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4 gXimi.1V,'0VEMMlliaO, 1P39.
r 11ES1D AT, KtifeCTION-1 840.
y , FqK PhESIliKNT,
Ton Vicn 'l'misitJENT,
- AND Tim
Wo this- Weok. publish
l,!io proceedings
of the mooting hold in
Danville on Mou
thy of Cojirt ' wcek,t We have for some
months been nwnrc that tho Danville Junto
Were cherishing a hosfilo fecfiiig towards
tho administration of Governor Porter, but
WO will candidly confess, that" wo were not
prepared to see them now 'doff the beaver,'
.no unti nn nm-n u-nrfnrn ns'vas done
UtIU IIUjWMMlll " " I' . '
in tho resolutions as originally icporleil to
the meeting held at Danville, last week
Wo say originally reported, because the re
solutions as they appear in print, arc very
different from those read in the meeting.
Several of tho resolutions are very objec
lionable in' point oflauguago.-nt the present
crises injour monetary affairs, independent
of other considerations. It is no time -for
threats and criminations, when it requires
all the sagacity, experience and prudence of
our wisest sidesmen to correct tho evils
which w.o now suffer from the present ill
devised banking system. The people do
not want denunciation for the past, but pro
tection for tho future, and they look to the
stern and uuyiclding'intcgrily of Governor
Tortcr, and tho steady determination )ic has
alrcadv manifested to sustain tho rights of
tho people, and not lo liis fears of the chur
lish snappishness of a few disappointed in
dividuals, to recommend some judicious
amendments to tho present system, that will
insure tho protection required.
i llnw:diflcrcnt the feelings manilestcil in
f'the following article from those expressed
by the Danville Junto at tho late meeting.
The one expressing enliro confidence that
Governor Porter will exert his pvcry effort
to sustain the interest of the State in the
present critical crisis, and calling upon tho
Democracy to Tally around him and encou
rage him onward in his , patriotic course aeter, but a few days back appeared in a de
., , ..i..i.,ru;. ranged stale of mind which it is supposed
' 11 1 ' I
noss and ability, and even hinting in.n nc
may benwnyed from his duty by Ihe "flcsh
pots ot ugypt," anu ureaiiiing vengeance i.
he should happen to err m judgment, or
waver from the path marked out by their
Tho position ol uov. l'orter is now re
nuirintr, on his part, the exercise of the
vMnst nmitiiui. ?i .iiflnmtfi milt ii n1nml n rr
,i lliuat Ufllllltiua jf uuvjii.u itii uiiumiiuiig
?ti. !...! .,:..,- r ,i,
liruiiicss. i nc iiiHiiiuii jiiumiiiijii3 " 'tiu
Commonwealth, following the leail of the
ureal head of tho Bank of the U. Slates are
co-operating lo force matters to such an
issue that the associaledwoalth of the Com
monwealth may overcome the administra
tion. It is. tho duty of tho Democratic
press througnont the State to encourage
and sustain tho Governor and tho Legila
tuie to rrsist their onsst at every point.
IFilktsbarrc Farmer.
nrm wyw i i j j , mm
The Whig. National Convention' is to as
semble at Ilarrisbnrg on the -illn'tjf Decem-
bcr'- .
Messrs. While and Foster, 1J. S Sena
tors fron Tcinesac?,. havo, resigned their
,ocals. . , '
Gen. M'Culliiugh thq Democratic candi
date has licen olcctwl mmnbor of Congress
from the. dilrcl lately leprisentod by the
Hon. W. W. Potior, by a minority of a
bout 150.
The. II:irrisburg, P.i., Keyslono says, wp
Tr egret to learn, that a fire broke out at Hum
inels town in this county, on Tuesday
morning, which reduced 'sixteen or seven-
teen barns uid stublci tp iVihes., Ijt is pre
sumed in havo bf on tho work rjf on inyendi
aiy No dwellings wore destroyed.
A smill house belnngingijlo Mr, Josiah
Dixon, of Mncon, Ga was recently des
troyed by Urn, und . a urgro map, with
Ins wile .and child, ptuisjiod in tho ilanite.
Our friends in the. district misrci.rcscnled
by these individuals, havo taken up the
work of redress in a proper and spirited
manner, petitions have been circulated in
every part of tho district, and wo believe
that a majority of the voters in the wholo
district havo already attached their names.
wo earnestly ilesire an investigation into
tho manncr which ihes? gentlemen obtained
their, seals ; and promise nil concerned, that
no petitions will he held back, but that all
papers lioui both sides will bo laid before
lbs Senate. Exintrle investigations ended
with the reiffii of terror in 1838 hence
forth any one feeling aggrieved may c.alcti
latc.upon a full, fair and impartial hearing.
That a majority of the resident void's of
that district voted for Messrs. Eycr and
Frow, wo never questioned nor will any
man pt clouding to a grain o candor doubt
it. It is therefore evident that ihey arc
not the representatives of the majority, and
consequently should ho ousted, and their
places lined by the choico ot the majori
ty. Stale Capitol Gazelle.'
Wo learn fiom Washington that we arc
likely lo get into another war with tho
Cherokecs and other tribes wc3t of the
Mississippi rather sooner than wc expec
ted" The policy of concentrating on our
(oruors,MHi2e uouics 01 armcti auu hob we
11(1 r I if
.In(ianS, smartill? ,lndcr sunso of receill
injuiy, was gonerallv supposed to bo rather
dangerous to the quiet of the frontier, and a
war with the - removed tribes whenever it
may arise will probably last as long and
prove as expensive as the Florida war. It
appears that our government, being bound
by treaty stipulation, or protect emigrant
uneroivces irum unmcsuc sirue, in incii
now homes, inteifrrud between the liiilge
anil Koss party. 1 he murtlerers of JCiilc
were sought lot and an attempt made to
punish them, the consequences of which
is that the Ross party becamo much exas
perated against the United Estates, the flame
has been fanned bv ihe emigrant Scminoles
and the danger of hostile inclusions upon
the western frontier, this winter seems im
The government has sent an express to
the commanding officer at Fort Gibeon,
with directions as to the course to be puisu-
cd in case of emergency.
A war must be 'attended with unexampled
distress 'to the settlers, who are at this time
dniost wholly unprepared foi it. Sonio
better means might be provided for the pro
tection of tho settlers than tho employment
of regular troops. The donation of lands
lo armed occupants is one oi those means.
Should a belt if territory, between the In
dian territory and the settlements, be as-
sicned to those who would occupy and de
lentl it, it would probably do more to secure
tho-poooa lltutT Ttrw.tltar.lct lliaLuuuULbo
taken, Journal of Commerce.
Suicide from mental derangement On
"cunesiiay last L-tiaries unangst, a voting
man in tho employ of Benjamin Tyson, in
uocklanu township, UcrUs county, put an
end to his existence by jumping into a well
eigiuv jeec aeep- lie was a younc man
of temperate habits and bore a pood clar,
I hns rmicfwl lnm In rnmmit tho
so jjem
BwUd quvc,tq bmve irishman.
Tho Piqusi Courier. (Miami County, Ohio)
ha3 the following account of a fatal accident,
and a noble ttiough inclleciual attempt to
rescue a fellow creature from pending death.
On Friday, the 1st inst., a man by the.
name of Scolt, living: on a faun about sev
en miles north of Piqua, on the Hardin
road, in attempting to deepen his well, was
buried by ihe caving in and falling of tho
stones and earth all around him. In this
situation he continue:! to live for some time
before any one would volunteer to descend
to his assistance, at length an Irishman by
tio name of I oolv, came lorward and ofier'
ed his services. "lie was letdown and had
succeeded in releasing one of the uufortu
nalo man's arms, and conversing with him
until he was warned of his danger by a large
stupe falling on linn. 1 hose above liar
barely lime lo raise the bravo fellow to the
surface when about eight feel more of iho
wall am! earth fell in and litlerally ciushed
and buriud.poor Scott alive.
Great Piseon .Spooling. Mr- Henry
Kcatt Mint last week, at eighteen shots
fj'evcn hundred and niijhiypfour pigeons
This is tho greatest shooting we ever heaid
of, and wo question whether it ever .has
been, or can be beaten. The place at which
he shot them wjis on a sand bar, where
lljoy alighted lor tho purpose of getting
crave! and water. Jlrmtmis Mdvcrhser,
The Fall emigration to Texa3 from Ten
nessee, is cons derablc. Thu Memphis
Kunuircr says scarcely a wagon passes
destined for iho promising young republic
without being crpbelliMied with that family
appurtotiance, Western babies
Tho Arkunsas Gazette suyg, Gen. Ar
buckle hntt notified (he militia of the western
counties of llm Slato to hold thomcselvus in
readiness to repel any aggressions which an
attempt was made in arrat tho murderers
ol tho Ridgffl and Uoudinpt, try military
ifrirco, may lond tho Indians lo fltlempt on
. the whiles.
Tho yellow fever is said (o prevail all a
long the banks of the Mississippi, between
New .Orleans and Natchez.
The first shipment of Anfhtacito Iron
was made from Pottsvillo Inst week.
Twenty thousand barrels of flour were
inspected in Baltimore during ' the last
It is said that the Now York Custom
House will cost moro than $3,000,000.
There are twenty-four steam engines in
operation in Schuylkill couulv.
It is estimated (hat tho coal mines of
Pennsylvania for 1839, will yield a pro
duct worth 35,000,000. Wc allude as well
to the western bituminous,- coal, as to the.
The Albany Journal of Tuesday, announ
ces ha death ot bolomou boUlhwiclt,
A letter from Marion, (Ala ) mentions n
dreadful drought in that vicinity. Water
was selling in tho' cane brake, at 41 per
The Mobile Advertiser of the Gth says
that tho Mobile Hank, with tf'2.50,000 in
specie, has a circulation oLonly;sS80,000.
Wo learn that William 13. Conway, for
merly editoi of the ' .Mountaineer,' at Ed
ensburg in this state, and recently secretary
of the lertilory ol Iowa, died at liurlntg
ton, (Iowa,) on the 5lh iust.
In Croydon, N. II. a house and wood
shed were burned on Saturday night week,
and had not the family been awakened by
the crying of a child, they must have been
burned to death. Squalling children are,
then, good for someOiing sometimes.
Mr. McKcnsic has memorialized tho
President for leave to go into banishments
to Texas, and offered to give heavy securi
ty to do so, sooner than to' run the risk of
his lifu in horrid confinement. No answer
yet frqm the President.
A person in Maryland has been sentenc-
d to seven years imprisonment for stealing
, Horse; a ncison in Kiioue isianu was late
ly sentenced to seven inonths'imprisonment
or killing a man.
The noted Jacob Barber, who, when a
Quaker broker and merchant in New York,
gave tho first intelligence to 'the public in-
1815, that preliminaries of peace had been
signed, received at New Orleans the intel-
Inrence, " nobody knows how, ot the sus
pension in Philadelphia 2 1 hours before anv
one else, and drew $70,000 to truie oiu
Tho citizens of New Orleans are about
to take measures fur celebrating the ap
proaching anniversary of the eighth of Janu
ary, and meeting lias neon called lor ttie
purpose of inviting General Jackson to be
present on the occasion.
mm.iji.i, i mm
MARRIED Oil the 20th inst by the
Rev. William J. Eyor, Mr. JAMES Mc-
Dougall, of HollMavs, lo Miss FRANCIS
CIARIv, of New Brunswick, New Jersey.
By tho Rev. D. S. Tobias, in Miillin
township, on the 28th inst. Mr. DANIEL
SIENLEY to Miss POLLY, daughter of
Mr. II. Lehr, both of that place.
In Bloomsbnrg, on Thursday evening
last, by the Rev. Mr. Wnller, Mr. WIL
RUCII, daughter of Mr. Joseph Ruch.
SEVERAL thousand first quality of
Brick for sale at the old establishment in
Nov. 30 1839. j
THE Subscriber offers for sale the
and lot on which he resides, situated in
Market street in Bloomsbnnr. There is a
small bam on the premises. Possession
given ihe first of April next.
Bloomsburg, Nov. 30 1830, 31 if.
THE subscriber offersiat private sale, his
Apothecary and Drug Store, called " Health
Emporium' situited in Bloomsburg. Co
lumbia county, Pa. The Drugs and Medi
cines can either bo bought alone, or the
Shop, Drugs and Medicines together. It
is tho only complete Apothecary in Blooms
burg, and the subscriber is ready, to give
full satisfaction to the purchaser, that itjs
one of the most profitable establishment of
the kind in a great distance. On account
of great sickness, the subscriber is forced
lo give up the business. Tho Heallh Em
porium is appointed agent for the most and
best Patented Medicines now offered to tho
public in America, which Agencies will, of
course, go with tho Apothecary. If any
porson wants to buy tho establishment, and
has no knowledge of tho business, the sub
scriber is willing to givp air information ne
cessary. Possession can be'given at any
Bloomsburg, tfyv, 30 n830 .
torn 1 1
Office of the Little Schuylkill and Siis-")
quchantm llail liqad Company,
Philadelphia, Nov. 12th, 183U.
THE Annual Meeting of the-Stockholders
of this Company will bo held, ngreea
bly to the charter, at titer ofiico.No, 7 South
Fifth street, on MONDAY, the 2d day of
DECEMBER NEXT, at 5 o'clock, P.
M.) for tho election of a President, six Man
agers, and a Secretary and Treasurer of
said Company, for the ensuing year.
THOMAS HAYES. Secretary.
XSooIts ! Boolis ! Books) !
From Philadelphia and Baltimore.
Expositors; Emerson Readcrf; Geogra
phiea and Atlassj Cobbs Books of all kinds,
Gramriiersj Exercises; Conversation on nat
Ural Philosopy; Emersons Books; Bonycas
llc Mensuration; Map3 of all kinds; Letter
Pancr and others, ruled mid unruled, colored
antl uncolired; Bibles, small and large; Tes
taments; Quills of all sorts and kinds; Ink
stands; Ink and Ink Powders, Black, lied
and Blue.
And hundreds and thousand and again
thousands oilier articles which can not bo
mentioned.bccause it would fill twenty three
newspapers. Don't doubt to get th s or
that iiMhe Health Emporium, because lit
tle of every thing is to lie had, equal almost
to every ehop in Philadelphia or New York.
Also, till kinds of Patent Medicines can be
obtained for which tho Importer of Heallh
assures tho Public to bo genuine, and for the
most and best of them the undersigned ia
appointeu Agent. 1 he impoiter ol Health
has received again the appointment of Agen
cy for several Medicines from New York
of which tho public shall get notice in a
short lime in our Newspapers.
Just IKcccived at the
THE Subscribers respectfully announce
to their friends and the public generally,
that thev havo received and arc now onen-
iniT n cnlon.tiil ami vim n,,im... f
ff3 i"3 o irwtT " 9 -V
which with a stock on hand,embraces a va
riety of seasonable Merchandize for the ac
commodation of town and County.
In Iho Dry Good line, they have all the
varieties of course, fine & superfine Cloths,
icoes, Shawls, Ribbands, Laces, Limns,
Mouseline de Lain, Ahtslins, Festing3,
Stocks, umbrellas, Ludis Bonnets,
JJimnet Silks', Trimmings; Furr, Cloth
and Seal skin Caps; Boots and Shoes,
Socks, 4yc. yc. yc.
Sugar, Coffee, Teas, Spifes, Molasses,
Brandy, Gin, Rum, Wine, &c. &. assorted
in price and quality. Hardware, Saddlery,
Iron, Sleel, Nails, Stoves, Stove pipe, Tin
Ware, Cedar Ware;
Crotkcry-Ware, Salt, Fish, Oils, Bye
Stuffs, Paints, .ye. iyc. yc.
and almost every other article that can be
called for in a country store all of which
having been carefully selected and obtained
at the lowest prices, will bo offered at small
profits in exchange for cash or country pro
Bloomsburg Nov. 23, 1839. 30 if.
T3 A
Will be constantly kept on hand, and so.d at
October 20
THE subscriber having boen appointed
acent for the sale of the above valuable med
icines, has just received from the propiietor
a fresh supply at his Drug and Medicine
Sioro in Bloomsburg.
No,y, 23, 18'JO,.
M W fwdOCl
TllE subscriber has just rdceivod.iind
Is now openinjr, a large and extonsivo as
sortmcnt of
rail afcdlBrisltetf&aods,
Crockery afiid (China Wftt'dj
FISH, LAMP OIL, &c. &c,
A quantity of
Plaster and SfconeCJo&lj
All of which will bo sold upon as reasonablo
terms as can be purchased in the county.
Bloom-burg, Nov. 1G, 1835
THE subscriber has received by the last
arrival from the city, at his establishment in
Centre-Square, in addition to htstormar
stock of Drugs, Paints Fruits, NuU.Con
fectionary, Toys, &c. a new supply of af
tides in hit line, among which arelhe fol
lowing: Solution of Tin, P ure Sulphuric Ether,
Spatulas assorted sizes, Pearl Barley Ar -row
Root, Oat Meal, Rose Water, Sarsap
lilla Root and Syrrup, Chomio Green.Roso
Pink, Chamomile Flowers, FlourSulphur,
Coculus Indicus, British Lustre, Albion
Corn Plaster, Brandreth'sPills, Hive Syr- .
rup, White Lead dry and in oil, Alchohol,
Spirits Turpentine, Raisons, Figs, &c. J.
Hawlcys vegetable Anti Billious Plls, and
J. Hawleys Vegetable Salve for cuts, soars ,
bums, rheumatism, &c.
All of which he offers for sale at low prl
Nov. 10.
f land lying in Fishing creek township, do
lumbia countv. tho estate of William P&rk,
lato of Brown county, Ohio, deceased, will be sold
at nrlvate sale. Anv nerBon wishing topurchaso
will cnuuirc of the subscriber, in Madison township,
1 . ' . ..... t .1 f i.l
who is duly constituted agent of tho heirs of said
deceased, for the purpose of making sol of Ui
same. Also,
with the above, or may suit Indisputa
ble deeds will be made.
Jerecylown, Oct. 5 1839. Si
il. alu . .. .lTaaXJiarsaIw. tA KCthSC. .
It is customary for papers at the Seat of Govern
ment to put out an annual prospectus at tho approach
of tho Leg-'slature, promising renewed exertion in
the cause of their respective parties, and faithful re
ports of Legislative proceedings.
Wo do not feel tho necessity of recounting th
articles of our political creed before the mass of jhe
Democratic party. Wo have ever been faithful to
tho principles and patriotic objects of tho Democra
cy of iho State and Union, and shall remain so,
coma what will in thr tide of time. Our best a
bilities havo been devoted to its success and general
welfare. Asa central organ and exponent of iu
j views, wo shall not relax our efforts in its behalt,
.,, . n.ihnmni-n in its nnnciiilcs.
JIM UUl HUJIViv."- "
But wo desiro to say to tho public, that wo liav
made arrangements to give our readers tho earliest
intelligence of congressional and Icgislativo proceed,
ings during the ensuing sessions, and also tho ear
litist accounts of transactions in our principal cities
Wo havo mado provision, for securing full reporti
of legislative action, m reference to tlie importani
subjects which must engage its attention. And w
oiif,iUu Bnlirit a continuence of the flattcrine
Ijpatronago wo have uniformly received heretofore
rom tins otato ana ciscwucrc.
Terms ov the IUronTJtn.
For the session twice a wceK, in auvanco, s
For tho wholo year, , . 3 ,
Postmastkrs, and others of our frienda,
throughout tho State will be kind enuugh
lo forward subscribers, and for every fiv
subscribers paid for, tiioy shall have a copy
of Iho Reporter free.
Estate of ESAU GIRTON, late of Mad-
ison townsiup, uoiumuia county, an
NOTICE is hereby civen, that letter
testamentary, have been granted lo the sub
scriber, upon the above estate" All per-1
sons indebted to saidesla e are required to
make immediate paymen' and those having
claims or demands against.tho same, to pre
sent them for settlement, duly authenticated
according lo law, to
jamus uiuiuiN, Jiamr.
Nov. 10, 1839.
THE Vendue Notes of John Wcrtmn re ia
my hands, andean bo settled with mo sny
titno before tho fust of November next, at which
time all that remain unsettled, will bo left; with t.
Justice of tho Peacq for collection.
Bloom, Oct. 3 1839. ' , H,