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"tiiutu wiTHot r veah'
ff'SJtTVllhJIW JV0 VEMB KltO, 1839.
For President,
For Vice President,
This number (20) completes, a year and a
'half since our connexion with this paper,
and it Iras' now become absolutely necessary
that the small sum due us from each of our
i patrons be paid. We have claims pressing
! upon us that must be settled, and we have no
other resource to look for means to liquidate
! 'them, but to our subscribers, not having
either a ProthonotaTy or Collcctorshtp to
sustain us. It is true that the snm due
from each is small, vet it is from such small
It sums that we must make up large ones.
Our terms, it will be rcmetnnereuj are two
dollars, if naid within tho vear, if not, fifty
I cents to be added. From such as will now
' pay us, the extia will not be charged. We
: lioDe th'St such of our subscribers at a dis
tance as have not paid us any thing from
the commencement will lorwarti U3 a live
, dollar bill, that we may credit them a year
i in advance. Wood, and Grain of all kinds
1; will be received in payment"
We are Happy to learn that the reported
death of this eminent man, was unfounded;
ubseqnent papers from tli'e south make no
mention of his decease. Un the 11th ot
October he attended the inauguration of
jGov. Polk, in improved health.and hopes are
entertained that, ycare will yet be added to
I liis eventful and valuable life.
The bank of Wooster, and German bank
of Wooster. have through a mistaken policy,
suspended specie payments. Wc hear of
no other suspension in the Northern por
tion of Ohio yet, and we trust we shall not.
The banks of this city continue to pay
specie, and we learn to day that there has
been no very considerable demand on them
for cojn. Peopletdo not care about specie,
to long as they now it can be obtained
when asked for.
Important fromjhe Indian Frontier !
omjhe India
,War is evidentlybrewing on the Arkansas
boundary. From the Ozark Standard, of
the 7th. it.'annears that the militrrv at Fort
EGibbnn have been ordered to demand, of
'Ross, the tnurderers of Ridge and Boudinot.
The ordefis imperitivc but cannot be obey
ed by Ross. His own friends are the de
linquents ; and-he cannot surrender them,
fe'scause if .Ue had the inclination, he hasn't
the power. War is inevitable ; and blood
must flow. The situation of Washington
.county in Arkansas and of our own South-
western counties, is very alarming.
The Great Western arrived at New York
n Saturday last.
jf We lcarr. that on Sunday evening last, as
,the train of cars from Germantown were
ncaring disjunction oi the Norristown road
man was observed, some distance ahead,
walking upon the vacant track, and as tho
cars came neaf, he turned about and fell up
on tho track on which the cars were, im-
irnediately in front, and was crushed to death
.instantly. It is supposed he was intoxica
ted with liquor. How awful the warn
ing ! !
Private JShinplaxtjrs, Wc perceive
mt notwithstanding the brohibitory law,
;ertain individuals are issuing private
:1iocks. navuhle in current bank times.
Ijwhen presented m sumo ot five uollais.
XDne of these abomination is before us, in
. ... ... ,
the snaps nl a paper rag, hy winch one
Air. J. ur.iiniiiii promise lo pay sir aim a
Xn.irinr nnU fnr 4;inh nnil fvpiv nf tlisft
rags, provided, they are presented in sums
ol five dollars anu upwards, llus trash, we
understand, 'fs issued by a tavern keeper.
E'ho hoiers hf it we presume are well a
i are that ihe issuer is liable to a suit before
iny magistrate, and that the penalty ia $20
or every nolo losyeu, uau nun.
The Hartford Christian Reflector
announces ihe publication of a history
oi tne isapusls ol Wales. 1 lie au
thor n the Rev. Jonuthon Davis, of
Wales, and tho publisher the Rev.
Matthew Philips, formerly of that
country, but now settled in Ohio
The author attempts to trace the his
tory ol the Welsh lialitist back to tho
year A. D. C3. Rut as Baptists, we
apprehend the task must be a failure,
since (he sect, under that designation,
we apprehend, was unknown less
than three hundred years ago Still
the work is spoken of as interesting
and valuable. Our immediate object
in noticing the book at this tune, how
ever, is to give a brief extract, in
which the curious anil interesting fact
is disclosed, that the converts Pru
dence and Claudia of Paul, were
Cambrians-Welch who had visit
ed Ronie'in the time of Caesar.
"About fifty years before the birth
of our Saviour, the Romans invaded
the British Isle, in the reign of the
Welsh king Cassibellan; but having
failed in consequence of other and
more important wars to conquer the
Welsh nation, made peace with them,
and dwelt among them many years.
During that period many of the Welsh
soldiers joined the Roman army, and
many families from Wales visited
Rome; among whom there was a cer
tain Woman of the name of Claudia,
who was married to a man named
Prudence. At the same time Paul
was sent a prisoner to Rome; and
preached there in his own hired house
for the space of two years, about the
year of our Lord C3. Prudence and
Claudia his wife, who belonged to
Caesar's household, under the blessing
of God and Paul's preaching, were
brought to the knowledge of the truth
as it is in Jesus, and made a profession
of the Christian religion. These, to
gether with other Welshmen among
the Roman soldiers, who had tasted
that the Lord was gracious, exerted
themselves on the behalf of their
countrymen in Wales, who were at
that time vile idolators.
Whether any of the Apostles ever
preached in Britain cannot be proved,
and though it is genejally believed '
that Joseph of Arimathea was the first
that preached the gospel in that part
of the world, we must confess that
we we were nol positive on that sub
ject. The fact, we believe, is this: the
Welsh lady, Claudia, and others, who
were converted under Paul's minis
try in Rome, carried the precious seed
with them, and scattered it on (he
hills and vallicsof Wales; and since
that time, many thousands have rean-
ed a most glorious harvest. Thnv
told their countrymen around, what
a dear Saviour they had found; they
pointed to his redeeming blood, as the
only way whereby they might come
to God.
The Welsh can truly say; if by the
transgression of a vyoman sin came in
to the world, it was through the in
strumentality of a woman, even pain
ted Claudia, that the glorious news
of the gospel reached their cars, and
they felt it lo be mighty through God,
to pull down the strong holds of dark
ncss.IIow rapidly did the mighty gospel
of Christ fly abroad! The very year
63, when Paul, a prisoner was preach
ing to a few individuals, in his own
hired house in Rome, the seed sowed
there is growing in the Isle of Great
Britain. We have nothing of impor
tance to communicate respecting the
Welsh Baptists, from this period to
the year 180, when two ministers hy
the names of Faganus and Darnicanus,
who were born again in Rome, and
there becoming eminent ministers of
the gospel, were sent from Rome lo
assist their brethern in Wales,
In the same year, Lucius, the Welsh
king, and the first king in the world
who embraced the christian religion,
was baptised.
A lawyer of no small reputation for ta
lents, ingenuity and cunning, named New
ell Oadway, has been arrested in Tarn
bridge, Vt. charged with stealing a horse
and chaise, and other property. This
same man was charged with forgery about
two years ago, fled to Canada, was deliver
ed up for trial in Orange county, where he
escaped, and has been at large until the
present time.
A man and a woman, strangers to each
other, recently met in-tho market at Mill
Will yon marry me'?" asked the man
" I will," replied the woman. Thev r.nt
4 O - -
a license immediately, auc were noosed
"ngnt oil toe real
Dones in a Desert.-- The aecuslomcd
route (M. DumnS says) is marked by a
white line of bleached bones, extending to
the horizon. This extraordinary circum
stance, it may welt be supposed aroused all
my attention. I called to Bcchara, who
however, did not wait for my question, for
he at once load my desire in my obvious
astonishment. " The dromedary," said
he coming to my side, and, commencing his
story without a preface, is not so trouble
some and importunate as a horse. He con
tinues his course without stopping, without
eating, without drinking; nothing about him
batraps sickness, hungei or exhaustion.
The Arab who can hear from such a dis
tance the roar of a lion, the neigh of a
horse, or the noise of men. hears nothing
from AtrgAtn-hul its quickened or lengthed
respiration, it never utters o complaint or
groan But when nature is vanquished by
suffering when privations have exhausted
its strengh when life is ebbing the drom
edary kneels ,dovn, streches out its neck,
and closes its eyes. Its master then knows
that all is over. He dismounts and with
out an attempt to make it rise for he
knows the honesty of its nature, and never
suspect il of deception or laziness he re
moves the saddle, places it on tbe back of
another dromedary, and departs, abandoning
the one that- is no longer able to accompany
him. When night approaches, the jackals
and hyenas, attracted by the scent, come
up and attack the poor animal till nothing
is left but the skeleton. We are now on
the highway from Cairo and Mecca; twice
a year the caravans go and return by this
route; and these bones are so numerous
and se constantly replenished, that the tem
pests of the desert can never entirely dis
perse them Those bones, without a guide,
would lead you to the basis, the wells, and
fountains, where the Arab finds shade and
water, and would end by conducting you to
the tomb of tho prophet these are the
bones of the dromedaries which died on
the dt?ert Jf you look, you will see some
bones snwller if size and of 'adiiTere,nt con'-1
formation. These, too, aie the wrecks nf
wearied bodies, that have found repose be
fore the reached the goal. They ard the
bones of the believers .who" desire to obey
the prophet's command, that1 all the faith
ful shall once in their lives pdrforrtl this ho
lyjourney; and who, having been too long
detered from undertaking it by cares or
pleasures, commence their pilgrimage, so
late on earlh, tint they are obliged to finish
t in heaven. Add to these some stupid
Turk or bloated eunuch, who sleeping when
he ought to have had his eyes open, has
fallen and broken his neck; give the plague
its shaie, which often decimates a' caravan,
and the simoon, which often destroyes one,
and you will readily see that lhc.e funeral
guide pobts aro planted with sufficient fre
quency to preserve the road in good order,
and to point out to the children the route
pursued by thejr fathers. Quinze Jours
ait Sinai by Ml Dumas
From tho Charleston Courier.
Suspension Contagious. Dob. Come
Sam ! pay me my money you owe me
two dollars du tour months, and I us see
you git five Iroin ue massa.
Sam. fSorry to tell you Bob, I spended
ebber sense Mo.nday.
Dob. -Spended ? How vou mean ? Yon
jis dis minit got do money, and liab um in
your pockit now.
oorm. i ou fool, boy ? no undestaild dc
pontics ot nanus and the cvrrcntses, press-
inn, and cuniary debility, I expend mean
istop pay lor benehts of de cobuuni
lioo. w.nat ue deuil you moan pay
me my. two aoiiar, you rascal- '
oam' Lome don't be in a passion, till
we arguiy anu explain the matter. 1 owe
you two dollar for true. Well ! I hab five
dollar you say. True ! Well spose I pay
you i owe rora three dollar 1 owes Bil
ly dollar and a quarter I owes Jim four
dollar, ami I promise fur lend sunt Moll
something now if 1 go and nay vou and
Tom, I drain dry, and he nothing at all lef
ior uiuy anu ue lorrors and it you begin
a run on me, whole combunity must suffer
So I'll keep my five, and bank on um
for de good ob all. But I tell you what
Hob, I'll do you a fabor. If vou pay me
back one and nine next week I'll lend
a quarter, cause I sees y0n distress,
likes to commodate.
Bob knocks down Sam and exit.
I he last case of absence of mind is that
of a Connecticut fanner who on a Sunday
took his wife lo meeting in his carriage and
ansoiuieiy reiurmeti nome tour miles, on
foot, forgetting his wife, horse and carriage.
I his is a fact as true as preaching.
MARRIED On the 3d inst. by the Rev.
William J. Eyer, Mr. GEORGE SEIN-
VjUU, oi Ejngarioal, Luzerne county, to
oi viitlln.
By tho Rev. D. S on the 7th inst. Mr.
ELIZAUKTIl KUU'.widow both Bloom
township, 't ..i
On the 31st of October, in Muney, by
the Rflv. S. S. Shedden, Mr. JOHN
DEEN, of Danville, to Miss JANE HUT
TEN, of Hemlock township, both of Co
lumbia county,
ScmMVcekly State Capital Gazette.
Tht proprietors of the State Capitol Gazette enl'
brncc this opportunity to return tlicirsiucorc thnhks
to their friends and the public, for the very ilicral
patronage which thev aro pleased to have it in their
power to say, has thus far been cxlondcJ towards
them, and tspectfullj- announce 'that the future
course of their journal shall bo such as they trust
will continuo to receive tho confidence and support
of the Democratic party. They assure the public
that no exertion on their part shall be wanting; to
effect this object, and they llatter themselves (hat
they will bo ablo to render their paper such a vehi
clo of usefulness and information, as will not fail to
give entire satisfaction to every friend of republican
The approaching session of the Legislature, will,
unquestionably, be one of great and unusual inter
est. There has not, perhaps, been a time before,
when tho attention of the public was so much en
gaged upon any one subject as it is at present upon
the derangement of the currency, arrising from the
abuses of banking; and its the delikralion of the
ensuing Legislature, will in all probability be main
ly directed to this important subject, it cannot bo
otherwise Uian that every thing which transpires at
the scat of government in relation thereto, will be
eagerly sought after. With theso comideiations in
view, the undersigned have made amplo arrange
mcnts for, laying before their readers full reports of
the proceedings iu both branches of the State Le
gislature, together with the speeches of members,
reports, and other matter which they think will be
interesting. In addition to this, il is the intention
of the undersigned to employ able correspondent a
tho scat of tho general government, by which means,
they will be able, also, to place in their seini-wcek-ly
6hect early reports of tho deliberation of Con
J ho presidential contest of 1840 is rapidly ap
proaching. The flag at our mast-head Indicates
fully the course we intend to pursue in the relation
to tins gicat question; and as wo hive already given
our opin on at length, on this subject, in a former
prospectus, we deem in needless at present to tire
our readers, by going over the same ground. Suf-
uco it to say, that wo shall give our united sui-port
and energies towards the re-election of presentable
Chief Magistrate of the Union, and our humble aid
in behalf of establishing a Constitutional Treasu
published twico a week :during the sittings of the
Legislature, and once a week for the remainder of
of the year, at the following prices:
me wliolo year, ,3 00
The scsiod only, (twice a week.) 2 00
Postmasters and others friendly to the Democrat
ic cause aro respectfully requested to receive and
lorward subscriptions to this paper. Any person
sending us five good subscribers, shall bo entitled to
the sixth copy gratis.
liarrisburg, October 30, 1838.
, , o
It is customary for papers at the Seat of Govenv
ment topdtoMt an annual prospectus at the approach
of the LciTsluturc, promising renewed exertion in
the cause of their respective parties, and faithful re-
poiUof Legislative proceedings.
We do not feci the neccssify of recounting tho
nrticles'of our political creed before tho mass of the
Democratic party. Wo have ever been faithful to
the principles and patriotic objects of the Democrat
cy of ilio State and Union, and shall remain so,
cume what will in thi tido of time. Our best a-
bilitics have been devoted to its success and general
welfare. As a central organ and exponent of its
views, wo shall not relax our efforts in its behalf,
nor our adherence to its principles.
But we desiro to say to the public, that wo have
mido arrangements to give our readers the earliest
intelligence of congressional and legislative piocecd'
inga during the ensuing sessions, and also tho ear
liest accounts of transactions in our principal citie:
Wp have made provision, for securing full reports
of legislative action, in reference to the important
subjects which must engage its attention. And wc
respectfully solicit a continuencc of the flattening
patronage wo have uniformly received heretofore,
trom this btate and elsewhere.
Teiims of the Reporter.
for the session twice a week, in advance, $2
For the whole year, 3
Postmasters, and others of our friends
throughout the Slate will be kind enough
to forward subscribers, and for every five
subscribers paid fr, they shall have a copy
of the RKroKTKR free".
THE Collectors of Taxes in the "several
townships of Columbia connty, are hereby
required to proceed in the collection of tax
es to the extent of their vigilance and au
thoirty: those who disicgard this notice, and
neglect their duty may expect to be held
accountable, at the November Court con
formably to the power vested in the Coin
missioners, in such cases.
CoMMissioNnns' Office, ?
Nov. 1 1839. C
A .Totirncj uian
"ITS wanted by tho subscriber. An industrious
H steady and good workman, will receive steady
employ and good wages, upon application to
Orangeville, August 3, 1839,
A certain, safe and Speedy cure for Dysentary,
Diarrhea, Cholera Morbus, Summer Complaint,
Cholic, Sour Stomach and diseases f the stomach
and bowels. For sale at
Tabies Health Emporium, Dloomsburg'
EXECUTED aUhi office.
IL be sold, at PUBLIC VENDUE, on
the nicmisoS, on Friday, the 2Ulh dor of
November next, at 12 o'clock, noon, if not previ
ously sold at private sale, a valuable FARM, eorw
i On which is erected a now
fl1E,5tAXffE SEOUS2,
The Farm is in B' good stato 6f cavitation, nnd fit
uated about two miles from Bloomsbura, Columbia
County, Pa and one mile frtan Crppytown, nnd
is now In the occupancy of Adam Ililinrd. Ai.y
person Wishing to purchase can opjh o 1Ai. ilil
lard, on llie premises, or to the subscriber, nesr
Dloomsburg, who is duly constituted agent of thj
heirs to said property,
II tlic i- arm ts not then sold, it win be let.
BIoomsbuj9, Oct. 20, 1839.
crY Tho Easton Sentinel will copy the above
three times and forward their bill to this often for
Wheat My
Will be constantly kept on hand, and sn.d af
October 26
pfilllE Vendue Notes of John WcTtmfln ere in
J2 my hands, and can be settled with its any before the first of November next, at which
time nil that remain unsettled, will be left with a
Justice of the Tcaco for collection.
Bloom, Oct. 5 1839 23.
f land lying in Fishing creek township, Co
1 himhlfi rmmtv. tho estate of William-Parky
late of Brown county, Ohio, deceased, Will be soli
at private sale, Any person wishing to purchase'
will enquire of the subscrilier, in Madhon township,
who is duly constituted Agent of the heirs of said
deceased, for the purpose of making sala of tU"
same. Also,
Adjoining the above, is offered for sale, to gether
with the above, or may suit. Indisputa--bio
deeds will be made.
Jcrsevtown, Oct. 5 1SC9. 23
During the approaching session of Uie Ie;ipli
ture, tho Kktbtunf. aUI, as usual, be puWiched
twice a week, and contain full reports of the pro.
ccedings in both branches of the legislature, inclu
ding the speeches of members, lcgMutlva reportg
&.c. Fortius purpose, the editors will have com
petent reporters in both houses of our legislature,
a" well as at Washington city, thus enabling them
to furnish not only a complete report of the proceed
ings of our own legislature, but alio of the ap
proaching session of Congress. Httviilg msde am
ple arraugemcnts for the bestowal of ivrncisjn
attention to tho legislative department of tbcsr
newspaper, they cherish the conviction, that they
will render entire satihfjdtion in this respect not
only to tho members of tbe legislature, but to the
reading community generally.
As it is more than probabb, that the all-engrdss-i
ing subject of the derangement of the currency un
der which tho community snow laboring, and the
condition of tho several banking institutions of our
state, will constitute topics of speedy legislative
action, the proceedings of the approaching ession
will b fraught with unusual interest, and render a
paper published at the scat government, which be
stows upon them constant Jtlention, a vthicle of
intelligence "most devoutly wished!"
We would also call to the minds of cur r.-ant.s
that tho great Presidential contest of 1810 is ap
proaching with sapid stride, which is to decide,
whether our National Government shall continuo
to bo administered upon the truly repnblican prin
ciples of its present illustrious head,. Martin Vart
Burcn, or whether the reigns of power shall bo
committed to the hands of ultra federalists ami
friends of a great and blighlin? monody in the
shape ef a National Bank. Tho Keystone, being
Indissolubly wedded to the support of the republi
can cause, will in this momer.tuoui conflict, battle"
manfully on tho side of Van Buren and a ton.
stituUonal Treasury, and contribute its mue ta th
advancement and ultimate triumph of the demo
cratic cause. We shall continuo unceasingly to
exposo tho dangerous heresies of tlw Frdcrah.U
and advocates of an overpowering monied monopo
ly, and spare no exertions, to re"W the "Kev
stone" an effective weapon in the bauds of uo
Democracy of the fetato and Union,
Grateful for tho liberal patronage hitherto bes
towed upon them by tiie community n lur-noee,
which has given the "Koystom'" a ciicuUtien If
yond that of any other paper At the seat of prveia
ment they look forward with confidnco to iW
continuance, and will spare neither tiruo nor lobar
to make it deserved.
For the Keystone yearly, twice a week, during die
session of the Legislature, and once a we eV fr
the remainder of tho year f 300
During tho Session of the Legislature
twice a week ,. . .'u0
All Postmasters, and other Democratic citmno
aro requoited to rscitve and forward subswphe;
to us.