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    bit. LEIUY'S
H0UL9 receive a preference over all Pills ridw
Hi existence:
"First Becaue they aro cntttrioscJ of Veectsbte
Mtracla, Tree from mineral; and may bo taken at
all times witllpeifect safety by young and old, with
at restraint from occupation, temperate living, or
' fear of taking cold.
Sccoml--lJeeauso they are composed of such
medioinal extracts, as have been employed by all
"Uo most celebrated and rcspoctablo Physicians for
raoro thin a century past, in purifying tile lllood
end Animal fluid of the body.
Third Uccauso they may bo employed as a
toild or aetive purgative, according to the quantity
taken, and their operation will riot be attended with
piping of tho bowels, sickness at the stomach,
prostration of tho system, &&, as are produced by
other pills.
Fourth Because they Possess a conibitrfd action,
bUt possessed by itny other pills, mixturo or prepar
ation whatever. Their first effect is irk correcting
'fell impurities with which tho btood and fluids of
the body may bo all-cted, and by their gently opera
tive effect, removing silch impurities from the sys
Fifth Because lhy are the terror of Quacks
and Imposters, for most persons arn obliged to take
the Sarsaparilla Dlood Pills, after taking their vile
and destructive nostrums, to counteract and prevent
their mischievous and banclul cllccts.
Sixth Because they arc tho only pills in which
Physicians have sufficient confidence to recommend
to their patients, and employ in their practice, as
they know they aro Anti (juack, Ann Mcrcurai,
Anti Billious as well as a good end safe purgative
and purifier of the Blood and Animal Fluids.
Seventh and last But not the least important,
"be bocauso they aro prepared by a regular Apdthc
eary and Physician, attested oy Drs. Physic, Hor
ner, Chapman, Dewccs, James, Gibson, Jackson,
Ctxe, Hare, &c, &c., which alone is sufficient to
entitle them to great confidence.
Certificates and Recommendations from Physi
.elans and others accompany the directions around
each box.
HOT Price Twenty Five Cents a BoxJl
Prepared only and sold Wholesalo and Retail at
Dr. LEIDY'S Health Emporium, Noi 101 Noith
Second st., a few doors bolow Vina street, Philadel
phia, also, sold br
1. Gilbert & Co., North Third street above Vine.
O.S. Clemens, do 3d do do Wood st
J. R. Smith & Co. do 2d do next the Red1
Lion, and all respectablo Wholosals and Retail
Druggist's in Philadelphia.
They are also sold by:
J. F. Long, Lancaster, Pennsylvania.
t. W. Rohrcr. da d
W: Eberrnan I.ittz.
t. Wi Oakly, Reading.
, -J. Hi Mozef, Allcntown.
P; Pomp1, Easton.
And the principal Merchants and Drugists In tho
I'niied States.
For sale at the Health Emporium Bloomshurg
by D. S. TOBIAS, Agent.
8Ioomsbutg July) la, 1839. 11.
C'OMMtTKlCVflON. How few they are that
happen to be afflicted with CoUghs or Colds
pay attention to them. How many thousands from
such neglect shorten their days, and hasten their fi
nal dissolution. Parents neglect them in their ehil-1
dren, and thus form tho foundation for Consump
tion, and hundreds of parents annually follow their
own children to the grave, having died from some
'affections of the Breat and Lungs, which weio neg
lected in their first stages.
Coughs and Colds, whether existing among young
or bid, ought at all times bo attended to early, and
sot suffered to Continue any length of time, for the
Lungs once affected,disease soon makes rapid strides,
ending in the nost fatal of ail diseases, namely Con
VATIVE for Coughs, Colds, Catairh, Influenzas,
-(Shortness of Breath, Whooping Cough, Pain in
the Breast or Side, all affection of the Breast and
Langs, and arrest of approachinsg Consumption, is
tho most popular medicine used throughout all Ger
manyis becoming equally populaf in the United
States, and has established for itself a reputation
not possessed by any other medicine for the same
clasi of diseases. (See certificates and recommen
dations from Parents, Physicians, and others, accom
baning tho directions.) It h a preparation perfect
ly safe sad harmless, pleasant to the taste, and may
to given to the youngest iufinL It is warranted
free from mercury and tho minerals, and is a prepar
ation of a regular Apothecary and Physician, attes
ted by Drs. Physic, Chapman, tiiUon. Jackson,
Horner, Dewees, Coxc, James, &c, a circumstance
done sufficient to induce a trial of it
Dr. N. S. Leidy, Proprietor of the above medi
cine, confidently (ccommcnds it to all, and assures
til most positively that it is an invaluable medicine
and would not himself recommend it, but for it,
known efficacy.
Prepared only end for saleWfiolcsalc and Retail at
Dr. LEIDY'S Health Emporium, No. 191 North
Bocond street tf few doors below Vine street.'Phila
Atklpliia tUo, sold by
J. Gilgert & Co., North Thi-d stret abov oVine
O. S. Clemens, do Sd do do Woo' st
J. R. Smith & Co do Sd do next the Red
lion, and by all respectable Wholesale and Retal
Druggists In Philadelphia!
Thoy are sold byi
J. V. Long, Lancaster, Psrtnsylrams.
J. W. Rohrer, do do,
V. Eberrnan Litiz.
J. W. Oakley, Reading1.
, Vox sola at the Health Emporium" rtloonnfmrg
ty V, S. TOBIAS, Agent.
Compound Tomato
Entirely VegeiabU, .
A new and invaluable Medians for all dlecc&scs
frinlng from impurities of the blood morbid aeere
rion of tho liver and stomach. Also, a substitute
fr KslomeVas chathartrcin fever and all billious
Thert popular" pilU combining a newly discov
rJ Alkaline substance extracted from tho TOMA.
T.O PLANT, with other vegetable snbstaticcs
which nave been found to modify and diffuse it ef
fects, are octieveu to ne ma nest Alterative and Ua
(hurtle Modicina ever discovered.
For ordinary fondly physic they are uni-
7rally approved, as tha beet ervef offered.
A lull acroout oi Una Medicine, and nu
fnerous certificates from physicians and
ether accompany each bos.
Just received and for salo at tho new
, Vrag Store by J' MOYER, dgb
filfc nEStltUEtTWN" OR,
JcpEniotio Tnr.HTfir.AX,BnAwntTii's,ErAn'4
litmxy PirnoATiyn, tha Matciiiebs' (priced)
Saxativk, or any other pills or compound before)
tno public, as ccrtiucd to by Physicians and others.
Let none condemn Ihem until they have tried
thcra, and then wo aro certain they will hot.
It is now a settled poifit with nil who have used
the Vegctablo Persian Pills that they aro pre-eminently
the best and nlost efficacious Family Medi
cine that has yet been used irt America. If every
family could become acquainted with their Sover
cign power over disease, they would keep tlicm and
bo prepared with a sure remedy to apply on tho firs
appearance of disease, and then how much distress
would be avoided and money saved, as well as tho
lives of thousands who aro hurried out of time by
neglecting disease in its first stages, or by not being
In possession of a rtthedy which thoy can place de
pendence upon.
The Resurrection or Persian Pithi
Tile nairie of these pills orginated from tho cir'
cUmstanttj of the medicine being found only in tho
cemetaries of Persia. This vegctablo production
being of a peculiar kind, led to experiments as to
itn medicinal qualities and virtues. In half n cen
tury it became an established medicine for tho dis
eases of that countryi The oxtract of this singu
lar production was introduced into some parts of Eu
rope, in the year 1783, and used by many celebrated
Physicians in curing certain diseases, where all oth
er medicine has been used in vain. Early in Jho
yciar 1792, the extract was combined with a certain
Vegetable medicine imported from Dura Baca, in
the Ea.t Indies, and formed into Pills. Thb admir
able effect of this compound upon tho human sys
tem, led physiicans and families into its general
use. Their long established character their univer
sal and healing virtues, tho detergent and cleansing
qualities of their specific action upon the glandular
part of tho system, aro Buch as will sustain their re
putation and general use in the American Repub
I certify that I have, by way ol experirtient, nscd
tho Hygcan, and most of the rarious kinds ol Pills,
in my practice, which have borne the highest repute
in tho public estimation, that have been offered for
salo in this vicinity for tha last fivcyents, including
those called the Resurrection or Pcrsain Pills; and
the public may rest assured that nono among tho
whole catalogue has answered a better purpose, as
an easy and effectual remedy, than the Resurrection
or Persian Pills, in most cases of disease.
Charlkb Uach.ii, M. D,
Rochester, N. Y. Sept. 21, 1937.
" 4
TO MOTHERS. E. Chade fe Co.Gents. Hwiiia:
much said about tho extraordinary efi'ccU of the
Resurrection or Persian J'ills, upon those about to
become mothers, we were induced tomako a trial of
them. My wife was at that time tha mother of five
children, and had suffeied the mot tedious and ex
cruciating pains during and after her confinement
oi each. he had tried every means and taken
much medicine, but found little or no relief: She
commenced taking the i'ersian 'ills about threo
months before her confiitempiit (her health being ve
ry poor about this length of time previous and in a
short timo she was enabled by iheir use to attend to
tnc cares oi a mother to tur family until her con
finement. At tho time she commenced taking the
rersuin nils, and tor several weeks pi cvious, she
was afflicted with a diy hard couch, and frequent
ec veto cramps, which the use of the Pills entirely
removed before using half a box. It is with tho
greatest confidence, that we adviso all those about to
becomo mother's td mttko ute of tho Persian Pills.
All those that have taken them in our neighbor-
hood have got along in the same easy manner, and
are aDOut me nouse in a lew days, t here docs not
appear to be half the danger of other danger setting
in after confinement, where these Pills arc taken.
Wo uniledlyl say.Ict none nezlcct takinz them, for
they are in the reach of tho poor as well as the rich.
We are truly thankful that there is a remedy which
females can easily procure which tends to Iciwcn the
world ot sullermg, which many of them have to bear.
and perhaps save the lives of thoUEandarthich would
olncrnuc be lost.
Rochester, May 11, 1838: comer of Callidoidan
square, Edinburg street1, for further particulars see
8, J!o HERTS,
Aax O. RuatCTsj
RociiKSTKn. Sent. 24. 1836.
Messrs. E. Chase Co.
1 think it my duty to let you know what a rrreat
euro your Pills have performed on mo I had been
sick about 7 years about 2 years and a half con
fined to my bed. I had been given over as incurable,
with Consumption, by twelve physicians of the first
standing; my lungs were seriously affected; I bad
3 ulcers gather and break) my cough was dry and
harsh most of the time; my liver was much swollen,
and my stomach very dyspeptic I had chills, fever,
suu myui uL-ai, utcuiiipauicu wan extreme iruta
blencss of tho nervous system, and other difficulties
which I forbear to mention. After I was given over,
I tried almoat all medicines which were advertised,
numi uiiiijiju, uiiui a iricti your vegetable
i-rrsian ruis. i uegan to gain in a shot, time after
I commenced taking them; and. to be brief, before-1
took 3 boxes, I was ablo to ride out and to take con
nlderable exercise, and at this timo I enjoy good
health, and aro abla to do good day's work. If any
uoa numcs mure pauicmar jjusiory or my guuvr
ings, he may call on me, at the corner of Main 8r.d
Clinton-streets, Rochester.
Fit's Conto The nndersigned hcrebv ecrtifv.
that wo aro the Parents of two children who hnva
eeen afflicted with fits more or less from their infen-
cy.and tbat wo nave spared no pains or exnenso tn
endeavoring to effect a cure, but without any bene
ficial effect, unil hearing of the Resurrection or Per
sian Pill?, when four boxes were immediately
Ijiwuicu, mm uu,uid ujfcu uoxes were taken, tno
titi had abated in frequency, and eveiy sym
loin much imuroved, and now n r li
state that our childjcii by the use of the Pcrwait
Pills, with tho blessing of God, aro entirely cured,
ami nave no syimonr or appearance of tit3, will find
n uie l'ersiau rills a sure and perfect cure.
Canton N. Y. Dec. 10, 1837.
The" above pllti rosy be" had of the following a
gonts John Moyer, Bfoomsburgj H. Miller, Ber
wick; J. Uooper 6c Hons, Hazclton; C. Hortman,
Cspeytownf John Sharpless, Cattawisea; Lyman
onoics, uanyiue.
Ezra Tavl'or, agent for ho Stat of Pennsvlva.
nia residing at Rochester N, Y. to whom all orders
eon bo &ajrese4
The lift of thtjhlh is in the
to with ihtscripturel. Levitieus b. ivn
than scripture tcstinony can We have of the
ite of the flesh ddpendifig upon the condition of
the blood i If impure or diseased, tlic flesh must
of course be diseased thereby, and tho whole sys
tem partako of ouch disease. If the doctrlno be true,'
and there ta not a doubt of it (for it is a fact occee
ded to by all, that tho scriptures, aro truo beyond a
doubt,) then jt behooves us to guard against the
consequences of such impurities, and thus preserve
the flesh healthy. If the tlesh bo healthy, censti
tullil.g as it does tho principal portion of thohUman
rody then must the whole body bo healthy.
In vegetables only ctn. we ti nd the medicine where
by all impurities of the blood may be removed.
Upwards of one hundred years experience of the
most celebrated, the wisest And best physicians have
proved certain yegetablea to possess purifying prop
erties. These vegetables will not hero be named,
and Dr. Leidy wishes to remunerate himself, and
profit by the long, laborious, and costly experiments
necessary to be made, that the active principles of
those vegetables minht bo retracted and reduced to
such form as makes liiciu easy, safe and pleasant to
bo taken.
These vegetables are containt-d in the justly cel
ebrated Blood Pills, mandfahturcd only by Dr. N.
Leidy, a regular Druggist and Physician, attested
by Drs. Physic, Chapman, Jacksoi , Homer, Gibson
Dewees, Jamrf, Hare, Cox, &c.
Tho above Pills may bo employed as a mild or
active purgative. Their action is easy, and may be
employed by all persons under all circumstances.
They will at all times be found serviceable, when
tho least sickness is present. J hoy require no
change of diet, restraint from occupation, or fear of
taking cold from their use. I hey are daily prescrib
ed by numerous physicians; certificates of the fact
accompany the directions. They ate the most uffec
tivo purifier of the blood and other fluids of tho hu
man body ever discovered. Persons having once
used, will evdr after, as occasion may acquire, have
rcsourse to them.
Price Twenty Five Cents a box.
Sold by all respectable DruffristS and Mcrchanst
throughout the Union, and in this city only at
Dr. Lcidy'fl Health Emporium, Second street he-
low Vine.
J. R. Smith & Co.'s 2d st. near the Red Lion.
J. Gilbert & Co.'s 3d ubdvo Vine.
C. Clemens' Nottli 3d above Wood.
F. Klett'4 3d Mid;Cal!owhill.
For ealo at the Health Emporium Bloomsburr;
by D. S. TOBIAS Agent.
IJIoomsbufg July, 13; 183!). 11.
Remaining tn the Post Office at Bloomsburg
at the end ol tlio quarter ending on the
31st day of iJaich, 1840.
Uoalig Christian
Uiddleman Valentino
Burnett John
Moore John
M'Murtrio Margaret
Moyer Angelina
Nungesser Jacob
Ncwhard Solomon
Philips Rebecca
Philips Ann
Roan Samuel
Ree8 Thomas
Staufcr Joseph
Snyder Daniel 3
Slates William
Sutler Christina
Shannon Jesso
Springer Man
Sqttiro Ebin
Totrnaend Sampson
Wren Thomas 2
Daker Malanston
Boon Betu '
Caby Jacob
bvert Peter
Echert Jacdb
Fuliner Daniel
Fry, sen. John
Qilraore Andrew
Gigcr Solomon
Henrio Polly
Henrie Mary
Hardy Mrs.
Herring Christ
Harvey Marhors
Hartman Thoinaa W.
Ink Emry
tyahlfarlh Doct. T. R.
Jacoby John
Webb Joshua 2
"Wice1 Joseph
Wran Gorg
Wellit-er Jarob
Yoke Sebastian
Yost George
Robinson William 2
Kalilor bsq.
Kaffman Moses
hilly George
Alcleck Andrew
Aackalvin Jo Itn
Jl'Laughlin (Jharles
ileyer,Doct M.
liiller Peter
Jan. 1, 1840. '
Those inquiring for any of the above let
ters will please say it is advertised.
HEREAS, the honorable ELLIS LEWIS
President of the Courts of Over and Ter
miner and General Jail Delivery. Court of Quarter
Sessions of the Peace, and Court of Common Pleas,
and Orphan's Court, m the eighth Judicial District,
composed of the counties if Northumberland, Union,
Columbia and Lycoming ; and tho Hon, William
MoxTOOMKnr and Lhqxaud Rufgiit, Esquires,
associate Judges in Columbia county, have issued
their precept beaiing date the 25th day of January
in tho year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred
and forty, and to mo directed for holding
Jl Court of Oyer and Terminer mid Cr. il
eal Jail JJctivery, Ueneral Quurter
Sessions of the Peace, Common
Pleas, anil Orphan's Court,
iN DANVILLE, in tho county of Columbia, nn
the third Monday of March next, (being the 20th
day and to continue two week.
jyuJWJj ts therefore hereby niteri to tbn C.r.
oner, the Justices of the Peace, and Constables of
mo nam urauij m VUIUHIUIU, Ulai llicy DO tllCn anil
there in their proper persons, at ten o'clock, in the
forenoon of said day, with their records, inmiisit inns
and other remembrances to do those things which
to their offices appertain to bo dono. And thoso
wno are uounu by recognizances to prosccuto
against the prisoners that are or inav bo in thn iail
of said county of Columbia, are to be then and there
to protecuto agalntt them as shall bo just. Jurors
aro ecqucstcdto bo punctual ill their attendance", a
greeably to their notices.-
Dated at Danville,, the 20th day of March in
the year of our Lord ono thousand eight liun
died and forty and in the Glth year of
the independence of tho United States of Amer
ica. .WILLIAM KITCHEN, Sheriff-.
Sheriff's Office, Danville, ?
March 20th 1810. 5
JFRO.V the Subscriber two last fall boar
Pigs. Who ever will, give information
wuero they may be found shall be reasona
bly rewarded. , DANIEL GROSS.-
ujoomsburg, April 4, 1840
"Mr.nTiuift crJnnf'Hrt.u -prnnfri
is IX BITTERS ate excellent family Medicines.- j
The proprietor of these Medicinej cannot too deep- J
ly impress upon we puimc raina uie nign impor- j
tah'cbdf au early or tltfiely attention to sound health.
There arb very mmty in this community who do
not appreciate good health, until attacked by some
violent disease, when they think they must immedi
ately send for a physician, and In consequence, they
are perhaps confined to their beds foi weeks, or even
months. Almost every one is liable to bo unwell at
times, and by neglect of proper treatment of them
srlvcs, on such occasions, it is very often the case
that a severe attack of disease is tho consequence.
Such results may be easily avoided, and should bo;
and it is in a great measure the object of Mr. MOF
FAT, that his publication should continually te
mind etich persons of their danger. The following
letters go to show that the Life Pills and Phehix
Bitters arc not only excellent family medicines, but
that they will, in very many instances, supercede
tlte necessity of calling a phisician. The principal
office is at 375 Broadway, where thousands of sim
ilar letters to Mr. Moffat, may be examined. .
Tho followihir letter was received from n nrntt.
man who, a few months since, purchased come of
the Life Medicines for tlio use ot his family, and a
few of his friends i
. Nupoli, N Y.i-July 27, 1809.
Mr; Wi B. Moffat Dear Sir TheLifo Pills and
Phenix Bitters surpass every medicine I hate been
acquainted with. In every iiutanco where it has
been used, a benefit has been derived, and every
person is satisfied. Otib man, troubled with a scrof
ulous humor, has been alt but raised from the dead.
Another person, a female who has been unable to
leave her room for the last two years, has been re
stored to health. Another troubled with sore throat
for more than a year, mid also a burning sensatian
in her stomach and bowls', was completely cured by
three doses of your Pills. Another, troubled with
a cvere nervous affection, attend withdyspepsia and
continued head-ache, and was to reduced as to be
unable to leave her bed, was, by tho use of one box
of PilU and bottle of Bitters, so far restored as to
bo able to attend to her domestic concerns. And
lastly, an acquaintance of mine, has by the use ot
a bottle of Bitters and two boxes of Pills, been made
a perfectly sound and healthy man. Ho had been
laboring under a complication of diseases lor th
last five years. I could mention numerous other
instances, but these fire sufficient to fchow the effects
of the medicine uoona tow of my neighbors and
menus, r our obedient servant,
Crnus Tiucunn.
The following is part of a letter written bv a et n-
lleman in the country to his brother in thii city,
irom whom bo bail received a box of J, ire Pills and
Phenix Bitters:
Thompsonvillc, Conn., Juno 2C, 1838.
Dear Brother I embrace the present opuortuiiilt
of writing you a few lines. I received the Life
Pills and Phenix Bitters you sent mo, for which I
can never thank you endugh, as they have proved.
1 nope, a pcrlect euro to me. 1 bad for two years
been troubled with a severe pain in my side. I ap
plied to all tho doctors in this neighborhood, liutgot
no relief until I took the Pills and Bitters you sent
me. nince 1 Iiava taken-them 1 have been as well
ail over I was in my life.
Yours affectioLately, David McGiu.
. The following h a copy of a letter fftm Terre
Haute Indiana:
Mr. W. 15. Moffat Dear Sir I wrotd tou a few
days since stating) briefly, tho quantity of Life Pills
ana riieiitx ilittew, 1 should want tho coming sea
son. When I accepted the agency of this Medi
cine in June hst, (although your application vas
accompanied by documents, attesting the great ben
efit of this medicine, I lud no expectation that it
would equal the description given of it, or give such
general satisfaction as tho experiment of a few
months has proved. I can only say that all who
have ucd it bear testimony of its great value end
efficiency. I know of no instance where it has
been thought in the slightest degree injurious, and,
oven thoee who aro afflicted beyond hope of cure,
bear testimony of its ealbtary influence upon their
general health. The great and increasing demand
for tliis articlo is thu best assurance of its usefulness,
and I would not wish to bo without it for a single
day! Rcppcclfully, yours, J. F. Kisrn
The following is a copy of a letter from a laJy in
East Lyme, Connecticut, to Mr. Moffat's agent:
East Lymt, Conn., May Oth, 1933.
Mr. Bradford Sir-In regard to Dr. W. D.Mof
at 'h Life Pills and Phenix: Hitters, I can truly say
from experience, they are the best medicine I have
any Knowledge of. Incredible as it may appear, I
have for eight mouths Bcarccly been ablo to walk a-
cross a room, one month could not feed myself, had
the attendance of the best of physiciansfbr months.
mice and twice a day have taken Patent .Medicine
as far as directions would permit. Also, a celebra
ted UoctorH prescriptions, all of which has been a
course of the greatest perseverance I was capuble
of. Yet I havo.tcccived nn moro than present re
lief, to give a tirnilitudo of my sufl'cringj is indes
cribable Yet I will write tho symtoms of my dis
ease. For ten years I have suffeied with a nervous
affection in my head and faci; a place as large as a
hand in tlie left side of my back; connecting the
shoulderdescribed; a sensation of sorcnc&i.ficqucnL
ly nrcame as cold as u tile Uau departed. In July.
1830, in consequence of overdoing, taking u hard
cold, I was seized with a numbness in the system,
faininess, flatulency, pain n tho head, voracious.ap
petite, and at limes deficient appetite, great loss of
muscular potver.painin thd left side.also in tho sliouN
der and arm to the greatest extent, palpitation of
the heart, great distress in tho back, gnawing in the
stomach when empty, pressure after meals, amount
ing almost to" suffocation, stricture across tho breajt,
sore throat; also a tickling, attended with a convul
sj ve cough, spitting of putulent matter, night sweats,
cold feet and handi, foetid breath, costlvencss, piles,
loss of memory, affection of sight and hearing diz
incss, deafness, the mind became desponding, other
disagreeables not mentioned, which censed great
weakness, Vc. I happily, and can truly Bay, that by
tho blessing of Heaven, and tho restorative proper
ties of the Life Pills and Phenix Bitters, I am" te.
stored to health, which no other raedicino could do,
i ours, etc.
Isabella A. Rogers, East Lyme, Corirt.
For additional particulars of the above medicines
seo Moffat's Good Samaritan," a copy of which
accompanies the rtiedicincs; a cenv can be nliinlno,!
of the different Agents who have the medicines for
French, Oerma'ii. and-SnaiiUi At,hUhi i,
obtained on application at the.offuco, 37G Broad-
way. f
All post paid letters will nceive immediate alien
Uen. Prepared and sold by William II, Moffat, 375
Broadway New York. A liberal reduction made 'o
those who purchase to sell again.
Agents,! ho I.ifo Medicines may also be had of
mo principal uuggisis in every town throughout the
United States and the Canadas. Ask for Moffat's
Life Pills and Phenix Dilter.j and be sure that afao
simile of John Moffat's signature is upon the labrl
of each bottle of bitters or bor of r.illj. Ta. ...1.
1 1 Tobii'i HreUh Emporium, Uloomjburip
TOSTORE than six milliolu or bows n'f '
WW celebrated r.llls Imv, l.n.i. 'u7. ..f ,P
n tstutcs since January 1635. w
uunurcus nnu UioustmUs bless the dav llicv It.'
me scnuailited with Peters' V.itiii,1 :h. J. . .
in consequence of their extraordinury goftdneM.havl
7 H"!""""" unprecedented in the hUtou
When taken th th AttM
- a -'ivvuuiiw 8CcOfn
panying them, they aro highly bciiefiicial in th
:,-., "T, :., icvrr and a-
u,, .ucum.iraii, enlargement of th
luccii, piit-acoiic, icmaie Obstructions, hoartburn.
furred tnttmi. nnnem. r .!. ,7
and bowels, incipient diarrhea, flatulence, habitual
uwuvrncBs, loss oi appciuc, uiotehcd or tballow
comnlftiioh. nnd I ri nil mafia nf rAm.. ,.r i
. ''l'vi ui nic gon,
els, wiicre a cathart c Or an apcricilk is ntetlod,
They aro exceedingly mild in their operation, pro.
ducing neither nausea, grining, nor dcbilitv. n,1 i.'
consequence of their ANT1-BILIOUS OU)
i i.d, are the best ot all remedies in scarlet It??
icver anu ague, unious lover, and all diseases which
nave uieir origin in accumulation ofUILD: la
word Dr. J'ctcrs' pills ore the ereat bilious antidoul
anu mm a snoniv oi t iini nn hi (mm irnnii... -rj
1m buhl a n i rl....
Thniio Who havu siifferndnnrl ..-
inn from ttlCU drstjovmrf rnmntii,a ...III V.J :
. ,1. , 1 ""V, Tit,, ,.iU
J elurs Vegetable pills a remedy at onco certain ant
uuuicuiaie in ua eneci. in
They ptend unrivalled. Many hove been cur4 i
a ibw weens, aner Having suuered under thu dru4-
iui cumpi.-uni tor yenrs.
Tho world Is vastly out of tuns,
And seems beyond correction;
But I've a spell, that very sdon
Will make it all perfection:
Will M)on expef disease end pain,
So none shall bo afflicted;
And then shall euro all ills amain.
1 o which men ere eddictod.
O would you know this scoiirgo U
So various and eo glorious I
They are the VEGETABLE J'lLLS.
Of PETE Its, so victorious.
0 yes, thoy are thoso pills of pride,
Which all th world are praising
For nerr did thegods piovide
A tued'eine so amazing.
Th'i .Spleen or Chol'ra rack you thracjh.
With thii you nefd not fear thsm; ,
If Gout afflict, Atii Colic too,
A box or too trill clear them;
Arid if your livri'a out of tune;
If wild your head is aching;
If jaundice dies you like the moon;
Or ague sets you ehakmg;
If grim dyspepsia thins your chyle;
If devils blue are grinding;
If you arc plagued with gripe or lilt,
, Or fevers loose of binding;
0 tell no doctor of your ills,
Nor lrut to baths or lancing
BtJt face tho rogues with PI1TURS' PfLW
And soon you'll send flicm prancing.
These valuablo pill.) are Puporlor to Lre's.Brw
dreth's, Moffctt's, Evans, Hunts, the Pertian cr bi
fact to any other pill ever brought before the pullit.
Olio 25 Ccut Uox tilll prove their virtue b
this county, as their surprising "virtues are eitabliah
ed all ocr(tlio United States, Canadas, Texas, Max
ico and the West Indies.
(QfEnquire for JVtcr' Vegetable Anti Billions They can be obtained of D. S. Tobii
and J. R. Mover, Bloomshurg, Win. Diddle & C
Danville, and at all tho principle 6tores in tho staU
THAT I have applied to tho Judges of
the Court of Common Pleas cf Columbii
county, for ths benefit of the insolvent latfi
of the Commonwealth, and that they han
appointed Monday, the 20th dy of April
next for the hearing of mo and my credi
tors, when and whoro vou can attend if you
think proper, JOlSEl'H MILLER.
Feb. 29, 1810
"tjTERY respectfully informs his friends and tb)
f public, that he has alivpyg on hand, at the Li
very Stablo lit Bloomsburg, for the purposo of Hir
or Exchange, a vatlety ot
which he will feel gratified to keep in readiiicsi(
the accommodation of customers.
He ha also made arrangements for carrying pat
sciigers from Bioornsburg to Muncy, and from
Bloomshurg to Buckaleivs on the Oweiro tumtdke
Leaves Bloomiiburg fbr Muncy every SaturJij
at 7 o'clock in the morning and arrivo at Muntj
the katno evening. Leavo Muncy every Salunhj
morning at 8 o'clock and arrivb' at Bloomshurg tM
same evening.
Leaves Bloemsburg evey Wednesday mornir
lor. UucKalews and return the same day.
Personal application can be made at his resident:
when every means ill ho used to render entire iat
istaction to those itlio may give linn a call.
Bloomshurg, March 23, 1816. 43.
01 n l?r. TSTfiYfrAra,,
fgWOULl) respectfully inform his frienil
and the ptiblio generally.that he has teinor-fl
od lim shop into his dwelling a' few dron
aboo tlif jlJo'.el kept by K. Howel. aji"
iiiiir y opjiuiiie ma uwcuing
Knler, where ho may always be found fe-
dv tn mnko un nil rarmpntt inlrnstnil tit hit
dare, with noatnfets and despatch. Thonfcfyl
for past favors, to such as have emviv?c4l
Inm li...iftrnr. I...I LM .i.:.i ...:.' tn
in. i iiwib.tiiiJic. itin uy ouiui iiitrii'vIyi
business, hopes still to met it a larger sh
of public natronaifo. A puod fit1 insured in!
n u - u--cases,
N,. B. AM kinds of country produce tnUi
in exchange for work. And tho neeow
never refused.
Blooiri'sb,urg, April HfiaiQj