHUW u cure. Dllt WllhnTi -n- k
fi.cial effect, unjil hearing of tho llesurrcction or Per
sun l ills, w hen four boxes wero immediately
procured, and before three boxes
fit I... I l.. r. ,
m ..uu uuauru III lltllUPnP.V. Hn, nvn... -
much Improved, and now wn rn hJ. .1
Btuto that our children by tho use of the Persian
Fills, with tho blessing of God. arn pntlrnlv .. i
anil have no symtora or appearance of fits, will find
n the Persian Pills a suro and ncrfect 'cnrc.
JOHN & MARTHA JmiN.vniv.
Canton N. Y. Dec. 10, 1837,
The above pills may bo had of the following
-n,a 1.1... 1 .. Til . I - ..... '?
Sholes, Danville,
Ezra 'I'aylor, agent for iio State of
niu residing at Itochestcr N. Y. to whom nil
can be addressed '
B... Uu,i uiujcr, uioornsourg; n, Miller, Ber
wick; J. Cooper & Sons, Hnzclton; C. Horlman,
Espeytown: John Sharnlcss. Cniinwisan. r.v.nn
. , , .,,,.
We life of thf flesh U in lUt hhmV
so suith the sc riptures.'-Leviticus c. xvii
than scripture testimony Can we liava of tho
ito of tho flesh depending upon .the condition of
tne mood I ir impure or diseased, the flesh must
of courso bo diseased thereby, and tho wholo sysi
icm partaito oi bucIi disease. It the doctrino bo true,
ahd thcro is not a doubt of it (for it is n fact iiccce
ded to by all, that the scriptures, aro true beyond n
doubt,) then it behooves us to guard against tho
consequences of such impurities, and thus prcscrvo
tho flesh healthy. If the flesh bo healthy, const!
iuun,g as it does the principal portion of tho human
yody then must the wholo body bo healthy.
In vegetables onlj cmiwefindtho medicine where
by all Impurities of tho blood may bo removed.
Upwards of one hundred years experience of tho
most celebrated, the wisest and best physicians have
proved certain vegetables to possoss purifying prop
erties. These vegetables will not hero bo named,
and Dr. Lcidy wishes to rcmuncrato himself, and
profit by the long, laborious, and costly experiments
necessary to bo made, that tho active principles of
tnoso vegetables might bo retracted and reduced to
such form as makes them easy, safe and pleasant to
tc taKen.
Theso vegetables nro contained in tho iustlv eel
cbratcd Blood Pills, manufanturod onlv bv Dr. N,
Lcidy, a regular Diuggist nnd Physician, attested
I . Tl . Til ! n I T i it rit
uy xjih. i-jijsic, vwiopman, jacKsoi , norncr.uiDson
IJewccs, James, Hare, Cox, cVc.
The ubovo Pills may bo .employed as a mild or
nnliv n..:., 'ri.:. .! . 1 V.
uv.iiu iuiiuii-, a m;i utUUIl 19 UUSjT, UI1U IIIUJT UU
employed uy an persons under all circumstances.
They will at all times bo found serviceable, when
tho least sickness is present. They rcauiro no
change of diet, restraint from occupation, or fear of
taking cold from their use. They are daily prescrib
ed by numerous physicians; certificates of tho fact
accompany tho directions. They are the most effec
tive puriherot tho blood and other fluids of the hu.
man body ever discovered. Persons having onro
used, will ever after, as occasion may acquire, have
resourse to tnem.
Price Twenty Five Cents a box.
Sold by all respectable Druggists .and Merchanst
tnroughout the Union, and in this city only at
Dr. Lcidy'a Health Emporium, Second Btrcet br
iow vine.
J. R. Smith &. Co.'a 2d st. near tho Red Lion.
J. Gilbert & Co.'s 3d above Vine.
C. Clemens' North 3d abovo Wood.
F.Klelt's Sd and Callowhill.
For sale at the Health Emnorium nioomslitiri?
"J U. S. TUxllAo Agent,
Hloomsburg July, 13, 1839. II,
Remaining in tho Post Oflico at Bloomsburg
at uiu cnu 01 mo quarter ending on tho
oistaay oi iuaicii, IB40.
Dealig Christian Moore John
HiUdteman Valenlino M'Murtrie Marsarel
Durnett John
Mover Aneelino
Baker Malaugton
Nungesser Jacob
uoon uen.
New hard Solomon
Caby Jacob
Evert Peter
Philips Rebecca
Philips Ann
Roan Samuel
Roes Thomas
Staufer Joseph
Snyder Daniel 3
Slates William
Sutler Christina
Shannon Jesse
Springer Man
Snuiro Ebin
Echerl Jacob
Fnltner Daniel
Fry, sen. John
Gilraoro Andrew
Giger SoUratn
Henrie Polly
Henrie Mary
Hardy Mrs.
Herring Christ.
Harvey Marbers
Townsend Sampson
Hartinan Tliotaas W
wren J homas 2
Ink Emry
Vahlfarth Doct. T.R.
Jacoby John
Welzler Elizaboth
Kahlnr Esq.
KatTinan Moses
Lilly George
Webb Joshua 3
Wico Joseph
Wran Gorg
Welliver Jace-b
Yoke Sebastian
Yost (Jeoree
Mcleck Andrew
.flackalvin John
il'Laughlin Charles
Meyer Doct. M.
Ailler Poler
Robinson William 2
Jan. 1, 1840.
Those inquiring for any of tho above let-
tura win piease say it is advertised.
subscriber informs tho nuhli
that he has just completed a now cs-
tablishraent. at th T!ln
Col. Co. Pa. on the North Branch Canai
iriuiiiDUNU all kinds and descriptions,
Packet, Freisht
car Boats,
-1vnrn,i. , , , , 7 , .
..wv. uutu.ui-u, ui any lengin or size,
on the sliortest notice and of the beat nf
IC?Ho is also mnnnrnl PT?n . TI,
PI El R R El i
ING BOATS of'all k nds. ?' c l?11 aD tm tru1 M ,1,at V
All nrdr.r l, f ii t i l?c WcssinS of Heaven, and the restorative proper
All orders will bo thanklully received and ties of the Life Pills and Phenix Bitters, I am re-
........... .ikuucu toon ine snortest no-
ttce possible to complete them.
Feb. 22 18J0 rtin
The Advocate, Wilke3barro, and Spy
:niiim1ti.. ..lilt ..t ! i . .
Colombia, will please publish the abgvo 0
. . . 1 " "IUUUUU. UUU (JIJV
iimes ami lorwarU their bills to tSiis oflico
for payment
Canal Boats
For Sale.
SEVERAL new Canal Boats, built tlm l.ict urn.
son, for sale. Enquiro as above.
FRO.If the Subscribfr tivn ln.t rn
i gs. wuo ever will give information
whore they mav be found nhnll
" -"w .Mu. .uu Muat
bly rewarded., . DANIEL GROSS.
Bloomsburg, priM, 1810,
KI IHTTEIIS areexcellent family Mcillrines.-
Tho proprietor of thcio Aledicines cannot too deep
ly imptcss upon tne punuc minu tne high impor,
tanco of an early or timely attention to sound health
Thcro are very many in this community who do
not appreciate good health, until attacked bv fcnmn
violent diseate, when they think they must Immedi
ately send lor a physician, and in consequence, they
ate perhaps confined to their beds for weeks, or nvrn
months. Almost every one is liablo to bo unwell fit
times, and by neglect ot proper treatment df them
selves, on such occasions, it is very often tho caw
that a Bcvcro attack of disease is tho consequence.
Such results may bo easily avoided, and should be;
and it is in n great measure tho object of Mr. MOF
FAT, that his publication should continually re
mind such persons of their danger. The following
letters go to show that tho Life Pills and Phcnix
Bitters arc not only excellent family medicines, but
that they will, in very many instances, supercede
tne necessity oi caning a puuman. rue principal
omco is at vio uroauway, wiicreinousaiids of s m
ilar letters to Mr. Moffat, may be examined.
Tho following letter was received from a eentle-
man who, a few months since, purchased somo of
the Life Medicines lor tho use of h,a family, and a
lew ot ins irieiiuai
Napoli, N. y.. July 27. 1838.
Mr. XV. D. Moffat Dear Sir The Life Pills and
rhenix Hitters surpass every medicino I have been
acquainted with. In every instance whero it has
been Used, n benclit has liccn derived, and every
person is Hatisneu. uno man, troubled with a scrol
ulous humor, has been all but raised from tho dead.
Another person, a female who has been unable to
leave her room for the last two years, has been re
stored to health. Another troubled with soro throat
tor moro than a year, and also n burninsr sensatian
in her stomach and bowls, was completely cured by
three doses of your Pills. Another, troubled with
a severe nervous affection, attend with dyspepsia and
continued head-ache, nnd was so reduced as to be
unablo to leave her bed, was, by the use of ono box
of Pills and bottle of Hitters, so far restored as to
be able to attend to her domestic concerns. And
lastly, an acquaintance of mine, has by the uso of
aoottiooi Hitters and two boxes oi Tills, been made
a perfectly sound nnd healthy man. Ho had been
laboring under a complication of diseases for the
last fivo years. I could mention numerous other
instances, but these are sufficient to Bliowthc effects
of the medicine uponAa low of my neighbors and
iiiuiiun, i uui uuuuicnt servant.
Crncs Tiuciiitn
Tho following is part of a letter written bv h rrrn.
tleman in the country to his brother in this city,
r. ,l,, l, :.. .. i r t n,.i huuiii uu UIU ItLUICU U UUi OI J.UU 1 MS UnU
Themx Hitters:
Thompsonvillc, Conn., Juno 26. 1838.
Dear Brother I embracothe present onoortunitv
ot writing you a few lines. I received the Life
rills and I'hcmx Hitters you sent mo, for which I
can never thank you enough, as they have proved.
I hope, a perfect euro to me. I had for two years
been troubled with a severe pain in my side, I ap
plied to all tho doctors in this neighborhood, but got
no relief until I took the Pills and Uittcrs you sent
me. Since I have taken them I havo been as well
as ever I was in my life.
1 ours allectiouately, David McGilt..
The following is a conv of n letter from Tnrrn
name Indiana:
- - -
Mr. W. B.Moffat Dear Sir I wrotn vnn n four
days since slating, briefly, tho quantity of Life Pills
and Phenix Bitters, I should want tho coming Bca
son. When I accepted the aeencv of this MeHi.
emu in june mi, (although your application was
accompanied by documents, attesting the great ben
efit of this medicine,) I hud no cxpcctailon that it
Would equal the description given of it, or give such
general satisfaction as tho experiment of a few
months has nroved. I ran onlv cn ll .,.!,
have used it bear testimony of its great value and
efficiency. I know of no instanco where it-has
nccn thought in tho slmhtast dcirreo iniuriinia. nn,1
oven those who aro afflicted beyond hope of cure,
bear testimony of its salutary influence upon their
Kciicriii uvauu. i no great and increasing demand
lor mis arucie is tno best assurance of its usefulness,
and I would not wish to bo without it for n
day. Respectfully, yours, J. F. Kixh.
1 he following is a copy of a letter from a lady in
East Lyme, Connecticut, to Mr. Moffat's agent:
.base Lyme, Conn., May Gth, 1S39.
Air. Bradford Sir In rcrrardto Dr. W. Tt.xrnf.
at's Lifo Pills and Phcnix Bitters, I can truly say
from experience, they aro the best medicine I 1mm
any knowledge of. Incredible as it may appear, I
havo for eight montns scarcely been ablo to walk a.
cross a room, ono month could not feed myself, had
the attendance of tho best of physicians for months,
onco and twice a day have taken Patent Medicine
as far as directions would permit. Also, a celebra
ted Doctor's prescriptions, all of which has been n
course of tho greatest perseverance I was capable
of. Yet I havo received n moro than present re
lief, to give a timilitudo of my suffcringt is indes-
cribablc. let I will write tho symtoms of my dis-
T, . r l . ... "
r icii years i nave suueieu witn a nervous
altcction in my head and face; a place as large as n
hand in tho left 6ido of my back, connecting tlm
shoulder described; a sensation of soreness, frenuent-
1.. 1. ...... .. l.i .. 'p i!r i. 1 i . i 1 . .
183. ' consequence of overdoing, tskinir a hard
.j, uctaiuu ua tuiu us ii nic nau ucpartcu. m July,
C0.W' 1 XViii eenei witH,a numbness in tho system,
fainuiess, flatulency, pain in tho head, voracious an.
petite, and at times deficient appetite, great loss of
der and'arm to the greatest extent, palpitation of
the heart, great distress in tho back, gna;ving in the
stomach when empty, pressure after meals, amount
ing almost to suffocation, stricture across tho breast,
sore throat; also a tickling, attended with a convnl.
iiuowuiui iiuHti. idiiini uiu icn biuu.aiso iiiiuosnmi .
MvecouBu, spitting oi purulent maucr, night Bweats,
cid icct anu nanus, looted brcalh, costiveness, piles,
loss of memory, affection of sight and hearinir. diz.
mess, deafness, tho mind becamo desponding, other
msagrccauics not meniioncd, which caused ureal
sioreu to ucaitu, wuicn no other medicino could dr..
Yours, &c.
Isabella A. Rogers. East Lyme, Conn.
For additional particulars of the above mclirinn.
seoAloflat's "bood Samaritan." a conv of wblrb
. .1,1.. . ' " I
sale r
French, German, and Spanish direclions ran h
obtained on application at tho offilec, 37B Broad
All post paid letters will receive immediato ottcn-
Prepared and sold bv William n. Moffat mtk
Tl.n.1.- "NT-... V 1. A 11 I i. ... . .
uiuaungji .Hn n uucrai reuuction maue 'a
thoso who purchase to ecu again.
Agents. The Life Medicines mav also hn lmrlnf
mo principal auggisis in every town throughout the
I'liuni otatcs anu tne uanaais. Ask lor Mnnii'i
Lifs Pills and Phenix Bittcrsiand be sure tbnt a fnr-
niiiiiieoi jonn Aloiiat's signature is upon tho label
of each bottle of biUcrs or box of piHs. For sals
. AIllli AL. I IWJ.M
MORE than six millions of boxes of thent
celebrated pills havo been sold in tho Unl
ilc since January 1835.
Hundreds and thousands bless tho dav they be
camo acquainted with Peters' Vegetable pills.whlch,
in consequence of tbeir extraordinary goodnessdiava
attained a popularity unprecedented in tho histoiT
of medicine i
AVhcn taken according to the directions accom
panying them, they aro highly bcncfiicial in the
prevention and euro of bilious fot'er, fever and a
gue, dyspepsia, liver complaints, sick head-ache
jaundice, nslhma, rheumatism, enlargement of the
spleen, piles, colic, female obstructions, heartburn,
furred tongue, hatisca, iliptohsion of the stomach
snd bowels, incipient diarrha?u, flatulence, habitusl
costivencss, loss of appetite, blotched or shallow
complexion, and in all cases of torpor of the bow
els, where a cathart'c or an aperient is needed.
TJiey are exceedingly mild in their operation, pro
ducing neither nausea, griping, nor debility, and ii
com-equencc or their ANTI-BILIOUS QUALI
TIES, are the best of all remedies in sCatlet fever;
fever and ague, bilious fever, and all diseases which!
have their origin in accumulation of BILE : in rf
word Dr. .Peters' pills arc the great bilious antidote
and with a supply of them all bilious affections cart
bo kept at a d'stance.
Thoso who have suffered and are weary of suffer
ing from these decoying complaint, wilt find ii
Peters' Vegetable pills a remedy at onco certain and
immediate in its effect. In
They stand unrivalled. Many have been cured in
a few weeks, after having suffered undor thi dtiud
ful complaint for years.
I ho world lSTastly out of tune,
And seems beyond correction;
But I've a spell, that very soon
Will mako it all perfection:
Will soon expel disease nnd pain,
So none fhall bo ufflicted;
And then shall cure all Ills amain,
To which men arc addicted.
O would yen know this scourgo of ills,
So various and so glorious 1
Of PETERS, so victorious
O yes, they are thoso pills of pride,
Which all the world arc praising,
For never did the gods piovids
A med'eine so amazing,
Tho' Spleen or Chol'ra raek you throuijh,
With this you need not fear them;
If Gout afflict, and Colic too,
A box or too will clear them:
And if your liver's out of tune;
If wild your head is aching;
If jaundice dies you like tho moon;
Or aguo nets you shale ng;
If grim dyspepsia thins your chyle;
If devils bluo aro grinding;
If you are plagued with gripe or bile,
Or fevers looso or binding; '
0 tell no doctor of your ills,
Nor trust to baths or lancing;
Ilut face tho rogues With FETISHS-' III.X.9
And 60011 you'll send them prancing.
These valuable nills are Suncrlorto LpcVnrnn.
dreth's, Moflett's, Evans, Hunts, the J'-crsian or in
lact to any other pill ever brought beforo the public.
One 25 Cent llox will nrovo their vlrtun in
this county, as their surprising virtues aro establish
ed all over tho United States, Canadas, Texas, Mex
ico and the West Indies.'
TTLnquirc for Peter's Vrrretable Anli Iiniimn
pills..) Thev can bo obtained ofl). . T'nliVa
and J. R. Mover, Bloomsburg, Wrn. Biddle & Oo.
uanviue, and at all the principle stores in tho state.
. 8tu47
THIS ia in narl'iC, il.nt T !.:..! ...
Silvanus Stephens the followinir oronertv:
- V.t.UilTI tlltlb 1111 a Hliril 1(1
one bay Mnro, and one white Horse, one
two Horso Wnirron, also one sett of har
ness and gearing for two Horses, dining rny
pleasure, of which tho nublic wi II nlnrex
take notice.
Sugarloaf, ilarch 28, 1840.
VERY respectfully informs lu's friends and the
public, that ho has always on hand, at tho Li
very Stable in Bloomsburg, forthe purpose of Hire
or Exchange, avaiictyof
Morses, Sulkies, fiigs,
which lie will feel gratified to keep in roadiiiess for
tho accommodation of customers.
He has also mado arranicments fnr rnrrcinrr
'Bcngcrs from Bloomsburg to Muncy, and from
uiuuniouuiK io ijucKaiewB on tne Uwcgo turnpikV.
Leaves Bloomsburg for Muncy evory Saturday
at 7 o clock in the morning and arrive at .Muncy
tho eamo evening. Lrnvo Muucv evcrv Snn,r,li
morning at 8 o'clock and arrivo at' Bloomsburg the
same evening.
Leaves Bloomsburg every Wednesday mornini
ror Buckalews and return the same day.
Personal application can be mado at his residency
when every means will be mod to render cntiie sat
i3faction to those who may give him a call.
nt , , IV0AH 8' MENTIS.
Bloomsburg, March 28, 1840, 43,.
WOULD respectfully inform Ills friend
. . ,.--....,
ihc.Pnbllc grally.that lie has remov.
"1S snoP in(0 1)18 dwelling a few doom
dU0V.L "JOiei Kept by li. Howel. and
above thejUotel kept by E. Howel,
neariv nnnnnfn lin. .it.,nii. r i
- j ...u xncmug ui uiiar es
Ualer, where ho mav a wnvn hn r,M,.i .'
dy to mako up nil garments intrusted to his
care, willtneatness and dospatch. Thankful
for past favors, to such as havo encouraged
him heretofore. And bv
business, hopes Mill to metit a lagcr sharo
or publio patronage. A good fit insured in
all cases.
N, B. All kinds of countrv
in exchange for work, And the needful
never refused.
niAMnrltniM 4 ! 1 t 1 t r"s t
. a vui m mouu jjiiij'unuiu, oioomiuurg.