The Columbia Democrat. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1837-1850, February 08, 1840, Image 2

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    !ifaee. I wan nlnrmed ; but oh ! I wn near
y Etunned, when on iho floor, as if acci
dentally dropped, I found tlits glove'
He field out a lady's glove, so tlf liunto in
its shape and size, and so almost certainly
lifrs, that my ejes began to grow misty
, i i
wi n norm..
Arc you mad V I vlii-pered, for I conld
not speak : 'why '.id you not ride instantly .
to Miss Mcrion .
Alas .' if my suspicions 19 true, I were
four hours too iatc. 1 was riding there, and
thought it better to call on you by iho way.
My horse is at the door.'
Your whip! your whipl' I shouted; 'fol
low mc 011 foot.'
And ten seconds mo.c saw mc mounted,
end heard the horse's hoof us 1 d.ished into
the darkness. Arrived at Morion Lodc, 1
tore past the servant who opened tho door,
anil rushed into the drawing 100m. Tlie
Inmlly were assembled, all but Aura, whom
I fiercely dcmai.ded to see. Every thing
was consternation ; my loo! s, my stream
ing haif, (for I had brought 110 hat w lilt me)
and myiollow voice, made all shudder.
Aura had (ell uitwrll.ihcy said, and had retir
ed to rest tamo hours before.
As vou value your soul's salvation,' 1
exclaimed, then for thd fust tim3 weeping
nttiio sight of that happy family, 'show mo
Tier room.'
None stirred nor spoke hilt her liitlc sis
er, who look my hand silently, and led mc
up the staircase ; tho rst billowed behind.
1 smote the door with my douched fist, and
shouted her name unanswered : 1 3inute a
rain, and 'no souad canto from within : I
usslieu linseii against 11 wmi mo mtpuisu
M ... 1
of despair, snd the bolt giving way, uo
: tiuo 01 1.11 1
nnKiiitt ill ill room lull I can COIlltiru U!
now as vividly as at that awful moment.
Aura Meriou was setting near the lire cbtl
i.i a diesriug gown, her elbow resting on a
table, on burnt a caudic. Her back
. -was toward us, and in her left hand, which
vas on the table, was a miniature ; in her
"right a china cup An open desk was near
nr. ,ii).i,.li u' .T. 1 liii-mi-i'il :i liui' old Icticis and
a songthe latter 1 recognised as mine.
Stcwkirigs, slippets, and other articles of
dress, were a.onnd the room ; and a faint o
dour, aa if some drug, -oppressed the ait.
1 passed round so as to see hm luce : she
' 'seemed steadfastly lookiny on vacancy, and
her eye was unusually full and brilliant;
Iter countenance was melancholy, and of a
gray paleness. I knew and felt it she
was dead 1 Mr. Jones, who had scarcely
half a mile to follow me, now entered the
Toom breathless, he look from the bible a
black tin ease and an empty vial, which lie
seemed even to touch with fear.
'Save sxve her 1 and me!' was my
' Come away, man come away 1' he
caid ; ' this is no place for you.'
'That vial ! what has it contained ' 1
Vli'rep'fietnti alow wimpi-r, 0
cid.' I looked all round the room fo: some fice
'.0 tell mo be lied, but there- was none; so i
fell senseless on the floor.
Thus fell Aura Merion, whose fain it was
after shamefully trilling with the all'eetioin
of those who ha;J loved her, to be bereft of
the whom she held most dear by that very
trifling. That she rejlly lov.-d Pmitt'eru,
inconsistent though it ma; semii, I am fully
convinced ; she never lookt"! up after his
angry parting, and his picture was in her
hand when she tlied. That one cif hiah in
tellectual endowment should thus bt'Movv
her affections on a man of excellent heart
Lut unciillitaied mind, is nut probably in
congruous, nor inconsistent with tho usual
anomalies of the female character. A doom
fell on all the neighborhood where this tra
gedy took place ; none who bore a heart
could refuse sympathy lo the unbounded
glief of her bereaved paieuts ; and I, whom
the speclBele, with a thousand old assori.i
tions, would have killed, left the pkoo then
and forever. My grief was not left
"This narration has been nbrupt, dpsiitule
of art, and ill-written it would diigrace
the pen of n modern novelist. H-it over
iU fietxms it ha the sad and melancholy
kujiniiutuy ui iruill, W'OICil win cive H 111-
trrt iii your oyes, and in great nee to
thoao into whose hands it may fill. If
consideration approves my design, at some
future 1 may give you another of those ex
periences which havo made me what you
style crraneouidy a Woman-hater.
Population of Eimt. Thn estimates
nf tho population of hgypi have been ex
tTsmely various; nor are wc awars that it
lias been iho subject of any accurate reu
sus; but hn most careful recent estimalr-i
. fix it about '2,500,000. The most detailed
one, which teems to have been made with
diienr;e, makes, of Copts, 100.0CO; Arjb
Feihmn. 2,230,000; Ucdouiu Arabs, 101.
000; Arabian Greekr; 250,000;Jews 20,000;
8ervian.20,000;ArmftniHiis lO.OOOjr'ranks,
or Eupfian Chrisiians, 4,000 Mamelukes,
000; Ethiopians, 7,000.
Itifi stated thai suiting the papers of Ste
phen Price, lately deceaFcd, iheru wtsre
fpund cortifieatea or evidences of stock in
Jbe En'lidh funds to the amount of $300,
080. tsaessaastxt!
A correspondent of the New Yo:J; Ex
press, estimates that in tho year 1000, that
ohy -will hato t popohliou of upwkids of
Frofn At Ilarrislurg Kcporfcr.
We have seen snveial notices in newspa
pers of the report of Joseph Johnson, Esq.
iron mutter, in Liverpool, on tho iron trade
in ocothmd ami Wales, but jiroeurcil Hie re-
.,rt itself onlv a foxy davs since, it would
Ji(r j s sali8fliaiun( if we ,1Bl, ,.e
m . ., . ,. 0..r
room, to nlaiu it entire before our readers.
We will, however, endeavor to make an
abstract of the facts
lu 1710, thtro were 59 blast furnaces in
England, making nnttualy, IV.JloO loin
cast iron, 01 201 for each furnace, or r4
tons each per week. In 17S8, the number lurnaecs were reduced m 2J,antl
the product to l.t.000 ton. Several at
tempts had then been made lo reduce the
ores with coked coal ; nod by means ol this
fuel, am' the substitution of eUiuler blowing
machine. j woiked wiih pistons", for the
wooden bellow.-, 00 fnrnices fired wiih
coke made 13,800 tons per year, being a
weekly product lor each of 17j tons, and
the whole manufacture that jcar being 01,
000, with coke and charcoal. In 1700, the
charcoal process was almost out of use, and
1'2 1 coke furnace in blast, producing 121,-
'37!) tons per ainmiii, 01 l.OU'itoms lor each
lu 1802, 103 blast turmwts making 17(.
000 tons, in 1000, inrrcitsed lo 230,000
ions there being 227 coke liirnacen, but on
ly 150 in active use at once. In 1S20. the
product was 400,000 ions. in 1S2U. it was
000,000 tons, 'and in 1 90S. upwards of 1,
000,000 tons. The hoi blast ivasintrodiii!
ed by .Mr. Neilsnn of Glasgow, and formed
a now ert in the iron trade, especially m
it Il'jxr -i HI Hiv. nvii '
s tl .. 1 M.ler0 tmt! .,r(! Mnv 52 furnaces
jn b 4 -ml o,-M.u ? (JW umf! lmtliw.
.Hid 21 contemplated: which, supposing all
in operation by 1812, will then produce in
Scotland alone -107,01)0, allowing uie aver
age product, wh'uh U common in Tlnlaud,
of 100 tons per wee's to each furnace.
The report says, it was for a lung mnc
considered . doubtful whether the tScoich
i-asi iron, (i it ii with raw bitumi
nous coai. a:;u iii:.vii:d aiu, would answer
for malleable iron,' but experiments ni.ule
to test the mailer have l.ccn allended with
most ,atisl'acioiy nf-nlu ; -1 cwt. 2 qrs. of
pig iron, yielding, by the proceed of bailing
instead ni puddiiug, blooms of -1 cwt. 1 qr.
0 lbs. each, the quality equal to any made
with cold air.
The account given of the establishments
in Mouth Wales is exceedingly inierciing.
Wo extract fioin tliem the most important
fjc.t3, .iiiice it is not ti.isv to condense what j
is itself a very biief but yet loo long a de
tail of the d.fl'erent concerns. The avenge
yield of the f.iru.ioes is about 100 tout per
w eek ; most of (hum aro blown cold
aift instead of hot as it is generally un
derstood. A fiitinl of Mi. Johnson say?,
mo make 100 tons of ir iron weekly re
quires about 4000 persons of every da
sviiptioii ; ibu i"JiS3 of wages for men, from
12"." to OO.t., for women Gs. to 10s.,uud for
bi)J.wtpo vr wci'l:, ..
1'roporiioiis of the materials used in cncli
prone, and waste of the iron, W. :
Fifieen furnu '' averaj'iu 00 tons
.,n..t.. u,.if 1 11 future i.:i.rii) tons nf
: ...' ....,,,! of 50 ew.. oi
coal oer tun of iron, iuel.'isive ol calcminH
: .
s.iy a.;J7o tons ol ooa! to i.-iruaces ami cal
cining, and to blowing engiiiiN 10 (iw!. of per ton of iron, or 075 ton?. If the
lurnaecs nuke J.J150 tons of eaJt-i.''OU,"10'J
tons may be deducted fur the ballast ii'o.u.
Then refining 1,230 nuts, at 12 cwt. I qr.
ol pig to tho ton ol relined iron, lull pio
ihicc 1,110 tniu refined metal, with a con
fa'.imptiou ol 0 cwt. per ton, or about 500
tons ol coal weekly fur the refineries; I,-'
J10 icliimd mefil will yield of puddled iron
in 21 cwt per inn of the metal, and ti cwt.
of coal pe: ton of iron, 1,015 tons, will
010 tons (it ; ami then the lolling milts
it 22i ewl of puJdlcd iron, mid 2d owl
of coai ;ie.' ton, will pioibicu 015 tons cf
merchant bars, or what i called No. 2
iron, with rt coiwimpiioii of 015 tons of
lu speaking of tho works of Crawshay &
Sims, iho report says :
'Amongst other' interesting objects for
your attention, you may ft cm see the lar
ucsl iitimn I ever heard of. The diameter
of lbs woikiiig barrel is six ft'vl, and ihe
length of the lift in iho barrel is four feet.
It pu.nps up ihe whnlo of tbu river Tall',
and thu Water, al'it r turning all tho w heels
about the works, is discharged into the l.' d
of Ihe liver. This muv, appear, at first
vieiv, an expensive way of o.,i.iii,ing pov
er, but rxpc.-ienec mowb iIhk it u cheaper
than erecting a number of small enginus, ot
transmitting power ihrcugh complicutod
In teferenccto Mr. Crane's anthrariio
funuces die report says' :
' Mr. Crano ruceiveu uie in the most gen
tlemanly manner, and accompanied mc o
ver ihe whole o hid works, to all'ord mc
an opportunity of scdng lo the full extent
his mode of operation, lie had three fur
nacei in blast, all blown uiiii heutuil an,
and bo is about to erect two more. To
convince me of the superior eurngih of iron
madd with anthracite coal alone, ho request
ed one of his men to break a pig for my
inspection. Tho man look the first pig he
could lay hold of, and plating it flat on tin
ground shuck ii iiuy-iiiree mows wun u
sledx hammer, about twenty to twenty-two
pounue in wcigHt, but w ai not alls to break
it. The strongest pigs of iron made in tho
otdinary way may be broken by from three
tot-it blows. The iron of Mr. Crane's I
found lu be so rich and soft, as well at
strong, that it flattened or rather plated nn
dor tba actjou of the haruaier, end shelled
off in pieces nhnut thb sla of a sliilling,
such ns 1 nmv show you. Ueforo the iig
could be broken, it had to be cut with a
chisel, the marks of which you may pen on
the piece ol iron I have brought for your in
sneetioiii Mr. Crane has two furnaces at work and
it is really astonishing to seo the anthracite
coal coining out of them quite unmjorcd,
even after hating been exposed for five days
lo the intense beat required fur the smel
ting of iron, Thco two pieces I picked
up from the sconrtc, as Iho fluid ran from
llic furnace, when ihcy werj red hot, and
hud been five days in pisfdng through.
Mr, Crane has yd only one small eupo.
a furnace in which ho iim-s anibraeiic ex
clusive! ) for firing the other two, he imps
tu'o-llurds of atiihiaeite to one third of coke
.iml by using anthracite in tYi" compara
tively small proportion he ( fleets a saving
of 12s to I. '13. per ion in tho cost of makin
iron, and very inaieii.illy impruves lis qual
ity His furnace nU-o jields a belter pro
duce, in proportions of 05 lo 50 percent.
His small cupola furnace, No, 2, from
w Inch when using cold air and uike, he
eniitd obtain only twenty to twenty-two
Ions of oast iron per week, by being liied
with aulhraeitu cual alone, and blow n will:
hot air has prodm:cd,nu an average of many
months, thirty-live tons per w eek, and the
larger tutuac's in which bo Uses in propor
tions I h.ivo before sl.tted, have increased,
tho No. 1 Irom tinny-four to
tons up from fmty-li.eio forty-nine iwii,atid
the No. !), Irom niiy to fifty-live up 10 s x-ty-fivc
t j eighty tons tier week. All hi
liiinaccs arc very (iiuall, and his blowing
machinery not so goad as 11 ought to be
hence his very limited prodiice.
The quality of tin's iron is very highly
spoken of Mr. Crane has received as.Mir
mcus from ovt 1 it a.uites who have urn! ii
fur various purpottis that, 'for bars it bail
given great satisfuejiou;' for foundiy vvoil.
it was admirable; , that ' in rem, Iliii'-, it
was found very thjd, and at the aniu time
very strong' a uifiou of qualities most de
sirable, but rarelyto be met wiih.
Willi respect ii the econoinv of litis pro
cess, Mr. Crane Stay, " 'he aver.igu nf scl
eral months. pr'JIuccd the o 1 of cusi iron
wiih the hefiircuiilieard of smail (ua!iliiy
of 27 cwt. of ial, and he eniciaius with
gieal coiiiidenc that be will in; able to re
duce the o.i.iui'K still furilier, sav 22, cwt.
win mam uca ui
I I r 1 . , V . 1 . - 1 .
milhrjciie coal is t ibieci:
feel thick. I
roibice a sample ol it as ob-
tamed fiom th mine
c are una
lo l resist the temptation of
ueitt conclusion of this in
, viz: '
adiliug lint elu
terusiiug reporl
1 lie aggugatc immocr 01 iurnacc3 in
blast in S.mill Wales we have found 10 be.
122, onto! blast, 7; building 31; and con
teuiplalcd, 9; ami, alloivntg for twelve
woiUs that Mr. ('uie alludes to, as being
likely to bo erccteo aoon, only five fnrnaees
each, orsia.iy A all, we thus find liiat piob
ably vviihin tl'-'nej.t live years the uu.uhci
of liirnaces m fcioutii Wales w ill be doubled,
and iiuaiVcr2'41. Allowing an aver.igu pro-
tiuce o eigluy tons per week for eac, ye have iho s'-nouiidiiig qu.inti
h tut
"ace, jo nave mo i.iioiiiiui.ig quantity to
l 1,015510, or, in round m.mhcrs. 1 ,000.000
i ....
10111 ul
cast-iron proi!uci.U in this (li-'iriet
I .... I
i miaiuuv equal (o that nro.liiccd
last viltr in the whole of Ihitaiu
1 Ii icy I bear sou'tti of you remarking
that w -shall cert. .inly have lion very cheap
coon; ml doubtless the easily increased
produ :nm wid have it- effect on the mar
ket. Out I have not the most liiant ap
prehei -ion of production oiitstriping eon
sumpi hi to any great extent. Wo mav
have, .4 .we havo hbherlo had,
ileprt's ions ami fluctuations, but there will
a! way. be found tint powerlul and very
sensiV c goienior.sclf-iniercsi,, with
ill flelphiss eye, will not fail narrowly to
watch, land uliiui ueiy In reguhue. ihe pro
ponioiVj between our wants and their sup
jlies. iWheii we look at the in.'reaed eon.
siiiifpiiaii of ihe last ten ears, and i'i
mind die innltif.tnous puroi'se in which
this inati' is now used, and to vvhirli it
has only vt?ry recently been lound to ho a
tlapied, vvu caivioibta ihiuk licit !:c mu-tb
a bohl man. who would place limns to iu
deinaiitl any imp ?lian lo ils prmluciion.
Eighiy-etgnt yiir ao there were scarcely
one blast turn'ict in fj.mih Wnle; mid w hat
lonceivahlo reason can be .".saigned why the
requireitU'iiis of diis cciiiury shall not in
crease in a ratio ul leau equal lo that of tho
As a people, I (rust wc aro growing wis
er and better, nml that wo shall ncvci again
mai'ly indulga in tho wicked folly of wnst
i,ig Hut Mrer.gih mul we dih of ihe naiioii
in infl c'iu;j the (lova'taiii'iis, the hoirors,
the complicated mental Idigl. taints and
physteal miseries of vvai; liiti that, on the
contrary, our utit-atiou siig.l eoniinuo lo be
turned to tho prommnm ol uselul works,
such as riilwavs w.'.iU'.cam-boats, and oilier!
unproved means o' intercouive between man
and man, ami n.oion mid naiion; and that!
when our own eotintrv shall have reanud
require all our materials and i.denla fur
ihete really benefit iii Hiruil
wo utiall be
it, una rvi' v i,,ii,,z v ,,ttu,ii, uti.tpi. .
I'... ...a 1 ..I .ill.... Ia nvhinil tlia..
humaiii7iiiiir inlliieiicfH to every quarter
the elo'je, and find Chriiianiiy, phtianthro
nv. and seienco travcr.iuar Iheir wtuiosl
liounds. Mini dilTasiug thiir blefsingH over
ibu wlnde human rue.
Strange as ii may appear to some of those
vv ho hear me, thetu rlov atiny iniicip!eB and
purUiU have a mof t iw.verlnl influeiico on
the commerce of our country, and tm none
ol its Unmctics is tins iiiiiueticc. morn inline- oi mo prcsom sbhiuh, uir my. viewa hi uo
dlulely .or moio directly fell than ou the iron tail ; and tiwaro of Hie rpum ibility 1 have
trado. '
Vhelher rn chooo to transport onrset
ocean, in vessels miule of wood or of iron,
ves, or cur prci'uciioi'a across the nvglov
and wafied over tlibir bosom by the wi.-.tls
of the heaven, or in others might by ettam
to" 1 walk their surface like a thing rit life.'
we. are still dependent, more or less, for a
(supply of this most valuable metal; and; c
ven vvlien wo eiimo lo require locomotion
on land, ii niatlcra not however rude of
however finished the means of transit wo'
a, -ail ouisclvcs of, wo inuot siill havo iron;
and it l8s no( unfretpicnily occurred to me,
thill in proportion to our mcieacd wants of
this very nncetsary materia!, have hCen our
increasing weans of ohtain'mg it; and I think
we may rest satisfied, that so long as llrit skiil, and efi'eigy, mid weulib, add en
lerprise shall exist) we shall never lie at h
losa either for uiiudii lo devise, or hands In
execute suheuies thai will enable lis In iui
piovc, to their full extent, the inexhaiisti
bio stores of elementary', with
which a bountiful proviilcuee has miii roun
ded n?; and, by converting them iiitu the
aeiitc inutiumeuts of social comforts, pro
mote the happiness of all our feilow-rrca-Kites,
anil thu. fully cany out his wise ami
beneficent purposes.'
'J i) the huutti and Home of Hspmitttu-
liven of the Contmonwcdllh of Pcnmyl-
Gun'Tx.oian : I3y tho provinoions o!
the act approved ihe 23d nil., eiili'.ittl "an
at t to unthoriic a loan,' the Cou'i'iior is au
ihoiised lo iicgot'i.ito a jri ili.tnciit luai, lor
the sum of SS7G,O'J0. lie is also aoihor
iscd to nrgo.iatu a icmpoiary loan for the
tav.v: sum in aiittcijuittuit of the taid per
m.uicul loan.
A t 50 JO, 000 of the cum uuiIioiNtiI to he
borrowed is required to supply a di'ieit in
(be intern. ii lund for the pav
uienioV tnlfiesi this d.iv due, 1 directed ihr
scerci.irv of the commoiiw eaith, imiiit diaie
ty upon the approval of the aid art on ihe
231 mit. to utile in ibc banks id ihe t Hv
and tll.ilii' ts ol I'bihulciphia ami tin; II ii
risbtirg Hank, inquiring of each of tliem
w bother the) wounl agree lo nuke :i pernn -neiii
or lempor.iry loan to the common
wealth of tluD.OOti ilnllais.oraiiy part theiu
ol, upon (he terms speiineil lit Hie said aci,
the .i!iiii to be phi i il in ber eietlil in thu
litnkof i'cuiuv Iv.iiii'i on ibis day.
Answers have been iccited ft oil) alt the
banks. The Dan'; of I'i-iiiim Ivania pro
pose: lo lend on lunpntary loan lOU.i'Ui).
ioioe of the others oiler in take propoi
iioiiate p.uu on i t-riam coiiiingeiK ic", ant! olbers appear lo manifest a disir,: to
nicci ihe cincrgt-iicy, bat bavt: not the abili
ly. Copiei ol the corifspoiidence upon
ibis su'ijccl, uie herewnb tiai.t:u,iiietl.
ll vvul he pt.iccivctl that not baviu,' (lie
means so lo do, the inteicsi ibis day tine
by the comin'on wealth it her ureihiors is
uiipiitii, a i-licuiiiManco w hicb tho exccuiii c,
auMoits aa he has been for muiniamiiiL' uu
.ulhi U iltu credit ami I', Kb ol Int.' eoiinuoii
wcalih has been uiiahly lo avert. I caoiioi
loo often, or too impre.-M ely, urge tipoti
ihe legislature, the purainoiini duiy of m.iiu
taiumg, al all li,riJiJ, tbc puuiic laiil, credit.
'. hiist urging upon ihcm the adnpiion ol
such w ise jihI judicious ciueiiiienla, ua may
p.eicnt the reeiii rent e of an evrnl ren'tlert'tl
nievitaalu ttom the revtosioii gtuwiiig out
of lliv ui'iialoral and exhausted system nl
crctii!, with vvhi'-hnur biisinesn cjinnmnity
bail been inflated, I beg leave lo recommend,
s ihe best altcrii.iir.e, which now presents
itself, lhi!'ge forthwith" of a joint teso
tu ion, auiboiizmg the issuing of sta.esioek
lor liie iuirrcst f.dluig due ibis day lo be
delivesoil ;o tlie lioUleu of slock, for a
mouni due them. rcpcnively, as an earncsi
of our determination lo make provision, a
the necessary legislation can be had, to meet
ihe exigency and redeem the credit of the
common, i oulth.
1 n list I may be excused in this commu
nication, for saying lo tbis Representative!:
of the people in ihe legislature, that while
they owe a dmy lo tins wauls mul wishes
of iheir iiiiuii dime enusiiiuents, there is it
pjiati'ouiil iluiv to tbu i oiumoiiw e..lih al
large to maintain iu ctedit, lo meet its eu
gageiuenis mid to pteveiit its character fur
good faith In) in being sullied. No ins'.i,
were be eoii.oihrt.d aione, ai an individiul
would go lurther to lis an early day for the
riiuiopuon of specio payments by tbt
banks iheii I would, if by so divn;, Ihe tic
sirable result would be protluccd. Dot.
placet! as I am, t.s tho Executive of the
cominoiiwealdt .o preside over the
I fed bound to say, ntgardless of any de
iiunci.itioiin which may he poured from any
quarter, that I ueliuve if loo rigorous a m s
tem of me.WUre hu adupied to coerce the
paymJui ol me lituiiities of tiic biuks im-
methatclv, thu cretin ot the alatc inu-t au!
will be seriously ami disastrously aliecied.
Let nhu:unec do given to tbc public tliat
at a certuint mid fiscd day, within a rca-
m sonable lime, uc!i resurnpiiou will take
place, and that il will then be permanent.
Let (hem mulcrsianil that this iiululgmcn to
' i. ...t .. : . a l . i.. ..
limit tieoiurs, tor ijur., is rt-i.i:t;reii iiuio-
of I luU'ly ncecssary, by
ibt: exitiiiii' ortsmire
- 1 mid the mimbroii? pubiic debt wnlt
the stale I-. loutled, anil no one r,m
! but thai, in a spirit of paiiioiic liberality,
''' u'" waive ihu inimndinte exercino of
, u poiiiivo right, for thu tnoru certain and
tdiinie aceomplUhintmt of w hat w e all so
! much dtwire. I refer lo the mMsage com-
municaled to you t the eommeucomoiit.of
I aibumed leivo the oubisct to the calm
cnul icflcetinr; consIdTal'in cf Iheltrij.
Whtn I Irt.k upon mo tlmttjiirg 0f l)e
otalion assijT'i: d me, I orurnfd all 3 ,p,
sponsibilitin d'sn; end having nr.-er filmmi
from the performance, of any dutv, I liT6
felt myself imieftitivcly cdled' opui't,
make thu coniintiiiinittimi (o you, in 'jj,,
fuilest cnnfidaiico nml belief lhal ti.e (atri-
oiisui iiuti ooitjens ot our coinim,fi ron.
sliliicnta will hiJar'ns out iii nu'i- liom-Ji anil
itiixionit entleavors lo cxtricato the tM
fiom the financial tlifliculiies and Pialuraij.
ments encounirreti on entering upon ifo
tiicuargt! ui our piinuc tiuin-j.
DWll) )i. l'ORTEB.
February 1, ia-10.
Tho suhjoiiied list shows when J'IC ltW
of the several Senatrn wiil expire.
joutioi-i wiioatienn ixph-c i,t lor1
S.'lttlllt Siiii'i k.m Pit. !...(..!. t.: . . ,.
iiiiii-iiiii.) ;
Mvres. l)el:nv:tif: U it,'. "I' I?.',,.,.- ir
.loim AJHIer. Herks ; James A. t MvteA
. - , .... .. .v. I,, i.pki
iiimrnsier; J aitu'H V I . IJell, ti'inun.' Imi
(Jloirlfj T'r,il..v JS..I II-. M . Vt ... ",.
. V - ' ) i 111 I Hi.
i:iui;t!, liutier ; junii li. si neie. M,,
gouieiy ; Thomas C. Corhraii, Yt.rk; Abj
Sloitt'.'. if,rlli.iii,,Oi.t
'iciitt'or.t whosrtirms erf ire in T 8 I
.viictiai i rteytiei', n,i; Uclpbi.' tim, : j;
enezi r !v.iu(.'bi-.rv. Jj-., Wtrwi ; V
vy.tte, i,ri r.,ur:t ; ;amucl ftj. Uan 1 , , 1',
f,,,,! " "l.i,.,,i,. it i ,
. ..... w,,..,,.- ... t rimw, v,uc.llt-rl,Hl
i liOinas k,. sMiiitr, A'lams ; Joun .1. p0J
snn, .iccct ; .loft-pii :M. Nii'rr..i, fir:
Henry i-. ;.pcnuiiiu, i,l,iliii!f.'i',!,,;; Tkl'
W.n: itt..t , Ti;;, r.iteguuuy; riien.y l',itii.'fso
oiiHiiocs trimsc Irrnn f.rp-rr .iiiJ
I reilenck brnley. rbi'aJt l lira , f'i,,,.
l.rown, l'liilailelplii.t nur.;i ; ,,.,r
llroiike. Chesit r; John rStrdini. T. ,r. mi
John Kil'niL'eri Lebanon; Uo'iCri i'.
Union i Unbert Flcmica;, I.vcori: .,..; J0
11. 1-Jvving Washington- Wm. l ('. !.
I'av file; Samuel llaytt. Venatiji.j Jca ,
I'lumeri estmoreljuil.
mfct-.-rmu,.." hi
ot. ..1 .'. I - ., ..
i tic. t.'ici'iiDu tor ,t nsiii t"; ni mc reyj
will be held on the third Tridav m Mur
The Legislature of Michigan hive
A'taiisttis . Porter, lisq. lo ihe I
Stales .Semite, for six year fiom n,e 1,:
.March last,
A lute cxploratioh of Panuin cnnn'vTlj
is, bas ibsoivereii nil iinmeii"! (niam
peirilied reptiles belonging to the class &
The rpirit .hops in (il.tcgovv amru;
it the las, census, to one in evty m !,
es throughout tho city. The pri-pn'iii
of couric, grtater in the low dtstr t ..
Mr. Romania fsYymour, of H i
(Ci.) but. hcretl a hog !...t i.c!;, Hi i.
(dd, that weiclittl. when ilresstd. t"-t
rireil indforhj mnc ound,i. Mr.
it n i! lisinti-,' tii i!,e san'e size
can bo produc'td.
The snow in all ihe North, from Y
to Mississippi, appear lo f ile"''
iiipiecedec'etl ui.iform liiq.i'i of !'.' I
THE Pnrfntr.hi! in the rOi'
IWSLXJlSii. ot ilfiowrrr,
cm-htrlvtf vmhr Ihr firm of L. .
,' i in
l.'t H" It
roniitnt. (k'it',1, h:cs oi.
griimt MiiJ firm tvitl l.e j.oiJ ';!
Mult, and he is htnUu nu:horl;t ; I'i
tret nil debts dun la .'' unlit in:'.
I.KW IS lj.' MAI?
JACUU 11. MAl'y,
Jan 2, 1810
The InmnCHi at the BtnO.VSL
FOUNDRY u HI he hereof a- ..
hj lite aubicribtn vntlcr t'f firm "
li J: ). Mans. .'Ill orkfi
cutailcd in their line '':.h:hi
Ulcmnsbtirg, Jan 2, 18 Li.
ALL prnus indebted m Dort ('
;C; J'A'i'.HhBiim.iiiel'hysici hi
mg.Jj r sidcnt at 1) Snyder . ,inr I""1'
al aiiendaiice between May, IMJ."
IfiSO, erejintilied tliM in eenst'U1"'"
beiiii' Couijic'lti! Itt bo ab'ci.i. I.f
his m-eouius wiih Chmies Kali!"-'
colloi.iioii, u ith whom they can U
wiiiim four weeks from d. te wia.
petite, aficr time they uiay
peel lo py enf-t. i
Jaii!iarv25, 1810. '
atiSMMK its i era
Wanted iuimetiiaijlv in Mai!''
) Utitrl. 4 or 5 School ( ' t "1 ' .
wages will be given to good J'
nn anolictitinn tn
1 ., , I I i l Kl 1 l.ili "I'
Madison. )vc. 1, 1S3'J.
..... F. ' ' .
SEVERAL thouyand
Qripk for sale at tho old
Nov. 30 IG39.
rtr .it c